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Football / U.S. TV limited for La Liga, Serie A....Is Salt
« on: August 18, 2012, 09:40:39 AM »
U.S. TV limited for La Liga, Serie A
August 17, 2012
By Associated Press
NEW YORK -- Lionel Messi's and Cristiano Ronaldo's league matches will disappear from the television sets of many American soccer fans, starting this weekend.

With new limited TV rights for La Liga and Serie A, TV viewers will see little of Leo Messi and Ronaldo.

That's because the U.S. television rights to Spain's La Liga have switched from GolTV to the new beIN Sport USA network, launched this week by the Al-Jazeera Sport Media Network and available in only about 8 million homes to viewers of DirecTV and DISH Network.

And it's not just Spain's soccer that is affected.

Italy's Serie A, France's Ligue 1, England's second-tier League Championship and England's League Cup also have moved to high-spending beIN Sport, which is taking over all of them from News Corp.'s Fox Soccer.

"The ratings are going to be so low that they will be almost unmeasurable," said Marc Ganis of the Chicago-based Sports Corp. Ltd., consulting firm. "Considering the push that European soccer is making in the United States, taking additional money and losing exposure becomes fools' gold. They need to have a long-term strategy, not short-term."

The new network will not be rated by Nielsen at the start, but hopes to be at some point, according to managing director Yousef Al Obaidly. It also will be available online to authenticated subscribers of DirecTV and DISH.

"There will be more announcements coming soon," he said Thursday. "We are in a discussion with all the cable operators. Hopefully, we can reach an agreement so we can keep everyone happy."

La Liga kicks off this weekend, and while Barcelona and Real Madrid will surely battle for top spot, the league is as competitive as ever, writes Graham Hunter. Blog

Now that the European seasons are starting, at least some clubs are worried their leagues made a mistake by taking dollars over distribution. Complicating the matter, a dispute broke out in Spain, with some clubs saying their television rights were sold by a company that doesn't own them.

"I know Madrid and Barcelona are already concerned by what has happened domestically," AC Milan director Umberto Gandini said in a telephone interview. "We were trying to maximize revenues ahead of visibility. Frankly speaking, we were not aware of such difficulties reaching viewers in the United States and the fact that we are going to be penalized highly by the difference in viewership."

The big Spanish and Italian clubs will have their Champions League and Europa League midweek games available in the U.S. on Fox. In addition, RAI USA distributes Serie A matches with Italian commentary and Ligue 1 games will be available with Spanish commentary on Univision Deportes.

All of this could make the U.S. market a soccer Tower of Babel.

"It's a complicated situation," Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho said. "I'm glad I'm just a coach and no more than that, and I think about football and the game and prepare my team."

The English Premier League, which has the biggest American following, sells its international rights directly. Serie A, which didn't centralize rights as a league until just a few years ago, sells them through the agency MP & Silva. La Liga sells them through Mediapro -- but until an agreement this week to share domestic rights for three seasons, rival Prisa claimed it represented nine of the 20 clubs.

Imagina USA, a Miami-based company that is part of the Mediapro Group, is beIN Sports' production partner. The English network launched Aug. 3 in an online preview at and beIN Sport announced Wednesday -- the official launch date -- it will be carried on DirecTV's sports tier in high and standard definition and beIN Sport en Espanol will be distributed on DirecTV Mas in standard definition. A day later, it said DISH Network will televise beIN Sport on its America's Top 250 and DISHLatino packages.

Looming ahead is bidding for the U.S. rights to the Premier League. Networks anticipate a request for proposal next month for the package starting in 2013-14 and running for three seasons. Fox currently holds the rights and sublicenses some to ESPN and ESPN Deportes.

"We might get into it. We might not," Al Obaidly said. "We have to look into scheduling and financials."

The EPL averaged 185,000 viewers for 118 live telecasts on Fox Soccer last year, 321,000 for 48 broadcasts on ESPN2/ESPN and 58,000 for 54 games on ESPN Deportes, according to data from Nielsen Media Research and the networks. Serie A averaged 54,000 viewers for 96 live telecasts on Fox and Ligue 1 53,000 for four broadcasts on Fox.

