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Football / sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly
« on: June 14, 2017, 02:30:40 PM »
Well guys i could have told you way before last night or even last week what would have been the out come of these two matches, for the matter the whole hexagonal.

as usual i made no attempts to follow these games including yesterday because i already knew that we would find a way to lose or the other team would find a way to win, and that's how it has always been.

i remember the days when nakid, el cock, angus eve and dwarika would travel to mexico, CR,HON, canada and put in a heartical effort only to fall short due to some lapse in concentration by the way of a defensive error and all that hard work and pretty football was rendered useless.

looking back on those days it seem to me that absolutely nothing has changed!! we go to these places and play our hearts out (at least the strike squad and the guys that follow them), only to get edged out by a silly nonsensical basic error by players who should know better.

now 28 years later the US could implement the same exact formula they explored to beat us in 1989 to the present, that's because we insist on the same lazy tactics by depending on foreign leagues to develop our players.

after 1989 we should have rearranged our football development programs to insist that 1989 never happened to us again. of course we had AJ warner to ensure that proper developmental programs never came to fruition because he was busy being an ole nayger stuffing his face with FIFA money and too busy stealing to worry about anything else,

but what i can't get is why for the life of me did the private sector and other football stalwarts stood idly by and allow this carnage to take place?

today there are one or two private coaching schools in our nation, but nothing like a live in full scale developmental academy the like of what we have in spain italy and england. it's very hard to take but remember CR, US, MEX and HUN, have these schools in place and they are spending big big bucks on football through the private sector while we kicksin and liming.

another thing that is glaringly obvious is how this new crop of footballers lack heart and determination, and it clearly shows in their body language. this morning i decided to sit down and watch a recording of the game with my pops and from the first goal i got up and walked away.

imagine conceding a set piece in the first minute, but even more shockingly is how no one cared to mark the goal scorer who just took his sweet time walked up and headed the ball past a stationary goal tender who made no effort to come for the ball but instead stay on the line, and i could say with certainty had that been tim howard, or navas they would have at least distracted the player and he would have had to really produce some magic to get on the score board

i said then and i'll say it now that our main concern should not begging to a world cup, but concentrating on producing capable players for the next generation who would make our nation prod, players who care, real sportsmen and women, instead of a bunch of mercenaries who makes bacchanal for money every time an important game/tournament comes around.

as for dennis lawrence, i say keep this guy!! he was very impressive in the results he got thus far. i would like to see him at the helm for another two years, it seem like he has the ear of the players.

as for those who felt good about another close game, aren't you guys tired of losing, what about playing bad but winning instead of competing well and getting nothing for all that effort? not even a point was accomplished in five games.

at this stage i don't give a phat monkey's arse if we qualify for the WC or not, i would like to see this problem fixed permanently the we are not so doggone predictable especially after 28 years, and that we have a continuum of metal developed players who could dominate CFU and concacaf before we step out and try to qualify against countries who has done their home work. until some body who has the power to change that obvious flaw recognizes that and did something about it, we will always go to places like CR, the US, and MEX and come away with nothing.

Football / the more things change the more it remains the same!!
« on: November 23, 2016, 07:38:21 PM »
yeh thought i was gone too, but i can't stay gone when these kind of monkey man situations keep popping up further derailing the progress that was made when we FINALLY!! got rid of king chimp jack bastard warner!

what is really wrong with trinidadians boy??!! we have oil and gas, we have natural talent, we have infrastructure, and we finally got football back on track on a senior level, the question is, why are we sooo forkane disruptive??!!

not going to go on a rant here, but coach hart if yuh listening, cut your loses and run very far from these baboons if yuh have any sense eh, BC these monkeys don't like progress, it scares the living day lights out of them!!

you was here on the site chilling with us, then all of a sudden you gone and tie yuh foot with these ungrateful destructive regressive ppl. your fuss mistake was to take this job, i'm sure any MLS teams would have been happy to acquire your services and pay you handsomely, now here you are taking slander from these cave ppl all BC yuh want tuh help magga doggy.

your second mistake was to insist using danial cyrus and caryle mitchell. have you noticed that since mitchell came back from injury you haven't won a single game?? this boy is a walking mistake, he makes too may mistake in the defensive third despite his athletic ability.

if you insist on keeping this job i suggest that you either relegate cyrus to the bench as an emergency sub, because he's not in any way a proper defender, this dude should only come in a game when we're protecting a lead and our right back may have picked up an injury or exhausted. he often overlaps and is slow in transition, that is how honduras score all their goals and all their close chances to score, it all came from the left attacking flank where cyrus was late recovering every single time, and the same goes for mitchell, he makes too many errors, you're better off with abu bakar the turtle than this incompetent hare.

aubrey david is also playing out of position and i'll tell you why, just go back to the caribbean cup final vs jamaica when david played as a central defender and didn't put a foot wrong against the speedy jamaicans. your whole back line needs to reconfigure, and i mean the whole back line.

