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Jokes / Toronto Police exam
« on: June 14, 2011, 11:27:25 PM »

A Toronto man is seeking to join the Toronto Police Force.

The Sergeant doing the interview says: "Your qualifications all look good, but there is an attitude suitability test that you must take before you can be accepted."

Then, sliding a pistol across the desk, he says:

"Take this pistol and go out and shoot six illegal Jamaican immigrants, six drug dealers, six Muslim extremists, and a rabbit. "

"Why the rabbit?"

"Great attitude," says the Sergeant. "When can you start?"

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Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Machel Montano
« on: June 07, 2007, 04:09:02 PM »
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Football / T&T clothing
« on: November 14, 2006, 09:38:59 PM »
i know i see lots of clothing from other countries like brasil



somthing that says trinidad & tobago on the back dont think i have seen any from adidas
i have seen stuff like this from even sengal
anybody see anything like this for T&T ?

Football / 'A dream come true' Ato Boldon,
« on: June 14, 2006, 02:21:52 PM »
dont know if this was posted already if it has da mods will take it down

FIFAworldcup.com: What did you think of the game?
Ato Boldon:I watched most of it in my hotel room, but I couldn't see the end because I had to go out. I've only just found out the result! It was a great game and I'm very happy!

Which player do you think played the best today?
My favourite player is, without a doubt, Shaka Hislop, the goalie. He's a good friend of mine and an excellent player. He didn't think he'd be playing in the first game and was a bit annoyed, not surprisingly. But when he was called on today, he stayed cool and played a great match.

What was the high point of the game? 
My heart was in my mouth when the ball came off the crossbar, but actually the whole game was pretty nerve-wracking because Sweden are a good side. We had a few narrow escapes, but luckily the ball never ended up in the back of the net. I know how much Trinidad and Tobago fans want to beat England, but I'm very happy with a draw against Sweden. It shows that Trinidad and Tobago are not here simply to make up the numbers. Sweden are one of the group favourites and the fact we took a point off them means that people have got to start taking us seriously.

Have you seen any of the other 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ games?
I've seen all three games played so far. Germany's first goal (Philipp Lahm) is the best goal scored up until now. I hope I'll be able to watch the whole tournament. When I was a kid I thought that only big countries could play in the World Cup, so for Trinidad and Tobago today was a dream come true.

Do you think Trinidad and Tobago can make it through to the Round of 16?
I don't know if we'll get past the group stage: I just hope we carry on playing well. Now we're up against England, the game we've all been looking forward to since the draw was made in Leipzig. It's the most important game in our history and I'll definitely be watching. If we play as well as we did today, we might stand a chance.

Football / fox sports
« on: June 06, 2006, 11:24:29 PM »
why cant these guys pronounce the work SOCA ?? :rotfl:
every time i see a report by them its da SACA warriors lol :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Football / Butcher replaces Littbarski at Sydney FC
« on: May 17, 2006, 12:20:33 AM »

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - Motherwell manager and former England defender Terry Butcher will replace premiership winning Pierre Littbarski as head coach at Sydney FC, the Australian soccer league champions announced Wednesday.

Butcher, who guided Motherwell to the Scottish Cup final in 2005, has signed for two seasons, Sydney FC said.
"We go into this relationship with a lot of confidence that the trophy is going to stay at Sydney for some time to come," said Sydney chairman Walter Bugno.

Butcher said he was relishing the shift from an underdog team to a league frontrunner.

"It's great to be back as one of the favorites, or perhaps the favorite club," he said.

"I had four wonderful years at Motherwell and I leave Scotland with good memories but football in Australia is taking giant leaps forward and I am looking forward to being a part of it."

Sydney kicks off its A-League title defense against the Central Coast Mariners in a grand final replay on Aug. 27.

Butcher played 77 international matches for England including three World Cups, making his debut in a 2-1 win over Australia in 1980 at the Sydney Cricket Ground, which adjoins Sydney FC's homeground.

He started his coaching career as a player/manager at Coventry in 1990.

Littbarski, who won a World Cup with Germany in 1990, quit earlier this month after failing to come to terms on a new contract with Sydney FC, casting doubt on the club's ability to keep star recruit Dwight Yorke.

Football / For the Canada based
« on: May 12, 2006, 09:45:05 PM »
just saw that sportsnet is doing a preview(special look) @ groups a&b tomo Sat @ 12Eastern time a show called Soccercentral World Cup not sure da time in other time zones

FAQ & Crew Meet Up. / Toronto pplz
« on: May 08, 2006, 09:40:13 PM »
where we watchin da game I.T what you have planned ?

Football / Ten reasons Brazil won't win the World Cup
« on: April 04, 2006, 08:02:52 AM »
Bobby McMahon / Fox Soccer Channel

When you hear the phrase "World Cup winners" being muttered, what's the first country that jumps to mind?

I'd bet that 99 times out of 100 the answer will be Brazil, no matter which country your heart might be with.

After all, they have won the World Cup five times, been runners-up twice and are the only country to have made an appearance at every final. They also produce such a continuous stream of great players that Henry Ford would have been envious.

Estimates put the number of Brazilian football players plying their trade around the globe at around 5,000 and the number increases each year. A look at the last eight of this season's Champions League demonstrates the impact the exports have had. Every team left in the competition as at least one Brazilian on their team and in most cases many more.