GolTV averaged just 29,000 viewers for 75 La Liga telecasts among its Hispanic audience, the only portion Nielsen measures. ESPN Deportes averaged 115,000 people in its Hispanic audience for La Liga, but viewers swelled to an average of 770,000 for the two league "clasicos" between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

"It's going probably from a better distributed network to lesser distributed network," said Lino Garcia, general manager of ESPN Deportes. "Therein lies the real difference to the viewer. Some of this product is going to be unavailable to many fans for which it was available to before."

Without La Liga, GolTV's only European league is the German Bundesliga, which had a rating in the network's Hispanic audience that was too low to measure. There has been speculation that beIN Sport USA would like to take over GolTV, if the price is right.

Play-by-play man Phil Schoen and highly excitable color commentator Ray Hudson have moved from GolTV to beIN Sport.

"GolTV has greatly enhanced its portfolio of soccer from the Americas," Rodrigo Lombello, GolTV's chief operating officer, said in a statement. "Reaching new agreements to air matches from the Argentinian, Brazilian and Mexican club leagues, Gillette Brazil World Tour, CONCACAF tournaments and even the U.S. Open Cup, the network has placed an emphasis on this region in the past year as the United States Hispanic population continues to grow."

Qatar, where Al-Jazeera is based, is making a giant push in soccer. Qatar beat out the U.S. two years ago in bidding to host the 2022 World Cup, and the Qatar Investment Authority took control of Paris Saint-Germain and has spent about $200 million in transfer fees for players to strengthen its roster.

In France, Al-Jazeera bought rights to Ligue 1's Friday and Sunday night package from 2012-16; to most Champions League games from 2012-15; and to the 2012 and 2016 European Championship tournaments. In Spain, Barcelona agreed last year to a five-year, 170 million euro (then $225 million) sponsorship deal to carry the Qatar Foundation logo on its famous blue and red jerseys.

If the Premier League wants both beIN Sport's money and greater distribution, it could split its American rights into different packages for different time slots, as it does in Britain and as several U.S. leagues do at home. Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore declined to comment ahead of the bidding.

"They are a little bit more sophisticated than us because they have been on the market as a collective-selling entity far longer than us," Milan's Gandini said. "We are still very far behind the Premier League.",-serie-a-vanish-for-many-u.s.-viewers?cc=5901

Football / Entire Juventus Board Resign
« on: May 11, 2006, 09:03:24 PM »
Corruption rampant

Juve in crisis as board resigns 
Juventus are poised to win their 29th title
The entire Juventus board has resigned after days of press revelations over embarrassing telephone interceptions involving its top management.
Italy's Football Federation is probing Juve general manager Luciano Moggi over allegations of collusion in appointing referees for Juventus games.

The club plan to hold a shareholders meeting on 29 June to replace the outgoing board.

Juventus could clinch their second successive Serie A title on Sunday.

The president and vice-president of the Federation, Franco Carraro and Innocenzo Mazzini, have already resigned their positions in the wake of the publication of the taps.

Moggi is at the centre of the probes which are looking into the operation of the GEA management company headed by his son Alessandro, which controls the affairs of almost 200 players and coaches in Italy.

On Wednesday, judicial sources in Turin said that Juve CEO Antonio Giraudo was under investigation for false accounting relating to player transfer deals.

Giraudo and Moggi are both members of the Juventus board but it was not immediately clear how the resignation of the board would effect their full time positions with the club.


Football / TnT vs Iceland Torrent
« on: February 28, 2006, 10:35:48 PM »
The Torrent should be up according to this website...tomorrow.

So the more people download it the faster it downloads and the more people will want to cap the game in the future.

Don't know if this was posted yet.

The website is below

Football / I Will Begin Posting Torrents....Barca vs Depor....etc
« on: October 16, 2005, 05:49:37 AM »
I will start posting some Torrents to get fellas familiar with it and comfortable with it.

You need BitComet or BitLord. DL these and you could get started. Just make sure you have a fast enough modem (DSL or Cable or something) Cause these files are big.
But they big because the quality is usually Excellent. Download DivX codec if it not showing after you download the file.

