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Football / Flex, tallman, E-man...and that other new "moderator"
« on: April 23, 2013, 03:37:00 PM »
If allyuh want to take whatever "further action" and terminate my account on here, do so at allyuh whim, fancy and how and whenever allyuh want yuh know.  I really wouldn't give a rat's ass. Until then, though, I will continue to address jackass self as I ALWAYS do.    Don't send me no "warning" because I is not no lil' boy here. All these years he has been trading insults with people and saying what the f**k ever he want and now allyuh boungce allyuh head and make he ass "moderator" and allyuh want to be "warning" people?!  GTFOHWTBS!!  I am not the one.

WTF?!?!  Allyuh still high off ah Ghana victory or wha?

Nice game so far....Paraguay runnin' de show and gettin the lion's share of chances (and really not leavin' much fuh de hyenas) and score a rel nice goal.

....arright, they didn't win the league title, but all credit to FC Twente for that. Ajax had a great start to the league and when they slipped and relinquished the lead to Twente, Twente never looked back no matter hummuch pressure Ajax put on dem......if Ajax could keep this team together, they just might make some noise in the Champions' League next season.  Suarez flyin' high with his goalscoring and he just might be in the running for the European top scorer award......de man just cyah stop scoring!   

.....Ah fuget!....all dem Real fans winin' on somebodee!
...but Lyon are really looking better than I expected them to ad Real have not seemed to have found their rhythm (can I say "yet"?).

Football / Since men posting up some nice goals.....
« on: December 13, 2009, 03:04:30 PM »
I eh sure if anybody posted this before, but I done see some men post some magical moments and I cyha help but remember Tony Yeboah.  It seems like every time this man touch the ball he was scoring and almost every goal he scored was special.  (sorry 'bot de link...I eh know how to jes' put de dam youtube screen on yet.....somebody go tell meh!)

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/JfLz-WgbqY8" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">http://www.youtube.com/v/JfLz-WgbqY8</a>

Football / Hope Solo does run she mout'....
« on: August 21, 2009, 04:33:58 AM »
.....(well, at least, maybe she used to run she mout') but de gyul could REL friggin' save boy!!  Just get through watching the WPS playoff game between St. Louis and New Jersey and the girl made some absolutely amazing saves to keep her team in the game......had meh rubbin' meh eye, ah couldn't believe wha ah was seein.  She could replace a few of them fellas on some ah dem mls msl misled teams.  (she could make scurry get a SEErious horn, too!  :devil: )

It was somewhere around this time four years ago that Leo Beenakker took over the team.  I'm sure to some of you, that seems like it was just yesterday.  Before we knew it we was drawing at home and winning away to Bahrain.....and the celebrations began (in earnest)......before we knew it we were then winning many, many fans with our spirited display as gross underdogs against Mighty Sweden.....before we knew it, we witnessed greatness (withheld) as Leo gave Latas a backhanded bligh as our team bowed out of the Worl Cup......now it's three years later from June 10th and for years from NOW, before we know it, we'll be looking to buy tickets for Brazil as today will seem like yesterday all over again.  Start brushing up on allyuh Portuguese (and maybe it will help yuh brush up on a Brazilian! Not YOU, Sam.  You doh need no help!)  Here are the venues!:



Brazil 2014 venues unveiled
(FIFA.com) Sunday 31 May 2009

A major issue to finalise at the FIFA Executive Committee (Ex-Co) meeting in Nassau, Bahamas from 30-31 May was the official host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.

From an original list of 17 candidates, the 12 final host cities were announced on Sunday in a press conference following the second day of the Ex-Co meeting in the Caribbean. "The interest in Brazil was huge, and it was a very difficult decision to choose just 12 venues from the initial list of 17," said FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter. "We want to make this World Cup a sporting success and this is the most important thing."

The 2014 global showpiece will be the first time the FIFA World Cup finals have returned to the land of the fabled jogo bonito since 1950, when Uruguay edged the hosts to their second world title.

