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What about Track & Field / Semoy Hackett
« on: June 15, 2013, 08:51:43 AM »
Hi good day, what is the status of Semoy , Is she cleared to compete or is she banned we have heard nothing on the matter at least the JAAA had the courage to come out and say .

What about Track & Field / 2012 Outdoor Results
« on: March 26, 2012, 05:27:22 AM »
Women 100 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind H#
  1  154 Bellille, Janeil       South Plains             13.52  -0.3  1
  2   255 Jackson, Janice        UTEP                     13.70  -0.3  1
  3   117 Cleveland, Jndia       New Mexico S             14.16  -0.3  1
  4   167 McKnight, Sparkle      South Plains             14.43  -0.3  1
  5    63 Selmon, Precious       New Mexico               14.67  -0.3  1
  6   260 McDavid, Aeisha        UTEP                     14.77  -2.6  2
  7   261 Menez, Marine          UTEP                     14.78  -2.6  2
  8   303 Shelton, Morgan        West Texas A             14.91  -2.6  2
  9   298 McCowan, Kirsten       West Texas A             15.04  -0.3  1

Football / Why Foreign born players refuses to commit to Trinidad
« on: February 29, 2012, 12:06:05 PM »
Lets take a look at the treatment that has been dealt to our foreign born footballers that has chosen to join Trinidad. Kevin Austin, Andre Boucaud , Jason Norville , Jlloyd Samuel, Ricky Shakes and Jake Thomson a. How is it that Jake has not even get a call or trial with the National under 23 while he was our best performing player in the Under 20 World Cuo, Is it that we just use players to our convenience and then let them fo after , We have seen what has happen to those players after representing us, they paid the price by their clubs each being released or shipped out of their clubs after choosing Trinidad. How do we reward them, give them no call up after they are sent to the lower leagues , players who have risked thier contracts to play for us and we dont even have the audacity to call them for gmaes anymore . Yet we persecute players like Zamora for not wanting to join us , if we look at the facts objectively then it is not worth it choosing to represnt the Red White and Black

Cricket Anyone / Darren Ganga
« on: January 23, 2012, 01:14:51 PM »
To all the Ganga fans out there I wonder after the results of ramdin , how do you rate his captaincy, Was Ganga all people made him out to be ir did he take the praise for other's hardwork. Facts will show at the t20 level his own individual performance has been poor. My take is that T&T always had a well drilled team that anyone in the starting eleven can captain the team with huge success. Ganga made his reputation by riding on the hardwork of his teammates. Our victory has nothing to do with the captaincy of our team but because of the team unity .

What about Track & Field / Athletes to keep an eye on
« on: November 11, 2011, 09:01:42 AM »
Steve Waithe a LJ and TJ and Anneve Waithe, the brother and sister of Stan Waithe. Stve has signed with Clemson University after being recruited by 15 division 1 schools. So I am guessing they all see some potential in him.

What about Track & Field / Wayne Davis Jr
« on: November 11, 2011, 06:48:32 AM »
Seeing that Wayne Davis Jr has switched his allegiance to Trinidad and Tobago, soes that meam that his sister Dannielle Davis would be switching over also.

What about Track & Field / Richard Thompson Clinic with Maurice Greene
« on: September 22, 2011, 07:09:29 AM »
I love the fact that RT is giving back to the community , but would not have been better if he had team up with ato , i mean Ato thought greene and greene used to cut his arse. So I would rather our athletes learn from the teacher rather than the pupil  :rotfl: :rotfl:

