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Football / Trinidad & Tobago Interactive Football Cup
« on: June 11, 2015, 10:49:39 PM »
I know there's a lot of playstation FIFA guys here.....

Nationwide competition to find the best virtual footballer in the country. Big prizes on offer...prove yourself


Kicking of this Saturday 13 June at the Jean Pierre Complex

Kudos to the Ministry of Sport for backing and supporting it too.

Football / Stadia for sale/lease?
« on: September 11, 2013, 12:28:15 PM »
This may be a far-fetched/ridiculous question.....but I was asked to ask and believe that someone here just might have the relevant info or hook-up...

Is the government willing to sell any one of the Ato Boldon, Manny Ramjohn or Larry Gomes Stadia? Or at least engage in a long term lease to a private investor or company?

To whom should such a query be directed?...SPORTT, Minister, Prime Minister, Tourism Minister, Finance Minister etc

Proposer sees value in local and by extension Caribbean football and is seeking info before making the next step.

Football / Apologies
« on: April 22, 2013, 05:59:59 AM »
It pains, yet not surprises me, to read what can only be construed as confirmation of Jack Warner's many secret dealings, in his capacity as FIFA VP, CONCACAF President and CFU President. Whilst many, if not all of us, assumed (perhaps rightly) such dealings, all has now come into the open. Not yet revealed, however, and in keeping in line with what has been exposed, is his secret political dealings, but that is best left for another time or discussion.

I have read the many postings on this forum, the many articles in the media, and listened to many verbal discussions on the matter so there is no need to rehash what has already been said, nor is there any reason to bring anything else to the fore, especially if I am not bringing anything new.

What I will do is offer an unreserved apology, and a simultaneous self reprimanding, for my once undeterred support of JW. I always acknowledged that JW was not a beneficiary of the highest of morals, and while willing to sidestep this trait (an admittedly poor exercise in judgement), any rational thinking person must be ready and able to concede that he was wrong in his previous train of thought.

To Lasana Liburd.....I apologise. I once termed you a 'pen with a vendetta'. Oh how your perseverance and reluctance to vacate your stance has proven me to be a an ignorant author. I applaud you and rather admire you. Our brief email exchanges solidifies this.

To the forum members.......I apologise. Even though I punctuated my postings with a wry smile, I was forced to shield my bladed pen, driven back into its scabbard, the power it once wielded undermined by truth, while I read, researched and inevitably recanted my previous backing of JW. Even those most gifted must bow to righteousness.

Unable to remember all I may have offended..........I offer blanket apologies.

To those who wish to remain loyal to JW and defend his actions I say to each his own. I harbour no ill will toward thee. But this horse has bolted from that stable....

Football / Patrick Vieira in Trini
« on: July 13, 2012, 12:09:58 AM »
Saw Patrick Vieira in Stumblin earlier.....just thought I'd post it and ask how many other world famous players have been here

Football / Talk of Messi's genius is flawed
« on: December 04, 2011, 02:04:51 PM »

December 4, 2011
By Alexander Netherton
Ever since Barcelona and Pep Guardiola invented football in 2009, the praise has come full and fast, a blue and purple tsunami of love for unparalleled genius.

And it's fair enough. Xavi is the best midfielder of his day, Andres Iniesta the most elegant, able to pass, trick and score with effortless beauty. The most extensive gush is reserved for Lionel Messi. A genius, apparently, but is he actually any good?

People constantly praise the ability he has in that special left foot. Yeah, that special left foot, but not both his feet. The man is half a genius. He plays with his left foot wherever possible because he is a coward. If he were a true genius he would be able to pass as well, shoot as well, or feint as well with his right foot as he could his left. His cowardice prevents him from using his right and embracing his weaknesses. Look at a true great: Michael Owen. Say what you want about him, but he's never been afraid to shank a weak shot ten yards wide with his left foot.

Latterday received wisdom is that Messi's only real competitor for the title of the greatest player ever is his Argentine counterpart, Diego Maradona. Tish and fipsy, Maradona is streets ahead, both on and off the pitch, the combination sealing his superiority by a clear distance. Maradona dragged an average Napoli side to a legendary title win, their first, second and only Scudetti. Napoli were not a bad side by any stretch of the imagination, but they were no Barcelona. Without Messi, Barcelona have Pedro, Villa, Busquets, Mascherano, Xavi, Iniesta and Pique to get by on. They'd in all likelihood still win the league or run Real Madrid close. It wouldn't be far fetched to say that without Messi, Barcelona would still have the strongest squad in the world.

