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Football / Some simple questions...
« on: August 26, 2009, 07:02:21 PM »
     Hi all forumites I have not posted in a while and have been somewhat out of it for the Soca Warriors' South Africa World Cup campaign. While I do still think we're in for a fighting chance for 4th. spot and I respect Latapy and know that he is the best, most talented and most loved Trinbagonian to ever kick a ball I have a few simple questions that I don't know that answer to.

Please forgive me since I almost am certain that the answers to these questions may have been in an earlier posting but I am now logging on, first time in about 4 months.


(1) Why was Collin Samuel not in the squad for the last game against El Salvador???? In my opinion he is one of T&T's best and fastest wingers and scored against Costa Rica in the previous game. I've always thought him to be one of our true and recent talents since our Germany campaign.
Was he insolent or disrespectful after the CR game and got dropped?

(2) Why was Khaleem Highland also not in the squad against El Salvador? I think he is one of our definite bright stars and he scored vs Honduras in T'dad. Also wasn't Highland supposed to be at least given a chance to be with the U-20's for the WC in Egypt? Is that still happening? If not why? I would think he should and could play both for the senior and U-20 team and get even better and help both teams.

(3) Was Hayden Tinto the guy who scored against Mexico in Mexico? Why did he not play against El Salvador?

(4) The trend is that all our actual good players or those who are improving and scoring or playing a good part and not getting games after they play well... Does this mean that Cornell Glenn on of the ultimate strikers for us over the last 4 years (who has sometimes been quite unfairly overlooked) is not going to play against Honduras?

Am I noticing a trend? Maybe I am not seeing the whole picture.

Someone please enlighten me...

Thank you very much.



Football / Hopeful Supporters forever?
« on: October 12, 2008, 08:50:13 PM »
      Firstly I must say a big Congratulations to Our Warriors for playing a game very reminiscent of the game against Sweden in the World Cup - same 0-0 draw same 10 men same grit and determination, and an even more hostile environment!! What I am going to type below is what I am sure most people in Trinidad have re-iterated and I think we all need to hope and pray that it happens (but this is T&T and it may not and we will forever be heart attack prone die-hard supporters):

(1) Fire Maturana immediately let Latapy be an official Player/Coach. The reason we played as well last night was ALL because of Yorke, Latas and OUR REAL TEAM. (Not the under 23 youths who not ready that Maturana had played before). Apart from Keyeno Thomas we started with 10 of our OFFICIAL 2006 Heroes and that is how it should have always been!! (Scotland, Wolfe and Ince were un-used subs in the World Cup, but you can see class is class with them, especially the great Clayton Ince). A real different and better team than vs. the US where we played with players who are just not ready yet.

(2) Against the USA on Wednesday, let Latas be a sub and in that way let him determine if he needs to come on later on in the game and at least make the strategies and call the shots and yell motivational shouts at the players etc. like a real coach from the line, not like the mute Matu shit hong. (The man was in Guatemala last night and you would think he can speak Spanish, but why was he NEVER cussing or getting on bad for the shit refereeing last night!! You would have thought that a lot of Puta Madre comments would be shouted out by him especially when Cyd Gray got erroneously sent off) but like the friggin man is a horse whisperer or something! Go back to your horses in Colombia Matu horse hong! At least Latas would know if he needs to come on and when and more importantly tell Yorke different strategies and most of all be able to speak ENGLISH. Maybe Latas can train Anton Corneal how to shout and speak too since Anton himself like he afraid to yell at the players during the game or talk... maybe Matu man will beat him with he horse whip!!?? Idiots they are!!

(3) Apart from the starters last night, we have our official striker Kenwyne Jones to come back and play, and our reliable Aurtis Whitley. Other than that Keon Daniel, Khaleem Hyland and one or 2 other players should play too especially if Latas not playing or starting. Other than that, keep the team (The REAL team) from last night.

(4) Aklie Adams and all the other youngsters let them play plenty in the U-23 team (make one if we don't have one) I see the U-20 team plays in the PFL which is very good for cohesion and will be a good force when they move up to the seniors but all other players on the Warriors team, the force ripe ones that Maturana threw on the team when he dissed our real Warriors should probably be on an U-23 or at least a T&T B team if possible. So most of the fellas who were not ready but yet played for us (and embarrassed us) against England earlier this year would be on that team. Then in the coming months choose one or 2 of them to maybe promote for the senior team for later games next year.

