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Cricket Anyone / Trinbago Knight Riders (TKR) Thread
« on: June 28, 2016, 08:43:18 PM »


Ok, but seriously:

General Discussion / ANR Robinson has passed
« on: April 09, 2014, 05:25:48 AM »
Breaking on CNC3 now  :(

England v Germany 2010 (@ 0:42, behind the goal nearer the corner flag)
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win"></a>

Brazil v Argentina 1982 (@ 2:11, above the Coca Cola sign)
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win"></a>

Any more?  :beermug:

Carnival and uncaring leaders
By Ralph Maraj
Trinidad Express

Story Created: Mar 3, 2014 at 7:39 PM ECT
Story Updated: Mar 4, 2014 at 6:33 AM ECT

Clearly very disgusted with present soca and chutney music, R Ackbarali, in a letter to the editor in a Sunday paper, says “we have to contend with the utter rubbish these people call lyrics. The public is fed up of the crap. What kind of society have we become to accept these performers’ utterances as music and culture?”

Sarah Parks, in her letter headlined “Dotish, dangerous soca lyrics rotting T&T”, says many soca songs “promote tribalism, violence, immorality and foolish decision-making”, telling children that “fun as an adult is to be an alcoholic and to indulge in lewd mash up rather than build and nurture... that destroying families to fulfil sexual lust is okay.” She concludes, “it is nonsense that those who sing these nation-destroying songs get paid (by the Government) to do so.”

These are just two samples of the growing concern at the condition of our Carnival music that produces a preponderance of lyrics like these:  “And when she flip, and then bus the split, ah feel like I am in a red light district”; and  “a gyul in front ah me, ah prowling like a hunter, gyul wine on it, wine on it”; and “when soca play and dem gyul shake the bumper, every man say they activate the lumber”; and  “any woman that can play the role, vertical, horizontal, once they can handle the pole”. Behold our “soca bards”. Hear their poetry.

It is therefore not surprising that the vast majority of citizens are either at home, at the beach or abroad during the Carnival. But turning away is another example of our powerlessness. Our Carnival continues its decline, eating away at the social fabric, and all we can do is turn to the beach, Miami or cable TV whilst the swampland spreads to eventually engulf us all. Sarah Parks says, “the nation spends over four billion dollars a year of tax dollars on implementation of counter-measures to undo the damage brought on by immoral, violence-inciting soca lyrics”.

But tens of thousands, mainly young of all classes, jump, dance, prance in vacuity. This is dangerous. These thousands and their high priests of carnality are carriers of a generational cultural disease that has been corroding the society for over 25 years, producing soullessness and an epidemic of annual teenage pregnancies for example. And the parents of elite participants shouldn’t fool themselves that their children are safe from contamination in their exclusive high-priced fetes and segregated Carnival, separating the “huge constituency of the upscale, fit and attractive young people” from the lower classes. They too “wine and grind” to the same music, mouthing the debased lyrics, the women, according to a female commentator on a US$500 fete, “made to bend over like dogs in a circus, whilst a man tames them with his loins”. They then return to “decency” at home or work, the respectable routine, the utter aridity that makes them return every year for more. The disease is deep in this philistine place.

But neither the singers nor their followers bear the major blame. Performing artistes driven by monetary gain, will produce muck if it brings profit and mindless youth will always follow the crowd, always doing the “in thing” when there is no alternative. And we have had none for decades. Ackbarali bemoans in his letter that for the past 22 years we have been hearing the inanities, “‘everybody scream’, ‘put your hanna in the air’, ‘raise yuh rag’, ‘wave yuh flag’, ‘anybody from Trinidad, anybody from Jamaica, anybody from Penal, anybody from Arima, anybody from Barbados?’” He ends up pleading, “somebody, do something, our society is in a decrepit state.”

Any leader listening? No. They too are following, not the music but the path to power. None will stand up against the depravity in our soca and chutney music. None will threaten to withhold funding until lyrics improve. Instead they identify with the degeneracy to win votes. They do not care to lead us to a cultured, discerning, refined society. In our 50 years as a nation, no government has had the vision and fortitude to arrest the cultural decay of the society. Listen to Keith Rowley in the face of this decadent Carnival: “we are about to witness what has been described as the Greatest Show on Earth for what will surely be two rapturous days...when we demonstrate our creativity, fun-loving nature and of course, our ability to party like no other.” With such emptiness, will he ever develop the insight to discern the condition? Thank God Kamla was not here so we have been spared her predictable artificial rhapsodies over the Carnival.