Not Maradona, though. Take Maradona out of the Napoli side and there would be no chance for that team to win the league. That's why Maradona shows up Lionel Messi as a footballing charlatan.

But that's not the end of it. Maradona is reported to have spent much of his time at Napoli abusing cocaine. Now, if Maradona could play so exceptionally, defining a decade, all while suffering the side effects of drug abuse, then surely without the handicap he would have been even better.

The trouble didn't end there. He allegedly cultivated a close relationship with the Neapolitan mafia, he missed so much training he was fined $70,000 - in those days, that's not far off the scale of fine handed to Carlos Tevez. He even fathered an illegitimate son. Did that stop him? No. Napoli's championships bookended two runners up placings, a UEFA Cup and a season as top scorer. He even found time to vaccinate Milan with a twenty-five yard header. He was always able to treat his personal affairs as nothing but background music. Clean-living Messi, on the other hand, is at his peak, totally focused on football.

Maradona's most telling showing up of the Messi praise is his performance in international games. In 1986, Maradona scored five goals, made five assists while captaining his side to a World Cup.

How did Lionel Messi get on in 1986? He didn't even play. But when he did play, in 2010, Argentina were a shambles. Granted, their preparations had included calling up 36-year-old Martin Palermo. They were managed by a loose cannon on an extended comedown (Maradona again), but they still had Tevez, Aguero, Demichelis and the mighty Jonas Gutierrez at right-back, and got nowhere. The blame must lie solely with Lionel Messi. He's just not good enough to inspire.

Lionel Messi: is he that good? Just look at his scoring records. Last season he scored 53 goals in 55 appearances. Undeniably impressive but understandable given the hard yards he makes everyone run for him at Barcelona. This year, he's scored 26 goals in just 22 games. I know what you're thinking, it's an improvement. But wait a moment, isn't this instructive of his massive selfishness? The traits of egotism reflected in the fact that only he believes he is worthy of scoring?

In the past, Samuel Eto'o and Ronaldinho have been cast out for their problems with authority, but Lionel Messi has risen above that. He has decided that he is Barcelona's authority. Surely the team can't stay together at this rate, and it will be Messi to blame.

Egotistical, one-footed and definitely not as talented as Maradona. Those self-important bloggers have got this one wrong. Lastly, how many good corners can you remember Messi taking? Exactly.

Also, he's no use in a wall.

Football / Is Lasana Liburd a journalist or a pen with a vendetta?
« on: August 03, 2010, 01:48:06 PM »
Is Lasana Liburd a journalist or a pen with a vendetta?

Can anyone honestly answer the question?

Football / Dare to be honest
« on: September 09, 2009, 01:36:12 PM »
As we look to the game tonight and hope for a win ( I definitely am hoping), whom amongst us can dare to be honest and call it like it really is i.e. our beloved soca warriors are just not good. No, not 'not good enough', just plain not good.

We have average players at best (and even that is a stretch), and lost the last members of the talent pool when Dwight, Russell and Shaka retired.

C'mon ppl, be honest. Not only with ourselves, but with the country and all who peruse this site regularly.

Clayton Ince is a second rate goalie. Of course he pulls off the odd great save, but EVERY goalkeeper in the world has at least one or two of those moments. He is not and was never agile, and fails repeatedly to save any well directed shot. Not to mention his penchant for berating his defence unnecessarily.

Marvin Andrews was never ever any true footballer. He still can't make an accurate pass in excess of 5 metres. Ridiculous.

Abu Bakr seems to have potential and as such will be spared scrutiny reserved for others as an accurate assessment cannot be reasonably done.

Avery John is a left back from the 60's. He is at an absolute loss when he crosses into the opponents half, very quick to go to ground (a hallmark of a non thinking defender) and poor passer.

Cyd Gray was touted as a speedy player yet never showed this speed ppl so exalted and poor positional sense. Cruelly exposed in Costa Rica, even though he gained my respect and admiration for how he made a concerted effort to improve.

Carlos Edwards is our favourite player. Yet he consistently sends wayward crosses and seems to enjoy his ability to spin like a top. Granted, he often gets behind players, but then what? Championship division player.

