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Cricket Anyone / RIP Runako Morton
« on: March 04, 2012, 10:20:08 PM »
Details still sketchy but apparently, Runako died in a car accident in Chase village tonight. That's as much as i know at this point

General Discussion / FATIMA
« on: April 24, 2010, 08:46:46 PM »
a couple groups have surfaced on facebook about two fatima boys performing oral sex with each other (they look like they are in form one).

other than a question of child pornography (which i think facebook lapsin in dis area cuz these groups should be shut down already), the question arises of what would influence dese yutemen to indulge in these actions.

seein that their faces were shown as clear as day, one wonders what action the school or their parents wud take since im sure they wud have heard about it already.

another reason why changin co ed to schools to same sex might be a bad idea  ???

Cricket Anyone / Calypso Kings Bravo, Gayle and Benn sing
« on: December 23, 2009, 08:49:03 PM »

 :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

somebody who computer savvy can embed it for me please?   :-[

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Mairoon Ali died today
« on: December 20, 2009, 08:41:26 PM »
Hey peeps, Mairoon died this morning according to news reports. cause of death not known as yet. For those of u who dont know, she was one of d leading comedienne/actresses on d scene. and used to teach in Bishops i believe. i wud post a pic but i dont know how to.

RIP Ms Ali  :'( :'(

General Discussion / Hanna Lendore
« on: December 13, 2009, 05:34:15 PM »
peeps, hear dis.

hanna Lendore is a 9 year old from sea lots who is in dire need of life saving liver surgery. d surgery is in venezuela at a cost of 1.3 million TT dollars. so far d family raised about half of that.

we cud play a part in saving dis child's life

to d locals:

bmobile in collaboration with Telios has started a fund for her where all proceeds would go to her for d surgery. all we have to do is send a text to GIVE (4483) and ten ($10) dollars will be taken from your phone. u cud send a blank text and u cud send as many texts as u want.

i doh know this child or dis family, but this story is particularly sad and it is d least we cud do. so tell a neighbour, tell a friend, spread d word and lewwe help raise some money for dis child.


Cricket Anyone / T&T in d Finals
« on: October 22, 2009, 05:44:20 PM »
Mods, please mash brakes for a couple hours and allow this thread to stay until in d mornin

i posted this here because the majority of posters on this forum do not visit the "cricket anyone?' forum so they may not know wat is takin place

i just want to let everyone know the Trinidad and Tobago cricket team is in the finals of the IPL 20/20 Championships which will be playin from tomorrow 10:15am  local time.

we will be playin the top australian club team new south wales and our team is the only team in this tournament that is undefeated so far

d majority of the cricket lovin population at home and across the world never expected us to reach this far.

so peeps in case u didnt know, now u know. and with all that goin on in d country now, this is definitely something to be proud of.

mods, doh vex, but i jus thought i shud share this  :-[  :-*

General Discussion / sean "bill" francis... dead?
« on: April 27, 2009, 08:31:44 PM »
jus heard on tv 6 news that he was killed tonight near d police station. reports are still sketchy.

now ppl, i live morvant, an at about a lil after 8 i heard about 25-30 gunshots, like if it was a gunfight goin on. so it cud very well be true.

tings goin an get real sticky if daiz d case. steups!

Football / whitley almost back to full fitness
« on: October 20, 2008, 05:35:53 PM »
tv 6 sports interview him. is a nerve injury he have. he cud run an walk an ting but he just cant kick. right now he back in trainin an we go be seein him in d middle soon.


Football / look d bachanal Dwight get heself een!!
« on: August 06, 2007, 10:21:24 AM »
for d local based, it have a story on dwight on page 69 of d guardian. foreign based check online.
dwight latest girlfirend jus gave birth to a bouncin baby boy, but it mightnt be he own.

d 24 year old girlfrien named Naomi apparently was cheatin on dwight 4 d pas TWO YEARS wid a semi pro golfer.

d article bawl, how ms. Naomi had dis man livin in d house dwight buy for her all dis time when dwight playin in australia an england.

apparently d child look like dwight but doh have he colouring.

when d girlfren went into labour, she call d hornerman instead of dwight. dwight only find out bout d pickney after he born.dat is only because d woman contact him thru d agent.

d article also say dat dis f**kin woman was givin d hornerman d 'good life', fancy clothes etc. all of which was funded by we boy dwighty.

what d hell really goin on here!!
after i read dis article,i get so fackin vex an disgusted. when he go learn. when d hell he go learn.  why he insist he must be wid dese hos. Steups!!

dwight doh need dis kinda bachanal before he start he season.

i not too computer savvy, daiz why i eh post d article. so somebody help meh out nah.

if somebody post dis topic ahready, daiz my bad.
dwight, handle yuh scene fast,fast.!!


i find d local reggae yutes mashin up d place fine, fine. i sasha an million voice have a song out dat just blowin up right now.

d reggae comin out a jamaica  right now is shit. sizzla gone thru, capleton gone (did neva like he)
everyting is a dance in jamaica now.

but what i really want to know, from allyuh who livin away is if dey does play we local reggae on d radio stations over dey.waiz d vibes we music gettin up there?


