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Football / Yorkie in Trinidad
« on: May 27, 2008, 01:19:46 PM »
I was in BGI airport yesterday returnining to the states from Barbados....I saw Yorkie walking around confidently as usual with his trademark smile.....shook his hand and thanked him for his contribution to TnT...he was on his way back to Trini after some vacationing and golfing in Barbados...

Football / Letter from Warrior Nation/SW.net
« on: May 21, 2008, 10:49:41 PM »
I say beat the iron while it hot.......since the TTFF/TTFA gettin it from all sides I say we pour it on by issuing a response from the supporters club regarding both the recent arbtration judgement as well as the bullshit with the stadium for the England game. Thoughts !!

Flex, Tallman, E-man: What say you...

The ‘Don’ does the right thing
By Martin Rogers, Yahoo! Sports
May 15, 8:18 pm EDT
      Buzz Up PrintMore From Martin RogersThe seven 'sins' of Cuauhtemoc Blanco May 8, 2008 Ranking MLS's top 20 players May 8, 2008
 Major League Soccer is not the most confrontational of professional sports organizations, but commissioner Don Garber showed this week that he is prepared to fight if his league has been slighted.

Garber came out swinging following the ill-thought criticism of MLS supporters by television pundit Michael Wilbon, co-host of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption.” Wilbon’s case was that the practice of throwing streamers onto the field before corner kicks, which happens with regularity at Toronto FC’s BMO Field and sporadically elsewhere, is “minor league” and “garbage” and harmful to soccer’s reputation.

Now, it would have been easy for Garber to ignore these comments and go about his business of trying to continue MLS’ recent and ongoing growth. However, the issue of fan involvement is one guaranteed to raise the ire of those at MLS HQ, as the powers-that-be realize how crucial the phenomenon is to the league’s future.

Heavily borrowed from European and South American examples, the involved and interactive fan experience that soccer provides is unique and undeniably special. It is a huge part of why the game is by far the most popular in the world and a factor that Garber and his colleagues believe will, over time, give their league a crucial edge over competing sports.

Garber did not come from a soccer background, but in this episode he showed he firmly is in tune with his fans and the unique selling point that soccer offers. In his weekly blog, he stormed back at the criticism, defending the fans’ right to express themselves.

“This is a unique phenomenon that happens all over the soccer world,” he said. “We’re playing soccer, not baseball, football or basketball. Our fans are a part of the game experience. That’s one of our points of difference and part of what will drive our future success.

“There are plenty of sports leagues in the U.S. and we are not trying to offer the same in-stadium experience. We need to embrace the passion and electricity that makes soccer the world’s most popular sport.”

There are some who will claim that the practice of throwing items – even tiny pieces of paper – simply is a prelude to some of the less savory aspects of soccer fandom around the world, namely hooliganism. But it is a ridiculous stretch to try to draw a link between the two.

All the marketing companies and demographics experts can do as much planning and research as they like. The simple fact is that if fans enjoy themselves they will return.

Toronto FC fans took no time at all to learn how to express themselves once their franchise was founded in 2007, and that example is rubbing off around the league.

They have built their own traditions and superstitions and turned their club into an integral part of the city’s sports landscape in about a year. The critics need to calm down and get used to it.

Football / Barca strikes deal with MLS
« on: May 15, 2008, 11:32:32 AM »
Barca strikes deal with MLS
2 hours, 4 minutes ago
      Buzz Up PrintBy Simon Lewis PA SportsTicker Contributing Writer

NEW YORK (Ticker) - European soccer giant Barcelona signed a five-year strategic partnership with Major League Soccer, the league announced Thursday.

The two-time Champions League winners from Spain are the first European club to enter into such an agreement with MLS and its marketing arm Soccer United Marketing, the U.S. professional league said in a press release.

The deal guarantees that Barcelona, who appear set to retain international stars for next season such as Thierry Henry, Rafael Marquez and Lionel Messi, will visit the United States for a minimum of six exhibition matches during the five-year partnership, including a tour this summer, with SUM managing every commercial, marketing and PR aspect of the games on American soil.
“FCB is a world-renowned brand for its great history of special players, entertaining play and success,” MLS Commissioner Don Garber said. “MLS is excited to help expand the story of FCB and its efforts by showcasing its breathtaking soccer and further developing its brand in North America.”

Barcelona, who this year is third in Spain’s La Liga and reached the Champions League semifinals, first made serious attempts to gain a foothold in the American soccer market following the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Barca, led by Brazilian star Ronaldinho, toured the USA to great success, selling out all three of its matches in Los Angeles, Houston and East Rutherford, New Jersey, with an average crowd of 80,734.

“After a successful tour in 2006, we at FC Barcelona are excited to embrace a long-term strategy for our brand in the U.S. market,” club president Joan Laporta said.

“This represents a true North American expansion for FC Barcelona. We are sure that, with the cooperation of MLS and SUM, Barca will become more recognizable among the North American public, as well as continue the growth of soccer in the United States.”

Details of this summer’s tour were not released on Thursday but are expected “in the near future,” the MLS statement said.

Football / T&TFF lift blacklist.
« on: September 21, 2007, 10:50:40 PM »
T&TFF lift blacklist.
By: Lasana Liburd (Express).

Soca Warriors go to arbitration

The Trinidad and Tobago 2006 World Cup players yesterday enjoyed a significant breakthrough in their bonus dispute with the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) as the latter party agreed to lift a blacklist on the group of 16.
Shaun Fuentes, T&TFF press officer, confirmed that the players were available for national selection again after 11 months in the international wilderness.
But the players did not have it all their way as legal representatives for both parties agreed to take the case to an independent arbitrator under the auspices of the Sports Dispute Resolution Panel in London.
Mike Townley, the players' London-based solicitor, was adamant that his client wished to pursue the matter in civil court during an interview on Thursday but changed his mind after discussions with the T&TFF's attorneys, Om Lalla, Kelvin Ramkisson and British barrister William McCormick, yesterday morning.
The matter never reached the court as Justice Gregory Smith was absent due to bereavement although, according to Townley, both parties had already agreed to arbitration.
"We were very adamant (from the start) that we have a forceful robust dispute resolution process," said Townley. "When they declined it, the court seemed to be the only route. But the nature of the arbitral panel that has now been agreed on is one I have a lot of faith in.
"I believe it will produce a just result and it will do so within a time at least twice as quick as either the courts in Trinidad can do or the courts in the UK can do."
Lalla, who sat next to Townley at the head table during a press conference at Crowne Plaze Hotel, refused to consider the decision an early victory for his client and both parties, who barely spoke before yesterday, littered their dialogue with phrases like "mutual agreement" and also offered March 2008 as a realistic deadline for the conclusion of the case. There was even an agreement to desist from further comment on contentious issues regarding the case.
A full week after the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs released that the T&TFF banked at least $173 million from the 2006 World Cup campaign, Lalla was still unable to explain why his client claimed to receive just over $18 million last October. He told the media gathering that the T&TFF disputed the figures but offered no new information.
"We are not furnished with the necessary information (to discuss the government's figures)," said Lalla. If Townley is true to his word, FIFA vice-president and United National Congress (UNC) deputy political leader Jack Warner, who negotiated the controversial World Cup pact with the "Soca Warriors", should hear little more of the supposed $173 million bounty until after the upcoming elections.
The upside for the players is the chance to return to international duty. Goalkeeper Shaka Hislop is now retired while defender Ian Cox and left winger Evans Wise are unlikely to be considered for selection.
Defender Atiba Charles and attacker Anthony Wolfe are not certainties while left back Avery John, midfielder Chris Birchall and veteran defender Marvin Andrews cannot take their places for granted either.
Defender Brent Sancho, who is a free agent at present, and goalkeeper Kelvin Jack would also be curious to see coach Wim Rijsbergen's next team list too after being singled out by the T&TFF for their role in the players' legal action.
However, Sunderland striker Kenwyne Jones and Toronto FC winger Collin Samuel will almost certainly be recalled and Connection midfielder Aurtis Whitley, Southampton forward Stern John and the CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh pair of defender Cyd Gray and striker Cornell Glen might fancy their chances.
Trinidad and Tobago's next international assignment is away to El Salvador on October 17. The T&TFF had initially scheduled a friendly meeting with Mexico on October 14 but "El Tricolor" since announced they will play Nigeria instead.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Trinidad Express TV
« on: September 03, 2007, 10:56:45 PM »

Football / Warner wants U-17s in Super League.
« on: August 30, 2007, 11:51:45 PM »
Warner wants U-17s in Super League.
T&T Guardian Reports.