you need to play with three defenders and two defensive mids, in a 3-2-2-3 formation especially vs very attack minded teams like USA and mexico, and hold your defensive shape, stop over lapping, let the wingers do what they're p[aid to do, because from the years of watching T&T, we always lose shape when our defense is congested and it only takes a little bit of ball movement and our lock gets picked.

stop wasting your time with old goal keepers who may not be able progress beyond this point and is stuck on arrested development mode. go out there and find yourself a proper goalie BC all the goals scored on those guys were somehow their fault an quite soft and text book in nature.

 bottom line with these keepers is this, JM williams don't trust his back line hence the reason he's always running out to help his defenders even when they are on to the danger and dealing with it, and in the process wind up conceding, and M phillip does not read the game well, even dem goats in the pro leagues does buss his net regularly, what a clueless custodian.

you really need to watch your players coach, you have three players who should not be playing in your back line, at least two and the other is playing out of position. please take the advice of a fool in this regard if you decide to keep this wanton gig.  change your back line and change your formation.

Football / there's never a dull moment in anything trinidad
« on: October 15, 2016, 07:59:35 PM »
i look at trinidad week in review on sundays when ever i have the time, and there's always a strange pattern to behold even after 10 years of watching this show. i notice that no matter who's in charge there's always a level of disturbance and mele.

in politics, sports, social issues, even leisure, it's pure bachannal and comess with these people, how is it that they can't agree on nothing for the betterment and uplistment of the nation??

 a few days after what should have been a celebratory mood in the football camp for the players and the fans alike because we should have clinched a spot in the gold cup and the caribbean cup semi final, we find ourselves embroiled in another football bachannal and debacle over the players and coach, and if that wasn't enough we have finally put some of our financial woes and administrative defaults behind us only to have this f@ckry glaring in our face. am i missing something here, is there commitment in our constitution that states that we must always be in a state of gloom and instability in every facet of our living??

BTW this bunch of player IMO not serious, i say so to say that i've been watching this team behind the scenes and these men can't even play a basic fundamentally sound game without all the shenanegens and school boy mistakes.

i can't believe that we had four wingers who can't put in a decent ball in the box for our target man #9 even to draw a foul or to win a penalty?? we have cato running into traffic and losing the ball more than putting in a single cross worth mentioning, same with this garcia kid who wants to dribble past three defenders every time he gets the ball.

i can't believe that in this day and age of technical football we have defenders lobbing the ball back to the opposing defender and men trying splitting passes when their target is marked by two players, what is the coach doing about this bullshyt??

General Discussion / Rate this cat.
« on: July 26, 2013, 05:23:48 PM »
I found this dude by accident, what yuhs think, is he another shock jock looking for a career, or does he really care as he comes across, what yuhs think?

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win"></a>

Football / Your very first tugs.........
« on: July 21, 2013, 04:33:14 PM »
Tugs,  hahahahaha.

i remember my very first tugs was ah addidas rubber ducky my dad gave me, a thirteen pegger, and although it was five sizes bigger than my feet i cherished that tugs like ah golden boot.

does anyone remember their first tugs? and don't tell me allyuh had a six pegger out the box, bc it was very expensive and very few parents would oblige $$.    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Football / Waggonist Thread.
« on: July 20, 2013, 03:01:23 PM »
All aboard!!!

The wagon train!!

don't mean to make this a negative thread moments before the big game, but i'm compelled to do this just before bc i know if we lose this game which is highly likely, nuff members will be vomiting their guts out and laying blame on the players the staff and the federation.

i see it have nuff faces who for ah long time has not been on the board and they feel like the have all right to dog and insult members who was in the mix right through, ah even hear ah man say that i had no life bc i was on the board right through with 7000 plus post.  :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

these members are the ones who expect most from the team and when we under achieve they say that we're not good enough. go figure.

these are the same members when we were kicked out of the world cup by guyana never bothered to show their face to support the team or the site by supporting the thread for the caribbean cup games in st kitts, tobago and antigua for the degicel cup final round, as ah matter of fact there were only ah handful of members who visited the chat room and the site during games keeping the vibes alive.

it's only after we qualified for the gold cup, and as late as last month did we get some members back in the mix, but after the el salvador game, here comes the train again.

i just hope that the team gets the support from the members win or lose! we came from far, with no money and very little help from the ministry! the boys gave their all and i couldn't ask for anything more.

allyuh must remember that this mexican team has about six Olympic players on board, and the rest who ply their trade in the mexican league, so they will force errors and disrupt our defense and more than likely take their chances well, and it will take a gallant effort to get pass them, so lets not get carried away or dog the players post game, shall we.

Football / How's the lads?
« on: July 14, 2013, 05:04:24 AM »
Mods allyuh could delete or merge in ah lil bit, but bare with me please.

i just want tuh know how hoyte and jovin jones doing with their injuries, and will they feature on monday or are the sidelined for the next game or maybe for the rest of the tourney?            thanx.           

