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General Discussion / Top 20 Restaurants in Trinidad & Tobago.
« on: February 02, 2020, 06:38:12 PM »
Who could name them.

Football / We winning the Fair Play Award for sure.
« on: November 13, 2016, 09:05:00 AM »
The way we playing we winning the Fair Play Award for sure.

No other teams in CONCACAF let teams feel so comfortable when they play them at home.

We give teams so much respect, look at the game against USA in T&T, we played them so soft and when we visited USA they teared us apart, they didn't hold back even though they didn't need to win.

Costa Rica were no better than T&T.

Stephen Hart commitment to Kenwyne and Cyrus leaves a lot to be desired for, it's like we are playing with 8 men on the field. Kenwyne isn't to bad and I know he can to much better, but Cyrus !!!!

Boucaud should start, he can pass very well and he is composed.

How can you be losing and bring on George?

Hart tactics seems like he is more concern about losing than winning.

I didn't care if we lost, but we can't play like we don't want to win.

You feel teams could go to Jamaica or Guatemala and dominate them?

I really do like Hart, but he seem to have lost the team or he is scared to go out hard because he might get embarrassed.

Better we try and fail than to don't try at all.

All I can say, is good luck, we still have a lot to play for even though we lost a home game.

The team is not a bad bunch of players and I know Hart is capable.

He needs to build the players confidence and his as well.

Good luck vs Honduras.

Mr Hart, we have confidence in you and we know you are a good coach, you have my 100% support, I know it's not easy, but go out there and push your players.

Football / T&T's HEX predictions.
« on: September 10, 2016, 03:25:17 AM »
Trying to be as realistic here as possible. However, if Hart can get his guys to play like they did at the Gold Cup we could really do some damage.

But given the inconsistency of players like Kenwyne, Hyland, Molino, Abu Bakr, David and Cyrus it will be hard unless we play more games or Hart finds some back up players and really start to bench some of his favorites.

I know its not easy, but maybe more games will help these players build confidence and consistency.

Mitchell and especially Mekeil gives away the ball in bad places and constantly get lost on the field allowing their man to run away from them very easily.

Cyrus gets forward a lot but forgets to run back or is slow at it and his man gets away from him and our defence are left stranded.

David can be a good player, but very stagnant at times.

Joevin, Bateau and Boucaud carries T&T.

Kenwyne presence is needed even if he doesn't do much. Would really be nice to get Bradley Wright-Phillips.

George can be the x-factor for T&T's defence, maybe Hart could convert him to a central defender?

Players like Bostock, Cummings, Levi and Cato could really stir things up for T&T.

I like players like Sean De Silva, Darren Mitchell and Ricardo John.

Weslie John, Shannon Williams and Ryan Inniss could help our defence, maybe?

Maybe Hart could offer Shaquell Moore a chance to play for T&T, he is a good wing back.

Guatemala and USA really showed us up especially down the center, once you beat T&T's wing backs, players run into the center and shoot untop of the box or slip the ball behind T&T defence and you are almost guaranteed to score.

Costa Rica, USA and Mexico, nuff said.

Honduras can run and T&T cannot play against runners, especially teams that keeps the ball on the ground. Honduras did very well at the Olympics, so I expect them to draft in a few of those young players.

Panama is the only team T&T might get by because T&T is similar, so the results could go either way.

Again, if T&T can find back that magic from the Gold Cup, they could surprise a few teams like Mexico, USA and Costa Rica at home, but you know we struggle at home and with Hart careful approach like against USA last November (0-0) we could be in trouble.

T&T is a good team and we have good individual players, but we lack a proper formation and confidence. The players tend to day dream a lot on the field too.

My predictions.

H - T&T 1-1 Costa Rica Game (11-Nov-2016) = 1
A - T&T 1-2 Honduras Game (15-Nov-2016) = 0
H - T&T 1-0 Panama Game (24-Mar-2017) = 3
H - T&T 1-2 Mexico Game (28-Mar-2017) = 0
A - T&T 0-2 USA Game (7/8-Jun-2017) = 0
A - T&T 0-3 Costa Rica Game (11/12-Jun-2017) = 0
H - T&T 2-0 Honduras Game (1-Sept-2017) = 3
A - T&T 2-1 Panama Game (5-Sept-2017) = 3
A - T&T 0-3 Mexico Game (6-Oct-2017) = 0
H - T&T 1-1 USA Game (10-Oct-2017) = 1

Total = 11pts

Football / Sure picks.
« on: September 07, 2016, 08:57:53 AM »
I really have to stress that even though Molino, Hyland, Cyrus and Abu Bakr might be regulars for their clubs, they have consistently under preform for T&T on to many occasions and at the big games.

Boucaud is playing to deep also.

Mekeil Williams and Carlyle Mitchell cheaply gives away the ball after all the hard work of winning it.

I really hope Cummings come back to his regular self soon and De Silva improve as a replacement for Hyland.

David looked out of sort in right back but I know he is a decent player. Wished Cato had come in.

We didn't have to beat USA but at least we could have given a better performance.

I applaud Hart for calling out his big players and telling them how he really feels.

Football / Once more I'm in love with T&T football
« on: July 12, 2015, 06:42:34 PM »
Thank you Stephen Hart

Football / Waiting on Stephen Hart's take on the U-20 team.
« on: January 22, 2015, 05:14:22 PM »
Waiting on Stephen Hart's take on the U-20 team.

