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Football / Europe football surprises
« on: December 15, 2015, 01:23:31 PM »
All right so I was awol for a long time.. long enough to witness some surprises taking place in European football these days
Imagine at the beginning of the season Chelsea was at 3/2 to win the EPL. leicester was at 2500/1 to do the same. now Leicester is leading the EPL ???

With all that is happening folks might miss the fact that Villarreal, the world's biggest small side, beat Real Madrid, BBC and all present, for the first time in their history. All yuh din know dat ? Well a 100% Villarreal supporter like me eh go miss dat ! yes folks I am jumping up to the ceiling ...what a wonderful feeling ....

In case you missed it this roundup is for you :

 Leverkusen slotted five goals past Mönchengladbach with no response courtesy a hattrick from the Chicharito Hernandez . United fans must be wondering how much longer they will allow Van hasbeen to wreck the club.

Bournemouth make the most of their eye-catching victory against Manchester United.

Newcastle inflicted Tottenham's first defeat in the league since the opening day of the season.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was among the goals as Dortmund saw off Frankfurt.

Villarreal will be full of confidence going into Monday's UEFA Europa League round of 32 draw after posting a 1-0 victory against Real Madrid on Sunday night.

Former Madrid forward Roberto Soldado grabbed the winning goal to move the Yellow Submarine within three points of the third-placed Merengues in Spain, while Gary Neville's first Liga outing at the Valencia helm ended in a 1-1 draw at Eibar.

Elsewhere, Manchester United suffered a shock loss at promoted Bournemouth, and Fiorentina lost to resurgent Juventus in Italy.

Football / Football is a business ? What is the Product ?
« on: July 29, 2015, 09:11:39 AM »
Just had to post this from my team's website. I will seek to find an update from the tournament but it demonstrates the importance serious footballing countries place on development. It is not by hope or chance that sucess follows the top teams and top football nations.

Everything is ready for the XXII edition of the National Tournament Pamesa La Liga Promises, a competition that will hold its grand opening tomorrow at a ceremony that will take place in the Main Square of Vila-real at 8.30 pm.

All participating teams will be featured in an opening party that will count with the performance of the company "Xarxa Teatre de Vila-real" and will be spectacular from the beginning to the end. In addition, a short version of all the hymns of each of the participants in the tournament will be played.

The competition which is sponsored by Pamesa will be held between the 19th and 21st of June at the Villarreal CF's Academy and will bring together all the U12 teams of First Division (except Athletic, replaced by Betis) in a competition that is organized by the El Larguero Foundation and la Liga, counting on the collaboration of La Sexta and Cadena SER.

The competition, which will be broadcasted on La Sexta and Laliga TV, will be divided into four groups of five teams each. Villarreal U12 competes in Group B.

The composition of the groups is as follows:

    Grupo A: Barcelona, Málaga, Levante, Elche and Córdoba.
    Grupo B: Villarreal, Atlético de Madrid, Real Betis, Getafe and Eibar.
    Grupo C: Real Madrid, Espanyol, Celta, Granada and Deportivo de la Coruña.
    Grupo D: Valencia, Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Rayo Vallecano and Almería.

Thus, the matches will start this Friday, June 19th from 10 am at Villarreal CF's Academy and throughout the day the winners of each group will be decided. On Saturday June 20th the knockout matches will be held from 10 am to 2 pm. The afternoon matches will take place from 6 pm to 8 pm, corresponding to the quarterfinal round which will be broadcast live on La Sexta and Laliga TV (all in the Mini Estadi at Villarreal CF's Academy).

Finally on Sunday, June 21st, the semifinals will be played at 11.30 am and 12.30 pm. The fight for third place is planned for 6 pm and the final will be played at 7 pm (all in the Mini Estadi).

Also, note that after the competition (Monday, June 22nd) of the participating teams will travel to  Colombia to compete in the second edition of the International Tournament La Liga  Promises. The representatives of the Spanish football in this competition will be Villarreal CF, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia CF and Sevilla FC.

I remember sometime ago asking Coach Hart if we could not duplicate the Academy system used by Villareal for example, as a development strategy to ensure we kept up with world football such that we would not get left behind. He pointed to lack of will, political support and etc. that exist in T&T football.

And just last week I was again reminescing with a Strike Squad member on the good old days when a game vs any caribbean team was a certain victory for T&T  ...even vs jamaica ...but that it was not so now.

Well folks if we do the same things the same way we can expect diferent results ! If T&T does not do more than selecting a team for a tournament then  we will find ourselves way behind other " lesser " teams in athe near future.