Football / Post match report
« on: July 09, 2013, 02:39:21 PM »
Well forumites, i finally revived from last night, and i have to say that yesterday was ah disgusting day for traveling as well as football. and it begun way before i got to the game after the KO.

i will say it now, never ever drive to jersey to see ah double header, especially redbull arena, bc the traffic is mind boggling! i was set to take mass transit but the weatherman said thunder showers, and getting caught miles away from home wet like ah fowl is no fun so i decided to drive, bad fackin idea.

i left my yard around 3:45, and arrived in jersey @ 5:40 after sweltering in my car for hrs to get in the holland tunnel and out, i took the skyway and exit onto raymond bvld (for those who know), which is actually the shortest way, and after getting on the entrance to the passaic river bridge with the arena in clear sight,

 it took me an hour just to cross that fackin bridge and another 20 mins to finally park and exit the vehicle, and i didn't even had tickets yet, that was what yuh call real fackin trauma!  :frustrated:

so i scalp some tickets on the way and finally made my way inside just in time to see keon daniel body off the spanish boy with a clinical finish.

so we up 1 nil, i knew that it would not last by the intensity of the game. listen ppl, for all who said that carlos had a good game and he should be MOTM, hell no!!

carlos edwards was atrocious in the left side and looked out of sorts!

the only reason i believe that hart used him in that position was bc jovin jones needed help to neutralize the speedy savadorian right winger, and that boy speedy!! he had jovin looking like easy prey, that's how speedy and effective he was.

i could not believe what i was seeing of the warriors, they were lethargic, ineffective and lacked intensity, and had we been ah bit more urgent, then we could have creamed this team.

as usual our defense was piss poor, and even heard remarks from every body, i felt sooo ashamed to hear one nigerian steward say, "boy that is ah high school defense?" and right fully so, bc caryle mitchell and carlos edwards was very poor on defense and left jovin out to dry, the poor boy had no help from the pair.

i don't know if mitchell was carry a knock, bc he was beaten for pace and made some basic errors that could have cost us over and over, thankfully power and hoyte was there to chip in. hoyte basically had an easy game bc the salvadorian winger on his side was a non entity.

as for the skipper, well he had a poor game as well, and gave away the ball quite ah few times, that's bc the salvadorians was basically trapping and stifling our midfield especially down the middle, they barely gave us room to maneuver, and was forced to use the flanks where i believe they were stronger.

as for kevon cater, he's not ready for this level, i've seen it in the degicel cup, and i saw it against peru, the boy is ah E class horse in an A class race, he has no smarts and no legs, where is tinto when yuh need him??

my conclusion, we should have beaten this team mercilessly had our defenders, especially our central defense played with purpose and intensity which was really lackin in our team, and yeh carlos should have score that one on one!

god help us when we come up against haiti, bc they have a right and left winger who have speed and skill to burn all winter. they had honduras on the back foot all game and was unlucky not to win, the results was not a clear indication of the game.

BTW, our support sucked mule dick!! there was nothing in the arena but blue and red & blue (haitians), the haitians came out in their numbers, and so did the salvdrns and the hndrns, all in all it probably had maybe 800 trinis if so much. our players couldn't even greet the traveling contingent bc there was none.

Jan williams: (7) he didn't stand a chance on both goals, and made some great saves.

Hoyte: (7)(8) ran the flanks well and was seldom beaten for pace except on the 2nd goal.

power: (6.5) he was OK, but needs to be a bit more efficient especially with his decision making.

mitchell: (3) very very very poor, don't know if he was injured or feeling ill, but i was surprised @ his lack of movement and speed, made tons of errors that could have cost us.

jovin jones: (6) great ball handling skills and vision, and what he lacks in speed he makes up in positional awareness and urgency, him and KJ were the only two players out there who wanted to win.

carlos: (4) playing him on the left side was a mistake, the fella was lost and the salvdrns
sensed it, they trapped him time and time again, and he kept losing the ball on some simple errors. would have finished that goal if he was on the right side.

keon: (7) his passing was good and made some nice passes to the wingers, but lost the ball a little too much for my taste, his urgency was lacking as well, but credit to him, he took his goal well.

hyland:(5) this player disappointed me, he was roughed up by the slvdrns a little to easily for my taste, he also went absent for long spells in the game, not enough intensity and urgency.

bleeder:(4) looked lost yesterday, he was blitz every time he touched the ball, but credit to him, he didn't give up and made some nice passes when he settled in.

carter: (3) and i'm being kind here! this kid is a regional player @ best, just like jorslin, aklie, makkan, pachecco and clyde leon. offers nothing going forward, and falls to easily for my taste, he's all speed and no end product, i hope i'm wrong for his sake.

K. jones: (9) even before he scored he had everyone around my section marveling! on his day his fella is three handfuls. one honduran guy was saying that he dread facing us after what he saw of KJ, evry one around the ground was in awe of his speed and ability to hold off the triple team, took his goal extremely well and could have gotten even more had he the service, i told yuhs that he was our best goal option, vision pace and agression, just ah joy to watch, hope this guy shows up on friday again.

