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Football / C team struggles
« on: January 31, 2021, 08:23:58 PM »
These USA academies producing top talent . Many signing for teams in EU. This is our C team but Muckette, Angeron and Telfer look decent . Safe trip back home for the boys! I sure hope that my judgement on Fenwick is premature. Only time will tell!

Football / Dwight Yorke should replace Fenwick as national team coach
« on: July 07, 2020, 07:45:17 AM »
Fenwick was a relative failure in the UK and he struggled to maintain his coaching appointments. It is obvious that Fenwick and Miller are taking advantage of the gullible united TTFA. This group needs to understand that Fenwick and Millers's colonialist and imperialist attitudes do not belong in our present day sports. They cannot get jobs in the UK so why should we line their pockets. We should raise our standards and not take UK rejects to lead our football programs. I would prefer giving Yorke or Latapy an opportunity to move our football forward. Only time will tell what Latapy will deliver for Barbados but every player and coach can improve with the passage of time. Dennis Lawrence lacked strategy and character. DL depended on his relationship with JW to keep his position. DL did not seek to increase his skillset or adapt to his competition. He may be better suited to be an assistant instead of a head coach.

Yorke is an interesting option. His football punditry and analysis seems in tuned with the game and its evolution. He seems to be more modern than the old school Fenwick. He worked hard as a player and was able to realize tremendous success. I know that this is no guarantee for success.

I would suggest investing in local coaching prospects. Getting them certified and trained with FIFA credentials will only bode well for the local game. We need to raise up our people instead of constantly pushing them down. The 4 best coaches TT every had were Beenhakker, St Clair, Gally Cummings and Hart. 3 of these are Trinidadian. The major issues with the TT players are strength and conditioning, performance based nutrition and mental training(boosting and maintaining confidence while overcoming adversity).

Why not give Yorke a chance when no one else wants to give him a chance?

Football / Petition for reinstating TTFA
« on: March 18, 2020, 07:02:12 PM »

Football / WHAT DO WE HAVE to improve on to be competitive in the WC?
« on: November 30, 2005, 12:59:02 AM »
- Set plays, corners, FREE KICKS.
- Quick restarts
- Flank and wing play with better crosses
- More high % shooting. When we shoot more we win more!
-Indecisive and shaky goalkeeping
- STILL NO LONG THROW CAPABILITY to unnerve defenses.
- We need to challenge and take on defenders in the penalty area

Football / What kind of supporters are we?
« on: July 13, 2005, 08:41:04 AM »
Spirited, loud and dedicated. I was proud to go to the game and see them Hondurans,Panamanians and Colombians look and listen in amazement as the rhythm section was making noise. THey could not believe it. THey was chanting off of our rhythm.

Not huge in numbers but large in spirit!

We must support with fervour in good times and bad. This tournament APPEARed to be a mini vacation for the TEAM to experiment.

Mark my words there will be changes or else we destined to fail!

Tell the players what kind of SUPPORT yuh willing to give.. good weather or bad weather.

Football / let us REWIND TO A BEENIE INTERVIEW..remember this!
« on: July 12, 2005, 10:52:57 AM »
Beenhakker: Different cultures, same game
6 May 2005

Enlarge Photo
Photo Gallery
After a short hiatus, globetrotting boss Leo Beenhakker recently grabbed hold of the reins of the Trinidad and Tobago national team. With his new charges having taken only one point from their three Germany 2006 qualifiers under his predecessor, Bertille St Clair, Beenhakker will need to draw on his wealth of experience to turn their campaign around.
With just over a month to go before a crucial home clash with Panama, sat down with the 62-year-old Dutch master tactician to talk about the upcoming push toward what would be the Caribbean Soca Warriors' first-ever finals appearance.

