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Football / Three Lions Thread.
« on: July 14, 2021, 07:11:35 AM »
Bukayo Saka, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford is the real Three Lions and not ENGLAND.

England play like pussy cats, not Lions.

Gareth Southgate is a real c0nny to make a 17 year old kid take a penalty under so much pressure in his first ever tournament and big hard back man standing they and watching with they prick in they hand.

Gareth Southgate give away that game by bringing on the three lions to late also and he try to protect a one goal lead.

Keep allyuh head up fellas.

Football / Who say age matters in soccer?
« on: June 14, 2021, 11:45:02 AM »
Funny how de best players in de world right now is ova 30.
Manuel Neuer
Mats Hummels
Thiago Silva
Sergio Ramos
Toni Kroos
Luka Modric

Beat that team alllyuh.

Fenwick have a lot of options he just need de support and de finances to make things better.

One lose and man here talking shit, de man admit he mess up, now give him de chance to fix it.

He have been in T&T a long time now and he knows de Trini culture and some ah de cry down mentality people around like Angus Eve have who will bad talk everybody just to get de T&T head coach position.

Terry was very successful for T&T clubs, he is organized and have a strong discipline, something we players lack now and in de past.

These players can make a instant improvement on T&T side, but Terry have to start now.

Joevin Jones, Khaleem Hyland, Daneil Cyrus, Levi Garcia, Aubrey David, Triston Hodge, Sheldon Bateau, Jomal Williams, Curtis Gonzales, Greg Ranjitsingh, Nathaniel Garcia, Judah Garcia, Mekeil Williams, Nicklas Frenderup, Kevin Molino, Leston Paul, Ataullah Guerra, Cordell Cato, Carlyle Mitchell, Kevan George, Marcus Joseph, Marcus Joseph.

Terry have to do everything in his power to get these guys because they can't make no other international team like, Desevio Payne, John Bostock, Shaquell Moore, Ryan Inniss and maybe Nick De Leon and Rory McKenzie.

Apart from Duane Muckette, Jamal Jack, Neveal Hackshaw, Alvin Jones and Ryan Telfer.

I feel Andre Fortune, Michel Poon-Angeron, Federico Pena, Leland Archer, Noah Powder worth a second and third look and keep a eye on Jonathan Jimenez, Michael DeShields, Ajani Fortune, John-Paul Rochford, Brent Sam, Justin Araujo-Wilson and Kobi Henry. Good players for the future.

We have so much players to choose from and most of them young and decent. The TTFA need to find a way to see these players and keep them in training somehow.

Jordan Riley, Akeem Garcia, Luke Singh, Daniel Carr, Shannon Gomez, Keston Julien, Shaqkeem Joseph, Andre Rampersad, Kathon St Hillaire, Kristian Lee-Him, Aikim Andrews, Che Benny, Molik Khan, Antwoine Hackford, Kierron Mason, Dante Sealy, Tyler David, Daniel Phillips, Jaiye Shep­pard.

General Discussion / Democrat vs Communist Thread.
« on: December 21, 2020, 09:56:42 AM »

THE United States Embassy, in a post on its Facebook page on Sunday, was clear in who was to be blamed for the Venezuelan migrant crisis – that’s country’s leader Nicolas Maduro.

“The absence of a democratic system in Maduro’s Venezuela, ongoing systematic human rights violations, acute food shortages, precarious health systems, an electricity crisis, generalised violence and economic collapse are some of the key causes that have forced more than five million Venezuelans to flee their country since 2015,” the embassy stated in its post.

However, political activist David Abdulah hit the current US embargo, telling Newsday, “Let (US) Ambassador (Joseph) Mondello tell his government to give back all the money they seized from Venezuela and end US sanctions, and then he can talk about the international economy of Venezuela.”

Minister of Foreign and Caricom Affairs Dr Amery Browne was a bit more diplomatic when contacted for comment on the embassy’s post.

“It is not unusual for US missions in various parts of the world to issue statements that emphasize or seek to clarify US foreign policy and perspectives,” Browne said.

“With the incoming Biden-Harris administration and with Prime Minister Rowley becoming chairman of Caricom in January, the region can look forward to an even stronger focus on diplomatic solutions to difficult challenges that exist. We anticipate 2021 to be a year of peace and progress even as the world confronts unprecedented threats, such as the current pandemic, that demand a multilateral approach by all nations.”