What about Track & Field / All Ato's Fault
« on: August 30, 2011, 05:38:39 AM »
What gets me is that men vex because RT getting criticism, If you can shower praise when he performs , you can voice your disappointment if he did not meet expectations. Stop making excuses for him, I guarantee that he knows that he did not perform to the best of his ability. I have seen this forum bash AA for his non performance, so why some poster getting on so simple minded when RT get criticize.Right now RT and DB in the same category at senior level , one hit wonder, won one silver medal at a major championship and have fail to deliver since then, we can make excuses for them but their is only one athlete that has produced at more than one championship and that is AB. I am beginning to wonder if that has become a trait of our athlete from since the days of Hasely Crawford to Josanne Lucas , which one of these medalists have reproduce medals , Is it after their initial success the desire dies , I am hoping that Kelly-Ann breaks that mold and be our first back to back medalist since AB at the london olympics. At the end of the day it is all Ato's fault , because before he arrived on the scene we were happy with just one off performances, one medal and that's it , but he spoilt us into thinking that our premier athletes  must win multiple medals and they face harsh criticism when they don't. So Thanks a lot Ato

What about Track & Field / WTF
« on: August 28, 2011, 09:03:52 AM »
I give up , How de hell does a man run 10.0 - 10.2 whole season , come down to trinidad breaks the national record to 9.85 , jumps on a plane to Daegu , back to running 10.2's. WTF. Is it that our athletes only run good at home. Does RT and AA have twins or something , It is like jekyll and hyde , WTF.

Football / Khaleem Hyland Thread
« on: August 03, 2011, 01:55:15 PM »
'racing Genk wants international Trinidad & tobago' racing Genk has long sought, but the Belgian landskampioen is now fully work of strengthening. khaleem Hyland must be the following asset, know gazet of Antwerp. Hyland is a 22-year-old middenvelder from Trinidad and Tobago. He is at present still two years, under contract by zulte waregem. Hyland is a physically strong middenvelder with a good afstandsschot.

What about Track & Field / NAAA website
« on: July 26, 2011, 08:26:04 AM »
What is the purpose or vision behind this website, My whole thought is that this site would track collegians performance and non collegiate performances for the year , That it would have live stream to events that Trinidad and Tobago are participating in, Videos of medal winning perfomances. Just some thoughts for the NAAA to ponder.
By the way do we even track out athletes progress when they are away at college , I must say since the shutdown of Trackshark .com Tracking out athletes individually has been more tedious.

What about Track & Field / Scouting
« on: July 18, 2011, 08:11:36 AM »
I wonder does the NAAA send any scouts to NCAA to find out if their are any US born runners who is elidgible to represent T&T . I am sure there will be a few out there they may not be the best but at least we can widen our pool and have some good relay runners . Plus you can also gain a diamond in the rough, a 11.2 sprinter who may improve to a 10.9 sprinter in two years , Capture them before they realise their potential , instead of trying to get them after they reach. I am suggesting it can even be done at high school level.

What about Track & Field / Government Intervention
« on: July 11, 2011, 11:32:08 AM »
Should the government by extension the NAAA interevene to protect our young athletes from being destroyed by these foreign universities. I proposed that the government through the NAAA starts to fund the scholarship of these athletes by arranging aggrements with these foreign universities to help the further development of our athletes. For instance Baylor University is a very good university for quarter milers but for a 800m runner like Gavyn Nero was it the best fit , most time our athletes takes up scholarship that are being offered but the coaching in the area they specialize in is not up to par so our athletes actually decline from the level when they left Trinidad. Can anything be done that we can send our best athletes to the school that coaches the best for that discipline , Even if it means the gov't picking up the Tab , they already pick up the Tab for academics, who usually turn around and end up working in the states , so thereby adding no value back into our economy, While the athletes can add value by representing us on the world stage.

What about Track & Field / The Emmanuel Callender Thread
« on: July 11, 2011, 08:53:07 AM »
My thoughts on his performances this season, is that he has fallen off. My advice to him and his handlers is to leave HSI and go back to Racers track club, Beg if he has to, because it is clear that the club was the best fit for him and got the best out of him. it is your career , I just want to see you fulfilling the talent that we all know that you have.

