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In what is appearing to be very comical, police attempted to halt a show at Zen Nightclub on Friday featuring Machel Montano, Benjai, Patrice Roberts and Zan. The police told Machel, "Stop allowing the women to touch your (testicles)." Frustrated Montano said, "If all yuh want to lock meh up, lock meh up."


This is jokes! Organic, I might be making the flex to the all fours...

According to the reports from Trinidad and Tobago, FIFA VP, CONCACAF President, special advisor for TTFF and newly appointed joint leader for UNC Alliance Jack Warner will be officially endorsed in TnT elections 2007 by FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

Allyuh think is joke, look out for Prime Minister Jack Warner :)


Football / Count Jackula, Oliver Scamps and Jacklisted Warriors
« on: June 12, 2007, 01:46:28 PM »
I have taken the liberty to write an article summarizing the effects of Jack on our country's football and how devestating it actually is. If this same thing happened in England, Italy, France etc., the countries populations would be rioting. what is happening in Trinidad and Tobago???? If the government bans Carnival I am sure there would be a greater uproar! come on peeps...

Take a read, and feel free to comment either here or at ttgapers.


The Trinidad and Tobago Football Team, affectionately known as the Soca Warriors and previously the Strike Squad, has been for many years at the mercy of Austin Jack Warner, CONCACAF President, FIFA Vice President and Special Advisor to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation. Recently, the majority of the Warriors have been blacklisted over disagreements over compensation from the first, and successful World Cup campaign in Germany.

For more:


it appears the forum is at version 1.0.5

it appears this version has some sql vulnerabilities that "Don Johnson" might be using to exploit the board. might the site admins update to the latest stable or RC version, it may mitigate the attacks.

i checked out smf, and stable release is 1.0.7, and RC is at 1.11 i beleve.

jus looking out for the security of the forum and it's users.

if it is a sql injection as i think, users PM boxes etc., might have been compromised.



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