Out of the big seven leagues in Europe (Spain, England, Italy, France, Germany, Holland and Portugal) only the Premiership has yet to fully embrace players from the land of the Samba. But given that the country commonly regarded as almost everyone's second favorite team has so much going for it, is there any hope for the other thirty-one countries this summer in Germany?

In the interests of providing hope and encouragement to every non-Brazilian supporter out there, here are ten reasons why Brazil will not win the FIFA World Cup 2006.

1. Brazil does not win when the expectations back home are too high
When a "special" team (and this edition has that potential) comes along, expectations ratchet upwards. In 1966, Brazil arrived in England as reigning champions and with a 26-year-old Pele at the peak of his talents. They found themselves in what would now be referred to as a group of death. Pele was kicked out of the tournament — literally, and they were back in Rio before the postcards.

The team of '82 is remembered as a magnificent squad but an unsuccessful one. Flowing football in the group stage had everyone salivating and the only question seemed to be who was going to finish as the runner-up. But they ran into an Italian side and Paolo Rossi who punished them for defensive lapses and all that was left was their nomination as one of the best teams that didn't win the World Cup.

Of course the biggest blow came when they failed to win in 1950 when they hosted the tournament. Despite leading 1-0 in the crucial game against Uruguay, two goals in the last 25 minutes gave the Uruguayans their second World Cup and sent the entire Brazilian nation into a protracted state of mourning.

2. The goalkeeping is suspect
Brazilian goalkeepers have rarely garnered much respect although Gilmar ('58 and '62), Taffarel ('94 and '98) and Marcos ('02) all provided exemplary service. The 'myth' of dodgy Brazilian 'keepers is probably down to their 1970 goalie, called Felix. He was no cat but he certainly had at least nine lives.

This time there are at least five goalkeepers up for consideration — Dida (Milan), Marcos (Palmeiras), Julio Cesar (Inter), Gomes (PSV) and Rogerio Ceni (Sao Paulo).

Dida, Marcos and Julio Cesar have all missed games to injury this season and Cesar (married to the former Mrs. Ronaldo) has lost his starting position to Toldo at Inter.

Dida has looked shaky at times this year as well, so Brazil may go into the tournament without a clear number one choice.

3. The full backs are over-the-hill
At the last two World Cups, Cafu and Roberto Carlos gave Brazil the width they needed in attack. Now at ages 36 and 33 respectively, how much can Brazil really expect from these two and without their powering runs who will replace them? Cafu has recently undergone surgery while Roberto Carlos is often relegated to a cameo role at free kicks for Real Madrid.
Cicinho (Real Madrid) is touted as a replacement on the right-hand side but there is a feeling that the former Sao Paulo star is far better going forward than he is defending. Junior (Parma) and Gustavo Nery, who underwent an unhappy spell at Werder Bremen, are two options to replace Roberto Carlos.

4. Roque Junior
Any side that has Roque in it has to give a confidence boost to the opposition. The great mystery of our time is how did this player — and Christian Karembeu of France — ever manage to win both the World Cup and the Champions League? Self-handicapping by their respective coaches is the only plausible explanation.

5. Coach Carlos Alberto Parreira has too many stars to choose from
The quality of players that won't make the final squad of twenty-three is enough to make most other coaches green with envy. But even within the twenty-three, the competing egos will be too much to handle as every player angles for playing time. Throw in the chance of a poor start to the tournament and a peace-keeping force may have to be called in.

6. Emerson isn't the force he was
The man that Carlos Alberto Parreira described as his "rock" played with all the characteristics of one against Arsenal last week. He couldn't keep with the pace of the Arsenal midfield and instead plunked himself in front of the Juve central defenders and hardly moved all game. Renato might be a wiser, more mobile choice but Parreira is likely to stick with Emerson — in the short term anyway.

7. Robinho, Kaka, Ronaldo, Adriano, Ronaldinho
Despite pleas from Brazilian fans to start all five, it's not likely. Although Parreira was quoted a couple of weeks ago that he will play Adriano, Ronaldo, Kaka and Ronaldinho as the "magic quartet" in the first game against Croatia.

The problem is, of the five players, only Ronaldinho and Kaka are at anything close to the top of their game. Robinho gets limited time at Real Madrid while Ronaldo can still turn it on but it is increasingly rare.

Adriano, who started the season so well, seems more intent on sulking over his girlfriend and needs desperately to give himself a shake.

Some statistics to chew over for those who believe the two Ronnies are the way to go. Parreira has coached Brazil 48 times and Ronaldinho and Ronaldo have been on the pitch together 17 times. When played together, the team won 57% of its games and scored 1.59 goals per match. But take one of them out of the equation and the wining percentage increases to 66% while the goals per game rises to 2.48.

8. Played in Europe
Only once has a non-European country won the World Cup when it was held in Europe. Mind you it was Brazil who did it, in Sweden in 1958.

9. The Ghost of 1994
In 1994, Carlos Alberto Parreira led Brazil to their first World Cup in 24 years. But rather than being feted, Parreira was heavily criticized for winning the trophy with a team that had more to do with hard work and functionality than it did with free-flowing football. Will Parreira throw caution to the wind and gamble?

10. Tournament formatTaking the knockout phase into consideration as well as the strong possibility of injuries and suspensions it is hard to understand why at 15/4 Brazil is such a prohibitive favorite. Next in the betting is England 7/1 (take that one with a large helping of salt) and Italy and Germany both at 17/2.

