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Football / John Bostock Thread
« on: March 08, 2013, 01:23:52 PM »
Toronto FC acquires midfielder John Bostock from Tottenham Hotspur

Toronto FC acquired midfielder John Bostock on loan from Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League on Friday.

He will be officially added to the roster and eligible for selection upon receipt of his International Transfer Clearance.

I know John from our time at Tottenham and we are very excited to have him in Toronto, Toronto FC head coach Ryan Nelsen said in a release. He is a creative player and he will fit in well with the club.
Bostock, 21, most recently spent time on loan with Swindon Town FC of Englands League One. He began his youth career at Crystal Palace FC and signed with the first team for the 2007-08 season.

Tottenham purchased Bostock ahead of the 2008-09 campaign and he became the youngest player in club history to play for the Spurs. He played a UEFA Cup match against Dynamo Zagreb at the age of 16 years 295 days.

Since joining Tottenham, Bostock has gone on four different loan spells in England with Brentford FC (2009-10), Hull City AFC (2010-11), Sheffield Wednesday (2011-12), and Swindon Town (2012-13).

He was part of the Swindon Towns League Two Championship winning side in 2012 and was returned to Tottenham in January.

Bostock has represented England at the under-16, U17, and U19 levels. He also served as captain for Englands U17 side.

Football / Redknapp rocks the boat...again
« on: January 29, 2009, 06:57:10 AM »

Harry rocks the boat...again
Posted by Paul Allen 2 days, 11 hours ago

It seems that Harry Redknapp can't keep his mouth shut when it comes to talking about other teams players.

His public pursuit of Sunderland striker, Kenwyne Jones, is an annoyance that new boss, Ricky Sbragia, could do without.

The Tottenham Hotspur manager has not been shy in expressing an interest in the Trinidad & Tobago international, a move that has not been welcomed in Sunderland.

It's not the first time Redknapp has publicly declared an interest in a player registered with another Premier League club and the fact that Spurs were so damning of Liverpool and Manchester United in announcing their summer interest in Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov respectively, is a clear sign of double-standards.

Redknapp confirmed: We have made a bid for Jones. I have no idea how far the chairman has got with it or even whether Sunderland want to do a deal.

The Spurs boss confirmation of a bid through the media for the Sunderland striker is a clear attempt to unsettle the player a move that has not gone down well with Sbragia.

The Sunderland boss confirmed the interest from Spurs but was quick to rebuke any advances for last seasons top scorer for the Black Cats and reiterated his desire to keep the striker at the club. Sbragia said: They have enquired about him but its the methods they use that are disappointing. A lot has appeared in the papers but the main concern is that it does not get in the players head and that his performances dont dip.

Despite Spurs initial bid being rejected and Sunderlands condemnation of Redknapps media tactics, Jones has continued to interest the Londoners, with a reported bid of 15million or a swap deal involving Spurs striker, Darren Bent, on the table.

Despite the opportunity for Sunderland to make a huge profit on the 6million they paid Southampton for Jones 18 months ago, Sbragia is adamant that hes not for sale, especially to a club showing complete disregard to Premier League rules.

A frustrated Sbragia added: They are still coming back and doing it again. Theyre trying to get into the players head and maybe trying to work the agent a bit more. On many occasions weve said no to Spurs.'

Premier League Rule K8 states: A statement made publicly by or on behalf of a club expressing interest in acquiring the registration of a contract player shall be treated as an indirect approach.

And Appendix Q2 states: A manager shall not, either directly or indirectly (including by making any statement to the media) make an approach to a contract player with a view to the managers club negotiating a contract with such player.

Only six months ago Spurs complained to the Premier League that Manchester United and Liverpool had broken Rule K8 in their summer pursuits of Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane, respectively.

Although Spurs lost their cases against Manchester United and Liverpool and the players were sold to the accused clubs, it was a sign of integrity and a stand against so-called bigger clubs unsettling players by making their interests known publicly.

Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy, said at the time: The public comments by Manchester United's manager, announcing that he has made an offer for Dimitar and is confident that the deal will go through with time working in their favour, is a blatant example of sheer arrogance and interference with one of our players.

It is also probably one of the worst offences by any manager in the Premier League to date.

Benitez made similar comments in respect of Robbie recently and we made an official complaint to the Premier League about the conduct of Liverpool earlier this week.

I have absolutely no wish to sell either player and to date we have not accepted any offer for either.

Sunderland are in the same position as Tottenham were in six months ago. They have absolutely no wish to sell and have not accepted an offer.

At the time, I admired Levys determination to fight some clubs self-proclaimed prerogative to do whatever they felt necessary to get their hands on a player, be it breaking rules and unsettling the player in question.

It would seem that the Spurs chairman has changed his opinion and now believes that it is okay to publicly announce an interest in another clubs player.

His manager clearly has no regard for the rules and, it would seem, neither does Levy. The chairman clearly does not think that Redknapp is breaking any rules, otherwise he would have made it clear to him that his comments were unacceptable when he confirmed his interest in Jermain Defoe, Stewart Downing and Craig Bellamy.

Redknapp announced to the media his interest in these players, resulting in all three players demanding a move from their clubs. Defoe rejoined Tottenham, West Ham had no option but to sell Bellamy to Man City after he stormed out of a training session and Stewart Downing had a written transfer request turned down by Middlesbrough.

Redknapps public interest in these players was a clear factor in them wanting to leave their clubs.

He has also declared an interest in former Spurs forward, Robbie Keane, now at Liverpool following a 20million move from Spurs in the summer. Redknapp said: I wouldnt sit here and say I wouldnt like to have Robbie Keane at my football club, Id be a liar, but he belongs to Liverpool so it is not an option unfortunately.

At the moment, Kenwyne Jones' head has not been turned by the courting of Redknapp and I don't think it will.

Jones burst on to the Premier League last season, quickly becoming a fans' favourite for his hard-working displays. A knee injury playing for Trinidad & Tobago against England in a summer friendly resulted in months of treatment.

However, Jones returned to the team in goalscoring form, something that was lacking from his game last season. Although he hasn't quite hit the form he was in last season and his partnership with on-loan French forward, Djbril Cisse, has not reached its potential, he no doubt has the ability to be a top-class Premier League forward.

Still only 24 and cutting his teeth in the top-flight, Jones probably knows he has a good thing going at Sunderland and doesn't feel the need to move on just yet. Sunderland have, potentially, a formidable strike force in Jones and Cisse. It would be a step backwards if Jones, last year's player of the season, was to leave.

Jones has signed a new, long-term contract at Sunderland to counter the advances of Spurs and surely puts the transfer saga to bed.

This time, it seems, Redknapp's disruptive tactics have failed to deliver.

Football / What does Redknapp's change mean for Hyland?
« on: October 30, 2008, 07:28:06 AM »
Does anyone have an idea what Redknapp's change in club might possibly mean for Khaleem Hyland. I mean, he was the one who was fighting for the man to go to Pompey, would popmpey still want him, as Tony Adams is now manager? Does Redkanpp rate him so much, would he bring him to Sp*rs?

Chris Coleman admits little interest in Coventry City players

Jun 27 2008 By Andy Turner

CHRIS COLEMAN admits Coventry City have had very little interest from other clubs in any of his over-sized squad.

The Sky Blues' boss is looking to trim his current crop of players to a maximum of 24 ahead of the new 2008/09 Championship season.

Twelve of last season's personnel have already gone through natural wastage, either because their contracts are up or they have ended their loan spells - but a number of players deemed surplus to requirements remain on the books.

