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Other Sports / US Open 2010
« on: September 01, 2010, 09:25:14 PM »
Anyone watching the Open as yet? I was over there last week for the qualifyings and saw a match with two fellas that totally mesmerised the crowd. Two fellas playing and in the last set both of them cramped out. It was total pandemonium. Man cyar walk but chasing after a ball like they life depended on it. This guy Ryan Harrison hopping on one foot all over the place between points, cyar walk but run down a ball on the run and hit a blistering shot up the line for a winner. The crazy thing is he did it over and over again to win the match. After the match the crowd stood up and gave a rousing round of applause to the players for their will and courage under difficult circumstances.

Next day after that encounter he show up and played another monster match braking his opponent in the last two games of the final set to qualify for the main draw. I say this is madness. Low and behold he show up and beat a highly ranked player today in the main.

His name is Ryan Harrison keep an eye out for him and see how far he get in this tournament. He may not do much for the rest of his career but great guts on the court. 

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Trinidad Dictionary by Conqueror
« on: March 25, 2010, 08:30:44 AM »
A friend send out an email asking anyone to help with the saying KUN KUN SEY in the a song by Conqueror called Trinidad's Dictionary.

They say it goes like this........This big belly woman so kun kun sey and she marasme chile so kum kum bay.

Now I thinking Tootoolbay(kum kum bay) for the last part, the first I don't know. Any real kaiso man in this forum who know this?

What about Track & Field / Respect the Man
« on: August 16, 2009, 07:59:20 AM »
I decided to copy this onto a new topic.

I have been looking on with great interest as to the motivation of some people on the Athletics forum for a couple years and I'm flabagasted as to the reasoning (for some of you) to fight a point with AB as to your belief on the sport. Ato has and for a good part of his life committed himself to this sport professionally and have raced with the best of his era in Athletics for something like 10yrs or more. It baffles me as to what right each of you have as to continually fight and bicker with Ato over his sentiments or knowledgable insight into the sport. We should all be honoured that this guy takes the time to answer us here and educate(not all) some of us.

He sees the sport differently to most of us here as he sees the bigger picture, we see the narrow view(only Trinidad and Tobago's athletes). Please let's give him the respect that is deserved, if only for the fact that he has lifted the T&T flag for many a year on the world stage. Lets remember the joy this son of Trinidad brought to us all when he stepped on the medal podium to receive his Gold aand Bronze medals.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Let's talk Audio/Visual
« on: April 06, 2009, 10:55:29 PM »
I see we have a full thread on Movies so I feel we could start talking Audio/Visual. I into real sound and visual movie effects so I have been constantly upgrading my system for the greater effect. Currently own two receivers one in the living room and the second will probably go in my bedroom acting as a relay from the Living Room receiver. In the process of throwing out another amplifier and Subwoofer that just taking up space in my closet, from the day I bought it, it never worked so outside I think it would go. System is originally $2500 selling for around $600-$800 right now but the ting never wuk so I eh feeling like (paying for shipping and labour/parts) sending it to fix.

Today I put the new receiver to it's first test with Death Race( starring Jason Statham/Tyrese Gibson).  Thing sound awesome, it beat my older system by miles like Ben Johnson vs Carl Lewis ;D. I smile too bad when I hear the effects from them engines.

Pull out the Dark Knight after that to hear some effects that I may have missed on the older system. Had to turn down the volume because the lows was seriously causing a disturbance to the other neighbours. I hear some sounds that I've been missing from the other system. Mids were clear as day.

My older system is about 9 Months old, an Insignia receiver that sounded great when I first set it up in the Home Theatre. At the time that was an upgrade from the older receiver we had, a Sony that was about 4 years. On Thursday last week I got this receiver, a Pioneer VSX1018AH-K, 900watts, 7.1. Tomorrow the speakers get an upgrade, to Klipsch 6.5" floorstanding models, can't wait to hear what things are going to sound like.

Lets hear what we packing in those systems. Check in again tomorrow.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / The 'NEXT' flic
« on: February 21, 2008, 09:29:44 PM »
I just finish watching Next the movie with Nicholas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel. Boss movie who eh see it run to block Buster or Netflix quick. This movie bad bad bad.

Leh me give you an idea of the flick. Nic Cage playing a magician who have the ability to see the future, only 2 mins ahead of time. Then he hook up with a ting(Jessica Biel) to run across California to escape the FBI(Julianne Moore) as they tryiing to nab him to lead them to some deviants who have a mission to destory l.a. The problem for them is that he could see when they coming ahead of time and always escapes before they arrive. I eh lying this flick is the best that come out in 2007 Nicholas Cage was spectacular.

Other Sports / Tiger was de boss this weekend..........
« on: January 28, 2008, 03:08:19 PM »
I see some highlight of Tiger on the weekend, that fella is trouble , he getting better and better and still have atg least 10 years left in the game. Who see all those crazy arse shots the man make this weekend? I eh no Golf fan but Tiger getting frighteningly better. Who saw the half circle shot to the hole.        .                               

