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Football / Was Wim de assistant coach who Nakid fall out with?
« on: July 21, 2006, 11:33:40 PM »
That led to his ejection???

Football / Watch bachannal on Bashment
« on: June 22, 2006, 10:12:51 PM »

2006 World Cup - Germany / Long sleve jerseys against Paraguay?
« on: June 22, 2006, 09:21:19 PM »
Wasn't it hot that day?  Did TnT not have a short sleve jersey in dat same color?

Football / Jack Pulls Out!
« on: June 21, 2006, 10:51:35 PM »
No more funds for Warriors!

Asked if he thought the Soca Warriors would have had a better chance in Tuesday's crucial match against against Paraguay, had Russell Latapy been brought in earlier, Warner said he never discussed the team's technical plays with Beenhakker. He did admit that it may have been an error on his (Beenhakker) part to send Latapy in as late as he did.

Football / Team selection dissatisfies ex-nationals
« on: June 21, 2006, 10:48:44 PM »,39460.html

Team selection dissatisfies ex-nationals
WALTER ALIBEY Wednesday, June 21 2006

ANOTHER dogged display by the Trinidad and Tobago “Soca Warriors” which brought pride and satisfaction among the public of this twin-island republic, despite falling 2-0 to Paraguay in Kaiserslautern yesterday.

And according to Prime Minister Patrick Manning, Trinidad and Tobago were the winners “as they have placed this country on the world map.”

Still there were mixed reactions after yesterday’s defeat most of which pointed to the selection of the team and the tactics used.

Ex-Strike Squad defender Brian Williams said he was a bit disappointed with the performance of the team.

“I thought there was not that urgency and drive by the players to go out and win the game yesterday.” The ex-national Rasta hair-styled defence man, who now coaches United Petrotrin in the T&T Pro-League said he was also dissatisfied with the selection of the team.

“I thought left midfielder Collin Samuel should have started and I also feel that coach Leo Beenhakker has shown just a little too much faith in striker Stern John in the match,” Williams said.

He felt John should have been substituted having been used in two previous matches to no effect.

“It could have made a difference for Trinidad and Tobago if coach Beenhakker had used another striker in place of John because he was not getting any goals,” Williams added.

“With the result we were looking for I thought the coach would have gone for a more offensive team in probably a 3-4-3 system where there could have been the use of the extra striker,” Williams said from his German hotel last night.

He also expressed the view that midfielder Russell Latapy should have been used earlier in the game.

“You saw the immediate effect when Latapy was brought onto the field which suggests that he could have been given a little more time, probably to much more effect” Williams noted.

Marlon Morris, another ex-Strike Squad member said he was satisfied with the team generally, and noted that the performance of this team showed that this country could play very attractive football on the world stage. “I was pleased with what I saw in the game despite the 2-0 defeat by the South Americans in yesterday’s all-important match,” said Morris. In fact Morris said, “I was more proud of the performance of the team in this game than in the other two matches because it showed that we can play very good, attractive football and now the entire world knows about Trinidad and Tobago.” But he was a bit concerned with the selection of the team saying he felt Latapy should have been a starter.

Morris said further, he could believe the omission of Shaka Hislop in for Kelvin Jack.

Like Williams, Morris, who is a cousin of ex-Strike Squad captain Clayton Morris, said he felt the coach had shown too much faith in Stern John.

“Stern has not been scoring goals and could be considered as hurting the team even. In addition I felt Latapy should have been considered firstly, instead of Evans Wise who was not effective in the game.

“When you look at the team, you realise it lacked creativity and therefore a man like Latapy would have been the obvious choice in this game,” Morris added.

He quickly added, however, coach Leo Beenhakker is an excellent coach but in this match he picked some wrong horses, one of which was Wise and the other goalkeeper Jack.

Former national team manager Richard Braithwaite described yesterday’s performance as “a wonderful display of football.”