(5) I hope we have a good right back defender for Cyd. Where is Silvio Spann or Atiba Charles? Carlos Edwards is great there but I personally think we waste his winger talents and running capability when he plays right back we need him on the right flank or more forward, not only for defense. So let's pray we have a good right back at least for the US game, and Edwards could play ahead as his normal position.

(6) We have to keep our real players from last night and slowly transition the others. Keon Daniel, Highland and maybe Darryl Roberts and 1 or 2 others are really the only ones to talk about that apart from them we NEED the real 2006 team aka last night's team. I think the young goal keepers are good back up to Ince as well. The TTFF will prove true idiots the stand the test of time if they let go any of the players from our team last night after the USA game. Just one man to let go - that is Matu mute man! And NEVER ever discard Birchall again, he is one of the best defensive midfielders/utility players we ever had.

So I know that most of my points may not come to fruition but I can at least hope...

A hopeful Warrior forever?

See you all in the Stadium on Wednesday hoping to see the real team again.


Football / Where is the lime for us in Trinidad?
« on: September 08, 2008, 08:43:29 PM »
         I posted a thread that magically disappeared. Anyway where are we the local forumites liming to see the game? I know that Flow does not have Espn 2 anymore. I know that Woodford Cafe showing bringing it live at 8pm our time. Maybe Trotters too. Does anyone know if our local stations are bringing it?

Any place in south to see it? Andre Samuel, Big/Small Magician, Touches, Patriot etc.

Let me know the lime.


Football / Friends and Forumites let us pray.
« on: June 16, 2008, 11:35:55 PM »
I just said a prayer for the warriors. I don't believe, rely or trust in any of them, but I pray that lame-o Stern John and the rest of our B team can miraculously beat Bermuda by the 2 goals and then a miracle can happen like getting Sancho, Birchall, Cyd Gray, Silvio Spann and Theobald and others back in the team because then if we miraculously beat Bermuda we face USA, Guatemala and Cuba and those teams can all beat us!!

We literally knocked Guatemala out of the WC and remember they beat us 5-1 before we beat them 3-2 at home so they will want to kill us USA will always make us look lame, and somehow everytime we play Cuba we seem uncertain... help me help us all.

I seriously prayed for Maturana et al our footballers and all in authority for us to qualify over Bermuda and then a resurgence of common sense to take over our team.

I don't agree with the inclusion of many of our players and all of our technical staff but I will always be a Warrior come hell or high water and have spent more money on seeing them in Germany and for the qualifying campaign in 2005 than any other thing in my life. My investment in them at this time seems wasted but no amount of money (over $35,000) overall could have given the satisfaction of the game against Sweden and the first 82 mins against England... Poor Sancho scored our only goal - an own goal against Kelvin Jack vs. Paraguay... and who could forget the odd 15 mins of Latapy's magic...

Sigh... forum I really don't want our Warriors to end like this... not another 4 years till 2012 for our next qualfying campaign. So not matter what religion, culture, creed, aethist you may all be let us pray... pray that we at least go out blazing in a trail of confidence and pride and NOT against Bermuda... Who knows if we can come out of the round with the 3 aforementioned teams... but what can we do...

All the stalwarts, like Touches, Flex, Tallman, myself, O'Connor, Andre Samuel, Jayerson and many of us on this site from since the year 2000 and too all others including Reggae boy etc... shall we all pray...


Hyperhot J aka Jason.   

      Hey all long time no talk. Hope all is well with all the forumites in T&T and internationally, it was nice meeting some of you all and Tallman in Germany.

Anyway, why is Scott Sealy NOT in the blasted team for the local games especially since he is doing quite well now!! And where is Anthony Wolfe!?!?! Ent he flipping kick out Sealy for Germany and is supposed to be our next big attacking weapon!!??!!? Like Hector Sam pulling the strings or what!?!?


Football / Anybody going Soca Warriors fete tomorrow?
« on: February 24, 2006, 12:10:41 PM »
    I will not be going, will be in Trini Posse most likely, however I will be wearing my own SocaWarriors.net creation.  ;D

Anybody who there and see a SocaWarriors.net jersey is me, it is black.


     All yuh vibes meh if you going. Meh no. is 789-3527. I go be heading there about 6pm today.

Jason aka Hyperhot J.