So there you are ten reasons why some country other than Brazil will be hoisting the World Cup on July 9. Convinced now? Good, because to be honest, I'm not.

Football / T&T's games
« on: March 28, 2006, 07:57:32 PM »
hey is there anyway i can get T&T's games from tha past year there is some up on www.ecaribbeansports.com am lookin for the Guta. & da mex. one with Spanish commentary
i had them all but i had to do a quick restore so i lost them
anyone willin to share da files or know of a bitcomit torrent or so plz let me know
thanx in advance :D

Football / Sydney call on local hero for world conques
« on: November 30, 2005, 08:50:14 AM »

Just eight days after Australia found itself suffering from a severe dose of football fever - courtesy of the Socceroos dramatic FIFA World Cup™ qualification - Sydney's media were again out in force on 24 November. This time the attraction was the Australian unveiling of the FIFA Club World Championship TOYOTA Cup Japan 2005 trophy for which continental winners Sydney FC will next month be vying.

The venue for the media throng, which included a healthy contingent of Japanese who were attracted by the presence of Sydney FC guest player and Nippon legend Kazuyoshi Miura, was Aussie Stadium, home of Sydney FC, and a short trip across town from Telstra Stadium, scene of last week's theatrics. Reporters heard from a host of dignitaries including FIFA representatives, Sydney FC players and Football Federation Australia's top brass.

Star turn were the Sydney players, key amongst them Dwight Yorke, fresh from his own World Cup triumph with Trinidad & Tobago, as well as Miura.  Also on hand were Socceroo players David Zdrilic and Steve Corica plus former Northern Ireland youth international Terry McFlynn.

Sydney FC coach Pierre Littbarski, chief executive Tim Parker, as well as Football Federation Australia chief executive John O'Neill representing OFC were also present.

Strikers Dwight Yorke and Kazu Miura show off the new trophy in Sydney, 24 November 2005
Courtesy of Sydney FC

Living the dream
It is often said that a year is a long time in football but that statement has never been truer than in the context of Sydney FC, the glamour team of the fledgling Australian A-League. By any measure Sydney FC will be the newest kid on the block in Japan and in stark contrast to the other participants, many of whom have a rich history; they are currently one of the youngest clubs in world football.

It was only on 1 November last year that the club was founded as part of the new competition and Sydney did not take the competitive field until 7 May 2005.  Since then the team from Australia's harbour city qualified for, and subsequently won, the Oceania club championship and made great inroads both on and off the field in this new era for the Australian game.

Coach and FIFA World Cup legend Pierre Littbarski can call on genuine world stars such as Yorke and Miura, plus a host of Australian internationals as they prepare to take on the world next month in Japan.

"In a short time we have achieved a lot," said the three-time FIFA World Cup finalist. "For me this is just like a dream from which I don't want to wake up.  We are just a young team that has qualified for an extraordinary tournament and I think it is a dream that can go on.  We will try our very best to perform at the highest level that we can."
Sydney FC and FIFA officials presented the new trophy to hundreds of gathered media in the Australian city

Should the Sydney-siders see off the considerable challenge of CONCACAF champions Deportivo Saprissa, they will take on European Champions Liverpool in the semi-finals.  The Reds have a considerable following Down Under not least of all because they boast the talents of Socceroo hero Harry Kewell.

Even the Costa Rican outfit have a quirky connection to Australia having toured the country playing matches in Sydney way back in 1959.

Sydney FC and FIFA officials presented the new trophy to the media in the Australian cityCourtesy of Sydney FC
The future is Asia
Australia will become a member of the Asian Football Confederation on the first day of 2006 but the ties are already strong and none more so that at Sydney FC.

Kazuyoshi Miura might now be in the veteran class but his status in Japan is almost iconic and the presence of Kazu is set to ensure that Sydney FC receive huge attention in the Land of the Rising Sun. Over 40 travelling media were on hand to greet the 38-year-old when he jetted into Sydney and now keenly follow his every move.

"We are enormously proud to be going to Japan representing not just Sydney, but also Australia and Oceania," said Sydney FC Chief Executive Tim Parker, "and to be taking with us the talents of Kazu who has joined us for this period. We are looking forward to his presence having a significant impact to our profile in Japan as well as our performance on the pitch."

Littbarski, the softly spoken Sydney coach, is similarly well regarded in Japan having spent many years coaching in the J-League and, unsurprisingly, he is looking forward to returning to a country of which he has many happy memories.

Experienced midfield duo Steve Corica and Matthew Bingley also played in the J-League while David Zdrilic represented Australia at the FIFA Confederations Cup Korea/Japan 2001.

With first birthday celebrations not long gone, Sydney should be presented with plenty more smiling faces on their trip to Japan.

Football / Gally: Dream finally realised
« on: November 21, 2005, 09:57:08 PM »
Everald "Gally" Cummings was in a Cuban hospital recovering from knee surgery when the "Soca Warriors" were creating history for Trinidad and Tobago football in Bahrain.

But the 1-0 victory that qualified them for the World Cup finals in Germany next year was the perfect news for the recovering patient.

According to the former national coach's wife, Roslyn, his recovery has been smooth ever since.