He noted that while the World Cup may be over for TT, the Soca Warriors did show the world that we have the determination and talent to compete on the world stage.

He said the World Cup campaign has opened the eyes of the powers that be in sport in TT and therefore we will see a greater commitment to sports in this country.

Football / Many coaches could have taken us to the dance, some local.
« on: June 20, 2006, 04:50:39 PM »
This is the first WC where CONCACAF had 3.5 spots.

He did well at the beginning, recognizing that the introduction of Latapy to the team when we were at the bottom of the Hex, was our only hope.  Latapy gave us our victories, then Beenie bench de man, as he needed the focus to be on him.  Without Latapy, NOT Beenie, we would never have qualified.  So, we beat a sh!t team named Bahrain without Latas, but we did not need him against such a team. 

phu*ue Beenie because no professional coach could bench Latapy all these games, and yes I know Beenie coach Real Madrid et al, but I doh care, you do not watch talent in de eye and bench dem, maybe is dat Beenie too old and not Latapy!

I do not want to see Beenie's phu*uing face around any TnT team ever in life again, for benching Latapy and then giving him some sentimental run in the last game is akin to treason in my books!

Latapy would have been the Roger Mila of the 2K6 WC if not for Beenhakker.

Football / Allyuh God Beenhakker Mess We Up
« on: June 15, 2006, 11:52:13 AM »
Who vex could vex

1)  Jones should have been pulled off a lot earlier

2)  England have 3 fresh legs, we use one

3)  Where is Colin Samuel?

4)  Where is Latapy?  Especially after down a goal?

5)  We were starting to look tired yet we had two more subs and didn't use them

6)  We could have won this phu*uing match.

7)  The game plan was good but his lack of use of subs was terrible!

One settah drums and iron during the Argentina game, listen in the 58th minute....

Laventille Rhythm Section should be jammin in Nurenburgh!

Football / Dem white jersey eh too hot?
« on: June 11, 2006, 10:52:56 PM »
Maybe I away from de game too long but dem white jersey under de main shirt eh too hot or is it a material to help de players feel cool?

Football / Would you have benched Colin Samuel?
« on: June 11, 2006, 03:38:27 PM »
OK, I know Beenie is regarded as a God around here but seriously, if we had a different result yesterday (losing, not winning), allyuh would ah be questioning every move Beenie made. 

I personally thought Colin Samuel was one of the better players in the first half, what was the reasoning for taking him off, considering that as great as me Mum is, Birchal was not having his best game?

Football / Bring Stern on as a sub
« on: June 11, 2006, 09:59:57 AM »
I though I would have seen more aggression from him, maybe that's the role Beenie wanted, to just loaf in de box but still, bringing him on as a sub in the 2nd half might light the fire I know he is capable of, I am just not seeing it lately.

Football / Biased Ref?
« on: June 11, 2006, 01:57:42 AM »
If we were a big name team, would that ref have given out that red card and yellow card so easily?  Avery deserved the first yellow even though the Swediah player real overreact, but he did not deserve the 2nd yellow.  Yorke's yellow was not warranted.  We got none of the calls.  I thought he was too biased against us.  Are we protesting this so that maybe the next two matches, FIFA might tell dem refs to be more fair, especially with 1st timers like us?

I agree we should bring him on later, but why only 15?  Why not 5 mins into the 2nd half? 

Latapy deserves to start IMNSHO but I initially had to rest that as it seems he is definitely a sub or is the coach playing head games?

Is it too late, time tuh cancel meh trip?

I juss learn ah go be able tuh make it but without tickets, might as well cancel ???....

How can we get tickets now? 

No way Trinis buy out we whole alottment already, Simpauls really sell out ahready :o

Please help ah bruddah out with some avenues ah could pursue for tickets.



Doh stick, Destra about tuh mash orp de dance!