"There are no winning and losing cities here in Brazil. We are all taking part in the World Cup here in Brazil and we can all be proud," added CBF (Brazilian FA) president Ricardo Terra Teixeira. "For the 12 privileged cities chosen, it's the beginning of the work. They have a huge responsibility"

Brazil have won the most FIFA World Cups of any nation, with five titles to their name (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002).

The venues (Click on the link to the right to learn more about the cities):
* Belo Horizonte
* Brasilia
* Cuiaba
* Curitiba
* Fortaleza
* Manaus
* Natal
* Porto Alegre
* Recife
* Rio De Janeiro
* Salvador
* Sao Paulo


Might as well start the thread now because it done have a "Chelsea vs Barcelona" thread.  Besides.....might as well give the arsenal faithful some time to air their points of view becuz, from the time the first whistle blow, this matchup will be over.  Barca vs manu in de final!

*edited/corrected* (but not to Warrior Queen or Samo liking)  ;D

Football / UEFA CL - Liverpool vs Chelsea :08 April 09: 1st Leg
« on: April 08, 2009, 01:15:06 PM »
Anybody Know where Ballack went?

Football / See how World Soccer big up e-jacula?
« on: April 26, 2008, 02:08:12 PM »
  Page 38 of "World Soccer" magazine, May 2008 Edition, currently in circulation has the inimitable and indomitable austin "jack" warner ranked as number 9 in their cover story "Top 100 Movers and Shakers" in world football.  jack is listed well ahead of big time powerful men like Maradona (88), Pele (86), Cruyff (84) Ro-Ro (78), Silvio Berlusconi (17), Chuck Blazer (14), and marginally ahead of other men like Chung Mong Joon, Beckenbauer, Roman Abramovich and Rupert Murdoch, (13) thru (10) respectively. Sepp Blatter, of Course, is (1).
  Thing is, though, (and I eh get a chance to read all the details on all the listees yet, but) from what I've scanned over, just about everybody is on the list for positive reasons. Ah go quote allyuh wha dey write 'bout "we boy":

  9 Jack Warner
  Trinidad & Tobago/FIFA vice-president

Probably - after Sepp Blatter - the most controversial figure on the FIFA executive.  The COCNCACAF president has trodden a thin line with some of his football-related business activities, which have made him a comparatively easy target for investigative journalists.
Warner has always been a strong supporter of the FIFA president, whether Havelange or Blatter, and that has helped protect his status.
   (and (my own input) definitely helped propel it).
But there may come a moment when his colleagues on the FIFA executive decide that he has become too much of an embarrassment.
end quote.

....in other words, jack, yuh nose very brown but yuh have de board room smellin' like S$%T! You may soon have to leave.
The man has no redeeming qualities that warrants his appointment to the FIFA executive............in spite of however his appointmet has benefitted our country/region. His legacy seems to leave little that we can be proud of.   :'(

I guess if all the pictures on the front cover collage were a scratch-'n-sniff, he picture woulda smell like................



Sir Alex Ferguson feels it is 'ridiculous' that Manchester United have only twice been European champions.

United first won the competition in 1968 before Ferguson guided the team to UEFA Champions League success in 1999.

The long-serving Scot is determined to lift the trophy again and believes he has a squad capable of fulfilling that objective this season.

But Ferguson was also left to lament the restrictions which he feels prevented him from winning the tournament in the mid-1990s.

"I'd love to win it again," said Ferguson. "We've only won it twice and it's ridiculous that this club has only won it twice.

Tough as nails

"This club is made for European Cups and we have a chance this year.

"The 1994 was arguably the best team I've had and if we hadn't had the ruling on the amount of foreigners you could play then we could possibly have won the European Cup then.

"The team was that good. It was powerful, had great personalities and was tough as nails with some real match-winners.

"The Treble-winning 1999 team's achievements are unparalleled and the present squad can go on to great success - but you can only judge a team on what it has achieved."

...........or a manager by what he has "under" achieved.  For all the resources that fergie has had at his disposal throughout his tenure as manager of this team, IT IS ridiculous that this team has been so highly rated, and fergie has been so highly regarded, and has yet, to this day, only won ONE Champions' League trophy, albeit a gift of a trophy handed to them by Bayern Munich and their coaching staff.   "Win" it again, fergie.  Give credence to your legend.



