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Premier League referees will be protected next season thanks to a new 'get on with the game' directive.

The campaign launched ahead of the new season will aim to cut down on dissent shown towards officials by  MANU/CHELSEA players and managers.

Speaking at the launch of the new Premier League season, chief executive Richard Scudamore said: "We've gone to the Professional Game Match Officials Board (PGMOB) and asked them what will help them.
"We came up with a reduction in disrespectful behaviour, turning backs on referees and we don't want MANU/CHELSEA players surrounding referees, as well as the conduct of MANU/CHELSEA managers.

"In post-match interviews we don't want to stamp out constructive criticism, but it's more about the colour and the disrespectful language USUALLY LEAD BY WAYNE ROONEY/SIR ALEX"

Scudamore is confident that the scheme will be a success as it was developed with Premier League players themselves.

"My confidence is born out of discussions ON FAVORS PER GAME we had over summer," he continued.

"It's the first time we've met with all the players together. We met with [Professional Footballers' Association chief executive] Gordon Taylor, representatives of players from all the clubs. That was very positive.
"They to a man said the relationship between the referees and players had improved since the 2008 launch, they were keen to make sure we didn't throw all those things out. The players themselves understand AS LONG AS THE OFFICALS DID WHAT THEY TOLD THEM TO DO.

Of course we're all waiting on the first incident - there's always going to be incidents," he added. "We're looking to reduce the incidents, but we won't eliminate them WE WILL JUST IGNORE THEM."

West Brom manager Roy Hodgson was also at the launch event and gave the scheme his approval.

"Referees are an integral part of our game and some times we are less kind to them than we should be WHEN MANU OR CHELSEA NEED THE HELP," he said.

"We all make mistakes, managers, players and referees, EXCEPT MANU/CHELSEA.

Football / Should FIFA put a cap on Transfers and salaries?
« on: June 08, 2011, 12:58:17 PM »
prorated of course, based on each leagues capital etc etc

and how does this tie in with UEFA rule on spending more than you make?

I tell you what.

Manchesters achievements under fergie are amazing it really is.

however the more they win, the more non true fans join thier ranks (and chelski)

there are very few manu fans i can talk to about football, give a lil good natured ole talk to and still feel like i respected tham and they me.

the rest get so personal, so zealous, so unbelievably out of touch with thier own reality.

i mean, since when does buying a t shirt entitle one to be a c**t?

what have you done for said club?

bah humbug maybe im just getting old, but they really do take the fun out of being a football fan

Football / Developing the Football Brain!
« on: March 23, 2011, 08:27:59 AM »

interesting read on

« on: March 02, 2011, 10:20:44 AM »
it is clear as day regarless as to who you support in the EPL that the officiating is substandard

this thread is not about conspiracies, who getting the call vs who not

over time it clearly shows that manu... nah joking

but seriously over time the reffs linos and even 4th officals are missing something

there needs to be clear accountabilty

why do we leave parts of the game to opionins and interpretations of individuals?

things like goalline tech and time keeping should be handled by technology no excuses in this day and age, very simple for the 4th offical to do, stop clock when reff blows whistle, start it back when he blows again, non of this approximate shite! with the time being told to the reff via his ear piece thus giving him final say on blowing whistle and if there is a discrepancy between factual time keeping and his blowing of the whistle he then becomes culpable

goal line tech, nuff said its ready now, FIFA do yuh job!

Offside, always will be tricky, and i dont think we are ready for instant replays for officals to make or break the call, even if it involves a goal

off the ball fouls, seen or unseen by officals. FA being hamsturng by if the ref see and reports it as gospel is a sticky wicket.