Football / USA's camp starts January 4th
« on: November 30, 2005, 01:43:20 AM »
Adu to be invited to first U.S. camp
USA Today

LOS ANGELES (AP) — U.S. coach Bruce Arena is inviting Freddy Adu to his first camp with the national team and left open the possibility that the 16-year-old could be on his World Cup roster.
  Freddy Adu didn't get regular playing time this season with D.C. United, but U.S. national coach Bruce Arena could still pick him for the World Cup roster. 
By Bill Kostroun, AP

Arena said Tuesday at a soccer symposium that he plans to observe Adu during the team's first training camp of 2006, which starts Jan. 4 in Carson, Calif. Given the depth of the U.S. player pool, Adu would appear to have only a longshot chance of being on the roster for the World Cup, which starts June 9.

Adu recently completed his second season with Major League Soccer's D.C. United, where he has had difficulty gaining a regular place in the starting lineup. Missing several games while he was playing for the U.S. Under-20 team, he appeared in 25 regular-season games for United, making 16 starts.

Adu, who signed with United when he was 14, had four goals and six assists this season. He scored three game-winning goals and had two game-winning assists.

He was suspended for a playoff game against Chicago because he complained publicly about what he considered a lack of playing time.

Arena indicated foreign-based players will make up slightly more than half the U.S. team for next summer's World Cup in Germany.

"We are considering 12 to 14 players based in Europe for our 23-player World Cup squad," he said.

He's looking forward to the return of several veteran players.

"We went through an important year in 2005 where neither Eddie Johnson, John O'Brien, Claudio Reyna nor Cory Gibbs were around much due to injuries, and those are four players that you would think are clearly going to be on our roster for Germany," Arena said.

Talking about seedings, he said, "If a CONCACAF team has the possibility of being a seeded team at the 2006 FIFA World Cup final draw, the United States has done what is necessary in the region to deserve it."

U.S. Soccer Federation president Robert Contiguglia said during the symposium that a collective bargaining agreement with the men's national team players is close to being completed.

"We have an agreement on the economics of the relationship, and we've had that for about six months," Contiguglia said. "We are very close to finalizing the entire deal on the non-economic issues and I would predict in a pretty short period of time we would have an announcement to make on that matter.

"It will carry through 2010 and the payment structure for 2010 will be based on the performance in the 2006 World Cup."

He said negotiations are continuing with the U.S. women's team and that he hoped an agreement with them would be reached in the near future

Football / I predict we making de 2nd rong....
« on: November 16, 2005, 10:50:40 PM »
Round of 16 Fellas, yuh heard it here fuss....

Congrats to de Warriors!

Football / Bahrain goal was a fowl on Andrews
« on: November 14, 2005, 05:42:24 PM »
Allyuh eh see the Bahrain player come and push down Andrews not allowing him to jump for the header, if Andrews had fall down, the ref wouldah blow the whistle, the sad part of it is the entire set play from initially passing back the corner to the push down look like it was planned.  Look at the 2nd replay from the closeup angle and yuh go see what ah torkin bout.

Look, dem fellas does play stink and I think we need a big strong team Wednesday to rough them up.  That team must include Glen on top supporting Stern.

Football / Performance enhancing drugs
« on: November 14, 2005, 11:25:17 AM »
Would you consider the use of performance enhancing drugs so prevalent in US sports for the game on Wednesday, considering that Bahrain "seems" to me a more fit, agile and younger team?  Does FIFA test players after games?

I know this is controversial so leh meh know and I will delete the post.

Football / Why did we play with 10 men?
« on: November 13, 2005, 09:29:34 PM »
I don't give a sh!t if King Beenieman came up with this plan, but whoever thinks that Stern John playing so far up front expecting some miracle cross/pass to get to him while marked by two men know nothing about football.  Stern needs to come back some or move towards the ball to make himself available!  Stern did not score his two goals against Mexico by hiding between two defenders whole game, he came back and supported the midfield.  Even Yorke was arguing with him in the second half!

