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Football / Jones - I'm nothing without the team
« on: April 08, 2008, 10:29:31 AM »

Jones: I’m nothing without the team

Apr 8 2008 by Luke Edwards, The Journal
Kenwyne Jones

KENWYNE Jones may have emerged as Sunderland’s star player this season but the striker refuses to accept any individual plaudits as he argued he would have been nothing without those around him.

Jones is an instantly likeable character on and off the pitch and, although he has won a series of rave reviews for his performances up front, including a glowing endorsement from former England captain John Terry, the Trinidad and Tobago international appears uncomfortable with all the praise.

Indeed, a player who has been described as among the best in the Premier League by his manager Roy Keane, is determined to ensure the focus shifts from him to his team-mates following the 3-1 win at Fulham which has virtually guaranteed them Premier League safety this season.

“I think the team is performing extremely well at the moment, that’s three wins in a row and I think the win at Fulham was a big leap towards us staying in the Premiership,” said Jones, who scored his seventh goal for the Black Cats in the impressive win at Craven Cottage.

“We have always kept confident this season, even when there have been times when we have not been on a good run. We are very much a team and everyone has had a part to play in where we are today. I think that is one of the most enjoyable things about being part of what is happening at Sunderland.

“I’ve had a few plaudits this season and I’m fortunate enough that things have been going well for me on a personal level, but it doesn’t really mean anything if you are not doing well as a team. If I’ve been doing well it is because of the team, and I do well to try and help the team. It’s all about Sunderland Football Club and what we achieve from now on that matters.”

Jones’s strength and pace, as well as his aerial ability, led some pundits to suggest at the weekend that the former Southampton striker reminded them of a young Didier Drogba. It was a comparison Jones sidestepped neatly.

He said: “I’ve never tried to be like a (Didier) Drogba or a (Thierry) Henry. Everyone is blessed with different talents. I’ve always tried to be like

myself, not anyone else, and see what that brings. Drogba could have been at Sunderland and not been the player he is today. It’s all about how you adapt to the situation you are in. I haven’t got any idols, it would have to be my family who have helped me get where I am.”

At 23, Jones is also confident that he will continue to improve as a Premier League striker, particularly as Keane will never allow him to stop learning. Having spotted the striker’s untapped potential when he was in the Championship with Southampton, Keane appears to be determined to ensure a naturally laid-back character does not slip into bad habits. It is a trait Jones believes will ensure his manager becomes one the game’s greats.

He added: “He doesn’t let anyone rest on their laurels and that’s a good thing, of course it is. We are not in a position where we want to be slacking off and giving away games.

“He didn’t end up being the player he was without a lot of hard work and dedication and he expects that from his players now that he is a manager. He works hard at being a manager and I think he will get better.

“He is still improving in every way and he tells us as players that you learn something new every day, I think he says the same as a manager. For him to become that great, great manager is going to take time, but he has done a good job at Sunderland so far.

“I don’t think I’ve changed my style at Sunderland. I’ve always been a direct player, but I’m always learning. The great thing is being in a team which has confidence in you and a manager who has confidence in you. Every day is a learning process and I’m glad I’m taking it on board.”

Football / Sunderland can be a force - Jones
« on: March 31, 2008, 11:50:56 PM »
Sunderland can be a force, claims Jones

HAVING seemingly overcome their lack of Premier League experience, striker Kenwyne Jones last night suggested that Sunderland are ready to show the top flight just what they are about.

A first season back in the top-flight has been one of inconsistency, which has left the Black Cats struggling to climb clear of the relegation zone.

But, after claiming successive Premier League wins for the first time since December 2001, and a first away win of the campaign, there are now seven points separating Sunderland and third-bottom Bolton.

With six matches remaining, most people on Wearside believe survival is a near certainty with a win at struggling Fulham on Saturday a distinct probability.

A third win in a row - the first time Sunderland would have achieved that in the top division since December 2000 - would make it difficult to see Roy Keane's men letting such a strong position slip.

