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Football / Warriors in fight to change attitudes.
« on: April 30, 2009, 02:22:54 AM »
Kelvin Jack and Brent Sancho together with Jamaican world cup player Paul Hall have launched a new company to assist governments in raising awareness and tackling attitudes towards contraception. Their website is www.flaghealthcare.com  Many UK based players, including Kenwyne Jones, have signed up to pledge support for the projects, which will take place in countries across the world.

Football / Open letter to Mr Warner
« on: July 02, 2008, 04:38:48 AM »
I have noted for some time that various posters have wanted to make a formal media statement concerning the plight of football in T&T. Therefore, I have taken the liberty of draughting an open letter to Mr Warner. Maybe this could be sent to the papers or, as previously suggested, take out an ad in the paper? I have not specifically mentioned SW.net or warrior nation, but, of course, the letter may be edited if you wish.

Dear Mr Warner

We are writing to you to offer you the views of the true SocaWarrior supporters.
As you do not offer us the opportunity of speaking to you directly we have decided to use your favoured method of communication, the media.
Our members have watched with interest your recent statements and interviews, and we now offer you our views and opinions for you to consider.

Mr Warner, no one can have any doubt that you have achieved many beneficial advantages for T&T football over the years. However, critics may also point their fingers at a similar level of embarrasing episodes that you have been involved in.

It is difficult for us to believe that many of your actions are designed for the benefit of T&T football rather than to achieve the personal and political aims of Jack Warner.

You behave like a spoilt child in the playground, and if you can't be in charge, you take your football home so no one else can play. And like a spoilt child much of what you say makes no sense to anyone other than yourself.

FPATT was officially launched in May 2007 to represent professional footballers in Trinidad & Tobago and those representing Trinidad & Tobago in international competitions. They have developed a good relationship with the ProLeague, the government, FIFPro and supporters, yet you and TTFF have still not recognised their organisation.
You talk often about not receiving a penny from Minister Hunt, yet you fail to mention how you have spent the money given to you by Mr Boynes or the income from the 2006 world cup campaign.
You have the power to bring England to play in Trinidad, yet you are unable to order your accountants to prepare your books from 2006 so that you can present them to Mr Hunt and achieve the funding you complain so loudly about him witholding.
Mr Warner, you are an MP. You are sworn to defend the rights of your constituents and protect taxpayers funds, yet you attack Mr Hunt for doing exactly that.

The stadium fees have remained the same for 20 years. Why have you and your friends in parliament not asked questions about this? I imagine that prices in your travel agents have not remained the same for 20 years. But when Mr Hunt corrects this travesty you criticise him.

Mr Warner, your decision to play the Bermuda game on an artificial surface cannot have been made to benefit the people of these islands, but to attempt to score political points and discredit Mr Hunt. Your announcement to play home fixtures overseas cannot possibly benefit supporters or the players. Again, it would appear that this is designed for political purposes.
Everybody knows that you run football in T&T. You decide which players to blacklist, you decide which of your friends will be coaches, you decide where money is spent and which promises you keep and which you will ignore.
Mr Camps and Mr Roden are, as usual, conspicuous by their silence. This may suit you, Mr Warner. However, you will have to produce your accounts one day. And if, for any reason, there are discrepencies, it will be you that is responsible.
Instead of wasting time breaking FIFAs primary rule of mixing football with politics, why are you not developing grass roots projects to develop the next generation of footballers? Why are you not using the high profile of football to help tackle the governments objectives?

You claim to be the champion of the poor black people from beyond the bridge, yet you do not use your influence to coordinate football based projects with the government to tackle gang and drug culture, education, and family planning issues. 
It is time that TTFF changes is electoral procedure to allow those that care about football onto the board. Mr Camps and Mr Groden have consistently failed in their roles. They may be nice people, but football is in turmoil and they are responsible for the administration of the game. Of course, this may be because of your interference. The same could be said of Mr Maturana. Have you ever allowed him to select the team that he wants?
Mr Warner, you frequently inform us of your respected position within Concacaf and FIFA. Why don't you concentrate on those areas and leave T&T football alone?
 Lets us invite a new administration that is transparent and accountable. Let our coach select the team he wants. Let all of the stakeholders of T&T football - the administration, the players, the ProLeague, the supporters and the government- work together for the benefit of the islands.