this leads to the question, why is the reffs interpretation of the LAWS inconsistent? A reff number one responsibility is to up hold the SPIRIT of the game
which is a very noble attirbute to expect but not realistic in todays game
people do what you inspect not what you expect

trinis drive terribly because no one is constantly correcting thier actions
players dive, pull shirts, tackle with two feet studs up etc and will continue to do so until the officals call it every single time and exact the correct punishment for it, be it just making the call or carding etc

give away a foul everytime you pull a shirt i bet you stop doing it
carded for diving everytime ppl will stop

reffs have too much power and show too much inconsistency in weilding that power

but until i kidnapp sepp, and go in disguised as him (a la missionimpossible sytlee) and slap up the FIFA members and an extra kick in the balls for Jack. it wont happen in my lifetime

god i cant wait for new blood and life to be breathed into each countries football associations and eventually into FIFA

long live the beautiful game

Football / When will FIFA act?
« on: October 04, 2010, 07:38:12 AM »
FIFA have are never proactive in the game in terms of officiating. period

pet peeves of mine

1. Break leg tackles, men like de jong, shawcross, et al breaking another players leg and get away with it with brit press saying these are committed full blooded professionals, bs they get away because the reffs let them and all they suffer is a red card at best.
wont stop till refs stamp it out

2. same for shirt pulling, contact sport yes girl fight no. wont stop till reffs blow it every time in the box or last man.

3. time keeping, no longer leave the time to the reff, let the 4th official have the time and a buzzer or "whistle"

we need to eliminate human error from the game, it wil make it more fair and actually bring more ppl to the game

2010 World Cup - South Africa / WORLD CUP PREDICTORS
« on: June 05, 2010, 02:58:57 PM »
anyone have any links to world cup predictors? you know where you punch in the score you think each game will be and it shows you who will advance etc?

Football / MOVE REFF!!! yuh in the way!
« on: September 19, 2009, 09:43:04 AM »
is it me, or are referees in thier effort to stay close to the action getting in the way of plays?

all season i have noticed the reff rigth in the middle BUT i see players lierally having to play around the refferee

case in point arsenals goal against manu the reff was back to goal facing arshavin surely that hindered the defense and assisted arshavin

i think the reff should always be behind the team with the ball and attacking  (as best as possible)

and yes i know the ref is part of the pitch just like the corner flags and posts


« on: September 13, 2009, 10:03:25 AM »
since Man City (bar adebayors questionable antics and assault on on arsenal players and fans) have shown they are serious contenders

i wonder how it will be before we see man city shirts being touted and worn around trinidad

« on: September 10, 2009, 07:51:45 AM »
we didnt win
BUT we showed alot more heart than the last game
i still believe Keon Daniel does not deserve to be in the squad, EVER
three things i noticed were different
INCE found his football brain
ANDREWS was not playing
DANIELS did not start

ah well back to the drawing board, we have 4 and 3/4 years to get latas the coaching experience he needs, or waste money on foreginers that we hire the wrong ones, we shit up or cant afford to pay.

food for thought

« on: September 06, 2009, 07:13:18 AM »
I would like to see on wednesday (we wil most likely loose) that the teamputs in a simple HONEST hard working intelligent perforomance

that is all we ever wanted from the side, ever

loosing is hard to take, its even harder when you watch the guys play like they don't know what they doing, like is lara and yorke fete match

Ince- at fault for the first two goals which changed the complexion of the game

coup jr- yuh big yuh have a lil fight, but try and but and pass a ball to some one in a red shirt, and work on yuh co-ordination

english boy-i know the side doh make runs but stop bootsin the ball up front when the defense swarming all over jones n glenn, at least you knwo how to trap

carlos-had too much work to do, but pull the trigger once in a while

bleeder-no words

keon daniel-might have "dribblin" skills but a waste of space on the pitch

glenn-yuh fight lil bit but stopp effin fallin and shoot when you near the 18yard box and dun beat the left back

andrews-wtf an honest god fearing man would know his limitations, coach the younger generations how to defend, thanks fo ryour years but its time to pass on the knowledge

jones- like you will only play good for TnT if we shirt resemble sunderlands?

tinto- yuh try the same flick n turn beats three times it work once but at least you fit

honestly i feel its our trini male culture that makes our players un coachable

in the mean time prove to the nation you have passion and pride when you step out on that feild

i know the supporters are pathertic and its only a section that make noise and support but yuh know it only takes a win or a exciting performance put in by you guys to spark them into and explosive frenzy of celebration