Those appear to include the likes of Kevin Kyle, Chris Birchall and Dimi Konstantopoulos, to name just three, but the City manager revealed: "It has been quiet as far as interest in any of our players is concerned.

"We have had one or two phone calls but no one has come in with anything definite, rather just testing the water.

"I would imagine there will be one or two more leaving because I hope there will be one or two more arriving. I don't want a squad of 30-odd players with 10 or 12 players never getting a look in because it is a waste of time.

"Even though they were signed by the last manager, everyone has got different tastes and they are better off moving on for their career, so it suits them and us.I want a squad of 23 or 24 but with good quality."

Did anyone else hear this (via translator). Yet the players left out, player sthat he never called up to make an assessment on, players that we all know that always give 110% in their games, players where it is glaringly obvious that they possess the right attitude were not even deemed good enough to get a call up.

My question is, what does he mean "attitude problem"?? it isn't like this was the first game he had them under his charge. Steupss.

Football / Quinn confident Roy Keane will stay at Sunderland
« on: May 28, 2008, 08:40:57 AM »

Quinn confident Keane will stay at Sunderland

Updated: May 28, 2008, 11:28 AM UK

Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn is confident Roy Keane will be at the club next season despite being linked with the vacant manager's job at Chelsea.

The Irishman has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Avram Grant at Stamford Bridge but Quinn is calm on the matter.

He said: 'I am not overly surprised that Roy has been linked.

'But rather than fret about it, I would take it as a positive that we must be doing something right as a football club.

'And remember, Roy is still under contract at Sunderland for next season and I am pretty happy at this stage that he will be with us for a long time to come.'

Keane took over at the Stadium of Light in August 2006 in his first management post, and has since masterminded the club's return to the Premier League and its consolidation in the top flight.

That has helped to enhance his reputation, but the former Manchester United skipper insists he has much to learn and that no-one at Sunderland made more mistakes than he did last season.

Quinn remains hopeful that Keane will extend his stay on Wearside by signing a new contract, something about which the manager remains relaxed.

However, there is little doubt that a man who was a winner as a player will attract attention as long as he continues to learn his trade at a rapid pace.

Keane invested around 44million in new signings last season and is currently preparing to launch a new recruitment drive as he attempts to establish his club in the Premier League.

Football / I couldn't say no to call from Keano.
« on: May 11, 2007, 09:08:43 AM »
I couldn't say no to call from Keano.
Exclusive By: Martin Hardy

Run that past me again Dwight. You were sat in your apartment, in Sydneys Darling Harbour, on a sunny afternoon? "Yes.'" And the phone went, withheld number? "Yes." You took the call? "Yes." And you said you would sign for Sunderland? "Oh, yes. You dont say no to Roy Keane."
Yorke was 35 with a party image; the Marquee player in Australia, when the call came to return to England, to the north east, for a manager who questioned in print his desire after the European Cup win in 1999.
"I was in my apartment in Sydney, overlooking the harbour! Thats where I bloody was when he called," laughs Yorke, who was a key element in the club's dramatic Championship success story.
"It was an international call so there was no number. The voice is very distinctive though! Even though I was out there I still follow the football. I was aware he had got the job. Then the voice came on. I knew exactly who it was. It was a voice I had heard screaming at me over the years! From the time the call came through, I was very flattered.
"He made it very clear that he was more than keen for me to come and be a part of it. I was honoured. I was surprised he wanted me. I had left English football to get a new challenge and a new lifestyle.
"I didnt think I did too badly in the World Cup. Maybe he saw that and remembers some of my time at Manchester United.
"He knows what I am like behind closed doors and what I bring to the dressing room. He maybe felt that it was what this club needed.
"I closed the door on my apartment when I was leaving and I thought, 'I cant believe Im doing this, I really cant believe I am doing this!' I had offers to come and play before that but I refused them. It takes someone of Roy Keanes status to take me away from my Darling Harbour apartment."
Yorke, looking as comfortable and relaxed as ever when we meet at Sunderlands modern 10 million training facility, the Academy of Light, talks of a dramatic change in Keane now he is a manager.
"There is a calmness about him," explained Yorke. "Everyone was expecting a raging bull but Keano has made changes in his life as well. He had to. We all change as we get older. You adjust your lifestyle. You make mistakes along the way but you learn from them.
"He has played for the top managers. He was never fazed by their reputation but he has learned to be calm. What is fascinating is that it quite suits him. And I told him so.
"He is calm and cool, but at the end of the day, you just dont want to cross him. He has lost it three times this season. That is not bad. You would have got good odds on that."
The midfield veteran remembers what it was like when he joined Old Trafford in 1998 from Aston Villa.
"It was always a scary thing meeting him as a player. When I first signed for Manchester United, he would say, Twelve-and-a half-million? I think he was joking at that time, but I will never forget it.
"He gave me a fierce pass in the penalty area in my first game. He looked at me as if to say, this is Manchester United, this is how we play. I will never forget that either."
Yorke denies that Keane wanted him because they are friends, saying: "I dont really think I got to know him as a player. You would socialise off the park but he never got quite close. He always kept his distance.
"People say you must be big mates but we are not. We just have a kind of mutual respect between each other. I have a lot of respect for him.
"Was he the most driven player I ever played with? Definitely, even in training. He could give you it like never before and you would think, its only training, but he would say if you train well, you will play well.
"You might not be doing it and he would still be driving away. He would have a moan and he was a great moaner but with good reason. When you look back now you realise it was all to do with bettering yourself. He is doing magnificently as a manager."
Only once during our conversation does Yorke's smile fade. That's when he talks of his sister, Verline, who died of cancer three years ago.
"What was always in my life was my family. To lose my sister at that time really did knock me. I still miss her. She was only 45, it was not expected in the family at all.
"It was hard for me. My coping strategy is not to show the negative emotions. I was very lonely, very depressed. I am a person who does not show a lot of emotions. It was something I had to deal with. It is part of the reason I went to Sydney. I just needed a break."
So what was it like when he agreed to join Sunderland?
"I felt no pressure at being Roy Keanes first signing," he recalls. "I hate using the word pressure. People use the word pressure for numerous things. Pressure to me is not a word in football. It is the easy thing. The expectation is high but pressure is when you cant provide for your family. I never consider playing football as pressure.
"I came from a huge family of nine. Food was not easy to provide at the time. I dont see playing football in front of 48,000 people as pressure. The day I cant provide for my family, I will be in a pressure situation."
There has been precious little sign of pressure at Sunderland, whose march back to the Premiership was relentless.
"The size of the club has surprised me," admits Yorke. "I played at the Stadium of Light but didnt realise how big it was. I found out just how fanatical the fans are. I knew of the Newcastles of this world but I didnt realise the Mackems had so much support."
Now he is looking forward to one last go at the Premiership. And the north east of England has become home.
He has a place on the Newcastle Quayside that overlooks the delightful bridges.
"I call it my little Sydney," he adds. "Its just my central heating bills are a lot higher!"

Comments (3)

Here's what readers have had to say so far. Why not add your thoughts below?

It's typical of this man to be living it up on the other side of the world while his son is so sick over here.

- Mrs T Missenden, Derbyshire UK

Hope next season is sweet for Yorkie. There were times when watching him play at United when he was absolutely awesome, body strength and control was as good as I've seen off any forward anywhere, he was pure class. As for Keano he was pure class, the BEST.