Jack Warner, Fifa vice-president, plans to keep the T&T Under-17 World Cup team together. According to Warner one way of doing that is by having the youngsters compete in the National Football Super Football League as a team.
Warner disclosed this on the team’s return from the 2007 Fifa Under-17 World Cup at a special reception held at the VIP Lounge, Piarco International Airport, yesterday.
Warner said he was very emotional to see the kind of welcome which the team received.
“It’s the first time I have seen a welcome of this intensity for a team that has not won a match. This means we have changed our focus from only looking at winning and now have learnt to respect a team that has gone out and worn the national colours with pride.”
Warner noted that the team must now be viewed as the nucleus of the team for the Fifa Under-20 World Cup which takes place in Egypt.
“But for that to happen we must try and keep the core of players together and for this to take place I have to sit with the T&T Football Federation and see how best it can be done. We may have to put them to play in the Super League as a team.”
Reflecting on T&T’s performances at the tournament, which were all losses, 4-1 against Ghana, and 5-0 against both Colombia and Germany, Warner said it showed that the team needed so more time to play together.
“We must look at ways and having our teams play together for much longer periods and with this in mind, the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) has agreed to the staging of Under-14 tournaments for boys and girls next year as well as the Under-16 boys competition.
“By having these tournaments at a younger age it will allow the coaches enough time for major CFU and Concacaf competitions.
The Fifa vice-president noted that he will be leaving soon to witness the closing ceremony of the Under-17 World Cup but he will arriving in Korea with his head held high.
Coach Anton Corneal also expressed surprise at the welcoming reception. “We knew people would be here but we did not expected all this.”
Corneal noted that although his team did not win a match they learned many lessons.
Good spirits as U-17s return home from Korea.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Trinidad and Tobago's National Under 17 footballers, after flying for 20 hours out of Seoul, via New York got a warm welcome home at the Piarco International Airport at 6am on Thursday as they were greeted on arrival by Minister of Sport Roger Boynes, FIFA Vice President Jack Warner and other officials of the TTFF.
Head coach Anton Corneal and his bunch were pleasantly surprise as it's not often a team coming home without any kind of silverware receives the ovation they got on the day.
Almost all the leading local media companies were present and to top it off, Warner, special advisor to the TTFF spoke of some plans to keep the team together as it looks ahead to future Under 23 and Under 20 tournaments.
According to Warner, one way of doing that is by having the youngsters compete in the National Football Super Football League as a team which will allow them to play competitively for a longer period during the year.
Warner said he was very emotional to see the kind of welcome which the team received.
"It's the first time I have seen a welcome of this intensity for a team that has not won a match. This means we have changed our focus from only looking at winning and now have learnt to respect a team that has gone out and worn the national colours with pride."
Warner noted that the team must now be viewed as the nucleus of the team for the Fifa Under-20 World Cup which takes place in Egypt.
"But for that to happen we must try and keep the core of players together and for this to take place I have to sit with the T&T Football Federation and see how best it can be done. We may have to put them to play in the Super League as a team."
Reflecting on T&T's performances at the tournament, which were all losses, 4-1 against Ghana, and 5-0 against both Colombia and Germany, Warner said it showed that the team needed so more time to play together.
"We must look at ways and having our teams play together for much longer periods and with this in mind, the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) has agreed to the staging of Under-14 tournaments for boys and girls next year as well as the Under-16 boys competition.
"By having these tournaments at a younger age it will allow the coaches enough time for major CFU and Concacaf competitions.
Coach Anton Corneal also expressed surprise at the welcoming reception. "We knew people would be here but we did not expected all this."
Corneal noted that although his team did not win a match they learned many lessons.
"There are various levels of the game, We have conquered the Caribbean, we came out of CONCACAF and now we saw what it's like at the World level and we must plan and prepare accordingly," he added.
Team captain Leston Paul also promised to take forward the lessons learnt in the far east.
"We have experienced what it is like and it makes us wanting to qualify for more World Cups. We definitely don't want to have these kind of results again. I want to thank everyone who supported us... from the coach Anton and the staff, the TTFF and our parents and fans. I felt proud to lead the country out there on the world stage and I can only hope to do this again at some point," Paul added.

Football / Pro League bid to end Jabloteh friction.
« on: August 29, 2007, 11:11:30 PM »
Pro League bid to end Jabloteh friction.
By: Lasana Liburd (Express).

Dexter Skeene, the Pro League CEO, confirmed yesterday that the domestic football body have already started moves designed to end the friction between their clubs and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (T&TFF) over national training schedules.
Skeene, a former international player with the "Strike Squad", told the Express that the Pro League have contacted T&TFF general secretary Richard Groden to initiate a meeting with the clubs as regards national training sessions.
The meeting should be a relief to Jabloteh chairman Jerry Hospedales whose club have been at loggerheads with national under-23 coach Michael McComie over the release of players for international duty.
Jabloteh coach Terry Fenwick claimed that the club agreed with the T&TFF to release their players once a week outside the FIFA international window and refused to bend to McComie's demands.
McComie retorted by refusing to select any Jabloteh players on his under-23 squad for the opening Caribbean leg of the 2008 Olympic Games qualifying series and also ignored Jabloteh's request for a recommendation for young starlet Lester Peltier during his work permit appeal to the British Home Office. Peltier was denied a work permit to join to join England Premier League club, Portsmouth.
Skeene confirmed that the T&TFF initially promised to request Jabloteh's players just once per week but said that his proposed meeting would attempt to clarify things for all Pro League teams in the future.
"We need to agree and determine things as regards the national set-up in advance," said Skeene, "so the clubs can plan for these international dates... Today it might be Jabloteh with more than four players but tomorrow it can be someone else.
"Everyone must come to an agreement because it will affect one club today and another tomorrow."

Football / W Connection launch youth movement
« on: August 27, 2007, 11:06:21 PM »
W Connection launch youth movement
 :applause: :applause:

Monday, August 27 2007

W CONNECTION, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most successful football clubs in recent times, is on a drive to recruit 25 young footballers from the South/Central region.

Officially called “Project 13”, the club plans to select quality players between the ages of ten to 12 in an effort to boost the development of the nation’s youth and equip them with the proper tactical education needed that will allow them greater marketability in their playing careers.

Once chosen, the 25 players will endure intensive training work with some of the country’s finest coaching minds, as well as veteran national and local players.

According to former Strike Squad forward and current Connection Under-15 coach Leonson Lewis, “It is a great idea as it is important for the youth to get proper coaching and develop a tactical understanding and awareness of their positioning and function on the field.

“This endeavour is an admirable onset by W Connection to start with the youngest talent, as it makes it easier to develop educated players with a tactical awareness, not just talent, and having that grooming potential gives them the edge.”

Connection’s coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier shared Lewis’ view. “A well-rounded player is key to the development of the game,” said the St Lucian-born coach. “As a youngster, I always wanted to train with a club with a reputation that I could have looked up to and this (Project 13) gives the youth an opportunity to get involved in a positive program with a recognised club like W Connection.

“Here we are providing the chance to enjoy this number one sport in the world, under the watchful eyes of people who have played and represented this country internationally,” Charles-Fevrier continued. “It serves to benefit them greatly in the future.”

For more information, one can call 679-4721 or 679-4726.

Football / Costa Rica and USA Qualify
« on: August 25, 2007, 09:21:38 PM »
Costa Rica falls to Peru at 2007 FIFA U-17 World Cup

 24.8.07 - Costa Rica were beaten 1:0 by Peru in a Group A encounter at the FIFA U-17 World Cup Korea Republic 2007 at the Jeju World Cup Stadium on Friday .
After a scoreless first half, Carlos Bazalar notched the game-winner for Peru (2-0-1, 7 Points) with a minute remaining in the match against Costa Rica (1-1-1, 4 Points).

The result gave Peru the Group A and a place in the FIFA U-17 World Cup ‘Round-of-16’, while Costa Rica finished second and also secures a berth in the next phase.

The FIFA U-17 World Cup 2007 continues for the CONCACAF teams as Honduras (0-2-0, 0 Points) takes on Syria (0-1-1, 1 Point) in Group C action at the Jeju World Cup Stadium on Saturday (25 August), while also at the venue, Haiti (0-1-1, 1 Point) faces Nigeria (2-0-0, 6 Points) in Group D play.

In all, 24 teams are competing in six groups of four teams for the tournament in Korea Republic, with the top two teams in each group, plus the four best third-place teams, advance to the knockout stage.

