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Football / Football Development in T&T
« on: July 28, 2013, 07:43:53 PM »
I know there are alot of folks out there that struggle with the notion of foreign vs local coaches running our football, even myself, but I experienced something this weekend that I think has answered this question for me.

The youth club I coach at has a partnership with Chelsea and the club put on a weekend long clinic and brought in 2 senior members of the Chelsea setup, Andy Ottley (International Technical Support Officer) and Ian Woodroffe (International Development Manager). These gentlemen are a big part of not only Chelsea's global branding but also their youth development. They went into great detail about the history and philosophy of the club, its state of the art facilities, its culture and its drive to develop WORLD CLASS players. Of course because of confidentiality reasons I can't go into too much detail about all that was discussed but it truly opened up my eyes to see how much goes into nurturing young talent and the process of how that talent goes from the grassroots level to a world class level.

Needless to say, because of my passion to the T&T setup, I started to look at how we are setup up locally and to be honest, we are so far away from the global "norm" of development that I strongly believe that anyone local who has to be charged to retool or create our youth development will not have the know-how to get this accomplished. We just don't have the historical database to fall back on. It made me even more pleased that Tim-Kee and they made the choice to hire Beenie man to be our TD because of his experience with Ajax, arguably one of the best youth academies in the world, he would have the knowledge and experience to help create a similar environment for T&T.

The presentation was mind blowing and a real eye opener for me personally. One main thing they spoke about within their facilities was a mental help office as part of their development. These mental help professionals work with youths, new signings and first team players alike. The youths go through classes to help them understand the club philosophy and how it is to shape not only their personal but also their professional life, for new signings its there to ensure they are mentally capable to handle a new environment and new lifestyle (they even assign a personal "help" assigned to that player for the first 6 months) and for first team players to overcome any struggles they may have within their game. For example, they talked about Cech having serious issues with saving PK's. He ended up spending much time working on strengthening his mental aptitude and as a result, he has become one of the premier PK savers in the world.

These are the types of facilities that T&T needs to be able to fully compete on the world stage. I know the team has psychologists traveling with them, but these clubs have special labs and areas to conduct testing and recording of everyone's progress. Again, very eye opening. Even a simple thing as Jose, during his first spell as Manager, changed the U21's dressing room to look exactly like the first team dressing room. His reasoning for this was that he did't want the youth players being in shock and awe when they do get called up to the first team, it should seem as if the environment hasn't changed, from the training ground, training sessions to the locker rooms, all in sync to accomodate the athlete psyche.

Anyhow just wanted to share with you guys. I left the clinic thinking that hopefully beenie has the chance and the time to really put something in place that can truly grow the game for our youths and begin to foster true talent to feed into our senior national team. From what I saw and learned this weekend, the structure from top to bottom is no where in place in T&T and to get there, its going to take some time and resources but with beenie I'm hopeful things can get there!! With our natural talent pairing up with a true global development structure in place, T&T football can surpass the levels we achieved in 2006.  :beermug:

Football / Question for the Moderators....Time to boycott T&T Football!!
« on: November 28, 2010, 09:21:20 PM »
I've been a member of this wonderful website for a number of years now and in my time here, I've seen so many positive things done through this site. From the different Christmas drives and donations to organising charity fete matches among members, thanks to Tallman and Flex (and many other contributors) this site has grown from strength to strength and has become a staple in the footballing fabric of T&T.

Having said that, I need to ask the moderators a very serious question. How serious are we, as die hard T&T football fans and football enthusiast (as well as players and coaches), about really affecting change in how the football is governed in T&T? Do you think this great Soca Warriors website is ready or in a position to or wants to be placed in a position where it becomes the vessel for change in how T&T football is currently being governed? Is this website strictly for venting our emotions when we as a public are continuosly disappointed for the better part of 4 years when decisions are made by those in power to drag our proud tradition of success in this sport we love through the mud? Or is this forum ready to be a champion for change and actually do what's necessary to affect some sort of change in the landscape that is T&T football?