"Congratulations to the Warriors and the technical staff for a long overdue qualification for the World Cup," the former "Strike Squad" coach said via a statement yesterday.

"Fate has been kind to us because in 1973 (in Haiti), we actually qualified (for the 1974 World Cup in Germany) but did not get a chance to go because of the referee."

Cummings was a star player then, and then the coach of the 1989 unit which came within a point of qualification for the 1990 tournament in Italy.

For 16 years, he shared the deep pain of that failure with his ex-players, including Dwight Yorke and Russell Latapy.

But "Gally" has finally seen his former charges earn redemption for the national team.

He said yesterday he "wanted to thank Russell and Dwight for the leadership in realising the dream which started with them in 1989".

"Gally" said he was now a "relieved" man, one who can now get rid of a sad reminder of the past.

For 16 years, he's kept a bottle of champagne which he had hoped to use in celebration of an '89 victory.

Now, he says, he can finally get rid of it!

Cummings is expected back home in a week's time

Football / saw this @ ma store
« on: November 20, 2005, 12:11:28 AM »
i passed by cuz there is an addias store with in my store downtown toronto
they just got some new stock in i actually like this design white red & black(trini colours on team canada lol ) the black is not part of canada's flag but its on some of dey uniforms 4 all sports what do u guys think of it????

 no word on the trinidad one yet though as soon as its in i'll let everyone know i hav to check back tomo cuz they are styll bringin out stuff & will be gettin more soon....

Football / which concacaf striker will score the most goals in da cup??
« on: November 17, 2005, 06:32:51 PM »
there is also the same poll of fifawouldcup.com


Football / so where do we go from here
« on: November 16, 2005, 09:55:01 PM »
i dont know if its too soon to ask
but wat bout our coach i heard a 2year extention why not a 4 ? so we can have a system in place
so hopefully our sub's can be as good as our starters
& we can make the finals @ all age levels
alot of haters r sayin we r going to get stomped
i know it aint gonna happen
wat do we hav in place to make sure we take it step by step
game by game win by win round by round  ;)

Football / Warriors must battle to the final whistle
« on: November 14, 2005, 10:27:40 PM »

SATURDAY's crucial play-off game between Trinidad and Tobago and Bahrain proved, among other things, the old saying that it is not over till it's over. The game is not done until the final whistle, and so it was for us, and for the opposing team at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

Both teams played their best shots against each other, battling it out literally until the final whistle, which left things well and truly in the balance, a one-all decision, to be settled once and for all, when they meet again on Bahrain's home turf two days from today.

Here is where the mettle of the boys in red must count for all that they have, and that of their legions of fans around the world as well. At home here, we will be required to root as never before for the team which was so overwhelmingly supported, with that support reaching the critical crescendo it did at the stadium Saturday evening. The capacity crowd on hand to see the game live was but a fraction of the audience which cheered along with every crucial bit of play. The hundreds of thousands more who watched from their homes or from the specially arranged venues around the country were also no less anxious at those moments when it appeared that the Bahrainis were going to go ahead, and indeed when they did, or when it equally appeared that our boys had a chance or two here and there in those nail-biting 90 minutes.

That the final whistle left things tied as it did meant that the confidence with which many thousands of fans went into the encounter has now been checked, and that our best wishes must remain as intact for Wednesday's encounter as they were for Saturday's.

What was clearly on display at the stadium in front of our very own eyes was that these two teams are about as evenly matched as two such contenders could be, each seeking a place in history, with the hopes and aspirations of their respective peoples as much on the line in either case.

The Bahrainis came to Port of Spain knowing well that they were going to have to make every play count, in order to overcome the tremendous odds of playing in front of a crowd that was going to be as intimidating as they could expect without getting hostile.

If then the Soca Warriors are to live up to the reputation contained in that name, they are now required to do likewise in a similar environment away from home on Wednesday.

For us, of course, we will continue to repose great faith in the ability of the Warriors to accomplish the task of taking their country into a World Cup Final for the first time, and become third time lucky.

Highly noteworthy also from the Saturday encounter, was the splendid comportment of the crowd which stopped at nothing to secure the available tickets for the game. Saturday's turnout was without incident, a result which by itself needs unequivocal reinforcement, for the model it represents once again, as to how we are indeed capable of the best conduct, even as we gather in such huge numbers.

And now it's on to Bahrain on Wednesday, and from there, hopefully, to Germany 2006.Â

Football / Dwight boy, I feel like an outside child
« on: November 10, 2005, 10:59:53 PM »

Dear Dwight Yorke, in 1989 I was not old enough to be present at the National Stadium to see you play in that now infamous match against the USA.  However, after the match against Mexico last month, I thought that I could not miss this and subsequently found out that the first leg of the match against Bahrain was to be held on November 12, at the Hasely Crawford Stadium. I immediately started to put things in place to attend the match.

- Accommodation


- Ferry


- Tickets to the match

-checked...well almost.

 You see Dwight, the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF), in its wisdom, did not see it fit to sell tickets for this all-important match in Tobago... so I have to get in touch with my family in Trinidad to arrange the purchase. But get this, since they are only allotting four tickets to each person. I therefore have another obstacle to overcome since the number of tickets needed by our group already exceeds four.