Football / TTFF started issuing tickets.
« on: January 30, 2006, 11:56:58 AM »
     Even though you all may already know this, the TTFF has begun allocationg tickets. A co-worker of mine showed me his invoice faxed from the TTFF. He got Category 3 tickets to see ALL 3 T&T games and the cost was $60.00 US per game. (Same price for all 3 games!).

Ok so there you have it, they are selling it at $60.00 for category 3 tickets.

As you know Category 1,2, and 3 tickets are: 100, 60 and 45 Euro respectively, but I remember somewhere reading that it is really 110 Euro, some 10 Euro fee or something.?

Basically seeing that they're using a 1.3333 USD:Euro
 rate then I should be paying about $147 (110 Euro) and $80 USD respectively for my tickets.

Will keep you all informed.


Football / Soca Warriors World Cup predictions
« on: December 29, 2005, 10:33:56 PM »
    It is with great pleasure that I post below 3 links for your opening pleasure. My great realistic predictions even before we made it into the World Cup and my "Nostradamus" powers will be shown in the below links.  ;D Remember I was always the realist on this site when men like AWATT Pres. O'Connor predicted overly positive results for T&T and RF (Reggae Faggie) predicted overly dismal displays by our team.




If anyone could have beaten these predictions they should get the  best Predicting award, for the time being let me nominate ME - Hyperhot J.  :D  ;)


Football / Inspirational quote: We Are Strong Today!
« on: November 16, 2005, 09:04:39 AM »
     Hi posters the below is taken from the Holy Bible but even if you are not Christian we and the Warriors can get encouragement and strength from the below.

"And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong." 

Our team had many "infirmities" on Saturday, but even as we may have appeared weak. TODAY MY WARRIORS ARE STRONG!!

Attack with full force my heroes!

Jason.  :angel:

Football / Roll Call for tomorrow ALL WITH Tickets please respond!
« on: November 11, 2005, 10:11:35 AM »
        Ok so far I know Touches et al in POS and Andre Samuel and Cowen in Sando in. I will start this post and you who actually HAVE tickets continue thread.

Hyperhot J - 1 covered.

General Discussion / Happy Divali!!
« on: November 01, 2005, 02:08:21 PM »
        To all forumites and their loved ones. I am not a Hindu, but enjoying the holiday right now in T&T nevertheless. Happy Eid too, (not Muslim either but more holiday for me!!)

J.  :D

Football / Congrats and Big up to Big Magician.
« on: October 24, 2005, 10:38:49 AM »
      Hey Big Magician, it is nice to see you on the Woman's Express yesterday haha.  :rotfl:

Anyway serious talk, that was a good interview, a pity that they did not ask you what was your favourite website, so that you could have bigged up this one. Good luck in your new cd with 17 songs.

Why don't you and your band make up a Warriors rock theme song, I am sure that will help you sell more cds.


Football / Today is WARRIOR WEDNESDAY!
« on: October 12, 2005, 07:51:40 AM »
     I will give a little big up to 96.7 FM for that name given for today - Warrior Wednesday. But all yuh let we win and then let US friggin forumites SHOW the T&T public and media the we is the REAL die-hard supporters and EDUCATE them yes. On my way to work I was still able to hear CRAPPY misleading information after listening to different radio stations, let's all laugh and shout at these announcers if we see them and enlighten them ok!! We owe it to the site and each other and the footballers to train these Waggonist Ignoramuses!! Boy if I see a hot girl Waggonist I go have to beg she to shut up yes because if she open she mouth and say shit I go have to sacrifice me getting a lil thing for the love I have for me football yes, and that hard holding back on a hold dong from a nice thing because she stupid in football. Here now are the crappy/funny things our dearly beloved radio stations have been saying on the morning of our Integral match:

96.1 FM: Gayish-sounding Paul Richards and Nicki Crosby: "Well folks make sure and support our football team and make noise today ok!! I was there at the last home game when we won and it was really good, we owe it to the footballers to support them now after they have earned us supporting them, they have surely come a long way. Yes the last game against COSTA RICA was really good when we won!"  Last game was really against Guatemala blasted Nicki stick to acting like a crazy woman yes!! Lorsh boy.

