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General Discussion / Trinidad Police Strike
« on: February 15, 2011, 02:36:09 AM »
Hope citizens in trini have their own protection by now because this going to get worst.  Hearing this straight from sources in east-west corridor branches and central branches.... This all rooted from the disbelief of paying the COP millions of dollars salary last year, yet other ranks are only offered a 5% raise...  Also calling in Sick ffrom working in carnival events are next....

Security lapse
PM, CJ, AG homes affected as cops sick out again
By Akile Simon

Story Created: Feb 15, 2011 at 12:53 AM ECT

SECURITY at the private residence of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and Chief Justice Ivor Archie was reportedly affected yesterday, as scores of police officers stayed off the job in protest action over the state of their salary negotiations.

Police officers have been up in arms over the Chief Personnel Officer's (CPO) proposed five per cent increase in salaries.

Sources at the Guard and Emergency Branch (GEB), which provides 24-hour security at the PM, AG and CJ's residences, said none of their officers showed up for duty yesterday and the same is expected today, when the protest action is to continue.

The Express was told that alternative security arrangements were eventually put in place to ensure the homes of the senior State officials were adequately protected.

Operations at several magistrates' courts throughout the country were also severely affected as police officers called in sick, resulting in prisoners not being taken from the prisons.

Yesterday's action came on the heels of a meeting last Friday by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Social and Welfare Association's general council to chart a way forward.

Two Mondays ago, officers also stayed off the job. Yesterday, they intensified those actions, demanding that the Government intervene in the impasse with the CPO regarding negotiations.

Many police stations along the East-West Corridor were deserted yesterday and the handful of CID officers present were assigned to the charge rooms to supplement the strength of their missing colleagues.

There was also a large number of absenteeism at the Traffic Branch. Motorists took full advantage of the absence of officers along the highway, as many of them drove along the shoulder as they made their way into Port of Spain during the early morning rush-hour traffic.

The majority of officers who showed up for duty were Special Reserve Police officers, who themselves are disgruntled after not being paid money owed to them since last July.

Operations within several policing divisions, sections and units throughout the Police Service are expected to be affected again today and tomorrow, as police officers have vowed to continue their "protest action".

Police officers have threatened to shut down all Carnival activities, including fetes, leading up to Carnival Monday and Tuesday, if their demands are not met.

Officers are seeking a 40 per cent increase as opposed to the consolidated offer of five per cent over a three-year period offered by the CPO.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy have condemned the sick-out action by the police, saying that five per cent is all that can be offered at this stage.

Sandy described the officers who stayed off the job last week as "unpatriotic".

Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs also pleaded with police officers to put their grouses aside and put the security of their country first. He also promised that steps are being taken to ensure a safe Carnival, should there be any further action by police officers.

The police association has distanced itself from the action taken by its officers.

Screw a bridge or tunnel.  Been calling for this for years.  It's faster, closer and less traffic and trouble having to go all the out the way to POS to go Tobago by boat.  IT would be even better to have a vehicle ferry, so you can drive to Toco then take an ONLY 30 minuteS ferry to the beaches and business in Tobago .
Water taxi to sail to Tobago

By KARL E CUPID Tobago Bureau Wednesday, December 22 2010

A water taxi service between Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Scarborough, Tobago is to be introduced in January.

A dedicated water craft with a capacity for 150 passengers will be operated under the National Infrastructure Development Company Limited (NIDCO), chairman Dr Carson Charles said yesterday at the Scarborough port during an inspection of facilities for the service. The touring party included Tobago East MP/Tobago Development Minister Vernella Alleyne-Toppin and Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner.

Charles said a test run was recently conducted with favourable results and it was proposed the service should come on stream next month. He explained a water taxi would be outfitted to handle the turbulent seas between Trinidad and Tobago. Berthing facilities will be located at the western end of the Scarborough port. With respect to cost, Warner, during an impromptu press briefing, said the fare structure would be similar to that of the inter-island fast ferry service operated by the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (PATT). Warner added the water taxi service would only serve to complement the regular fast ferry service. He said while he supported the water taxi service, his focus was the introduction of a 30-minute service between Scarborough and Toco. Warner acknowledged the importance of upgrade works on the road network of the Trinidad north-east coast to this service. “In Toco there is some work to be done, particularly on the road that leads to the berthing area and that will be done,” he assured.

“But I am saying to you that for a country, and I want to say it publicly, for a country that spends $578 million on a rapid rail study that is in a box, I don’t see if you have to spend $100 million to give Tobago and Trinidad more connections, that is money badly spent,” Warner added. He also lamented the poor state of the facilities at the Scarborough port, indicating his intention to draw it to the attention of PATT.

“I must tell you that I have to (prepare) a note to the Port Authority; I am not happy with what I have seen here, nothing has changed since I was here last,” said Warner. He noted there was no cover for passengers between the terminal building and the ferry.

Meanwhile, Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Orville London said the inter-island ferry service should be improved first before the introduction of a water taxi facility.

“We would not be against anything that increases the traffic but before we do that we should see about the efficiency of the current service,” London said at the post-Executive Council media briefing.

He said the THA was not consulted about the water taxi proposal.


oThis man feels he own TnT since he wuking FIFA.  Tried to bully Imbert in front of Other ministers, who were shocked and surprise to see such behaviour in parliament. Loud insults were heard by warner to imbert in a public forum and said he will deal with him publicly and privately.

Football / Anthony Wolfe in politics too
« on: July 05, 2010, 01:41:21 AM »
Lara's brother, Pink Panther among PNM hopefuls
By Joel Julien joel.julien@trinidadexpress.com
Story Updated: Jul 5, 2010 at 2:44 AM ECT

A CHACONIA Gold medal winner, a dentist, a retired school principal and the brother of a cricket world record holder are among 134 candidates who will be representing the People's National Movement (PNM) in the upcoming local government election... Anthony Wolfe, who represented the country in Germany for the 2006 World Cup, is the PNM's choice for Manzanilla. Wolfe received a Chaconia Gold medal for his participation at the World Cup....