Well Dwight boy, I don't know what to think or say. It seems that once again as a Tobagonian I am made to feel like an outside child. Imagine, one of the reasons given for not selling any tickets in Tobago is that previous sales were not encouraging. But if I recall correctly the game against Mexico was a mid-week game, so I don't know how the average Tobagonian was supposed to go to a game like that and then go to work next day. Also, the people at the T&TFF seem to forget that getting to a game in Trinidad is a matter of accommodation, air or sea travel plus the tickets to the game.

Dwight boy, the bottom line is to the people who run things in Trinidad, we only count every five years or so. Other than that, crapaud smoke we pipe.  

However, I do hope you score one for us and I hope to be there to see it, somehow. 

Good luck to you and the team.

Living in Siberia

Mason Hall

Football / Fenwick banned for 10 games.
« on: November 10, 2005, 10:37:55 PM »
Jabloteh coach also fined $24,000 for Classic brawl.
By: Ian Prescott (Express).

Fenwick banned for 10 games.
English coach Terry Fenwick is unavailable to coach CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh for a significant part of next season after picking up a ten-match ban from the Disciplinary Committee of the T&T Pro League on Wednesday.
Fenwick was also fined $24,000 for his part in sparking a brawl during last Friday's Toyota Classic final, which Jabloteh lost 1-0 to Vibe CT 105 W.Connection at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium, Marabella.
The former England defender deliberately hung out his right elbow, catching the face of W Connection's Brazilian midfielder Gefferson Da Silva Goulart, who ran towards the Jabloteh bench celebrating his 66th-minute free-kick goal which won the match.
After his well-documented assault of the Pro League's top scorer, Fenwick was slapped in the face by another Brazilian, Ronaldo Viana, sparking a fight between players of both teams.
Referee Richard Piper responded by issuing red cards to Fenwick (Jabloteh), Ian Gray (Jabloteh), Dexter Franklyn (Jabloteh), Goulart (W Connection), Atiba Charles (W Connection) and Travis Mulraine (W. Connection).
Connection's Colombian keeper Alejandro Figueroa also received a yellow card.
Yesterday the Pro League announced the sanctions handed down by the Disciplinary Committee.
A release from the Pro League said: "The Trinidad and Tobago Pro Legue Disciplinary Committee met on Wednesday November 9 to deliberate on the incident involving W. Connection and San Juan Jabloteh during the Toyota Classic final at the Manny Ramjohn Stadium on Friday November 4.
"The Committee gave full consideration to the video footage of the incident, the referee's report, the match commissioner's report and FIFA's disciplinary code. In addition, the parties and their representatives were interviewed."
Six-match bans were also handed down to Mulrain and Gray; Goulart was banned for two matches for offensive behaviour; while David Atiba Charles and Viana have both been summoned to attend a Disciplinary Committee meeting at 10.30 a.m. on Monday November 14.
Fenwick's charge was also clearly laid out.
"Mr Fenwick-San Juan Jabloteh. Found guilty of violence in according with FIFA disciplinary code article 48. As a result Mr Fenwick has been banned for a period of ten consecutive matches and a fine imposed of $24,000."
But Dennis Phillip, Jabloteh's vice-president, thought the fines were excessive and without equality.
"Ian Gray was attacked on the field by someone who was off the field and is given the same fine as Travis (Mulraine). How does one treat that?" he said.
Phillip further said Jabloteh had seven days to appeal and will be discussing whether that course of action is appropriate.
Asked whether the club had taken specific action against coach Fenwick or if his tenure would be affected by his unavailability for the early part of next season, Phillip hinted it was Jabloteh's business.
"Whether it is yes or no, we treat our internal matters in-house. We will make a statement on the matter at the appropriate time," he declared.

Football / Focus on the game
« on: October 30, 2005, 01:00:23 AM »

Not for the first time Trinidad and Tobago is within sight of one of the coveted places in Fifa's World Cup Finals. Not for the first time the country risks reacting to the mind games that are increasingly a part of the mental battle that is international competition. If in 1989 the wound was somewhat self-inflicted, with much of the country taking our advance for granted before the fact, this time around we seem to have been unduly affected by the Bahrain media feed, as they must have been by the football authorities in their country.

Surprisingly, because given his experience he should know better, national anxiety has been fuelled by football's enduring local impresario, Mr Jack Warner. It was Mr Warner, after all, who broke the news that one of the former assistant coaches, David Nakhid, had allegedly sold out Trinidad and Tobago by accepting a job to work with Bahrain's senior national team. It was Mr Warner, as well, who told us that Jamaica had agreed to host Bahrain for a week-long training session after Guatemala had refused, citing Concacaf solidarity.

As it turned out, neither was a done deal, and while we can understand Mr Warner's anxiety on both points, given his passion to crown an intensely colourful career in local football by taking Trinidad and Tobago to the World Cup Finals, we wish to urge not only Mr Warner and the team but the whole country to adopt a studied distance from these equally studied Bahraini exposes acting, again as is the way in international sports, as a member of their own national team.

Indeed, star midfielder Russell Latapy got it right when, in the aftermath of these revelations, he called upon his compatriots to ignore the "psychological warfare" surrounding the upcoming play-off with Bahrain and "just let the football on the pitch do the talking" for the T&T Warriors.

"We cannot," he added, "get sidetracked by what the others are doing. Trinidad and Tobago getting to the World Cup has nothing to do with Bahrain, Jamaica or David. We must do our homework on them as they will be doing on us. As a nation, we must keep supporting and doing the things that have got us to this stage."