The funny thing is that this would increase your popularity. At the moment you only bring negativity to the discussions. Your abilities on the world stage are second to none, yet at home you are becoming a pariah. Do what you do best, Mr Warner, stop being a spoilt child and give the people of Trinidad & Tobago their football back.

Football / Are Warners days numbered ?
« on: June 18, 2008, 03:26:29 AM »
Theres so much information and conjecture on these pages sometimes, it can be difficult to see a clear picture of whats happening. Part of the reason for this is Warners superb handling of the media.

Everytime over the last month that Jack has taken a serious hit, he has distracted everyone with strategies, fantasies, lies and sheer childishness.

I just wanted to clarify the situation in a seperate thread so I can see if I'm seeing this all correctly.


1) TTFF chose arbitration in London rather than court in T&T. (They didn't suggest CAS because they knew the players wouldn't go there, so to achieve their aim of keeping it out of T&T court they went for London)
2) TTFF sent no witnesses to defend their case.
3) The players lawyer had to pay £6,000 of TTFFs fees.
4) TTFF have yet to provide the arbitrator with acceptable accounts.
5) The arbitrators decision is binding and enforceable in te T&T court.
6) The players were (apparently) awarded 50% of gross income.
7) As TTFF have admitted certain incomes, the players should be able to claim 50% as an interim payment.
8] This means that ay any time, TTFF could be ordered to pay at least US$1million within 14 days by T&T court, or face bankruptcy.

Gary Hunt[/u]

1) Like him or loathe him, Hunt is standing up to Warner.
2) Hunt will support football, but he won't be Jacks bitch. Show your accounts to receie more funding. A perfectly correct way for government to do business.
3) Stadium hiring fees have remained the same for 20 years. Tell me what you can buy today that is less than double the price of 20 years ago. Previous ministers should be critisised for this, not Hunt.
4) Everybody says the stadiums need upgrading. It makes sense to take proceeds from matches to do this, rather than T&T supporters paying twice - once through taxes, then again through ticket prices.
5) If TTFF make so much from ticket sales, where did the money go? And why did they still need handouts?
6) There is no financial reason to play home matches abroad. It is purely POLITICAL pointmaking by Warner. This has nothing to do with football. Warner is waging a war or his party.
7) Warners constituents should write to complain about Warner and make it clear they will not vote for him next time.
8] Supporters of Warners party should speak out in the press because Warner could lose them the next election with his games.
9) Unfortunately FIFA are too wimpish to critisise Warner. But he's clearly mixing politics with football.

National Squad[/u]

1) We will never know if Maturana is any good. There is too much interference from Warner.
2) The reason T&T lost on sunday was due to morale and self belief. They have the talent, but that final edge is missing.
3) TTFF are totally incapable of putting on a national team match. I have never seen such a poor build up. Waving a Trinidad handkerchief? No music for the anthem? No fireworks or stage show? Wrong kit? Very amateur, and a sign of the contempt for T&T supporters.

I am shocked and amazed that ANYBODY on this site can still defend Warner. It is true he has done much, but he could have done so much more. He acts like he's the country's top statesman, but he's behaving like a little boy.
The days those accounts come out, he will be finished. He has no TTFF money to play with now and the repercussions are showing. He won't give the blacklisted players a chance. He won't make sensible financial decisions, but would rather make political points.

He's being attacked from all sides. The players and the courts. The supporters. The government.