- One United, England

I look forward to the next season and to see how Dwight gets on with Sunderland.

- Mary, Enniskillen

Football / Carlos Edwards ruled out of Cardiff game
« on: March 28, 2007, 06:58:05 AM »
Edwards ruled out of Cardiff game

By Nick Alexander

Sunderland's game at Cardiff on Saturday will come too soon for Carlos Edwards to make his return from injury.

Edwards, who hurt his shoulder in the Black Cats' win at West Brom on March 3, had given himself an outside chance to play at Ninian Park.

But Sunderland boss Roy Keane has confirmed that the winger will not feature in Wales and that he is now targeting Sunderland's game against Wolves as a comeback date.

Keane said: "We were never going to push Carlos for Cardiff and he's not right for the weekend. We're hoping he'll be OK for the following weekend."

Edwards has played a key part in helping Sunderland string together a long unbeaten run this year, a sequence of results that has put them in contention for automatic promotion.

The former Luton man, a 1.5m signing in January, has scored three goals in ten appearances for the Black Cats.

Football / Dwight plays part in Carlos move
« on: January 03, 2007, 08:17:21 AM »
By Martin Walker

Carlos Edwards says that Dwight Yorke played a part in persuading him to join Sunderland. The 28-year-old is a Trinidad and Tobago team-mate of Yorke, having played alongside him in last summer's World Cup finals in Germany. And after completing his 1.5m move from Luton yesterday, Edwards told SAFC World "Dwight had a huge part to play. I didn't need much persuation to come, but I spoke to Dwight and as you know, he's so laid back he can sleep on water!. But he told me he has been at other clubs like Manchester United and Aston Villa, and he has never seen the facilities he has at Sunderland. For him to say something like that rules a lot, so I didn't need a lot of convincing.

"It was time for me to move on to better things, no disrespect to Luton Town, and I'm just looking to make the best of my opportunity here.

"Ill work as hard as any of the other players and hopefully my input can be good enough and we're looking at promotion to the Premiership at the end of the season.

Edwards was Luton's top-scorer with six league goals before he made the switch to Sunderland. He played in the Hatters 0-0 draw at home to Cardiff on New Year's Day before travelling to Wearside for talks.

"I was only given permission to come and speak to Sunderland after our game on New Year's Day", he said. "But I'm here now and I'm delighted.

"I've seen the stadium before, I played here for Luton earlier in the season when we were beaten 2-1, but it's the first time I've seen the training facilities, so I'm just looking for better things to come."

The Edwards deal completed a busy day in the transfer market for Sunderland yesterday, signing a three-and-a-half-year deal at the Stadium of Light. He followed Marton Fulop's deal from Tottenham, also signing
a three-and-a-half-year deal, while Ben Alnwick (Tottenham), Liam
Lawrence (Stoke) and Robbie Elliott (Leeds) all left the club.

Football / Keane confirms Carlos interest
« on: December 29, 2006, 10:11:02 AM »
Sky Sports

Keane confirms Carlos interest
By Tom Adams - Created on 29 Dec 2006

Sunderland boss Roy Keane has confirmed that he will pursue a deal for Luton Town winger Carlos Edwards in January.

Hatters boss Mike Newell revealed earlier in the month that the Championship strugglers had rejected three approaches for the Trinidad and Tobago international, but Keane is now determined to further test Luton's resolve over their star man.

Edwards enhanced his reputation with some fine displays at the World Cup finals and has continued to impress despite Luton's recent struggles in the Championship.

Watford failed to prise the 28-year-old wide man from their local rivals in the summer whilst SPL champions Celtic have also been linked with a January move.

Now Keane has sparked a likely transfer scramble by admitting he is keen to recruit Edwards to assist The Black Cats' play-off challenge.

"Carlos Edwards is a player that I admire and he is someone I would like to add to the squad," Keane told the Sunderland Echo.

"We do intend to follow up our interest but it would be premature to assume that anything will definitely happen in that direction.

"We'll have to see what Luton's position is on the matter but he is someone we're interested in, yes."

Luton are reportedly seeking around 1million for the man who has scored six times this season, and it is believed that Newell will not stand in his way should a suitable offer materialise.

Football / Yorke feeling frustrated
« on: December 28, 2006, 12:09:04 PM »
Sky Sports

Yorke feeling frustrated
By Simon Fudge - Created on 28 Dec 2006

Dwight Yorke says Sunderland manager Roy Keane has not been happy with his form at the club.

The Trinidad & Tobago international returned to English football with The Black Cats in late August after a spell in Australia with Sydney FC.

However, the former Aston Villa and Manchester United has struggled to claim a regular first-team place under former Red Devils team-mate Keane.

The 35-year-old is eager to make his contribution to Sunderland's season.

"Even late on in my career, I want to play every game," Yorke said in the Daily Mail.

"When I've been left out, I've gone to speak to the boss because I feel I have a lot to give.

"He hasn't seen it that way and says my performances have not been up to scratch.

"I have to take that on the chin, but it is frustrating."

Football / Luton Town eyes Brent Sancho.
« on: June 30, 2006, 07:16:00 AM »
Luton Town eyes Brent Sancho.
By: Kevin Hatchard (

Luton Town have registered an interest in signing Trinidad and Tobago international defender Brent Sancho, but are likely to miss out, writes Kevin Hatchard. 
The Gillingham centre-back has been on excellent form at the World Cup, forming a strong partnership with Wrexham's Dennis Lawrence as the Soca Warriors have drawn 0-0 with Sweden and frustrated England for 83 minutes of a 2-0 defeat.
Clubcall understands that Hatters boss Mike Newell has enquired about the player's availability, and would like to bring him to Kenilworth Road. The Hatters are in need of defensive cover, as they had to play striker Steve Howard as an emergency centre-back towards the end of last season.
Gillingham are willing to do business if they receive an acceptable cash offer, but clubcall has learned that Luton face fierce competition for the player's signature.
Several top European clubs are chasing the 29-year-old, and Belgian giants Anderlecht are the most prestigious of those clubs. Newell is hoping that Hatters star Carlos Edwards can convince his international team-mate to join him at Kenilworth Road, but it is by no means certain that Edwards will not also be the subject of several offers this summer.
Meanwhile, Mark McGhee is known to be chasing 2 strikers currently. One of them is thought to be Trinidad & Tobago forward Jason Scotland. Scotland scored 15 goals in 35 games for St Johnstone, as they finished second in the Scottish First Division resulting in a call-up to play for Trinidad & Tobago in the World Cup Finals.
Port Vale's Chris Birchall is reportedly a target for Portman Road boss Jim Magilton
The 22-year-old midfielder impressed many observers with his displays for Trinidad & Tobago in the World Cup and Ipswich are set to make a £150,000 according to reports on Sunday. Birchall has been with League One Port Vale for the whole of his career to date, notching up 91 appearances to date.

« on: June 03, 2006, 01:22:21 PM »
Koller scores twice for Czechs in win

Associated Press
Posted: 26 minutes ago
PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AP) - Jan Koller scored two goals and set up another Saturday to lead the Czech Republic over Trinidad and Tobago 3-0 in their final warmup match before the World Cup.
Koller, the Czech Republic's all-time leading scorer, scored his 41st and 42nd goals for his country, both in the first half.

In the sixth minute, he headed in Karel Poborsky's cross from close range.

Koller, who returned to the national team in a friendly against Costa Rica on Tuesday after he missed almost entire season due to a knee injury, last scored for the national team in a friendly against Sweden on Aug. 17, 2005.