In other words, we have to focus on both the home and away games that stand as the final hurdles before us and not on the mind games designed to distract us.

Football / heard on fox sports (Alex McLeish)
« on: October 30, 2005, 12:50:23 AM »
that the powers @ be are giving Alex McLeish 3 or so more games to get things back on the right track anyone from scotland or other wise heard anything about that ?

Football / Joe Public go after Caledonia
« on: October 21, 2005, 12:19:55 PM »
Ian Prescott

 SAM PHILLIP had been boasting all the way to Panama that his Joe Public players were going to beat people and win the Toyota Classic co

Today, the Eastern Lions have a chance to test Sam's theory when they take on Caledonia AIA/Fire in the second game of a double-hearer at the Larry Gomes Stadium, Malabar.

Preceding the Joe Public match, runaway T&T Pro League leaders Vibe CT105 W. Connection take on a Petrotrin United team that gave them a scare recently.

The Toyota Classic is in its first year and matches the top teams in the T&T Pro League against those in the semi-pro Sportworld National Super League.

To date, there have been no upsets in the preliminary round, with all of the Super League teams failing to match their Pro League opponents, except WASA Clean & White, who held defending Pro League champions North East Stars 1-1 before losing on penalty-kicks.

That result was a far improvement on a previous meeting between the teams when Stars whipped WASA 8-0 in a FA Trophy match three years ago.

Now just two teams remain in the Toyota Classic, defending Super League champions Joe Public and runners-up Crab Connection, both of whom were on a first round bye last week.

Today, quarter-final matches will see double-headers taking place at both Arima and at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain.

Despite leaving the Pro League two years ago to play semi-pro Super League football, "Sam", an assistant manager with the Trinidad and Tobago national team, apparently still believes that Joe Public are as good as any professional team in T&T.

He is defiant: "I still maintain that we will beat people. I have confidence in my team."

Joe Public may be playing in a semi-pro league but are still a professional outfit and have brought in foreign talent to boost their line-up in Jamaicans Roen Nelson and Carlington Smith; Brazilians Fabiano Agrapino and Leandro Moncoa; and former T&T nationals such as Dale Saunders, Lyndon "Chubby' Andrews and Derek King.

Phillip said that although football matches are won on the day, he has players who can give as good or even better performances than those in the Pro League.

But they have a task on their hands against Caledonia AIA/Fire who were a handful for them when Joe Public ruled local football some five years ago.

Both teams share the Marvin Lee Stadium, which has been the scene of many hard matches between the teams.

And Caledonia have been having their best season ever in the T&T Pro League and look well on course for a third place finish in the league behind the big two, W. Connection and CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh.

At the Hasely Crawford Stadium, there is also a double-header, featuring the big Pro League clash between Jabloteh and League champs National Quarries North East Stars, while in the second game, popular Super League team Crab Connection take on Defence Force.

Football / Rise, football fans of T&T
« on: October 14, 2005, 10:07:51 PM »
from trinidadexpress.com

Sporting success does help to unify a country as was demonstrated by the national football team's victory over Mexico at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on Wednesday. It is true that the victory has not quite carried us to the World Cup Finals but we are at the doorstep of entry into the premier same game competition on the planet.

In its aftermath, who dares deny that Trinbagonians of all races and classes have been given a lift? Indeed, who dares deny that they went to the stadium, in all their rich diversity, to raise its roof in a way that, arguably, they never have before and, in so doing, rallied their team to what, to many of them if they want to be honest, was never an assured victory.

But dressed in their defiant red they went anyway and saw their team come from a goal down to score an impressive 2-1 win against a team that is ranked fifth in the world albeit on the night not as strong as it could possibly have been, some of the better players having been rested since Mexico had already qualified for next year's finals in Germany.

Take nothing away from Trinidad and Tobago, though. After Stern John's missed penalty he, his team and, indeed, 25,000 and more spectators could have become dispirited. But it was John who took it upon himself to make amends not once but twice and not for long did the team falter in the face of fulsome support from the crowd urged to rise above their initial disappointment by the rampaging rhythm sections.

It was as if all the players, on and off the field, were one in their determination to wrest a moment of transcended light from the gloom that persists in the country because of rising crime, ethnic snarling and bewildering poverty that daily mocks the huge revenues that flow into the nation's coffers with every dollar rise in the price of oil and gas.

It was as if, too, all the players were joined in the mission to demonstrate to whoever had the eyes to see and ears to hear that this country's real wealth has to come not from holes in the ground but from tens of thousands of heads and hearts resolved to speak and do in unison for individual satisfaction, to be sure, but, importantly as well, for the collective good of this land we call home.

Only a football match, yes. But to look at Wednesday's night happening merely from this narrow perspective is not to have seen and, more importantly, not to have felt the rise of civic consciousness which, channelled into the necessary spheres of national endeavour, would transform the Trinidad and Tobago of today into a far different and better Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow.

Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber has set an end-of-the month deadline for Toronto officials to agree on a stadium site and other financial issues or miss its chance to be granted an expansion team in the U.S. league for 2007.

Garber's declaration on Tuesday was seen by many as a way to spur Toronto's city council, which has an Oct. 26 vote scheduled to approve $8.07 million in funding for a $52.7 million, 20,000-capacity stadium at city-owned Exhibition Place.