Its all about those accounts. And do we really believe that a top multinational company like KPMG take 2 years to add up a few million dollars? They handle companies with turnover in the billions. The only reason there is a delay is that TTFF haven't supplied all of the information. Because if they do, the arbitrator will see those figures. And Gary Hunt will have a solid reason not to give out any more money.

Perhaps the T&T Tax people should be putting pressure on TTFF?

Interesting days ahead, people.

Football / English goalkeeper charged with death of two kids
« on: June 08, 2008, 06:10:35 PM »
Championship - McCormick charged over crash
Eurosport - Sun, 08 Jun 22:37:00 2008

Plymouth Argyle goalkeeper Luke McCormick has been charged with causing the death of two children by dangerous driving after a fatal car crash on the M6 in Staffordshire.

 The 24-year-old Championship player, who was unhurt in the collision, will appear before magistrates in Stoke-on-Trent on Monday.

He was also charged with driving with excess alcohol and driving without insurance, police said.

McCormick is a former England youth international and has twice been named Plymouth's young player of the season.

Police appealed for witnesses to the collision between McCormick's black Range Rover and a Toyota Previa just before 0600 BST on Saturday near Junction 16 on the southbound carriageway of the M6 motorway close to Stoke.

Arron Peak, 10, and his brother Ben, 8, died after the Toyota left the road and went down an embankment hitting several trees on the way.

Their 37-year-old father Philip Peak was seriously injured and remains in hospital.

The boys' mother, Amanda Peak, was too overcome to speak at a televised police briefing on Sunday. In a statement read out on her behalf she said: "Nothing will ever compensate us for the loss we are feeling".

Three other passengers in the Toyota -- a man and two boys aged eight and 15 -- were slightly injured.

How can a player who must earn at least £2000 per week, not have insurance? The drink driving charge may not be as damning as it appears. He may have only had 2 beers. I know its no excuse, but he may not have been drunk. But at 6am, it certainly wouldn't have helped him stay alert.

Without insurance, McCormick could be personally sued for every thing hes got. Also, if foun guilty, I think his contract is automatically null and void.

Football / They thought it was all over- it is now!
« on: April 14, 2008, 05:39:27 AM »
JERUSALEM (AFP) - Football fans celebrating what they thought was a cup final victory just minutes before the final whistle, cost Israeli team Beitar Jerusalem their winning trophy late on Sunday.

Four minutes before time, thousands of supporters rushed on to the pitch as Beitar was leading Maccabi Herzliya 1-0.

Unable to clear the field so play could continue, the referee suspended the match, giving victory to Maccabi by default.

The behaviour of the Beitar fans, well known for their excesses and far-right views, was all over the front pages of Israeli newspapers on Monday.

"Those people are abnormal and idiots," said club owner Arcady Gaydamak, an Israeli-Russian billionaire who plans to stand as candidate for mayor of Jerusalem later this year.

In November, the Israeli Football Association banned Beitar fans from two home matches after they booed through a minute's silence in memory of assassinated prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Some fans even sang songs praising Rabin's murder by Yigal Amir, a Jewish extremist who was jailed for life after he shot the Nobel peace laureate three times in the back following a Tel Aviv peace rally on November 4, 1995.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is a prominent supporter of Beitar but has spoken out against the behaviour of his fellow fans, who have been involved in repeated disturbances with followers of Israeli Arab clubs over the years.

Football / FA to investigate alleged gambling bribe
« on: April 04, 2008, 05:56:47 AM »
Premier League - FA to investigate alleged bribe
Eurosport - Fri, 04 Apr 12:16:00 2008
The FA has announced that it will investigate reports that a former Premier League player accepted £50,000 to fix a match.

 The player who reportedly accepted the bribe got himself deliberately sent off and persuaded three team-mates to get booked in a match that occurred "in Britain", according to The Independent newspaper.

It is alleged that, in exchange, a bookmaker agreed to write off a £50,000 debt which the player had built up.