So don’t expect any real effort from our present politicians to stop the barbarisation of our society and the trivialisation of the human condition by the present Carnival of Trinidad and Tobago, its soca, chutney, mas bands et al. Don’t expect them to see the urgent and absolute need for collaboration and a national enterprise in this diverse society, to fashion a comprehensive cultural policy and plan for Trinidad and Tobago.  Will they ever realise that such a plan will help in the fight against crime, drugs, teenage pregnancies, and all the social ills facing this country? Don’t they know it could help to diversify the economy, develop national character and help to secure the future for the children? But alas, if they can’t see the need to collaborate against crime which is on the surface before their very eyes, how will they ever act together at the deeper level. Of course they joined hands recently to increase their salaries. Our leaders really do not care.

• Ralph Maraj is a playwright, actor and former cabinet minister

General Discussion / US Embassy warns of possible Guyana threat
« on: February 09, 2014, 06:51:56 PM »
US Embassy warns of possible Guyana threat
Feb. 9, 2014 6:46 PM EST

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) — The U.S. Embassy in Guyana warned Sunday that it had received "unconfirmed threat information" about a regional airline's flights from the South American country to the United States on Monday and urged Americans to avoid using the carrier.

The terse message about flights of Caribbean Airlines was unusual for being so specific about a potential threat. It was posted Sunday on the embassy's website.

It advised all U.S. citizens in Guyana to make alternate travel arrangements through Wednesday if they were planning on traveling home on flights with Caribbean Airlines.

The airline's representative for Guyana, Carl Stuart, said the company has elevated "our level of security involving the police, the military and other agencies."

"We have been on this since Friday," he told The Associated Press. "We are on top of this and flights will continue as normal, but we are taking no chances."

In 2007, a former member of Guyana's parliament and a naturalized U.S. citizen from Guyana were among four people convicted of participating in a failed plot by a small group of militant Muslims to firebomb John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.


Don’t put Carnival photos on FB
Monday, February 11 2013

IF YOU take photos of masqueraders jumping and wining on the streets today and tomorrow, during the Carnival Parade of Bands, the best advice you can heed is not to upload them on Facebook and other popular social networking internet sites.

“One should not place photographs of masqueraders or costumes, be it a headpiece or any other piece of artistic work, on Facebook or other social networking sites. Those pictures could be taken off these sites and used for financial gains,” warned chief executive officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Copyright Collection Organisation (TTCCO) Richard Cornwall, during an interview with Newsday yesterday.

“If you take those photos and post them on Facebook, what you have done is give someone the option of graphics. They can pull these images and compile them in a magazine which could then be used for commercial gain. If that could be traced to your website page, you can be held accountable as the source for the act of infringement,” Cornwall said.

The TTCCO through its legal team, he said, is being very aggressive on the issue of taking photographs of “works of mas” and using them for commercial purposes.

Works of mas, he said, apply to the performers in the performance (masquerader/live performer), author/composer (music), designer, producer, bandleader (owner of entire production).

In the past, Cornwall said, there have been “flagrant disrespect” and misuse and abuse of copyright, most of it coming from a position of ignorance. However, at some point in time, he added, “this must stop!”

“And the only way that could be done is through education and enforcement with respect to infringement of the laws.” The TTCCO is acting on behalf of members of the newly-formed National Carnival Development Foundation (NCDF).

“Our creative works have been going out to different countries via different medium. Our mandate under the NCDF is to monetise it under the Works of Mas laws,” Cornwall said.

Asked about the man-in-the-street or tourists taking photos or video recordings of masqueraders in the street, Cornwall said, “If anyone takes a photograph of a masquerader on the street and it is a personal one for showing to friends and families, that is not an issue.”

“If someone uses that photograph for commercial purposes then it becomes an issue,” Cornwall said, “and you have to get a copyright licence under the Works of Mas Act.” The media, too, he advised has to pay copyright licences separate from accreditation.

General Discussion / CNC3 news
« on: February 07, 2013, 05:30:09 PM »
Where Charlene?  ???

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / T&T, Rock the Both
« on: December 03, 2012, 07:08:26 PM »
Ay ay, look who!  :beermug:

Photograph by Nigel Crane. Image manipulation by Kai.

My name is Gary Hector and my rock 'n' roll band, jointpop, has just released it's sixth album, The Pot Hounds.

I’m not a musician. I’m a rock ‘n’ roller! I wouldn’t want to play rhythm guitar for Machel Montano. The boy’s doing fine on his own. I wouldn’t mind having his budget, though.