In the 22nd minute, Koller collected the ball from Milan Baros with his back to goal inside the area and sent a precise pass to Pavel Nedved, who volleyed past diving goalkeeper Kelvin Jack.

Koller added his second five minutes from halftime. Nedved started the action in the middle, sending a through pass to Poborsky, who fed Koller with a low cross. The tall striker's low shot from close range found the back of the net.

Koller, who scored nine goals in World Cup qualifying, was applauded by 15,910 fans at the Sparta Prague's Letna stadium when he was replaced by Vratislav Lokvenc in the 61st.

"I was very satisfied with Jan Koller," Czech Republic coach Karel Bruckner said. "His play is exactly what we need. I feel very good about him."

It was the third defeat in a row for 47th-ranked Trinidad and Tobago, which lost to Wales 2-1 and to Slovenia 3-1. The Czech Republic beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 and Costa Rica 1-0 in its warmups.

Despite the loss, Trinidad and Tobago coach Leo Beenhakker said he was happy with the game.

"My players are not used to this way of football, to football they especially play here in Europe. It's much more faster and much more physical than they're normally used in their clubs," Beenhakker said. "I prefer to have the problems now ... I prefer that (my players) are surprised now instead of next week after the Sweden match."

Under pressure throughout the game, the visitors came close on a counterattack in the 14th minute when Stern John managed to beat the Czech defense and forced Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Cech to make a blocking save.

"They scored the goals and we prepared the goals," Beenhakker said, adding his team still has a chance to improve. "I can assure you we've learned a lot. If it's enough, we will see."

Koller's return to form was a good news for Bruckner, who still had injury worries and was again not able to field his favorite starting lineup.

Czech Republic playmaker Tomas Rosicky again sat out with a thigh injury. Bruckner rested Rosicky to make sure he will be fit for the World Cup opener against the United States on June 12.

The 25-year-old Rosicky, who moved to Arsenal from Borussia Dortmund earlier this month, last played in the team's friendly against Saudi Arabia last week. He was then replaced after being tackled several times.

Also, Czech Republic captain Tomas Galasek didn't play Saturday. That means the 33-year-old defensive midfielder missed all three warmup games due to a knee injury. He was expected to be ready for the World Cup.

Jaroslav Plasil and Jan Polak took their posts Saturday.

Earlier this week, the Czechs lost midfielder Vladimir Smicer of Bordeaux. He was ruled out due to a hamstring injury and was replaced by Libor Sionko of Rangers.

Trinidad and Tobago, the smallest nation appearing in the World Cup, opens against Sweden on June 10, then faces England and Paraguay in Group B.

The Soca Warriors, who will make their World Cup debut, leave for Rotenburg, Germany, on Sunday and will play FC St. Pauli the next day.

After their World Cup opener, the Czechs will be playing Ghana and Italy in Group E. The Czechs, also ahead of their first World Cup, are scheduled to leave for Germany on Wednesday.



Czech Republic: Petr Cech, Zdenek Grygera, David Rozehnal, Tomas Ujfalusi, Marek Jankulovski (Pavel Mares, 79), Karel Poborsky (Jiri Stajner, 61), Jan Polak (Marek Heinz, 61), Jaroslav Plasil, Pavel Nedved (Martin Jiranek, 82), Milan Baros (Libor Sionko, 46), Jan Koller (Vratislav Lokvenc, 61).

Trinidad and Tobago: Kelvin Jack, Avery John (Atiba Charles, 46), Marvin Andrews, Dennis Lawrence, Chris Birchall (Aurtis Whitley, 46), Cyd Gray, Carlos Edwards (Kenwyne Jones, 69), Collin Samuel, Stern John, Densill Theobald (Anthony Wolfe, 77), Dwight Yorke.

Football / It's 24hrs since the Slovenia game
« on: June 01, 2006, 12:05:34 PM »
It's been 24 hrs since the game and we haven't really heard anything out of the camp. Do you think this is a source for concern. Normally we would hear Yorke, Latapy and co. making statements and trying to take positives out of the game. Nothing so far. Fuentes only release that little piece of news, with a misleading title to boot.

Football / Injury forces Spann out W/Cup squad.
« on: May 30, 2006, 09:32:54 AM »
Injury forces Spann out W/Cup squad.
By: Shaun Fuentes.

National team head coach Leo Beenhakker previously gave members of the current Trinidad and Tobago World Cup contingent a heads up of possible emotional challenges along the current build up phase and Tuesday May 30, 2006 was the first major one of those.
Beenhakker was again forced to perform the unpleasant task of informing one of his players that his dream of playing at the 2006 World Cup was over. First it was Anthony Rougier and in this latest case, midfielder Silvio Spann who was initially in the official 23-man squad, has had to be released due to a hamstring injury. His place will now be taken by German-based player Evans Wise. The latter will take the number 16 shirt to complete the 23-man squad going into T&T’s opening Group B match against Sweden on June 10 in Dortmund.
Spann, a former National Under 23 player went out of contract with Yokohama FC last season and had not played any kind of regular football since the start of 2006. He was on the sidelines for some weeks after suffering a knee injury shortly after the 2-0 win over Iceland and even while being fit again, he remained unattached before playing for a President’s Eleven in two friendlies against Grenada in April. He then subsequently pulled up with a hamstring injury inside the first week of the training camp at Carden Park, Manchester earlier this month.
Beenhakker kept his hopes that Spann would be ready again, at least in time for the second match against England on June 15. But following rehabilitation with the team’s medical staff it was determined that based on his progress, he would  face a tight race to be ready for even the match versus Paraguay on June 20.
For the former national under 23 skipper, it was a heartbreaker but he took the news in good stride and has promised to bounce back while for Wise, the sending home of Spann was sad but his eventual inclusion in the 23-man squad was a wish come true.
“It’s always hard especially before a tournament such as this to receive such words. It’s harsh but it’s fair because after getting the injury I remained positive and I kept faith that I would recover. But the coach had a decision to make and he had to choose the 23 players to go to the World Cup. In my case it would have been difficult to be ready by the England game and I am disheartened by not being able to represent the country because this was the dream of my father and myself,” Spann said.  “The coach spoke to me and he explained to me why the decision had to be taken. And I have no doubt that he means well for us.”
“I wish my teammates and especially my close friends on the team all the best and that God’s grace be with them. I know they will do us proud and I will be there at least in spirit with them. I want each and every player to represent us to the fullest. They must never think anything is impossible. It is possible that we can go on to the second round and further,” added the former Vibe CT 105 W Connection player.
Both players were informed of the decision by Beenhakker at training on Tuesday morning and the other members of the squad were subsequently made aware of it by the head coach. Spann is now expected to depart the team camp before the end of this week.

2006 World Cup - Germany / Anyone Interested in WC Tickets
« on: May 15, 2006, 09:34:44 AM »
Anyone interested in WC tickets, 2 per game. I have some friends that have tickets and won't be going to Germany again. If anyone is interested let me know.

Football / Beenhakker releases Rougier from World Cup squad.
« on: May 11, 2006, 11:01:55 AM »
Beenhakker releases Rougier from World Cup squad.
By: Shaun Fuentes.