  Nigeria mourns coach Yemi Tella(FIFA.com) Monday 22 October 2007

    Barely six weeks ago, Nigeria was welcoming home its victorious Golden Eaglets and celebrating their triumph at the FIFA U-17 World Cup Korea 2007. Today, joy has turned to sadness for Nigeria and for the whole family of world football at the news that Yemi Tella, coach of the young world champions, lost his battle with lung cancer on Saturday 20 October.

Tella initially went into hospital in Korea last June after the Eight Nations Tournament, but he responded to treatment and was able to return to work, guiding his team to second place at the event. Two months later he was as vibrant and enthusiastic as ever, driving his youngsters on to the world title in Seoul. Players and coach alike were given a hero's welcome on their return home and were decorated by the President in recognition of what was their third world championship in the category.

It was not long, however, before Tella's health took a dramatic turn for the worse and he was readmitted to hospital in Lagos a few weeks ago. Despite further intensive treatment, Tella passed away on Saturday morning at the age of 56.

Theophilus Adeyemi Tella was a trainer at the National Institute of Sport and only took over the reins of the Nigerian youth team a few months before the tournament in Korea. His experience lay more in training other coaches rather than players, but he soon proved that he was the right man for the job, leading the team to the African title before going one better and winning the FIFA World Cup a few months later. He is the third Nigerian coach to win the ultimate prize in this age group, following in the footsteps of Sebastian Broderick and Fanny Amun, for which he received the title of Member of the Order of the Federal Republic from Nigerian President Umar Yar'Adua.

Football / Allyuh tink Scurry (Meh gyul) days numbered in a US uniform?
« on: October 22, 2007, 09:45:30 PM »


Ryan out as US boss(AFP) Monday 22 October 2007

Greg Ryan will not be back as head coach of the USA women's football team after his contract expires at the end of this year, US Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati said Monday.

Ryan, who took over the job in January of 2005, was sharply criticised last month when he sat starting goalkeeper Hope Solo in favor of Brianna Scurry, who allowed four goals in a 4-0 loss to Brazil in the semi-finals of the FIFA Women's World Cup in China.

The controversy lingered as Solo's emotional and very public reaction, in which she slammed Ryan for his "wrong decision" in replacing her, saw her barred even from the US bench as the Americans beat Norway 4-1 in the third-place match in Shanghai.

Germany defeated Brazil to claim the women's world crown.

"At the conclusion of each world championship cycle, every national team's performance is closely analyzed," Gulati said in a statement. "There are many factors considered in this analysis, and it certainly isn't just about one loss or one particular coaching decision.

"In this case, after looking closely at the last six weeks and the team's performance at the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup, we have made a decision to change leadership of the US Women's National Team."



.....And maybe even the haters, too..... :beermug:


Bebeto's comments are very interesting.  Very blunt, very direct.

Football / How many jobs is Stuart Pearce really holding down?
« on: March 12, 2007, 10:15:51 AM »
I know this eh exactly "football related" nor is it particulalry any of my business, but, I feel Stuart Pearce is the voice behind the "GEICO gecko"  Listen to bot' ah dem good.

Football / Caribbean Digicel Cup
« on: November 24, 2006, 11:28:00 PM »
Can anybody get their hands on a Digicel Cup Schedule?  I have checked what I expected to be every pertinent concacaf website and cannot find any mention of it anywhere. 

Football / Anybody notice:
« on: October 18, 2006, 03:03:25 AM »
1)  That Dwight Yorke is the one paired up with Didier Drogba in that Unicef commercial running for the longest on FSC? Noticed it a few weeks back.

2)   The SPEED of them two BULLET scored by the brazilians Kaka and (especially)Daniel Carvalho in their respective 1-0 wins over Anderlecht and Ass-n'-all in Champions' League yesterday?

3)    The BRILLIANT save by Tony Sylva for Lille against AEK Athens in CL as well?

4)     One of the BIGGEST players in the world, often regarded as "the world's greatest" does get all kinds of controversial calls go his way (for club AND country) and every time he fail (especially in Champions' League games) he quick to blame referee, claim that the world is robbing his (small) club, but you would NEVER hear him talk about all the glaring chances they or his teammates missed in the game.....His initials are T. H.