Football / Gary Hunt drops out
« on: April 10, 2010, 12:07:00 AM »
Gary Hunt drops out   ;D
Kimberly Mackhan & Yvonne Webb
Published: 10 Apr 2010

 ....In the midst of all of this came reports last night that Sport Minister Gary Hunt has withdrawn his candidacy for the Port-of-Spain North/St Ann’s West for the PNM in the upcoming general election. A three-paragraph, unsigned release with “Hon Gary Hunt MP” typed at the bottom said Hunt expressed his “gratitude to the constituency that I served with dedication over the last two and half years.” It stated: “I would like to wish the new candidate a sound victory. I remain committed to the People’s National Movement’s vision and ideals.” Hunt has apologised to the nation for putting up the $2 million national flag at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, saying it was a “misstep.”...

Manning: I heard of Hunt’s withdrawal

Prime Minister Patrick Manning said last night that he heard that Port-of-Spain North/St Ann’s West MP Gary Hunt had withdrawn his nomination to re-contest his seat for the People’s National Movement (PNM). “I had heard of that but I am not so sure,” Manning said at Balisier House yesterday night. He said the PNM screening committee was still engaged in deliberations on confirming its choice of candidates for the constituencies of Toco/Sangre Grande, St Ann’s East and Arima, among other constituencies.

More details...

Petrochemicals used to manufacture cocaine in T&T says US report
Wednesday 31st March, 2010

Petrochemicals manufactured here are being used to manufacture cocaine says the US International Narcotics Control Strategy Report.


The annual report published by the US State Department also identifies what it considers legislative and administrative weaknesses in the drug interdiction system of T&T.


T&T's petrochemical sector imports and exports chemicals.


And because of this activity, the international narcotics control strategy report cites a worrying trend: that trend being that these chemicals are easily diverted for the manufacture of cocaine hydrochloride.


To support the concern of the US authorities, the report indicates that precursor chemicals originating from Trinidad and Tobago have been found in illegal drug labs in Colombia...MOREhttp://www.ctntworld.com/LocalArticles.aspx?id=19536


Penn Relays host Team Jamaica Bickle loss of Jamaica National Overseas sponsorship

Jared Mccallister

Sunday, March 28th 2010, 4:00 AM
Related News

The Queens-based Team Jamaica Bickle hospitality effort for Caribbean athletes participating in the Penn Relays scholastic track and field meet in Philadelphia are taking the good with the bad this year: accepting a request to host 50 high school students and coaches from Trinidad and Tobago while coping with the loss of a main financial sponsor.

This year, support from New York's Trinidadian and Jamaican communities, new corporate sponsors and track fans will be needed to make it all happen, said Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB) founder Irwine Clare.

"We're proceeding as if it's going to happen" said Clare, noting that TJB has already reserved discount hotel rooms for students and coaches from St. Anthony's College, St. Joseph's Convent, Queens Royal College, Bishop Anstey High School and St. Francois College for Girls.

The Penn Relays, a premier U.S. track and field event for high school, college and Olympic-level athletes, takes place April 22-25.

In addition to the Trinidadian athletes, an estimated 500 students and coaches from as many as 25 Jamaican high schools will be housed, fed and counseled under the supervision of TJB volunteers during their time at Penn Relays.

Clare said the reduced contribution from Jamaican foods manufacturer Grace Foods and the loss of Jamaica National Overseas as a sponsor are a severe blow to the group. But he thanked the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations, which has "stepped up to the plate" and made "solid" contributions. He also thanked Caribbean Foods Delight, which provides familiar Caribbean foods for athletes during the event.

Steps to compensate for the loss of major contributions from the Jamaica National Overseas financial firm include the "We Are One Caribbean" and "We Are One Jamaica" initiatives, part of fund-raising partnership with NetLinkz Group management consulting and business development firm.

A $25-per-person prix fixe Caribbean brunch on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Negril Village , 70 W. Third St. in Manhattan, is the first fund-raising event. Special T-shirts, designed by Trinidad-Tobago native Lisa Henderson's Tone Graphics, are being sold to raise money.

This year's Team Jamaica Bickle annual Penn Relays Launch Reception will be held April 16 at Luntey Commons Room of Long Island University's Brooklyn campus, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Special guest will be Jamaican Olympic medalist Alexandra (Sandie) Richards.

To RSVP for the Penn Relays Launch or get Team Jamaica Bickle information, call (718) 523-2861 or send e-mail to teamjamaicabickle@gmail.com. And for brunch reservations, call Negril Village at (212) 477-2804.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/queens/2010/03/28/2010-03-28_penn_relays_host_faces_cash_pinch.html#ixzz0jWUAvHpl

Football / USA (my new team) WC2010 jerseys leaked...
« on: November 20, 2009, 01:40:51 PM »
Zeppo my fellow fan what you think?

tribute to our 1950's team

Football / T&T All-Heart team...The real soca Warriors
« on: June 13, 2009, 03:55:53 PM »
Pride with the combination of stamina, fitness, and consistency to go all out for 90+ mins. the best of current active players of TnT.

GK- Clayton Ince- (plays harder than his aging body allows him. Played a game when his blood sister was on her death bed.  Not afraid to open his opinion to anyone)

RB- Carlos Edwards - (Might make a mistake, but we'll keep the pressure on any team on the right side)

CB- Radanfah Abu Bakr - (May be one game but, impressed and not scared of top competition.  Just gets the job done)

CB- Brent Sancho - (Leave blood, sweat, and tears on the field without before he completes a game)

LB- Silvio Spann - (Can play many positions.  Speed and holding up the reputation of his family name get him going even more)

RW- Hayden Tinto - (Great debuts, shows he's be a consistent treat for the national team for a long time.  Not intimidated by bigger opponents dispite his size)

CM- Christopher Birchall - (If someone passing him, he will track them down.  Will track down players for others also.)

CM- Andre Toussaint - (Double threat at Midfield and Forward.)