96.7 FM: Merry Perry, Jason Williams and Blaze me think: "Well boys today is the day Warrior Wednesday let's take a call and ask someone their synopsis of the game" A caller call and bawl we go win 1-0 and then them blasted 96.7 ers ball "only 1-0 oh no that is not good enough" and all kinda thing like if they even know they buttocks from they forehand!! They cyah even spin proper dub at times. Only Hyper Hopper (I named myself Hyperhot J since 1999 so I am the original one still) from Radioactive know anything because he was always at the games and at Trotters. Anyway they bawl: "If we win we will have to play the winner between Bahrain and some type ah stan is it Mike Stan? Something me eh sure, but most likely it will be Bahrain because they won in the weekend." NO NO 96.7 cyats it is Uzbeckistan AND Bahrain drew with them away which is an advantage for Bahrain, they did not win!!! Shits man lorsh.

94.1 FM: Some of them commentators who does call it the "Boom" station them want to go and boom themselves pure wannabe station, although it plays good dub from time to time. So they have a call in session and asking man what they go tell Yorke, Latas, Stern etc.
A man call in an say:"I go tell Latas to just beats men and score, Stern to not be offside, and Yorke know what to do" well I kinda put it in a nutshell you know what I mean. Then check this: " and that new Englishman what he name again in defense, ammm I cyah remember" then the announcer say "Chris something ent something, so , aye man (other announcer) what is he name? Oho I think it is Barshall? Chris Barshall yes that is it!" Sigh them is ass yes! He name is Birchall and he is not a defender!!

105.1FM: George Gonzales and AJ (a real hot voice I does want to give her liquids when I hear her because like she need water hahah yeah right is other liquids I mean but anyway... George and them talking about not parking in or around the Stadium and how he is VIP and good friends with Jack Warner and thing hahahah whatever. You know how he does like to specialise he-self.
AJ bawl yes she there for sure. George at least know some stuff about the football but I go really have to link with Anil Roberts because other than we he is another one of the extinct breed of people like us.

Football / All who going to the game.
« on: October 11, 2005, 08:58:02 AM »
         All forumites going to the game, for luck and tradition reasons I will be sitting in the covered section, I just bought meh $200 ticket this morning. If anyone is going to be in the covered section please let me know and we go links up. For the majority of the T&T forumites who will be in the uncovered section, I will call Andre Samuel to links you all up before or after the match. O Connor doh forget to links with Andre Samuel, Patriot, Touches, Cowen etc. Big Magician, I hope you get your "special seat".

Good luck Warriors!!


Football / Kenwyne Jones please start!!
« on: October 10, 2005, 08:13:33 AM »
     Hi all, let us all PRAY that Kenwyne Jones actually STARTS the game against Mexico. I am FED UP of this blasted left side bullshit!! I am very sorry that meh boy was injured for the Guatemala and CR games because WE ALL KNOW that Jones was the hottest thing on the left when he last played as a sub of course against the US when we lost 1-0. I tired say and see the Theobald is NOT a left midfield far less a left winger!! I really hope that Beenie reads this and STARTS Kenwyne on the left wing at least. Fed up of these second half subs that miraculously work as his own did. If anyone saw the game it was Kenwyne who really set up John nicely after a sweet through pass from Latas. If Kenwyne STARTS at left wing then Latas can play his REAL position in the middle near Yorke with John up front and Edwards to the right!!! Jones has been a winger since even playing as a defender for us dammit!! Theobald is a better right or central midfield as we saw when he played his best game which was against the US on Ash Wednesday, after that he never shone again because he was always played out of position.

Please Beenie Please start Jones as left wing and keep my boy Latas in the centre with Yorke etc. in this way John can remain in front and we have a MUCH better attacking formation. Down with Latas wasting his talents on the left wing by himself shit man!!

This is our BEST attacking option right now, Scotland and Sealy can always come on later but meh boy Jones is a MUST start!! I getting fed up of preaching this now.


Football / Free kicks and corners
« on: October 04, 2005, 10:56:56 AM »
NEVER let blasted Stern John even touch the ball in a free kick. I was painfully anguised and disappointed when I saw Stern kick a free kick we got against Guatemala, when we won 3-2. At that time we were losing 1-0 in the dying minutes of the first half, and with LATAPY, SPANN, BIRCHALL ANYBODY else Jack John kicked it!!!?!?!?  Wheey boy I was so blasted infuriated yes!! *Of course Mr. Shiatsu John easily cleared the goal and the ball almost hit the blasted digital scoreboard at the Hasley Crawford Stadium!


