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Football / Changing Footballing Philospohy of the EPL
« on: May 23, 2013, 12:17:59 PM »
I realize that there is a changing tide in the EPL, in terms of collective footballing philosophy.  Even the so-called smaller teams are moving to appoint managers that want to play the game the "right" way:  attacking-minded, fluent, total football.  It's no longer Arsenal that want to play the jugo bonito in the EPL.  Liverpool have gone in that direction under Rodgers, who is a huge believer in the tiki-taka philosophy, while Southampton have appointed Pochetino, and there has been a marked improvement in how they play.  Man City will change under Pellegrino, who is a very attacking-minded manager, and heck, even Stoke has decided to ditch it's lagoon brand by sacking Pulis, and lining up Gus Poyet as their next manager.  I'm not saying that this translates into winning, but it shows the movement towards a more eye-catching style of play from many of the EPL teams.


German side St Pauli have asked the owners of one of their executive boxes to stop strippers performing during games after they installed a pole and mirror. "They can do what they like after games," said club president Stefan Orth. (Observer)

These men real serious bout game time entertainment; they take it to ah higher level.  :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Fellas I need some leads here.  Spoke to a college coach (whose team was ranked top 25 for a bit this season) a few days ago, and he was saying that he would be willing to recruit a top-notch keeper from home for next year.  This keeper would be replacing a very solid keeper who had 10 shoutouts this season, so he would have to be solid at crossballs, commanding the area, shot stopping, communicatiing with players, etc.  Can I get some references of possible prospects and their schools or clubs? 

Football / World's Best 'Keeper: Buffon
« on: January 24, 2009, 03:22:27 PM »
De man back after more than a 2-month layoff, and looking like he hasn't missed a beat.  If Juve get all three points today, it would be because of this man.  He is worth about 9 points a season.  No disrespect to Manninger, but Juve would have been top with Buffon in goal all season.  Casillas and company are pretenders to the throne...

Football / Chelsea vs West Ham
« on: December 14, 2008, 11:57:58 AM »
Zola is showing West Ham how to defend properly.  Typical Italian approach-build a solid foundation from the back.  How come Robert Green is not getting a chance from Capello beats me.  He has been so consistent over the last couple of seasons.  He is not the biggest of goalkeepers by modern standards (6-4 and going), but he is a great shot stopper and has decent range on his crosses.  Chelsea play long ball with Drogba and Anelka up front.  The jury is out on whether this combination will work, but it's early yet.

Fellas a coach asked me about this player.  I understand he is in the national U20 pool.  Can I get some feedback on what type of player he is:  technical skills, tactical maturity, athleticism, motivational level.  Is he more of a defender or holding midfielder?  Physical attributes....anything that would give an idea of his talent and ability.  Thanks.

In a country that is supposedly crazy about cricket and Aussie rules football, it's good to see that the Socceroos are becoming the most followed sport.  Their recent attendance at the Asian Cup shows that they drew a larger TV following than the so-called established Australian sports.  Nice Read.  The Americans could maybe learn something from then, cause they face similar challenges.

Football / How Good is Ryan Babel? Give your Evaluations...
« on: July 10, 2007, 07:40:06 AM »
'Pool up they bid for the hottest young property in Dutch football to 13.5 million pounds.  Fellas, Benitez doh splash money and up bids so easy; he is a miser, if yuh ask me.  De man return with an improved bid within a few days, so ah guess he really want this winger.  Van Basten say this youth is de real deal; he made his senior debut in 2005, and he is 20 years of age.  What allyuh think bout this youth?

Football / Big Up Lincoln Phillips !
« on: May 06, 2007, 09:59:52 PM »
This man ensured that we qualified for Korea by gettings things strted early.  He said in one of his interviews that he told Jack Warner that we needed to get an U15 team and keep them together, and that Jack said we HAVE to do it.  When the TTFF was only focusing on qualifying for Germany, is Lincoln that still manage to get the team some exposure at the Dallas Cup.  For once, scouting was done THROUGHOUT the country, and it is reflected in the remote areas that some of the players come from.  They WENT to the players and really did SCOUT, instead of waiting for man to appear.  Keep doing the do Lincoln.  We seeing the fruits of your structural organization and planning.  No mind they does fight yuh down. :thumbsup:

Football / Liverpool vs. Arsenal
« on: March 31, 2007, 07:11:38 AM »
Way all de Assenal fans and dem.  3-0 after 61 mins.  Is all about the league, and we could play in the big cup games too. 