After having coached Ajax, Real Madrid and the Netherlands, was it a difficult decision to take up the task of overseeing a team as unheralded as tiny Trinidad & Tobago?
The decision was not a difficult one – why would it be? Last summer I finished up coaching in Mexico (Beenhakker was sacked as head coach of Club America at the close of the 2004 season), and I promised myself a few moments of rest; after all it's many years now that I have been a professional coach. And after devoting yourself to something for so long you always need a little break. But football is like dope ... within a few months it always pulls you back. So when the offer came from Trinidad, I did not hesitate. I went there to look things over and I said to myself, 'Why not?'

After such a slow start under St Clair do you feel qualification is still a reasonable possibility?
It will be a challenge. But I love being a coach and I love football. The challenge is the best part; it's what makes football great. We know the situation isn't as good as it could be for us (T&T are bottom of their six-team group with one point from three matches). But on the other hand, apart from the USA and Mexico, there is very little between Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica and T&T. The better-prepared team will rise from these four. We still have a very good chance, as three of the six teams go directly through and the fourth gets a play-off. In my mind, we are still very much alive.

What is the first order of business in organising the team for the next round of qualifiers?
I have been keeping an eye on the situation. As you may know, there are many Trinidadians playing abroad in the England, Scotland and the USA, but I have to take a look at the local players who may have been passed over. I plan to run some sessions with local players and get a chance to see what they can do. I will be watching videos, seeing what the possibilities are and working toward the game with Panama in early June.

Enlarge Photo
Photo Gallery
Speaking of the Panama match at home, do you see it as a must-win?
Of course, it is crucial. Though we may surprise the United States or Mexico, we must be realistic and take our points where we can. The main battle for us is with the lesser teams, and we have to win our home games in order to fight for that third or fourth spot.
There is talk of veteran Russell Latapy returning to T&T as a player or a possible assistant coach...
I have to have a chat with Russell before I know what his status is. As of right now, the main issue is getting the best players out on the pitch. If he is physically and mentally ready to play, then I might use him. He is a quality player and he knows the game of football, so he will be a big help to us one way or another.

Have you received the full support of the Trinidadian federation and the local leagues?
They have both been fantastic in their support. We all have the same goal – to reach the World Cup in Germany in 2006, so we have to cooperate to the best of our abilities. The local leagues, the organisation, the federation have all been great. We have to work very closely to achieve our common goal.

Do you feel your extensive coaching CV will help you whip the team into shape?
I think my experience will bring something extra to the team ... at least I hope so! I have been coaching for a long time now in many different circumstances. I have been with Holland, Ajax, Real Madrid and many other teams - and these experiences give you a lot to work with. The situation is different here in Trinidad, but it is still a matter of getting the best out of your players. Though it may be a different culture, it's still football. It's always the same wherever you are. You need to know the game, know the tactics and know how to deal with people.

What is the most important thing you will have to do to get T&T back on track?
We must use what we have, this is the crucial thing. You need to have eleven players who know where to be, how to move, how to support each other. PSV Eindhoven and AZ Alkmaar are great examples of this principle. Each player must know what the others are going to do. The team, not the individuals, is the most important thing. We will need to play to our strengths and know what we can and can't do. If we can achieve this unity, we can reach our goals. You don't need 11 superstars to have success.


Football / DOES STERN REALLY get GOOD service up front?
« on: July 11, 2005, 11:10:06 AM »
I know that will cause real lively debates and discussions but I went to the game and noticed that even though Stern was ineffective I felt that the service he got was horrible. He is not a very creative forward and seems to depend on loose balls and through passes. His ability to cause the defenders worries is little.

He must have good service or else he will slip into oblivion like he did with only minimal touches during the game.


Even though it does upset me to see Stern with he  hand on the hips, complaining and acting like a child. I MUST SAy he did not do that last night.


« on: July 07, 2005, 11:57:06 AM »
Looks like we tried the goal more often. 11 shots to 13 from Hon

Any more crosses from the flanks?

Any long throws? And consistent pressure in the box.

We still need work on dead ball situations- taking them and defending them.

I did not see the game but we appear to need 2 forwards and at least 1 more top midfielder in the mix.