I used to ask the people who criticised me for playing “white music” if they liked Brian Lara, Dwight Yorke and Russell Latapy. And when

they said, “Of course", I would say, "Well, they play white sports".

In my band, we don’t think about where we “come from”. We are just telling our stories. The good the bad and the ugly of TnT.  We are not interested in any formulas for anyone.

It would be the easy thing to say that the name jointpop is about ganja, but its really about various pop music styles joined together. A bit of old school British Invasion , classic rock, blues, country,rockabilly, punk and indie. Hey: it’s only rock n roll.

I grew up in one of those two-bedroom duplex-type government houses, opposite the plannings in Mon Repos. We did not have much, but all we needed was a football. Our playground was the San Fernando Hills, not the half hill they have now.

I started playing the guitar in the plannings and would go there to watch the resident Reggae band practice. The keyboard player was Junior " Ibo" Joseph, who is a top producer now. I became close friends with the two guitar players in the band, even going on to be the best man for the wedding of one. They would come to my house and teach me chords and later on I would teach them rock n roll guitar licks.

Who is that Mick Richardson cat credited as songwriter on our first album, Port of Spain Style? An alter ego maybe?  He was born in New York City when we toured there, like Bowie being Ziggy and Aladdin Sane and, well, Bowie.  It's also clear its some bastard son of Mick and Keith .

I have two sisters, Susan and Jackie. Susan lives here and Jackie lives in Canada. My mother, Clara, lives in Canada. And my father, Joseph, lives on Love Street, Heaven.

My favorite subject was Geography, it was the only one that kept my mind focused. I failed math six times, but I do know jointpop got five members.

I was never a fan of fights and confusion in school. It was all football for us. And some cricket and classic old talk.

My romance is for my family, my band and TnT football.

My wife, Wendy, and I have been together for 23 years. Our son Cheyenne is 22 and our daughter Rainbow-Sioux is 20. I'm not sure they  resent their names sometimes and now I'm scared to ask. Wendy always said if we had a third child we would have called the child John or Lisa or something normal just to confuse people. It wasn’t a "hippie" thing, but more to do with my fascination with Native American Indian culture and beliefs, of which I own and read lots of books on.

I was raised in a BIG Roman Catholic family. LOTS of family but I was the only one christened as an Anglican. The only church available at the time. So at ten years old I re-christened as a Roman Catholic. Not sure why, maybe so I have have communion with all my cousins.

Outside of a wedding or funeral, I have not been to church for a long time, but I hope there is an afterlife. I don’t need any more long cold sleeps.
I don’t think about favourite colours, or about colours at all. The other night, for a gig, I wore a red pants and a purple shirt and my daughter said I look like a box of crayons. But I do like red,white and black for some reason.

Some people want it, but I don’t think there is a race problem in Trinidad and Tobago. But TnT will survive them. Ask the Caribs.

I have never hit anyone in anger. But if the people who trying to destroy TnT football continue, then I might.

We wrote and recorded "Little Giants" back in 2001 for the national football team. And we have a TnT flag with “JOINTPOP FC” written on it that we’ve put up at every gig for the last 16 years. It’s part of our fabric.

Every December we do a gig called Noise ‘n’ Toys. Patrons are asked to bring a toy along with the entrance fee and we collect hundreds of toys which we give to various underprivileged kids homes. We do insist: No Toy Guns. This year the gig is at Shakers on the Avenue on Wednesday coming, December 12. Which will also be the concert launch of our new album The Pot Hounds. It’s been in local CD stores and on digital downloads sites worldwide since last November.

We knew some people would get confused about the album name. lt's a bit like "The Pot Hounds " being a fictional band. Somewhere from the mid-70's. Kinda "almost famous". Plus with the TnT connection with the pot hounds being the neglected street dogs, just like jointpop.

We get people complaining all the time that we haven’t stayed true to what one critic - BC Pires - called the “calypso rock” of our first album, Lost in Space. But if I have a head ache, I wont ask them to take the Advil.

It might be strange that I only write [songs] at night, and I can only do it in a certain part of the house. Which I have to find repeatedly, as I move house so often. Just like a pot hound.

In a film Walt Lovelace made about the recording of our January Transfer Window album, I said, “God sends songs”. Someone asked me about that. I said, “Are you implying that God is from Liverpool?” Well, I have to show respect for  my gift of songwriting cause I pass the ball like Marvin Andrews and bat like Courtney Walsh, so all I can do is write songs, and when I do, I try to be honest and open with it. So I do believe songs come from a higher place. But I have to have a word with God because I noticed he sends the better songs to Rihanna and Nickleback. At least according to our local radio stations.