General Discussion / Losing your accent
« on: June 30, 2006, 10:48:22 PM »
for d trinis who livin abroad an everybody in general. why it is when a trini go away for two hours, when dey come back , dey american an english accent thick,thick like if dey born dey. if dey stand up in front of dey fridge to long dey ketch a accent. steups.take yorke for example.

for d trinis who livin abroad, allyuh realise if allyuh accents change?
why does this happen?.

and dont say is because since everyone around u talkin a certain way , u happen to adopt it.

if something in yuh , it in yuh!

jamaicans live abroad for years an they still have dey original accent.

i doh know bout allyuh, but i real love my accent and if im to go away, dis accent never leavin me.


Football / beenie not playin yorke an latas together
« on: June 08, 2006, 08:54:05 PM »
hard luck if dis post already but..

watchin cnc3 dis evenin and beenie man bawl he would not play latas an yorke together because it will cause an imbalance in the team because they are both attackin players.

me eh no coach, or a tactitian like beenhaks, but if i not mistaken yorke an latas together had some wonderful set plays in d bahrain an guat. games. to me , d two of dem together add some 'magic' in dat midfield.

beenie know what he doin so........
 but what allyuh tink.


Football / clayton morris- steups!!
« on: May 19, 2006, 11:17:07 PM »
d locals , correct me if ah wrong eh. tv6 news sports clayton say someting along d lines of,' wid d length of time that d socawarriors have to practice, there is no way we could beat any of d teams in we group'. end quote.
all i have to say, if it true is wit all due respect mr. morris HYMC.

he always have someting negative to say. steups

allyuh tell me if i hear correct dat wat he really said?


Football / farewell dinner
« on: May 12, 2006, 10:45:33 PM »
ah jus come back from limin by meh tanty. she had d tv on channel 4 when ah reach an dey was showin it.ah goin an try to give a lil review for those who want to know.

d whole team an tech staff was dey, gears off in some sharp looking suit, lookin crisp.

dat point in time, dey was havin a  picture tribute to latas (very touching i might add) den d host tony harford call up lara who came for a couple mins, an dwighty to present a plaque to latas. ah eh go lie, when as see meh three sons of d soil who achieve so much, meh eyes get wet one time.
latas give a lil speech , thanking everybody an what not.

nex jack warner get a picture tribute to  frank sinatra's 'my way'. also very touching if i may say so myself.
he also gave a speech which was one of his better ones.
 he talk about how d warriors were swarmed in rio claro, debe and sando,in d road tour an that he neva experienced or saw anyting like that before.

he also talk about that incident with jennings this morning.he say he was harrased whole week by dis man.
monday , jennings call jack mother in law and alledgedly abused her, tuesday, he went by her house an tried to jump over her gate, causing d mother in law to run inside in for fear of her life. she is 80years old.
wednesday, thursday, same harrasment.
in d airport now , jack said jennings pushed d mike in his mouth , bursting his lip, dat is why he pushed him , not because of d question dat jennings asked.

jack gave d players advice that there will b ppl like jennings who will harass them jus because they believe the warriors have no right to b there and the likes of russia an camerroon should. he advised that the warriors should not fall to there level but keep there cool at all times.

couple other presentations were made, president talk, burell talk,beenie man talk, colin lucas sing 'football dance', sherwin sing 'dont stop'.

dwight gave a nice speech heself, thankin everybody who support thru d good an bad times especially d bad.
maximus done d ting wit 'soca train' and 'soca warrior'.

all in all, from what i saw it was real touchin .
one thing i observe though, in all d speeches, no one mention BSC contribution to d campaign. but den again i didnt see it from d start.


Football / question
« on: May 07, 2006, 10:33:36 PM »
for those who unable to go d game wednesday for whatever reason, if dey showin it on tv,where allyuh goin to watch it? for example crobar,trotters etc????