 A Sky Bet survey has revealed that Liverpool's captain fantastic Steven Gerrard is the most wanted player amongst Premiership fans.

With the January transfer window opening, Sky Bet polled British supporters and discovered that over a third were desperate to see Stevie G don their club's colours for the New Year.

The Reds skipper, recently awarded an MBE, beat Arsenal counterpart Thierry Henry into second place, with Barcelona's Ronaldinho the third most in-demand player.

Completing the top five on British supporters' wish-lists were England pair Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard.

Most wanted
1. Steven Gerrard (35%)
2. Thierry Henry (30%)
3. Ronaldinho (24%)
4. Wayne Rooney (23%)
5. Frank Lampard (21%)

Sky Bet's research also revealed that the most highly-prized manager was Martin O'Neill of Aston Villa (18%), with the Ulsterman beating his more illustrious rivals Sir Alex Ferguson (16%), Jose Mourinho (11%) and Arsene Wenger (10%).

However it is transfer tittle-tattle that is so tantalising at this time of year, and Sky Bet are offering a number of special markets regarding the final destination of a number of in-demand stars.

Southampton teenager Gareth Bale is hotly tipped to move to the Premiership after scoring five goals from left-back this season, but will he end up at Manchester United (3/1), Tottenham (5/1), Arsenal (8/1), Liverpool (10/1) or Chelsea (14/1)?

Sky Bet's poll found that 38 per cent of supporters wanted David Beckham to return to the Premiership, but at present the Real Madrid midfielder is favourite to join Internazionale (5/1), with Tottenham (10/1) and Liverpool (12/1) the two hotly-tipped English clubs to secure his signature.

A whole host of other transfer specials are on offer from Sky Bet, so get betting as the January sales hot up.

Football / Allyuh See David James New Hairstyle?
« on: November 27, 2006, 12:23:03 PM »
What going on with the brother?  I know goalkeepers are sometimes flamboyant, but gosh.  De man head slick down like Elvis Presley.

Football / P. Town Versus Pres Scores
« on: October 16, 2006, 03:54:00 PM »
Local based. Give meh the score.  Also, give meh the Naps versus Fyzo score.  Thanks.

Football / Ah Looking to Recruit A Center Back for NCAA DIv I
« on: August 31, 2006, 10:06:10 PM »
Fellas back home.  Ah looking to recruit a tall, skillful, quick center back.  One that is physically six feet and over and who is comfortable with the ball at his feet, strong in the air....You know.  The type of the modern day mold.  Keep alyuh eyes out for meh.  Men back home..if allyuh see men in the SSFL that could make the grade, please let me know.  They will get fix up nice.  Don't worry.  I might need some contact info for coaches back home to; so if allyuh could furnish such contact info with yuh scouting report, that would be nice.  This is a season long request, so keep posting yuh recommendations all season long. Bless.

Football / Cristiano Ronaldo Thread.
« on: July 08, 2006, 08:12:06 PM »
Ronaldo Wants Out of Man U

He cyar go back to England and face dem taunts all season.  He say no one from Man U stood up and defended him against all the allegations about him influencing the referee to send Rooney off.

Check the article on

Moderators:  Feel free to merge this thread with another Rooney topic.

Ronaldo confirms: I want out

Cristiano Ronaldo has rocked Manchester United by confirming that he does indeed want to quit Old Trafford.

Signs that Ronaldo was unsettled first emerged earlier this month when he confirmed that he had spoken to one of Real Madrid’s presidential candidates about a move to Spain.