I don’t have a favourite from the album yet. But Sweet Nothings and Man Dog Millionaire are quality songs.

There’s a line on Man Dog Millionaire: “Money won’t get you to Heaven/ But you sure see Hell without it”. I first heard that 20 years ago from the late "Christian Soldier", Edmund Hay, the older [street character] guy who used to be outside Pelican [Inn] all the time. It stuck in my head all this time. So I fit it into a song.

Let's Pray for Rock ‘n’ Roll always turn on fans when we tour the UK, but they could not buy the song, so we recorded a new version for this album. So it's now available to them. We also redid The Water Supreme because it fits in with the feel of the album. Both were last minute decisions.

The best thing about recording The Pot Hounds was just to think there was a chance of us not recording another album and we actually did it. The worst thing was the grand cost of rum and cigarettes.

A Trini is everything.... Everything.

Trinidad and Tobago means everything to jointpop. So tell them people to leave us alone

What about Track & Field / Prime Minister launches NESTT programme
« on: September 14, 2012, 08:33:00 AM »
Full speech here:

Relevant part:

This evening, ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to advise you that my Government hears and fully appreciates your concerns. And we are prepared to take up the challenge of moulding emerging athletes into medalled athletes.

My Government also understands that sport is much more than an avenue to elicit national pride and invoke patriotism. Rather it is an effective means to channel the energies of our youth into positive, productive endeavours and away from the temptation of crime and anti-social behaviour.

I now take this opportunity to announce the launch of NESTT (National Excellence in Sports for Trinidad and Tobago), an all- encompassing programme, beginning in the formative years at Early Childhood Centres into primary and secondary schools and extending to the tertiary level, which will provide our young, talented citizens with access to expert talent-identification scouts, certified coaches, mentors and sport psychologists. This programme will not only build our athletic capacity but create an all-round healthy, vibrant generation.

NESTT is an initiative of the Office of the Prime Minister and will be implemented by the Ministry of Sport in collaboration with the Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago. The programme meant to nurture our potential athletes from the initial development of their motor skills through the various coaching levels of their chosen sport from which will emerge our future coaches, athletes, champions and yes Olympic Medallists.

To support this goal your government will over the next 6 years construct academies in ALL 41 constituencies. These will facilitate the training and educational needs of our country’s best young athletes who will be nurtured by the best coaches, sports psychologists, therapists, nutritionists, strength and conditioning specialists. At these academies there will be seamless transition from primary to secondary so that these young student athletes will not have to undergo the psychological and emotional stress that is synonymous with the SEA exams.

N.E.S.T.T. National Excellence in Sports for Trinidad and Tobago. Inspired by you, our Olympians and Paralympians. Conceptualised by your Government and designed to serve generations to come.

We therefore have no hesitation in investing heavily in the area of sport and this will be reflected in the upcoming fiscal period.

We are determined to create an environment for our young people that would make the choice of a profession in sport, a viable option for those persons who excel in sporting disciplines.

We want to open not only windows but doors of opportunity to our boys and girls, who now hold our Olympians and Paralympians in high regard and dream of one day repeating or surpassing their success.

Rest assured, we are aware that we can only increase our medal tally through the right facilities, funding, training and administrative planning.

My government also acknowledges the constraints and conditions under which our athletes who study abroad must operate. Scholarships accessed through external sources or from the school itself, prevent student-athletes from accepting additional financial support.

Therefore, strong consideration is being given to the establishment of national academic scholarships for our Accomplished Elite Student Athletes, which would afford them the opportunity to attend schools of their choice and select sport specific coaches. This programme will complement the existing Elite Athlete Programme, which offers a maximum of $250,000 to cover medical, nutritional, travel and training expenses for athletes who are among the Top 40 in the world in their sporting discipline. All athletes who meet this and other criteria are eligible to apply, through their respective governing body, and access the funding.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Sullivan Walker
« on: February 22, 2012, 02:08:28 PM »
Seeing on twitter people saying Sullivan Walker has passed away. Can anyone confirm?  :(

General Discussion / 13yr old girl being raped - broadcast on tv at 6pm
« on: October 28, 2011, 05:54:53 AM »
From a blog post I came across on Twitter - this is madness!  >:(

This morning, I woke up to my Facebook page littered with references to 2 posts about the popular show Crimewatch.  I am fairly sure that all of you know about Crimewatch, so I won’t get into it here.
The first post was by a blogger known as Women Speak, and her eloquent piece can be found here.  The second was a note on Facebook, by a young lady who was clearly deeply affected by what she saw on the programme.  It drove her to this impassioned statement.  This of course made very curious about what had taken place, so I turned to my source of info (twitter) and asked my followers if anyone had seen the relevant programme.  Some of them did, and I gleaned the facts from them.  These facts are presented below.