That would be a remarkable situation, given that they have hovered nervously around the drop zone for the whole of the campaign.

Jones, who arrived from Southampton last August, feels that it is almost time to start thinking about next season - but not quite.

"Sunderland have been a yo-yo club and it would be some achievement to break that sequence and go on to become a Premier League power," said Jones, a £6m man with all the top clubs monitoring his situation.

"This season will do a lot for the club and the fans and if we do stay up next season we will build and become a stronger team.

"It was just a lack of experience that held us back and stopped us putting more points on the board, but now we're are showing that we are making good progress.

"We are turning things around and now we're aiming to put a string of results together that will keep us up."

After the ecstasy of celebrating Andy Reid's 96th minute winner against West Ham at the Stadium of Light on Saturday, Keane took his squad for four days' warm weather training in Spain.

Jones and compatriot Carlos Edwards were left behind to training with the youngsters because of work permit problems. But Jones claims he will be more than ready for the trip to Craven Cottage.

Fulham, six points shy of climbing out of the bottom three, are in dire need of points and a victory could pull Keane's men back into bother.

"Fulham will be a massive game but then again to a club like Sunderland every game is massive," said Jones. "It's good that we've been able to put some breathing space between ourselves and the bottom three but we've got to remain really focused because every game will be hugely important until we're mathematically safe.

"We will be treating every game as if our lives depend on it so. But it's encouraging that the last two wins have put us on the road to safety and I believe we'll get there because I am confident in the team and its ability."

For Jones on a personal level, the visit of the Hammers last weekend also marked the start of a return to goalscoring ways.

Having failed to find the net for 11 matches, the Trinidad & Tobago international was on hand to tap in the first half equaliser that put Sunderland on the road to victory.

"It was great to get back among the goals," said Jones, who has six this season.

"At this stage it could not have been better timed and the whole place has been really buzzing.

"We are really glad that we could put a smile on people's faces after losing our last two home games.

"It was quite a long time since I had scored and now I've got to make sure that the fans see it sooner rather than later.

"But whatever happens the team comes first and as long as I play my part in helping us win then I'll be happy."

Football / John Terry's comments on Kenwynne
« on: March 17, 2008, 05:59:18 AM »
There were still encouraging words from Terry, who enthused: "He was fantastic and I have played against him twice now. He's a very good player, probably the best in the air in the entire Premier League. He really is that good. All the lads are talking about him afterwards. If Sunderland can stay up and keep hold of him, they have a fantastic chance of kicking on."

Near the bottom

Football / Redknapp: Kenwyne is the next Drogba.
« on: February 22, 2008, 06:40:08 AM »
Pompey boss: Kenwyne is the next Drogba.
By: Sunderland Echo.

Harry Redknapp has described Sunderland's Kenwyne Jones as the new Didier Drogba. And the Portsmouth boss says taming the Black Cats striker this weekend is the key to Pompey continuing their surge towards European qualification.

Redknapp watched as Jones gave his defence a battering in the 2-0 loss at the Stadium of Light last month. The Trinidad and Tobago international has been a revelation on Wearside this season following his £6m summer move from Southampton.

He has helped himself to six goals and given teams a torrid time with his brute strength and power. Redknapp says he see similarities between Jones and Chelsea striker Drogba, with both men possessing the ability to terrorise defences.

The Pompey boss worked with Jones while at Southampton, and knew then he had the assets to make it at the highest level.

He said: "Kenwyne Jones is a threat and I've been impressed with him. "He's a fantastic athlete with a great leap and terrific spring and he caused us problems at the Stadium of Light.

"I've seen him batter a lot of defenders this season. I worked with him at Southampton. He was a player you would be scared to sell unless it was for big money.

"I thought this could be one which comes back to haunt you. He needed to be more aggressive in his play but it seems like the penny is dropping with him. "He could be the new Didier Drogba. That's not impossible. "He's a real handful."