Since then Ronaldo has infamously clashed with team-mate Wayne Rooney during Portugal’s quarter-final success over England, the 21-year-old seeming to urge referee Horacio Elizondo to red card his club team-mate for his stamp on Ricardo Carvalho.

Rooney was indeed sent off, and ever since Ronaldo has been roundly booed during the finals.

The former Sporting Lisbon winger, who only signed a new long-term contract late last year, stated that a decision on his future would be made following the World Cup.

And after Portugal’s 3-1 third place play-off defeat to Germany, Ronaldo admitted that he wants to quit The Red Devils.

"I think I should get out of Manchester, the circumstances are not right to keep playing in Manchester," said Ronaldo, who confirmed that a move to La Liga — possibly with Real - is his preferred option.

"In two or three days I will decide where to go. I always said I wanted to play in Spain.

"Nobody stood up for me at Manchester, although I did not do anybody any harm."

The news is sure to be a huge blow to Sir Alex Ferguson, who has nurtured Ronaldo since his £12 million arrival from Portugal in 2003.

He has already highlighted Ronaldo and Rooney as the future of United, but now it seems he has a real battle on his hands to keep the former.

Football / We Must Be Represented at the Concacaf Champions Cup
« on: March 09, 2006, 10:05:00 AM »
Looking on last night I was thinking how our absence from this tournament was a wasted opportunity to develop our local teams and players even more.  If our league is to gain respectability and exposure, then the PFL must ensure that a repeat of no representation due to the financial impotence of Grande United is never repeated.  All of these tournaments add up in terms of exposing our local based players to top class opposition.  It could have been us playing Club America last night.  We are behind a lot of the countries in Concacaf, in terms of club development.  Costa Rica's Saprisa seem to hold their own against MLS teams, and rallied from 0-2 down to win 3-2 against the Galaxy last night.  Portmore were somewhat overmatched, but it was a good opportunity to play against a superior opponent.  We need to participate and take these tournaments more seriously, if our football is to progress.

Football / Luton Chasing Playoff Spot
« on: February 17, 2006, 03:25:54 PM »
They leading Reading, the top Championship team, 3-1, with about 11 minutes remaining.  The win will take them to eight, and allow them to push for a playoff spot with 11 games remaining.  Leh we hope Carlos dem could do they thing.  It would be nice to see him in the EPL.  Live radio commentray on BBC .com

Football / Bye, Bye Reebok. Liverpool Going Adidas from 2006-07
« on: February 15, 2006, 03:13:52 PM »
Nice move. Meh fellow Liverpool fans, what allyuh think.  De best brand for one of the top clubs.

Football / England has a Glut of World Class Center Backs
« on: February 08, 2006, 09:59:01 AM »
I will go on the record and say that at thet moment, England has too many center backs to choose from:  Ferdinand, King, Terry, Woodgate (although he is still trying to get on a roll), Carragher, Zack Knight, and I'll even throw in Ferdinand's younger brother Anton, who is rumored to be on Rijkaard's summer shopping list.  Not even Brazil or Argentina, Germany, Italy, and company can boast of having a plethora of world class center halves from which to choose. 

Football / Friedel Versus Keller
« on: January 25, 2006, 05:32:27 PM »
Fellas, ah know this site is about the Soca Warriors, but I've been arguing this point for a while now.  The best American keeper has retired from international football.  Brad Friedel is the more respected of the two keepers, commands his area better, is as equally a good shot stopper, has greater range on crosses, and plays better with his feet than keller.  Why he retired from international football, I don't know.  Sir Alex Ferguson gave him a raving performance after tonight's performance, saying that he made some out-of-this-world saves, and that he is always magnificent against them.  He is having his best season since being voted Keeper of the  Year in the EPL a few years back.  Bruce Arena knew he had a headache going into last World Cup, and is probably relieved to not have that sort of dilemma again.  I think Friedel should come out of international retirement and make the trip, cause he is world class.  What do you guys think?