 At some time, a young girl, whose age on the show is alleged to be 13 years, was sexually assaulted/raped by person/persons known or unknown.  Someone recorded this act on a cell phone.  This recording found its way into the hands of the intrepid Ian Alleyne.  Mr Alleyne shows the video repeatedly and in fact shows the face of one of the perpetrators asking for the public’s help in identifying the person in the video.  He also interviews the girl and the girl’s mother, both of whom have apparently consented to this video being shown on “national television”.
It is also important to note that Crimewatch airs at 6:00 p.m., that is to say, just before primetime news, and at a time where children are viewing television.  Apparently as well, Mr Alleyne encouraged parents to have their children watch the programme.
Needless to say many people have reacted in a very negative manner to this story.  I was shocked just hearing about it.  A virtual twitter storm has erupted, with many people calling for TV6 to take some action in the matter.  The author of the Women Speak blog has taken the issue to heart and is mounting a commendable twitter campaign to have something done about the matter.
The views expressed in the posts above put far more eloquently my feelings on the matter.  I have not seen the video, nor do I intend to attempt to find it or watch it.  I am truly disturbed that anyone would think it appropriate to show such a graphic video.  What is the purpose of doing that?  From where I sit, it does not seem to be anything more than shock value and a means of getting ratings.
Further, it seems to me that showing this video is in contravention of the Sexual Offences Act which prohibits the publication of likely to lead members of the public to identify a person who is the victim of a crime under the Act.  I have been told by various persons that the girls face was clearly shown in the video and was not blurred or blocked in anyway whatsoever, so it would be easy for anyone who knew her to recognise her, and for those who did not know her to recognise her if they subsequently saw her in person.  Also, I am told that the alleged perpetrator was a young looking boy, who may be a minor.  That raises other issues as to whether his identity can be published.
I have mixed views as to Ian Alleyne and his show.  No doubt he is doing some good, but I always get the impression that it is an exercise in self aggrandisement.  Always having to point out How Great is IAN ALLEYNE, All Hail Ian Alleyne.  It is that sort of attitude that makes one show a video of a girl being raped at 6:00 in the evening… or at anytime at all.  It’s all about the ratings.  He already has shown that he does not care about breaking the law himself, or crossing over lines of decency
And another thing, where did that video come from?  It must have been filmed by someone at the scene of the event, who then sent it to Ian Alleyne, or the programme.  Do we know who filmed it?  Have they been reported to the Police? More seriously, with the viewing of this, are we going to see a phenomenon where persons are filming crime instead of stopping it, or worse yet, perpetrating crime in order to film it, to have their handiwork shown on Crimewatch?
So you may have seen the programme and have been disgusted by it, and want to take some action.  What can you do?

1. Complain to TV6.  The programming manager at TV6 is Ms Rhonda Ottley, and the General Manager is Ms Shida Bolai.  The website lists a customer care email address at  The TV6 phone number is 868-627-8806, their fax number is 868-623-0785.

2. Complain to the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT).  This is the authority charged with oversight of the television industry in Trinidad and Tobago.  They have a specific form for dealing with complaints about the content of broadcasts, which can be found here. (site works best in Internet Explorer)

3. Complain to the advertisers.  Find out who the advertisers of the show are and complain to them.  Tell them that they should not be supporting a programme which would show such disgusting material on it.  Threaten to boycott their product/services if they continue to sponsor the show.

4. Don’t let go.  Too often in Trinidad and Tobago we tend to start off hot and sweaty and then we let them go.  Don’t let this be a 9 day wonder.
This is a serious matter folks, and I hope we do something about it now.

Football / Congrats to Wrexham!
« on: September 26, 2011, 11:34:01 AM »
Congratulations to our friends at Wrexham!  :beermug:

WST/Club - Joint Statement
Posted on: Mon 26 Sep 2011

THE Directors of Wrexham Football Club are delighted to announce that agreement has been reached with Wrexham Supporters Trust today to purchase the football club.