The reason why I ask your stance on this is because we as proud supporters, and proud people of T&T don't deserve what these "elected officials" at the TTFF are doing with our beloved sport. If you don't believe me just take a glance at the threads currently dominating the board and also review our National team performances since our lone venture in the prestigous tournament known as the World Cup. It's embarassing to say the least and a slap in the face of proud citizens (both supporters and players). I would like to see this well respected and influential website and its members to actively begin a SERIOUS campaign to effect change in the TTFF.

One main suggestion would be to engage in a campaign of a total "blacklist" of all support for all T&T national representative teams...both male and female...from youth to senior level! When games are scheduled in T&T, the stadiums should be empty. All the corporate sponsors, their funds need to be withdrawn on all levels. This action should be in place until the TTFF President, its Executive Officers, its "Special Advisor", Head National Team Coach and is entire coaching staff resign from their respective posts effective immediately. No more will good citizens be footing the bill and fattening the pockets of these officials when they hold the success and pride of our beloved sport and National Teams at hostage!

So my question to the the website the vessel to champion this cause or are we going to continue to just sit by, come onto this site everyday and read about all the injustices that plague our football federation and subsequently affect negatively our respective team performances and type up our daily rants and vents as a result of frustration?

I'm willing to do whatever it takes, whether it means a financial contribution, physical contribution or whatever is necessary to see this out. However, it will take a unified effort hence why I await your response.

Thanks in advance for any consideration!

Football / Your top ten players
« on: May 05, 2010, 07:31:10 AM »
Ah figured with election in the air and the upcoming game against Chile people sounding kinda tense so I thought i would lighten up d mood on the board and have people going back to their favorite playing days. Make a list of the top ten players you have ever played with and against throughout your footballing lifespan. 2 lists, one played with and one played against. Your list does not have to be strictly local...if yuh play against ah best player from Japan then put him down. Below is my lists:

Played with:                                                                  Played against:

1. Jerren Nixon                                                           1. George Weah
2. Stern John                                                             2. Masego Ntshingane (Botswana)   
3. Jon Drummond (Raith Rovers, Scotland)                       3. Arnold Dwarkia
4. Brian Mansilla (Argentina)                                          4. Brent Rahim
5. Brent Sancho                                                          5. Kevin Barrow
6. Marlon Minguel                                                        6. Damani Ralph (Jamaica)
7. Rodney Perry (Silverbacks)                                        7. Stephan Trotman
8. Tiger                                                                     8. Bennett Brothers (sorry I had to put both)
9. Zane O'Brian                                                           9. Shawn David
10. Mario Da Silva (Brazil)                                             10. Hardest

Boy just thinking back to write them names bring back some great memories.  :beermug:

Football / Smith proposes new league
« on: December 24, 2008, 11:36:25 AM »
Smith proposes new league
Rangers boss calls for change
Last updated: 24th December 2008

Smith: Calling for change

Rangers manager Walter Smith has urged Uefa to consider formulating a European League.

Smith is keen for Scottish giants Gers and Celtic to financially compete with their competitors on the continent and sees the new format as a way of assisting their aims.

The former Scotland boss has proposed the 'big' clubs from Scotland, Portugal, Holland and Scandinavia could compete, leaving Rangers to put out a B team to play in the SPL.

"Rangers and Celtic are two huge clubs who deserve to be in a better circumstance than they are in Scotland," said Smith.

"There are a number of big clubs all over Europe who find themselves in the same position.

"We are nearly all hamstrung in terms of finance in comparison to the bigger leagues and few people are doing a great deal to try and equalise that.

"Uefa have got to help bigger clubs in small countries and there are a whole load of them out there, desperate to get closer to the likes of England, Germany, Spain and Italy in financial terms.

"It's the biggest problem in European football at the moment and it impacts on us at Rangers and Celtic.

"There should still be a UEFA Champions League but there should be a European league to rival ordinary domestic leagues.

"We should have a Saturday fixture in a European league.

"If Rangers and Celtic were offered the chance to play in a new European format I would agree to that.

"But that doesn't mean we couldn't have teams here.

"I would hope we could still have a team making a decent challenge in the Scottish league but it would give the other teams in Scotland an opportunity to win, which they are not getting for the same reasons we are not getting them European-wise."