Let meh hear your thoughts on any positives that we can build on!

« on: June 21, 2005, 01:18:00 AM »
Opta Stats
by Opta -  created on 16 May 2005
The place to go for all the latest transfer news throughout the summer.
Category                  Player/                    Team Total      
Top Shooter              Frank Lampard            114      
Top Passer                 Frank Lampard           2291      
Top Tackler                Patrick Vieira             204      
Most Dribbles & Runs   Cristiano Ronaldo        458      
Most Crosses              Stewart Downing        359      
Most Offsides              Jermain Defoe               73      
Most Fouls                  Kevin Davies                   107      
Team with most fouls   Blackburn                    645      
Team with most shots   Man Utd                    537      
Goalkeepers                      Team Saves                        Saves/shots    
Green Norwich                      170                                       69%    
Kiraly C Palace                       146                                        75%    
Kiely Charlton                       117                                         69%    
Sorensen Aston Villa              115                                        73%    
Taylor Birmingham                 111                                        71%    
Tacklers             Team                Tackles                         Success rate    
Vieira                  Arsenal              204                                69%    
Hibber t              Everton              185                              76%    
Johnson              Birmingham            174                            68%    
Parlour                Middlesbrough       173                             72%    
Young                   Charlton            171                            78%    
Passers                  Team                  Passes                      Accuracy    
Lampard                Chelsea                 2291                          80%    
Keane                  Man Utd                2210                           89%    
Vieira                   Arsenal                 2117                            84%    
Makelele              Chelsea                2042                               85%    
Terry                  Chelsea               1815                               88%    
Scorers                      Team              Goals                  Goal/shots    
Henry                        Arsenal             25                        23%    
Johnson                      C Palace         21                          27%    
Pires                           Arsenal         14                          30%    
Aiyegbeni                       Portsmouth 13                      22%    
Defoe                             Tottenham 13                      17%    
Team            Goals               Shots On Target             S hot Accuracy          Succ Passes
Arsenal             87                        450                      231                    51% 15450
Aston Villa        45                         390                     171                    44% 9671
Birmingham      40                          352                    141                   40% 9821
Blackburn        32                           382                        150            39% 10361
Bolton           49                             403                     160             40% 8450
Charlton 42 301 127 42% 8466
Chelsea 72 502 223 44% 13691
C Palace 41 319 140 44% 8657
Everton 45 355 144 41% 8998
Fulham 52 366 158 43% 8470
Liverpool 52 450 183 41% 12246
Man City 47 406 160 39% 9489
Man Utd 58 537 232 43% 15365
Middlesbrough 53 389 183 47% 10302
Newcastle 47 386 158 41% 11223
Norwich 42 349 145 42% 8392
Portsmouth 43 350 140 40% 10029
Southampton 45 395 158 40% 8156
Tottenham 47 407 173 43% 10304
West Brom 36 312 137 44% 8707
BAD BOYS Team Fouls Yellows Reds Points
Davies Bolton 107 5 0 122
Cahill Everton 88 9 1 121
Vieira Arsenal 94 9 0 121

« on: June 13, 2005, 06:41:41 AM »
Crewe goalkeeper Clayton Ince has denied he is quitting international football.

The 33-year-old Trinidad & Tobago shot-stopper was left out of the recent Soca Warriors game with Mexico and he then withdrew from the squad.

Rumours from the Caribbean suggested Ince was ready to quit, despite the fact that T & T are well placed to seal their first ever World Cup finals place.

Ince has now denied that he is quitting.

"The situation is I had some personal problems that I had to sort out and I decided I should step away and take some time to myself before making any decision. I never said I would retire," Ince said from Port of Spain.

"Being left out was never a problem. Every player feels disappointed to be left out of the team when they have been training hard, but only 11 players can be picked.

"It is part of being a professional. It is up to the manager who he picks and you have to accept that."

Crewe are still hoping that Ince will agree a new two-year contract, which is on offer from boss Dario Gradi.