LW- Darryl Roberts - (Combo of strength and speed.  If opponents sleep on him for a second, he will burn them)

RF- Cornell Glenn - (Always give 100% when wearing the national colors.  Will scratch, fight, and dig deep for any ounce of god given ability, humanly possible for his country)

LF- Kendall Jagdeosingh - (Constant, running up and down the field is all he do.  Nothing more is asked for.  Will trace an opponent down to help the defence anytime)

Honorable mentions:

Marvin Phillips

Football / USA vs Honduras
« on: June 06, 2009, 06:30:27 PM »
go Honduras. if tnt cant make it

General Discussion / Gay man stabbed, castrated
« on: May 22, 2009, 06:34:43 AM »
Man’s genitals cut off
Published: 22 May 2009

A homosexual relationship gone awry is how police investigators are describing the killing of a 49-year-old man after his mutilated body was found in Morvant yesterday. Dave Holder, of Never Dirty, was found with multiple stab wounds, windpipe severed and his penis and testicles sliced off. Placed on the area of the missing private parts was a bloody knife, police said.

The genitalia, they said, were yet to be recovered. A relative who yesterday viewed the autopsy at the Forensic Science Centre in St James said there was also a large drawing on Holder’s chest. “Across the chest was a big white piece of paper...It had a moon and star on the paper and it look like it was in blood,” the relative said. Saying Holder did odd jobs like washing maxi taxis, she also admitted that he “smoked drugs.”

Holder, who was neither married nor had any children, lived in a house a stone’s throw from his sister’s. Saying she had no idea why someone would want to kill him and mutilate his body, his sister said, “He had friends staying with him. “Sometimes different ones come, they stay and then they go,” she said. According to the sister, before Holder’s body was found, just after 5 am, there was an argument at her brother’s house. “I hear some kind of struggling around 1 am, but I did not come outside,” she said.

“When I do look outside, I observe the back door open and he never sleep with it open so I went to check.” The sister said she found the body lying on the floor in the bedroom. “I did not have any problem with him...He come home, he go he way, he come back in the night and sleep,” she said. Police said before the killing, Holder and a man whom he knew for the past month had a heated argument.

They said they believed Holder ordered the man to leave his home.
Investigators said they also believed that Holder might have been attacked while asleep. Up to late yesterday, a team of officers from the Morvant CID, headed by ASP John Daniel, acting ASP David Abraham, Sgt Jacob, Cpls Davidson and Samuel, and PC Mitchel were searching for a suspect.

Man stabbed, castrated
By RHONDOR DOWLAT Friday, May 22 2009

IN WHAT police have described as a particularly gruesome murder, a 49-year-old Morvant man was found dead by his sister during the early morning hours yesterday with his throat slit, several stabs to his chest and his penis cut off. A piece of paper on which a moon and star was drawn with the victim’s own blood, was found on the body.

According to a police report, at about 5.30 am, Dave Holder was found dead by one of his sisters who lives near his Springville, off Rosewood Avenue, Coconut Drive, Morvant home. The sister told police she heard a commotion coming from Holder’s home sometime around midnight but did not think anything of it. When she got up, later in the morning, she noticed a back door to Holder’s home wide open. After calling out his name and not getting any answer, the woman went into the house and found Holder’s body in a room. Speaking outside the Forensic Sciences Centre, the female relative who asked not to be identified, said her brother was accustomed to having several men come to his home to lime. One of them, recently moved into the house.

“I don’t know what the argument was about but at about 2 am I heard voices being raised. Then I heard a set of noise but I did not do anything about it. It was when I got up I noticed the back door open and I decided to go and check because I knew that something was wrong,” the sister said.

“I know he had a man staying there with him and they had a falling out and my brother asked the man to leave. I heard them struggling and quarrelling but I thought nothing of it. When I went into the house, I noticed blood all over and a paper over Dave’s body.”

Officers led by Ag ASP John Daniel and including Sgt Jacobs, Cpl Davidson, Cpl Samuels and investigating officer PC Mitchell of the Homicide Investigations Bureau visited the scene and retrieved a sharpened knife, believed to be the murder weapon.

Investigators said they believe Holder’s killing was linked to a “love dispute gone terribly

General Discussion / Dead witnesses to speak
« on: May 11, 2009, 06:16:30 PM »
I wont say "TRINIDAD NOW HAVE DIS???" but ill change to a positive attitude and applaud them for making the right move  :applause:
Dead witnesses to speak
By ANDRE BAGOO Monday, May 11 2009

GOVERNMENT will tomorrow unveil new legislation which makes provision for the use of video-taped statements of witnesses who have been killed before trial, to be shown to juries and which also introduces far-reaching changes to the criminal justice system.

Two bills, namely the Evidence (Amendment) Bill and the Evidence (Amendment) (No 2) Bill will be tabled by Attorney General Bridgid Annisette-George in the Senate and are expected to trigger national debate over the role of the courts in the fight against crime.

Among the changes proposed by the legislation, copies of which have been obtained by Newsday, are:

- new provisions for the admissibility of video and audio recordings of witness statements;

- abolition of common-law rules which prevent juries from learning of the criminal histories of accused persons before they reach a verdict;

- new measures to deal with the problem of fearful witnesses “forgetting” their evidence in court and

- re-introduction of a previously abolished law to aid with prosecuting persons accused of rape.

The legislation will be tabled and published tomorrow and is expected to be debated next week.

It has already been subject to behind-the-scenes consultations with the Law Association which will this week complete a report on findings for submission to the Attorney General.

The first bill seeks to amend the Evidence Act. It proposes to make provision for the admissibility of video or audio recordings of statements made by prosecution and defence witnesses and even the accused.

Clause 7 proposes to make such recordings admissible when “it is in the interest of justice for the video or audio recording to be admitted”. The provisions are open enough to allow the video-recordings of statements of witnesses who are killed before trial, lawyers said yesterday. The use of videotape or audio technology is not alien to the courts. Video-tape conferencing is frequently used in both civil and criminal courts.

Additionally in April, Justice Mark Mohammed allowed the written transcript of an audio-recording of a dead witness to be placed before a jury as evidence in chief. Yesterday, Acting Director of Public Prosecutions Carla Brown-Antoine noted that while the development of the common-law may leave the use of video-taped witness statements in court open, the new law could be a means of standardising the use of such evidence.