Redknapp also believes Sunderland boss Roy Keane is someone heading to the top of the management tree. He reckons the former Manchester United hero's presence means his side will win their fight to stay in the Premier League this season.

And he lauded his success in getting Jones to fulfil his potential. Redknapp said: "I thought Kenwyne had everything needed to be a top, top player.

"It was all there – but I didn't know whether he'd put it all together. "He was relaxed and I didn't know if he was capable of getting out of that laid-back mode of his, but he's pushed on.

"He has got it all though, believe you me. "Look at him. He has the lot and Roy Keane has managed to get that out of him.

"He should be a top player and I think he is showing that now. "A lot of it is probably confidence. Roy is pushing him and pushing him, and he probably realises what he can achieve now."

Football / New Sunderland forum
« on: February 21, 2008, 02:33:06 PM »
Don't know if any of you are aware or even interested  ;D but there is a new Sunderland forum at

It is really easy going and not at bitchy as the SMB, you can swear and everything, anything goes really  :angel:

If any of you do join put me down as a referer as I get credits to use in the games section of the site  8)

It is very much in it's infancy at the moment and at any one time there is only around 40 people on it but we are a nice family  :beermug:

You will be welcomed with open arms

Football / Kenwyne Jones
« on: August 27, 2007, 03:48:39 AM »
Rumours around Sunderland are that he is set to sign very soon with possilbly Stern John going the other way.

I don't really know much about Kenwyne to be honest guys, what are his attributes? Is he quick, physical, strong etc?

Do you think he can make the step up to the EPL?

We are really missing Carlos at Sunderland, we have no balance in midfield now as we do not have another right winger at the club. He is out for another 3 weeks according to Sunderland's physio......never mind though as we have a real easy game next week, Manchester United away  :'(

I am gonna be in Turkey that day so no doubt I will be the only Sunderland supporter there surrounded by loads on Man U fans  :o

Football / How cool is our new away top guys
« on: May 25, 2007, 04:03:49 AM »

I will be away in Turkey soon for a couple of weeks but will try to get on the web when I am over there, if not speak to you all when I get back

I have been hammering the gym and looking shredded to f**k  ;D

Football / Dressing room photos from Luton, Carlos looks happy
« on: May 11, 2007, 02:38:29 PM »

remembered the link this time  ;D

Football / Saturday night/Sunday morning
« on: May 09, 2007, 05:57:23 AM »
I am back in the land of the living after the longest weekend of my life. I went out with my wife for a 'few' drinks on Saturday night bt I had decided to be careful as I was going to Luton Sunday morning.

Well I think you guys know me well enough to know what happened, I bumped into a lot of friends and we had a few drinks too many and by midnight I was a litte drunk  :-[ Got home at 1am and ordered takeaway food, chicken kebab very nice, finally went to bed at around 2am. What a good boy I am.

I could not sleep as I was soooooo excited about the game but I must have fell asleep around 3am. My alarm woke me at 4:30 and I felt like a complete bag of sh*t, I had 100 hundred soldiers marching around in my head! Quick shower and some headache tablets and I was in the taxi.

We got picked up outside the stadium at 5:40 and we were on our way by 6am. I tried to sleep but couldn't as I felt terrible, my own fault I know. The journey seemd to take forever but at every stop on the way there were so many Sunderland fans, we were only given 1800 tickets but the police reckon we took around 8000 fans down.

We got to the ground with about 40 minutes to kick off so we got seats behind the goal in the front row, we were applauding the players and they were applauding us back, very nice in fact niceness.

The match kicked off, you all know the score but the performance was just awesome, we murdered them big time. When we scored the first goal pockets of Sunderland fans in every stand jumped up and it was only then could you see how many fans we had in the ground, some even had colours on in with the home fans, crazy  :rotfl:

At 4 nil up a little ripple started in the directors box and then our end erupted as we heard that Preston had scored, we knew then we were champions, what a feeling. To top it off we added a 5th goal near the end.