National head coach Leo Beenhakker has cut one player from his list of 24 players to represent Trinidad and Tobago at the 2006 World Cup Finals. As indicated last month when he announced the squad, one player would be released to make it a 23-man squad for the Finals and following Wednesday’s 1-1 draw with Peru at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, the lone player to be left out is experienced utility player Anthony Rougier.
Beenhakker had invited Rougier back into the national team for a training camp in Fort Lauderdale in January and subsequently named him on the 24-man squad ahead of the Peru match but has now had the hard task of letting Rougier go and he explained this after having a lengthy discussion with the player.
“The guy worked fantastically and he did everything he had to do to try and make it and in the end I had to make a decision. I am sorry but it was not enough because he showed me he is a great professional and a great guy but he was not enough in terms of the conditions to make the team,” Beenhakker told TTFF Media.
At the same time, with the squad at 23 players inclusive of injured LA Galaxy forward Cornell Glen, Beenhakker has also invited German-based winger Evans Wise to join the team in the Manchester camp up until the end of the training camps in Austria as well in the event that Glen does not recover from his hamstring injury.
“We have the twenty three players now but we also have the Cornell Glen situation. On one side I promised him that he can take his time to recover but obviously with the team preparation in mind. On the other side I promised him that he can take his time and I don’t want to put pressure by giving him a deadline. He will miss a big part of team preparation but he will work everyday with physiotherapist and I will give him a fair chance.
“At the same time I had a very long conversation with Evans Wise and he will come over to England to be involved in the team preparations until the end of the camp in Austria. I told him very clearly that it’s a 50-50 situation because if Cornell is fit then I have to send him (Wise) home and then if Cornell is not fit then I have the bad job to release him from the squad,” Beenhakker explained.
The Dutchman stressed that he did not enjoy the part of having to make the latest decision before the team departs for Manchester on Saturday but he had no choice in the matter.
“This is always the weird part of my profession because you have to make decisions like these just by your head but you are also human and it’s not easy to send a guy home like Anthony who I know has worked hard for the past two weeks. You also have an emotional relationship with your players but that’s part of the job,” Beenhakker added.
He also spoke of ensuring that the entire squad be in ready shape for the matches this country has to play in Germany.
“I will prepare him (Wise) the same as the other guys. Normally you don’t make six changes in a match like last night (versus Peru) but as I said before, I don’t only have to prepare eleven guys but instead the entire squad because if one player gets injured before we play Sweden then the other has to step in,” he said.
T&T Squad:

Kelvin Jack (Dundee), Shaka Hislop (West Ham United), Clayton Ince (Coventry City).
Dennis Lawrence (Wrexham) Cyd Gray (San Juan Jabloteh), Marvin Andrews (Glasgow Rangers), Brent Sancho (Gillingham), Ian Cox (Gillingham), Atiba Charles (W Connection), Avery John (New England Revolution).
Silvio Spann (unattached), Chris Birchall (Port Vale), Aurtis Whitley (San Juan Jabloteh), Evans Wise (Waldhof Mannheim), Anthony Wolfe (San Juan Jabloteh), Densill Theobald (Falkirk), Carlos Edwards (Luton Town), Dwight Yorke (Sydney FC), Russell Latapy (Falkirk).

Stern John (Coventry City), Kenwyne Jones (Southampton FC), Collin Samuel (Dundee United), Jason Scotland (St Johnstone), Cornell Glen (LA Galaxy).
Skipper eyeing World Cup before final kick.
By: Shaun Fuentes.

National senior team captain Dwight Yorke is not yet thinking about once more retiring from international football, but wants to focus on the coming weeks of preparation for the 2006 World Cup.
Yorke made these comments as he was preparing to leave the Piarco International Airport on Saturday evening with the rest of the team for a one week training camp at Carden Park, Manchester via a BWIA flight to London.
Yorke said he was not ready to make that decision, following such an announcement close pal and teammate Russell Latapy.
"At this point in time I just want to concentrate solely on being the captain of this team and giving 100 per cent to my country, and then after that I will sit down around the table with my advisers and people who are important to me, my family, and then make a decision from there," Yorke stated.
"But right now, as far as I am concerned, (the main thing) is that I'm fully focused on doing well in the next five weeks and representing my country. It's a special moment, it's an historic moment for our country and our people."
Yorke, as were most of the other players, was visibly excited to be making the trip that heralds their entrance into the top tier of world football.
"This is the moment we have all been dreaming of," he added, "and I'm really looking forward to it. We're four weeks away from playing in the World Cup."
TTFF special adviser Jack Warner was also very enthusiastic about the team's departure as he wished them well at the check in counter. Several fans also took a last minute chance to express best wishes including little kids with national flags painted on their faces.
"This is history in the making," the FIFA vice-president told the media at the airport. "Whatever happens now, or in the future, this particular point in time will never happen again."
Warner also thanked Traffic Branch police officers for their contributions in providing security for the team during Friday's road tour, which he said is an event he would never forget.
"I've never seen such a mixture of humanity at every level, and in areas traditionally our heroes don't go...It was absolutely super and if anything will remain etched in my memory, it would be yesterday's (Friday's) experience."

Football / This isn't Shaka Hislop
« on: April 03, 2006, 01:53:49 PM »
Tell me who is this, this is the second time I'm reading Hislop's profile on ESPNsoccernet and seeing this picture with Shaka's profile with West Ham.

Is this Ricardo Fuller, does anyone know. I mean, a big website like this shouldn't make such a mistake.

Football / Agent Denies Collin Samuel Link
« on: March 10, 2006, 11:18:07 AM »
Agent Denies Samuel Link
Story by Kevin Markey 9 March 2006 


The agent for Dundee United striker Collin Samuel has denied reports linking him with a move to Leeds. 

The 24-year-old Trinidad & Tobago international only signed a new deal with the Tannadice side in January.

Samuel's agent Raymond Sparkes told that there has been no contact with Leeds.

"I don't know anything about it as I have not heard anything," he said.

"Nobody has contacted me about signing Collin. He only recently signed a new deal at Dundee United until 2007 and he has been playing regularly."


Justin Hoyte refuses chance to play for T&T -
Beenhakker go after Zamora & Samuel.

England U-21 and Arsenal defender Justin Hoyte has said he will turn down the Soca Warriors coach Leo Beenhakker’s invitation to go to this summer's World Cup Finals with Trinidad and Tobago in order to concentrate on graduating to the senior England squad.
Soca Warriors coach Leo Beenhakker revealed last week that Hoyte, who is on a season-long loan at fellow Premiership rivals, Sunderland, was one of a list of English-born players with family links to Trinidad that he wants to make the move to Trinidad and Tobago’s national team for the finals in Germany.
T&T have been drawn in World Cup Group B along with England, Paraguay and Sweden, and Hoyte’s participation for T&T in Germany would have meant the possibility that Hoyte could have found himself playing against the country of his birth this summer.
But Hoyte, who has been capped seven times by England at Under-21 level, has said he will decline any advances made by Beenhakker because he feels that he would prefer to keep on pushing for an England Senior team call-up.
Hoyte said: “I've read about Trinidad and Tobago looking into the possibility of calling up several players in the Premiership, including myself.
“It's flattering, of course, and the chance of playing in a World Cup would be great. But for the moment I plan to concentrate purely on my England career and I'm hoping that one day I'll be playing for England in a World Cup.
“I've played for England at Under-17, 18, 19 and Under-21 levels and I've still got ambitions to play in the senior squad.
“That has been my dream since I was a youngster and I'm not giving up on that.
“I'm still young, just 22, and one day I'm hoping to be good enough to play for England and pull on the three lions shirt at the ultimate level.”
Beenhakker has already convinced Fulham goalkeeper Tony Warner to represent T&T’s Warriors, and the Dutchman also intends to try to approach Aston Villa's J Lloyd Samuel and West Ham's Bobby Zamora.
According to FIFA rules, players can switch which national team even after representing one country at Under-21 level, but even had Hoyte chosen to join Trinidad & Tobago, the TTFF would still have had to convince FIFA to make an exception to the rules for Hoyte could play for the Caribbean nation.
Under the current FIFA regulations, players must switch nation’s before they reach 21 - and Justin Hoyte was 22 back in November.
Beenhakker had intended to appeal to FIFA to sway the rules on the age issue but after Hoyte’s comments that is now irrelevant.
Beenhakker is hoping to tempt Arsenal's Justin Hoye to play for T&T