During this period Wrexham Supporters Trust will run the football club under a licence agreement pending approval by the football authorities.

Following today's meeting a suitable financial agreement has been reached.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / RIP Pat Bishop
« on: August 20, 2011, 04:22:52 PM »

General Discussion / Barbados-bound jet makes emergency descent
« on: June 27, 2011, 09:31:38 AM »

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Caribbean Airlines says it is investigating why one of its jets suddenly lost cabin pressure on a flight between Jamaica and Barbados.

An airline spokeswoman says the Boeing 737-800 made an emergency descent, causing the oxygen masks to deploy. Laura Asbjornsen said there were no injuries to passengers or crew and the plane landed safely in Barbados. There were 48 people on board Sunday's flight.

Asbjornsen said Monday that the aircraft is undergoing a thorough maintenance review.

Caribbean Airlines is based in Trinidad.

Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

General Discussion / RIP Ken Valley
« on: May 06, 2011, 04:48:49 AM »
Hearing lots of rumours - can anyone confirm?

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Allyson Hennessy
« on: April 11, 2011, 03:45:07 PM »
Apparently she's in a coma? Anyone have any details?  :(

Fifa chief wanted ‘favour’ from World Cup bid team

    FIFA Vice president Jack Warner with England’s David Beckham after the soccer clinic
    Jack Warner with David Beckham after a football clinic in Port of Spain in 2008 Michael Regan/Action Images
    President of CONCACAF and FIFA Vice President Jack Warner (L) and FA Chairman Lord Triesman
    Mr Warner with Lord Triesman, the FA chairman, in 2009 Frances Leader/Action Images

Owen Slot Chief Sports Reporter
Last updated April 11 2011 12:01AM

The leaders of England’s failed bid to host the 2018 World Cup were asked by one of Fifa’s most senior figures to pay for an education centre while negotiations were in progress, they have told The Times.

Jack Warner, the vice-president of football’s governing body, is said to have suggested the move during talks with Lord Triesman and Sir Dave Richards, then chairman and deputy chairman of England 2018.

They say that Mr Warner, who is president of the confederation that represents the Caribbean and north and central Americas, proposed that they pay for the facility in Trinidad and Tobago.

Lord Triesman and Sir Dave, two of the most senior administrators in English football at the time, have both confirmed details of the meeting at a hotel in Chelsea 18 months ago.

They said that their answer was a very swift “no”, realising that what Mr Warner was asking could leave them open to censure for breaching Fifa rules. Bidding nations are prohibited from offering gifts or other advantages to delegates.

Lord Triesman, who was also chairman of the Football Association at the time, has confirmed that the request was made within the context of a discussion about Mr Warner’s attitude to and his view of England 2018’s chances of success. Their answer, he said, was: “It was absolutely out of the question.”

However, when The Times put the claim to Mr Warner, he claimed that the meeting had never happened. “It is total nonsense and a fabrication,” he said. “I do not know what you are talking about.”

Mr Warner was one of the most influential figures on the Fifa executive committee that voted in Zurich in December on the destination of the 2018 World Cup. Owing to his position at Concacaf (Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football), he was seen to be controlling three of the twenty-two votes.

His backing was always thought to be crucial if England 2018’s bid was to have any chance of success. The meeting took place on October 7, 2009, in the business lounge of the Wyndham Grand hotel in Chelsea Harbour, where Mr Warner had been staying.

The men met in the late afternoon, after the first day of the Leaders in Football conference at Stamford Bridge. Mr Warner had been a conference speaker earlier in the day, and had also been publicly vocal in his criticism of the England bid, calling it “lightweight”.

Later, Lord Triesman and Sir Dave shared a taxi to the Wyndham Grand. They say it was then, over drinks, that Mr Warner asked for funds to build the education centre.

Sir Dave told The Times: “He didn’t say: ‘Do this and I’ll vote for you.’ But it was always at the back of my mind. I did nod my head at Triesman as if to say: Let’s not get into this.

“What he said was England should be building this kind of education block as a legacy throughout the world. He did say Trinidad and Tobago wanted one. He said it was an education set-up that he wanted for the children of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Sir Dave confirmed that he wanted no part of the discussion. “Look, I’ve heard these stories before so I wasn’t going to get into that. I never discussed this with the chairman of the FA again. I didn’t want to get involved in that sort of thing. I don’t know if the FA took it any further.”

Mr Warner insisted that nothing of the sort ever took place and even appeared not to know Lord Triesman’s name. “It is bullshit,” he said. “I don’t know what you are talking about. Why should I ask David Freestone [sic] or somebody for some offices here? Why should I? To do what? It doesn’t make sense.