“It could standardise the conditions in which video evidence is used,” she said.

The laws also allow for the use of statements given by recalcitrant or reluctant witnesses to police. Currently such statements are admissible as a matter relevant to the credibility of a witness who back-tracks in the middle of a trial.

The changes would effectively allow the statements to be regarded as the witness’ testimony itself. Additionally, while written statements of witnesses who are fearful to testify are admissible in courts in certain circumstances, the new laws would widen those circumstances.

Clause 5 of the first bill also calls for the repealing of common-rules which limit how much a jury can know of an accused person’s “bad character”, particularly any past criminal convictions. The bill requires a special three-fifths majority.

The second bill will deal with cases of sexual offences. It will attempt to revive a doctrine long abolished which allowed certain hearsay accounts of a victim’s complaints of a criminal act to be admissible in court.

The new laws will be tabled at a time when the murder toll is approaching 200.

Yet, some are already questioning how effective the legislation will be in the fight against crime, especially given the lack of enforcement of older laws.

“We will be making the point that care has to be taken when amending existing laws when the record of enforcement of existing legislation has been poor,” Law Association president Martin Daly said yesterday of the Association’s expected report.

Former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj said, “I do not think that there is a necessity to amend the law in order to fight crime. What we really need is administrative reform and more aggressive crime detection.”

Football / Coach Latapy on Basia Magazine
« on: May 07, 2009, 06:18:19 PM »


Feature Interview     
Russell Latapy and I planned to meet at TGI Friday's to chat about his life, and his return to T&T.  He was early, and I was on time. As I walked in, there he was sipping on some coconut water with a ‘got yah' smile on his face.
I say, "You are early!"

He responds, "I am always early." And he is ready to give of himself and co-operate with our crew, under the watchful eyes of all his admirers.

Russell has represented Trinidad and Tobago football for over three decades. That means he has been around for as long as I have been following football. Though I have not been an avid fan of the sport all my life, you can't help but know who Latas (as he is affectionately called by his fans in T&T) is. He is the "Little Magician", notorious for his abilities with the ball. One might argue that he is a veteran in the business, however, when you see him you doubt yourself as he has not aged a day! Like his physical appearance, his abilities on the football field remain ageless. It is no wonder the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) made the decision to confirm him as a player/assistant manager, because on any given day he can pass for both.

His accomplishments in the sport of football are so many, that they cannot all be detailed in this interview. But I know that I speak on behalf of many when I say how much Trinidad and Tobago owes to guys like Russell Latapy. Russell, like fellow teammate Dwight Yorke, cut the path for many T&T and Caribbean nationals to pursue their dreams of playing professional football abroad.
Russel has made his mark on the world stage, particularly in Europe, having played and lived in countries like Portugal and most recently Scotland, where they refer to him as "Latapy" and his son Russell Junior as "Tapy". He made T&T proud and represented us well at every level. In 2000, he was voted #31 in FIFA's "Best Player in the world" ranking. He was most recently inducted into his Scottish Club, Falkirk's, Hall Of Fame. During our interview he confesses that he was told very early that, "The game owes you nothing, you have to work for what you want." It is no wonder that he succeeded as he held this bit of advice pretty close to his heart.
Russell hopes to continue to inspire the young footballers of this region and plans to contribute to their development with the Russell Latapy Sports Foundation and with his new role with the TTFF. With good health and good luck we are wishing him another three decades of being a part of the sport he loves most, as a Manager/Coach.

AP:      Russell you probably have people passing you straight these days. I almost did not recognize you without the locks. What made you cut it?  Is this the new you?
RL:      No, same me just different visual. It's got its positive side, with people not recognizing me.  I am able to maintain my privacy. It was really hard to maintain that hairstyle living in Scotland. It started affecting my son when he was sleeping with me. So it had to go.

AP:      How did the name "Little Magician" come about?
RL:      I really don't have a clue.  Just one of those things that stuck with me.  Not sure how it came about.

AP:      Who discovered Russell Latapy?
RL:      When I was growing up I was a part of a lot of youth programmes. One of the few people was a guy called Jean Lilywhite. I remember one Carnival; it was he and I alone in the Savannah. He was teaching me to use both feet with the ball.

AP:      Were you the first Trini or Caribbean footballer to sign an English football contract?
RL:      No it was Dwight Yorke. He was the first from Trinidad. Not sure about the rest of the Caribbean. He signed first. I was the first to play in the UEFA champions league.

AP:      How old were you when you did it?
RL:      Around twenty four or twenty five years. I am not really good at keeping records of myself. I just play football. I love football.

AP:      Any regrets about your choice of profession?
RL:      No. I had the opportunity to go to Florida International University (FIU) on full scholarship at the same time I got the contract to play in Jamaica.

AP:      Yuh love Jamaica?
RL:     (He shakes his head and smiles) I love Jamaica. I lived there for about two and a half to three years.

AP:      Russell, I was so impressed when I read that you were inducted into the Falkirk's Hall of Fame. I was really touched by that. I can only imagine how you felt. I am so proud of you. Do you feel as though you are appreciated more by the Scottish than by your homeland?
RL:      No, not really. I have always tried to do my best for whomever. I feel a lot of love on both sides.

AP:      How old are your kids now?
RL:      Joao, the eldest, is fifteen years old, Mikkel is seven, and Russell Jr. is three.

(I did not realize that he had three sons, so I teased him that he can only make men and we laughed.)

AP:      Any of your boys want to follow in your footsteps?
RL:      The last two maybe. Anything they want to do I'll support them as long as they are happy.

AP:      I heard that your son, Russell Jr. was signed for a twenty (20) year contract. Tell me some more about that and how it came about?
RL:      My Club in Scotland introduced a new program called the "Mini Barns" to nurture young players into our own academy. They observed the way Russell Jr. handles the ball. I agreed to let him be a part of the youth program to teach him the basic concepts. But I can't let my son sign a twenty-year contract just yet. I am impressed with the fact that the club is forward thinking.