PS: the hondurans are very patient and clinical, THIS TEAM IMO IS THE BEST HONDURAN TEAM I'VE EVER SEEN, THEIR DEFENSE IS PRICELESS! TALK ABOUT WELL ORGANIZED AND EFFICIENT. they gave haiti time and space on the ball, but neutralize their attack in the final third, they absorbed all their attacks and hit them on the counter with pure class and efficiency, this might be the horse to beat in the whole tourney.

General Discussion / T&T pride?
« on: June 25, 2013, 07:52:47 AM »
Coaches eh getting pay, players eh getting pay...

Anybody here really want to blame players if they put their club before country?

I am one of the most patriotic people you would ever meet...but it have no benefit for anybody to represent our national team right now if it affecting their club careers.

Maybe men like Yorke and Latas, who were established stars for their team could do that, but every one of our players fighting to be relevant at their clubs right now.

Kenwyne going anywehre next year? Or he still going to be benching at Stoke?
Oh yeah, would you die defending trinidad??  i know i wont.

allyuh does use dah word lightly yes.

Football / You get what you pay for!!
« on: June 04, 2013, 05:06:56 PM »
Right now i glad we collect 4, in reality it should have been six or seven given the preparation and the lack of quality on the team, so say thank heavens for the lesser amount.

i've always maintained that T&T is a wanton society, especially on the part of the ppl who running the show.

it seems as though almost every country out side the region that we've played has been able to show us up as the frauds that we are. we fool ourselves into thinking that we can compete with the develop world when in all actuality we just can't! why? simply bc we don't have the tools to do so.

IMO this is ah reflection of the mentality of our ppl , and more importantly our leaders. we have the best GDP in the cariibean, french , spanish and english speaking caribbean, yet we are grossly underachieving.

our infrastructure is simply laughable for a country that small with all this available wealth. what's also laughable is our educational and judicial system, and that's bc we are a ppl who don't strive for excellence!

we also tend to suffer from illusions of grandeur, thinking that we are right up there with the rest of the developed world, but in reality we're far far from that.

we as a ppl tend to piggy back and find solace in the accomplishment of our fellow trinis who were exceptional in their own right, ppl that put T&T on the map, but is this a proper reflection of our society?

ppl like dwight york, latapy, anya ayoung chee, brian lara, robert greenwich, george padmore, CLR james just to name a few are just exceptional ppl and not the norm in this society. i'm not trying to over look the fact that we are a naturally gifted and talented society, but do we really invest and nurture that talent pool?

do our govt even care about anything unrelated to "governing"?  for instance proper facilities and tutoring in the arts, sports and technological advancement?

i see every yr we send our boys out there to be embarrassed in the eyes of the world by ppl who are not more talented than us, but who are better equipped and "trained"!! and today was no exception.

i say until someone is willing to step out and implement radical change in the way we approach things in this society, then we will continue to be shown up in the eyes of the world as the fraudulent one trick pony that we are.

it's time to build academies for sports, technology and the arts kamla. what yuh waiting for?? get cracking!

Football / weh kinda trollin business is dat horse??
« on: June 04, 2013, 02:45:55 PM »
Especially after ah hard lose! this is real sick behavior for ah big man, and ah wish the mods ban yuh bc you've been trollin the board for about two weeks now.  Oh fack it man enough already!   :frustrated:    :pissedoff:

Football / with ah dragon eye ah keep %&@# watchin
« on: June 03, 2013, 04:29:17 PM »
Ah hope when come time for gold cup selection that certain fellas doh come runnin talking bout they want to rep the RWB, bc i noticed that a lot of fellas does find all kinda fackin rigmarole to exclude themselves from selection when come time to play friendlies.

hyland always injured, and keon daniel always have something to do, lets see what they will do with certain players who always busy come friendlies and regional tourneys, and if they will blank reliable players like denzil and cyrus for the big boys them.

Football / intercol reunion from yesteryear.
« on: May 27, 2013, 08:28:04 PM »
Anyone recognize any of these faces, and more importantly, are there any forumites present?

check out micheal murice.

Allyuh judge for allyuh self, if this is true then i could believe anything that i read in all the books of religiousity without ever doubting or wavering again (including sampson and delilah)!!  :nailbiting: :nailbiting:

  <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win"></a>

General Discussion / Asylumseeker is ah biatch a$$ %$#@&*
« on: April 03, 2013, 02:26:09 PM »
This kakahole has been riding and trolling me now for over a month, ah didn't pay him no mind @ first bc TBH, me and the fella never had nothing so i didn't take it as being harassed, but thought he was just trying to engage me in constructive debate so i welcomed it as a friendly gesture.