Our fans were magnificent throughout, the singing at times had me a little emotional to be honest and my chest was bursting with pride.

The players at the end were great too, they were celebrating with us like we were all friends together, that's how it should be in football there is too much of the 'them and us' attitude, surely we are all in it together as one. I have to admit I turned into a big kid wanting to shake players hands and pat them on the back  ;D

The journey home seemed to take forever but I finally got home at 9pm, totally exhausted but managed to stay awake long enough (2am) to watch the highlights and drink a half a bottle of vodka!

This season, especially since January has been the best in my memory. Hopefully next season can be equally as exciting. We are being linked with some fabulous players and I am sure our signings will be impressive but we have the basis of a good team and maybe need a goalkeeper and a good striker, also a couple of defenders if Jonny Evans and Danny Simpson go back to Man Utd.


Football / One Carlos Edwards.....there's only one Carlos Edwards
« on: April 27, 2007, 04:33:59 PM »
OH MY GOD.....I have never been so nervous about a game as I was tonight, I have hardly slept all week and could not concentrate on anything at work or at home. I was totally consumed by it all.

The game tonight must have been great for the neutral fan to watch as it had so much drama. 3 penalties and end to end action with the lead changing hands 3 times.

I have to say since Roy Keane took over at Sunderland we seem to have a never say die attitude, just like Keane as a player. We have came back so many times from a goal behind this season, we just don't know how to lose.

SuperCarlos Edwards got s back into the game with his penalty award and oh what a winner the great man scored.......I was breathless

Crowd today was nearly 45,000 not bad for a championship club eh guys, I would like to add the following

On our way, were on our way
on our way to the premier
how will we get there I don't know
how will we get there I don't care
all I know is Sunderland on it's way

Goodnight  :beermug:

Football / Yorke wants to stay at Sunderland
« on: April 18, 2007, 05:48:52 AM »

also, Grant Leadbitter has named Yorkie as the person who has influenced him most in football, not bad in less than a year

Future coach imo

Football / T shirt on sale outside the ground
« on: April 07, 2007, 02:04:47 AM »

Football / Crowd against Wolves
« on: April 04, 2007, 06:14:25 AM »
is expected to be over 40,000 for the first time this season. This is probably because Redtrinigirl has been promising the lads on SMB a load of dancing girls, us men are very shallow  :rotfl:

Really looking forward to the game but I am getting nervous, Wolves are a good side and they have just been beaten 6 - 0 at home, also our old manager is coming back and 3 ex players to give the game added spice.

Keane says he doesn't think Carlos will be ready, I think he will be on the bench, but Yorke is fit as is Jonny Evans.

I will be happy with 6 points from the 2 games this weekend  :beermug:

Football / Check out this video
« on: March 25, 2007, 02:33:33 AM »
by the Punjab Army, it's a tribute to Roy Keane and Sunderland

Football / Carlos is back Carlos is back hello hello
« on: March 21, 2007, 04:22:20 AM »
Well nearly, you Trini's are quick healers

Great news

Football / We are in an automatic promotion place
« on: March 17, 2007, 12:19:21 PM »
The table looks very nice tonight, 2nd top and only 3 points behind Derby. West Brom play Birmingham in the morning so I am hoping for a West Brom win.

It was a scrappy game today, Hull never threatened to score all game and at half time we should have been at least 4 - 0 up.

Yorke has another good game, he hardly moved from the centre circle, won the battle in midfield and kept it simple.

Good goal from Stern John after a hash from the goalie, makes up for his miss on Tuesday night  :rotfl:

Crowd was 38,500, not bad for a championship side eh

Football / Carlos Edwards
« on: March 14, 2007, 03:22:14 AM »
Please hurry up and get fit, we are crap without you  >:(

Football / Just got back from Barnsley
« on: March 10, 2007, 01:19:24 PM »
had a shower and now waiting for a taxi into town  ;D

We were not uop to our usual standards today and missed Yorkie and especially Carlos.  Also Keane dropped Hysen and Stokes from the squad because they were 4 minutes late for the coach yesterday  :o

You certainly don't mess with Roy Keane that's for sure. We lacked pace and width today and we were pretty poor in the last third with John and Connolly not getting many chances.