An FA spokesman said: "We will be making inquiries about this story.

"First we need to find out if the match was inside our jurisdiction - the story says it was in Britain, but we don't know if it was in England."

FA rules forbid players from betting on matches or competitions in which they will compete.

The case came to light at a seminar about gambling at the Sporting Chance Clinic in Hampshire this week.

The player at the centre of the allegations has been treated at Sporting Chance, which receives financial backing from both the FA and the Professional Footballers Association.

You know, I wondered why Mascherano seemed so keen to run 20 yards to argue with the ref when he had aleady been yellow carded. I wonder :whistling:

Football / Ref beaten up by players- police fire gunshots!!
« on: February 08, 2008, 09:45:10 AM »
BANGKOK (Reuters) - A Thai soccer referee was beaten up by an entire team after sending off three of their players during a match to decide promotion to country's second division, local media reported on Friday.

Referee Prakong Sukguamala needed 50 stitches and also broke a finger after being attacked by the Kuiburi FC squad, furious at being shown three red cards during a 4-1 loss to Kasem Bundit on Thursday, the Thai-language Thai Rath newspaper said.

The angry players charged into Prakong's dressing room at the stadium in Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok, and started to kick and punch him. They dispersed after police fired gunshots into the air.

The players then chased Prakong into the stadium's office, where the hapless official ran into a mirror, leaving him with cuts all over his body.

Prakong told Channel 3 television he was forced to lock himself in the room to escape his attackers.

In the same interview, Kuiburi's coach accused Prakong of biased refereeing but said he had urged his players to show restraint when tempers flared.

Prakong, covered in bruises, insisted he had refereed the game fairly and had been told by Thailand's soccer federation to press charges against the Kuiburi team

Football / Arsenal buy Gillinghams 15 year old striker
« on: January 31, 2008, 03:56:55 AM »
Thought this may be of interest, especially in light of Brittos possible link to Portsmouth.

Gillingham striker Luke Freeman has officially completed his protracted move to Arsenal for an undisclosed fee.

Freeman, 15, had been in negotiations with the Premier League side over the past few weeks and has now signed an initial student registration, which will turn into a professional contract when he turns 17.

The teenager - who has made three senior appearances for the League One side - hit the headlines back in November when he became the youngest player to feature in the FA Cup after coming off the bench to face Barnet in the first round.

Freeman is now relishing the prospect of joining the Gunners.

"This is a great opportunity for me," he said.

"I thank Gillingham for everything they did but I am now hoping to be a success with Arsenal.

"They play good attractive football and the manager has a good history of nurturing and developing young talent."

Newcastle and West Ham were also among the clubs reportedly interested in signing Freeman and he moves to the Emirates with the best wishes of Gills boss Mark Stimson and chairman Paul Scally.

"We are sorry to see Luke go because we know he will be a big talent in years to come," said Stimson.

"Arsenal are a great side and working with those top players will only develop his game.

"I'm pleased for Luke because he is a lovely boy and we will always remember that he made his first appearances for Gillingham."

Scally added: "We reluctantly agreed to let Luke leave because it would have been unfair to stand in the way of a player's development.

"We have agreed an undisclosed fee for his services and that fee could be quite lucrative if he develops to the extent we believe is possible."

Football / TTFA or TTFF. Which is legally the administration?
« on: October 13, 2007, 04:16:47 AM »
If elections for TTFF are every 4 years, how come its taken 5 years and 2 months since the last one? (sept 02)

Also, heres one for you bar room lawyers...... TTFA is the recognised appointed football administration organisation. It is still in existence. TTFF is a limited company. Who suddenly decided to allow TTFF to take over from TTFA? TTFA is a non profit organisation. TTFF has shareholders/directors. Does this mean that profits/dividends  are being paid? Why did FIFA choose to recognise TTFF when TTFA was still in existence?

 If somebody could figure out how to be elected to TTFA, they could legally oppose TTFF for their right to represent football.