I know he was there as Technical Adviser.

Would love to hear his take from overall.

Everyone already knows about the shortcomings of the TTFA and their cash problem and lack of ideas to be independent.

But apart from that, would love to hear Hart overall take without feeling sorry for anyone.

Jamaica played so many games in preparations and failed drastically.

So its only so much Derek King can say.

Off course preparations is a key element.

The core of our team has been together since the Under 17 level. So they know each other very well.

One problem I have with local coaches and all of them, they coach very scared and without confidence and they are scared to take chances or man up.

They also play a brand that eliminates the midfield and rely on wing attack with one forward isolated most of the times. Their teams are also never fit.

I watched T&T Under 20 team and was really upset with the way they played, not the results so much but in the manner they played and were coached.

Versus USA the team played the same way from start to finish, dull and flat. Nothing was done to improve the game as it progressed.

Mr Hart, I or we await your verdict.

And not a diplomatic one please.

Football / Questions about the SWO forum.
« on: December 24, 2014, 07:02:50 AM »
Mos, merge or move when the time is right, can you leave for a while.

I think we have to many guest surfing on the forum, more than members.

I feel the SWO can do better in getting people to sign up, maybe they should consider limiting the time the guest can surf forcing them to become members.

The Home page looks horrible, whats going on with the SWO, not the Flex I know.

On the home page there is a donation button that's way down at the bottom were no one can see, to me, that makes no sense.

The today in history has many events on some days, however, we cant see all?

The home page loading time takes long also, no welcoming.

The forum needs a new theme. And it keeps crashing, especially when you use the search option. It take forever to load too.

Back in the days, Flex had a quick link on the forum to the Live Chat and Videos, where is it?

Does anyone have any more concerns or questions?

Football / How did lincoln phillip become T&T women team assistant coach?
« on: October 30, 2014, 04:50:45 PM »
How did lincoln phillip become T&T women team assistant goalkeeper coach?

I am just asking, when did they advertise for the position?

I have been following T&T football in and out as my schedule keeps me away but now my time has freed up and I just wanted to know, can anyone help?

And I know they were advertising for a new TD, then anyone get the job?

I find it strange that lincoln son works for the TTFF and now he has gotten the job without going through the right channels, I feel there is a lack of interest there?

Next thing we might hear is that Derek Phiilip will be team manager.


I don't like to see these kind of things happen, Kamla did the same when she won election too.

I guess its not what you know, but whom.

Cant wait for the new constitution, I guess Tim Kee is doing a new one for his personal gain, like Jack Warner did.

Football / Why is our senior head coach inactive for long periods?
« on: July 18, 2014, 07:22:31 PM »
Ok, though I like Stephen Hart and this is nothing personal.

But, why not get him to do some work on the youth teams instead of having to pay someone $15,000 - $18,000 per USD per month to do what?

He has been inactive before the Argentina and Iran games for 7 months and might be inactive until the Caribbean cup starts in October?

Is he scouting?

Is he training players?

Is he scouting players in foreign countries?

Is he taking advance courses?

What is he doing on his spare time?

Is he doing some programs for the youth?

What is his plans for T&T future?

How can we plan a game every 6 months and expect to grow?

How can someone get paid for doing nothing?

The TTFA cry broke but yet they find money when they need too and not making the best out of it.

Again, this is not about Hart, but any other coach in this situation.

How can a federation be so poorly managed?

Should the government really support this?

Football / Financial Fair Play.
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:24:48 PM »
I really not feeling to read a book to find out what or how the Financial Fair Play works.

Can anyone explain it in short?

Thanks in advance.

Football / 1996 Concacaf Gold Cup.
« on: January 12, 2014, 07:54:44 AM »
Does anyone have the T&T games from the 1996 Concacaf Gold Cup?

Football / Real Madrid overtakes Man United as most valuable.
« on: April 17, 2013, 03:43:27 PM »
Real Madrid overtakes Man United as most valuable.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Real Madrid passed Manchester United as the most valuable soccer team in Forbes' annual estimates.

Forbes valued Real Madrid at $3.3 billion in rankings released Wednesday, up from last year's estimate of $1.88 billion.

Manchester United, which had been No. 1 since Forbes started the list in 1994, was second at $3.17 billion, a 42 percent increase. Barcelona was third at $2.6 billion, followed by Arsenal ($1.33 billion), Bayern Munich ($1.31 billion), AC Milan ($945 million), Chelsea ($901 billion), Juventus ($694 million), Manchester City ($689 million) and Liverpool ($651 million).

AC Milan was the only team among the top 10 estimated to decline in value over the past year, dropping 4 percent.

Earlier this month, Forbes estimated the New York Yankees had the highest value in Major League Baseball at $2.3 billion. In September, it said the Dallas Cowboys were tops in the NFL at $2.1 billion.

Among players, Forbes estimated Paris Saint-Germain's David Beckham as the highest earner at $50.6 million, with $44 million from endorsements. Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo was second at $43.5 million ($21.6 million in endorsements) and Barcelona's Lionel Messi third at $40.3 million ($20 million in endorsements).

Technical Support / Tablets
« on: October 11, 2011, 11:02:49 AM »
Can anyone tell me what is a good Tablet to buy ?

I was watching the Apple Ipad but someone told me that is does not carry flash ?

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