3rd top now and 3 points off automatic promotion, last season we had forgotten how to win but this season we have forgotten how to lose

I am loving this season so far    :cheers:

Football / Yorke out tomorrow
« on: March 09, 2007, 09:22:58 AM »
hamstring injury, this is worrying especially with Carlos being unavailable, we should still have too much for Barnsley.

 I can't wait for the game tomorrow even though the police have restriced our ticket allocation to 8000! We could have sold twice that amount. Also the kick off time has been brought forward to 1:30pm UK time.

We are relying on Stern Johnnyboy John to keep up the Trini scoring rate  :notworthy:

Haway the lads

Football / Yorke announces international retirement
« on: March 08, 2007, 03:46:24 AM »
Dwight departs - Warrior chief calls time.
By: Lasana Liburd (Express).

Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean's most celebrated football player, Dwight Yorke, yesterday announced his retirement from the international game in a release to his British Championship Division employers, Sunderland Football Club.
Yorke, 35, earlier indicated his availability for the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup and was set to represent the "Soca Warriors" in a friendly away to Chile on March 24. The Chile fixture was officially scrapped on Tuesday when the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) announced the suspension of all national football team activity "due to a lack of financial support". The T&TFF also declared that the Warriors' Gold Cup participation was now doubtful.
Within 24 hours, Yorke made his own proclamation by calling time on an international career that began 19 years ago in Port of Spain, just three weeks after his 17th birthday. The Tobago-born player, who commanded just under $183 million in transfer fees during his 18-year professional career, explained that he would now focus on Sunderland's bid for promotion to the English Premier League.
"I believe the time is now right for me to concentrate on my career at Sunderland and hopefully win promotion to the Premiership," Yorke told the club website. "I would like to thank all my fellow teammates from Trinidad and Tobago who have given me such support and our fantastic fans who are unique in the world."
It is the second time that Yorke quit the national team although, almost certainly, it will be the last.
Six years ago, the classy attacker retired alongside gifted teammate and close friend, Russell Latapy, after then national coach Rene Simoes dropped the pair for skipping practice on the eve of a crucial World Cup qualifier at home to Jamaica and four years passed before Yorke made an unlikely return under his former mentor, Bertille St Clair.
Yorke silenced skeptics with his committed leadership as the Warriors clinched a historic spot at the 2006 Germany FIFA World Cup. As a striker-cum-midfield anchor, Yorke did not manage a single competitive goal in the two-year period but won international and local acclaim for his work rate and perceptive reading of the game.
In Germany, he tallied just one shot-and it was wide-but won more tackles (21) than any other player who left the tournament at the group stage, while he was ranked 18th at the completion of the event.
The T&TFF honoured his efforts by naming him their Player of the Year for 2005 and 2006, which, ironically, they failed to do in his pomp.
On the global stage, though, Yorke is best remembered in a Manchester United shirt after his sizzling debut season for the Premiership giants in 1998/99, which ended with an unprecedented treble of European Champions League and English Premiership and FA Cup triumphs.
Yorke, who signed for a then club record 12.6 million pounds, was the Premiership's top scorer that season with 29 goals and was the first "Red Devil" to break the 20-goal barrier in more than a decade and only the second to do so since the legendary George Best.
He lasted another two and a half years at United before a fall out with esteemed manager Sir Alex Ferguson meant that he was offloaded to Blackburn Rovers for two million pounds in 2002. But his club record was an enviable 47 goals from 95 appearances while his capture of domestic and European titles saw him celebrated as the club's 47th most famous player of all time.
Yorke remains the most prolific non-European player and the ninth highest scorer in Premiership history with 134 goals. His club honours include two Premiership crowns and a FA, Champions League and Intercontinental trophy for United, while he won the English League Cup once each with Aston Villa and Blackburn, as well as the Australian A' League title in a one-year stint with Sydney FC.
At international level, he led T&T to the Portugal 1991 FIFA Under-19 World Cup and matched this achievement at senior level in 2006-which he referred to as his "greatest moment"-while he won 59 caps with 26 goals during his international career.
Yorke's time in the red, white and black strip was often plagued by controversy and he made only 36 full international appearances with 23 goals in his first 13 years as a professional.
A year after his debut in a goalless draw against Honduras, Yorke infuriated national coach Everald "Gally" Cummings by leaving for trials with Villa, just weeks before the infamous home qualifier against the United States on November 19, 1989, which saw the "Strike Squad" fall one point short of the 1990 World Cup.
Signed by Villa, he returned home sparingly thereafter as his British bosses were reluctant to release him for international duty. His relationship with the local football body deteriorated further in 1993 when Yorke suffered a broken leg at the Caribbean Cup and felt neglected by his country during his slow recovery.
Yorke played just four times in the 1998 World Cup qualifying effort and scored once-in an 8-0 rout of the Dominican Republic. He did better in the 2002 campaign where he chipped in five goals from 11 outings but still left in acrimonious circumstances and FIFA vice-president and T&TFF special adviser Jack Warner called him "a cancer to the game" for his failure to abide by team rules.
The 2006 campaign was the making of Yorke, though, as he finally won the adulation of his compatriots-a full seven years after he conquered Europe.
His relationship with the T&TFF again appeared strained last October when he was among 13 players who threatened to quit the team in a bonus dispute although Yorke broke ranks with most of his teammates when they opted to seek legal action against the local body.
His last international outing was on October 7 and Yorke curled home a free kick for T&T in a 5-0 win against St Vincent in front of less than 10,000 supporters at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain. From now on, Yorke's goals will be the property of Sunderland Football Club.
Yorke announces international retirement.
By: Nick Alexander (SAFC).