Group A
24.08.2007: Jeju; Jeju World Cup Stadium (A: 510)
PERU – COSTA RICA 1:0 (0:0)
Carlos BAZALAR 89’
PER: Eder Hermoza – Joseph Munoz, Nestor Duarte, Bryan Salazar (77: Cesar Ruiz), Reimond Manco, Carlos Bazalar, Irven Avila, Daniel Sanchez (65: Ernesto Salazar), Jairo Hernandez, Juan Arce (72: Antony Molina), Gary Correra. Booked: Hernandez 15’
TD: Juan Jose ORE
CRC: Leonel Moreira – Roy Smith, Jordan Smith, Diego Brenes, David Guzman (65: Miguel Brenes), Jorge Castro (77: Josue Martinez), Jessy Peralta, Bruno Castro, Erick Rojas, Daniel Arias (46: Marcos Ureña), Daniel Varela. Booked: none
TD: Manuel UREÑA

Group C
25.08.2007: Jeju; Jeju World Cup Stadium (17:00)

Group D
25.08.2007: Jeju; Jeju World Cup Stadium (19:00)

Group E
26.08.2007: Cheonan; Cheonan Sports Complex (16:00)

Group F
26.08.2007: Changwon; Changwon Main Stadium (20:00)

Football / T&T gets 1st round bye in 2010 qualifiers.
« on: August 24, 2007, 10:57:21 PM »
T&T gets 1st round bye in 2010 qualifiers.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).
Trinidad and Tobago was among 13 nations that will receive a first-round bye in CONCACAF qualifying for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.
FIFA, in a statement on Friday said it based the decision on its rankings from May. The U.S. also has a bye with. Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Guatemala, Canada, Guyana and St. Vincent and the Grenadines also received first-round byes.
Twenty-two nations will be slotted into home-and-home pairings during the World Cup qualifying draw on Nov. 25 in Durban, South Africa. The 11 winners and St. Vincent will drawn against the top 12 seeds in the second round, which likely will be in June. The 12 second-round winners advance to the semifinals, which will retain the same format from 2006 qualifying, with three groups of four.
The top two teams in each semifinal group advance to the six-nation regional finals. The top three teams in the finals qualify for the 32-nation field, and the No. 4 team meets the fifth-place team from South American in a home-and-home playoff for another berth.
T&T also had a first round bye for the 2006 qualifiers and subsequently went on to book its first spot in a World Cup by defeating Bahrain in a playoff. T&T then performed creditably, as the smallest nation at the Finals, holding Sweden 0-0 before losing to England and Paraguay.
T&T head coach Wim Rijsbergen is currently in South Korea with the National Under 17 team at the FIFA Under 17 World Championship and will return home next week to resume preparations with the Senior Team.

Football / Brazilian World Cup player Denilson signs with FC Dallas
« on: August 23, 2007, 07:26:22 PM »
Brazilian World Cup player Denilson signs with FC Dallas
August 23, 2007

DALLAS (AP) -- Brazilian midfielder Denilson, who played on the 2002 World Cup championship team, signed with FC Dallas.

Terms of the deal were not released Thursday.

Denilson was one of the top players in the late 1990s and his rights were once sold for about $36 million, the largest transfer fee in history at the time. He is the fourth MLS player to have won a World Cup.

FC Dallas said Denilson, whose full name is Denilson de Oliveira, would be able to play once he receives his work visa.

The 5-foot-8 Denilson said he was eager to begin playing for FC Dallas.

"I hope that through my work I will be able to contribute to this team and have success in this league," he said in a statement.

FC Dallas coach Steve Morrow said the team was pleased to be able to land Denilson.

"We've worked hard to build a team with players that have exceptional ability and also have the right attitude off the field. Adding a player like Denilson will improve us further and give us a boost as we go into the final stretch of the season." he said.

Denilson led the Brazilian team to the 1997 FIFA Confederations Cup title and a second-place finish the next year in the FIFA World Cup. Brazil won the World Cup in 2002.

He played for Sao Paulo from 1994-1998 before joining Real Betis, a Spanish club. He played there for seven years before moving on to Bordeaux. He played for Al Nasr, a Saudi Arabian club, in 2006-2007.


Football / FIFA: Trinidad happy to be underdogs
« on: August 19, 2007, 10:49:31 AM »
Trinidad happy to be underdogs

Sunday 19 August 2007
 When the draw was made for the FIFA U-17 World Cup Korea 2007 most pundits were in agreement that Colombia - second in South American qualifying - Ghana - second in African qualifying - and Germany - fifth in the equivalent European tournament - would be the contenders to advance to the last 16 from Group F. Trinidad and Tobago, meanwhile, were seen as very much the outsiders.

The young Soca Warriors had a hard time of it in CONCACAF qualifying and only squeezed through after a narrow victory over Jamaica. Nevertheless, the islanders are hoping to spring a surprise or two at this their second appearance at a FIFA U-17 World Cup and make the so-called experts eat their words. "Underdog" is a tag which suits them down to the ground and one that could help them take a few teams unawares.

"There is no pressure on us whatsoever. The other sides don't know much about us," coach Anton Corneal told FIFA.com. "I'm pretty sure we will give a good account of ourselves against all three opponents. Our preparations have gone well in any case." The Caribbean team did their last-minute fine-tuning at a training camp in the Netherlands, where they were put through their paces. "Our preparations went very well. We were able to see how we match up against international opponents and we played well against Peru and Honduras," said an upbeat Corneal. "We gained some invaluable international experience, something we lacked in the past."

This experience should stand Trinidad in good stead, and provided that they stay organised they have every reason to be confident about Monday evening's opening match against Ghana at the Cheonan Sports Complex. With the Africans starting off as favourites, Corneal is banking on team spirit and effort to see T&T through. "What sets us apart from the rest is our never-say-die attitude. We can also play with real discipline and we've gained in experience."

Team spirit the key
Going into the tournament the junior Soca Warriors certainly present a very united front. Many of the players know each other from club football and there are no fewer than eight members of the San Juan Jabloteh team in the 21-strong squad. "This is obviously an advantage as the lads know each other so well and are used to playing together," smiled Corneal.

With their tournament debut approaching fast, anticipation is building among the players, as captain Leston Paul explains. "All youth players dream of taking part in a World Cup, and it's great that we are getting to live the dream," said the midfielder, who plies his trade back home with Defence Force.

Like his coach, Paul is in no way worried about the fact that he and his team-mates are seen as outsiders in Group F. "We're concentrating on our own game rather than our opponents, and we definitely want to make it through to the next round." Not even the thought of walking out in front of a packed stadium in Cheonan on Monday night can throw the skipper off his stride. "I'm trying to stay as cool as possible and concentrate on the match," he added.

The inspiration for Trinidad and Tobago's younger generation is obviously comes from the older breed of Soca Warriors, who created a stir at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ by drawing with Sweden and only slipping to a narrow and unlucky defeat to England. "They played really well at the World Cup but didn't quite get the results they'd hoped for," continued Paul. "Let's hope that we can do better in that respect." Their first opportunity to do so is just a matter of hours away.

Football / Young Warriors’ families left behind.
« on: August 16, 2007, 11:29:32 PM »
Young Warriors’ families left behind.
By: Joan Rampersad (Newsday).

Family members of Trinidad and Tobago’s Under-17 team which is already stationed in South Korea for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup Korea 2007 Championships were up to yesterday still in Trinidad although they were expected to join their youngsters by today.
When contacted yesterday, TTFF (Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation) president Oliver Camps stated outright that the Federation had absolutely nothing to do with the situation.
One of the stranded parents said that a parent of each of the 21 players was sponsored to make the trip courtesy the Government.
Newsday understands that a Chartered Primaris flight, an airline of Constellation Travel Service Limited, was organised by the Ministry of Sports to take the 21 parents and any other family member who chose to pay their way, to South Korea to support the Young Warriors.
That flight was first scheduled to leave on Tuesday but never did with the organisers blaming the runway shutdown at Piarco International Airport on Monday.
One parent who paid $12,408 for the trip said yesterday, “We were told because of the confusion the day before, Primaris never got to Trinidad for the turn-around flight so we couldn’t go on Tuesday and we had a connecting flight on Korean Air from NY last night. Now today, our charter flight leaves at 4.10 pm to NY and we are hoping and praying to catch Korean Air while on standby because all fights are booked.”
As a result of the heavily booked flights to South Korea, the parent said the organisers eventually informed them that they got confirmation from Korean Air but that the group had to split in two and fly over two days.
That meant this particular parent having to overnight in New York before he could get on the 13- hour flight from New York to South Korea, and with the latter 13 hours ahead of TT time, it is hardly likely that he will be there in time for the opening ceremony.
The Championship kicks off on Saturday with TT’s first game against Ghana two days later on August 20, at 8 pm (Korea time) in Cheonan, South Korea.
Just before boarding the flight yesterday the parent was asked what was the situation to which he replied, “It seems to be in order but only when I get on the plane to Korea then I will know for sure that everything is in order.”
Efforts by Newsday to get a comment from officials at the Ministry of Sports and the Sports Company proved futile yesterday.

