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Football / Yorke 750-1 to win golden boot
« on: May 26, 2006, 11:01:11 AM »
Whey Stern John in dis ting ... just goes to show how popularity and not football does play into dez things


FYI --- heres a list of events in Rotenburg the city where the team is stayin

1.  Fishmarket (Matjes herring)

2.  Historic Market

3.  Caribbean party

4.  Historic Market

5.  Kids' Beachparty, Welcome Party

6.  Fireworks for the SOCA Warriors

7.  Church Service on the Pferdemarkt

8.  Historic Market

9.  Pentecoast Liming

10.Event days at schools and clubs



13.Kicker (a fun board game) Championship at the Rathaus

14.Exhibition: The way to WM

15.Foreign Language Gameshow


17. Caribbean late-nite- Liming together with guests from TnT

18. open sales day at local shops (still in discussion)

19. Coca-Cola truck is coming into town

20. Carnival groups at the Ronolulu (to be confirmed)

21. Concert: 2 cultures at the Stadtkirche

22. Dribbel-Championship (a fun soccer event) along the shores of the Weichselsee


Football / Warrior Player Match Ups
« on: April 27, 2006, 03:02:02 PM »
A lot of speculation ... who go win who go buss ... but look at the match ups ... Jason Scotland vs Gary Neville ... winner Jason Scotland ... why ... faster, stronger, and the top scorer in Scotland.  Stern John vs John Terry/Rio Ferdinand ... tie????? the combination of may just be able to control Stern ... but we can catch them on the counter attack ...  I think the biggest threat from England will come down their left ... a fit Ashley Cole and a fast Joe Cole may pose problems for Carlos Edwards ... as far as Rooney is concerned ... his unpredictability and speed are his greatest assets but if we remain compact and frustrate him ... who knows ... OH the possibilities!!!

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