Football / Espanyol suspend fans over racial abuse
« on: January 10, 2006, 03:22:30 PM »
Espanyol suspend fans over racial abuse

MADRID, Jan 10 (Reuters) - Espanyol have suspended two fans who abused Cameroon goalkeeper Carlos Kameni during Saturday's league game against Barcelona and are attempting to identify two more who were involved in an attack on two Japanese spectators.

The club said on their website that they would decide whether or not to expel the fans permanently at a board meeting later this week.

'Espanyol has always stood against violence and xenophobic behaviour and for some time has rejected any attitude that is contrary to sporting behaviour and respect towards others,' the club said in a statement.

Kameni has been a regular victim of racial abuse from a section of the club's radical fans as well as opposing supporters at other grounds in Spain.

Last month he said the abuse had affected his performances for the club. Kameni is part of the Cameroon squad for this month's African Nations Cup in Egypt.


Finally someone in Spain is beginning to take more stringent measures to deal with the problem.  Spain is light years behind England in dealing with this issue. 


Football / Copyrights for Soca Warriors
« on: December 08, 2005, 10:48:33 AM »
Fellas.  The TTFF should register the "Soca Warriors" nickname as a registered trademark or copy right.  I stand for correction on the legal parlance, but allyuh ge the gist of what I"m saying.  Has this been done already?  Please fill me in.  There will be a lot of companies, even at home and in the diaspora that will try to make money off of our qualification.  The TTFF need to maximize this revenue opportunity.

Football / TTFF looks to bring in Zamora, Samuel, Warner
« on: December 03, 2005, 09:35:12 PM »
T&T hope for Premiership trio
By Graeme Bailey (Sky Sports News)

Trinidad & Tobago have formally asked Fifa to clear both Bobby Zamora and Tony Warner to play for them.

The Caribbean nation are also appealing against the decision not to allow Aston Villa's Trinidad-born defender Jlloyd Samuel to play for them.

Warner's case - as long as his T&T ancestry can be proven - looks straightforward as he has not represented England during his career.

However, both Zamora and Samuel look unlikely to win their cases.

Zamora has not had his application rejected, but having played for England Under-21s - Fifa rules now state that although a player can switch nations he must do so before he is 21.

There was a loophole which allowed over-age players like of Fredi Kanoute to switch to Mali - but that was closed last year.

Should Fifa stand by their ruling then Zamora and Samuel would both be denied their World Cup dream.

T&T, though, remain hopeful and their special advisor Jack Warner confirmed that they had put their case to Fifa over Warner, Zamora and Samuel.

"We have not closed the door to any player and I can tell you that we have gone to Fifa and requested permission to allow Bobby Zamora and Anthony Warner to play for us while we have appealed the decision against Jlloyd Samuel," confirmed Warner.
TTFF looks to bring in Zamora, Samuel, Warner
Trinidad Guardian

The T&T football team could look significantly different from the one which defeated Bahrain when it takes the field in its first World Cup game in Germany.

This was confirmed by Special Adviser to the T&T Football Federation Austin Jack Warner who revealed that TTFF has already applied to

Fifa for West Ham striker Bobby Zamora and Fulham FC footballer Anthony Warner to play for T&T and has also appealed Fifa’s decision to dis-allow an earlier application from Aston Villa left back defender Jlloyd Samuel.

Warner said: “We have not closed the door to any player and I can tell you that we have gone to Fifa and requested permission to allow Bobby Zamora and Anthony Warner to play for us while we have appealed the decision against Jlloyd Samuel.”

The Concacaf President who left yesterday to witness the drawing for next year’s World Cup said local players in the Professional Football League as well as other players who qualify to play for this country will be considered.

“A coach will be looking at the local players in action to see if any of them can make the team and also a scout will be looking at footballers playing in the US to see if they can also make the team.

Ah know Jack was going and appeal Fifa's decision, and Tony Warner has been quiet, but I knew it was only a matter of time before he would be mentioned.  Wha allyuh think, fellas?

De fella ( Bahrain's coach) finally admit that we are the better team.  Before, he had to show solidarity, but now he finally saying it.  Warriors were a juggernaut!