« on: September 05, 2009, 10:21:41 PM »
after tonights disgusting performance i have lost the grain of faith and support i was graspng to for TnT football

i will wait patiently for the country, association, federation, clubs, managers and players of professional football: TO STOP f**kING AROUND AND GET YOUR f**kING BRAINS IN GEAR (IF YOU HAVE ONE)









Football / SOCA BRITZ????
« on: July 18, 2009, 08:55:42 AM »
In light of Bobby Z, interest in playing for us, what would the warriors look like if we fielded only Trini connected players from the English/Scottish/Welsh football leagues?

next q? what would a mixed side look like?
and/or what positions do we need filled and if so what e/s/w trinis would fill those positions?

Football / EUREKA!! cure to solve TnT's football woes
« on: June 07, 2009, 07:22:01 PM »

Football / IF NOT WENGER, WHO?
« on: May 18, 2009, 03:14:31 PM »
so various press are starting to fan flames of Arsene Wenger looking at his options to leave the club he has carried to new heights in over a decade at the helm.

He is known for transforming unknowns into world stars and lengthning ledgends carriers beyond what they themselves expected. Allthe while building a new stadium with out going broke (Arsenal's debt is manageable unlike many other big clubs with all thier owners money still are several hundred MILLION pounds in debt.)

However 4 years without a trophy have left shareholders on the verge of lynching. Mob mentality i say, they forget that this man brough silver ware within his first full season. How fickle we fans are when the going gets rough, manufans were looking at fergie several years back like a junk yard dog does when he hasn't been fed in weeks. Don't be fooled manchester had lockers full of money they have to with all that silverware from fergies plundering, but the pie is only so big and Arsenal needs to figth for its piece as no one is handing out silverware.

all in all IF he decides to leave, and he is a man of his word and says he has never broken a contract, and the board certainly will not sack him. Who are Arsenal left with to carry on the wenger era, AND deliver trophies???

the same can be applied to the medias baying about arsenal needing to buy players, experienced players etc.
WHO then are these players? who is available at half the price of a Hollywood mansion??

your thoughts

« on: May 07, 2009, 09:10:04 AM »
here it is

top clubs in english football history and all other competitions they took part in, warning new manu fans your not top, chelsea you will be surprised where you stand


Football / TT Amateur Football League
« on: February 14, 2009, 07:32:38 AM »
Games to be held at The President's Grounds every Sunday from March 8th to June 22nd 2009.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs for their support in helping to make this league happen.

League Stage Winner
Knockout Stage Winner
MVP, Golden Boot, Best defender, Best coach/Manager, Best Goalkeeper...

All rules, updates and forms are available online on the Official website for the TTAFL.


Football / I heart Hull's heart
« on: October 19, 2008, 01:34:38 PM »

hull is bringing back the soul of this beautiful game. i love seeing them win now

even at the expense of arsenal

when capelleo eff off for not bringing england d world cup in south africa, brown hadda be d man

Football / Call it profiling but....
« on: October 13, 2008, 05:45:58 PM »
is it ALL latinos and mediterainian players that dive n flop n bwa n roll around?

from mexico to argentina

spain portugal italy

some big club african players (drogba)

and several other mediterainian countries

i am sick of it
sick sick sick

FIFA can clampdown on it

FINES simply put fines

coachs and players only do what they can get away with,

i mean they had to have a law that you had to wear shin pads for your own safety

very simply if yuh dive and its is challeneged by the other side and reviewed fine d club/country n player

simple pimple

Football / if FIFA say no Gov't Interferance in National Football......
« on: October 08, 2008, 09:15:30 PM »
FIFA man handle Poland after the polish Govt, stepped in to try n get a handle on the Polish FA's Corruption (poland is joint host for euro 2012 or 2016 (not sure). sound fishy eh? imagine a country gets the right to host a football tournament and thier govt tries to clamp down on corruption and FIFA spank them for it???