Football / Defensive woes - that's the reality...
« on: October 03, 2005, 11:51:50 AM »
       Does anyone know what system we will be playing against Panama? I will guess 4-4-2 which was the system we beat them with last time. Anyway I am very very sorry that our boy Sancho is injured!! So far in my opinion it seems that Avery John will play left back with Andrews and Lawrence in the middle. One can only hope now that Atiba Charles makes his way back into the right back position, since I don't know when last Anton Pierre play there (maybe against the US on Ash Wednesday and was only kicking wasted long balls like ah imps) and WE all know that the name Cyd Gray ESPECIALLY in the 2 most important games in T&T's WC campaign, will NOT work at all. Boy I pray that those 4 defenders doh get injured or doh do any shit yes, because if Gray have to somehow come on during the game unless we leading Panama 2-0 or Mexico 4-0 we will have to hold back from peeing donq ourselves with nerves!!
       I guess that whoever plays right back will get some help from Spann, it really is a pity that Birchie is not playing since his defensive midfield role would definitely be a help to us. Anyway we should hopefully still get through Panama yes. Birch will be back for Mexico but it really is a pity that Sancho won't be there. I sympathise with him. However if all goes well he will be back to rightfully take up his right back role against Uzbeckstan or Bahrain.


Football / Toronto crew.
« on: September 09, 2005, 11:02:19 AM »
          I will be in Toronto for 1 week from this Sunday Sept 11th. If any Toronto or environs forumites want to lime, old talk about football or where to go to see the games and/or look for women etc. let me know. Give me a no. to reach you at in TO. Reply here or message me via this soca warriors e-mail message system that you see to the left of the screen while reading this.


Football / Who in Trotters tonight!?!?
« on: September 07, 2005, 10:38:09 AM »
   I thinking of seeing it in Trotters tonight since it was a good lime when we played USA and I saw it there a few weeks ago. Any forumites going to be there or any other bar/place etc. Call me at 789-3527 or text or e-mail if you all want to link up.

I still think that the Trini contingent of this site should link and do more yes. I was also trying to get the idea of www.socawarriors.net t-shirts up and running maybe from Zoom etc, with a plain red colour but no one has yet budged yet. Andre Samuel, Cowen, Patriot, oconnor etc. anyone interested or in the lime tonight.


Football / All who going to the game on September 3rd!!
« on: August 25, 2005, 09:18:18 AM »
    All the Trinbago forumites going to the game next Saturday, let's organise and link up! I will be there but I have not bought my ticket yet for stands or grounds, I am assuming it is the same $100 and $200 prices. Andre Samuel, Patriot etc. all yuh organise and let me know nah.

My no. is 789-3527, call and let meh know nah. Lemme know if is grounds or stands yes!!

Jason.   ???  8)

Football / It is official, LATAPY IS BACK!!!
« on: August 22, 2005, 10:11:34 AM »
Russell Latapy to rejoin T&T team.
By: Shaun Fuentes.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Scottish-based midfielder and former national football captain Russell Latapy has decided to make a return to international duty following a special late plea from Special Advisor to the TTFF Jack Warner and Team Captain Dwight Yorke.
The decision by the “Little Magician” came on Monday morning after Warner spoke to the Falkirk player/coach via mobile and requested, for a final time, his services to the “Warriors” who are now in a must win situation in their next 2006 World Cup qualifier against Guatemala at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on September 3.
In the first instance, the 37-year-old Latapy has agreed to make himself available to the team for the match against Guatemala and the clash away to Costa Rica on September 7. Latapy’s local business handler Wayne Mandeville also said that Latapy met with Falkirk manager John Hughes on Monday morning shortly after speaking to Warner, to reveal his plans to rejoin the T&T camp.
“This has come about after several long thoughts and sleepless nights following the match against the United States,” Warner told TTFF Media. “A big part of it also has to do with Dwight telling me that he has spent so much time thinking it over and he believes that Russell needs to be back in the team. It is also a special plea from me to Russell to come back and play for the country and he has agreed to do this for the next two games in the first instance and we are thrilled about this latest development,” Warner added shortly before jetting off to Peru on FIFA business. He added that he will also be in touch with Latapy from there.
Latapy in an immediate response, said he was willing to make a contribution with the country’s interest at heart, particularly on the requests of Yorke and Warner.
“The situation is one where Dwight spoke to Warner and he spoke to me and a decision was then agreed upon. Warner made it clear that they would like me to contribute and for the cause at the moment, for Dwight, for Jack Warner and the country, I am willing to do whatever I can,” Latapy told TTFF Media.
“Everyone knows my situation with the coaching and my demands at Falkirk now and that is where my bread and butter is coming from so it’s obviously not going to be easy.  The coaching market is a hard one now at the moment and it’s not something that I can just run away from. There are a lot of things to consider with the club as well. But as I said the reality is that I would love to come back and do whatever I can for the country at this time,” Latapy said.
Previously during the “Journey to Germany” campaign, attempts had been made to get Latapy back in the set up but the former FC Porto man had explained that he commitments to Falkirk, particularly his new direction into coaching, would make it difficult to take up duties with T&T, especially as he preferred to contribute as an assistant coach as well.
But his change of heart is an obvious boost for the “Warriors” for the remainder of the campaign. Latapy last appeared for T&T in a 2002 World Cup Qualifier against the United States in June of 2001 before announcing his retirement from international football along with Yorke.
So far this season Latapy has earned plaudits for his performances for Falkirk in the Scottish Premier League, appearing in their four League matches so far.
Former teammate and assistant coach David Nakhid as well feels Latapy’s addition will bolster the T&T outfit. “This is great news especially considering the circumstances. It will give the team just the right boost that it needs at this time,” Nakhid said from Lebanon.
Young midfielder Silvio Spann, fresh from a creditable showing against the Americans, was also ecstatic on hearing of Latapy’s return.
“For a moment I still can’t believe it,” Spann said from Yokohama. “It’s delightful news for us because I for one have been longing for a chance to play with the skipper and I think the team will certainly welcome his return at this time. It’s a crucial period for us and to have him back will be a plus for us.”