Sunderland midfielder Dwight Yorke has announced his retirement from international football. The Trinidad and Tobago captain said he had taken the decision so he can concentrate on the Black Cats promotion bid.
Yorke, 35, said: It's been a great personal and professional honour to play and captain Trinidad and Tobago over the years and I hope that I have contributed to the success of the team over that time.
"I believe the time is now right for me to concentrate on my career at Sunderland and hopefully win promotion to the Premiership.
"I would like to thank all my fellow team-mates from Trinidad and Tobago who have given me such support and our fantastic fans who are unique in the world."
Yorke led the Soca Warriors to their first World Cup last year and had a spell in Australia with Sydney FC before returning to join his former Manchester United team-mate Roy Keane at Sunderland.
Yorke earned 59 official caps for Trinidad and Tobago and scored 26 goals but he also played over 100 matches for his country that were not recognised as international friendlies.
He has made 27 appearances for Sunderland this season, scoring three goals. Yorke was one of six signings made by Keane in the August transfer window, and the most high profile.
Warner to Yorke: Your contribution remains immeasurable.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

FIFA Vice President and Special Advisor to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation Jack Warner has paid tribute to former National team captain Dwight Yorke, describing his decision to hang up his boots from international football in order to take Sunderland into the Premiership as one that will be respected and supported .
“I only just learnt of your decision to retire from international football, ingesting the not altogether surprising announcement with a mixture of melancholy and warm reflection upon your selfless and sedulous dedication to team Trinidad and Tobago,” Warner stated in a letter to Yorke.
“More than most, I remember in this same vein your initial declaration in 2001 and found myself musing upon both the quantity and quality of water that has flowed under the bridge between that time and your return to the national squad; culminating in the crowning glory of leading the Soca Warriors to and through Germany 2006 – and with distinction at every sequence.
“As you are aware, I have keenly followed your prowess and progress from the early days at Signal Hill Senior Comprehensive School , through engagements with Aston Villa, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City , Sydney FC and now at Sunderland .
“My memories are therefore not limited to only the dazzling flashbacks during your tour of duty as player and captain of team Trinidad and Tobago . Although the 59 official caps and 29 goals scored under that aegis rank for voluminous congratulation, those among us who dutifully monitor your career, will undoubtedly include in the final reckoning the more than 100 matches you played as a T&T flag-bearer, and in considering the larger portfolio consequently admit the inadequacy of merely saying "thank you."
“Your expressed determination to concentrate on the Black Cats' promotion campaign without undue distraction is indeed noble and it is my wish that you achieve the optimal outcome of this pursuit, our loss comforted to some degree by the heartwarming humility of your describing participation in and stewardship of the national team as "a great personal and professional honour," not to mention your thoughtful tribute to "our fantastic and unique fans."
