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Football / Which Performance was Worst? Chicago or Nasville!!!
« on: April 01, 2009, 08:18:04 PM »
In my view this game was worst than Chicago....but that is my opinion....Maybe ah just forgettin de carnage in Chicago bcz months have passed!!

With FIFA attempting to make the allocation of tickets to the games fair, do you forumites believe that there will be an even distribution of Support for the Soca Warriors versus the Swedes?  Or do you think that because their population is greater that it is obvious that they were allocated significantly more than our supporters?

Note: that we may have the support of many countries that don't have a team going to the world cup.


How important do you think crowd support will be on the psyche of both teams?

Football / LATAPY IS DE KEY!!!!!
« on: June 03, 2006, 02:16:19 PM »
Even in his old age it is clear that in order for Trinidad to perform well offensively in de World Cup dat de Little Magician have to be in th STARTING ELEVEN!!!

And it is my opinion that because of his age and experience Beenie has decided to rest him in these friendlies........Only giving him pigeon sweats here and dere.  I noticed in the game against Slovenia that when Latas came on the team were getting alot more scoring chances.

We and every country that we come up against knows that our defnese is Tata....All you have to do is put pressure on them and mistakes will be rampant.  They can handle the quick attacking teams who are constantly moving.

I think Beenie little Densil Theobald a lot of sweat because in the event of injury or Latas is tired, both him and Whitley will have to handle the middle.  Latas is the smartest footballer wee have on the team and Beenie knows this.......Remember he said Latas is like a coach on the field..(he follows instructions precisely).

Beenie preparing all 23 players for these 3 games....the guys who can adapt to the higher level of play don't need to play full 90 in warm up games!!!

Lemme hear what allyuh tink about dis possibility!!!

Football / Allyuh see de SALARY for makin de US World Cup roster!!!
« on: May 03, 2006, 06:19:32 PM »

Look at how much money dem gettin!!!!  I hope de Soca Warriors could get ah decent pay for all dere hard wok!!!

The opening of the 2006 World Cup in Germany is five weeks away, but already the U.S. players selected to play in the June 9-July 9 competition will cash in.

Under terms of a deal brokered last year between the U.S. Soccer Federation and the U.S. National Soccer Team Players' Association that runs through 2010:
Each player named receives $37,500.
Each player earns $3,750 for each game the U.S. team plays.
The team will earn $150,000 for each point in the standings in the three first-round games (three points for a win, one for a tie) it accumulates, with a $2.775 million bonus awaiting should it progress to the knockout phase. That bonus alone works out to approximately $120,652 for each player.
The team receives additional bonuses for advancing to the quarterfinals ($2.25 million), semifinals ($2.625 million) and the final ($3 million). Winning the World Cup would earn an additional $3.75 million; finishing third is worth $500,000.

The 2002 team that advanced to the quarterfinals paid out $200,543 a player.


A friend of mine just gave back his 3 tickets to the Sweden game to the FIFA ticket portal that opened this morning.  So those who still dreamin of going to the World Cup here is your chance to the T&T in their first World Cup game in history.

And NO my partner is not crazy....he just can't make it for personal reasons!!!!

So I would advise you guys to keep checking the ticket shop on www.fifaworldcup.com for the Tickets....(it will eventually show up in the 'Resale' column)


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