Football / Jones and Glenn have my utmost sympathy!
« on: July 13, 2005, 10:29:51 AM »
       I must say that I did NOT see the game yesterday since TV 6 did not bring it live at 5pm. Check this comment by Beenhakker:

“You know how it is. Everybody is going back to their clubs now and I have to get them back five days before the USA game. That’s all there is to it. Hopefully everyone will be in good shape and then we regroup to get ready. We already said this week that our power up front is with three players, Stern John, Dwight Yorke and Carlos Edwards. Two of them were not able to play in this tournament. Hopefully they will be with us next month and the only thing I can do now is to look at the few local players before the last week before the game, ” Beenhakker added.

I respect Beenie etc. but I feel very very sorry for Jones and Glenn after this comment. I don't know if Stern paying Beenie money or something yes I really eh know!!!!! The man in the above comment shows that HE MAY ALWAYS play Shitty Boo boo John all the time yes. I really really don't comprehend. When Beenie took over the first game was against Alianza Peru right? Ok and Yorke and Jones had a great game at least in the first half. So that is a plus for Jones. Then against Bermuda in the 4-0 and 2-0 games John had about 15 chances overall and scored 1 goal I think!! So that should go AGAINST John. Against Panama John continued is LOW shit form and missed a shot, he later scored. However he scored because of the great work of YORKE not himself. I think that Jones or Glenn in that position would have scored anyway. In the second half John continued doing nothing until he passed the ball to Lawrence one of the few times that John was NOT offside!! Jones came on for John (the best sub. Beenie has made since coming in as the coach only because that was the ONLY time Shit John had ever been subbed). However Jones missed a clear chance and blasted it wide, when all he had to do was follow Lawrence's placement goal earlier.

   Against Mexico John continued his crap but stayed on, and this continued up to yesterday, that was 3 games in a row of more shit!!!
Glenn was supposed to play in place of JOHN yesterday NOT as a winger!!! Jones could have probably been the winger subbing with Eve with Glenn REPLACING John. Jones did not even get to come on yesterday because guess who would have to come off??? yes blasted Beenie's new wife - Sterniful JohN!!!!

Why does Beenie not believe in ever at least subbing John, he makes sacrificial lambs of others who are playing their role better than John. Our wingers and other forwards down to Scotland still playing better than John.

I am in shock over Beenie's inability to EVER sub Stern, I glad Yorke coming back and hopefully he go at least be Captain or give it to Marvin yes!!

Someone please do some forensic investigations over Beenie and John's relationship!! How on earth could John have been made captain!!?!?!?!?!? Against the USA let us see if John is still captain and if he starts etc. Also if Gray is going to be playing.

If John starts against the US or is Captain and is NOT subbed unless he performs a miracle, and if Gray somehow plays, then we are looking to lose that game and not even draw it.