The more people download the file the faster it goes. We have over 500 members so if we get even 10% of this amount downloading torrents the files will not take very long.

This is the Barca vs Depor game. It is on Mininova.

This is the Match of the day highlights Chelsea vs Bolton, etc. All the games from yesterday. This should work also.

We need to get use to technology as we going to Germany so we'll be prepared. Start building we library of T&T games and burn on DVD so if someone needs a game we just upload it and they could download it.

Germany we comin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

Football / Small Clip of the 3 goals and the penalty miss.
« on: October 13, 2005, 06:24:31 PM »

Hope this work for allyuh fellas. Excellent goals by Stern and he definitely for the terrible penalty.
GO TNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Football / Chelsea Vs DC United
« on: July 28, 2005, 06:22:20 PM »

Them MLS teams getting good experience.

And since Chelsea for the most part only have starters...this ent no bench warmers playin.

Football / Ah Wonder If we need the last game if it go come tuh dis
« on: June 15, 2005, 06:36:49 PM »
This is football crazy boy Lawd.

Boca disgraced in defeat again
Brian Homewood
RIO DE JANEIRO, June 15 (Reuters) - For the second year running Boca Juniors have disgraced themselves following failure in the Libertadores Cup.
Martin Palermo: Off in disgrace (NealSimpson/Empics)
Last year, Argentina's most popular club were criticised around the continent after snubbing the awards ceremony on the pitch after losing to Colombia's Once Caldas in the two-leg final.

On Tuesday, their quarter-final exit at home to Mexico's Guadalajara was abandoned after an on-pitch brawl sparked a crowd riot. Boca, 4-0 down from the first leg, were being held 0-0 with 11 minutes to play.

On Wednesday, La Nacion newspaper carried a photograph in which Boca coach Jorge Benitez appeared to spit at Guadalajara striker Adolfo Bautista during the confusion.

'If it happened, I don't remember,' said Benitez at the post-match media conference.

Guadalajara's provocative behaviour also contributed to another sad episode in the history of South America's explosive equivalent of the Champions League.

Flamboyant owner Jorge Vergara had gloated about their first leg win and promised his side would silence the Bombonera by winning the return as well.

Vergara's wind-ups are regarded as good-natured fun in the tamer world of Mexican domestic soccer but he clearly miscalculated when he tried it on Boca's fanatical players and supporters.


Trouble broke out in the 79th minute when Boca midfielder Raul Cascini head-butted Bautista, who raised four fingers at the crowd to remind them of the score.

This enraged the Boca players and sparked a brawl in which Baustista and Boca striker Martin Palermo were sent off.

Despite police protection, Bautista was punched from behind by a fan who had scaled the five-metre fencing around the field while missiles rained down on visiting goalkeeper Jesus Corona.

Referee Martin Vazquez took the players to the centre circle and, after waiting 20 minutes, attempted to restart the match despite Corona's pleas.

Television pictures vividly showed the look of sheer terror on the Mexican goalkeeper's face as he was coaxed back into the goal with a wall of Boca fans in the three-tier stand only two metres behind.

When the first object was thrown, play was called off.

Boca had attempted to unsettle their opponents with late tackles and non-stop provocation from the start.

Referee Vazquez, who had another torrid experience only three days earlier when he refereed a stormy Penarol-Nacional derby in his native Uruguay, was criticised for being too lenient, especially with the Boca ringleaders Palermo, Cascini and striker Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

Schelotto vehemently protested every decision against his team but was not even warned for his persistant dissent. Vazquez also allowed several shocking late tackles to go unpunished.

The defeat appeared to signal the end of an era for Boca, who won the competition three times between 2000 and 2003 under Carlos Bianchi, Benitez's elegant predecessor who is now at Atletico Madrid.

The South American Football Confederation (CSF), often criticised for being too lenient in similar cases in the past, will have the final say but Boca have already been handed their biggest punishment.

Their dismal domestic form means that they have no hope of qualifying for next year's Libertadores and must wait until 2007 before launching another assault on the continent's biggest prize.

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