AP:      You seem happy with your partner. Any plans for marriage?
RL:      Life is going well… (We burst out laughing.)

AP:      How long have you been together and how did you meet?
RL:      For over seven years. We met through a mutual friend.

AP:      Are you a playboy, Russell?
RL:      I have lived a certain life, in my younger days… (And he smiles.)

AP:      Are you, Brian (Lara – internationally famous and now retired West Indies cricketer) and Dwight (Yorke – internationally famous, T&T's World Cup captain) still best friends?
RL:      (He nods) Yes.

AP:      How did you meet?
RL:      The Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation had a zonal youth programme at the time and that is where we all met. It was an under twelve team. Brian later went on to cricket and fortunately for us we all made it in our respective careers. I am very certain that if Brian had stayed in football, he would have made it to the top. He had a couple of tricks.

AP:      Speaking of your younger days; your two best friends, Dwight and Brian, are avid party lovers and well known for their "feting". Are you the same way inclined?
RL:      Which West Indian don't know how to have a good time?

AP:      You missed a lot of Trinidad Carnivals living abroad for all those years, (Portugal and Scotland) Did you ever experience withdrawal symptoms?
RL:      Of course, but those guys always kept me updated. It was hard.

AP:      You have always been a very private person. What made you agree to be interviewed by Basia? What's your message?
RL:      I know I have a social responsibility. We need to bring our society together again.  Too much violence. We need to develop programmes for the kids in the area of sports, culture, and entertainment to change the focus of the kids today.

AP:      Do you, Brian and Dwight plan to do anything together regarding this?
RL:      We have a lot of conversations, but things are still in the embryo stage.

AP:      You guys are like a dynamic trio. Brothers who enjoy life together…
RL:      Now I am not a very sentimental guy, but I just want to have it on record that I am proud of both of them, for their professional achievements and as individuals. I don't want to use the word love but I mean that.

Break- We pause as his significant other calls on the mobile and he launches into a discussion in Portuguese. I am  totally lost, not to mention clueless!
AP:      How many languages do you speak, fluently?
RL:      I speak two fluently. Portuguese and English, of course. But I can understand Spanish and Italian.

AP:      Did you go to school to learn the language?
RL:      I learnt it when I went to Academica.  It was a university city and a lot of people there spoke English. I learnt it on the streets and in the pubs.

AP:      Is your son Russell Jr. bilingual?
RL:      He understands English and responds to it but does not speak it as yet.

AP:      The manager of your club Falkirk, Hughes, who played alongside you at Hibernian, described you as a gem of a human being. How did that make you feel?
RL:      Delighted. I have worked alongside him for the last fifteen (15) years. I think that is very kind of him. It says a lot for my mom, because she is the one that has shaped my personality.

AP:      You always speak of your mother as having had such a major impact on your life! How would you describe her?
RL:      There are so many ways I would like to describe her. It might take about two days. She is very loving but she is tough. She is a good listener. If I had to choose my mother that would be the mother I would choose.


Congrats to Latas!

Russel Latapy was recently appointed Head Coach of the Trinidad and Tobago national team.  We KNOW he can do the job and we wish him all the best at this latest development is his sterling career.

Basia believes!

Guards hide as bandits ransack school

Carolyn Kissoon South Bureau

Wednesday, May 6th 2009
 When bandits broke into the Tabaquite Composite School early Monday morning, two security guards locked themselves in a classroom and called the police.   :rotfl:
But it was not until the men ransacked the classrooms and escaped with three laptop computers and a projector that the policemen arrived.

The security guards were inside the art classroom around 2 a.m. when they heard a noise outside, a school official said.

"When he (a guard) saw the bandits he ran back inside and locked the door. The bandits tried to break open the door but the guard threw out the keys to the other classrooms. They called the police, but they did not come until two hours later," he said.

The stolen items, valued $45,000, were locked in the school's computer lab. The library and several other classrooms were ransacked, the Express was told.

Classes were not affected on Monday.

Police said fingerprints were lifted from the scene. Investigations are continuing.


"OMG, Brian my little #1......WTF rasta man"

General Discussion / This how they wreck cars in Trinidad now?
« on: April 22, 2009, 01:33:52 PM »
Damn we need some ah that here in ny  :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/IgLJ6XZeWyA" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/IgLJ6XZeWyA</a>

Football / Mexico vs. Honduras
« on: April 01, 2009, 08:07:08 PM »
Honduras up 1 -0 now!

Football / Hyland late equalizer gives Trinidad 1-1 tie
« on: March 28, 2009, 08:13:20 PM »
Hyland rescues a point for Warriors.
By: Nigel Simon (T&T GUardian).

Substitute Khaleem Hyland rescued a point for the Soca Warriors when he netted an 87th minute goal to earn T&T a 1-1 draw with visitors Honduras in their 2010 South Africa World Cup Concacaf Final Round qualifier at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo, last night. The Soca Warriors looked on the verge of suffering a defeat in their first match at home in the final round qualifiers, until Belgium-based Hyland, who plies his trade with Zulte Waregem capitalised on an indecision by goalkeeper Noel Valladres to get his team on level terms to the delight of a capacity crowd, who seconds earlier were very subdued.

Earlier on it was the Hondurans, unbeaten in three previous visits to T&T, who started the better of both teams with Amado Guevara and Julio De Leon dominating the midfield as T&T tried to cope without the suspended Christopher Birchall and captain Dwight Yorke. De Leon should have given his team the lead in the 23rd minute after being put through via a clever chipped pass from Guevera, however with T&T goalkeeper, Jan-Michael Williams closing in his lobbed effort nestled on the roof of the net.

Up to that point, T&T’s best chance came via a Stern John challenge on goalkeeper Noel Valladares for a looping ball, with the latter having to fist the ball away to avert any danger. On the half-hour, strikers Jason Scotland and John worked a neat one-tow on top the Hondurans 18-yard box, but on the second try, Scotland’s aerial pass to John, was just out of reach, with the goalkeeper and goal at his mercy. Four minutes later, Scotland turned well on the top the right hand side of the 18-yard box with a man on his back, however his left footed effort just missed the far post with goalkeeper Valladares scampering.