Trinidad and Tobago are hoping to be able to take Arsenal defender Justin Hoyte to the World Cup this summer. Soca Warriors coach Leo Beenhakker is hoping to discuss the Arsenal full-back’s situation with FIFA, and feels that he may be able to take Hoyte to the World Cup in Germany, as part of the Warriors squad, along with others such as West Ham's Bobby Zamora and J.Lloyd Samuel of Aston Villa.
Since qualifying for their first ever finals, Trinidad and Tobago head coach Leo Beenhakker has responded to the challenge of facing England, Sweden and Paraguay in Group B by seeking out, and actively recruiting new members for the T&T World Cup squad, and Beenhakker is set to formally approach FIFA to see if he can secure clearance to pick Hoyte, despite the fact he has represented England at Under-21 level.
T&T are looking at the possibility of exploiting the FIFA rule (introduced in 2002), which allows players to switch their national allegiance even if they've already played at a junior level for a different country.
Previously, players had been allowed to play at schoolboy level for one country and then at international level for another, because schoolboy level is all about where you go to school rather than about what your nationality is (hence famous examples such as Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs who played schoolboy football for England, but plays for Wales).
Once a player has played at any level from a junior (Under17, U19, U21) level upwards, your nationality is fixed as far as FIFA are concerned. The new ruling was introduced basically to help smaller countries and has been exploited a lot by African nations in the last few years.
Hoyte, who is currently on loan at Sunderland, has represented England at U21 level, and any plans to switch his footballing nationality may be undone by an addition to the FIFA rule, which states that the change has to be made before the player reaches the age of 21, but the Arsenal defender turned 21 back in November.
Trinidad and Tobago coach Leo Beenhakker is going to give it a try though, and is going to approach FIFA with a formal request to be allowed to pick Hoyte for his squad, along with others such as West Ham's Bobby Zamora and J.Lloyd Samuel of Aston Villa.
There have been no comments yet from Hoyte, and it is still unclear that Hoyte would even accept the offer to plat for T&T.
If FIFA do allow the switch, and Hoyte does decide to accept T&T's offer, he could find himself playing against his former teammate Freddie Ljungberg in his first competitive match at full international level, and facing his home nation England in his second match.
Hoyte is on loan at Sunderland this season, where he's been playing well, and Hoyte's potential is such that it wouldn't be surprising if he felt that he has enough potential to be able to get into the full England Senior squad to make the option of playing for T&T not to be all that attractive.
Related stories

Malaga striker Patricio Edgar has failed in his bid to represent Angola at World Cup

Malaga striker Patricio Edgar has failed in his bid to represent Angola at FIFA World Cup Germany 2006. FIFA rejected his application to switch his ‘footballing nationality’ because he failed to submit his request in time. Edgar had previously represented Portugal at full international level; however, this was for a mere 17 minutes in a friendly against Mozambique in 1998.
In a change of rules two years ago, FIFA allowed players who were under 21 to change their national allegiance if they had represented a second country at junior level and held dual nationality. Players over 21 were given a one year period in which to make their applications to switch nationality. The deadline for any submissions was 31 December 2004.
Edgar submitted his request last July, missing the deadline by six months, and a FIFA spokesman has confirmed that the 28 year-old, who has also played for Real Madrid and Benfica, would not be allowed to represent the Palancas Negras at next summer’s tournament.
Angola Boss Luis Oliveira Goncalves is Thwarted in His Chase For Rafael Nando

Hertha Berlin striker Rafael Nando has turned down the offer to represent the country of his birth, Angola, at next summer’s FIFA World Cup Germany 2006.
The 'Palancas Negras' coach Luis Oliveira Goncalves is looking to strengthen his squad ahead of next year’s tournament, and had approached Nando in the hope that he would be tempted by the opportunity of playing on the largest stage in world football. However, Goncalves’ efforts proved fruitless.
Speaking recently, Nando gave his reasons for turning down the offer. “It’s because I’ve grown up here (Germany). I left Angola when I was 10 years old. The most important time in my life was in Europe. I had a lot of hard times in Holland, so when I came here these people gave me back what I wanted, which was to play football and be happy in life. So that’s why I decided to be here and play for them.”
The 21 year-old forward is a regular for Hertha Berlin and has represented Germany at Under-21 level on six occasions, scoring four goals.
His current ambition is to represent Germany at the Under-21 European Championships next May. If he can perform well in that tournament there could still be a chance that German boss Jurgen Klinsmann will call him up to the senior squad in time for the finals in June.
Asked about his eligibility to play for Angola, Nando admitted. “In the rules I can play (for Angola), but I think my decision is to play for the national team of Germany."
Although they will find it tough going in Group D, which includes Mexico and Portugal, Nando still wants Angola to do well, saying he would like to see them progressing beyond the group stages. Despite the fact that he won't be there to play for them he still wished them all the best at next year's finals.

Football / Carroll fears his season could be over
« on: February 17, 2006, 06:27:45 AM »

Carroll fears his season could be over

West Ham goalkeeper Roy Carroll fears he might not play again this season

Roy Carroll: Back trouble.
The former Manchester United man has been sidelined since January 23 with a back problem.
That may now require surgery and although manager Alan Pardew estimates the Northern Ireland international might be back in contention by April, he would then have to oust Shaka Hislop, who has helped the Hammers win their last seven games.
Ahead of Saturday's FA Cup fifth round clash at Bolton, Pardew said: 'He is going to see a consultant about a minor operation to correct it as he hasn't seen much improvement.
'I don't want to say he will be out for the rest of the season because the lad is a bit worried anyway, but I think he will be out for five to six weeks.'
Stephen Bywater has been on the bench for the past few matches but could soon be challenged by Jimmy Walker, with the ex-Walsall goalkeeper about to play his first game since the final day of last season.
Walker suffered a serious knee injury in the 1-0 play-off final victory against Preston, but is set to make his comeback in the reserves.
Pardew added: 'Jimmy Walker is making fantastic progress and is set to play a reserve game, which is important to us as we are down to two goalies.
'There was a similar period last year where he came in and saw us home. He still tells everybody he got us promoted on his own, which is understandable if you know Jimmy.'
Midfielder Hayden Mullins and defender Danny Gabbidon missed training sessions ahead of Saturday's clash at the Reebok Stadium, but both are expected to retain their places against Sam Allardyce's side.
Bolton have already knocked the Hammers out of the Carling Cup, when Mexico striker Jared Borghetti netted the only goal of the game for the home side.

Football / Justin Hoyte Thread
« on: February 10, 2006, 08:16:58 AM »

Hoyte quick to learn at Sunderland
By Rob Stewart   (Filed: 13/01/2006)

Justin Hoyte has had to grow up over the last six months, on and off the field. The 21-year-old left Arsenal last summer to join Sunderland for the season, and has thrived on Wearside despite his new club's dismal form.

