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Football / Carlos' crossing
« on: November 21, 2008, 09:47:05 PM »
Am I the only the one who thinks Carlos Edwards actually puts in good crosses or has seen Carlos put in good crosses for Trinidad in the last couple games?

The consensus on this board is that the man can't cross to save his life and I beg to differ, I've seen Carlos put in many good crosses for Trinidad throughout the semifinal round. I too used to say Carlos couldn't cross wen i was watching the hex on TV back in 05. But now that i could afford ticket to watch the game live I think alyuh very harsh on the man. Case in point, on Wednesday, I saw Carlos give Kenwyne one bess cross, good height, pace and Kenwyne header the ball straight down into the ground with the goal at his mercy... nobody talk about that cross..they just say Carlos can't cross to save he life..

I honestly think what makes Carlos' crosses look bad is our system - Look at our offense we generally play one up front  with a five man midfield..aside from our striker Carlos is usually or most advanced player..so using the formation from the last game I noticed the general pattern when Carlos is in the position to cross with our other offensive players/ midfielders

Kenwyne - the lone striker assumes a position in the penalty area..usually to the vicinity of the spot..usually has the attention of two or three defenders

Daniel - the left midfielder (cuz he is no winger) usually is somewhere in the attacking third on the left but not close the penalty area nor making any kind of supporting run into the area or on the flank. Notice his postion for his goal..he's usually about there His off the ball play is poor ppl..yes it is...

Latapy - support striker/attacking mid will linger around the top of the box looking for the cutback..moves into space for the play well but is not an aerial threat hence most of Carlos attempts to find him has to be along the ground or a bess chip a la US game. Put a man to watch his run and Carlos' job gets harder

Birchall - Defensive mid/ball winner is also hovering around the box looking for a layoff to blast, rarely runs into the penalty area..

Yorke - Defensive mid/ deep lying playmaker will make the run into the area in support but usually has more ground to cover to get there after performing defensive duties, and often starts the offensive play in the defensive third...

So now the probability of Carlos finding someone with a cross is what based on this?

I see Carlos play good crosses against Guatemala, USA and Cuba that ppl say was shit that i say was a good cross (in that it was well flighted, the keeper couldn't go out to claim it without being left in no man's land) just that the positioning of the other players (usually Daniel) doesn't support the play for the cross very well


I was watching a show on fox sports and dey was talking to a Paraguay coach and he say dat Paraguay will basically be up against 3 european teams bcuz Beenhakker will have T&T playing like Holland. Do you agree with this? I do think they have a point...

T&T WCQ Squad 2002
Mc Comie
M. Andrews
Avery John
L. Andrews
Reynold Carrington
S. Mason
Nigel Pierre

this was the core of the team dat at one point was ranked 25th in the world, and i really wonder how well dey would have done had they qualifed, i still think they're a better team than our current side. Our current stars aurtis, carlos, spann were on d bsidelines for this squad... yorke, stern, latas and dwarika were younger and sharper and probably at the peak of their careers, how do you think this team matches up to the present squad, better, worse or indifferent?

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