Football / ‘Wooooh Trinidad’ as Koreans wave T&T flags.
« on: August 14, 2007, 12:27:35 PM »
‘Wooooh Trinidad’ as Koreans wave T&T flags.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

At least 150 Koreans from the city of Cheonan greeted members of the Trinidad and Tobago National Under 17 footballers at the IT technology centre training pitch waving miniature T&T and Korean flags on an overcast Tuesday morning.
It was the first official training in Korea for the young “Soca Warriors” for the FIFA Under 17 World Championship which kicks off in Korea on Saturday and the local organizing committee arranged a special welcome ceremony for Anton Corneal and his players as they arrived at the facility just around 10:30 am. All other FIFA protocol kicked in from Tuesday as well with regards to accreditation, equipment and aid supply as well as other provisions relating to the team’s participation in the tournament.
The driveway leading the ground was lined with both adults and youngsters who shouted “wooooh Trinidad” and later made presentations of bouquets to captain Leston Paul and Corneal. It was a stirring welcome for the T&T boys after a light earthquake shook the Onyang Hot Springs Hotel a bit after midnight.
They also played traditional calypsos, most notably from the late Roaring Lion over the venue’s open air speakers during the early minutes of the training session which lasted for two hours and was endured by the players under a consistent downpour. Similar to Monday’s venue, again the pitch was situated up in the Hejo mountains which took T&T roughly half hour by bus to arrive at.
The German team meantime didn’t have it that smoothly, having to travel for close to an hour for their venue and after the Ghana team checked in at the Onyang Hot Spring Hotel, they learnt that their training pitch was even further. Word was that T&T would be enjoying the best training pitch of the lot and Corneal and his boys made proper use of it with a thorough session in the morning. They later occupied the indoor facility for the evening session which went for just over an hour before reporting for their official accreditation process at the hotel.
‘It’s definitely an ideal ground for training and we will make the best use of it this week,” Corneal told TTFF Media. “I think you could see it out there for yourself today that the boys were enjoying it and when players can do that especially in what is a strange country for them in terms of them being here for the first time, then it says a lot. Having eager players is a plus for any coach,” Corneal added.
The question as to whether he or the players were under any pressure to perform with the opening game against Ghana now less than a week away, Corneal didn’t budge much.
“I think any team going into a tournament like this for the first time after qualifying will have some butterflies about it and that’s only natural because they are still kids who are maturing and this tournament will provide a great step for them. Our aim is to play football and let everything else handle itself. As for me as a coach, I will not say it’s pressure as such but I obviously want to see the team give a good account of itself and every coach wants results with that. We will not put unnecessary pressure on ourselves at this point,” Corneal affirmed.
FIFA officials at the Onyang Hotel said that they are expecting a full house for each of the games being played at the Cheonan Sports Complex for Monday’s games as well as T&T’s second match with Colombia. The stadium holds 26,000 and already 23,000 tickets have been pre-sold for Monday’s game.
In fact, chairman of the Local Organising Committee, Chung Dong-Chea, revealed to FIFA.com that the ticket sales for the tournament are well above what had been previously anticipated.
Korea Republic's games against Peru and Costa Rica at Suwon's 27,100 capacity Sports Complex have already sold out much to the delight of tournament’s chairman FIFA Vice President Jack Warner who is expected to arrive in Seoul on Wednesday.
The city of Cheonan,where T&T is based, will host five group games and two second round matches, is preparing for a big festival ahead of the tournament. On the eve of Saturday’s opening ceremony , the city will hold a light show in front of Cheonan Sports Complex, with tens of giant LED towers and a tunnel-shaped fountain.
The FIFA U-17 World Cup Korea 2007 will be broadcast live to 52 countries all over the world on TV, as well as on FIFA.com.
“It’s coming closer and we are getting ready. I hope the fans back home can watch us on TV too and wish us well. We are here to do our best,” skipper Paul quietly added.

Shaun Fuentes photos show scenes of T&T in Cheonan.

Red Bulls' young star Altidore scores twice in 3-0 win over Toronto FC
Preview - Box Score - Recap   

August 12, 2007

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- Teen sensation Jozy Altidore scored twice and Juan Pablo Angel had a goal and an assist Sunday to lead the New York Red Bulls to a 3-0 victory over Toronto FC.

The 17-year-old Altidore, the youngest player in Major League Soccer, has five goals on the season. It was his first multigoal game in MLS, though he's done it before for the U.S. Under-20 team.

Angel "takes all the pressure off me and I just follow his lead," Altidore said. "He looks for you and all you have to do is make a conscious effort to be around the ball. He's going to get you chances to score."

Toronto did not have a shot on goal. The Red Bulls took 21 shots to just three for Toronto.

The Red Bulls scored in the 24th minute when a cross from Clint Mathis was deflected by Toronto defender Tyrone Marshall and landed directly on the foot of Angel, who blasted it past goalkeeper Kenny Stamatopoulos.

It was the 10th goal of the season for Angel and his first since June 16.

The score remained 1-0 through halftime, and Altidore got into gear after the break.

In the 50th minute, he beat Toronto FC defender Adam Braz to the ball and a collision between Altidore, Braz and keeper Stamatopoulos resulted in a goal for the teenager.

In the 63rd minute, Altidore received a pass from Angel and knocked a low liner past Stamatopoulos for the final score.

"They have been working well together in training and they're getting comfortable with each other," New York coach Bruce Arena said. "When two forwards play off each other like that, they're dangerous and they can score goals."

The Red Bulls (9-7-3) jumped from fourth place into a tie for second in the Eastern Conference with D.C. United behind New England.

Toronto FC (5-10-5) is winless in its last six matches, with three losses and three ties since July 4. It is last in the conference.

Red Bulls captain Claudio Reyna started the game, but left in the 22nd minute with a groin injury and was replaced by Mathis.

Toronto played the final 25 minutes of the game down a player, after midfielder Chris Pozniak received a red card for a hard foul on New York midfielder Dane Richards.


Football / McComie: Lack of national caps cost Peltier.
« on: August 08, 2007, 03:33:26 AM »
McComie: Lack of national caps cost Peltier.
By: Joel Bailey (Newsday).

Trinidad and Tobago Under-23 football assistant coach Michael McComie said lack of national caps was the reason for CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh’s Lester Peltier being denied a work permit by the UK Home Office.
The 18-year-old Peltier who was once a member of the Under-23s, was on the verge of a four-year deal with English Premiership club Portsmouth.
It was alleged by Jabloteh’s coach Terry Fenwick that McComie, national coach Wim Rijsbergen and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) refused to assist young Peltier.
But McComie quickly pointed out, “Jan-Michael Williams was denied a contract with Glasgow Rangers in 2003 also based on work permit issues.
“England is very strict,” he said. “People come to Trinidad and they see a pond of talent and they also see a lot of dollar signs. Some people try to manipulate the system for their own benefits.”
The former national goalkeeper emphasised, “as long as I am here, no one will use me. If they happen to get through, well so be it for them.
“We have all the information but I cannot speak about it right now,” said the interim Joe Public coach.
“You’ll be surprised to know some of the things that do transpire. Not everything that glitters is gold and people in Trinidad need to understand that.”
He added, “a lot of people don’t know what goes on behind closed doors in terms of the business arrangements with these players. We had nothing to do with the player.
“I’ve never spoken to Mr Fenwick for 2007 and I’m seeing my name,” McComie said. “The work permit issue has nothing to do with a recommendation letter.
“As long as the Football Federation has their meeting and clears the air, in terms of having a press conference, more will be said on it.”
The Under-23s are preparing for the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) qualifiers against hosts Suriname, Guyana and Netherlands Antilles in Group “A”. The group phase runs from August 31 to September 4.
McComie said that, following Thursday’s training session, the current Under- 23 squad will be reduced from 26 to 22. He said former TT youth team defender Makan Hislop will be added to the contingent.
Meanwhile, coach Jan Van Deinsen is expected to rejoin the technical staff in time for the CFU qualifiers. Van Deinsen underwent back surgery last month in his native Holland and, according to a source close to the team, the 50-year-old coach is close to a full recovery and will be back in Trinidad within the next two weeks.

Football / How come WE don't have an U13 Football Regional Tournament ??
« on: August 07, 2007, 12:37:21 AM »
Mohammed to lead T&T in Regional Festival
East, South East zones dominate U-13 squad

Roger Seepersad

Tuesday, August 7th 2007
TALENTED: Isaiah Rajah

THE very talented Hillview College cricketer Isaiah Rajah along with some of his East Zone Under-13 companions were among the 14-member Trinidad and Tobago Under-13 squad selected to take part in the Regional Festival Under-13 tournament in St Kitts.

The tournament takes place from August 20 to September 1 and the tour is organised by the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board as part of their continuing strategy to develop the young cricketers of the country.

The squad, captained by South East Zone's Chris Mohammed includes three other players from that Zone in Trevon James, Adrian Cooper and Ranjiv Maraj, while East Zone's Anthony Simmons, Stephan Wharwood and Vikesh Mohan were also included in the squad.

It is a great achievement for both zones to have so many of their players on the national squad, but the East Zone will be particularly proud of this achievement because they have recently been re-incorporated in into the T&T Cricket Board's InterZone competition.

TTCB General Secretary Forbes Persaud said: "There has always been an abundance of talent in the East Zone such as Larry Gomes, Lendl Simmons and Kieron Pollard and this shows that there is still talent waiting to be unearthed."

The East and South East were joint winners of the BG T&T Under-13 Zonal tournament and the East were also the runners up to North in the Under-19 competition while the South East Zone won the Under-17 competition.

"Both Zones have a lot to offer and with the re-incorporated East Zone, the younger players will get an opportunity to play for clubs in their area and it will all auger well for the development of cricket," Persaud said.

The Under-13s leave on August 20.

T&T Under-13 Team:

Stephan Wharwood, Kazeen Mohammed, Adrian Cooper, Isaiah Rajah, Addrien Daniel, Trevon James, Anthony Simmons, Chris Mohammed, Vikesh Mohan, Marcus Pollard, Ranjiv Maraj, Curtly Francis, Nyron Motilal, Antonio Alleyne.