By that time a win against Guatemala will be a do or die as it is now regardless of the result against the US. But if we keep these shithounds in the team when they do not warrant a place against the US. It may be too late to improve 2 weeks after against the Guatemalans and anything other than a WIN WILL knock us out.

Too late too late shall be the cry!!!! Make the changes against the US or perish!!!


Football / Thank God Glenn scored - Beenie OPEN YOUR EYES!!!
« on: July 10, 2005, 09:39:22 PM »
       Stern John should NOT START against Colombia or against any team ANYMORE unless he proves himself. The team that will do well in this tournament and in the remaining WC games will be as follows:

Glenn starting up front with Jones, with Scotland and John having to fight for the other spot, thank God for when Yorke returns. Samuel showed that he has a semi-goodish left foot and played well for the most part on the left wing so he should definitely play and not Theobold in that position. We definitely missed Edwards tonight and our right wing with Theo was non-existent until Eve. So Eve should be the replacement for Edwards, not Rahim. Cyd Gray will hopefully never see the team again, since we have Atiba Charles and Sancho, BOTH are easily better than Gray. If Spann play shit we have Whitley and Theobold fighting for that position.

Hard luck for Birchall today since a man was always on him and he really was out of it, although we shit up when our defense start back with they asshole long balls as usual. Needed to get Birchall more into it, but we can at least work on that.

Excellent game by Marvin Andrews, I must say Andrews has pleasantly surprised me with his defensive consistency the last 3 games that he has played for T&T, he was always good, but sometimes made silly errors, which he has not made any thus far, and great goal and header that hit the post as well.

Avery John and Lawrence for the most part are still solid, ignoring that goal we conceded to Panama today (the first goal) and yes the second goal it was Andrews but it was not entirely his fault.

So, all Beenie has to do is read this post and START the game against Colombia with Jones and Glenn upfront, and hope that Edwards is ready, if not then Eve for now, Samuel for sure on the left, and Birchall in the middle with Spann, Whitley or Theobold, Cyd Gray MUST now be dropped for ATiba Charles or Sancho to return. Scotland may come in as a sub, or Stern if (I doh know what if yes let's hope he eh play at all).

Fellas I really getting worried, all this shit Stern playing, or basically he not playing and he NEVER getting subbed, I would have left Samuels and taken John off for Glenn NOT vice versa. I am worried and I sincerely think that Beenhakker and John have some blasted conspiracy like Manning and Bakr. No matter what shit John do, he ALWAYS plays. He should of at least been subbed after 20 mins in the second half just as in the Honduras game when he was not subbed.

Does anyone know if there is something going on with our coach and Shit "Always offside" John!!??!? I mean don't you all think that it is fishy that John was never subbed and was always shit even in the games before the Gold Cup (lucky goal against Panama thanks to Yorke) and was never really subbed!?? And now he is the Captain!?!?!? DON'T YOU ALL THINK THAT SOMETHING IS FISHY? If John starts against Colombia and does not ever get subbed all match unless he at least scores a goal, then I am afraid that there may be some internal set up or nepotism going on between John and Beenhakker I pray this is not the case. Glenn definitely warrants a start ahead of John or AT LEAST early in the second half!!

Let's hope together that John is replaced as captain, since that role may keep him on longer on the field even when (almost always recently) he plays absolute shit!!!!!

Good luck Warriors, Beenhakker OPEN YOUR EYES!! NO to Gray yes for Charles or Sancho, NO to S. John, yes to Glenn, Jones!!!!! Yes to Samuel!!

Football / Blasted cheating USA!!
« on: July 08, 2005, 08:38:31 AM »
   I only looked at parts of the first half with the US and Cuba. BUT THAT BLASTED GOAL THAT THE UNITED STATES OF ASSHOLES SCORED WAS OFFSIDE!!![/b] Please let me know if the offside rules have changed!! But 2 US attackers were offside, and DEFINITELY the guy who scored that goal!!! What get me even more upset is the bullerman latino US commentator who never even mentioned that goal could have been offside. They showed the replay of that goal about 5 times after and all donkey was talking about was "oh how beautiful it looked with all his skill to chest the ball and score the goal". The Dummentator keep on talking about that throughout the replay. Them US football people real dotish eh like he never see a man chest trap a ball in he damn life!!

    Things like this robbery and lameness definitely re-enforce my decision to NEVER support the US "Soccer" team ever. They suck at it hence they call it Soccer, the blasted thing is Football!!! That real upset meh yes.