then he began to get jiggy (abusive) ah still didn't pay attention, in other words it flew over meh head, making little snide remarks like ah damn lil yankee white boy. then i noticed that every thread i'm on he's challenging me about small thing, even yesterday he came back to antagonize me,

like forinstance on the  the thread by ABT "who's our most consistent striker" i named five strikers that should be invited to the gold cup and i have ah right after all this is what the forum for, yet he had the fackin nerve to ask me "how many mids and defenders yuh planning to take" like beenhakker didn't take five strikers to the WC! wolf , stern, scotty, kenwyne, cornell glenn, but i didn't bother to engage him fully i also employed a sarcastic remark.

then this morning, it's like the fella went tuh sleep wid me in his mind, his fuss post was about him starting his day trying tuh rile me up with a very selfish b!tchy nasty remark when i suggested that the woman who killed DT was lying about self defense and she probably killed dude bc she may of had a thing goin on with another man, then here come this sissy talkin bout "i best i didn't say nutten"!

for over ah month now you've been trying to get my attention, now you got it biatch!!!! and this time you went to far by goin on the man's condolences thread tuh make me look like ah forkin monster talking bout i dishonor the man yuh dutty stinkin muddac@nt!!!!  when is you who dishonor the bredder by coming on the thread arguing making ah long arse post on ah condolence thread with the intention tuh fight me down trying tuh make me look horrible!

your name should have been attention seeker, bc that's all you does do on this board, wreck ppl's nerves like ah big ole horse fly with yuh probing, but i will not allow you to seek asylum on my nervous system, who ever allows you to then that's up to them, but not me mdfkr the buck stops here!

normally i does stay off of birthday and condolences thread bc i don't want no one to say that i spoke out of timin, not that i've never participated in a Bday or condolence thread, but normally i stay away for fear of that, but daft trini was always ah nice fella to me, he never try tuh put i down, so in return i tried to honor the bredder, while this egomaniac making it seem like i hating on the deceased.

listen you little biactch, how fackin dare you come on of all places a condolence thread to fight with me, then try tuh make it seem like i was the one who was doing it??

talking all this shyte bout "daft was indo trini, and all week i making racist remarks" what ah little hoe you are!!!!! you think i gave ah fork what the bredder was, me and that bredder had an understanding, not saying he liked me , but dude never cross the line not once, so what de fack i care what his ethnicity was, dude was ah cool soldier, yeh he had his ideals and opinions, but he never once violated i, he always kept it respectful, and that's all that matters to me.

and funny thing, i would have had the same opinion of you as well, but yuh violate, and now it's time for war, keep yuh beer and yuh hand of friendship, i don't fackin want it! it don't socialize with biatch asses!!!

yeh i have gay friends and relatives who i'd rather drink with than you, hek i know faggots who don't behave like you.

don't get it twisted fool, for yrs i notice you around this forum picking fights wid ppl, it's almost like you go around taking turns on ppl nerves, and when they retaliate you retreat into yuh dictionary to play "guess who has a great vocabulary". not fackin me though!!

i not as graceful as the ppl who engage yuh in the past, is pure muddac@nt and fack you yuh getting from me, and if yuh look sharp i might show up @ yuh fackin door, so watch yuh c@nt wid me yuh hear fool!!!

General Discussion / Love this guy!
« on: March 18, 2013, 09:41:31 AM »
Yeh his methods may be ah bit over the top and broad, but he's doing what fellas like louey "the lip" farrakhan, rev al sharpton, and even dr shabbaz (the leader of the "new" black panther party) should be doing.

General Discussion / What allyuh think about this dude?
« on: March 12, 2013, 05:04:14 AM »
This guy was deported a couple yrs ago. what yuhs think about this cat. i kinda have a good feeling about him despite his dispicable past.  BTW his father is a personal friend of mine.

can you believe a trini started G unit.

General Discussion / This sh!t is getting out of hand!
« on: March 08, 2013, 04:55:00 PM »
Not boasting, JC is ah well traveled man!

i probably been to most caribbean islands and touch down on a couple continents, also been to the south pacific and the northern hemisphere, and is one thing i could tell you that was evident, most young black males are lost lost lost!!

i remember when i went to the bahamas on my fuss honeymoon in 1992, me and my brand new wife went to a street jam with byron lee and a famous bahamian band and had to leave after 20 mins to my dismay, talk bout hooligan ting ! she was getting scared so we bounced!

every where we went fellas was on tough guy vibes. recently i was in barbados and i recognized the same phenomenon. most of the working class ppl kids was on tough guyism with a clear disregard for the establishment, the only saving grace in barbados is the police, who don't play with criminals.

st lucia was even worst, every young black male in st lucia is an aspiring bad boy! i also heard grenada and now st vincent is following suit!

imagine these places are surrounded by clear blue beautiful water, food in abundance, work is not scarce and with a great economy, especially in barbados, what de fack they need to invent enemies and ghettos for? their fackin life is comfortable, what de fack wrong wid my people boy ??!!

is the CIA behind all this bullsh!t??

check out this abomination.

PS: i could understand jamaica and guyana, these places full ah poverty and rebellious ppl, even trinidad to some extent bc of their close proximity to south america and the recession we suffered and our corrupt politicians and police force,

but barbados? what ah sweet little island, them places have no ghettos, none @ all!! all their ghettos are imaginary and in the heads of those who wants to be in something.    foolishness!