Minutes before the interval, De Leon almost fired Honduras into the lead from long range, but goalkeeper Williams, who got the starter’s role ahead of the injured Marvin Phillip was equal to the task and tipped it over for a corner. Seconds into the restart, Pavon should have headed Honduras into the lead but with the goal at his mercy he missed the target from less than six yards out. Minutes later Pavon, who has a nack for scoring against T&T made amends for his earlier miss when he headed into a gaping goal from a weak Williams two handed clearance attempt.

With their back against the walls, the Warriors who were being dominated in midfield, stepped up the pace and Scotland almost drew the host level with a mis-timed blast that had Valladares sprawling to his left to keep up his goalward attempt in the 57th minute. From the resulting corner, utility player, Anthony Wolfe, drilled a right footer goalward, but that too was just off target as the Warriors began to grow desperate. Coach Maturana then went to his bench and introduced Hyland and Kenwyne Jones for the in-effective Densill Theobald and Scotland and a few minutes later assistant player coach, Russell Latapy was also introduced at the expense of the below par Keon Daniel.

The trio brought new life into the T&T team as the host went in search of the equaliser and with three minutes left on the clock, Hyland delivered when he was picked out at the far post by Latapy an his tame shot managed to creep past goalkeeper Valladares over the line to send the nervous crowd into a frenzy. The full T&T team from yesterday’s match is expected to depart at 8 am today for Nashville Tennessee in North America with the inclusion of Birchall and goalkeeper Clayton Ince where the Soca Warriors will face the USA on Wednesday in another World Cup qualifier. Yorke will also travel with the team.


T&T: Jan-Michael Williams, Keyeno Thomas, Dennis Lawrence (capt), Aklie Edwards, Clyde Leon, Densill Theobold (Khaleem Hyland 61st), Stern John, Jason Scotland (Kenwyne Jones 61st), Keon Daniel (Russell Latapy 66th), Carlos Edwards, Anthony Wolfe.

Subs not used: Marvin Phillip, Makan Hislop, Andrei Pacheco.

Honduras: Noel Valladares, Osman Chavez, Maynor Figueroa, Jorge Caballero, Hendry Thomas, Amado Guevara, Wilson Palacios, Carlos Pavon (capt) (Carlo Costly 80th), Julio De Leon, Ramon Nunez (Marvin Chavez 76th), Oscar Garcia.

Subs not used: Ricardo Canales, Erick Norales, Emilio Izaquirre, Mauricio Sabillon, Elvis Turcios.

Other Concacaf Scores
Mexico v Costa Rica 2-0
El Salvador 2 v USA 2
T&T hold Honduras in World Cup qualifier.
By: Ian Prescott (T&T Express).


Khaleem Hyland's low shot, and a fumble by the Honduran goalkeeper Noel Valladres, rescued a 1-1 draw for Trinidad & Tobago in a CONCACAF South Africa 2010 World Cup qualifier last night at a packed Hasely Crawford Stadium.

The "Soca Warriors" looked to have suffered from a slow start to each session when Honduras took the lead early in the second half, after the teams were goalless after the first period. The visitors went ahead in the 50th when T&T keeper Jan Michael Williams' poor attempt to punch away a corner-kick gave veteran striker Honduran striker Carlos Pavon a free header into the T&T goal. A few minutes earlier, Pavon let T&T off the hook when heading wide from a promising position.

But the Warriors went in search of the equalising goal and Anthony Wolfe almost pulled them level in the 61st when picking up Carlos Edwards' low cross and blazing just over the crossbar.

The introduction of veteran playmaker Russell Latapy in the second half added plenty punch to T&T's attack. They pressed for long periods for the equalising goal, but once ahead, Honduras became entrenched and difficult to beak down.

Coach Francisco Maturana began the match with some surprises in the T&T starting line-up. He benched Sunderland striker Kenwyne for Jason Scotland, the in-form Swansea City front man and also gave Densill Theobald Dwight Yorke's central midfield role. But the absence of an experienced playmaker was obvious early on, when passes were regularly going astray.

The Soca Warriors finally looked a threat when Stern John's hard work won a corner in the 19th minute. Right winger Carlos Edwards swung it in and picked out captain Dennis Lawrence at the back post, but the beanpole central defender had his hurried shot blocked. Later, both Scotland and defensive midfielder Clyde Leon caught keeper Valladres backing, but both cleared the crossbar from distance. T&T were finding their range.

On the half hour, Stern John looked clear through the Honduran defence, when working a combination with strike partner Scotland but the return ball just edged away from his toe. And soon after Scotland turned on defender Maynor Figueroa and curled just wide of the far corner with the Honduran keeper well beaten.

Honduras also had two good chances in the first half. In the 24th, a ball over the top of makeshift right back Anthony Wolfe freed Honduran playmaker Julio "Rambo" De Leon, who caught T&T keeper Jan Michael Williams out of position but he lifted the ball over the bar. Always free in the centre of the field, De Leon also had a good shot near the end of the half and forced the T&T keeper to tip the ball over. But Pavon's strike was all the Central Americans would get on the night.

Football / $5 to identify this man
« on: March 16, 2009, 07:47:26 AM »

Caption please

Football / Iraqi footballer shot dead by fan
« on: March 15, 2009, 03:17:23 PM »
Iraqi footballer shot dead by fan 
An Iraqi football player has been shot dead by a spectator as he was about to score an equalising goal.

The shooting happened in the last minute of a game between two local rivals on Sunday, police say.

The striker was shot in the head during the match in the city of Hilla, according to local security officials.

The game was being played between Sinjar and Buhayra. The suspected killer has been arrested as police carry out an investigation.
RIP whoever this man is

General Discussion / Guns for Cash
« on: March 06, 2009, 05:02:10 PM »
I know some Trini pastors and church leaders are doing this program in brooklyn also.  Sould they do this in Trinidad, Laventille, Mayaro, etc too?  Manning have enough oil money to.