« on: June 11, 2005, 03:08:58 PM »
Enough rating of the players, I think it time we critique the preparation and thoroughness of the coaching staff.

Strengths- A systemtic approach to the defense and the use of the offside trap. Better reading of the game and what the offense doing by the defense. The coaching staff also knows how to adjust to the opponents and create frustration. Better possession overall by entire team. This staff know how to deal with the psychological aspect of the game.

Weaknesses- No prep for deadballs/restarts apparent. No long throws and sub par corners. No forwards attacking the goalpost or defenders.

Opportunities- Physical fitness is a average. Men losing gas in the last 25 mins hance the 2 goals. Coaching staff have to deal with this. Maybe ENTIRE team need to study film of opponents not just the coaching staff. Better substitutions may lead to more revelation of NEW players. TAKE WHAT THE OPPOSING defense GIVES- hit the 18 yd shot.

Threats: We cannot deal with defending the 18 yd box YET. We need a better prepared GK unit. We struggle with the counter attack. Our forwards do not look like they could mount a prepared counter attack.

For the money paid to this staff and Beenie I give a 6 out of 10. Still some details that show our team was not FULLY prepared. Amateurish preparation still visible.

This staff have to teach the tricks of the trade to our players to raise their game.

Real pros know how to foul without getting call, professional fouls, time wasting techniques, faking a foul to get penalties, climbing/elbowing/pulling during corners.

I know me goh get vex... but Beenie bring he staff and real $$$ done pass. We have to be more demanding and stop accepting mediocrity.

Whuh yuh say!

Football / Which Football system is more effective?
« on: June 11, 2005, 12:28:25 PM »

GOT THIS FROM WIKIPEDIA.... Are we playing total football? U TELL ME?

In football (soccer), Total Football is a system where a player who moves out of his position is replaced by another from his team, thus retaining their intended organisational structure. In this fluid system no footballer is fixed in their intended outfield role; anyone can be successively an attacker, a midfielder and a defender. Total Football depends largely on the adaptability of each footballer within the team to succeed.

The foundations for Total Football were laid by Jack Reynolds, who was the manager of Ajax for 33 years in the early 20th century. Rinus Michels, who played under Reynolds, later went on to become manager of Ajax himself and refined the concept into what today is known as "Total Football", using it in his training for the Ajax Amsterdam squad and the Netherlands national team in the 1970s. The term Total Football is also used to describe the effective, dominating play of West German football in the 1970s. The ill-fated Austrian "Wunderteam" of the 1930s is also credited in some circles as being the first national team to play Total Football.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Catenaccio describes a tactical system in football with an emphasis on defence and tactical fouls. In Italian catenaccio means "door-bolt" and it effectively means a highly organized backline defense which is intended to prevent goals. It was made famous by Argentinian trainer Helenio Herrera of Inter Milan in the 1960s who used it to grind out 1-0 wins over opponents in their league games.

Catenaccio could have originated from the verrou or "chain" system invented by Austrian coach Karl Rappan. As coach of Switzerland, Rappan played a defensive sweeper just ahead of his goalkeeper in the 1930s and 1940s. Nereo Rocco's Padua team pioneered the system in Italy in the 1950s where it would be used again by the AC Milan team of the early 1960s.

In Herrera's version in the 1960s, four man-marking defenders are tightly assigned to each opposing attacker while an extra sweeper would pick up any loose ball that escaped the marking of the defenders.

The catenaccio system is often criticized for reducing the quality of football games as a spectacle. In certain parts of Europe it became synonymous with negative football since the attacking aspect of the game is neglected.


Football / Team must improve on the THIS to accomplish the GOAL
« on: June 10, 2005, 09:54:30 AM »
What do you think we need to better to make it to Germany?