What about Track & Field / Ato 'Modibo' Stephens
« on: June 06, 2011, 09:15:04 AM »

The newly formed Trinity Performance Track Club had its first international meet over the weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, guided by head coach Ato Stephens whilst his wife Cydonie Mothersill competed in a development meet nearby.

Trinity competed in the USA Junior Olympics Georgia so all performances were certified by the athletics body IAAF over the two days of the meet. The other coach was Anthony Chin and manager Scimone Campbell.

As the group headed off on Friday at the Owen Roberts Airport, Stephens said: “All the kids will be competing in the standard sprints and jumps and if we can we will put together two relay teams. Next year we are going to build.

“The kids chose this trip. They had a choice between Atlanta and Barbados. Cydonie has family in Atlanta so it was convenient for her to go to another competition.”

The Trinity group included Tyler Lee who won the inter-scholastic 400 metres, sprinter Derrick Hellvestor and Louis Gordon who broke the inter-primary long and high jump records. The baby of the squad was Monique Gordon, Louis’s sister, who is only eight and the most senior was David Hamil, 27, who hopes to compete in the Pan American Games in October.

What about Track & Field / 2011 Results
« on: January 16, 2011, 06:27:01 PM »
 Field House: F  7.20  2003        Muna Lee, LSU                               
  LSU Record: L  7.13  2008        Kelly Baptiste, L S U                       
   NCAA Auto: A  7.26                                                         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
 1 Semoy Hackett                L S U                  :)    7.28
2 Kimberlyn Duncan             L S U                     7.40 
  3 Kenyanna Wilson              L S U                     7.41 
  4 Chastity Riggien             So Miss                   7.43 
  5 Rebecca Alexander            L S U                     7.47 
  6 Toshika Sylvester            L S U                     7.48 
  7 Cassandra Tate               L S U                     7.49 
  8 Kasey Rodgers                Tulane                    7.50 
  9 Siedda Herbert               L S U                     7.67 

Football / Who is the Better Sports Commentator / Analyst
« on: May 12, 2010, 07:16:23 PM »
Shaka Hislop  or Ato Boldon ;D

What about Track & Field / 2010 Results
« on: January 16, 2010, 11:18:56 PM »
Flash Results, Inc.
                       Texas A&M Invitational - 1/16/2010                       
                          Gilliam Indoor Track Stadium                         
Event 8  Men 1000 Meter Run
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points         
Section  1                                                                     
  1 Matt Wolfe                   Louisiana Tech         2:33.23    2           
  2 Holton Hemby                 Texas-Arlington        2:36.46                 
  3 Peter Samuels                Texas-Arlington        2:36.71                 
  4 Michael Ortiz                North Texas            2:39.69                 
  5 Andrew Sumner                North Texas            2:39.73                 
  6 Zach Davis                   Texas-Arlington        2:41.32                 
  7 Cody Trout                   Louisiana Tech         2:46.27                 
  8 Dusty Dischler               Northwestern St.       2:50.79                 
Section  2                                                                     
  1 Chris Gowell                 Baylor                 2:22.38   10           
  2 Gavyn Nero                   Baylor                 2:26.32    8           
  3 Larry Brooks                 Unattached             2:27.49                 
  4 Matt Ross                    Texas A&M              2:27.91    6           
  5 Tyler Stewart                Baylor                 2:28.10    5           
  6 Jeff Pels                    Tcu                    2:28.13    4           
  7 Wes Caceres                  Texas A&M              2:28.32    3           
  8 Brady Desko                  Baylor                 2:35.44    1           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Points         
  1 Chris Gowell                 Baylor                 2:22.38   10           
  2 Gavyn Nero                   Baylor                 2:26.32    8           
  3 Larry Brooks                 Unattached             2:27.49                 
  4 Matt Ross                    Texas A&M              2:27.91    6           
  5 Tyler Stewart                Baylor                 2:28.10    5           
  6 Jeff Pels                    Tcu                    2:28.13    4           
  7 Wes Caceres                  Texas A&M              2:28.32    3           
  8 Matt Wolfe                   Louisiana Tech         2:33.23    2           
  9 Brady Desko                  Baylor                 2:35.44    1           
 10 Holton Hemby                 Texas-Arlington        2:36.46                 
 11 Peter Samuels                Texas-Arlington        2:36.71                 
 12 Michael Ortiz                North Texas            2:39.69                 
 13 Andrew Sumner                North Texas            2:39.73                 
 14 Zach Davis                   Texas-Arlington        2:41.32                 
 15 Cody Trout                   Louisiana Tech         2:46.27                 
 16 Dusty Dischler               Northwestern St.       2:50.79                 