What alyuh think about this? Could be something worth looking into. :beermug:

Football / What is it about Trini's and football!!!
« on: April 19, 2007, 11:38:50 AM »
I ask this question because ah passionate bout meh country and meh ball. however, it seems like we as a people cant get together, as one united front, to dominate the sport we love. from the heads in charge of the game (the associations) to the attitude of the players, all have contributed negatively on the impact of the game as we trinis know it. i was thinking this until i read the express this morning and saw the article talking about the west indian cricketers not wanting to do any hard training. i remember so vividly many so called "big players" duckin hard training. maybe its a caribbean thing?? maybe not!!!

i started talking bout this cause as a trini, me and 2 other trinis decided to enter a "trini" based team into a league. the league has about 4 to 5 jamaican trini teams. now all these other teams winning with our people so we decided to join forces and represent we nation proudly. i even heard to my face ah jamaican organiser of one of the teams say that "trini ballers have de talent but no head. all yuh have to give dem is a piece ah bread and taxi fare and they good with that." Regardless to say me and de yardy almost end up in fist-to-cuffs. but after dealing with "we" people in trying to do something positive for us, i understand y he said what he said.

after me and the other organisers went knocking on doors to gain sponsorship (because what little trinidad business they have aint even entertaining your conversation bout sponsorship) and we get grounds with lights, uniforms and all that is needed, it have players who aint showing up for training and generally not contibuting to nothin. however, we have some africans and 2 jamaicans on the the most dedication from dem fellas..and this thing aint even about dem!!! the sad thing is the same jamaican organiser who insulted us, have 3 or 4 trinis still playing for him. why we people like to settle for 2nd best. it affects our society and contributes to the nonsense with trinidad football.

For us to make it to the next world cup our attitudes need changing...from the influential to the man sweating small goal. we need to come together and unite. we always quick to bad talk jamaicans...but dem loyal to their cause and will fight tooth and nail for what they believe in. it dont have enough of our people who like that. so i challenge all formuites to start ah new trend towards our fight to get to the next world cup. Tallman and Flex have the forum to influence public opinion so leh we utilize it.

Appreciate the opportunity to vent fellas!!! :beermug: :beermug:

Football / Champions league
« on: November 01, 2006, 02:51:24 PM »
for all de arsenal fans right now...yuh know alyuh fraid right now. from henry go right back if yuh see chances dem fellas throwing away. ah mean in the 6 yard box on about 3 occasions, one on ones, tap ins...but they playing all over this cska team. the build up play looking good from them but they embarrassing in front de goal sah!!!

has anyone seen the porto goal today....LAWD it hot...ah bullet from bout 35 on de volley!!! :beermug: :beermug:

Football / Any fete matches for Miami Carnival weekend?
« on: September 29, 2005, 03:47:27 PM »
Tallman or Florida massive..let meh know!!!

Miami carnival coming up next week and ah know ah influx of trinis go be in mia so ah need to know...any football games or fete match plan for de weekend?

let me know so ah cud walk with meh boots to take ah run with alyuh fellas...and ah cud walk with some beers and rum too!!! :beermug: :beermug:

Football / which one would you choose???
« on: September 09, 2005, 06:28:01 PM »
fellas hear this one. me and ah brethren was shit talking today and de talk swing onto what happened on november 19th. he start de talk bout how the game was de US pay we off to throw the game. he say how jack got the proposal that if we lose the game, then the US would go to the world cup, and the US government would open up ah football league and that would benefit the entire region for years to come...or we win the game, go to the world cup, lose in the first round, and no profit would be made from that.

well i start to laugh at he and say he mad cause if he figure man would ah throw ah game to go to the world cup or to start ah league in de US he going crazy. then he said well look at this, how many of our players benefit from the US qualifying for italy in 1990 (well ah cudnt say nothin deh). he say man would rather play for money in de mls as compared to three games in de world cup. well ah start to question he passion as a player cause any true balla would give he life for ah game in de world cup. he say not he...he going and get paid in de mls.

so question for de real ballas on de site...which one...ah mls contract or at least the first round of ah world cup!!! :beermug: :beermug:

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