The recent sucess by the T&T team at the gold Cup , which played better than expected football, may just mask the problem of so little atention placed on development. It however shows that the potential is there for improved performences with a little  planning and that we have the talent to step up and in short order.

Club Villarreal has been competing at the highest level against the best teams in World football for years and giving them a fight every time. In fact top teams loan out players to Villarreal to keep them in the game and to continue their development.

This is largely due to their Academy and their proven developmental programme ...as they cannot afford to buy big players and so to survive they have to produce them. Every year the big clubs come and buy their best players  so they have to produce more to stay alive . This they have done and continue to do successfuly.
Yes the  development programme  is world class and cost a lot of money ....but with a population of  around 40,000.  ...The entire town could fit in the national stadium for Soca monarch !...we have more money than they have , more people than they have ...

So why can we invest in a similar system  ? well acording to coach Hart, who infomed that he had visited Villarreal academy and was very impressed , we can do he same thing  we wanted to ...well there you go food for thought

Mr TTFA , MR Minister of Sport do we want to plant a field of mangoes so we can have mangoes every year  or are we content to go looking for a mango everyime we feel for one ( like every time a tournament comes up )

I will leave it there for your comments..

P.S. update
Monday June 22, 2015
All the award-winners at the XXII Pamesa LaLiga Promises National Tournament
As well as the two finalists, there were individual prizes for the outstanding players at the competition’s closing ceremony.

The curtain was brought down on the LaLiga Promises National Tournament by the awards ceremony. The mayor of Villarreal was on hand to present the winners’ trophy to the players of Sevilla FC, who did not stop jumping up and down and celebrating on the podium. After them it was the turn of an FC Barcelona Under-12s side who remained inconsolable in defeat.

Host club president Fernando Roig presented the Player of the Tournament award to Rodrigo Alonso of Villarreal CF, while Levante UD custodian Pablo Cholbi picked up the Goalkeeper of the Tournament accolade from Esteban.

The Top Scorer prize went to RC Celta’s Miguel Rodríguez, with Villarreal CF Under-12s boss Guillermo Oriol collecting the Coach of the Tournament prize.

XXII LaLiga Promises National Tournament honours list:


RUNNERS UP: FC Barcelona


PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT: Rodrigo Alonso (Villarreal CF)

TOP SCORER: Miguel Rodríguez (RC Celta)


COACH OF THE TOURNAMENT: Guillermo Oriol (Villarreal CF)
© LaLiga - Year 2015

Football / What a story
« on: October 15, 2013, 02:04:06 PM »
Bayan Mahmud, the Ghanaian stowaway who signed for Argentine giants Boca Juniors
Three years ago an orphaned teenager landed in Argentina, travelling from Ghana as a stowaway. Now he has signed for Boca Juniors. He tells Harriet Alexander his remarkable story.

As he sneaked into a cargo container under cover of darkness, 15-year-old Ghanaian orphan Bayan Mahmud had no idea what lay ahead of him. All he wanted was to escape the country where savage tribal violence had claimed the lives of both his parents and start a new life somewhere else.

Three years later the story of what happened next is being celebrated in Argentina, the football-crazy country where he arrived as an illegal immigrant after three weeks stowed away at sea.

Not only has Bayan, now 18, just signed a contract with Boca Juniors football club - the first foot on the ladder to potentially huge success - but he has also secured a sponsorship deal with Nike.

"My parents would have been very proud of me," he said, speaking to The Telegraph from the youth squad's Buenos Aires apartment. The club, one of Argentina's largest, has fielded such stars as Diego Maradona and Carlos Tévez.

"I'm very happy here," he said. It's a good place to be."

That Bayan survived at all is astonishing. His father, a professional footballer, played in Kumasi, Ghana's second city, but on his retirement moved north with his family to the town of Bawku and retrained as a herbal doctor.

"Life was good then," Bayan recalled. "I played a lot of football, without shoes or goalposts, just in the street with my brother and friends. But then the fighting started."

In 2005, aged 10, the boy returned home one day with his older brother to find his parents' bodies - both brutally killed in a tribal attack.

"Their death was a disaster for us," he said. "We went to live in an orphanage, but five years later the gunmen came back. Lots of people died. I thought I would be killed, so my brother and I ran – but I lost him."

With a few coins in his pocket, the 15-year-old made his way to the port town of Cape Coast, where he befriended local boys who earned money working as porters for the huge ships that docked there. He wanted to get to Europe, and one of the boys suggested he hide inside a container.