Football / All de bitchin must stop, watch the game a second time!
« on: November 13, 2005, 03:54:10 PM »
This is my assessment after watching the game today!

1)  Bahrain is a SH!T side and do not deserve to be playing on this level!

2)  We did not play as bad as I thought we did.  Yes, we did not have the energy and hustle of the Mexico game, maybe the players were too tired/nervous. 

3)  I maintain that the substitution of Latapy was a terrible move, he had a good game, except anytime he got the ball, three men were on him, yet most of his passes were accurate and connected.  Instead of substituting him, I would have used him as a decoy to draw the Bahrain players away from the middle of the field, opening up the middle.

4)  We played with 10 men.  I don't give a sh!t if King Beenieman came up with this plan, but whoever thinks that Stern John playing so far up front expecting some miracle cross/pass to get to him while marked by two men know nothing about football.  Stern needs to come back some.

5)  The defense played the offside trap well.  Some lapses did occur.  That goal was not Marvin Andrews fault, he was fouled by another stink Bahrain player bushing him, he maybe did not realize he was marking two men but someone needs to shout out to another defender to pick up the other player who headed the ball.  What happened is a guy rushed in and pushed John down, leaving another Bahrain player free to head the ball.  Obviously planned!

6)  I retract my statements that Jack should have come out and punched out that cross, I don't think he could have but I still believe Shaka should be starting, I think he communicates more with the defense.

7)  Whitley, Birchal, and Edwards all had great games.  Yorke should have scored one of those chances, maybe he is not as quick and agile as he used to be.

8 )  Beenhakker was outcoached, he should never have substituted Latas and should not have criticized Birchal after the game.  Latas was substituted in his last game for Falkirk, I hope this substitution does not affect his confidence.  Why did our players look so tired?  Why did he not use Glen to provide a spark and have another fresh pair of legs in the last 10 minutes?

9)  I do not like what seemed like an argument between Stern and Yorke in the 2nd half.  They did not appear to be on good terms.

10) Latapy needs to stop taking corners and spot kicks, let Birchall do that job.  Latapy has not had one good corner in the last two games.

I believe we will beat Bahrain come Wednesday, I predict a 3-1 victory! :chilling:

Football / 17 points to consider
« on: November 13, 2005, 01:59:07 AM »
1)  Latapy: “Vibes it up TnT”!  After all the cuss I get for questioning the party atmosphere prior to this game including the above subject quote from Latapy, I ask you, was Latapy also Vibesing it up the night before the game with some beers and ladies?  Why did the three musketeers, Yorke, Latapy and John look so lazy and tired?  Were they upset Shaka was not in goal?

2)  True that it could be nerves got to the team, or was it that their Thursday and Friday workouts were too harsh making the team too tired for this game?

3)  My one criticism of Jack is he does not come off his line, I wonder if he could have come off his line to punch out that cross.  Wasn’t that cross inside the 6 yard box?  I feel safer with Shaka in goal.

4)  Even after my opinion in #1, I disagree with the Latapy substitution, he is the one player that could work magic at any time.  I hope it does not affect his confidence on Wednesday.  He had a very good 1st half.

5)  Our team looked surprisingly happy for the draw at the end, in the last few minutes, we were on the attack yet we only had two men up front in the box supporting the wing man.  Why didn’t we push the whole team forward?

6)  Why didn’t we use another pair of fresh legs on the field, why not use Glen especially with so many tired legs on the field?

7)  The Waggonist in the stadium make me sick, they were so phu*uing quiet, the FSC commentators mentioned it maybe a million times, I can’t stand this with TnT supporters, when the team needs you most, you let them down, when they are down and lacking confidence, you are dead silent, why, why, why?  We never have a 12th man, and then the added track between the supporters and the field, we need a dedicated football stadium without track   When Germany or England is down a goal, that is when the fans start to sing!

8 )  Big up to Birchall for what I call, a bullet from God.