Now, I'm not being cynical here, but is it possible, if you have the right connections in FIFA and everybody in T&T scared of you, to form a company and say "from today, we are running football", take profits from the company and organise elections that you can control, and have no public accountability?

Football / Cox scores to earn a point
« on: September 29, 2007, 01:23:09 PM »
Cox grabs last-gasp Gills point
Sat 29 Sep, 07:15 PM

Ian Cox headed home a stoppage time equaliser to earn Gillingham a 1-1 draw and deny nine-man Leeds victory at Priestfield.Cox rose to power home Barry Cogan's corner after Dennis Wise had seen both his strikers sent off.

They had looked odds on for a comfortable win when Seb Carole headed them into a 28th minute lead - his first for the club - before the referee took centre stage.

Shortly before half-time Danny McDermid ordered off Tresor Kandol for a second booking after the striker sarcastically applauded his decision, to leave Wise fuming.

And just before the hour mark he further infuriated Leeds by dismissing Jermaine Beckford for a foul on Sean Clohessy - moments after handing the striker a yellow for dissent.

Gillingham poured forward, throwing on Gary Mulligan as an extra striker, but their finishing left a lot to be desired, but veteran Cox sent the home fans into raptures when rose highest at Cogan's corner to deny Leeds their record.

Football / Fire Jack Warner now petition website
« on: August 10, 2007, 12:38:20 PM »

This is the link to an online petition (one of several, I understand)


Football / I know I shouldn't laugh at Mr Warner, but...
« on: July 02, 2007, 04:11:33 AM »

This made me chuckle!  You may have read this before, so apologies in advance.


Dear Jack Warner

I'd just like to wish you good luck in your imminent encounter with FIFA's disciplinary committee. I'm sure your many friends in FIFA will make sure that the hearing is not too traumatic or painful for you and that the outcome reflects the many wonderful contributions you have made to the cause of football.

What a horrendous time they've been giving you in recent years, Jack. There was that hearing earlier this year into an alleged conflict of interest in the alleged sale of World Cup tickets, and now this alleged affair about the supposed resale of tickets and the allegedly huge profits allegedly accruing to you and your alleged relatives. What cheek, Jack, thus to sully your reputation. I'm sure that the real truth will emerge, reflecting your control of the whole CONCACAF region with its 35 FIFA votes, and the sterling contribution it has made to maintaining stability within FIFA under the inspired leadership of your friend and confidante Sepp Blatter.

And these investigative journalists, Jack. I sympathise. All those impertinent questions about things that are supposed to be kept private and confidential. (How much do you make? How much was that deal worth? Is so-and-so your relative? All that stuff.) That fellow Andrew Solomon seems to turn up everywhere, doesn't he, even sparking off this latest scandal, I mean alleged scandal, in the London Mail this last week. What a tiresome man. And white too, as you yourself have pointed out.

Actually, I've been reading Solomon's book Foul! with astonishment, Jack. What a lot of charges he makes against you! Pages and pages of scurrilous stories about the doings of Jack Warner! I quite see that, as a powerful figure in FIFA and deputy chairman of the United National Congress in Trinidad (in the latter role you wittily sport your famous baseball cap to make clear which hat you are wearing) you need these disgraceful accusations taken away pronto. No wonder you rushed out your own autobiography, written by that sports stalwart Valentino Singh, to put the true side of the story.

After all, Solomon says you actually had bystanders impersonate absent Haitian delegates at certain FIFA elections! God forbid, Jack, what muck-raking. And that un-repaid FIFA money built the Joao Havelange Centre of Excellence near Port of Spain. Heaven forfend! And he goes digging around in your accounts, the money he says you have managed to extract from FIFA, your lifestyle, your personal relations with Blatter and his predecessor Havelange, the ancient "ticket scandal" of 1989, the concessions he says your family enjoys . . . I mean, where does he get all this stuff, Jack? Does he have a key to your office, the password to your laptop? Or are treacherous minions blabbing?