"I was very scared," he said, "but I had seen horrible things in Ghana too. I was leaving behind a lot of sadness."

 All he had with him was a little "gari" - cassava flour - and some water, but when hunger drove him from the container he was befriended by an African sailor who hid him and brought him food. "If the ship's officers knew about me I would have been sent straight back to Ghana," he said.

When the ship arrived not in Europe but in Argentina, a country of which he had never heard, he set off on foot for the capital where fellow Africans helped him find a place in a home for refugees. One day a group of Argentine youths asked him to join their kickabout game of football - and then asked the fleet-footed youngster back every Saturday. "I loved it," he said.

Spotted by a Boca Juniors scout, he was taken to trials and offered him a contract with the youth squad, a coveted position that earns him a total of £200 a month. His contract with Nike is worth a further £2,700 a year - giving a combined income unthinkable back in Boku.

The vast majority of the country's footballers are white but Argentinans have taken "the Ghanaian Maradona" to heart. He has almost 10,000 followers on Twitter, and dozens of Facebook fan pages, while the country's newspapers have delighted in his story, with headlines stating "I want to be the first black man to play for Argentina."

Now Bayan hopes soon to receive his Argentine nationality, to complement his heavily-accented Argentine Spanish. He has become a fan of local asados – barbeques – but still prefers Ghanaian "high life" pop music to the tango.

And, he added, "I would love to go back, and to see my brother. I miss him very much – we were like twins."

Football / La Liga Thread
« on: July 01, 2013, 07:56:09 PM »
Villarreal back in La liga

El Submarino Amarillo president has expressed his delight after seeing his club return to Spain's top tier, bouncing back only a year after suffering relegation
Fernando Roig says he is optmistic for Villarreal's future after they secured promotion back to La Liga at the first attempt.

Jonathan Pereira's strike was enough to earn a 1-0 win over rivals Almeria on the final day of the season to ensure a runners-up spot behind champions Elche.

Roig could not hide his delight after the 'Yellow Submarine' made sure of a return to Spain's top flight after a year in the footballing wilderness.

"This will be good for our future," the club head was quoted by AS.

"We've restructured a lot of things. It hasn't been easy, but we're in the Primera Division again.

"The fans have been tremendous," he added

The Villarreal president also confirmed that Marcelino Garcia will remain as coach at El Madrigal into next season.

"It had been planned in advance and Marcelino will continue," he added, giving backing to the current trainer.

Marcos Senna, who was part of Villarreal side that reached the Champions League semi-finals in 2006, also spoke of his genuine happiness at being part of the promotion-winning side.

"This is huge," the 36-year-old former Spain international enthused.

"There’s so much joy. We've achieved our target."

Quizz Time & Facts / Which Grenadian played football for T&T ?
« on: June 24, 2013, 08:45:50 PM »
So can we name any ?

Football / the way forward- the development method
« on: April 16, 2013, 08:15:57 PM »
Just wondering why we continually try to reinvent or discover the wheel .........
we keep recycling the same coaches year after year as if, by some process unknown to the logical mind, we would discover the holy Grail.

Every year we dance to the same beat of some battle weary drums ...Bring Corneal ...fire Corneal ...bring Shabazz...fire shabazz...try La forest...span...de leon ...fire them all !! ..bring back shabazz...and the beat goes on .........

The football development method has been tried and tested in many countries ...Argentina ruled the roost in youth football for many years but in recent times Spain has shot ahead at all levels of the game. The Barcelona team  has perfected the system that others are trying to follow ...it is tantamount to getting in on  the " Usain Bolt " training method. Why have we not tried that ....we have spent millions on perfecting the local coach, why not invest on a patented system and get our coaches au courant with " new tech " ?

...even Boca juniors have gotten in on the action ...why are we still trying to play catch up when we could go to the head of the class ?

"...FC Barcelona and CA Boca Juniors have reached an agreement to collaborate in the development of young footballers. The agreement will be officially presented on Monday in the pressroom at the Bombonera in Buenos Aires, an event that will be attended by Daniel Angelici, president of CA Boca Juniors; Jordi Mestre, director responsible for youth football at FC Barcelona; and Jorge Raffo, general coordinator of youth football at CA Boca Juniors.