What about Track & Field / The athlete's to watch in 2010. Jusbless Picks
« on: December 30, 2009, 08:22:10 AM »
My pick on the male and female athlete to look for in 2010 and I do expect to have a big year is Keston Bledman and Janeil Belille.Plus of course a fit Darrel Brown who will always have my support , talent is talent, could never leave him out of the equation. I also expect Quow to break Ian Morris recordand Josanne lucas to continue her upward trend , as for women sprinters I expect Semoy Hackett to step up to Kelly-ann plate and really gave her a run for her money.

With just fifteen days left , they are some cause for concern before the championship begins. First concern is Darrel , is he fit , becuase he is even missing the prefontaine classic , which is a meet sanctioned by his sponsor which I think is mandatory to participate in once fit. Secondly the form of Richard Thompson ,will he be at his best for the championship or are we going to witness substandard performances. Thirdly Keston Bledman 10.52 opening , he has fourteen days to turn that form around , that time is really poor by any standard and a athlete of his calibre should not be performing in that manner. Also Janiel bellile , Stan Waithe , Aleesha Barber has not heard or seen anything of them for the season, are all our athletes first opening going to be the national champonship , so thereby it shows that the national championship is not really taken too serious as most of our athletes will be far from their best as they are now opening their season.

What about Track & Field / Keston Bledman
« on: May 20, 2009, 09:12:27 AM »
What is going on with Keston Bledman , My thought is that seeing that these athletes are given money by the state , tax payers money that there should be some sort of PR officer informing us on the well being of our athletes

What about Track & Field / Missing Athletes
« on: May 12, 2009, 11:05:41 AM »
Missing Athletes for 2009 season , Kevon Pierre , Fana Ashby,Ato Stephens , Damian Barry ( they said he missed last year due to injury ) . Candace Scott , Cleopatra Borel Brown. Chris Hercules . Any information on any one of these athletes

Football / Everton James Vaughn
« on: May 01, 2009, 06:46:47 PM »
Can Everton James Vaughn play for Trinidad and Tobago , how come no one came up with this name before , Now playing FIFA manager 2009 and see that James Vaughn also has dual citizenship .

 Event 35  Boys Under 20 1500 Meter Run Final


         Name                              Year                School                        Zone               Finals 