I understand from your dignified silence that you do not wish to be tarnished with these matters and give Solomon the satisfaction of a response, which after all would just set the man off on another round of embarrassing investigation. FIFA itself said about Foul! that though there were inaccuracies in it, it wasn't worth going to court over. Well! After all you've done for them, Jack! I thought they could have been a bit stronger in your defence: that's like saying, well, yes, it's all pretty much true actually, we just hope it goes away.

But since Solomon claims you're now worth ten to twenty million pounds sterling, and could be president of FIFA within a decade, I just have this nagging thought. Perhaps it's time you laid all these matters to rest, once and for all. Provide factual disproof of all these allegations. Show the world who's right. Take the man to court for libel. Don't you think so, Jack? Go on, clear your name.

Football / What happened to the Warner Offside thread??
« on: June 17, 2007, 08:03:54 AM »
This morning a piece by Lasana was posted...now its disapeared!
What happened? 

Football / Any news on how the funday is doing?
« on: May 20, 2007, 05:07:21 PM »
Any of you guys heard anything about the FPATT funday, such as attendance etc?

Exposed: The Chairman who paid agents £150,000 in bungs

Football's bung culture has been laid bare by an astonishing admission from a leading club chairman that he made a series of bogus payments to players' agents.
Former Luton Town chairman Bill Tomlins made the remarkable confession in an interview with FA lawyers investigating the club, whose former manager, Mike Newell, claimed that corruption was rife throughout football.

The payments admitted by Tomlins were: ● To Edwin Stein, representing Marcus Heikkinen, two unauthorised amounts totalling £25,000.
● To Sky Andrew, representing Ahmet Brkovic, three unauthorised payments totalling £37,500.
To Imageview Agency (Mike Berry), representing Carlos Edwards, four unauthorised payments totalling £44,500.
● To Stellar Sports, representing Kevin Nicholls, one unauthorised payment of £7,500.
● To Treble B Sports (Andy Mills) representing Rowan Vine, one unauthorised payment of £10,000.
● To Direct Sports (Mark Curtis), representing Steve Howard, one unauthorised payment of £16,000
● To Key Sports (Steven Denos) representing Marlon Beresford, one unauthorised payment of £10,000.

Football / Fancy a coaches job in England?
« on: May 14, 2007, 11:03:34 AM »
LONDON (Reuters) - Manchester City have sacked manager Stuart Pearce with immediate effect, the Premier League club said on Monday.


Sam Allardyce could be set for a £12 million, four-year contract to manage Newcastle.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Allardyce has been in talks with Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd to take over at St James' Park, and will become the Premiership's third highest-paid boss - behind Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho.


WIGAN (Reuters) - Wigan Athletic have appointed current assistant Chris Hutchings as their new manager after Paul Jewell resigned on Monday, less than 24 hours after steering the club to Premier League survival.

Chairman Dave Whelan announced the appointment at a news conference at the JJB Stadium on Monday and said that Jewell, who had been feeling unwell and would take a long holiday, had not been approached by any other club.

Football / Protest email to FIFA members
« on: May 13, 2007, 06:23:01 PM »
Don't think so, WC. Keep the momentum going. all the papers can do is apply pressure. FIFA member nations can ask questions at FIFA meetings. Bet most countries aren't aware of whats happening. As I have said before, there are national federations out there that would love ammunition to fire at JW.

I say lets get writing.
well in that case would it be better for the FPATT to promote this or does the association feel that it would be best that people on this Forum take it under their wings to do so?
how yuh intend to do dis WC, what way will be most formal i.e paper based or digital to send

Think thats for FPATT to decide. However, being as they will  have to be a political organisation, they probably won't be able to express their feelings in the same way you or I could.