This is a standard-setting strategic alliance that will bind both clubs in their work to coach young footballers, through which FC Barcelona will transfer its  'La Candela' coaching project to CA Boca Juniors.. In return, FC Barcelona gets first choice regarding the players that represented the club in Argentina and that from now on shall be wearing the shirt of CA Boca Juniors. The same right will relate to other young players emerging from the club's youth system.

CA Boca Juniors will be able to count on the FC Barcelona structure and human resources for the instruction of its  own coaches, the aim being to transmit all of its philosophy and methods regarding the development of youth footballers...."     WWW.FCBARCELONA.CAT03/02/2012

Football / Carib to revive football !
« on: October 12, 2012, 11:37:16 AM »
Birdie whispered that carib PR specialist Colin Murray will challenge for the top spot at the TTFF elections in november .... what do you folks think if this is true ? Can he bring back sponsorship to football ? ...bring back the sports minister to football ? change the culture of the football administration in T&T ? get people of East indian descent to play the game seriously ( had to put that in as i see that as increasing a small harvest pool of footballers)

yes I want to keep on dancing yeah ...but sober thought causes me to wonder if there is someone out there who is taking charge of the situation facing Keshorn Walcott:  19 years old, millionaire, going from Toco to federation park ... etc. and there is bound to be contracts etc. to follow ..have we not seen the end to this story ? the one where life changing decisions were left to the " star " ...just google macaulay caulkin today ...sad state of affairs !
we know with stardom come friends ...all kinds ! " some may hate you ..pretend they love you now " ...I guess i could some it up in eric clapton's song ...." champaign and wine ...lots of friends .. ..long lost friends ..when the money is gone so are the friends .. "  If i had to live my life again .... because nobody loves you ...when you're down and out " ..lets hope and pray this is not a story like that .

Football / Barcelona secure first refusal on Boca Juniors players
« on: March 02, 2012, 07:58:54 PM »
Barcelona secure first refusal on Boca Juniors players
The Blaugrana have former a strategic alliance with the Argentine outfit which is likely to prove mutually beneficial in terms of the development of young talent
Barcelona revealed that they have reached an agreement with Boca Juniors which secures the Blaugrana's first refusal on the Argentine outfit's players.

As part of the deal, which was announced on the Blaugrana's official website on Friday, the Catalan Division giants will transfer their 'La Candela' coaching project to Boca.

"In return, Barcelona gets first choice regarding the players that represented the club in Argentina and that from now on shall be wearing the shirt of Boca Juniors," an official statement read.

"The same right will relate to other young players emerging from the club's youth system.

"Boca Juniors will be able to count on the Barcelona structure and human resources for the instruction of their own coaches, the aim being to transmit their philosophy and methods regarding the development of youth footballers."

In addition, Barca have confirmed that they retain the future rights to "more than 300 players" who are now at other clubs in Argentina.

Barca have long enjoyed a productive relationship with Boca, with Diego Maradona and Juan Roman Riquelme among those to have arrived at Camp Nou direct from La Bombonera.

What about Track & Field / IAAF to test all athletes at worlds
« on: August 12, 2011, 07:26:55 AM »
IAAF to test all athletes at worlds

P Reid

Friday, August 12, 2011

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ALL 2,000-plus athletes taking part at the 13th IAAF World Athletics Championships later this month in Daegu, South Korea, will be asked to provide blood samples in an "unprecedented anti-doping programme" which is hoped will provide testers with "relevant parameters (biomarkers) for individual profiling purposes within the framework of the Athlete Biological Passport.

This will be the first time "that a heterogeneous population of nearly 2,000 elite athletes competing at a major sporting event will be blood tested under the same optimal conditions, within the same time period," the IAAF trumpeted.

A release from the world governing body yesterday said the taking of blood samples would be done in addition to the approximately 500 urine samples that will be taken during in- and out-of-competition testing.

The collection of the blood samples will start on August 18 in a specially constructed doping control building next to the Athletes' Village, the release also said.

Jamaica's team, which is expected to comprise between 45 and 50 athletes, is expected to be named early next week with the athletes scheduled to report to pre-competition camp in nearby Gyeonasan.

While the purpose of the blood testing, the release also stated, was to monitor the "athlete's bookmark over time" and "not on the detection of prohibited substances or methods themselves", the release said they could eventually be "used in support of an anti-doping rule violation if an athlete's overall biological profile is found to be consistent with the use of a prohibited substance or a prohibited method, in accordance with IAAF Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations".

The programme will be carried out along with several agencies, including the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) and the Lausanne WADA-accredited Anti-Doping Laboratory (LAD), as well as Daegu Local Organising Committee, the Korean Anti-Doping Agency and the Doping Center of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology, the release explained.