       1 Bullard, Kendis                 90         Moruga Comp                           South/East        4:06.36

       2 Nero, Gavyn                     90         Fatima College                          St Geo West     4:06.59

       3 Smith, George                   90         Open Bible                                Victoria            4:15.82

       4 Martinez Rodney, Ramon  91        Qrc                                          St Geo West     4:20.15

       5 Robley, Devery                91         Five Rivers                               North/East        4:20.55

       6 Mitchell, Christopher         91         Fyzabad Comp                          St Patrick          4:33.45

       6 George, Keith                   91         P/Town Snr                              South/East        4:33.45

       8 Adams, Keshorn               92         Signal Hill Comp                        Tobago             4:44.72

       9 Baboolal, Sihrvan              91         Pres S'Do                                 Victoria            4:48.86

What about Track & Field / NJCAA results
« on: March 07, 2009, 05:36:41 PM »
  1 Renny Quow                FR South Plains             46.45   10   
  2 Demetrius Pinder          SO Essex CC                 46.89    8   
  3 Latoy Williams            FR South Plains             47.19    6   
  4 Remuro Henry              SO Barton County CC         48.04    5   
  5 Antoine Guice             FR Southwest Missis         48.24    4   
  6 Riker Hylton              FR Essex CC                 48.27    3   
  7 Robert Gardner            FR Kansas City CC           48.41    2   
  8 DreDame Carter            SO Barton County CC         48.96    1   
  1 Jeff Henderson            SO Hinds CC                 7.78m   25-06.25  10   
  2 Jarrod Hutchen            FR Barton County CC         7.62m   25-00.00   8   
  3 Kyron Blaise              FR South Plains             7.51m   24-07.75   6      4 Nii Ayi                   FR Iowa Central CC          7.46m   24-05.75   5   
  5 Ramon Crockett            SO Southwest Missis         7.41m   24-03.75   4   
  6 Richard McCoy             FR Barton County CC         7.28m   23-10.75   3   
  7 Stanley Dervill           SO Cloud County CC          7.25m   23-09.50   2   
  8 Tracey Davis              FR Mohawk Valley CC         7.24m   23-09.00   1

  1 Cameron Parker            FR Allen County CC         15.81m   51-10.50  10   
  2 Dellon Williams           FR South Plains            15.62m   51-03.00   8   
  3 Kyron Blaise              FR South Plains            15.60m   51-02.25   6      4 Floyd Ross                FR Barton County CC        15.22m   49-11.25   5   
  5 Mauro Parnell             SO Iowa Western CC         14.98m   49-01.75   4   
  6 Michael Hartfield         FR Rend Lake               14.89m   48-10.25   3   
  7 Fred Brown                SO Barton County CC        14.78m   48-06.00   2   
  8 Willis Gragg              FR Rend Lake               14.63m   48-00.00   1   

What about Track & Field / Rondell Sorillo
« on: February 28, 2009, 04:46:01 PM »
Heat  4 Preliminaries                                                       
  1 Sorrillo, Rondel          JR Kentucky                A 6.60Q             
  2 Samuels, J-Mee            SR Arkansas                P 6.70q 6.6963     
  3 Austin, Justin            FR Kentucky                P 6.73q             
  4 Wells, Evander            JR Tennessee                 6.75             
  5 Mvumvure, Gabriel         SO Louisiana St.             6.82             
  6 Brown, Keith              FR Mississippi               6.88             
  7 Spradley, Brandon         JR Alabama                   6.90             
  8 Williams, Eric            FR Mississippi

His first 60 meters for the year qualifies for NCAA final can we may be looking at back to back titles for Trinidad and Tobago

What about Track & Field / Pilar Mc Shine
« on: February 19, 2009, 05:04:07 AM »
Florida State's Pilar McShine and Susan Kuijken earn NCAA auto marks
15 February 2009 at 02:16 - 0 comments - link
The Florida State track and field program had a busy Valentine’s Day with groups competing at both the Tyson Invitational in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the Husky Classic in Seattle, Washington. The Seminoles were feeling the “love” as Florida State recorded two NCAA automatic qualifying times and eight NCAA provisional qualifying times between the two competitions.

“We got a lot of good things done today,” head coach Bob Braman, who was in Fayetteville, Arkansas, said. “Here at the Tyson, the men’s 200m was probably the highlight and our success in the distance events at the Husky Invitational caps it off as a pretty good day.”

Pilar McShine’s (Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) personal-best 4:37.71 in the mile at the Husky Classic earned the junior NCAA automatic qualification. The time, which is the best time in the ACC this year, ranks second in school history behind Hannah England’s 4:35.30 set last season. Also earning NCAA automatic qualification is senior Susan Kuijken (Nijmegen, Netherlands) whose season-best time of 9:05.70 in the 3000m at the Husky Classic placed her first among all participants and ranks second in the ACC this season.