"It's been a steep learning curve since I came to the North-East and thankfully I've developed as a footballer and as a person," he said. "I've had to start fending for myself and for the first time I've had to learn to cook. At first, it was a case of home alone but I settled in quickly thanks to my team-mates.

"I still miss family and friends but I've no regrets whatsoever about joining Sunderland and, anyway, my family ensure I don't get homesick by coming to watch every game."

The England Under-21 international has quickly won over locals by consistently producing remarkably composed performances and has emerged as an outstanding prospect in a torturous season at Sunderland.

"Playing week in, week out has given me the chance to get used to the demands of facing the very best Premiership players," said a player who joined Arsenal as a striker aged 10, when Ian Wright was his idol.

Now this resident of Newcastle's hip Quayside area looks to Arsenal full-backs Lauren and Ashley Cole as well as Brazil's Cafu for inspiration.

"I've improved a lot since I arrived at Sunderland. It's gradual but you pick up new things regularly. I really enjoy working under Mick McCarthy, who I'm grateful to for giving me a great opportunity. I'm getting more confident and I continuously work on my weaknesses. I need to be a more aggressive tackler and better communicator, but pace is one of my strengths. I had a PB of 11.01 in the 100 metres at school."

Speed, it would seem, runs in the family - mother Wendy was an Olympic sprinter, while father Les is sprint coach at the Arsenal academy where Justin's brother, Gavin, 15, is emerging as a defender.

Now Hoyte is looking forward to pitting his wits against Chelsea on Sunday at the Stadium of Light, as the Premiership's bottom side entertain the side 52 points ahead of them at the top.

"We're all relishing the chance to take them on, and for me it's the sort of game I dreamt of as a boy," he said. "It'll be tough but we'll give it our best shot and I hope our fans, who've been terrific home and away, do their bit by getting right behind us to make home advantage count. I feel there's still time to turn things round and we're due a bit of luck."

Hoyte, brought up in Leytonstone, has 2½ years left on his Arsenal contract. "Ideally, I'll help Sunderland avoid relegation before focusing on breaking into Arsenal's first team," he said. "That will be an enormous task but I'd like to think my time on Wearside will help me achieve all my long-term goals."

Football / West Brom eyes Carlos Edwards
« on: December 01, 2005, 07:50:11 AM »
The Trinidad Guardian
Shaun Fuentes

West Brom eyes Carlos

Midfielder Carlos Edwards, still new into his contract with English Championship club Luton Town, is being eyed for a new switch to Premiership side West Bromwich Albion.

Word on the weekend was that former England international Bryan Robson, now in charge at West Brom was keen on Edwards having seen him in action for Luton and after signing Edwards’ team-mate Curtis Davies during the last transfer window, Robson could now try to get Edwards by January. It is rumoured that Edwards could cost around TT$7.5 million.

The former Wrexham star was involved for 90 minutes as Luton stopped Crystal Palace 2-0 on the weekend to take a 5th place stance on the latest League standings.

Edwards is still smiling over T&T’s World Cup qualification

“It’s a real dream come true. Who would have expected this? And if you look back at me suffering that injury against Dominican Republic in the first game last year and then we had a difficult period especially up to the 5-1 loss to Guatemala. You think now that this really is like a dream,” an elated Edwards said on the flight back from Bahrain. “I think there are so many people who need to be commended for this and it starts from the bosses at the top like Jack Warner and coach Leo Beenhakker and then men around the team and most important the players and God. We have everything to look forward to now.”

Luton Town - Second Baggies swoop imminent?
28 Nov 2005 13:49

Luton Town star Carlos Edwards is reportedly a target of Premiership outfit West Bromwich Albion.

The Baggies have already raided the high-flying Hatters this season, signing defender Curtis Davies for £3million.

Edwards has been in impressive form for Luton, often playing out of position at full-back. The former Wrexham ace has also helped to guide Trinidad and Tobago to their first World Cup Finals.

Albion boss Bryan Robson is believed to have been won over by Edwards' form, and is considering a sizeable bid for the player in January.


Football / T&T eye English warm-up
« on: November 30, 2005, 11:34:11 AM »
T&T eye English warm-up

Surprise World Cup qualifiers Trinidad and Tobago have reportedly been offered the use of West Ham's Upton Park for a warm-up friendly before the finals in Germany next summer.

Leo Beenhakker's side made history by becoming the smallest ever country to reach the World Cup after beating Bahrain in a play-off, and are believed to be keen to establish a training camp in England before flying to Germany.

The Caribbean nation boast a host of English-based players, and a friendly encounter against Scotland could be on the cards.

Soca Warriors goalkeeper Shaka Hislop could turn out on his home turf as The Hammers have reputedly offered the international outfit use of Upton Park.

Whilst no official confirmation is yet forthcoming, Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation special advisor Austin Jack Warner has confirmed that only one warm-up game will be held on home soil.

"One thing is for certain is that we shall only play one match in T&T," said Warner.

"Coach Beenhakker wants the public to be given a match as recognition for their tremendous support towards the team and this match will be the one on March 29.

"Local matches for the Warriors after this date is no longer on the cards"

Football / AWOL Jack saves Dens Park career
« on: November 21, 2005, 10:18:30 AM »

Awol Jack saves Dens Park career

Dundee goalkeeper Kelvin Jack will not be sacked after missing Saturday's league game after arriving home late from Trinidad & Tobago duty.
International team-mates arrived in time to turn out for Falkirk, Rangers and St Johnstone.

Dundee player-boss Alan Kernaghan told BBC Sport he has now accepted that the player had tried hard to arrive back in time for the match against Ross County.

But, while his apology was accepted, Jack is likely to be fined by the club.

Trinidad & Tobago won 1-0 in Bahrain last Wednesday to qualify for the World Cup finals in Germany.

Falkirk's Russell Latapy, Rangers' Marvin Andrews and St Johnstone's Jason Scotland all made it back to Scotland in time to play for their clubs on Saturday.

But Kernaghan had to throw 17-year-old Scott Murray into the Dundee side as they lost 3-0 to County.

Kernaghan had earlier said: "What I know is that his flight was delayed and he missed the connection to Inverness, but he should have been back earlier."

The manager, who had also suggested that Jack appeared not to care about the predicament he put his club in, called Jack to a meeting on Monday morning.

And Kernaghan now says that the matter has been dealt with internally under Dundee's disciplinary code.

He stressed that sacking the goalkeeper had not been an option given as Dundee have only Jack and youngster Murray available, with Derek Soutar currently injured.

Jack joined Dundee after a spell with Reading, having previously played with CL Financial, San Juan Jabloteh, Vibe CT 105, W Connection and Doc's Khelwalaas.

Football / Anyone listened to the Press Conference with Jack Warner
« on: October 21, 2005, 01:06:23 PM »
Basically he confirmed that Bahrain players are getting a $mill and a Benz. That they asked Guatemala to play them and have a live in camp and use their facilties, the Guat federation in solidarity with their concacaf neighbours T&T, refused the offer, the Jamaicans on the other hand grasped at the offer and are being paid $1 Million to use their facilities US $ that is, and the'll play them also, the Ja federation has also suspended all Ja football to give the best that they can offer.

Also, Dwight called Warner and told him that for him money is not an issue, he just wants to be in the WC but for some players in the squad $$ is still an issue, he asked Warner if he can double their match fees, Warner simply replied 'Done'.