The samples, it said, would be analysed by the LAD on-site in Daegu for a first haematological screening analysis and after the end of the championships in Lausanne for further analyses.

The analyses by the LAD will focus on measuring relevant parameters (biomarkers) for individual profiling purposes within the framework of the Athlete Biological Passport, the release and explained.

"The fundamental principle of the Athlete Biological Passport is based on the monitoring of an athlete's biomarkers over time," it said.

Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/sports/IAAF-to-test-all-athletes-at-worlds_9425346#ixzz1UoxGol8v

Football / Others are doing it ...with some success !
« on: August 02, 2011, 06:34:33 PM »

Always wonder why we seem to feel that we dont need outside help in developing players and football in this country. I say this because we always adopt the top first method ...fix de senior team and that will create interest among  the youth...so all we have to do is find the right coach and all will be well, notwithstanding the players he has at his disposal. For a small country like ours one would think some investment in youth football and football development among the very young would be a priority, some would even say we doing it already, but I hardly think that is the case, as we only seem to be serious when there is a tournament coming up. Well arsenal has their school in Barbados and now El salvador has its own Boca academy, Venezuela has been following this model and we can see how far they have progressed, couldn't we be a part of some established " big club " as others are doing ?
Are we to continue the " recycled coaches and players " approach ?
I feel now is the time to get a different approach to our football ... are we willing to try new things ...is the question ...

Football / Japn next world superpower in football
« on: July 14, 2011, 01:46:06 PM »


The more I see of japan's football, both men and women,  the more I see them becoming the next world superpower in football. The women are in the world cup final vs World Champions USA and it will not be a USA walkover by a long shot.

But what is it that makes Japan, the Asian champs, so attractive as a world power option ? Well it is the Guadiola model they are so expertly suited and which is  now being adopted by many of the top teams in world football.

What exactly is it ? Argentina's coach is trying to get his talent rich team to master it , Sir Alex has already described it as the way forward and is looking to get players who can play like that, Spain with no ch0ice but to play like that as the majority of the team has been schooled in it.

It has certainly brought world success to Barcelona and Spain and any forward thinking coach will see it as superior to anything out there at present.

So enter Japan . A country with players of the right size, speed, strength, ability and endurance. The japanese work ethic is legendary. The former model saw their players outmuscled, out jumped and out skilled by opponents but ever since japan took to the game seriously they have tried to get their technical competence upgraded.
Few saw the selection of Zico as national coach as a world threatening step but the brazilian brought a tecnical skill level to the local game such that they matched any team in this regard even though they were not quite up to the top level.

Their tactical awareness has improved and today they can match the world's best as Argentina recently discovered.
It was no surprise when they received an invitation to play in the Copa America, after winning the Asian Cup as shown above , which they would have done but for the Tsunami.
Japan has recovered from an atomic bomb to become a world economic power. It would take something of that nature to set their football back (they had better steer clear of  a certain ex FIFA official who might be available to advise ?) ...and he has boasted of Tsunami capabilities .. :devil:

Japanese players are quick, agile and team oriented, the latter proving a bugbear to most teams with talented players, and this is the secret to Barecelona's success. That is why Ibra could not fit in though a good player, and Eto'o had to go , though a great player.
This is what goal.com had to say after japan shocked argentina last year :

By Daniel Edwards

    * Argentina
    * Japan

Sergio Batista suffered his first defeat in charge of the senior Argentina side on Friday afternoon, as Shinji Okazaki's first half strike was enough to hand Japan a famous victory over a lucklustre 'Albiceleste' outfit. The win marks a successful start with the Samurai for Alberto Zaccheroni, who sat on the bench for the first time with his new charges.

'El Checho's' side toiled against a team which combined unlimited enthusiasm, fitness and self-sacrifice with no little talent, and with a decision expected next month on who will take over the coaching job permanently it was an unwelcome setback for the trainer.

Note the description of their outstanding qualities ... enthusiaam, fitness and self sacrifice ...

Anyone still in doubt ?

What about Track & Field / Hasley Crawford Stadium looks bad
« on: January 15, 2011, 07:18:49 PM »
Today I attended the first developmental meet for the year organized by the NAAA. I was shocked to see dog  faeces on the floor and pigeon faeces on the floor and chairs. This is the national stadium named after our only gold medal winner at the olympics and children are asked to sit among that ?

