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Football / what do you all se in darryl roberts?
« on: June 04, 2008, 09:00:24 AM »
d man is rel shit he does just run after d ball and as soon as he gets it he looses it.. so for who disagree ,what is so good about he? i would pick shitpatrick over he

---------------------- 4:10 pm ----------------------
> triniscout says: So your name has been buzzing on thanks to me
> troy says: Yea why
> triniscout says: Cause I think u have the talent and ability to
> be on our national team
> ---------------------- 4:13 pm ----------------------
> troy says: Well every baller thinks he should be on the
> team but its we that have to make it possible by doing what we have to
> do
> triniscout says: Ok , how old are you?
> troy says: 23
> triniscout says: Who do you play for now?
> troy says: I don't play for no one
> triniscout says: Why?
> troy says: Am not into football like that anymore
> triniscout says: Do u have a reason why being?
> troy says: No not really but I just had to move on cause
> I have a life to live if one thing dont work u got to try the next thing
> triniscout says: Where are u now?
> troy says: Canada
> triniscout says: If u was giving an oppurtunity to be on the
> team would u take it?
> troy says: I had that oppurtunity twice
> triniscout says: And what happend?
> ---------------------- 4:25 pm ----------------------
> troy says: First was with the under 17 they came to miami
> cause I was buzzing at the under 15 in the y league and was the only
> goalkeeper in florida to play in 3 different leagues and had 2 goals
> against me in all competition then with the nation squad in 2006 st
> clair coaching school came up late in 2005 we played against them and
> won then they watch me play against jamaica under 23 and was impress and
> went and told mr st clair so he called me inn but both situation ended
> when both coaches left the jobs
> triniscout says: Wow, so if this coach call u inn would u go ?
> troy says: Depends on if he will be fired lol
> triniscout says: So what u doing with your life rite about
> now?
> troy says: You ask me a silly question lol,cause u always
> know me as a hustler by any means I got to eat
> triniscout says: What is the most memorable time u had playing
> football?
> ---------------------- 4:32 pm ----------------------
> troy says: I have a lot mostly traveling with the
> haitians they show me a lot of love where ever am playing they come and
> support me
> triniscout says: There was a rumour they wanted to give u
> citizenship , is that true?
> troy says: I've heard that rumour but no they never came
> to me personally and ask me
> triniscout says: Who is the best tnt goalie in your opinion
> rite now?
> troy says: Well I like shaka ,but now I think jan is the
> best overall keeper we have
> triniscout says: Do u think your better than jan or any of
> those keepers?
> troy says: Lol that's for the people to say. Of course I
> would say yes even he would say yes if u asked him or anyother goalie
> triniscout says: So since your in canada have u thought about
> joining a team there ?
> troy says: It crossed my mind I spoke with richard gorrad
> about it but I don't think they pay that much lol
> troy says: What's there salary in the A league 20,000?
> triniscout says: Yea .so why not try the mls?
> troy says: There salary aint much of a difference ,I
> don't work as hard as a footballer, don't burn a swet and make more than
> the average player playing in the mls ,at the end of the day its about money
> triniscout says: Do u got on
> ---------------------- 4:42 pm ----------------------
> troy says: I been on there a few times but not recently
> ---------------------- 5:14 pm ----------------------
> triniscout says: Do u have pictures or videos of yourself
> playing?
> troy says: Yea I do but its in miami
> triniscout says: Who u think will qaulify for the world cup in
> concacaf?
> troy says: USA , mexico, jamaica and trinidad
> ---------------------- 5:22 pm ----------------------
> triniscout says: What was the hardest part in your life?
> ---------------------- 5:26 pm ----------------------
> troy says: I think it was when bertille got fired and leo
> came inn and said who aint attach to a club won't be looked at, which
> was fair enough but I been there 3 months working my self hard and then
> to hear that come from him ,I think I wasn't given a fair chance to
> prove myself cause to be honest there isn't a difference between jan ,
> myself and shaka in keeping, but what they have done they can show for it
> I can't.Then going back to miami broke and having to start over
> again,but I don't have that issue again if I get call inn I can back
> myself finacially
> triniscout says: When u were there who was in the camp with
> you?
> ---------------------- 5:29 pm ----------------------
> troy says: Jan michael ,daurance from time to time and
> this other guy I think his name is tristan but mostly me jan and
> tristan. Players was dwarika , hardest ,angus,nigel pierre no big name
> was there put it that way
> troy says: Oh yea am sorry scott sealy you are a big name
> player lol
> ---------------------- 5:33 pm ----------------------
> triniscout says: Well troy I have to end this conversation I
> just wanted to know your situation ,cause the people on the site wanted
> to know was nice chatting with you
> troy says: No problem but next time harrass me at nights
> I sleep during the day lol later

Football / Columbus Crew vs Toronto FC
« on: March 29, 2008, 01:30:23 PM »
big game 2 trinis on a team again ...blah blah blah

Football / what i say goes!!!!!
« on: February 19, 2008, 08:09:55 PM »
remember everybody was telling me dog and tall man and everybody else retire and i was a fool for calling them back? so i wonder who alyuh  rooting for to come back, calling mi all kinda name look at alyuh now lol...soon we go be calling for a goalie after jamaica give we 4 and england give we i guess my scouting for talent has come to a rest cause all dem shit hounds toussant and trent and all dem fools in d goalcup, i hope alyuh see dem idiots aint no good ......Troy Marquis for my goalie ,Marqvin oliver in midfield ,tall man and dog plzzzzz come back upfront we good ....