The US embassy remarks followed Rowley declaring a “TT first” policy as the post Cabinet press conference last Thursday while the Caribbean Centre for Human Rights said Caricom nations could be asked to take some of the Venezuelan migrant burden from TT. There are over 16,000 registered Venezuelan migrants in TT at present.

The embassy said, “Many continue to attempt to blame sanctions, but the Venezuelan economy was in free-fall long before the United States began to impose sanctions in August 2017.” In 2013, food shortages caused a Venezuelan currency devaluation. By 2014 Venezuela was hit by both falling oil production, down from 3.0 to 2.3 million barrels per day and falling oil prices globally.

In 2014, the World Bank ranked Venezuela 181 of 185 countries in the ease of doing business, while the Heritage Foundation rated Venezuela 175 of 178 in economic freedom. Inflation raged at 100 per cent that year, said the statement.

By 2016, food imports fell by 71 per cent and medical imports fell by 68 per cent, the embassy alleged, with foreign aid such as the UN World Food Program blocked amid the hunger crisis.

The embassy said the Maduro regime was to blame for the Venezuelan people suffering dire economic, political, and human rights conditions, and fleeing their homes.

The embassy said US sanctions should limit the Maduro regime’s source of revenue, promote accountability and ensure the flow of humanitarian goods and services to the Venezuelan people.

“There are no sanctions or restrictions on the importation of food and medicines to Venezuela, while the Maduro regime uses its revenues to buy Russian weapons instead of food,” the embassy claimed in its release.

The embassy said the US was the single largest donor of humanitarian assistance during the Venezuela crisis, giving $1.2 billion since 2017, including $11 million to help Venezuelans living here.

An Opposition-linked commentator, who asked not to be named, told Newsday that Maduro and Venezuela had five problems to deal with. 

* It was hit by a drop in oil prices, but unlike TT, did not have a multi-billion dollar Heritage and Stabilisation Fund.

* Maduro was unable to sustain huge social welfare schemes inherited from his deceased predecessor Hugo Chavez, which left millions of Venezuelans hungry and in the streets.

* Amid an exodus of top staff, Maduro placed unqualified people into top posts at state oil firm PDVSA which led to huge drops in oil production, which was mortgaged to pay for debts incurred to keep the state machinery running.

* Venezuela could not sustain its huge foreign aid programme where it once gave Cuba 90,000 barrels of oil per day and gave easy terms to Caricom countries under the PetroCaribe programme.

* Maduro’s links to Iran, Cuba, Russia and China caused serious consequences for Venezuela’s trade and other relations with the US.

Football / My favorite T&T striker in the past decade.
« on: October 05, 2020, 05:02:52 PM »
My favorite T&T striker in the past decade before Yorke, Glen and Stern.

Jonathan Glenn.

Something about this player I really liked.

Football / Which player was de biggest asshole allyuh ever met in person?
« on: October 04, 2020, 04:35:05 PM »
For me, it was Cornell Glen.

He head was so far up he ass it was amusing.

Imagine if he did playing in de EPL.

Football / Does Black Life really Matters in football?
« on: September 26, 2020, 02:19:19 PM »
Does Black Life really Matters in football when Black Life doesn't even care about black lives or can't do anything right without comess and corruption or thieving?

When FIFA using a black woman [Fatma Samoura] to bring down and ban a black country. We was slaves and still being use as one and don't even know it.

When David John Williams leave he own people in shackles and thief all de money and gone.

Jack Warner rip off de entire T&T team and escape scratch free. Who sell out de Jack Warner bribe, not he owe?

When Wallace fight with FIFA ONLY affecting he own people, youths and country and nothing more. Win or lose who really go win in de end.

Who kill Toussaint Louverture from Haiti after he help them win independence.

When Angus Eve threatening and begging for money and he eh coach or train a team since he became youth coach when he should be happy to help out given the coronavirus and TTFA v FIFA situations.

When Dwight Yorke tell T&T he want millions to coach T&T but sucking Man Utd and Ferguson ass for free and then gone and breed a white women. He neglect he own black woman and don't even have a seed to pass on.

Ent Keith Look Loy was Jack Warner right hand man and suck T&T for years.

De whola CONCACAF is against de TTFA and all ah them black.