 I was trying to get a seat above the finish line in the stands .....I had to sit away from my wife because because the seat next to hers was covered with pigeon #$%^& .

It was bad enough to see Hasley and the president of the NAAA putting setting up and removing hurdles on the track , are they that short of man power ? the organisation which controls athletics in the Country ?

Sorry I did not take photos ...but I am sure nothing will change in the near future ...so anyone can see for himself ... we eh serious ...did we not spend a lot of money last year changing seats etc. in preparation for the Caribbean games ? So no caribbean games ...all fall down !!

Football / Villareal wishes you a happy Christmas
« on: January 04, 2011, 09:34:30 AM »

If Santa could just have in his bag Lassana Diarra and Luis fabiano it will be a good year for sure...
Still unbeaten at home this season ...8 wins one draw ...yeah we lost to Real sociedad and Barsa but they were at home . Like the two teams above us in la liga ...we still in all competitions in Spain and into de Europa Cup next round as well ...
Villareal the  world's biggest small side ...

Football / Sam for MVP
« on: January 04, 2011, 09:16:48 AM »
I dont know if this was already done but I wish to nominate Sam for best sports writer for 2010 on this forum. Sam's interviews are a must read and his avatar never needs explaining ... Life would be pretty dull but for Sam's interviews ...I await Sam's interview with the new Minister of Sports... dat I am sure , could sell plenty newspapers .
So hats off to you Sam ...

Football / The sound of silence
« on: November 17, 2010, 07:09:45 PM »
I was planning to take a rest but the silence was so defeaning that I could not sleep .......man i say somebody important dead on this forum ! all kinda third  and fourth division english sides get more mention after a game than when Brazil lorse. Notice how Brazil kyah even get fellas like Palos to type anything so after bout three or so comments man move on to england and France yes !!
But if dey did win ah could well imagine how my ears woudda been ringing now .... but is ok ...Argentina is nothing on this forum where there exist no bias ...none at all !!
Man was slipping een all kinda comments ....allyuh go get it from Brazil ......on all kinda threads .
Imagine Brazil vs Argentina kyah even get ah post game discussion ...but doh dey doh like argentina .dais ok ......
I sure plenty TV's gone through de window today in Brazil ...and plenty folks gone behind them to look for them ....
I understand though ...Hard licking to take ...last game for the year ...goal in the last minute of the game ...by the last player whose confidence you would wish to stimulate....just before the Copa america next year ....in the country that had not scored a victory against you since 2005....

Game on Folks

Football / If I was national youth coach
« on: November 04, 2010, 01:11:07 PM »
Yeah well somebody had to say it ...we have so many experts here . I eh fraid to say what I would do.

I would ask for the under 12 team ...I would ask to take them to Spain on a two week tour during the easter vacation ( no missing school ) .

we going to the villareal training academy ...one of the best in the country where the best players in the world play...we will be able to get in some coaching drills with the villareal youth team , observe their methods and play against their youth squads... infantil A . ( the Vice President of FIFA is trinidadian)

Then I would arrange for bus tours to the bernabeau, camp Nou etc...there I would teach them the biggest lesson of all ..

....this is it boys ...this is the mecca of world football ....you are walking here now as guest ...visitor. You can walk here later as player !

If you want to do that  it would not be easy ...you will have to eat sleep and breathe football outside of your school work ...Do you want to be a player on any of these team ???

Look Messi practicing ...you see how he trains ? ...look at Ronaldo ...is just like a match dem fellas playing ... look at the trophies they have won ..... everyone wants to come here .

It is not impossible ...Dwight Yorke had a dream and he worker hard to fullfill that dream ..and it came to pass that Manchester united broke their transfer record to get him !12 .6 million pounds ...that is 126 million TT$ .

If you want this life you will have to make sacrifices ...but it can be yours ...and the journey starts now !!
when I come back home i challenging any team in the caribbean !
this anecdote .....which could happen if the right person reads this  Ha ha ha , ... is based on the fact that our young footballers must see it, touch it and get a taste of it before it can become real to them ....they must be allowed to dream ...

that imaginary group of players would not have training sessions like I have seen in de national stadium from de seniors prior to the Chile game ( I am being specific )

I wanted my son to go to QRC after SEA ...I would pass around the savannah and tell him ...you see that school ? that is your school !! So if you want to go there ...you will have to work hard !

A youth coach has to be father, brother, mother and coach ...it is not the same as for adults ... By the time they are in their 20's its already too late ......