Football / eh heh I back remember wat i said
« on: January 28, 2008, 10:00:45 AM »
Why isn't wim fired? He gone .why isn't marvin oliver on d team? He will be.why isn't troy marquis getting looked at? he will ,cause that team we have dey is real shit men kicking toe p field goal all types of shit

Football / oye ah back with meh same question why isnt wim fired ?
« on: December 24, 2007, 02:31:51 PM »
what i said a couple months ago ? well lets see who will be on the team now. boy we aint going worldcup lol am back and in full effect, this wat i been waitin for................ :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :o

Football / Trinidad and Tobago vs Trinidad and Tobago USA!
« on: July 28, 2007, 09:54:51 PM »
With the current local players on the squad of trinidad national team I would like to see them take on tnt usa and see what kind of match up we would have seein that tnt usa is playing against professional teams and winning ,with players like crooks ,ross and goalkeeper Troy Marquis I think it would be a good match ... so ppl lets vote for that show down lets give these guys here a chance to showcase the skills cause I believe some of these guys could make it on the national team

Hey do anybody know the score between village utd of jamaica and tnt usa that was played on saturday in atlanta?

Football / Results Trinidad & Tobago vs USA
« on: November 13, 2006, 08:39:02 PM »
Floridas nation cup trinidad and tobago drew 1-1 witrh usa with an own goal from the US defender TNT went ahead in the first half  dominating the game .In the secound half usa had a few shot with some great save from troy marquis and excelent defending by nicholas garrod TNT mentain there lead until a clewarly offside play was allowed by the refferee and the US player chipped it over Marquis head for a goal

Football / Result Trinidad & Tobago Vs Mexico
« on: November 12, 2006, 01:03:19 PM »
In last night florida,nation cup Trinidad and Tobago demolish Mexico with a 8-1 score line with 6 goals in the first half from carron williams ,Jason Nelson,leron gabriel otis borris and swin alexanda  Trinidad and YTobago easily defeated there apponents .Next for Trinidad is USA monday night 730pm

Saturday night 8pm  with a decent crowd  Jamaica put there action where there mouth was and dominated Trinidad in the first 10 minutes jamaica scored there goal with a save from goal keeper Troy Marquis his defense didnt had his back and allow jamaica to follow up on the ball and score .Within 30 minutes in to the match  there was  confusion between who throw in it was jamaica throw in the ball quickly  and beat Trinidad defense and was one on one with the keeper and romario,who put it in the upper corner past helpless Troy Marquis .Second half they dominated Trinidad & Tobago  again,but  without the help of the goakeeper Troy Marquis who had to play off his line ontop of the 18 yard box  to clear several chances and made a few save the score could of been alot more .Karron williams had a few shots at goal in the second half but the jamaican goally made a few good saves ....Trinidad and tobago ill face USA on november 4th ......................

Football / Jamicans hipe on saturdays game against Trinidad
« on: October 12, 2006, 09:16:08 PM »
Floridian jamicans are hipe and ready to give us Trinidadian a beaten ,its the buzz around town for  staurdyas game against  the local floridian Trinidadian team .With the likes of pep oreete fat Al pinky jamaica is expecting to  put on a show but after watching Trinidad and Tobago in action tonight in practice I think there ready for jamaica there touches where better and shots on goals was great.So to my fellow floridians trinbingonians  please come mout in your red black and white and support your country like it was in germany...... :)   

Football / Trinidad VS Haiti
« on: October 12, 2006, 03:48:06 PM »
Last night score from the florida's nation cup Hait2- Trinidad and Tobago-0.The haitians dominated the game  in the first half and had trinidad questionless on what to do with some great saves from Troy Marquis the score could of been 10 to 0 but the second half trinidad put it together and started to look like a team Jason Nelson had a open goal but placed it on the goal post.But the haitians once again started doninating the game and forced a few more save  out of the trinidad goaly .Trinidad will face Jamaica saturday at 8pm at the lauderhill complex. TRINI'S plz show your support again for  your country the turn out was nice last night   

Football / Trinidad VS ecuador
« on: October 08, 2006, 12:28:56 PM »
Nations cup wednesday Trinidad and tobago of south florida will be taking on ecuador at lauderhill complex at 7:30 pm. With likes of karron Williams, Nicholas gorrad and florida's most talented goalkeeper Troy Marquis  will be in action .these guys are hoping to give the local trini's something to be proud of since making it to the world cup earlier this year

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