“I feel confident that I speak for at least the entire local football community in giving the assurance that your contribution to the success of team Trinidad and Tobago remains immeasurable. The crucial role you played in the ascendancy of The Soca Warriors extended well beyond astute captaincy and indeed included inspiration to not only your teammates but the nation at large, by bringing your vision and enormous experience to bear on that magnificently led campaign.
“The many and various awards and accolades bestowed on you, naming of the stadium at Bacolet in eternal tribute to your work and continuing nationwide appreciation of your intervention in local football (not to mention 64 goals in 151 games for the legendary “Manchester United team) do not tell even half the story which, I hope, will one day soon be committed to print or equally lasting biographical format.
“Such a move remains in the realm of speculation, quite unlike the certainty that the name Dwight Eversley Yorke will remain indelibly etched in the annals of local football, and occupy no less prestigious a space as history records for posterity, globally acclaimed highlights of the beautiful game,” Warner then signed.
The President of the TTFF also wished the former Blackburn Rovers striker the very best in his future endeavors on behalf of the local footballing fraternity.

Football / A big thank you to your 3 Trini's
« on: March 03, 2007, 12:41:44 PM »
All 3 involved in the 1st goal and it sounds they all played well again, Yorke was again brilliant in midfield.

As you know Carlos got hacked down and had to go off with a shoulder injury, I really hope he is ok as without him we will struggle away from home.

Anyway, your guys did you proud again today

 :beermug: :beermug:

Football / Do any of the T&T guys
« on: February 17, 2007, 08:31:16 PM »
post on here? it would be so cool if they did.....but I suppose they have parties to go to....

Football / One word to describe Carlos Edwards today
« on: February 17, 2007, 11:36:44 AM »

Football / Tonight
« on: February 10, 2007, 07:46:46 PM »
What's the story with you guys? Have you been out anywhere? Any stories?

Football / Westcoasttrini
« on: February 10, 2007, 07:05:47 PM »
What did you think of the craic in the SMB chatroom today, can't believe you were in there mate! fair play dude  :beermug:

Football / SAFCPat
« on: February 10, 2007, 06:40:52 PM »
A new poster on this board is going to register, she is my friend and she is 73! She follows the lads all over the country and is a true Sunderland fan. I have huge respect for this girl, we go to away games together and she talks a lot.........oh yes she talks a lot but she is really cool.

When she posts, be nice to her......she is old you know  :rotfl: :rotfl:

Football / A favour please
« on: February 10, 2007, 11:06:46 AM »
I am going out to celebrate the Sunderland win tonight with my wife and a few friends. Should get in around midnight and the first thing I will do is come on here.

If I am on too late will you please tell me to go to bed as last Sunday morning I was on till 5am!

I was a bag of sh*t all day Sunday  :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Football / Carlos Edwards talks about Sunderland fans
« on: February 06, 2007, 07:46:05 AM »

told you we were the best supporters in the world, check out the bit about the T & T flag  :beermug:

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