9)  Bahrain play a very stink game, I saw real elbows fly today, they remind me of Argentina with their dirty tactics.  We need to get stink on Wednesday.

10)  Did Nakid play a role?  Bahrain never allowed TnT to get our one-twos going, they cut off many of our passes and even did well tackling our dribble.  They suck offensively but do a decent job defending and frustrating the opponent.  I would not be surprised if they line up 11 men in the goal on Wednesday hoping for a 0-0 draw, giving them qualification.

11)  Many of our foreign players were on the bench for the last few weeks, more reason we definitely needed a warm up with Uzbechistan or another Asian team but too late for dat.

12)  As great as the Little magician is, I am not impressed with his corners and freekicks.  Birchall took a terrific corner after Latas went off, I think he needs to take over Latas’ role on corners.

13)  As Beenieman said, Bahrain controlled too many periods in the game, we looked nervous, scared, and almost unprepared.

14)  Did the attempt by Beenieman and crew to fortify the defense with Samuel affect their confidence?  They looked very shaky today, nothing like the confident foursome that played Mexico.

15)  Beenie needs a different approach Wednesday as he was outcoached on Saturday.

16)  If we do not qualify Wednesday, sorry to say but that would be the final nail in the coffin for TnT football.  If we repeat the same performance that we did today, we do not deserve to be in the World Cup.

17) Once our team is rested and has confidence, we will beat Bahrain, I hope and pray that our accommodations are peaceful and adequate without much external noise so our players can be rested before Wednesday, it seems we were either too tense with so much national pressure or just tired from lack of sleep on the field today.  With Birhall’s goal from God today, I feel we will pull through Wednesday.

Bakr in jail, no bail...

Raid 8 mosques, gov't mash orp Mucorapo compound...

Madness in the palce, but we should ah take dat b!tch out years ago, yuh think he would ah be walking the streets in cowboy Bush country?

Sad thing though is that everybody thinking something go happen.  I hope it does not affect crowd turn out.

The next sad thing is Bakr have a cell phone in jail, ah wonder if they supply him with a charger too...

Anyway, despite that, vibes it up TnT, 24 hrs to go!

:beermug: :beermug: :beermug: :beermug: :beermug:

As usual, the menu fat, Carib, stew chicken, roti, cow heel soup, de works....

Football / Everybody, HUSH allyuh damn mout!
« on: October 27, 2005, 07:00:59 PM »
The overconfidence on this board is a sure sign of arrogance and is the exact recipe to failure that Bahrain wants.  The last time we sounded like this was Strike Squad in 1989 especially after Jack Warner announced, "When we get to Italy, we will be a force to be reckoned with".

Look, I like many here have dedicated at least two decades in supporting TnT.  It's been a long and painful journey and I doh want no more heart attack with a loss against Bahrain.  But the only way we will beat Bahrain is if we approach the game with the respect they deserve, we must approach this game giving that team as much respect as we did to Mexico prior to the last game.  Stop all de Bullsh!t dat is a "sh!t side" and we go "mash dem up" and all this nonsense, haven't we been down that road before, what's the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me", fellas, please get off allyuh phu*uing high horse and do not repeat the same arrogant mistake we made in 1989.  This team has already beaten Panama 5-0, even though it was Panama's B side, it was also Bahrain's B side, the fact is they already have a good taste of Concacaf football, and I know Panama is no TnT but 5-0 is an impressive win no matter how yuh skin it.  All this talk from Latas on "Vibes it up" like is a phu*uing lime we going to, no, we not ready for that, and I am not taking anything away from the Warriors last win, but Mexico didn't have anything to play for and we got past Guatemala in the last 5 minutes but a win is a win; our team more than deserve 4th place but we eh all dat tuh be torking like we is boss and Bahrain is nutten.  Don't get me wrong, it was clear that Mexico wanted to beat us badly, they gave us a good fight, and in all fairness, that game was one of the best I ever see TnT play but it is different when the team you are playing also has the same dream as you do and it's a winner take all situation.  Bahrain is a good team, do not underestimate them, we must approach this game as we did Mexico but all I am hearing here is it go be a walk over and we must give dem 4 - 0 in TnT, wake up, and many people read this website, including players, let's not get stupid and drunk with arrogance, please come down to earth realizing how difficult and serious this game will be.