Reserves: Akeem Hyndman, Keshav Bahadursingh

Manager: John Pollard

Coach: Anthony Ramjit

Football / T&T U-17s lose 2-1.
« on: August 02, 2007, 10:40:59 PM »
U-17s bounce back with 5-0 win.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Trinidad and Tobago’s National Under 17 footballers bounced back from last week’s heavy defeat to pull off a comprehensive 5-0 victory over Arnhem professional outfit FC Omniworld in a training encounter at Papendal on Saturday morning.
Playing under relatively favourable conditions with the sun out, skipper Leston Paul and his charges produced a commanding performance against a team comprising of Under 17 and Under 16 players which would have at least given them and head coach Anton Corneal somewhat of a confidence bolster before heading off to Korea on Sunday.
Goals by forward Daniel Joseph (5th minute), Stephen Knox (42nd and 65th), Stephan Campbell (70th) and Kevin Molino in the 74th minute gave T&T’s U-17s the much needed win.
Corneal made two changes to the starting team from the one which lost 6-2 to De Graafschap on Tuesday, starting with goalie Glenroy Samuel and replacing Molino with midfielder Chike Sullivan.
The win was satisfying for Corneal but he preferred to remain focused, saying that it was nothing more than a practice win.
“It was a good chance for us to play and sharpen up on some aspects of the game particularly in the scoring department. We created chances and put them away and the good thing was that they were not given to us. The team made us work but of course it was not Ghana, Germany or Colombia we were playing against and we will ensure that the players are well aware of that. All in all it was a pretty good note to end the trip on before heading off to Korea,” Corneal told TTFF Media after the win.
The team later headed off to see Vitesse Arnhem and Athletico Bilbao in a preseason encounter on Saturday evening at the Gelredoma. The game ended prematurely with ten minutes to go because of a brawl between the both sides with Bilbao ahead 1-0.
On the field of play, T&T looked a more compose outfit as skipper Leston Paul marshaled the middle and the front men executed well showing much more drive than they had in the previous encounter. And whenever Omniworld threatened on the offensive, T&T’s starting backline stood firm.
The opening goal came in T&T’s first real burst forward with Knox knocking one down from the left for Joseph who was composed and picked his spot, volleying into the left side of the net.
US-born forward Aaron Maund would have T&T’s next chance which he hit over after being found by a vibrant Paul just outside the penalty box. Then in the 32nd minute after winger Micah Lewis moved inside two defenders, Paul collected on the edge but swung his effort over bar.
T&T continued to create openings. Chike Sullivan on one occasion couldn’t connect on time with his left side free kick whipped in by defender Akeem Adams in the 25th.
Two minutes later, Joseph and Knox combined well with Joseph picking up the return ball inside the area once again but managed only to put the ball wide of the far post.
Omniworld eventually had its first corner in the 33rd minute but could make nothing more of it.
Then just before the break, Knox reassured Corneal of his finishing ability when he pounced on a loose ball atop the area and kept his calm under a late rush by the defenders before drilling his shot into the left of the goal for T&T’s second goal.
Corneal made five changes at the interval, replacing Maund with Stephan Campbell, Joseph with Molino, Daneil Cyrus with Ryan O’Neil, Robert Primus with Sheldon Bateau and goalie Samuel with Jesse Fullerton.
Three minutes into the half, Jean Luc Rochford broke down the right flank and sent in a deep cross for Knox but his well timed header on the far post was saved low by goalkeeper Jochem Smeele. Midfielder Sean De Silva came on for Sullivan in the 63rd and played a part in T&T’s third goal a couple minutes later. Some good hustling on his part allowed him to make room for himself on the right and after he cut back to leave his man going, he sent a perfectly measured left footed cross on the far post for Knox to push past the goalie for goal number three.
Corneal made further changes in the 69th minute with Brenton Balbosa, Marcus Joseph and Aubrey David coming on for Paul, Adams and Knox. And with that T&T kept the pressure on, defending when they needed to and creating the openings.
Campbell made his presence felt with a thunderous free kick from 20 yards out which flew into the right of the goal to push T&T 4-0 ahead. And after Molino hit over from close range he made amends when he followed up to meet Joseph’s ball and sent a scorcher to the right of the goalie.
T&T’s third choice ‘keeper Kern Cesar got some playing time replacing Fullerton and had to go low to stop Almeyda Da Costa’s effort.
In the closing 15 minutes Omniworld’s Mitchell Smith was sent off for a second bookable offense but Omniworld were allowed to send in a replacement player on T&T’s request. De Silva almost made it a handful near the end when his free kick came off the wall before his one time rebound crack was saved low by the Omniworld custodian.
The members of the team, who leave for Korea at 3:30pm (9:30am T&T time) on Sunday, also took a decision to put funds together to assist in the funding of a trip to Korea for the Finals for Oswald Davis, who served as assistant manager of the team during the Finals. Previously the Ministry of Sport announced at a press conference that they would fit the bill to send Davis to Korea before relaying this past week that it was now unable to follow through. On Saturday morning The members of staff and players pledged some of their personal and out of pocket allowance which amounted to $22,000 to assist in the cost of Davis’ trip.
Wim says T&T can take much of out Dutch experience.
By: Shaun Fuentes in Arnhem.

Trinidad and Tobago National Team head coach Wim Rijsbergen is of the feeling that the country’s football system stands to benefit from the experiences like the current one the Under 17 footballers are undergoing at the Papendal Hotel and Conference training complex in Arnhem, Holland.
Apart from being highly enthusiastic about showing off what his native country has to offer in terms of amenities, Rijsbergen is hopeful that T&T can follow suit in its preparation in preparation of national teams not just for football but several other sporting disciplines.
He made these assertions on the eve of T&T’s National Under 17 team training game against Dutch professional unit FC Umniworld from 11am (5am T&T Time) on Saturday at Papendal.
“We’ve been talking about creating an environment in Trinidad and Tobago, like a camp, where national teams can come together to train and we can talk about it over and over but being here now is a nice impression for our staff and players to see what you really need to develop players in any sport,” Rijsbergen told TTFF Media after the team completed its two-hour training on one of the pitches at Papendal while Dutch Premiers Division side Vitesse Arnhem and Spanish club Athletico Bilbao trained in adjacent pitches.
“Here in Papendal it is also a centre for different sports and a multi functional complex where you can stay, get treatment and train and of course we hope pretty soon they will have something like this for different sports in Trinidad  where football coaches, players and other athletes can benefit.”
Rijsbergen, currently with the T&T U-17 team assisting with its preparations for the FIFA Under 17 World Championship in Korea, emphasized the need for young aspiring professionals to be exposed to similar training facilities and methods.
“I try to talk about the environment about what it takes and what is needed to become a professional now we are fortunate that these younger kids can experience it and see the likes of Bilbao and a Dutch Pro team use the compound so they can see what it takes to be a real professional and that it takes a lot of work - that’s the good part of them being here. This is what I was going through as a young professional, and it’s good to experience it before we go to Korea. Hopefully it will give our younger boys a little boost and also to realize how hard we have to work to be successful,” Rijsbergen added.
“It’s important and that’s why we keep saying that the sooner we get this into their system it will be better and it sends a message to the rest. Starting as young as possible is the time when you can make the necessary changes. This is our future here. So therefore this should be a pattern for future training camps, not just before world tournaments, and expanded for teams at various levels.”
He also compared it with the facilities at the De Graafschap training centre where T&T played at on Tuesday.
“At that first club it's a small one and they still use 300,000 Euros a year just to run their youth development programme. At that facility they have an artificial pitch, two grass pitches, dressing rooms and an area where people can come together. That's what you need, The bigger clubs obviously have more to it but we can start somewhere back in Trinidad. You can work there 24- hrs a day if necessary. It doesn’t happen overnight but we can think and act on it before the timing gets tight,” Rijsbergen concluded.
Following a day of double sessions on Friday, one a two-hour session in the morning period, Anton Corneal’s outfit remained in good spirits with no major injury concerns and will now aim to end their Papendal training trip on a high note against the local team before heading off to Cheonan, Korea on Sunday.
News from the 09th of August 2007

U-17s get a taste of Amsterdam.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Trinidad and Tobago National Under 17 skipper Leston Paul says his players are shouldering the blame for an inept performance in their first training game on the current tour of Holland which saw them suffer a heavy 6-2 loss to Premier Division club De Graafschap on Tuesday.
Paul admitted that his team had only themselves to blame but promised that his charges would pick their game up.
“We were embarrassed because we didn’t start the game with any kind of intensity. We took too long to feel the team out and we paid the price early because they were three up in no time,” Paul told TTFF Media. “But I think we have learnt from that and these games are important. In some way we are happy for that type of game and now we know how our game must be sharp from the first whistle. We are still really developing so I don’t think it’s a matter of panicking right now.”
Paul and his teammates had a long run in Thursday’s morning session before the contingent had a chance to experience a bit of Amsterdam prior to another day of sessions on the pitch. Amsterdam is a 90 minute drive.
“We hopefully will pick things up on for the rest of the tour and get ready for Korea,” Paul added.
Head coach Anton Corneal allowed the players to have some fun time on the golf course on Wednesday evening as the players attracted the interest of several guests at the hotel who of course can relate to T&T due to the involvement of head coach Leo Beenhakker and Wim Rijsbergen.
“I think the evening was a good one because while the emphasis is on preparing for the tournament it’s also important that they have some time away from the pitch. The Federation has really ensured that this team has a good build up for the tournament and that is evident when you look at the facilities here. So in that way we will try to make the best of the experience because something like this is ideal for the preparation of future national teams as well. When you listen to what the directors and coaches say about their preparation here it makes one realize how much we need to do back home if we expect to get good results. This trip is ideal for us to realize that and try to follow pattern back home as well. To an extent we are doing it but there are ways we can follow suit and lift the standard of our preparations at all levels back home,” Corneal concluded.
News from the 08th of August 2007