I know a lot of you forumites will diss me for the above but I am allowed to dislike the US team especially when the ref and assistant is for them.

Note: US Latina women (all hot Miami women) and others are great so big up to them forever. Heheheh


    Just got this news from Andre. Our second Bermuda game is carded for Friday evening at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium either before or after the Pro Bowl final with W. Connection and Jabloteh. Not sure of the time yet.

I will most likely be making that one. Will be in Zen tonight pipsing girls while they look at Mr. Vegas live.

Peace out peoples.
Also doh forget the lime, after the Panama game big "Outback" fete in Chagaruamas later that night. :O)

Jason aka Hyperhot J! ;o)

Football / Not only fan support - BOOO the opposition!!
« on: May 24, 2005, 09:54:53 AM »
      One thing that always hurts me when I go to T&T games is NOT our passive fans, not really the fact that they take a longer time to cheer our team on. Remember the last 2 years have been disgraceful and have taken a toll on our fans. Not to mention the amount of money we have to pay to see crappy opposition beat us.

What I really blame us the fans for is NOT BOOOING and BAWLING at OUR OPPOSITION!! If we eh want to big up the Warriors at least bawl out at the damn opposition nah!! Shit man. We all KNOW that in every country we play we get booed (maybe the least in the US since their crowd is the most unpartisan ever, along with Canada). I mean we does get booo and pelt dong in Jamaica and, CR, Mexico and all the other Central American teams all kinda thing. And then when we playing them in we hard we giving them a small clap!??!?! Not a shit ah that!

We must learn to take out all we frustration NOT on our team (even though it is they that is responsible for it) but on all the opposing teams we play!! Look at this shit, when we played CR they announcing that the CR Ambassador was there and he getting small clap from the crowd and the announcers etc.!! Then when CR come after their national anthem next small clap. And their fans in Trinidad in the stands real clapping and getting on bad, I sure they must be cussing and booing our team in their mind but since they in T'dad pretend to be respectful. WE need to boo them when they on the field training, booo them after their anthem and buss cuss and bawl when they on the field!! We know is real blows we going to get from their crowd when we go there.

Just imagine a Trini telling me not to booo the US team when we played them at the Oval, they eh know football or what we have to GIVE OUR OPPOSITION A PYSCHOLOGICAL DISADVANTAGE, we done cyah give we own team a pyscho. advantage so let's do the converse please!

Andre Samuel and Touches etc. I go try to links up with you for the Panama game, not sure bout the Bermuda ones yes. But make sure and real boo and bawl and get on bad eh!! I eh saying to pelt we free Busta at them (yet) but at least leggo a lil taunt nah. I will surely be backing my Warriors and boooing Panama next week.

In the mean time give Bermuda a lil bawl up nah, start practicing bawling up teams now, my forumites!!


P.S. Just pretend is Pres. vs Naps, CIC vs Fatima/QRC, etc. etc. get on bad dis their goalie ram a goal in Panama hole all kinda thing fellas, come out with the intercol spirit against Panama ok!!

Football / Question on viewing Foreign Games in Trinidad.
« on: May 18, 2005, 08:49:21 PM »
   Hi all forumites, I am back! When we played at Guatemala there was no live coverage, none from TV 6, Gayelle, NCC (Ch. 4), etc. I even called TGIF, Trotters etc. to see if they were going to show it there and NOTHING. Andre Samuel, myself and others were extremely frustrated by this, and Gayelle did show the game the day after.

Does anyone know if the Mexico game in Mexico will be shown ANYWHERE or on any channel in T'dad? AS WELL, we all have channel 30 on cable which is ESPN and that is the channel that would most probably show the US football games such as when we play them. However I notice on many nights there is some blasted white notice saying that CCTT does not have the rights or some damn dotishness to show certain sports on certain times of the day. I am almost certain that the US vs T&T game will be shown on that channel but we will not get to see it. WHY IS THAT?

Last year when we played Mexico and lost 3-0 there, it was shown albeit one hour delayed on TV 6 can someone let me know if they know if the June 8th game will be shown at all. If not let's go and bawl at them all nah.

TSTT real promoted the Costa Rica game, and basically all home games but when we playing away such as vs Guatemala one would not have known since this was never really advertised, let's hope when we play Mexico, USA, Panama and CR that we can somehow see it in Trinidad!!

Hyperhot J!!! Very annoyed with the local authorities over this matter!!   >:( 

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