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Need some info.
« on: March 06, 2013, 11:34:05 PM »
Yeh this is kinda silly, but i've been looking for this song for the past five yrs, could someone tell me who sang it and where could i acquire a copy?       thanx.

General Discussion / What allyuh think bout this?
« on: February 15, 2013, 03:05:48 AM »
I definitely think barbados is a far cry, and maybe they should have chosen a less stringent island, maybe like trinidad or grenada.

Football / Peru match.
« on: February 08, 2013, 04:57:00 AM »
Mods, allyuh could merge after, but i just wanted to ask something and i think it would get by passed if i posted on the match thread or the post match article thread.

could someone post the whole game on this thread so those of us who wanted to see the whole game could possibly download it?

could someone who attended the match give ah player rating, and also describe the vibe of the crowd before and after the game.  thanx ah lot .        positive.

General Discussion / De baron robbed of a $50,000 braclet.
« on: February 01, 2013, 05:08:15 AM »
Baron is ah real nany boy! how de fack you driving in such a dangerous area with all that gold! like he feel bc he name "de baron" dem young guntas care bout dat??

he lucky he din lose he life! what ah dope!

sentimental value: Timothy "The Baron" Watkins

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Baron robbed of $50,000 bracelet

Story Created: Jan 31, 2013 at 10:00 PM ECT

Story Updated: Feb 1, 2013 at 6:43 AM ECT

CALYPSONIAN "The Baron" or the "Sweet Soca Man", is not singing too sweetly these days after he was robbed of his $50,000 bracelet in East Port of Spain. He says it was grabbed by a bandit whom he describes as a, "red man."

According to Besson Street Police the incident occurred around 4 p.m. on Tuesday when Timothy Watkins aged 65 of #970 Paria Main Road, Toco was driving his Nissan Frontier south along Observatory Street, Port of Spain and had stopped in traffic.

Police said his windows were down at the time when the bandit described as a five foot, three inch, light-skinned Afro-Trinidadian male walked up to him and yanked the bracelet off his right arm.

Watkins shouted at the man but he ran up a road off Observatory Street and escaped.

Watkins then drove across to the Besson Street Police Station nearby and made a report.

According to a media release sent by Watkins' publicist, "the bracelet was made in honour of his mother back in 1993 and was valued at $50,000 and he hopes the police will help in getting back this invaluable piece of jewelry and he can get the picture of the red man from his memory as he is having nightmares of his robbery."

Besson Street CID officers are continuing investigations. —Gyasi Gonzales

General Discussion / This is becoming the norm now.
« on: January 31, 2013, 07:03:22 PM »
Ah only making this thread bc i've noticed that this generation of young progressive yutes have no social consciousness WSE and have an extremely subjective view of the world.

now in this article this BABY get arrested for stealing and bullying, but according to the law this child should not be interrogated without the presences a of a guardian or legal representation, which to me is good basis for a law suit.

now i don't know about the arrest procedure, but should a 7 yr old "CHILD" be handcuffed like an adult offender?? IMO this is very wrong, even though i'm not verse on the law to make that claim, but it's just a gut feeling.

i guess my point of this post is this, after all is said and done, when i read the comment section on this article i almost puked my guts out! i found the responders not only insensitive and down right ignorant of the law, but ah bit reckless and judgmental (to a 7 yr old @ that)!! and the only reason i believe that they reacted this way is bc of the boy's ethnicity!

this child, no matter what he did should have been handled with a little more dignity! and these bloggers, whom IMO believe them to be mainly "white young professionals" lack social consciousness (which is a common trait amongst young white ppl today) and think the same as their great grandparents of old who was quick to break out the rope and torches and have a bonfire.

check this.

General Discussion / Ah know ah go take flack fuh this but........
« on: January 29, 2013, 10:03:05 AM »
These fackin ppl doh want tuh live and let live @ all boy!!!

Imagine after 400 yrs of chattel slavery and a hundred yrs of jimcrow, colonialism, terrorism (KKK lynchings), lack of opportunity, poverty, police brutality and racial profiling you would think that they had their fill, and mind you we took it all with grace and still wanted to forgive and forget, and after all this, these mdfckrs still wont let go, is wah dem really want boy??!!!