What about Track & Field / So Ato you going back een ?
« on: August 26, 2010, 10:34:54 AM »
Just wondering if former UNC Senator and national hero Ato Boldon will be getting back into politics anytime soon ?
You know if you stay away you cant make a diference right ? You might want to add your deductive reasoning to the debate in the Senate even if as an independent Senator ...I guess you have to be asked right ?

well we know sports and politics are inextricably linked ever since politicians realized the power of sport... is no less than Front page shaking hands when is good news ..

I do feel that the ESPN ting is good but the TNT ting could be better ...in more ways than one..
Just my write .

Football / Does Warner's fight with the players .....
« on: August 13, 2010, 11:47:38 AM »
I was wondering if Warner's fight with the soca warriors constitutes political interference into the affairs of the TTFF ? If so, what does FIFA have to say about a government Minister controlling the affairs of the governing body for football in the country ?

Football / Jorge Fucile
« on: July 16, 2010, 10:12:18 AM »
Not too often is a defender singled out for praise in any football competition but given the defense first approach of the successful teams I dont see why not.
Anyone else noticed the unstoppale Uruguay defender Jorge Fucile in the just concluded WC ?

Football / What is Latapy's 100 day in office achievement ?
« on: June 04, 2010, 11:13:42 AM »
Since Jack and his team have instituted a performance/time matrix for good governance I wonder if that would also apply to Latapy as football coach ? (Since Jack was responsible for Latapy's appointment ).
If this is indeed to be, can anyone mention Latapy's cahievements so far as coach of the national senior team ?

Football / its all in the development
« on: May 17, 2010, 11:31:06 AM »
Barcelona Honorary President Johan Cruyff Praises Club's Cantera
Cruyff hailed the club's youth development project as the source of Barca's extraordinary successes....
By Cyrus C. Malek
May 17, 2010 2:13:00 PM
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Johan Cruyff, Joan Laporta, Barcelona (Getty Images)
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Johan Cruyff
As reported by Sport, Barcelona's honorary president Johan Cruyff has praised the club's philosophy of raising home-grown players to compete in the first team and believes the "commitment to players from home is fundamental" to the club's recent successes. Cruyff's words came in the aftermath of Barca's second successive title win, clinched with a 4-0 win over Valladolid last night.
"Barca's philosophy, the work of the cantera, and the value of the coaches that count on the youth system, is what explains the leap in quality in the club's last few years," said the club legend. "When the players are fantastic and furthermore feel the club's colours - that does not have a price."

Finally, Cruyff praised the work of president Joan Laporta in the seven years he has served the club and credited the president with much of the club's ascension over that time period. "Whlie Barca have seen two coaches in the past seven years, Madrid have gone through nine," said Cruyff praising the president's ability to develop a consistent atmosphere where development is able to thrive.

I just thought someone from the TTFF might read this and be brave enough to show it to the TTFF special adviser. I know that is a big ask but maybe one of the female members might be able to do that since the males there do not show much testicular fortitude.
A club like barcelona with big bucks to buy players from any club worldwide decides to focus on training the young players at a specialised academy and are seeing the results.....

Track star Jehue Gordon strongly believes he can surprise in the 110m hurdles at the world junor championships in Canada. Known for the strength of his 400m hurdles running, Gordon believes that he might even be better at the shorter distance.

He now holds the carifta records at both distances but it was his time in the 110m hurdles that surprised. Gordon was off to a slow start.." even the other trinidadian in the race got off to a better start than me "

In fact he had to come from position 5th -6th to catch the field, which he did in the amazing time of 13.41 seconds. " I know I could run faster and was not really practising my starts. I believe I could win the event now " 

He has planned to run in a few meets overseas to sharpen up for the world championship.

Asked about the twinge he felt before and after the 110m final, he did not express much concern ...there was a threat that he might not have run the 400 relay but he said " I was always going to run ...I just put that out there to stir up things a little "

His next challenge is the 4x400 relay at Penns where he fancies QRC's chances as three of the 4 runners at carifta are in this one with Lendore the silver medalist at Carifta also in the squad.
..Taken from conversation with Jehue

Football / Boca Juniors ...best club in the world
« on: April 14, 2010, 12:11:58 PM »
Its been a long time since I had anything to say about my team. That could be because we were not doing so well but armed with a new coach and one of the best midfielders in the world we shook off the cobwebs and showed what the name Boca stands for.

It is still my dream to see Boca live and I hope it is before Roman leaves ...in case anyone does not know the name ...you will see from this clip who he is and he will not be far from any of the goals scored. Palermo broke Boca's scoring record and the manner in which he scored gives testimony to the close relationship he has with Roman ....no matter what the critics say.