When VJ Naipaul say he was from Indian and never respected T&T where he did born.

Everybody in this for self praise and nothing more. This is not a fight for betterment but to prove a point and in de end, Wallace win de battle and lose de war.

Wallace not fighting for a purpose, he fighting for a point. He when and hire Peter Miller a man who robbing T&T for years. He went and get AVEC sports and bawl in Nike....  :rotfl:

He was president of de SSFL and did it improve?

We was built to bow and we will continue to do so until we have genuine unity.

I support Wallace 100% if he had the finances to run football.

We get banned on T&T republic day, that is ironic.

Saw England national team play yesterday v Denmark, if England could get 3 consecutive passes together, they would be lucky, Denmark run rings around them and they lucky to end up with a draw.

And this is not de first time, England always have this problem, and under many different coaches.

Even when they won the world cup in 1966, they got a cheated first goal that take Germany out they game and eventually they win it.

De EPL is one of de strongest leagues in de world and look at they NT.

Football / 2 penalty at de same time
« on: August 04, 2020, 08:04:54 PM »
De f00cking referee give them 2 penalty call at de same time, man get fowl and de next man get push at de SAME TIME in de box, yuh know de ref give them men 2 penalties back 2 back.

Allyuh ever hear this before?

We lost de game, is vex ah vex, cah even have sex now, fost ah vex.

Football / United TTFA vs FIFA, who is really de winners here?
« on: May 31, 2020, 02:28:20 PM »
If de United TTFA win or lose, everybody losses, especially T&T football.

I respect de fact they taking de fight to FIFA (de big bad wolf) but to be honest, they are dead broke, staff, even though they not woking because of de Chinesevirus, they not being paid.

Wallace and company had to plead online for $40,000 CHF help just to file papers in CAS and de sad thing is, they know CAS and FIFA work together, so they was destine to fail from de getgo.

If they had money like Jack Warner, then go for it.

But if United TTFA win, what now?

They have a $50 million TT debt.

They will have to back pay and current pay players and staff because nobody eh get paid in months, maybe years.

Players match fees going forward.

Transportation and airfare.

Housing and food while on duty and aboard.

Youth camps.

Women football.

Beach football.


Hotel not getting business because of de Chinesevirus, so they can't rely on de Home of Football to make money. Teams not even travelling to play football in other countries.

Health Insurance.

FA Cup.

Training gears and equipment.

FIFA can still blank them any yearly funds because the TTFA is being sued and because of they debt and T&T football can get shut down because de FA getting sued for money they don't have, so technically, de TTFA can still be shut down, normalization or not.

They have to sell 7500 shirts a year for Avec sports or else they buss.

Staff doctor and trainer fees.

We never get big crowds before and now with de Chinesevirus, it go be worst, so no money to be made at the gates and things eh changing soon.

Tell me, they say choose yuh battle, sometimes, you win by just walking away because you have to look at de big picture, is not about you and me, is about de country.

Not even rich man Jack Warner coulda bring down FIFA.

Now, I is ah man doh back down from no fight, but if I know I could win and still run de country then yes, but if I going out to fight and then nothing left in meh tank to take a taxi home, then what sense is that making, I go only burn meh reputation in de end.

All I go get is bragging rights for winning FIFA?

Is all about money.

I think Wallace is de best president we had ever, he look like if he had de finances he woulda do really good.

Doh get me wrong fellas, Wallace is Keith made some nice changes since election, but if they have no money then is not much they can do, they willing, but they not able because money is everything these days.

Look, John Bostock and Greg Ramjitsingh still owed money, can you imagine all these players Fenwick wants to bring to T&T and man have to eat KFC and drink Chubby. Or go to Mexico to play a game and have to stay in a Motel, where man does go and make 2 hour fairs.

Yuh could only bull with de cock yuh have.

FIFA is a big organization and they are crooks, but really and truly, they will find a way to win even if they lose.

Jack Warner skin up we bamsee and David John Williams buss we kakahole now Wallace trying to sew it up, de only problem is, he have de needle but he eh have no thread.

Let me hear allyuh.

Football / If allyuh had one wish
« on: April 13, 2020, 06:42:35 PM »
If allyuh had one wish what would you wish for?

Football / Coronavirus In Football Thread.
« on: March 26, 2020, 02:55:13 PM »
I guess something good came out of de Chinese Virus.

