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Entertainment & Culture Discussion / My New Book
« on: June 02, 2013, 11:42:02 PM »
Hi All,

I wanted to take this opportunity to announce the release of my new book. Fatherly Influence: A Man's Finest Legacy.

Discover the transforming power of a dad’s influence.
100 people share their father experiences.
 .  .  .  And much, much more .  .  .

Available At
Call: 1(866)928-1240 Ext. 5077

ISBN: 978-1-4497-9581-8 (Soft Cover)
ISBN: 978-1-4497-9582-5 (E-Book)


What some have to say. . .

Dr. Sutherland has created a wise and sensitive treatise on a young man’s need for a father to guide him and a mature man’s mission to provide it. His readers will find themselves in his thoughtful stories and gain inspiration to be the mentors they yearn to be.
Dana N. Christensen, Ph.D.  Author, Family Therapy: Theory and Practice, Louisville, KY.

Fatherly Influence is a son’s shrill cry that will awaken the sleeping father. Through practical examples Sutherland cajoles dads into making their responsibility personal.
Amy Kumar, Founder/Chair, More Than Jewels, Inc. Ministries, Dallas, TX.

*In time for Fathers Day*

Thanks to all those who support this overdue contribution. . .

Football / Demba Ba
« on: January 04, 2012, 02:37:40 PM »
What a season for this bredda. What a revelation. That goal against Man United was SICK. Lethal just Lethal :salute:

Football / Jaggy on FSC now 8:00pm EST
« on: June 12, 2009, 06:09:43 PM »
Kendall Jagdeosingh (one for the immediate future) on FSC now 8:00pm EST

Football / How do strikers practice their finishing?
« on: June 09, 2009, 03:41:22 PM »
Question 4 D experts.  How do strikers practice their finishing?

Years ago ah saw a documentary showcasing how David Beckham practiced his crosses. He tied an automobile's tire to the "V" of the goalpost and took shots from midfield area.

Scorers on a professional basketball team would shoot hundreds of baskets to develop and sharpen their shooting skills.

Does KJ and them have a similar practice?

General Discussion / Hi5 Connections ?????
« on: December 06, 2008, 08:39:27 PM »
Fellas & Ladies,

My bredda is looking for Hi5 connections with people in Cocorite. Any help with this?

For some reason he cannot post this on there and don't have any direct links. But would like to big up his peeps in the area and find out whats going on there.

his link is peter965@yahoo.com or @hi5 blood pan

Thanks and laters

Football / Composure! Composure! What is the consensus?
« on: October 29, 2008, 07:21:24 PM »
Fourmites. . .

Barring the administration, team selection and things outside the control of the player’s hands, what is T&T’s greatest need? Is it basic skills? I say no. Is it athleticism? I say no. Is it desire? I say no.

I want to highlight composure, or a lack thereof. Too often T&T don’t seem to be sure in their tackles; make bad passes, look like they can’t trap, and less than prolific or confident in front of goal.  A lack of confidence seems to derail our players’ natural abilities. I think the Sweden game and the last Guatemala game displayed a bit more composure than is endemic to T&T. I would like to see our players show more composure more consistently.

I heard Harry Redknapp say the other day, (I think referring to his new Tottenham team’s winning start, and Hull’s magnificent run of form) “confidence is the key to everything in life. When you’re confident you do everything better.”

So what is the concensus from the T&T football pundits? Wah allyuh think.

Another similarity to the infamous 1989 game, is that on Wednesday’s win not even a yellow card was meted out. This coupled with winning the prize for being the most sportsmanlike team in the region (allyuh rememmber that right?), has got me thinking.

T&T are by nature a gentleman’s team. We doh play nasty, we doh ridicule the opposing team, the Hasley Crawford Stadium is not exactly the most intimidating stadium anywhere, we doh put up teams in the worst accommodations in the country. Opposing teams generally like coming to T&T.

That said, there is probably an argument to be made that our gentlemanliness fortunately or unfortunately translates itself unto the field of play. Our players make it too easy for the opposition to succeed against us. After all, it is competition and the stakes are high. We may be naïve as a people.  Some have suggested (myself included) that T&T need to be considerably more intimidating to our rivals. We should incite a great measure of fear within our competitors. From coming up with a fearless and intimidating nick name for the stadium to putting on a game face against our opponents, we should make their experience one that lets them know that they playing a “baaaaaaaad” team.

But that’s just not us. We are not Mexico or Guatemala. We are Trinibagonians. We welcome you and we entertain our fans. We ain’t lucky wit the bad mind ting. We will spanner the opponents, belt them, drag them, attempt some nice through passes and try to win the game fair and square. We aint go dive in the penalty area either.

Some have alluded to the possibility that the US would rather play us in the HEX than the Guatemalans. The idea is that we are better sports. We are a clean team.

Even VIP’s of the great Brazil were posed with the question: Would you prefer to win with a plain and boring game or loose with entertaining football? They chose the latter. (Maybe somebody could find the article on the web).

But what about striking a balance? Shouldn’t T&T create a more intimidating atmosphere while maintaining a clean style of play?

Just some thoughts to generate dialogue on this ongoing question of the nature of Trinbagonians and their likelihood of professional growth in the world of football (sport).

Football / Tribute to Yorke's Committment and Leadership to T&T Football
« on: October 14, 2008, 05:38:34 PM »
I am happy to start a thread paying tribute to Dwight Yorke's Committment and Leadership to T&T Football. I remember back on the earliest boards (I used the handle Suds back then) we used to criticize Yorke's lack of committment to T&T football. We used to say that he would play hard for Man United but shy away from tackles and play it real safe when playing for T&T. He would make excuses to appear for national duty. . . injury etc., but we will see him playing the week end game for United.

But my oh my, how has things and times changed.

Not only is he playing three times in a week with a 36 year old body, he is doing it in the face of his managers's call for caution. He is shouldering Ruiz when he interfere with one of his men, he is sacrificing his body against the likes of the ruthless Guats. etc.

I personally think his leadership is vital, crucial and desperately needed. I just want to recognize that. Thank you Dwight "Anna" Yorke  :notworthy:

Football / Question About Historical Teams
« on: April 14, 2007, 09:05:43 AM »
Is there any reason the old teams like Malvern, Maple, Cocorite United ETC are not playing in the Pro League?

Are they essentially there under a different name?

Or is there some reason these teams just aren't there?

Football / Interesting Signatures
« on: July 04, 2006, 12:05:08 PM »
Jus a lil ting tuh keep the board interesting. . .

I have noticed some people have some curious signatures,

Everytime I see Sam's I get a kick outa that. Wah is some ah the most interesting ones you've seen?

From Sam. . . .

Faster than a speeding pittbull
Stronger than a shot of ba-bash
Capable of storming any fete

 :rotfl:  :rotfl:  :rotfl:  :rotfl:   :rotfl:

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