Over 900 Guns, Including Hundreds of Handguns and 7 Assault Weapons, Exchanged for $200 Cash Awards

During Six Saturdays, Over 3,500 Guns Have Been Turned in Citywide at Buyback Events

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown today announced that 919 guns were taken off the streets during a gun buyback program that took place at six Queens churches on Saturday. Since last summer, similar buyback programs held in Brooklyn, Manhattan and on Staten Island, coupled with the buyback results announced today, have resulted in the recovery of over 3,500 guns, more than half of them handguns. The announcement took place at the 101st Precinct Stationhouse in Rockaway, where major felony crime is down 25 percent this year when compared to the same period last year, and down 64 percent since the Mayor took office. Major felony crime citywide is down 28 percent from 2001 through 2008, and down another 14 percent so far this year, including declines in every crime category.

“Six churches in St. Albans, Jamaica, and the Rockaways helped us collect 919 guns – the most ever collected since we began our buyback program,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “That brings our total number of guns collected to over 3,500. That’s 3,500 guns that won’t end up on our streets in the hand of criminals, won’t be involved in tragic household accidents or crimes, and won’t ever be pointed at police officers or civilians.”

“Our partnership with the City’s clergy and their congregations has worked miracles,” said Police Commissioner Kelly. “Since 2002, the NYPD has taken 5,000 guns for the street through its program of offering $100, no questions asked, to individuals who returned guns to any station house in the City. That’s 5,000 guns over seven years. But over the course of just six Saturdays, we have recovered over 3,000 guns by having them turned in at houses of worship and by doubling the reward to $200 with matching contributions for our district attorneys. It is a life saving program.”

“Our one-day gun buyback effort has proven to be a huge success – far exceeding our expectations – by taking more than 900 weapons out of circulation,” said District Attorney Brown. “I think it is fair to say that the citizens of Queens county are safer today as a result.”

The following weapons were turned in on Saturday: 257 revolvers, 222 rifles, 147 shotguns, 137 semi-automatic pistols, 137 pellet & BB guns, 15 sawed-off shot guns and 7 assault weapons. Any person who turned in a gun was given a $200 cash award, in the form of a debit card. Any person who turned in a pellet or BB gun was given a $20 cash award, also from a debit card. The program was funded jointly by the Police Department and the District Attorney using Federal forfeiture funds. In total, $158,880 was handed out in exchange for guns on Queens on Saturday.

Saturday’s gun buyback and five other similar programs held in other areas have resulted in the recovery of 3,551 weapons. Those weapons include 1,051 revolvers, 843 rifles, 753 semi-automatic pistols, 418 shotguns, and 372 pellet and BB guns, 73 sawed-off shot guns, and 42 assault weapons. Total amount of funds disbursed so far for all six events was $637,572.

The Mayor’s three-pronged approach to combat illegal guns consists of stronger enforcement, new legislation and innovative litigation. In September, the Mayor announced that the last of 27 gun dealers sued by New York City in 2006 for public nuisance agreed to a settlement. The gun dealers sued were the top sources of guns recovered in New York City crimes. Since those lawsuits were filed, data indicates that the share of illegal guns coming from those dealers has been reduced 75 percent. Further, by passing the toughest law in the country against illegal possession of a loaded gun, as the City did in 2006, the percentage of gun criminals who receive prison sentences of more than a year has increased substantially."

General Discussion / STOP The lawlessness Trinidad
« on: February 28, 2009, 04:58:28 PM »
WHAT Really going on in trinidad jed?  Seriously what is going?  What kinda lawlessness is this.  Man Drag racing in the middle of a public road in traffic.  Don't you think you can kill some innocent bystander or driver. People watching and no one calling the police.  Where is the patrolling police anyways.  Go down to Cumuto, Wallerfield or elsewhere to do this.  I love drag racing but organize thing nah. Their licenses plates big and bold in the video too. I would report the license plates and have these vehicles confescated. 
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/jUhpsO7sIx0" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/jUhpsO7sIx0</a>

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Dwight Yorke Carnival 2009
« on: February 24, 2009, 08:07:49 PM »
couldnt find no similar thread so have a make a new one just for this
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/tABDHKbFxSA" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/tABDHKbFxSA</a>

Where Carlos? :devil:

Football / FPATT Fete
« on: February 14, 2009, 01:43:29 PM »
Is Shaka and Morris taking advantage like all these organization during this festive season.  It will be a great meet and greet for former and current players and boost the foundations revenue. Especially when dem woman here soca artists and footballers will be under one roof they must make that one. :-\ Any word of any going on soon?

Football / Kenwyne starts running again.
« on: September 13, 2008, 07:01:42 PM »
Kenwyne starts running again...
Targets early October return.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Trinidad and Tobago striker Kenwyne Jones is set to enter the final phase of his recovery process as he returns to the training field to begin running again after undergoing surgery last month. Jones suffered the knee injury in the June 1 friendly international against England and the injury was feared to be major until further tests proved it wasn’t as bad as first thought.

Following meniscus surgery on August 4 it was determined that the big striker would be back in action in two months.
And he was all too pleased to announce his return to running mode on Sunday. As a matter of fact he is targeting an October 4 return to playing action or by the latest October 18. (Meniscus injuries are the most common knee injuries of all. The meniscus are two tough pieces of cartilage that rest between the thigh bone and the shin bone.)

“I’m starting to run again tomorrow and that’s a big relief because it’s been becoming frustrating having to sit it out over the past few weeks. But progress has gone well and my spirits are good at the moment” Jones told TTFF Media on Saturday.

“It’s been hard work all around. I went from having a bad injury to it scaling down to a meniscus surgery being done and I thank God for that. This means I could return much earlier than we feared at first.

“I haven’t had much rest because I have been doing a lot of weights, spinning (bike exercise) and swimming to strengthen the knee.”

Jones looked on as Sunderland drew 1-1 with Wigan Athletic on Saturday with neither Dwight Yorke nor Carlos Edwards being included by Roy Keane.

The ex-Southampton and W Connection forward is trying to make a comeback by early October and if all goes well he’s not counting out the possibility of a return to the T&T National Team for World Cup qualifiers against Guatemala (October 11th) and USA (October 15th).