“Susan just didn’t feel right heading into the race and I want to give credit to her courage to go out and do the work,” assistant coach Karen Harvey, who was in Seattle with the Seminoles, said. “When you’re not feeling good, doing the work is really hard and she did a great job.”

Florida State took three of the top four spots in the men’s 200m at the Tyson Invitational with three NCAA provisional times. Reigning ACC Performer of the Week Charles Clark (Virginia Beach, Va.), whose ACC-leading 00:20.83 last week at the New Balance Invitational earned him NCAA automatic qualification, placed second with a time of 00:20.94. Sophomore Brandon Byram (Gallatin, Tenn.) and freshman Maurice Mitchell (Kansas City, Mo.) finished third (00.20.96) and fourth (00.20.97), respectively. Both were personal-bests and rank second and third in the ACC.

Other strong performances and NCAA provisional qualifying marks at the Husky Classic include an ACC-leading and personal-best 7:57.62 in the 3000m for junior Daniel Roberts (Vicksburg, Mich.), sophomore Matt Leeder’s (Brookville, Ontario) 8:00.01 in the 3000m – a personal best time – and senior Steeve Gabart (Miami, Fla.), who ran a 14.07 in the 5000m, a mark that is not only a personal-best but also ranks first in the ACC this season. On the women’s side, senior Lydia Willemse (Forest, Ontario) also earned an NCAA provisional qualifying mark with a personal-best time of 9.25.99 in the 3000m.

“Daniel (Roberts) was just a stud today,” Coach Harvey said. “He placed second in his heat and just missed the NCAA automatic qualifying mark. It was a big race for him.”

Upon learning of Gabart’s success, Coach Braman said, “We are so excited for that. We knew he was ready but that mark was a bit unexpected. What a great performance for Steeve.”

Senior Tim Reen (Jupiter, Fla.) recorded an NCAA provisional qualifying mark with a personal-best 2.14 (7-00.25) in the high jump which placed him first among competitors at the Tyson Invitational. Both the men’s and women’s 4x400m relay teams were just off the NCAA provisional qualifying marks but are among the fastest marks in the ACC.

The Seminoles will compete at the ACC Indoor Championship in Blacksburg, Va., February 26-28th.

“It was mission-accomplished to get ready for next weekend,” Braman said about this weekend’s competition. “We are where we want to be heading into the ACC championships.”

What about Track & Field / A New pilot project
« on: February 09, 2009, 09:02:07 AM »
I was contacted by an Individual by the name of Anthony Charles who in conjunction with the University of Trinidad and Tobago has started this new type of training for athletes , It suppose to increase times and conditioning of athletes . I found thier proposal quite interesting , Ato I am forwarding this information to you , to let me know if it might or actually work and secondly if the nutrients supplements they used is all legal. But if it is legal I am thinking of trying to get athletes such as Jacey Harper , Kevon Pierre etc , and monitor them and see if they get any improvements in their times , I also think Fana might be a suitable canidate . Tell me what you think. It is actually using Karate techniques to improve the athletes

“Be True to the School (clan). Be honourable. Be Willing to Serve.”
(Contact @ 799 – 8902)


This program focuses on the development of young individuals for sporting scholarships to both local and foreign universities; business professionals and other members of the general public.
N.B.  Sporting discipline mandatory/compulsory. E.g. aviation, athletics, basketball & football. Martial Arts Training (through C.A.T.S), is compulsory for secondary and tertiary level students.

The Continual Awareness Training System or C.A.T.S., is a programme designed for an individual or group to the mind and body to engender living in a continually safe environment and achieve increased balance: mentally, emotionally, and physically.