Coronavirus: Football will never be the same, no €100m transfers - ex-Bayern president
Stephan Uersfeld
Germany correspondent

Former Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has said football will never be the same following the coronavirus crisis and suggested there will be no transfers in excess of €100 million in the near future.

Like almost every league around the world, the Bundesliga is bracing for the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis. The two top flights are suspended until early April, but with the clubs likely to follow a recommendation of the league's chair, the suspension is set to be extend until April 30 at a general meeting next week.

The income of German clubs stands on three pillars -- ticketing, broadcasting and sponsoring -- with the former making up 12.9% of the total revenue according to the DFL economy report 2020, published in February. Sponsoring and broadcasting add up to 57.9% and numbers could significantly drop as football has come to a standstill.

"It all stands and falls with the fact if we can play again this season," Hoeness, who left his post as Bayern president in November, told kicker. "Games without fans still guarantee the distribution of TV income and if that happens there will not be any existential problems for the 2019-20 season.

"But if we can't play until Christmas -- as the worst-case prognosis suggests -- the entire league's existence will be threatened.

"The illness is like the plague. We must wait. Those who forecast the return of football are nothing but charlatans."

However, for all the uncertainty amid the coronavirus crisis, Hoeness said he believes good things can emerge from it.

"The current situation is a threat, but also a chance to change the coordinates," Hoeness said. "You can't dictate it, but transfer fees in excess of €100 million will be a thing of the past for the next few years.

"The transfer fees will drop and will not return to the current level in the next two, three years. All countries are affected. There will most likely be a new footballing world."

Several clubs have said they will run into existence-threatening difficulties were the season to be cancelled completely, and Bayern announced on Thursday that, alongside Dortmund, Schalke and Leverkusen, they will pledge €20m to help lower league teams.

Players and staff at Borussia Monchengladbach, Borussia Dortmund and Union Berlin have already agreed to forgo parts of their salaries. Other clubs including Bayern and Schalke are expected to follow suit over the next days.

We have a serious problem here, this man is a pest, he only care about he pocket.

Can FIFA really do this?

Who is FIFA police?

Where de democracy, Wallace win election fair and square, they can't move him.

Allyuh have to be mad to take this.

They blaming Wallace who only woking here 3 months for what Jack Warner and John Williams did for all these years.

How de Coronavirus not getting on Gianni Infantino, ent he in Italy.... or it only getting de good people.

Jason Roberts is a mama man.... he is a uncle Tom.

Victor Montagliani is a c000ont.

Allyuh f00clking mad to take this as T&T fans....

If this happens, I done here and ah ope allyuh follow...

T&T football eh dead, it bury.

Give black people to run anything and bet yuh bottom dollar they go run it down because they greedy and have no clase, no wonder we were slaves.

F000ck this allyuh !!

Football / My Interview with William Wallace
« on: March 10, 2020, 06:04:05 PM »
Wallace: Yea boy Sam, so happy to be part ah yuh interview, boy, ah wish you was in T&T, I fire Shaun for you boy, no joke hoss.

Sam: Yea man, glad to interview you boss, ah like some of de things yuh accomplishing since yuh take de wok from that devil DJW.

Wallace: Yea boy Sam, de man clean out de Hotel and de TTFA office before he leave, even de light bulbs and toilet paper he take. De man lower than de white line in de road.

Sam: Yuh f00ck up on de Selwyn Melville deal though, how de f00ck you could agree to that, he cannot prove he came up with de name soca warriors when Swallow sing that song and use that name in 1989. Yuh f00cking dottish or wha.

Wallace: I like how yuh straight forward but how yuh go call ah big man dottish, I making nuff change, look at some of de things I accomplish since ah put de pipe on DJW. He was here for 4 years and only studding hotel so he construction company could build it and de money stay in he pocket, look de players owed ova 100 thousand in salary. Look some ah de things I get done in 100 days.

1. Got a 25mill contract from Avec Sport.

2. Sign a four year sponsorship deal with Sports & Games even though local fans doh spend money, I figure we go make like 100 US in profit per year, everything counts, Sport and Games doh have a good business aspect for foreigners as far as shipping goes, so we will gain, just not as much, they support FC Santa Rosa a few years ago and they eh make nothing from sales, but we are hoping for a change, besides, it des look good in paper, yuh eh see how de Nike bluff make me win election, Look Loy work for Jack Warner, so he know de tricks to win.