Keon Daniel is an absolute waste of time. Scored a couple free kicks and was regarded as the next great thing. Steups. I've seen SSFL players score great free kicks. It happens to any and all footballers at some point. Keon is slow, weak, and slow in thought.

Trent Noel was our PFL player of the year once. I've seen him play a few times and he has yet to show why he should be anywhere near the national team. He hasn't made any incisive passes or important tackles. What is his purpose?

Densil Theobald is plain and simple not good at all. When you are left out of a jokey Scottish team, it signals time to decide if football is what you're really good at. What does he really do on a field?

Chris Birchall is perhaps the best out of the bunch, but solely on work rate. Cant control or pass to save his life and doesnt seem to have an idea of when to calm down. I love him for it though...its all or nothing.

Kenwyne Jones is what we call a functional striker. He has no technical ability or skill whatsoever. But his imposing frame lends itself to knocking in a few now ad again. Any one with a footballing mind will attest that the English game is about being functional as opposed to talented.

Cornell Glenn cannot play under pressure. He will fall to ground, feign or actually get injured or generally try to bulldoze his way through with no success at all. Yes he shows flashes of brilliance, but as I said earlier, it happens to any footballer in the course of his career.

Jason Scotland is a nice player. He however, doesn't seem suited to any type of game. He isn't fast enough to blow past defenders, not skilful enough to dribble them, cannot play very well with his back to goal, and isn't big enough to intimidate. He seems to be able to finish well against lesser opposition though.

Hayden Tinto is hungry, but he is an absolutely brain dead footballer. He tries the same dribbles without success over and over and crosses poorly. I think he has potential, so I will put his displays down to eagerness to prove his worth.

Russell Latapy is perhaps our best ever player, but he is quickly proving to be on his way to our worst ever coach. Absolutely devoid of any tactical awareness, he hasnt played the same starting team for any of his games in charge. Chopping and changing the back line is not the sign of a coach who knows what he is doing. Keeping underperfroming players on the field for 90 mins is not a sign that he knows waht he is doing. Keeping in form goal scorers on the bench in a must win game is not a sign that he knows what he is doing.

This U20 team that everyone seems to be pinning their hopes on fall into a similar category. We seem to have quickly forgotten that we qualified with a singular victory. While getting all the necessary exposure to improve, they are just not good. At least not at this point. I hope that we are not obscenely exposed at the youth world cup.

Anyone dare to be honest?

Football / lewwe REALLY support d football
« on: July 18, 2008, 07:44:53 AM »
lemme akse d forum dis.......
Dese games against bdos, and guyana and grenada and netherland antilles and puerto rico etc really makin sense in d development of we football?

we beatin dese teams wit all kinda scrape up side and we jumpin up and celebrating performance. come nah ppl.....

we is a world cup nation now....dese jackass games hadda stop. imagine canada, a team we beat goin and comin a few years ago, playin brazil while we playin barbados. how we expect to improve.

today maturana pick some men...and tomorrow is a nex set.....d man showin dat he have no idea of wha goin on. he doh even have a proper lil nucleus.

lewwe take we cut ass from better teams and improve from it rather dan beat dese jokey teams and feel like we improvin.

trinidad football jus like west indies cricket....we does beat d shit side and say we turnin corner den when we meet real teams w does embarass we self.

Show real support and call for dese waste ah time games to stop. Jack big in d dance...ah sure he could do better dan dat

Football / Trini football and its pundits
« on: July 14, 2008, 08:16:15 AM »
Good day folk and kin alike,

As an avid and objective reader of the many issues put forward in this forum, I realise, sadly, that, for a large percentage of the forumites, Jack Warner seems to be the bane of football in T&T.

Like Lasana Liburd, a journalist whose intelligence and talent is superceded only by his and his employers thinly veiled personal vendetta against Jack, so do a lot of ppl on this forum so blindly follow in the footsteps of sycophancy.

I am not defending Jack or any of his cohorts, but simply grammatically illustrating how easily we as a ppl are led to be perpetuators of hearsay and innuendo, without the benefit of intelligent or credible information.

Whilst I am certain that there are those amongst us who are privy to highly credible sources and their requisite scoops, honest hearts will admit to lending great amounts of credence to the he say she say philosophy.

Jack may or may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but at the very least, let us procure the definitive evidence to condemn him as one or the other.

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