In 1982, Italy won this tournament due in large part to the goalscoring exploits of Paolo Rossi, but also in no small part to Claudio Gentile's ability to go unchecked throughout the tournament, mugging and mauling Italy's opponents.  Among his victims were Osvaldo Ardiles and Maradonna himself.  The referees of that tournament did nothing to keep Gentile in check then, and the officiating seems to have gone to the totally opposite end of the spectrum now.  Players are throwing themselves on the ground at even the suggestion of being tackled by an opponent to secure a free kick but more cynically, to get that player yellow-carded, and sadly, these refs today are falling for it. (See steven Gerrard vs T&T; Shevchenko vs Tunisia; Michael Ballack vs Everybody; Italy vs Everybody and Argentina vs Anybody;)  What is really sad is the inability of these referees to be able to tell the difference between a foul and a dive, and a lot of teams suffer as a result (see Australia vs Italy; Tunisia vs Ukraine, etc.)  I am not one to criticise a ref based on the number of yellow and red cards (s)he has given out, but the QUALITY of those cards.  I had no problem with the ref in the Portugal-Holland game. Most of those cards were warranted.......I think.  But the penalty that that Spanish ref awarded Italy in the game against Australia was ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!........I think, too.  Sepp Blatter made his business to lambaste that referee, but the people he should be criticising are the players that go on with this nonsense and the other referees that allow this sort of nonsense to go on.  They are spoiling the game that we so love.

Their cheating heartsSteve Wilson

Summer romances are often ephemeral in their nature. You commit yourself recklessly to a relationship with strangers in a foreign land, willingly seduced by their exotic swagger and charm, blind to any faults that may lurk beneath the surface. As quickly as this love has blossomed, however, it dies on the vine. Inevitably you catch them cheating. A lot.

Carles Puyol is the victim of some unseemly acting from Thierry Henry.The sight of Thierry Henry falling to the ground as if a crowbar had been smashed into his face, late in France's compelling second round tie with Spain, after colliding chest-to-shoulder with the substantial frame of Carlos Puyol, was as unedifying as it was unwelcome in a World Cup that had bristled with possibilities and promised to be a classic.

With four games left to go and each of the four remaining teams justifiably believing that they could yet be crowned champions it still might.

But much of the early gloss has been eroded by a fatalistically accepted rash of play-acting unfortunately usually rewarded with a flury of red and yellow cards.

After Arsenal's Champions League final defeat to Puyol's Barcelona in May this year, an enraged and emotional Henry had proclaimed, sarcastically it seemed at the time, that, next time he probably ought to 'learn how to dive. But I am not a woman.'

Now either he has managed to conceal from the world's press some very delicate surgery or something has changed in his philosophy.

A justifiably bewildered Puyol was booked for the 'assault'. The free kick produced the winning goal. France had been the better team over the course of the game and merited their win.

But Henry's fraud only added to a growing cloud that has cast a dark shadow over these finals.

It is perhaps unfair to single out Henry for he is far from unique in this respect, still less the worst offender. But his case is indicative of a monster of FIFA's making.

As is the organisation's want, prior to this tournament referees were given a set of orders as to how matches should be officiated. A document prepared by FIFA's head of refereeing, Jose-Maria Garcia Aranda, referred to 'proactive refereeing' aimed at ensuring 'player safety [which] is paramount...we must protect the skilful players.'

And this is why the case of Henry is so instructive. Henry, one of the game's brightest talents, is exactly to type of player to which Aranda's diktat referred.

With no history of, or reputation for, unsporting behaviour Henry still felt compelled to shamelessly seek further sanction against an opponent once a free kick had been won. The Arsenal striker is blessed with the skills near all of his peers envy and yet he chose to employ the dark arts to complement his more virtuous talents in Germany.

What is more, though he fooled the referee and did gain advantage for his side at the expense of the innocent Puyol, with TV cameras trained on all parts of the ground he cannot reasonably have expected his transgression to go unnoticed.