Sepp yuh dutty, natsy, vile, amoral out of touch, greedy pig you should go the way of enron executives with none other than Jack "reporter slapper" Warner

why d heck is Jack Warner "Speical Advisor" to the TTFF? Is he being "paid"? doubt you find his name nor any of his business's or family on the account books, but garanteed there is NOTHING Jack does for "free" dispite his claims

to quote Roy Keane, "the man is a Clown"

i like ppl like Keane, they do not suffer fools well.

too bad is we who have to suffer.

so when ppl call the govt to put moeny in football they can and they can't its all up to what FIFA say.

said it before and i'll say it again we have to pay d piper and that piper is Jackos (same but different to Patos)

Football / TnT home game (lack of) Crowd
« on: October 08, 2008, 05:18:57 PM »
I heard Mr Anil (my mouth bigger than yours and I never say anything wrong) Roberts on the radio today saying TnT had an embarrasing and dismal crowd turn out. At first thought I argeed with him and supported him. Then I asked myself why I wasn't going? So here are some facts and thoughts about today and most other days TnT plays.

today rained, trini not getting wet
tings hard cyar afford game this week and next
xmas coming
game started 5pm wuk done 430
transport in trini sucks
roads clogged with traffic till after 7
trinis are sheep and unless d big Ram or Baddess in d lime say dey not going, then the rest of the sheep ain't moving
this was only a warm up
past performances weren't encouraging
life hard in trini why bother with anything as firvilous as sports
why go d game and get rob after
transport hard in port of spain after certain hours
cyar go home after dark bandit n gangsta will instill tax
have cock tax to pay x-gf/x-wife
everything price raise
have after work sweat
manning say man can pick n choose sweat!
dunno spanish tuh shout picong at maturana or dom rep players/supporters
working OT tuh get time off tuh go Guatemala
parole not granted
forum mods looking fuh me in public tuh cut meh arse
sweat after work more exciting and it free
dreadless Latas is like Eric Williams wit no shades
Yorkie tief yuh gyal
yuh gf is latina and yuh friad she get vex cus yuh want tuh see TnT mash up ah latin side (doh worry yuh could mash she up later tonight)
Ocular ManUtd-itis (TNT??? i is ah man u supporter all else pales in comparrison)
saving energy and money tuh go pips young ting in Rah wed at Zen
saving enrgy and money tuh go pips young ting in Movie Towne
saving energy and money by staying home

anything i left out?

Football / Unethical ManU in $1Billion Debt
« on: May 21, 2008, 10:55:38 AM »
man u in 1bn debt???

just read that on bbc gossip column, that platini branded them unethical for having such high debts.

if anyone can find more on this please add.

Well Fabregas has said what i have always encountered:

Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has revealed his frustration after claiming that everybody is happy when the North Londoners are beaten.

The Spanish sensation has set the Premier League alight since his arrival from Barcelona, but admits he is disappointed by the treatment of his club from the footballing public.

The Gunners have gone five league games without a win and have relinquished a five-point lead at the top of the table to trail leaders Manchester United by six points.

The 20-year-old Spanish international has admitted his anguish at the reaction from the public on the back of Arsenal's recent run of defeats.

"I feel every time we lose or we don't play well it's like everybody's happy," Fabregas told the Sun.

"I still don't understand why everybody is against people who try to play nice football.

"We've been playing fantastic football. But it's true people like to see us lose - that's the way I feel."

Despite the deficit to United, the reigning Premier League champions still have to host the Gunners and travel to Stamford Bridge - giving Fabregas and his team-mates belief that the race is not over yet.

"If we want to win the league we cannot lose any more points - we have to think positive," said Fabregas.

"We have to believe we can do it. Whatever happened we fight to the end - that is what we are recognised for.

"We can change things. Man United have to go to Chelsea and we're going to Old Trafford to win.

"We can win there - we did it last season and we've done it a few times in recent years so why not this time.

"We have to go game by game. Every game is a final right until the end of the season."

Even neutrals prefer to see manchester win, sort of like tha bulls back in the days of jordan, except that ManU jordan is fergie.