“You guys are trying to dig up so much garbage. I say to you: you write what you want to write. It is bullshit.”

General Discussion / T&T on Jeopardy!
« on: February 02, 2011, 07:05:00 PM »
Pics from @izatrini on Twitter

General Discussion / T&T's current PM prepares to sue the former PM
« on: November 19, 2010, 02:27:25 PM »
Edit: Clearly these images are too large. Link here:

Football / Roberts hopeful of success in U-17 Women’s W/Cup
« on: August 28, 2010, 07:55:35 AM »
Roberts hopeful of success in U-17 Women’s W/Cup

By JOEL BAILEYTuesday, August 24 2010

MINISTER OF Sport and Youth Affairs Anil Roberts is hopeful of a good showing by Trinidad and Tobago, on and off the field, at the FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup, which will be staged in Trinidad and Tobago from September 5 to 25.

Roberts was speaking during an interview yesterday at the Police Barracks, St James, as members of the Trinidad and Tobago Under-17 squad met with members of a youth sports camp.

“It’s definitely good to see the Under-17 girls. I know the work and the torture that they’ve put themselves through. They’ve really been working hard. This is the best-prepared national team that we’ve had for a youth tournament in a very long time,” said Roberts.

“These girls have been in preparation for over two-and-a-half years now,” the Sports Minister pointed out. “With (coach) Even Pellerud, you know its not just ball-work, you can look at the athletes, it’s the most athletic Trinidad and Tobago female team that I’ve ever seen.

“Each one of them looks fit, they look agile, their fitness is there. Now they need to rest and recuperate, recover and prepare mentally for the task at hand,” Roberts said.

Roberts, and Minister of Works and Transport (also a FIFA vice- president) Jack Austin Warner, met with members of the national team for the first time yesterday.

“So it was very important for Minister Warner and myself to come and let them know that they have full support, not only of the Government but of every citizen in Trinidad and Tobago,” Roberts said. “They look so good in their red, black and white uniform, even at training, you could see a sort of unity in the team.

“So the message was just that ‘we’re proud of them, we fully support them, and we want the Trinidad and Tobago public to understand the World Cup is here’, regardless of, if the stadia is not ideal as we’ll like them to be. The competition is here and our team is ready and that’s the most important thing, for them to perform and make us proud,” Roberts said.

The five major stadia which will be used for the World Cup — Hasely Crawford (in Mucurapo), Larry Gomes (in Malabar), Ato Boldon (in Couva), Manny Ramjohn (at Marabella) and Dwight Yorke (in Bacolet, Tobago), have come under fire by both Warner and Roberts for the poor state of maintenance over the years.

Roberts was asked about the work done at the venues. “We went through a selective tender process. We invited seven major companies to bid and the bid committee chose, I don’t even know which of the companies that were chosen, but they were selected on Friday.

“So right know they’re mobilising to work,” he pointed out. “We’ve given instructions for them to work 24 hours. The stadia have very good lights so that should not be a problem.

“We cannot do all the work that is required to keep our stadia (with) the sort of repair that we would want. However, we will do as much as we can to present a good picture to the world, and then the work will continue after the World Cup to ensure that we maintain our assets and do not let them depreciate and get to this deplorable situation,” Roberts said.

The Sports Minister stated that the previous administration had approved $102 million in 2008 but did not expend any funds for maintenance. “So we cannot do that, whether its stadia (or) big buildings. Whatever offices we have, we must take care of them and put maintenance programmes in place,” he added.

“We’re also going to tender out for maintenance system, not only cleaning but general maintenance to reduce the rate of depreciation so that we don’t have to come and spend another $82 million in two years’ time,” Roberts said.

Cold war rivals vie to stage football’s big event
By Simon Kuper
Published: July 30 2010 22:18 | Last updated: July 30 2010 22:18

During the last World Cup, a curious sideshow played out at expensive breakfast tables in Johannesburg’s business district of Sandton. The actors: lobbyists and officials. The stake: the right to host the World Cups of 2018 and 2022. On December 2, the 24 men on Fifa’s executive committee will select both hosts. Here’s the interim report on how the race stands:

The 2018 Cup will most likely go to a European country. England might seem the obvious choice. The country’s stadiums and infrastructure could host the tournament tomorrow morning.