General Discussion / why girls does get fight dong so???
« on: April 27, 2006, 10:50:11 PM »
nobody's angel bring dis up in d touches match report thread. she generally said dat whenever a female say someting bout football she gettin quizzed like in a fireball interrogation. when man talk football, he know everyting so is no scene. can somebody please tell me WHY IS THAT???

after she bring up dat, i jus thought i hadda share one of my experiences where i got d biggest fight dong in history.
allyuh girl dey limin wit some fellas talkin football, world cup squads etc. a fella in d group jump up an bawl ,and i quote "buh how yuh does concede ah corner ahgain??", end quote. without d blink of an eye a nex fella in d group answered him. no shit up, no buss head, NOTHIN!!!

we talkin world cup squads now, an yuh girl make d mistake an bawl seedorf from netherlands. EH HEH!! who tell me say dat! bout three ah dem one time say " he playin for holland girl, waiz yuh scene dread?"
a nex one bawl "kill she dead she know football eh!"
my dear friends, holland an netherlands is d same f***in place .

i ask of u therfore, was dat fight dong justifed an why it is fellas feel girls shud not know or talk bout football.

trinicana, kanditt, jodie,nobody's angel and whoever female on dis board , lemme know if dis kinda ting ever happen to allyuh.


doh know if anybody bring up dis topic yet, but what are some of allyuh thoughts on it. even though we in 2006, it still have people who bennin an screwin on people who in dis kinda relationships.

i had one of those when i was in secondary school, form4/5. it end off bad but daiz no scene. it was a nice experience.
to make a long story short, im a young black female, he was a indian. we never use to talk so much until we english teacher pair we up for a husband/wife exercise. we end up likin each other :-[. things was nice until.......
an indian girl from class came into the picture an the rest is history :'(
that was a long time ago(bout 5 years) but dat eh sour meh though

ah remember gettin some good pong from d fellas especially.

anybody here was ever in or presently in an interacial relationship? share allyuh experiences nah.


Football / not everybody cud afford tickets
« on: April 17, 2006, 02:53:18 PM »
forgive meh if dis post already but ah gettin vex. ah hearin people talkin bout d price of d peru game tix is not high. especially spalker.
i understand yes, it is a world cup squad,international game etc, to me ,it does not justify raisng the prices by over 200%.
not every football lover and supporter have dat kinda money. not everybody in trinidad have dat kinda money.

i remember d sweet old days when ticket were 50$for uncovered and yuh wud see all d grassroots and d ghetto youths like mehself who love an enjoy dey football. when u raise d prices dat high ,yuh leavin out dat part of society.

i have been to EVERY game,except d one ash wednesday vs. usa, an it real vexin me to know i go b missinĀ  d last game on home grounds for maybe more dan two years, an latas last game, jus because warriors now big in d dance.

ah supportin hard still an would never stop supportin. done have meh warriors big badge, big flag done hang up outside my house ahready, an lime for d 10 may done plan out, food an everyting.

WN, represent hard for dĀ  warrior queen please. block out all dem waggonist dem.ah go b watchin allyuh. hope dey show it on tv ;D

warriors till ah dead!


Football / why dey havin fetes in d stadium? steups!!
« on: February 03, 2006, 10:33:43 PM »
i doh know if this was posted ahready but i jus had to ask cuz ah doh believe it.
why it is de minstry of sport allowing fetes like youth fest and brass to occur in d stadium, an ah not talkin bout  soca broadway. ah know broadway is d carpark.
buh how d f**k dem cud let randy" add chutney to soca warriors" glascow hold youth fest on d field.
 yea dey say dey will protect d ground , but is a fete. when you have thousands a people jumpin on d field, no amount of protection will hold up to dat.
i dont know how true this is so i stand to be corrected. but if is true , dis is jus another way of boynes showin he doh know wat d f**k he doin.
it must have somewhere else to throw dese fetes.

dat being said, maximus come out wit a new warriors tune and it WICKED. i doh know if it is a remix but it better dan d original. if allyuh hear it ahready, lemme hear how allyuh rate it nah.
have a safe carnival people. ah want all ah we to make it to see d world cup. arrive alive!!


Football / warner still payin beenie....steups
« on: December 03, 2005, 11:07:29 PM »
warner was on spalk friday ,an he reveal he STILL payin beenhaks.
mr. boynes...... what d f**k man.
after all dat talk in d airport dat haks still have he job, diz d shit wah still goin on.warner shouldnt have to b payin beenie.




imagin boynes bennin to give we football a lil twenty million, sayin d cabinet wouldnt approve a open budget for d world cup.
yet he could spend a disgusting 850 million on someting dat not really necessary now.
whey we priorities dread?

ALL TALK AN NO F**KIN ACTION yapping: :yapping: :yapping: :yapping: :yapping: :yapping:

get yuh priorities right honourable minister.