MLS has been negotiating for about a year with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE), owner of the city's NHL Maple Leafs and NBA Raptors, but has seen two stadium proposals fall apart.

If the latest proposal isn't approved by the end of the month, "it's dead," Garber said.

MLS' board of governors, representatives of the league's 12 teams, will vote on Nov. 12 to admit as many as two new teams to start the 2007 season. The vote, which will be taken a day before the league's MLS Cup championship game, will also consider Houston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Milwaukee and St. Louis for expansion teams, Garber said.

MLSE, which Garber said would pay an entry fee "slightly higher" than the $10 million in the last round of expansion, has agreed to help fund the Toronto stadium, along with the federal and provincial governments.


12.10.05 - The USA won a CONCACAF Final Round Group, for the first time in history, after defeating visiting Panama by a score of 2:0 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts during the 2006 CONCACAF World Cup Qualification Match Day 10 on Wednesday evening.
After securing one of the three direct qualification berths to the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ in Germany (along with Mexico and Costa Rica), the USA (7-2-1, 22 Points) achieved their first-ever CONCACAF Final Round Title by finishing ahead of Mexico (7-2-1, 22 Points) on the goal difference tiebreaker between the two teams during the head-to-head World Cup Qualification (3 to 2).

After a first half without goals in Foxboro on Wednesday, Kyle Martino got the USA on the board in the 53rd minute of the second half. Taylor Twellman had the second goal five minutes later in the win over last-placed Panama (0-8-2, 2 Points).

Meanwhile, Trinidad & Tobago (4-5-1, 13 Points) earned the CONCACAF Final Round’s Fourth-place playoff berth after posting a 2:1 home-victory over Mexico at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain on Wednesday.

Jaime Lozano gave the tricolor a 1:0 lead in the 38th minute, but Stern John leveled the match for the soca warriors in the 42nd minute-mark. John would scored the game-winner in the 61st minute of the second half as Trinidad & Tobago will now meet Bahrain of the Asia Football Confederation in a home-and-away series next month for a berth to the 2006 FIFA World Cup™.

Mexico’s loss is the first against a Caribbean nation in World Cup Qualification since 23 July 2000, when the soca warriors defeated the tricolor 1:0 in a Group C encounter in Port of Spain during the CONCACAF Semifinal Round.

Elsewhere, Guatemala (3-5-2, 11 Points) were eliminated from a possible playoff spot to the World Cup despite topping visiting Costa Rica (5-4-1, 16 Points) 3:1 at the Estadio Mateo Flores in Ciudad de Guatemala on Wednesday.

Elmer Ponciano opened the scoring for the chapines in the second minute and then Freddy Garcia added another in the 15th minute-mark. Carlos Ruiz increased the lead to 3:0 in the 31st minute, but Roy Myrie got one back for the ticos in the 48th minute of the second half.

Match Day 10
12.10.2005: Foxboro, Massachusetts USA; Gillette Stadium
USA – PANAMA 2:0 (0:0)
Kyle MARTINO 53’; Taylor TWELLMAN 58’
R: Gilberto ALCALA (MEX)

12.10.2005: Port of Spain, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO; Hasely Crawford Stadium
Stern JOHN 42’, 61’ – Jaime LOZANO 38’

12.10.2005: Ciudad de Guatemala, GUATEMALA; Estadio Mateo Flores
Elmer PONCIANO 2’; Freddy GARCIA 15’; Carlos RUIZ 31’ – Roy MYRIE 48’
R: Brian HALL (USA)

Football / Sensational T&T 2-1
« on: October 12, 2005, 11:23:28 PM »
Sensational T&T 2-1
By Ian Prescott (Trinidad Express)

Stern John came good again, scoring two goals last night to give Trinidad and Tobago a vital 2-1 victory over Mexico at the Hasely Crawford Stadium to book a World Cup playoff place against Bahrain next month.

Twice, Aurtis Whitley did good work to set up the chances for John. First, a 42nd minute equaliser and then, after Whitley drove towards the penalty area, John picked up the loose ball and finished clinically in the 62nd minute to clinch the winning goal.

Much earlier though, things looked to have gone totally bad for the Warriors when John first won and then missed a 31st minute penalty. The striker, struggling for his best form during the qualifying campaign, was fouled when collecting Russell Latapy's corner kick in the penalty area. Honduran referee Jose Peneda pointed to the spot, but John's kick was saved by Mexican goalkeeper Jose Corona.

But after Mexico had gone ahead through a chipped shot from Jaime Lozano against the run of play, the maligned John began to make amends by drawing his team level at the half. The goal resulted from a solo run from the admirable Whitley, who cut in from the left and drilled a hard, low shot off the base of the Mexican near post. The ball rebounded straight into John's path and he tapped the ball into the net for a 42nd minute equaliser. By that time, Guatemala were already leading Costa Rica 3-0 in their game.

But the final result in that game- 3-1-was immaterial once Stern had struck a second time.

Football / T&T face Mexican hurdle
« on: October 11, 2005, 10:25:50 PM »
T&T face Mexican hurdle
By Kern De Freitas  (Trinidad Express)

It's crunch time and Trinidad and Tobago's two-year Journey to Germany 2006 campaign rests on the shoulders of the "Warriors" as they take the field amidst a sea of red at the Hasely Crawford Stadium against the top team in the CONCACAF region, Mexico, from eight o'clock this evening.