   This is done by applying training in the following areas:
•   Mental Awareness
•   Nutrition
•   Attitudinal Techniques
•   Language Appreciation
•   Breathing and Bio – Electrical Control
•   Body Control through proper exercise
•   Environmental Control

For persons who seek the advantage of a pro-active system to deal with an environment which may become hostile; this programme offers the opportunity to do so a non-lethal a way as possible. The programme goes beyond the conventions of thought. An example of its uniqueness is in the language:

FEAR---------------------------------------   becomes-------------   POSITIVE THOUGHT!
TRY-----------------------------------------becomes--------------WILL DO!
AN ATITUDE OF FAILURE ---------becomes-------------AN ATTITUDE OF                CONTINUOUS PROGRESS          AND SUCCESS.
Our aims and objectives for each person coming into the programme is very proactive:
1.   To promote Holistic Health
2.   To promote the use and teachings of Natural Therapies as a companion to Physical Medicine applied by qualified practitioners.
3.   To develop competitive spirit through our sport activities, in the N.S.S.C.D.P.
4.   To develop self esteem, confidence, health, strength, discipline and sportsmanship.
5.   To develop positive attitude among all people regardless of ethnicity, religious preference or any other social criteria.

The programmes main guided activities are:
•   Continual Awareness “Tactics”
•   Martial Arts History and Science of Motion.
•   All scholarship sports
•    Use of Strategy and Mental Interpretation.
•   Training in Naturopathic Science and Medicine.

All activities are open to male and female persons and provide the opportunity to gain ACADEMIC BASED SCHOLARSHIPS based on performance in school (or other tertiary education.)
   The organization promotes and engages in competition including Regional, World and Olympic Games.   

The programme is broken into three month training periods, during which candidates are conditioned in the following areas. (Subject to change with continued training in specific sports.)

1.   Mind set exercises. Breath control
2.   Self discovery through Discussion, Writing and Acting
3.   Mental assessment using language
a)   Mental Speed
b)   Different Languages
c)   Speaking, Spelling and Interpreting

4.   Warm up Exercises / Callisthenics. Track Running
5.   Body movement: Rolling, Falling, Holding and Looking.
6.   Learning Front, Side And Rear Responses.
7.   Countering Verbal and Physical Confrontations, Non Violently.
8.   Dealing with stress – healing yourself: Mind, Body and Diet
9.   Punching and Striking Interception / Sport specific Activity

A basic daily lesson plan follows:
a) Mind set exercises. Prayer          - 5-7 min
b) Affirmations: Oath: Creed          - 5.7 min
c) Callisthenics and Stretching          - 20 min
d) Stances, Rolls, Falls and Direct Action    - 45 min
e) Running (Track athletes)          - 45 min
f) Lesson review / Notes             - 15 min
g) Cooling down. Staying positive       - 10- 13 min

Possible Maximum Lesson Time       - 1 Hr 45 min

A)   Personal protection tactics for business professionals.
B)   Continual Awareness Training (Jujitsu) for students under 18yrs
C)   Bujutsu systems for adults; including Tai – Chi Qi – Gong.
(Special group rates available)

(While “Martial Arts” students are practising “Direct Action,” “athletes” will, at the same time be exercising.)

Cricket Anyone / Xavier Marshall
« on: February 06, 2009, 12:32:56 PM »
He is the best cricketer I ever see play , his class is so superb , his stroke play is maginifcent , his strike rate is out of this world . But his best asset is his consistency , he has proven to be the most consistent batsman in west indies cricket . Who cares for Brian Lara when you have the majestic X factor . I would like to commend the selectors the coach and the captain , who none of this brilliance would be shown if it was not for their wise decision.

What about Track & Field / 100 meter Men
« on: February 04, 2009, 10:24:57 AM »
Who do you guys think will make the most improvement for this year . My money is on Emmanuel Callendar , hearing him speak , you can see he has the heart and the drive and the discipline to succeed . Plus when you make those sort of sacrifices to follow your dream usually positive thing follows. I think that he will cause the biggest shocker this year . Bledman has potential but I don't know if he has that burning drive. Brown I don't know if he will have his first injury free year since 2003 . Burns I don't know which one will show up this year as he has not been consistent . Richard first year as a professional , don't know how will react to the change in environment

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