Football / good to see morvant on d news for someting positive
« on: November 16, 2005, 11:00:47 PM »
lawrence, d new morvant hero. somebody d youths cud look up too and try to b like.
it good to see good tings could come outta morvant.
givin meh hope for d future
d man who score d winner to send we f**kin germany.
just seein his mudder an brodder on d news ,sayin how proud dey is , tears come to meh flickin eyes.
whole day a cryin, ah feelin like a mook :'(
ah wine , ah jump , ah dance
instant fete break out in uwi
ah bun!
but ah must say
father god , thank u for d blessings
thank u for fulfilling we destiny
help we to remember always dat is becuz ah you, why we going to d big stage.
everybody , b safe , tomorrow is another day


Football / WAGGONISTS TEK OVA!!!!!!!
« on: November 10, 2005, 09:27:27 AM »
allyuh , ah opening dis thread  so that all d die hards on dis board cud post d good news dat dey secure dey ticket.

i lookin to go down dey about 7 cuz ah hadda travel and i ent leavin morvant no earlier dan 6.

i ent lookin forward to dat bacchanal tomorrow but i ent fraid to fight.  :arguing: :challenge:

good luck wit getting tickets :)


Football / lewwe send we own chicken to bahrain!!!
« on: October 27, 2005, 09:54:03 AM »
ah hear on d news dis mornin dat it have a possibility that bird flu might spread to africa an d middle east. :o
ah hope mr warner arrange someting where all de boys food cud come from tnt and carry a trini too to cook all dey meals.
i eh trust nutthin and nobody from bahrain unti after we reach germany.
we should take all precautionary measures.
we done see how slick dem bahshitongs is.
we hadda b careful.
dis not football again ,dis is WAR!!

Football / just curious
« on: October 14, 2005, 09:21:47 PM »
what allyuh woulda do if we didnt flatten mexico?

:banginghead: dis woulda be me for about two weeks straight.

lemme know.

Football / NO antisocial support in d stadium!!!!
« on: October 12, 2005, 08:20:57 AM »
d people who go b in d stadium, come prepared to lose allyuh voice.
dem mexican earbells should b damaged by the end of this match

ah hate it when we playin ,people doh want to make noise and tellin yuh to sit dong when yuh standing  up supportin yuh team.
if yuh want to sit dong an watch d game STAY HOME!!!
d warriors need to fell we presence, feed off we energy.
dey could only do that if we stand up  and  MAKE NOISE!!


Football / WARRIORS , start learnin german NOW!!!
« on: October 08, 2005, 10:45:37 PM »
bad first half, better second half.
 of course someting jus had to go wrong with the coverage.
ch 4 lost the feed from panama city, no fault of theirs. i say it was sabotage on panama's behalf
however they ended up showing the entire second half after the game was over.
for those who didnt see it ,stern john goal was good but if it wasnt for kenwyn jones who set it up nicely we woulda be nil-nil.
jones was able to get the ball to stern while lying on the ground surrounded by about 2 or 3 defenders.
not takin anything away from stern but jones played a major part in that goal
just thought i should mention that.
well done warriors.

is pure BACCHANAL in dat stadium wednesday.

Football / anybody have any sedatives?
« on: October 07, 2005, 10:50:42 PM »
for dis past week i in a real mess becuz of dis game.i doh remeber feelin dis anxious or nervous in so long.
any recommedations as to what i could take to calm dong?
i hope ah make it to see d game yes
warriors, allyuh go kill meh!


Football / allyuh ,sancho injured!
« on: October 03, 2005, 08:47:19 AM »
d newspapers bawl how sancho injured his hamstring and how he leave d field in tears. it also quoted him as sayin he dont know if he would recover in time for panama.
dis news jus vex me cuz right now he in top form an he get on real bad against guatemala last time
if dis news true , who allyuh go put in d back to replace him?


Football / ref wife was probabbly a guatemalan
« on: September 03, 2005, 09:30:08 PM »
dem shit call d ref made jus had me wondering if he pipsin a spanish woman .......or man ???
dem guatemalans foul we left , right and center an neva got called for it..
 ah just found most of his calls were unfair. any other opinions?


Football / Latas goal was real sexy!
« on: September 03, 2005, 09:19:13 PM »
ah neva wine so hard in a football match before.if allyuh noticed two girls jumpin on d fence den allyuh know what ah talkin bout.  :angel:
how latapy place dat ball in d net was one of d most beautiful tings i have ever seen.
i must admit, when guatemala score dey second goal ah get real sour but de last ten minutes of d game was real fire and pace boy.
dis game was probably d BEST game dat t&t ever play in a loooong time an ah glad i was dey to see it.
good fight fellas, good fight.
 ah dey in d stadium for mexico ass.


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