By ten tonight, the T&T players will know their fate, in what could be the last match of their World Cup crusade.

Their record against the Mexicans is not the best, and this match will really test the mettle of the national footballers.

In eight World Cup qualifiers between the teams, T&T have lost five times to the Mexicans, winning twice (the last was a 1-0 triumph on a Russell Latapy strike in 2001) and earning one draw.

Last evening, the Warriors had a closed-door session at the venue, preparing for what could be the most important match of their lives. That followed practice on Monday, when they endured a very arduous workout as coach Leo Beenhakker drilled the players to get the best out of them, with heavy emphasis on finishing.

Although not ready to celebrate, captain Dwight Yorke expressed optimism following Monday's session.

"I have no doubt that we're gonna get victory on Wednesday," the Sydney FC player said, "but it's not going to be easy. We all have to prepare as a team which I'm sure that we're all aware of.

"We have to put in 100 per cent to overcome the Mexicans on the night and certainly the crowd playing a significant part, which I'm sure they will be, will only spur us on, to victory hopefully, on the night."

Yorke also warned his players about becoming too relaxed, as the T&T team require a win to secure the fourth CONCACAF spot and make the playoff for a World Cup berth a certainty.

And he has urged the public to be the 12th man at the Stadium.

T&T team scout David Nakhid, who also trained with the squad on Monday, said the players can rise to the challenge.

"There is no secret." Nakhid told the media following the session. "Mexico is one of the best teams in the world, it's going to be an incredibly tough game for them (us) to win, but that's what we need to do, to be sure. We need to win, and it's going to be more than anything else, mental.

"They have to be there, ready from the start to give all, mentally, physically, and with enough spirit in the team I think we can possibly get a positive result."

A win would give T&T the playoff spot to face the fifth-place Asian team, Bahrain or Uzbekistan.

Anything else would mean depending on the Costa Rica/Guatemala tie, which will be played in Guatemala at the same time tonight.

Football / Testing time - on and off the field
« on: October 11, 2005, 10:10:38 PM »
from : Trinidadexpress.com

Tonight Trinidad and Tobago's management skills will be tested both on and off the football field. On the field the question will be whether the managers of Trinidad and Tobago's football at the highest level have done all that is necessary to bring the national side to the heights required to beat the regional and, indeed, international power house that is Mexico.

That will take some doing but Trinidad and Tobago has beaten Mexico more than once before. The Mexicans, having already qualified for the World Cup finals in Germany, may not be up to their usual intensity and, perhaps most importantly, has coach Leo Beenhakker done enough to cause nationals to wonder how better we might have fared were he given charge from the very beginning of the current campaign?

In addition, the national team seems to be warming more and more to the home support it has been receiving from fans who, certainly on the evidence of the game against Guatemala, have become far more vociferous than has been their wont, the lessons gleaned from all those ubiquitous televised football games apparently not having been lost.

Tonight, that support is likely to be the highest of the tournament to date which means, given FIFA's renewed insistence on heightened security, that management skills will have to be demonstrated off the field as thousands enter and leave the stadium, the sensible behaviour in the stadium itself being a given.

We expect that the security forces will be in evidence not only in and around the stadium but also along the regular commuter routes, given the possibility that there will be malcontents lurking around with the aim of committing crimes under the cover of the night, Trinidad and Tobago, to put it mildly, being somewhat of a different place to what it was, say, 16 years ago in 1989.

Even as we welcome the Mexicans who, by now, must have become very accustomed to our place, we urge our team literally to put their best feet forward so that our World Cup qualifying hopes will continue to be kept alive, not so much as a distraction from the problems that beset us but as additional evidence of our ability to mix it up with some of the world's best in various spheres of activity. Having said that, however, let us remember that football is but a beautiful game, geared for leisure and entertainment.

Football / SV Robinhood to face North East Stars
« on: September 30, 2005, 10:53:48 PM »

30.9.05 - SV Robinhood of Surinam made it through to the quarterfinal stage of Caribbean qualifying for the 2006 CONCACAF Champions Cup.
First half goals from Jermin Brown (29 Minutes) and Amantie Massie (32’) handed SV Robinhood a 2:0 victory over opponents SV Britannia of Aruba in their encounter taking place in neutral Trinidad & Tobago on 29 September, and an aggregate victory of 4:1 across the two games.

SV Robinhood’s progress almost completes the line-up for the quarterfinal round of Caribbean qualifying for the 2006 CONCACAF Champions Cup, which will see four pairs of teams competing on a home-and-away basis for a place in the semifinals, with games taking place on 12 and 26 October. Just one quarterfinal berth remains undecided and Northern United of St Lucia will be hoping to overcome the 2:0 advantage Positive Vibes of the US Virgin Islands gained in the first leg of their series when they meet in the decisive game, in St Lucia, on 1 October.

Following their victory, SV Robinhood will now play North East Stars of Trinidad & Tobago in their quarterfinal. The second quarterfinal pitches Bassa FC of Antigua & Barbuda against SV Centro Social Deportivo Barber from the Netherlands Antilles. Meanwhile Hoppers FC, also of Antigua & Barbuda, will play Portmore United FC from Jamaica. Finally SV Victory Boys (Netherlands Antilles) await the result of the Northern United versus Positive Vibes game that will determine their quarterfinal opponent.

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