On the contrary, he was simply willing to trade his reputation for fairness for immediate gain. He didn't care his deception would be exposed and was unrepentant after the event. It is a sad indictment of both the man and the state of the game today.

Blundering referee Graham Poll is not the only ref to have been confused.With just the semi-finals and finals left to play 332 yellow cards have been brandished, some of them contributing to the 27 red we have seen. That one of these, a third yellow shown to Josip Simunic by the hapless English referee Graham Poll, should be discounted does nothing to detract from the scale of the problem.

Through the entire 2002 tournament just 166 cards were dished out. It follows then that this year's competition is twice as dirty as the last. This is palpably not the case.

Rather, the inflated figure owes much to referees' eagerness to reach for the pocket, following to the letter the overbearing instructions of their paymasters from FIFA.

Though the standard of refereeing has been at best average, it is the governing body's compulsion to place pressure on their shoulders that has contributed to the possibility of going on half the Portuguese team, should they reach the final, being absent from their country's biggest match in its history; this after two key men missed their quarter final and players from other competing nations suffered similarly through suspensions in earlier rounds.

That Portugal themselves have been one of the most cynical of offenders perhaps offers a comforting irony in this respect but little more.

FIFA have been clumsy, the referees weak or just following orders, depending on your view point but, of course, the real villains of the piece are the players who have unscrupulously exploited the situation.

As soon as the first card happy referees set the tone of the tournament, a number of players - not all certainly but enough - have tried to use it to their advantage. A roll here, a dying swan routine there: one could be forgiven for thinking on occasion that there were more snipers in the upper tier of German stadiums this summer than on the rooftops of Basra.

The game is turning into a theatre for outrageous charlatans and thieves, conning those watching in the grounds and at home as much as they are the referees. The art of defending, if not a dying one then certainly very unwell, becomes a lottery when a mistimed tackle could easily be your last contribution to a game.

It is an honourable thing that FIFA seek to protect the artist over the artisan but their meddling has been ill judged and we all suffer the consequences.

So what is the solution? It could be hoped that the players themselves would have the decency to act in arresting the malaise that now exists. But the evidence from the past three weeks suggests that hope will forever be in vain. The belief that this is now simply 'all part of the game' is far too ingrained; the implication being that when it comes to cheating if you can't beat them, it is vastly better to join them.

Portugal are in the semi-finals after two matches riven with cards.And so an external imperative for change is necessary. FIFA, and Sepp Blatter in particular, may be intransigently against it but the judicious use of technology seems the most viable answer

If we, the viewing public, can see such unambiguous examples of outright cheating played out in a loop on rolling sports news channels each day then so can the authorities. Sanctioning players that bring the game in to disrepute in this fashion - with serious, lengthy bans - through trail by video would tip the balance back in the favour of the honest professional.

If the risk of being caught and punished starts to outweigh the possible reward of a penalty or the sending off of an opponent then players will be dissuaded from chancing their arms.

As it stands so few of that huge number of yellow cards were for 'simulation' as to suggest there is no problem at all and give those of such a bent every incentive to hit the turf at the merest suggestion of contact in and around the box. Why not; what's the worst that can happen?

Only when the punishment truly fits the crime will we start to rid the game of this cancer and maybe avoid the heartbreak of another tournament that promises us the world and then runs off with a Portuguese waiter with an eye for the theatrical. 

Along with the record-breaking signings of Ballack and Sheva, and the alleged rumours that Ashley (please doh embarrass meh like that again Mr. Ronaldinho) Cole may also be making his way over to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's settlement with ManU and Lyn Oslo to sign the Nigerian phenom suggests Mourhino's desire to dominate the premiership for a few years well and win the CL as soon as possible.  Lionel Messi is a great young player that deserves a whole lot of the accolades that he receives........But anybody that paid attention to last year's Youth World Cup, particularly the final, cannot deny the talent of J.O. Mikel.  He really should have won Man-of the Match. He only need stay healthy (we all know what a BRUISER of a league the EPL is) and you folks will see what i'm talking about.  If Chelsea stay healthy, or avoid a nasty implosion, the other 19 teams in the EPL eh go see dey way next few seasons!!

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