Arsenal are by no means a shit side, but they are they team everyone loves to hate, sort of the marmite of the footballing world you either love them or hate them.

i do expect chelski and manu fans to go into thier typical "your shite and were great" rants, and that is expected of such collectively low iq's

and i am going to say it, i love arsenal to the core, but wenger is the yin and yang of our success.

brilliant mind, has unearthed tallents consistently, all without breaking the bank, pushed for the stadium now we are challenging the european powerhouses on the porfits tables. all this balance and relative success stil hasn't brought enough silverware over his ten years, it has brought alot of alomost maybe's but not quite.

and here's why...due to his policy he refuses to purchase players on what he considers inflated transfer fees, nor does he break the salary brackets, which does two things brings in palyers of integrity (although diarra was a fool to go as he would have been playing alot more games this half of the season given our injuries to midfield and up front.) BUT it also keeps the high profiel top players away because thier agents want the biggest deal for thier client (they get a percentage)

anyway, why do ppl hate arsenal so much? who have we offened by staying true to playing beautiful football?

« on: March 04, 2008, 02:25:56 PM »
dat ref is a cyant

hleb get kick dong by nesta in the box and the ref book hleb fuh simulation

what a shithong ref

Football / sweat?? dis forum?
« on: February 21, 2008, 12:20:32 PM »
does soca warriors online have ah sweat?

where do you sweat normally? days times etc

what about a fete match roudn robin thing from ppl interested, put yuh name and position yuh play then mods will select so teams "balanced"??

Football / Arsenal still on top!
« on: November 24, 2007, 03:42:28 PM »
well yes i nearly dead this morning watching arsenal play wigan.

firstly we loist 5 regulars all midfeilders

secondly they started real real slow.

fianlly the urgency came about

wigan started kicking lumps out of our players and we rallied stronger n harder.

wenger did his usual trick throw on 3 strikers against a team sitting back trying for a draw.

eduardo comes on

then wallcot is coldly taken out and bendtner steps in (doh say he shit yuh dunno what yuh talking about)

sweeping attack

bendtner collects, passes wide to sagna who whips in a beauty of a cross and captain fantastic gallas attacks like a centerforward of old and nods in at the near post

his celebration shows what desire this team has and how right wenger was to appoint him captain. he also scored the equaliser against man u.

then another counter attack, benter squares to rosicky, who belts a shot across to the far post, couldnt hit it any more on target.

best part of it all man u loose to bolton thanks to an arsenal old boy, the incredible sulk, nicholas anelka.

we have a game in hand.

the team cohesion is incredible, the group huddle before and after each game was brought in my gallas.

to those who shat all over arsenal in summer, i know thres still the xmas games to go and the rest of the season, but i think you all should get some salt n peppersauce cus right now your words are looking tasty
game over

Football / Reading v Arsenal
« on: November 12, 2007, 02:19:06 PM »
any live footage of reading v arsneal out there?

Football / ARSENAL QUIRKS (and other teams)
« on: October 03, 2007, 11:22:15 AM »
Ok so recently found this out about arsenal, the whole team plays in the same length shirt top, all long or all short, exception being keeper, this has been the way ever since herbet chapman,

anyone have more quirksto add even from other clubs?

Football / Spurs v Arsenal
« on: September 15, 2007, 09:13:16 AM »
what a game folks, arsenal had spurs on the ropes squandering loads of chances

gareth bale shouldn't be playing for spurs, he's too dame good, his laser guided free kick beats the wall and almunia

however arsenl continue to squander chaces, you just knwo they gonan get something from this game

second half ends with a fabregas stunner bracketed by an adebayor header and a volley that robinson could olny flap a vain hand at but it was already passed him

spurs fans are walking out.


not rubbing it in anyones face but to those who wrote off arsenals chances in summer...sound liek thierry who? those who said arsenal are a one man team for got about the other world tallents we posses

looooong season ahead, champs league games and arsenal face sevilla this wil be a tough away game.

this side is together, this side is solid this side is fighting for each other, this is the ARSENAL!

Football / ARSENAL win in Sparta Prague
« on: August 15, 2007, 02:47:55 PM »
0-2 to the arsenal Cesc and Hleb!

sparta are a physically strong side we were shakey but stuck to it nice work lads kill when when they can hardly breathe

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