“I’m trying to get fit for October 18 but with determination and fingers crossed I’m also eying a return on October 4th. If it happens by the 4th then there’s the possibility that I can be available for the national team, ”Jones added. “He (Roy Keane) doesn’t have a fight with me and as of now I am keeping trust in the Almighty and once things go well then I hope to be there (for the qualifiers). I’m not going to put any pressure on returning for the qualifiers in October at the same time… if it happens, it happens”

Sunderland are home to Arsenal on October 4th and travel to Fulham on October 18. Asked for his take on T&T’s chances in the upcoming qualifiers, Jones remained confident that the “Soca Warriors” will advance to the final round and take it forward to South Africa from next February when the final phase kicks off.

“I think we have a perfectly good chance to advance. We need to stay positive and keep on working hard. I believe that we have the players to make it happen but it’s just a matter of getting it right in the preparations and playing the football with the right approach in the actual matches,” Jones concluded.

Jones clashes with England goalie David James.

By Alexis Madrigal

As astonishing as Usain Bolt's record-breaking 100-meter sprint was, his time of 9.69 seconds is nowhere near what biostatisticians predict is the natural limit for the human body.

But because he broke the mathematical model that had fit 100-meter record data for almost a century, Bolt's incredible performance could reset how fast researchers believe humans ultimately can run.

"This trend seems to defy simple curve fitting," wrote Tatsuo Tabata, director of the Institute for Data Evaluation and Analysis in Japan.

Statisticians have used a lower limit for 100-meter times of about 9.45 seconds, according to Tabata and other researchers. The exponential curve seen above -- which is drawn from an equation calculated to fit the world record data -- had been quite successful at predicting the steady progress of faster and faster 100-meter times. But Bolt's recent string of world records was clearly not an expected event: The model didn't predict a 9.69 until almost 2030.

Though no statistician we spoke with had recalculated their numbers, the new world record is likely to rejigger the equations they use to calculate the maximum human speed.   

"With this new data, [the predicted fastest 100-meter time] would probably go down a little bit," said Reza Noubary, a mathematician at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and author of a textbook on statistics and sports. He had previously calculated an "ultimate record" of 9.44 seconds for the 100 meter.

Mathematicians like Noubary don't use the body's physiology to assess human physical limits. They were merely working with data that suggested that human speed increases were decelerating and would eventually stop completely. Indeed, in some events, like the long jump, the pace of record-setting has slowed nearly to a stop. That record has only been broken twice since 1968.

But it could just be that mathematicians have been modeling the pace of progress wrong all along.

Several years ago, Jonas Mureika, a physicist at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, developed a model using techniques drawn from seismology that predicted a Bolt-like time by 2009. But, he didn't believe his own numbers and decided not to publish the work.

"The record then was about 9.79 and [the model] predicted these crazy times, that by 2009 it'd be down in the high 9.6s," Mureika said. "I thought that's crazy, it's not going to progress that fast. Every day that I think about that, I kick myself. That's my penitence for doubting the numbers."

Despite the success of Mureika's model, Peter Weyand, a physiologist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas who focuses on the biomechanics of running, said that mathematical models could never predict how fast humans might eventually run.

"Predicting it is fine for the sake of kicks, but it's not a scientifically valid approach," Weyand said. "You have to assume that everything that has happened in the past will continue in the future." 

He suggested that it's impossible for mathematicians to predict the magnitude of the freakiness of athletic talent at the extreme margins of humanity. Bolt, it turns out, is a perfect example.

Weyand, who has conducted research on the body types of the top 45 100-meter sprinters in the last 15 years, said that almost all elite runners conform to the body norms for their race length, except for the most-recent Olympic champion.

"Bolt is an outlier. He's enormous," Weyand said. "Typically when you get someone that big, they can't start."

That's because muscle speed in animals is generally tied to their size. For example, rodents, being much smaller than elephants, can move their muscles much faster. The same holds true for human beings. Sprinters are short and have more fast-twitch muscle fibers, allowing them to accelerate quickly, but compromising their ability to run longer distances. Four hundred-meter runners, almost always taller, have the reverse composition of muscle fibers.

Bolt, though, combines the mechanical advantages of taller men's bodies with the fast-twitch fibers of smaller men.

"We don't really know what the best form is and maybe Bolt is redefining that and showing us we missed something," said biomechanicist John Hutchinson of the Royal Veterinary College at the University of London, who studies how animals move. 

Hutchinson also agreed with Weyand that the human speed limit will remain impossible to predict with any confidence.

For him, it's the International Olympic Committee and other regulatory authorities that will determine how fast athletes will be able to run by limiting the amount of advanced biotechnologies sprinters can use.

"The limits will be largely set by the rules of the IOC," Hutchinson said. "It's kind of an arms race with the regulators of the sport and the people trying to push the technology to the limits. At some point here there must be a détente where technology can't push us any further and the rules will restrict it."

With techniques for gene therapy likely to become available at some point in the not-too-distant future, Weyand said that its use by athletes was "inevitable."

"You could see really freakish things and we probably will," he warned.

The recent success of trini track team has to do  with the recent inspiration and guidance Ato gave back to the Track  program in TnT.  Especially, Richard Thompson.  All jealous cowards and bad minding people sitting behind a computer screen use the power of free speech over the internet to spread evil.   Ato privaleged photos hangs in my high-school Jamaica High School in NY,  an Olympic medalist, a primetime TV sports analyst, has a stadium named after him, a political leader, a socawarrior.net forum member, and the FUTURE  President of the Trinidad & Tobago Track & Field community.  Many envy those and try to bring him down instead of following his example to better themselves.  All Ato should say to all the haters that you wont win and he never scared

Football / Rhythm section chant...
« on: August 13, 2008, 01:25:40 AM »
"with ah piece ah rope and ah mango seed we go string up the Goallie!!..."  Its especially popular in secondary school rhythm sections in skinners park sando.

Does anyone remember the full lyrics of the chant.  I havent been in 13 trinidad, so that all sound firmiliar so far.

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