Therefore, I think the forum members should email their feelings direct. Be easy to cut and paste the letter to each separate federation. Bit tedious though!
i think we should make a new thread for this so that d members can be informed. and we could have every body examples in one place

Here is a letter i am emailing to all member nations of FIFA, and I'm going to edit it and send to all members of FIFPro, the association of players unions. Even if you do not agree with the blacklisted players, still send these emails, as an investigation, or even just FIFA members asking questions, could bring about change in the running of football in T&T.

If you want the world to know whats happening, cut and paste this letter, or write your own.

Any responses can be posted here.

Football / FPATT Thread
« on: May 07, 2007, 08:21:05 AM »
FPATT- some comments on its aims.

Although this is my first post on this board, I have been reading with interest the views of its contributors. As I have been involved with the development of FPATT in the UK, I would like to take this opportunity to explain the current situation with the union, and offer my personal views, which hopefully, will answer some of the questions asked on this site.

As you may be aware, FPATT was formed in principle several years ago, but because of the costs involved in forming a union, both in money and time, the movement lost momentum. Because of the dispute over alleged non payments and the greater global profile enjoyed by the Soca Warriors, the time is right to  bring football in Trinidad & Tobago in line with the 42 footballing nations that already benefit from a professional footballers union.

It is worth mentioning at this stage that although the main brief of such a union is to protect the rights of members and to provide support and advice, FPATT also intend to demand transparency within football.

The current dispute over World Cup bonuses is a good example of  how a lack of transparency leads to lack of trust. Lets assume (just for a nanosecond) that the TTFF accounts are as stated, and the amount offered to players is exactly as promised. In that case, why doesn’t TTFF release the accounts to FPATT or an independent auditor? Unfortunately, by not sharing information, TTFF look as if they have something to hide. In the future, it is hoped that all contracts will be negotiated through FPATT and therefore individual players will not be singled out and therefore should not be blacklisted.

With regard to the non selection of players, FPATTs recent statement has left TTFF with a dilemma. If they cannot prove there is a FIFA rule preventing the selection of players involved in the court case, Oliver Camps must either admit to taking reprisals against players, or make them available. FPATT is forcing him into making a choice, neither of which is appealing to TTFF.

People on this site have stated that Jack Warner  and the TTFF are bulletproof. However, all that they have stated that they have achieved and all the titles and positions they have attained, will now lead to them giving up their personal power and control over football.

As vice president of FIFA, and a close ally of Sepp Blatter, it will be impossible for Jack Warner not to welcome and assist FPATT. Mr Blatter has stated that FIFA is fully supportive of players unions. How could Jack retain his position in FIFA if he speaks out against his own organisations main goals? Don’t forget, Russia tried to block a players union until Blatter had a quiet word. FIFA also have stated that disputes should be settled inside football not in courts. The damage done by the Bosman case changed the face of football globally. FIFA do not want another Bosman. Guess what? We got one brewing right now in Trinidad. Losing the court case may cost TTFF a few dollars, but non selection as a form of punishment could bring down the whole federation.

Mr Warner cannot afford to stand by without supporting FPATTs democratic rights if he wishes to continue his influential role in FIFA. But then if there are things that he doesn’t wish to be disclosed, how can he openly support transparency? Should be interesting.

I think the best chance of returning order to football in T & T is to support FPATT. They hope to launch a uniform to be worn at the funday. Let this strip become the uniform of the alternative T&T supporter. Let it become a symbol of the future of football in the twin islands.

People have offered to make donations to the FPATT fund, however, purchasing an FPATT shirt would not only help with funds, but would also help spread the FPATT message.

More importantly, sponsors and business partners are desperately needed. If anybody knows of any businesses who would be willing to offer support, please keep your eyes on this board for the address of FPATTs offices which will be announced shortly.

Thank you for reading this. I look forward to your comments. I hope my words are welcomed on your board, as I would like to provide further updates.

I will post on this site details of where and how donations can be made and how the FPATT clothing can be obtained. 

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