U-17s concede heavy in first warm up on Dutch turf.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Trinidad and Tobago’s National Under 17 footballers got a sound wake up call in their first training match of the current camp in Holland as they suffered a 6-2 defeat to the Under 18 team of Dutch club De Graafschap at its training centre on Tuesday evening.
The T&T side didn’t start badly by any means but were punished for poor organization in defense and for failing to make better use of at least three good chances on goal before the break.
Playing under chilly conditions on a well grassed pitch, skipper Leston Paul and his teammates found themselves 3-0 behind after just 20 minutes to a team which included three Holland National Under 17 players including goalkeeper Jordy van de Kracht, Lion Kaak and Ties Evers.
The first goal for the hosts came when midfielder Kevin Molino, starting ahead of injured Chike Sullivan, gave up the ball near the half line and Graafschap broke goalwards with Luuk de Jong playing it in for Soufian El Hassnoui who hammered past goalkeeper Jesse Fullerton in the 5th minute.
A minute later T&T tried to hit back with a well played ball from the right from Micah Lewis being met by an unmarked Stephen Knox but his effort from just atop the six yard couldn’t beat them Dutch national under 17 ‘keeper.
T&T at that stage were measuring up well to the Dutch boys. On 10 minutes striker Daniel Joseph made an interception and sent Knox through but his grounder missed the far right post by inches.
Soon after Graafschap taught T&T a second lesson on finishing when Jochem Jansen headed home from a right side corner. Again the player went up unchallenged at the time.
Eight minutes elapsed before T&T conceded a third item. A poorly taken free kick on the right ended up with Graafschap breaking down the left through El Hassnoui who evaded Daniel Cyrus’ challenge and as Robert Primus committed, the player played into space for de Jong to convert his second of the match.
Five minutes from half time, Joseph squandered what was easily the best chance of the half. A long clearance from Fullerton hit the turf twice before dropping for Joseph who had only the goalie to beat but instead his effort lacked the sharpness to avoid a deflection out.
The onslaught continued in the second half as on 47 minutes Rob Aarntzen  collected from Hassnoui and drew substitute goalie Glenroy Samuel to the right post before hitting clinically into the left corner.
T&T were more purposeful in the early part of the second half but overcoming a four-goal deficit was always going to be a tough ask.
Defender Akeem Adams brought some life back into T&T’s game when his blistering left footed strike from 25 yards out after a Leston Paul lay off left the goalie with no chance on 55 minutes.
Just as they seemed likely to make the scoreline tighter, T&T conceded yet again. Hassnoui lobbed Samuel from the left of the box.
Paul had a neat chip just go over bar and then Samuel pulled off the save of the game when he pushed Sven’s Spekking’s header from the six yard over bar.
Graafschap got its sixth goal in the 80th minute through Martijn Schutten beat an advancing Samuel.
T&T, which started the game without regular centre backs Robert Primus and Sheldon Bateau, got a second consolation item when substitute Stephan Campbell powered his past three challenges on the left flank before playing inside for fellow substitute Marcus Joseph to bury past the goalie. American-born Aaron Maund also made his first start with Joseph, Sean De Silva, Campbell and Ryan O’Neil getting second half appearances.
News from the 05th of August 2007

Bonus matters to be addressed.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

TTFF Special Advisor Jack Warner touched on the current impasse between the Trinidad and Tobago World Cup team members and the T&T Football Federation (TTFF). Currently the senior players who represented this country at the World Cup in Germany have been blanked from national duty as an impasse continues with regards to payments of bonuses they claim are owed to them. The players have since taken the TTFF to court.
Warner however, even after allowing the situation to linger on, confessed that he did it purposely but is now ready to meet with the same players and come to a resolution. He hinted that he will go to London in between his trips to Korea and Toronto within the next month to meet with them and hold discussions with an aim of resolving the disappointing issue.
Warner explained: “I went to the players dressing room after the World Cup game against Sweden and after their achievement of drawing the game with ten men on the pitch, I made a promise to them.
“I told them that we had originally promised to give them 30 per cent of the net gain from the matches but I was now willing to give them 50 per cent. Since then they have insisted that we give them 50 per cent of the gross. The TTFF has given the players all their money and some of the guys who are not able to play for T&T again, are just looking for another pay day.
“I told Dennis Lawrence that I am not a bad person who would not keep a promise. I told him I even took his mother to Germany to see him play in the final game. His response was that he never asked me to do that.
“I intend within the next month to meet with the guys who still have a playing future and explain to them the folly of their ways. I have allowed this situation to drag on for a while, so that the guys can see the wrong they do. Who knows, after I meet with them one on one, I may even pay them what they want but they must know the errors of their ways,” Warner said as he addressed a gathering at a Guardian sports symposium which closed on Saturday morning.
News from the 03rd of August 2007

T&T U-17s lose 2-1.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Twenty-one parents and nine officials will accompany the Trinidad and Tobago national under-17 football team to South Korea for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup which takes place from August 18-September 9.
The 30-member party, consisting of one parent of each player on the team, is being sponsored by the Trinidad and Tobago Government and is due to leave on August 14 for New York, before taking the 15-hour flight to South Korea the next day. While there they will witness preliminary matches against Ghana on August 20, Colombia on August 23 and Germany on August 26.
Yesterday, most of the parents were at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva, for a final meeting to finalise travel arrangements.
And the national under-17 players are due to leave Trinidad on Sunday for Holland, where they train for a week, before heading to South Korea on August 12.
In Holland, they will play two warm-up matches and officials are also hoping for a final one while in Korea. Before leaving T&T, the youths are due to have a farewell dinner tonight at House of Chan restaurant in St Augustine.
In other news, most of the players were not affected by the theft earlier this week of manager Christopher Govia's car, which contained some of the team's travel documents. The three players affected are due to get T&T passports today.
Also at the Ato Boldon Stadium yesterday, parents watched their sons in a final practise match. However, the World Cup-bound Under-17s went down 2-1 to the national under-23 squad, which is preparing for the Olympic Games qualifying tournament in Suriname this month.
A goal on either side of half-time by Stefan St Louis and Christopher Sam gave the U-23s a 2-0 lead, before midfielder Sean De Silva got a late goal for the U-17s, striking a low, 25-metre shot which skidded off the wet surface.
The second half saw Under-17 substitute goalie Jesse Fullerton making several saves, as there were lapses in concentration by the defence.
Afterwards, Under-17 coach Anton Corneal said while he was pleased with the physical presence which the bigger and faster U-23s presented, he was not always thrilled with his team's defending.
"I though we struggled in central defence and it made me rethink some of the things we are doing, and even our playing personnel, in the sense of who should start in that position."
Corneal felt some of his players were not doing well in the middle of the park and he is considering a starting defensive position for utility player Daniel Cyrus, who is normally the left midfielder, but did well when switched to defence late in the match.

Football / This is what FPATT needs to Emulate (in some regard)
« on: August 01, 2007, 10:42:03 PM »
Dinas humbled by Board spot
Wednesday, August 1 2007

DINANATH RAMNARINE is filled with “pride and humility” at his appointment as a non-member director of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

New WICB president Julian Hunte decided that one way to extend the proverbial olive branch to the West Indies Players’ Association was to appoint Ramnarine as one of four non-member directors.

“Pride because the ongoing efforts and commitment of WIPA have now been formally and publicly recognised,” remarked Ramnarine in a news release. “…And humility because the future challenges to rebuild West Indies cricket are not for the weak-hearted,” he added.

“I appreciate the opportunity afforded me to be an integral part of such a rebuilding process.” Ramnarine has been a constant thorn in the side of the WICB over the last six years, since he was elected to head the organisation.

His often combative approach, as he jostles for better terms and conditions for the players, has raised the ire of several WICB officials.

This has denigrated into a very public exchange of highly inflammatory letters between himself and WICB Chief Executive Officer Bruce Aanensen in the last two weeks.

Hunte believes that West Indies cricket cannot improve without the direct involvement and commitment of the players through WIPA.

He said on Sunday that the players’ body had now been given the opportunity to be part of the solution instead of continuing to be perceived as part of the problem.

“Before accepting the appointment, I discussed the issue with the WIPA Executive and have been given their full support even though we recognise that there will be difficulties to overcome,” Ramnarine said.

“I also discussed the pros and cons of such an appointment with the new president, and the personal confidence he has placed in me played a large part in my accepting his offer.”

Though he appeared gracious in accepting the position, Ramnarine could not help, but take a swipe at some of the administrators he has worked with in the past.

“Other WICB presidents have talked about improving relations with WIPA, (but) Dr Hunte has ‘put his money where his mouth is’, and I feel it is incumbent on me to do my best to make the process work without compromising the principles of business negotiations,” he said.

Ramnarine concluded that he was looking forward to the future with cautious optimism and confidence.