GK- Better ball distribution is needed from the GK. We also needed Jack to marshal the defense and communicate more with defense. Less punchout and more catching of crosses. Staying on the line vs coming out. Better coverage of the opponents free kicks and corners

Defense- Overall good and compact but not really able to link with the midfielders and forwards. Defenders could send more occasional balls to our forwards on the wings. Not really using the wing space at all. The goals came b/c 1) the right back was out of position and 2) the GK parry an easy ball. Some might say that I endorsing the long ball .... once in a while to unnerve the opposition.

Midfield- We did better here at winning back possession from Mex but it seem that we could'nt really launch wicked counter attacks that seemed practiced when we had the ball. You could have all the possession but it means nothing if you doh try the goal. Whenever we try the Mex goals the Mex defenders were confused and off balance. Knock on the door and yuh bound to get an answer.
The midfielders did a better job helping the defense than linking with the offense.

Forwards: A forwards back to the goal mean a creation of a chance for midfielders- didnt see that. Fwds did not have plenty unobstructed views of the goal. The Mex defs was shutting we down too quick. Doh forget FWDs have to out pressure on the opponents defense- did not see that.

STERN JOHN- This man was/may be is a boss forward. Teams from allover Europe wanted this man when he was leaving the MLS. Now he going down and he must do something to stop the downward spiral.

STERN POSITIVES - The Stern turn, great keeper of the ball, great with both legs- wicked shooting ( hard and low). Know how to use space. Know how to create space. Good header of the ball. SPEED. Running with ball shooting top level.

STERN NEGATIVES- The new face of Stern John- hand on de hip, deriding junior players, vex at getting subbed, attitude like he doh make mistake. Stand up and watch men tackle.

Stern has tremendous potential and he have to realise that he stock dropping. His attitide will determine his altititude. He is a role model for teammates whether he like it or not. Only Stern can return to the basics habits that get him to Europe--- in his hands lies his destiny. Remember YOU ARE A PRO......

I am not a Stern basher but without Stern we may not make it. He is the leading scorer for us since 2000. I know we have faith in Stern , SO JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN and PEAK NOW.

In ending we need to work on
1)using Tallman for corners,
2) utilising the long throw as a corner
3)Better crosses with pinpoint acc
4)Free kick practice- identify somebody in practice with the highest %
5)  Better Shot selection and more shots.



Very compact and tenous in their overall approach it was obvious that the Mexican forwards found it difficult to penetrate with decisive passes. We were definitely employing the offside trap with great effectiveness. As most technicians of the game know, football is about the creation and negation of passing lanes. The defense did a commendable job on negating and closing the passing lanes for the Maxicans. The goals were a result of a lack of concentration by the defenders coupled with some questionable goalkeeping. The distribution from the GK to defenders via throw -ins sans the boom kick was much needed. That Avery John is one to look at in the future-he has a good motor and real promise. The tackling is more well timed  but in the penalty box marking aerial and ground has to improve.OVERALL_ MOST IMPROVED AREA IN THE TEAM


Helped and contributed from a defensive standpoint in the second half. The midfielders dominated with possession play in the first half. Birchall and Edwards are good. More sideline passing than penetrative passes. Once again midfield needs to utillise and create more passing lanes with forward movement and close down lanes when defending. When these lanes are closed the opponents will resort to to sideline passes  b/c of the shutdown. The composure on the ball is improved and midfielder have more confidence.


Minimal chances are being taken. More chances means more probaility of goals. It also unnerves the defence. This was not being done hence the Mexican defence was not under any sustained period of pressure save only for 7 minutes or so in the 2nd half. Dead ball situations are something that the coaching staff must focus on. There is no free kick specialist and there appears to be no practice work on this. Same for corners. The workrate for the forwards was average at best and they are not good at creating chances. K. Jones need to be given an opportunity here b/c of his workrate. Overall the TT forwards are still predictable. On a positive note we did a better job of beating their offside trap.

This is just some constructuve criticism but in general I am very happy to watch our team NOW, win ,lose of DRAW. We are much better prepared and I feel that we have a legitimate chance. Now all our opponents are going extensively scout TT. WE must be flexible and have contingencies in place for gametime tactical changes.


The analysis on this board is great!

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