Jack also said that Addidas is in the country and that Puma will be in next week re: sponsorship deals for the next 4 years.

He as usual asked for corporate T&T and the Gov't to help the national effort.

Football / Uzbeks may join UEFA after World Cup 'robbery'
« on: October 21, 2005, 10:03:51 AM »

Uzbeks may join UEFA after World Cup 'robbery'

MOSCOW, Oct 21 (Reuters) - Uzbekistan may apply to join European soccer's governing body UEFA after what the Central Asian state called an injust decision robbed it of a chance of reaching the World Cup finals.

'We, in Uzbekistan, always wanted to be a part of UEFA and after the latest events this process will certainly gain a new momentum,' Alisher Nikimbayev, a senior official in the Uzbekistan Football Federation, told Reuters in an interview.

'What FIFA had done to us in regards of replaying our qualifier with Bahrain was very unjust. We feel very strongly about that.'

Uzbekistan beat Bahrain 1-0 in the first leg of their Asian Zone World Cup qualifier play-off in Tashkent on Sept. 3 but FIFA cancelled the result and ordered a replay following a mistake by Japanese referee Toshimitsu Yoshida.

FIFA, world soccer's ruling body, ruled that Yoshida had made a technical error in disallowing a converted Uzbekistan penalty and awarding Bahrain a free kick.

The two sides drew 1-1 in a rescheduled match on Oct. 8 before Bahrain held the Uzbeks 0-0 in the second leg in Manama four days later to advance on the away goal rule.

'We have been robbed,' Nikimbayev said. 'First, we were robbed of a penalty, then they wiped away our 1-0 win which would have been enough for us to reach the play-off.

'Not a single person in the whole stadium understood what happened after the ref disallowed the penalty.'

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) suspended Yoshida indefinitely for his blunder.

'We feel sorry for Uzbekistan because they have been doubly punished, once for the penalty incident and then for having to replay the match they won,' said AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam.

Nikimbayev pointed the finger at FIFA for insisting on the replay. 'Unfortunately, we don't have enough proof to say that FIFA would rather see a rich Arab state like Bahrain play in the World Cup than having us there,' he said.

'For us it was the biggest chance to play in the World Cup finals and probably the last one in many years to come.

'I don't think we would get another chance like that for many years because most of our top senior players, back from the Soviet days, will now retire and it would take years before we could produce a new crop of good young players.'

Bahrain face CONCACAF's Trinidad & Tobago in another play-off next month and the winner will advance to next year's World Cup finals in Germany.

Nikimbayev said Uzbek soccer would greatly benefit from joining UEFA.

'It would be a tremendous opportunity. We could raise our game to a new level,' he said.

'Playing in the (European) Champions League would be a great boost for our game and would benefit us financially.

'All our fans would love it. Just imagine having Real Madrid, Chelsea or Man United come here.'

Nisimbayev said geography should not be a problem, pointing to their Central Asian neighbours Kazakhstan and Australia as examples. 'If Australians can join the Asian confederation and Kazakhstan become a UEFA member why not us?'

Kazakhstan became the newest member of UEFA in 2002 while FIFA's executive committee approved Australia's move from the Oceania confederation to the AFC earlier this year. Israel, once a AFC member, has also been playing in Europe for a long time.

Nisimbayev said it was a political decision to join the AFC.

'Right after the Soviet break-up we had a choice of joining either UEFA or AFC,' he said.

'I remember (UEFA president Lennart) Johansson invited all 15 former Soviet republics to join UEFA way back in 1992.

'Uzbek soccer officials wanted it, our fans wanted it but we just couldn't convince our politicians back then,' he added.

'Well, maybe now is a good time to have this issue settled.'

Football / Marvin Andrews: Rangers will still qualify
« on: October 20, 2005, 01:19:15 PM »
Sporting Life


Defender Marvin Andrews remains confident Rangers will overcome the disappointment of their goalless draw with Artmedia at Ibrox to qualify for the knock-out stages of the Champions League.

Rangers spurned the chance to go top of Group H as Porto opened up the section with a surprise 2-0 win over leaders Inter Milan.

With just three points separating Inter and bottom side Porto, Alex McLeish's men now face tricky away ties against Artmedia and Porto before finishing with a home game against the Italians.

However, Andrews, who replaced the injured Sotirios Kyrgiakos in the first half, is upbeat about the prospect of taking one of the top two places.

"That belief wouldn't go anyway until the last sound of the whistle in the last game," he said. "At this moment in time we have as good a chance as anybody in the group.

"We're just disappointed because of the opportunities we had to score and put ourselves in with a better chance.

"But these things happen in football and we just have to keep working hard and look forward to the next game in Bratislava.

"The most important thing was that we haven't lost, we picked up a point.

"The boys were excellent, we created loads of chances but we just never put the ball into the back of the net."

Andrews denied Rangers had underestimated their Slovakian opponents.

He added: "They were a well organised team, they came looking for a draw and they achieved that.

"They held their shape really well but we still opened them up and created chances.

"The majority of the chances were one against one with the goalkeeper but he had a fantastic night, pulling off some really good saves."

Rangers striker Peter Lovenkrands believes the frustrated fans, many of whom jeered the players off the pitch at the end of the game, should not be too downhearted.

He said: "We played really good football and we just didn't put our chances away so we can't be disappointed.

"We should be happy with that even though we didn't get the three points.

"The group opened up with Porto winning so it's going to be tough and really exciting now.

"As long was we don't lose any points in the next couple of games I think we have a good chance of qualifying.

"We'll create chances over in Bratislava in the next game, we just need to put them away."

Football / Uzbek coach wants Bahrain assault
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Uzbek coach wants Bahrain assault

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 11 (Reuters) - Uzbekistan coach Bobby Houghton is hoping Bahrain will feel the urge to attack in front of their home fans in the second leg of the Asian Zone World Cup qualifying play-off in Manama on Wednesday.

Houghton watched his side fail to make the most of their chances in a disappointing 1-1 draw in Tashkent on Saturday in the first leg, which was replayed after the original match on September 3 -- which Uzbekistan won 1-0 -- was nullified by FIFA because of a refereeing error.

'The 1-1 draw may seem like a bad result but I am confident that they will play to win the next leg and will come forward, giving us more space to counter-attack,' Houghton, the former China national coach, told reporters.

'We can win 1-0, we can draw 1-1, we can draw 2-2 maybe, who knows.'

Bahrain need only a 0-0 draw to win on away goals and set up a play-off with the fourth-placed team from CONCACAF -- either Trinidad & Tobago or Guatemala -- for a place in the World Cup finals.

Houghton, however, believes Bahrain are unlikely to risk sitting back on their away goal.

'Believe me, we are still in with a good chance,' he said. 'It is very difficult for them to play for a 0-0 draw which would take them through.'

Bahrain coach Luka Peruzovic, meanwhile, must decide whether to field star striker Ala'a Hubail in the second leg.

Ala'a was the joint top scorer at last year's Asian Cup but has just recovered from a knee injury that has sidelined him since February.

He played just 15 minutes against Uzbekistan on Saturday.

'Ala'a showed that he's in very good condition, but I cannot say if he is going to play in the second leg or not. A player's condition changes everyday so I can only answer this question one hour before the match,' said Peruzovic.

Neither Bahrain nor Uzbekistan have previously played in the World Cup finals and would be Asia's fifth representative if they did qualify.

Japan, Iran, South Korea and Saudi Arabia have filled Asia's four automatic qualifying places.

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