Beenieman is returning on 11/4, I hope he doing his homework overseas, the team as late as the 7th, Yorke on the 8th (he might not recover from that Australia flight jetlag until the 10th), we don't have any practice matches with Uzbekastan (or however you spell it) or any other Asian team, they already have a leg up on us.  And phu*ue Nahkid and all dem odder bullahmen trying to mess we up.  We need to FOCUS and respect the difficult road that lies ahead.

Anyone going to the game, please, if we down a goal, doh get quiet nah, TnT is the only country where we down one goal,  is then the crowd does get quiet whereas every other nation realize that dais when the team needs your voices and support.  Also, since Bahrain wearing red, I hope we get anuddah 2nd uniform because we did not look good the last time we played in white, yeah, call meh paranoid….  Lastly, I am happy FIFA did not wipe out the yellow cards because I think we play best when we play our natural style and not depend on the physical game and according to the man himself, "we let the ball do the talking", play more ball control/skill than physical play, like we did against Mexico, dat was an incredible display of TnT magic on the field.


Football / Is Cornell Glenn back in the mix?
« on: October 27, 2005, 12:58:58 AM »
Not that we need him to win but just curious to know if he has been recalled for 11/12 &16....

We winning with or without him...

Football / Why aren't we playing Uzbekistan for a warm up?
« on: October 24, 2005, 11:14:18 PM »
Or are we so good/overconfident that we don't need a practice match?  Or is it dat de government to phu*uing cheap?  All dat $70/barrel oil money mustbe in somebody pocket.

Meanwhile, Bahrain is scrimmaging Panama and Jamaica, while we dealing with Bachannal with Mr Judas himself, David Nahkid, who IMHO need a good BULLPISTLE in he bamsee...

Imagine dat b!tch looking to lie and steal DVD/video files for Bahrain, isn't that illegal, can't we lock his arse up for dat shit?!?  Damn, I real vex reading this treasonous act from the "Bahrainian Voice"....  If I see dat dog in POS  :devil: ..... hmmm, leh meh hush meh mout....

Former captain of Trinidad offers to help national team  

CONTROVERSIAL former captain and assistant coach of Trinidad and Tobago David Nakhid is believed to be in Bahrain and offering his services to the national team ahead of their World Cup playoff clash against the Caribbean side.

Nakhid was sacked by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation after he suggested some members of the Syrian community were involved in drug trade and questioned why they were not being charged in a television interview on CCN TV6's Morning Edition.

But none of the Bahrain Football Association officials were ready to comment on the matter.

However, it is believed that Nakhid will be providing Bahrain with video tapes of matches involving Trinidad in the Concacaf qualifying round and also hold a seminar to brief the national team coaching staff of the conditions in Port-of-Spain in general and about the Trinidad team in particular.

Nakhid, 41, won two National Championships and Domestic Cups with Grasshopper FC of Switzerland and was the two-time Most Valuable Player for Belgian first division club Waregem.

The former midfielder also won three league championships and three Cups with Al Ansar of Lebanon apart from being voted Caribbean Player of the year in 1993.

He was also voted Player of the Year in Lebanon for two successive years and in 2005 Nakhid was inducted into the American University Hall of Fame.

Football / Who glad Shaka get ah sweat?
« on: October 12, 2005, 11:23:17 PM »
Big up to Jack but ah glad tuh see Mr Hislop get some time off de bench, he has been a dedicated Warrior, not only dat but he pulled off two incredible saves tonight....

De crowd went wild anytime he touched the ball...

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