I am sure Palermo must be sad that he will go to South Africa leaving his best provider at home ..as indeed many of us are .. but you kyah keep cork under water ....There is still a chapter to be writen in the life and times of Juan Roman Riquelme, the man voted by Boca fans as their best player in history.

By the way Boca and Milan share the most international titles in world football notwithstanding the fact that Boca is a selling club while Milan is a buying club. In spite of having to sell your best players every year Boca has achieved this feat.


This one shows Roman playing for Villareal, Barcelona, Boca Juniors and Argentina ...and shakira !


What about Track & Field / Athletes gearing up for 2010
« on: December 26, 2009, 07:40:45 AM »
Saw Michelle lee Ahye going through her paces at the HCS recently...also Jehue Gordon is looking like a class act at his club's training ...He is even challenging some of the sprinters at his club...some of the foreign based  are back and following their programmes on St mary's ground and at the Zoo. I believe we could be seeing some more success for T&T athletes this year with some top notch Juniors coming up .
I am looking for Jonathan Holder and the younger Jean marc constantine ( who has been undefeated for years in the sprints in his age group ) to signal thier arrivals on to  bigger stages.
Young jeunice maxime fresh from her top award at Memphis Pioneers ceremony is now up toi the under 15 age group. She raced unbeaten last year in the under 13 ...
The foreign based will go into action in january in the USA and so will the locals with a development meet 9th January...see the Naaa website.
Good excitement seeing the youngsters ...and its all free !

Football / Cure for Cancer
« on: October 20, 2009, 10:59:34 AM »
...this is not as simple as it sounds but ..all you have to do is vote him out of the eastern association ...he kyah keep no FIFA wuk by being solely an adviser ..and he kyah represent CONCACAF if he eh have no local standing.
So cure for cancer ...vote him out !

Cricket Anyone / way de T&T Ambaqssador to India ?
« on: October 18, 2009, 02:04:58 PM »
man big ting happening down in India but I eh see we representative to India making heself known ...wha he doing down dey ? what could be more important for a Trinidad and Tobago Ambassador based in India at this time ?
We spending all kinda money ..billions..to promote T&T worldwide ...here we have an audience of over 1 billion ...and we winning !!! dey all seeing we ...and we eh using this opportunity ? I say if we doh see him up front next game ..Manning should ask him to come home yes !

Football / What would it take for jack to leave ?
« on: October 11, 2009, 09:07:04 AM »
I was wondering if instead of fighting Jack Warner to leave we could find out what it would take for him to leave ? ...Maybe he has done all he could and wants to bow out ?

maybe we could also assure him ...of de FIFA wuk

- that simpaul travel agency would still get all de flight and travel football contracts

that de coalpot or whatever he call he restaurant now would get to keep all de football food contracts

that de hotel in St augustine will remain de host hotel for all international football tournaments ..men and women

that Joe Public will win de Pro league and win back some ah he money ..

that we will give him all de money he say he spend in TTFF business ...even though he might not be able to produce any bills

that he will continue to be paid as adviser to de ttff ...he could say how much we owe him each year .. or get de equivalent in favours ..

that he will receive de trinity cross and even de nobel prize ..

all yuh tink dese tings could convince him to leave ? ..or ah leaving something out ?

Football / Palermo.. Palermo... Palermo..
« on: October 07, 2009, 01:11:08 PM »
Oct 4, 2009 9:48:19 PM
Martin Palermo scored a remarkable header to give Boca Juniors a 3-2 win over Velez Sarsfield in an action packed encounter at the Bombonera stadium on Sunday.

Alfio Basile's side were hoping to avenge their Copa Sudamericana elimination to Velez, but they suffered an early set-back when Leandro Caruso put the visitors ahead within minutes from the kick-off. But Boca came into the game as the half progressed and Sebastian Battaglia drew them level ten minutes before half-time. However, their lead lasted shorty as Caruso put Velez back into the lead ten minutes later.

Boca turned on the style in the second half, with Juan Roman Riquelme equalizing for them before Martin Palermo earned them the three points with an extraordinary 40-meter header. Palermo intercepted a clearance from Velez goalkeeper German Montoya with a first-time header that found its way into an unguarded net. It was Palermo's 200th goal in the Argentine first division.

Not only did Boca end a run of four successive defeats, but they got the better of a Velez side that knocked them out of the Copa Sudamericana.

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