Football / Damarcus Beasley
« on: November 02, 2005, 12:03:18 AM »
De man turn up Stam and have him rafing he shirt.  Stam all on he bamcy after Beasley give him ah quick drag.  Ref send off Stam for that foul.  Beasley really coming along well, and he looks especially good in the Champions League; he continuing where he left off from last year.  Adu should follow the example and go to a Dutch team, cause they real good at grooming talent, before they get snapped up by a bigger club.  Ah really think Beasley is the best winger in Concacaf.  He really coming along nicely.

Football / Fox Soccer Channel
« on: October 14, 2005, 12:36:09 PM »
Shame on them.  They couldn't even get we crest, and they use we coat of arms.  They need to start respecting the smaller teams.  That is something they could have gotten from the website.  Ah refuse to believe that is laziness causing dem to be so.

Football / Yellow card situation for playoffs
« on: October 12, 2005, 08:22:54 PM »
Who missing the first leg vs. Bahrain?  Anyone.

Football / Lincoln Phillips Working!
« on: September 21, 2005, 05:10:06 PM »
Local coaches get 'D' Licence

THE TRINIDAD and Tobago Football Federation have completed another
successful "D" Licence course for local coaches on Sunday at the
Woodford Lodge, Chaguanas.

While all the attention has been on the Warriors race to qualify for
the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Federation Technical Director Lincoln
Phillips and his staff have not turned away from the development exercises.

Among the coaches and players were the former top goalkeeper with 30
other coaches in the just concluded "D" Licence course.

Other similar courses have taken place which has resulted in 160
coaches graduating and now looking forward to the "C" Licence course
which Phillips, a qualified FIFA instructor, says will come on stream
later this year once approved by the TTFF.

"We intend to also have this 'D' Licence course in the eastern county
region and other rural areas as well because while the big picture is
obviously on the World Cup and what the national teams do, we also
need to focus on development and it starts with the coaches,"
Phillips said yesterday. "The focus on the 'D' Level is mostly
technical. Coaches are exposed to the modern methods of coaching and
the technical aspect of the game as it's related to the game itself,"
Phillips said.

"For example all passing exercises will have implications for the
game....always dynamic. Static ! drills, long lines, long lectures
are replaced with challenging and fun-filled game related exercises," he said.

The 'D' Licence is getting coaches to learn how to do the job with
players between the ages of 10-13 and indirectly we are dealing with
youth development as well," Phillips added.

Football / Real Madrid Sign Baptista From Sevilla
« on: July 29, 2005, 11:35:25 AM »
Fellas they can't leave ah good player alone.  Ah don't like they rapacious attitude.  Real too greedy.  How much room they have?  Looks like Owen could be on his way. 

Real sign Arsenal target Baptista

Wenger waits on Baptista 
Arsenal look to have missed out on Brazilian forward Julio Baptista after Sevilla agreed a fee with Real Madrid.
Sevilla said on their website they had agreed a fee of £13.8m (20m euros) rising to £16.9m (24.5m euros).

"The only logical decision was to sell him," Sevilla club president Jose Maria del Nido said.

Arsenal were close to agreeing a fee for Baptista, but he insists he will not be joining because he wants to qualify for Spanish citizenship.

Baptista will have been resident in Spain for two years in August and can apply for citizenship then, but it is unlikely to be granted until 2006.

He said: "It's very important for me for me to become Spanish.

"I'm very happy that teams of that calibre are interested in me. But I've got until next year to think about it."

Earlier, Sevilla president Jose Maria Del Nido said the Gunners were close to agreeing a club record fee for the Brazilian.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, who hinted the versatile Baptista could be a replacement for ex-skipper Patrick Vieira, was keen to bring the player to Highbury.

The Gunners made an offer in excess of the £17.5m fee they paid for Jose Reyes in January 2004.

 Spurs enter Baptista race 

But the Spaniards resisted Arsenal's bids for Baptista, while Tottenham also showed an interest in the player.

Baptista started off as a midfielder but has been converted to a striker, with great success.


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