Other Sports / Serena looking good !
« on: January 21, 2008, 10:29:21 AM »
 All right people I saw Serena the other night and she was looking very good. I see she has improved on her movement and de sister looking like ah battle ram ;D, she look fit. Seems like she has decided to really give Tennis her all again. So far it looks like she is the best out there.

Football / TTFF show some appreciation !!!!
« on: November 15, 2005, 10:39:49 AM »
Having read articles on the highlighting of Leonsons and all de ' x Strike Squad player ' horrors stories to secure tickets for the matches of our national team I decided to say something on the matter.

Things like this jus leave me feeling utterly despondent for my people sometimes . Whatever goes through some of these administrators head that make ppl or fans have to go through the grind to give their support to the national team ? Is like you does have to do penance to give support . Why is it that to this day Ollie Camps and company cyar come up with a creative plan to uplift and give some kind of help to those who have served  well in the past .

All I want to say is that these ppl in administrative positions should be doing something to help and ease these guy burdens in some way or the other.

How about reserving a place in the stadium of about 30  - 50 seats for these guys or anyone that has served or given exemplary service to the nation in which they can come and truely enjoy the match without the hassle of a hooligan crowd . Give dem a lil complimentary sevice of some eats and drinks and could really feel some kind comfort after their playing careers. These ppl deseve this . Why is it that Brian Lara could get in the Stadium easily and free of harassment and these stalwarts who've brought our nation of multiple races together (excited, happy, crying ) can't experience this kind of appreciation ?   

If even this can't be done ( knowing how much ah de profit TTFF want to experience for themselves ) why can't they at least give these 20 - 30 explayers the opportunity to buy tickets in advance before they go out to the public .

How about givin lifetime attendance cards to games so these guys can just show at the gates and get a entry  .

Its disheartening to see these kinds of injustices takin place by my ppl to people who have given themselves and endeavours to the nation and never benefitted from any of it . But you know certain administrators and one in particular beniffitted to the point of being on top of the world at the pinnicle of sporting administration and acting like every fliickin body owe he de world.......
( leh meh calm down eh , cause ah does geh vex when ah ha to talk bout dis flikin man  ).

Anyway something better have to be done to honor and show and give thanks and appreciation for those that has help us and others to enjoy ah better life in some form or the other .

Hold it dong !


Football / truetrini why u fighting wid dem
« on: September 07, 2005, 06:55:18 AM »
over dey in reggae boyz site. ;D

Da fellah jawge is ah imps...he doh know shite wah he talking bout at all...

It have no compare....Latapy is miles above any player in de caribbean in terms of longevity and class..

I ain't  know how ah man go tell me Whitmore better dan Latas....dem is mad ppl.

 Because witmore score two goal in a world cup he considered great ?

Latas win how much championship medal with porto , Boavista, hibernian, and de man weyever he go is called ah genius from everybody who see him. Ah have to laugh at dem fools wen ah see dem writing dem shite.Weyever de man go he have reporters trailng him is he or yorke man wah chat wit. De man play in de champions league about two to three seasons. Latas knowledge and experience is par excelence.

 Knowledge really is de key to life.

Ah man is not considered great by afew moments of superb performance but by continued superb performance over a long period of time

Truetrini doh waste ur time wit jawge  man.

Football / to all de pottongs out dey
« on: September 03, 2005, 08:02:30 AM »
Alyuh when dem imps an dem come in de site and talk all dey shit and rubbish doh even begin to answer dem na u only giving 'confirmation fuel' fuh dem to feel dey important.

When dey open dey arse is only shit coming out so doh worry yuhself is not of any use to we . Ah wasn't going to even respond to this 'neverwaryan' but ah just feel ah should give de other forumites ah lil heads up.

When man cyar get ah forum for dey shit dey go find any opportunity for the spotlight.

How much u wah bet is some unwanted soul lookin for a lil love and attention. Maybe we should open ah forum fuh de hopeless unwanted fellas like pottong who doh have any outlet for their shit up and f.ck up heads .

We backing TNT all de way !!

Football / Allyuh feel Lawrence was right????
« on: August 19, 2005, 09:58:32 PM »
 Ah ha to say dat as a defender one have to expect to hold ah  few send offs under dey belt.

Cause if you call yourself ah defender u have to be prepared to pull ah man shirt and pants to save face for ur team is all about sacrifice.

In my view Lawrence did de right ting by fouling Donovan on de night. If he didn't do that it might have been two nill by then better he get send off  giving de team ah chance to stay in de match and fight for a point than to concede another goal .

Leh meh just say that Jack make up in de end for his indecisiveness in conceding that goal by pulling off some brilliant saves to the end .

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