However, England lacks friends within Fifa. It’s perceived as arrogant, and as having done little to administer the international game. That’s why two international administrators, Geoff Thompson and David Dein, now front England’s bid. But it’s an uphill struggle.

Also, Fifa’s officials dread Britain’s tabloids dogging their every step and bugging their hotel rooms for eight years. And if the US gets the 2022 competition, as seems likely, Fifa would probably avoid two consecutive English-speaking hosts.

Spain and Portugal, joint bidders, are more popular inside Fifa. They also traditionally get the Latin American vote. Yet they seem to have few other votes. Moreover, this debt-stricken duo would need to fork out for new stadiums.

Nobody knocks the Belgian-Dutch bid. Yet that’s a sign that its rivals don’t fear it. The Low Countries promise a compact and green World Cup. Those may not be the most compelling selling points. The Dutch also fear they are too strait-laced for the lobbying game.

Still, officials inside this bid think they will get votes that nobody now foresees – chiefly from small countries that also hope to make joint bids for a World Cup one day.

For now, though, insiders are tipping Russia for 2018. Fifa delights in tapping new markets through World Cups. Russia is a white spot on Europe’s footballing map. It has never hosted a major football tournament. Crucially, it can muster more lobbying might than its rivals. When Vladimir Putin phones asking for your support, you probably say yes. A Russian World Cup would cost a lot, but if Putin wants to spend the money, Russia will.

As for the 2022 World Cup, the most important words spoken in this race came from a country that isn’t even bidding. Wei Di, new head of China’s football federation, said this month: “I think China should apply for the World Cup [of 2026].”

China’s government will make the decision, not Wei Di. But Fifa would love China to bid. If the country signals it will, that would shape the race for 2022. If China gets 2026, no Asian country could stage 2022, because continents cannot host twice running. The only non-Asian bidder for 2022 is the US. So if China wants to bid, the US would surely get 2022.

That makes sense anyway. True, the US hosted the tournament as recently as 1994, but American interest in soccer has surged since. The US hits Fifa’s two sweet spots: its soccer market is both lucrative and growing. Ticket sales in huge American stadiums would raise fortunes. However, the country wouldn’t let in every person holding a match ticket – something Fifa would normally require.

Japan and South Korea hosted the World Cup in 2002. Now each wants to host it separately. Most observers think that’s too soon. These bids may be devices to keep Japanese and Korean officials off the streets.

Australia presents its bid as a proxy for the growing Indian and Chinese markets. However, that argument is holed if China bids. Australia needs China to stay out. If that happens, Australia hopes Japan and Korea will back it after they are knocked out in early voting.

Qatar is spending oil money on lobbying. But few foreigners want a World Cup played in the desert, in indoor stadiums in 40-degree heat. Choosing Qatar would look a choice for money. That would make Fifa look tacky.

For now, Russia and the US look the frontrunners.

What about Track & Field / Commonwealth Games 2010
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Two questions:

1) Is Bolt really out of this? I heard he was, but then I heard he wasn't...
2) Anybody going?  :beermug:

Cricket Anyone / Ottis Gibson leaves England for West Indies
« on: January 31, 2010, 08:32:50 AM »
Gibson leaves England for West Indies
Cricinfo staff
January 30, 2010

Ottis Gibson has left his position as England's bowling coach to become the head coach of West Indies, according to the UK's Daily Telegraph.

There were suggestions last week from Radio Jamaica indicating Gibson's departure but they were flatly denied by the ECB who said they had no knowledge of any deal being struck.

England are due to tour Dubai and Bangladesh next month and will now almost certainly, according to the report, be travelling without Gibson.

Gibson, 40, played two Tests and 15 one-day internationals for the West Indies and applied for the coach's job in 2007. He instead, however, got an offer from England to take over from Allan Donald first as a temporary and then full-time bowling coach.

He has fitted well into the disciplined regime of Andy Flower and Andrew Strauss as he tried to nurture an inexperienced attack into a potent force. The tour of South Africa showed some of his work had paid off, as England conceded just four runs to no-balls through the four-match series.

It continues a tumultuous week after South African coach Mickey Arthur resigned on January 26 and the South African board fired their panel of selectors the day after. Though a blow for England, as there appears no obvious replacement, Gibson's departure is a boon for West Indies.

They sacked John Dyson as their coach last August and have recently shown signs of a resurgence, performing admirably in Australia. Gibson's arrival would be a welcome step for a developing side with talented young fast bowlers such as Kemar Roach.

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / There's a voice...
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...that keeps on calling me...
Down the road, that's where I'll always be...

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