Football / World watches Caribbean refs
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World watches Caribbean refs

Ian Prescott iprescott@trinidadexpress.com

Thursday, August 2nd 2007
Getting ready: Referee Neil Brizan, centre, and fellow officials Stephen Brown of Jamaica, left, and Simon Baptiste will represent Caribbean match officials next month when they officiate in the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in South Korea.

The world will watch on, as three Caribbean referees take a significant step up in class, when they officiate at the FIFA Under-17 World Cup of football, which takes place across cities in South Korea from August 18 -September 9.

What makes the tournament even more special for the Caribbean referees, is the presence of the Trinidad and Tobago national under-17 team that will play preliminary matches in the city of Cheonan on August 20 (Ghana) and August 23 (Colombia), before ending their preliminary round on August 26 against Germany in the City of Changerwon.

Thirty-seven year-old Neil Brizan of Trinidad and Tobago heads the World Cup trio, which also includes Simon Baptiste, an assistant referee who is also from T&T, and Jamaican assistant referee Stephen Brown .

Brizan, who has been on the FIFA list of referees for five years, is a teacher from Enterprise Government Primary School and has been refereeing since 1994, and is a regular in the T&T Pro League. The married father of three children-two girls and a boys-has previously done international matches in Central America and throughout the Caribbean. But this is his first World Cup of any sort. He relishes the chance to be in South Korea.

"This is the biggest tournament thus far," Brizan admitted. "I am looking forward to it. I am the main referee. I have also included Mr Stephen Brown from Jamaica and Simon Baptiste as my colleagues, because FIFA has a policy where they are using trios now. These guys are well capable and we have a good understanding this far. We look forward to a great tournament in South Korea. "

Brizan admitted: "I am upbeat about it, but at the same time I know I represent millions of people.

"I represent not only people from Trinidad, but the Caribbean and CONCACAF by extension. I am not scared or anxious or anything, am just working hard and making sure that our fitness is at it's peak and our communication is where it should be. So, when we go out there they will not say we are from small countries, we will be officiating as if we are from big countries."

To ensure that all goes well, Brizan further requested of Osmond Downer, the Trinidad & Tobago Football Referees Association president, that Jamaican Brown be brought to Trinidad so that the officials can train as a trio. And for two weeks recently, the World Cup-bound team trained together, and also did three local matches, two in the T&T Pro League and another in the bmobile National Super League football combination.

"I spoke to Mr Downer and told him that I would like Mr Brown to come down here and train for two weeks. And since we are both teachers, it was easy to get him down since he is on vacation also. So, Mr Downer was able to liaise with the Jamaica Federation and we were able to get him down here for two weeks to train and do some games with us, so that we jell better during the tournament."

Brown, a 32 year-old physical education specialist at Withfield College, Jamaica , has worked with Brizan before both in his homeland and T&T. Having begun refereeing in 1999, Brown went onto the FIFA list of international referees in 2006. He has done a lot of under-17, under-20 and senior qualifiers, as well as worked in the Digicel Caribbean Cup Final this January in T&T.

"I have done several games here with Mr Brizan and back home in Jamaica," Brown said. "I am really honoured to be selected as part of the trio representing the Caribbean. The entire football fraternity, family, friends and Federation in Jamaica are very happy. But, I know I am representing the entire Caribbean as a whole."

Like Brown, central referee Simon Baptiste, 40, has a long relationship with Brizan, and the two have done many matches in the local football leagues. By day, he works at Trinidad Aggregate Products Limited, before taking up refereeing after work. Baptiste has been a referee since 1997 and been on the FIFA list since 2004, doing matches in Central America and all the Caribbean islands. Baptiste says he has received lots of support from family and friends and thinks this World Cup is more special because of the presence of the T&T U-17 team in the competition-the first from the Caribbean isle to qualify for the competition

"I have never been to a World Cup, and this is a very special occasion. Right now I am hoping this trio does well so that we can reach to the final and make T&T proud and this part of the world proud as a whole," Baptiste said.

Football / Aston Villa signs American teenager
« on: August 01, 2007, 09:50:13 PM »
Aston Villa signs American teenager
August 1, 2007
BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND (TICKER) -- Aston Villa have signed promising American teenager Eric Lichaj.

The six-foot tall defender from Illinois was formerly at the University of North Carolina and will link up with Villa's Academy at their new Bodymoor Heath training complex.

Lichaj, 18, attracted the attention of Villa with some impressive performances for the United States Under-20 team. He had previously represented his country at under-17 level.

Villa, who are owned by Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner, have just returned from a two-match tour of Canada and North America as part of their preparations for the new season.


Football / Public lift on ladies' day.
« on: July 28, 2007, 10:56:23 PM »
Public lift on ladies' day.
By: Lasana Liburd (Express).

Bmobile Joe Public, the defending T&T Pro League champions, enjoyed the company of three female match officials yesterday afternoon at the Marvin Lee Stadium, Macoya as they cruised past Tobago United 3-0.
Yesterday's win was the first for Michael McComie, the 2007 Pro League Coach of the Year, since his return to the Public bench two weeks and as many matches ago.
The fixture was just as meaningful for referee Shane De Silva and assistants Linda Bramble and Cindy Mohammed who created history by becoming the first all female cast in a Pro League match.
The trio are preparing for duty at the Cuban leg of next month's CONCACAF Under-20 women's tournament--Mohammed will also carry the flag at September's senior women's World Cup in China--and the Trinidad and Tobago Referees' Association saw the wisdom of using them together in a men's affair.
With all due respect to Public and Tobago, the three ladies would almost certainly have officiated in tastier affairs. Yesterday's tie was virtually decided within the first 15 minutes of the contest.
Twice, national midfielder Kerry Baptiste--used as a support striker alongside Gary Glasgow and Nigel Pierre--ghosted behind the Tobago defence to inflict maximum damage.
Baptiste rounded Tobago goalkeeper Andrew Durant to score the opening goal in the 12th minute while, three minutes later, he created a simple tap in for Glasgow to double their lead.
Glasgow, Pierre and left wing back Gregory Richardson muffed promising opportunities to further embarrass their guests before Glasgow put Public three goals clear after Durant failed to gather a weak headed pass from Tobago defender Kevin Adams in the 59th minute.
The Tobago outfit did secure a consolation item, though, as Kayode Legall drilled into the far corner at the stroke of regulation time for his sixth league goal of the season. Legall began the match on the right flank and showed promise there too before returning to a more threatening spot up front.
He would surely interest a few Trinidad clubs if he opts to follow former teammates Dwayne Jack and Kwame Wiltshire, who left the struggling outfit for CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh and Joe Public, respectively, in the pre-season.
But Legall was only a minor irritant yesterday as Public always had the measure of the visitors on the slick turf and McComie shuffled his players and formation after the restart.
De Silva, Bramble and Mohammed probably get more action in Christmas sales at the mall. There was one debatable De Silva decision when she whistled Lorenzo Wiebers for stopping a Public attack with his arm in the 63rd minute but then did not show a card although the infringement denied Baptiste a goal scoring opportunity.
But the officiating was otherwise spot-on and McComie might not begrudge De Silva's charitable moment as third placed Public snapped a three-game losing streak and boosted their title defence--they were two points behind Jabloteh at the final whistle although the leaders had a game in hand against Petrotrin yesterday evening.


Joe Public:[/b] — Alejandro Figueroa, Devon Caseman, Abassi Mc Pherson, Jason Springer, Gregory Richardson, Dale Saunders (capt) (Carey Harris), Arnold Dwarika (Terrance Mc Allister), Lyndon Andrews (Reon Nelson), Gary Glasgow, Kerry Baptiste, Nigel Pierre.

Coach—Michael Mc Comie.

Tobago United: — Andrew Durant, George Dublin (capt), Kevin Adams, Tichard Joseph (Julio Fernandez), Lorenzo Weibers, Nyron Orr, Garth Woodley (Keon Samuel), Kayode Legall, Collie Hercules, Handel Manswell, Garvin Mc Kenna (Joel Harry).

Coach—Peter Granville.

Yesterday's Pro League Results:

Superstar Rangers 3 (Josimar Belgrave 59, Shem McFarlane 70, Corneal Thomas 88) v North East Stars 1 (Randolph Jerome 78)

Defence Force 1 (Richard Roy 54) v Caledonia AIA 0

Joe Public 3 (Kerry Baptiste 10, Gary Glasgow 15, 58) v Tobago United 1 (Kayode Legall 89)

Police F.C. 4 (Terryl Elwin 42, Adrian Nunez 48, Hayden Jones 77, 88) v W Connection 3 (Jose Luis Seabra 73, Earl Jean 75, Jonatan Farias 90)

United Petrotrin 1 (Andre Alexis 47) v San Juan Jabloteh 3 (Peter Byers 84, 86, Jason Marcano 90)

Football / Defence Force test AIA
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Defence Force test AIA

Saturday, July 28th 2007
 FAST-IMPROVING Defence Force aim for another big scalp today when they entertain Neal & Massy Caledonia AIA in the second game of a T&T Pro League double-header at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain from 6 p.m.