I tellin allyuh i doh trust these fackin crackers!! bc i have a feelin them eh quite done wid we yet nah!

i have ah funny suspicion that these mdfckrs will try ah ting again and will gain nuff support through their propaganda machine even from liberal whites, the same way they did to the arabs, cubans, the iranians, and pakistanis, matter of fact, anyone who dare to be independent,

also during slavery and jim crow where they needed to justify their atrocities where they told the masses that niggers was beast of burden and not humans, and how their God curse we and made us to serve them through some bible prophesy.

this time i feel they will use the crime situation and lack of "contribution" to the advancement of society to show that we are only good for hard work and we needed to be kept in check under strict supervision.

i tellin allyuh i doh trust these ppl, and morso after obama got elected for a second time. i doh feel good about this @ all.  black ppl allyuh better arm allyuh self good eh!!  :nailbiting:

Football / Keeping an eye on this Timkee fella!
« on: January 16, 2013, 04:05:16 PM »
Ah few months ago we all would have welcomed anyone with a different face in comparison TO WHAT WE HAD AVAILABLE IN THE TTFF. it was ah breath of fresh air to see murray and timkee squared off to take over the federation.

now that we're past that stage and a recycled face has been installed in the hot seat, it didn't take long for for him to show how clueless he truly iz. IMO the joy was short lived when timkee's first order of business was to hire the most hated man in T&T football.

now how clueless could this man be, and to add insult, he's fixing something that didn't need fixing. IMO wallace was doing fine, unless there's something behind the scenes we are not privy too.

IMO hiring muhammad and shabazz was counter productive, and ten steps bckward! not making a definite decision on groden?? that is just pure backward leadership skills and the icing on the cake. IMO this man is no different that what we had in the past.

anyway, lets keep this thread and up dated, so every time president timkee shoots himself in the foot we can revisit it, shall we.  stay tuned. :waiting:

Football / Allyuh blaming the wrong ppl!
« on: December 10, 2012, 06:04:40 AM »
What wrong with allyuh members who putting heavy blame on fellas like bleeder, power and molino and CO, the boys went out there and put in their best effort, and even though it wasn't good enough allyuh still should not blame the boys no how no way!

it have some men who yuh doh hear from fuh months, but waits every time till we have a game tuh come on the board and cry on the youths when they lose.

the truth iz the pro league the ministry of sports and the TTFF is soley to blame for this. as for all those who talking sh!t, did allyuh ever took the time to see that these caribbean teams started spending money on their football and taking the sport more seriously?

 as far as i could see, these fella are technically inept and seriously unfit, and when it comes to faster fitter technically sound opponents, they tend to struggle.

they knew they was going to the caribbean cup for a yr now, same as the last WCQ! yet they refused to pump money in the sport and get thoroughly prepared, they also went to the tourney with a inexperience coach and to add insult, and brings in another philosophy from a coach who just got wacked in CCL and WCQ, now tell me, are these the actions of ppl who really looking for the best results??

when last we had ah good coach?? the last good coach we had was wim, after that the federation went and hire coaches with no pedigree, and played ah bunch of friendlies against teams that were struggling them selves.

and the sad part iz, after every failure you would think that they would get together and solve the problem, but no! they turn right around and make the same mistake over and over! and they expect positive results?? that is insanity!

look how long beenhakker told these people that the pro league needed to raise the bar, wim came back and reiterated it, maturana also told them the league needs lots of work, latas came after him and told them that we play this game way too slow in T&T, then pfister came again and told them the same fackin thing, but did anyone listen??!!

IMO these are the ppl allyuh should be screaming @.
jack, camps and the TTFF, for 30 yrs of complaisance. you would think after 30 yrs that we would have @ least a youth development program on both island, but not even ah single academy.
the TT pro league for not paying heed to prior coaches, for taking things way too personal when criticized, and being contented with the deplorable state of the pro league.
the ministry of sports for not funding football properly, poor preparation for this and other tourneys with very little practice.
the TTFF for not playing far more formidable opponents in preparation for regional tournaments.
MOS for not even building a coaching school in T&T let alone a proper academy.
and last but certainly not least, the business community for turning their backs on sports in this country from ever since!

so when allyuh come and see us struggle against ppl who allyuh claim we should beat, don't blame the players, blame these people! after all, the boys did not set out to lose, it's just that they were ill equipt, ill prepared, lack technical ability, and lack proper coaching!

if ah man don't have what it takes then he don't have what it takes, and these boys just don't have what it takes to compete. they lacking bad, and guess what? it's not their fault either, but rather the ppl who pick them, ill prepared them, and fling them out there to the lions.

General Discussion / PPL who gone missin
« on: December 09, 2012, 12:04:15 AM »
Allyuh notice that quite ah few regulars gone missing without ah trace.

like what ever happened to meh darlin trinicana/AKA tigress? ah rel miss her boy, she was nice to meh and was just ah real cool nice kind heart sister. and meh boy compre/ Quags, weh him dey, ah hope they are OK?

is there anyone else who called it quits?

Football / support @ yuh own risk!
« on: November 15, 2012, 04:05:49 PM »
Many of you members never cease to amaze me with the " i can't believe it" reaction that you get after losing a football match.

it's almost like you people only watch football from an entertainment prospective while "constantly" ignoring all the logistics involved in the local game.

the thing iz that T&T has been doomed to fail since oli camps became president aligning himself with jack warner for this whole tenure.

