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Football / Who's to blame
« on: November 18, 2011, 10:17:46 AM »
The Players are not to be blamed, If they are Club before Country players and the Coach and his Staff selects them,The Coach and his Staff are not to be blamed if they are of the belief that it is all about the Money and at least them small islands cannot beat we,and the TTFF still contracts them,The TTFF is not to be blamed if the never had and will never have a proper football development and transparency programme in place,and the Clubs and its members continue to elect them,The Clubs and its members are not to be blamed when they still believe Trinidad and Tobago football players are world class,so we do not need to invest financially in good grass roots coaches,because the Fans and the Supporters continue to support them,The Fans and the Supporters are not to be blamed because we don't play we PAY. :banginghead:   

Football / Speaking the truth about crowd support
« on: April 01, 2011, 08:35:01 AM »
I sat on the bench as coach of Naparima College against schools,like st Benidects,Presentation College,St.Augstine,Signal Hill,Arima and San Juan to name a few,nobody came to see me or any of the coaches and the feeling i got every time was electrifying, the support for the kids was so passionate it was like coaching in the EPL,or La Liga,i looked at some of the other school derbies and i understand why kids would want to continue to play at the higher level, with a support like that or even better,the crowds came to see the players at there best,then as a player i have played in some of the best minor leagues in the country and the intensity and the crowds would be mouth watering,then i sat on the bench as coach of W.connection youth team vs a Joe Public or Jablo with these same players who have enjoyed so much support in there growing years,and you can hear a pin fall.I have watched players like Arnold,Jemmot,Whitley and Marvin Oliver all grow up and they would tell you they enjoy playing in front a crowd support rathered than playing professionally with 100 people in attendance.So if we have to succeed in getting the best out of our players and not wanting them to be drawn back to feelings of the SSFL and the Minor leagues, we have to first find a way to draw to crowds, then the player not the player first,that have failed.Any suggestions? ;)

Football / Speaking the truth about Managing and Coaching PART1
« on: April 01, 2011, 05:53:03 AM »
I manage Kenwyn Jones along with Devon Leacock,Roderick Anthony,Kerron Phillip,Hughton Hector,Kern Cupid,Jason Marcano,Jan Michael Williams all on the same team and i won lots of trophys all i had to do was manage them. So we have to be very careful how we interpret Managing and Coaching.I coached Javid Mohammed,Seon Samuel,Renato Ramlochan,Sherrick Hilliaire,Leston Shade in 2006 to the national SSFL big five championship against all odds,i had to coach them.Let us give who is deserving of it it's just reward to be called a good Coach or a good Manager.Trinidad teams AT THIS TIME are in need of good Coaches not Managers.Any suggestions? ???

Football / Dallas Cup 2011. Is it worth it?
« on: January 03, 2011, 02:21:16 PM »
The Dallas Cup have extended the International invitation deadline to Jan 11,I suggest the national under20 and under17 teams to continue the preparations.We can compete against quality oppositions such as teams from Brazil,England, Korea and other countries.US$1100 per team is a small cost to pay to start the New Year right.  :-\-*

Football / Sad to say discontinue the pro league.
« on: December 01, 2010, 10:10:32 AM »
I am in no way saying that our country should not have a professional league,I am in support of anything that would benefit our country and our players as they continue to play the game that we love.I have coach and played in the league so i know what it brings for all,But i have also seen the damaged that it has cause to football all over our country,the zones are not the same anymore, the following of village support is not like it used to be,players are not pushing them selves as long ago,they are just looking for a pro team to join to get a paycheck,the standard of football in the pro league shows us the national team performance.Our standout players in the world cup were not products of the pro league eg.Dwight,Latapy,Stern,Shaka,Birchall,Avery,Andrews,Dennis.Compared with the players that played in the the pro league Jones, Gray,Spann,Denzil,Glenn,Authis,Trent,Wolf all good supporting players but not leaders,so I say sooner than later start over,cut our losses, do not make the same mistakes.Let us be ready as a nation for professional football,Doc'Khelwlaas,Petrotrin,Tobago United,Starworld Strikers,Futgof,La Brea ,Point Fortin Civic Centre,Arima Fire to name a few  let our coaches be educated about coaching in a professional club,make sure there is good available sponsorship etc. :(   

Football / How Realistic is Fair Play in Football?
« on: December 03, 2009, 12:36:30 PM »
Things involved..Jobs on the line,Bets involve,Stake and Shareholders looking on,Bankruptcy pending,Demotion pending,Qualification pending,Fans cheering,Endorsements waiting. :rotfl:

General Discussion / What will happen if ?
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:57:35 PM »
The ministry of Education ,national Security and ministry of Sports work together,for five years under whatever government and target the youths 10-21 male and female.
 Min of Education, Hire Min of national Security coaches and players in all sports eg.football,netball track,rugyby too run programmes in all HOT SPOTS areas, select the kids that may have alot of potential and recommend them for GRANTS or SCHORLARSHIPS into the police ,defence force ,coastguard,fire service,or trials with national teams,They would use the sport facilities,eg basketball courts,football fields, tennis courts everyday.They will be given the equipment from the Min of Sports.The coaches and assisstant will be given commendations for promotions in there jobs.Kids that cannot afford to play or go to school and maybe be lost to the streets will be seen and possible helped, The coaches would be  protected while they coach by the Min of national security patrols.WHERE WOULD THE DRUG PUSHERS OR BUYERS GO.   

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