The Army-Coast Guard combination have pulled themselves all the way up to joint-fourth in the standings after a run of five wins in six matches, during which time they have defeated the likes of defending champions bmobile Joe Public (2-0).

Today's opponents led the league for much of the season and now are just a point behind leaders CL Financial San Juan Jabloteh.

The early game of the double-header sees North East Stars facing Superstar Rangers, two teams who are good on their day, but both are desperately in search of points

Football / $21,000 beach football at Chaguanas
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$21,000 beach football at Chaguanas

Saturday, July 28th 2007
 CHAGUANAS is hosting a three-day beach soccer competition, starting last night and continuing on the weekend, at the beach volleyball/soccer sand court facility at Saith Park, Chaguanas.

Twenty teams have entered the competition which offers a $10,000 first prize, $7,000 for second and $4,000 to the third placed team. Teams will be divided into five groups of five and action started from eight o'clock last night, following an opening ceremony an hour earlier.

Today, the competition runs from 10 a.m. to midnight, while tomorrow there is also a 10 a.m. start.

The final is scheduled for 7 p.m. tomorrow.

Football / Erica Street women's league kicks off Emancipation Day
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Erica Street women's league kicks off Emancipation Day
Saturday, July 28th 2007
 THE Erica Street Ladies Football League will have its gala opening on the August 1 Emancipation Day holiday, at the Erica Street recreation ground, Success Village, Laventille.

The competition has attracted several teams, including Samba Girls, Laventille United Star Girls, Swankies, Ghetto Girls, Fire House Crew, La Pena, IPS Determine and Tafari Youths.

All matches are of 40 minutes duration and the competition kicks off at 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday with a match between Tafari Youths and Laventille United.

Football / Champs Vale make it five-in-a-row
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Champs Vale make it five-in-a-row

Garfield London

Saturday, July 28th 2007
 LEAGUE champions Stokely Vale beat newly-promoted NLCB Mt Grace 4-1 to maintain their 100 per cent record following another around of matches in the Digicel Tobago Football Association (TFA) competition on Wednesday.

And last season's runners-up Castara Retreats Goal City dropped their first points of the new campaign when they were held to a 1-1 draw by struggling Georgia United.

Playing at home in Plymouth, the champs fell behind early in the proceedings as the visitors took the lead in the ninth minute via Esron Clarke, but Curtis Jobe equalised for the hosts in the 20th minute.

Seven minutes later, ex-Scarborough Secondary player Michael Carrington scored to put his club in front 2-1 at the break.

On the restart, Keion Kerr (51st) and Trevon John (83rd) sealed the deal for Stokely Vale, who extended their unbeaten run to five games.

The win pushed Stokely Vale two points clear at the top of the standings over Goal City, who have 13 points, following their drawn encounter with lowly-placed Georgia, who are yet to score a win this season.

In their game, played on the Training Ground outside the Dwight Yorke Stadium in Bacolet, Damian Manning netted to send Georgia ahead in the 27th minute, but Keron Ferguson hit the mark in the 79th minute to give Goal City a share of the spoils.

In another result, Pepsi Hills United edged Roxborough Lakers 2-1 at Roxborough.

Eustace Stewart registered both items for the winners, in the 27th and 51st minutes, while Lakers got a consolation goal in added-on time.

And in the game between FA Cup winners St Clair Coaching School and Earlbrokes, the contest was halted in the second half by referee Noel Boynes after sections of the crowd encroached on the playing field, when certain decisions went the way of Coaching School, who were leading 2-0 against a ten-man Earlbrokes line-up.

Kareem Yearwood and Larry Potts were the goalscorers for Coaching School.

Football / Arima youth football kicks off
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Arima youth football kicks off
Friday, July 27 2007

THE SUEZ LNG Limited sponsored Arima Youth Football League was launched last Sunday with a march past of participating teams and first round fixtures.

Memphis FC and Arima Ball Masters opened their account of the inaugural league with exciting victories.

Memphis came out strongly from the whistle against Fullham FC in the opening fixture blasting three goals past them before the half.

Netting were Aaron Charles, Enrique Mathews and Atiba Barton. Fullham showed more resolve and defiance at the resumption in halting what was expected to be a second-half rout and managed to secure a consolation item.

The second match of the day, between Creek FC and Arima Ball Masters, was a close contest with end to end action.

Brent Defour put Ball Masters ahead just before the half but Creek increased the tempo in the second half and squeezed the play in Ball Masters’ half but were unable to score the equalising goal. They came agonisingly close a few times but Ball Masters were able to hold on to secure the victory.

The league runs until August 26 and features ten clubs with action in the Under-15 and Under-12 categories. It is the hope of SUEZ LNG Ltd that the league will be a means of producing future stars for the national team.   :beermug:
Mayor of Arima, Adrian Cabralis, representatives of SUEZ LNG and a large contingent of supporters including parents were present to lend their support to the venture.

League matches continue every Saturday and Sunday at the Larry Gomes Stadium Enclosure in Malabar.

Football / T&T U-17 team to be named next week
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T&T U-17 team to be named next week
Friday, July 27th 2007
 COACH ANTON CORNEAL is expected to name his final squad next week before the Trinidad and Tobago Under-17 team depart on August 5 for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup, which starts August 18 in South Korea.

On Wednesday, Corneal and his players returned from a one-week training camp in Tobago and will undergo a final week of sessions on local turf before departing for training camps in Holland, after which they head to South Korea on August 12.

Corneal currently has 30 players in camp, but will cut that down to a final 21-man squad.

Midfielder Chad De Freitas, who underwent a knee operation last month, has resumed full training with the team and continues to vie for a final spot.

And Corneal expressed satisfaction with the team's preparation for the tournament.

"I expect that our squad will be finalised and available for public knowledge by early next week," Corneal told Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) media officer Shaun Fuentes.

"The training camp in Tobago went pretty decent. We have trained hard every session, stepping up the intensity over the last few weeks.

"As we approach the final week before leaving for Holland, I expect the players will be moving to a different fitness level which will be very game-related.

"We are giving players a last look and making sure they are compatible with each other and most ready at this time," added Corneal , who has had senior team head coach Wim Rijsbergen involved in the sessions.

Football / Harlem strike down WASA
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Harlem strike down WASA

Ian Prescott iprescott@trinidadexpress.com

Friday, July 27th 2007
hold him: Randy Ramcharan, left, captain of Harlem Strikers, makes sure Keston Thomas of WASA FC does not get away during Wednesday's bmobile National Super League knockout semi-final. Strikers won 2-1 and will now meet Joe Public in the final.

ANCIL ELCOCK looked like an expectant father, pacing the sidelines at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva, nervously anticipating reaching his first major final as a coach.

In his heyday, when a regular at right back in the Trinidad and Tobago senior national team and a professional with Columbus Crew in United States Major League Soccer, Elcock was known to have sponsored a team in the Frederick Settlement district of Caroni, an area dubbed "Harlem" because of its notorious past.

On Wednesday, Elcock's Harlem Strikers were desperately holding onto Brent Antoine's 54th minute strike, giving them a 2-1 advantage over opponents WASA FC, who were applying plenty late pressure.

Earlier, the first half of Wednesday's bmobile National Super League semi-final had ended 1-1, with Billydee Scantlebury putting league leaders WASA ahead after 22 minutes, only for Micah Andrew to pull the underdogs level two minutes later.

A few hundred supporters were on hand and they were making big noise. WASA fans were laying on heavy picong, but the game really reached fever pitch with Antoine's spectacular goal.

Brushing aside a tackle from veteran Shurland David, Antoine raced into a shooting position up the left flank, before unleashing a powerful left-footer from outside the penalty area. WASA keeper Douglas McNeilly stuck out a leg, but by then the ball was long past him and threatening to burst the net.

Fan and foe alike were stunned. It certainly was a goal worthy of taking a team to the final, but, before the end, there were several nervous moments for both Harlem Strikers and their coach.

Having led WASA to the National FA Trophy title last season, coach Ken Elie knew a few tricks and quickly made a double change, bringing on dribbler Darin Lewis and Mark Latapy. It almost brought immediate results when a piece of trickery saw Lewis skillfully elude his marker and then force keeper Marvin Alfred to fend his shot off the frame of the Strikers goal.

Striker Scantlebury also had a free kick turned wide, as WASA piled on late pressure.

Led by stout midfield work from their captain Randy Rancharan, an ex-Caledonia AIA and St Augustine Senior Comprehensive player, there was no doubting how much Harlem wanted victory.

At the back they took no chances late on and defender Dave Alexander skied a clearance straight out of the "Ato Boldon", while his stopper Michael Andrews almost did the same soon after.

In the dying minutes, coach Elcock then played his final card, making two substitutions, including bringing on the fresh legs of Anthony Dass to kill a few seconds in the final three minutes of added-on time.

Harlem's Lorenzo King also did his part, taking his own time to come off the field for the substitution and knocking a few more seconds off the clock. It worked. And there is hardly likely to be a louder cheer at the end of a match, except maybe if Harlem come out victorious when they meet Joe Public in the final.



Harlem Strikers 2 (Micah Andrews 24th, Brent Antoine 54th) WASA FC 1 (Billydee Scantlebury 22nd).

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