@ the time camps took over football their notion of success was to pick the best players and throw them out there, that mentality lived on in T&T football for decades despite the evolution of the international game, especially on a club level. in their minds the best players won games no matter who's coaching.

they don't believe in nurturing players and creating philosophies, just pick ah team two days before the game, run out on ah lil scrimmage and we prep and ready to go.

 take forinstance look what happened after we got booted out the world cup, the minsitry of sports  exclaim that they not giving the senior team no mo money for their program, so promgram shut down until caribbean cup, are you fackin kidding ME??!!

no where in the world where football is taken seriously do you find that kind of destructive thinking!! :banginghead: that was the time to hire a better coach and strengthen your program to ensure that this  never ever happens again, but instead you fire your coach and used one of his assistant coaches to carry on the program!

if this ever happens to the USA or mexico they would immediately begin flying heads and rush to bring in the best coaching money could buy, start playing top teams to get back on par to ensure that it never ever ever ever happens again! that's how real football savvy ppl administrate football matters.

our preparation for these tourneys are nothing short of abysmal, yet we expect the best results, are you guys for real?? the day of kicking ball for fun has ended, football is big money business, and we must run it as such.

 we would be ever sooo lucky to get out of this group, my guess would be maybe (with my fingers crossed tightly behind my back).

i told you guys that the world cup was the worst thing that ever happened to our football. it gave us the fans and the administration a false sense of security to the point where they felt that they didn't have to spend money on the football to achieve success bc we are a world cup nation,

so on name alone we could walk into any tourney and vanquish our opponents, especially if they live in the caribbean basin, but bermuda, cuba, barbados, guynana and grenada who showed us twice, that this was definitely not the case.

the only good thing came out of that world cup was the fact that when you spend money on a good program, and hire competent help you will get good results, end of it all, a man who knew his craft came in and correct the on going mistakes that brought us failure yr in yr out, and after him they went right back to quick fixes. dummies!

it's so disheartening to think that these ppl for the past six yrs has kept on making the same mistakes up to the present, this is nothing short of monkey brains if you ask me.  :frustrated:

So ppl why cry, this is part and parcel with trinbago football take it or leave it. the only saving grace is that we have a new federation president,

ah hope he reads this post since he says he's willing to work with the SWO, and know that he has no time to wast in cleaning up this mess that swine before him made, unless he doesn't mind livin in mud.

 good luck fella, you will need it.

Football / Who went and resurrect AB.Trini??
« on: November 10, 2012, 09:13:53 AM »
since the man came back he went on ah relentless campaign resurrecting his old post and creating new ones in the process, what ah ting.  :rotfl:

doh study me nah ABT, enjoy the board, i on jollies.  ;D

General Discussion / Lee Sing: No one in T&T should be poor.
« on: November 05, 2012, 09:09:26 AM »
I thought i was alone on this.

I know this man does carry on rediculous sometimes, but i have to say this time he's on point, as ah matter of fact hes the only politician that ever address this fact in an open forum. we done sir.     :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

Lee Sing: No one in T&T should be poor
'Population small, resources great'
By Camille Bethel

This country's failure to use its resources wisely has led to the current high rates of poverty, said Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing.

Speaking at the Mayor's Ball, the city's charity event, on Saturday night at Jackson Square, St Clair, Lee Sing, who deemed the event a success, lamented the rates of poverty in Trinidad and Tobago.

"This country's population is too small and its resources too great to have so much poverty. Over the last three decades, because of our revenue, this land of ours should never know want or need, yet we have it in abundance.

"Given the small population and the amount of money we have had, everybody in this country should be reasonably well off...that is not the case. My own feeling is that we have done badly with respect to all of our richness and this country is rich in many manifestations.

"I sometimes say it is like God wants us to create a paradise on earth. He has given us so many natural resources. He has given us so many bright people and it is almost as if He is willing us to marry the two and create a paradise here on earth but we continue to squander our inheritances and simply we have been failing in many areas."

While addressing those who supported the event, which was hosted under huge white tents that evoked a feeling of an enchanted garden, Lee Sing said as Mayor he has come to accept poverty.

"And I am happy that you have joined me to do small things to reduce the burdens of some of our unfortunate brothers and sisters."

Lee Sing told the Express that 600 tickets were sent out and that the response to the event was exceptional since people not only bought tickets but came to the event.

"I signal out for example our internationally-famed cardiologist Dr Ronald Henry, who not only bought the tickets but he and his family came out here and identified with the event. But he is not alone, we got extremely good support from across the country—Mayor Clyde Paul from Point Fortin is here, chairman of the Tabaquite Corporation Dave Persad is here, so that in more ways than one this is a success story."

Lee Sing said the city decided to host the event outdoors rather than at the Hyatt Regency hotel to enhance the bottom line.

"When we did the maths we found out that if we did it here ourselves, all the things that we could get sponsored would ensure a greater bottom line for the charity and that is why we have done it here. It is also an illustration of how you can use the green spaces in the city for good causes."

Lee Sing said the charities that would benefit from the event are wide and varied and include the purchase of books and uniforms for students, which was done in September to the tune of $55,000, as well as food for people every week.

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