3. Sign a 1.5mill contract with Caribbean Chemicals.

4. Hired some of the best coaches we have in T&T.

5. Got rid of Dennis Lawrence.

6. Settle de Soca Warriors trademark name, which I think he shouldn't f00ck Melville.

7. Upgrade de official TTFA website.

8. Very friendly and pleasant with the media and fans. Not like that huggish pig DJW.

9. Bring back women football.

10. Open up a network to bring in foreign players.

11. Found big flaws from de Home of Football hotel which might have to be sold to de government to put illegal immigrants in cause in every country you go, them have de most rights including schools and hospitals while tax payers get f00ck. De TTFA don't have de money to fix the problems, DJW even take de bulbs from de hotels when he lost election.

12. Willing to work with de leagues in T&T to improve it, but Julia Baptiste, Jamaal Shabazz, Brent Sancho and Renee John Williams not cooperating, they want to f000k meh.

13. Seems like Fenwick is attracting major sponsors cause people want to see change and seriousness and they know he will bring that.

Sam: Well that real good but who running de SSFL now?

Wallace: Tun-Tun from Tunapuna (laugh)..... that league dying, because to much fight dong in de league, nobody eh care about de children education, is all man for they self, look for example, Marcus Joseph could see he name on a blackboard and pass it straight, but if he was in de league going junio sec, St Anthony's College woulda take him. Run nigga, run, that is they mentality, now he have to go india and eat punkin and roti for de rest of he career, he prick go dead for sure.

Sam: What, yuh talk like a real man they, didn't think yuh had it in you, you is de only man who friendly to de fans and de media, yuh think you could connect with de fans on SWO and Tallman and Flex.

Wallace, Tallman already onboard and Flex, well ah go get to he soon, them fellas ital, ah like what they doing, de only thing is Tallman need to cut he hair if he want to make T&T team, ah like what Bertille St Clair did, no rastas on de team, yuh see wha happen to Sancho in de World Cup, axe Crouch.

Sam: So Terry Fenwick, welsome man, but yuh is T&T coach since January, but yuh scratching yuh Toe-tea since yuh come, because no team training.

Fenwick: Sam, you is a real comedian, I follow you on SWO and I know you on jokes, I was planning to call some locals for training, but de Futsal Coach end up calling them up before me, I eh get paid yet, but I also understand de situation Wallace inherited from de previous waste, so I doh mind waiting and getting paid 12 thousand US a month for doing interviews. Yuh know Stuart Charles and DJW go block they players from getting call up, so I looking foreign, de local players eh have belly, is only f00cking barra and stag they eating and drinking, Trini mentality f00cked up, but de women pussy sweet, I came here with de intention to go back in 2000 but boy, them puusy to sweet, ah in love, (Terry, smiling now).

Sam: How yuh smiling like when Indian win case so.

Terry: Lol, Sam you funny, hold on, ah getting ah call (((ring))), [hello] (hello, this is Controversial from SWO, ah need to make a request) [what is your request] (Ah want to see Keron Cummings on de team and Kerwin Jemmott as your assistant coach, if yuh make that happen coach ah go come sing my song at half time for de T&T vs Canada game for free) [I might call up Keron, but Jemmott already coaching] (serious, where) [In f00cking jail, he coaching ah blind team] (oh shit, tha is why he not answering he phone, ok coach, thanks, later).

Terry: Sam, I have to go, because meh wife cooking roti and egg and if ah miss supper cat go lick meh butter.

Sam: Ok Terry, enjoy yuh supper, Wallace, I gone, my interview woulda been much longer but ah like what yuh doing, so nothing much to talk about, by de way, hit La Fou­cade ah f00cking tap and tell him he need to humble he self, he acting like a big boy, he is a primadonna, watch him, yuh doh need men who not cooperating with de other staff and think they know everything because he went to de Colorado mountains to try a team, maybe you could send him San Fernando hill to try de team.

Wallace: Yuh good, ah like de interview, de only thing that kinda shake me up was, ah see hair growing in de palm of yuh hand, what causing that?

Sam: Lol,,, I gone boss, good luck and them jail cell uniform allyuh order eh to bright, de red look like de jail in T&T and de away one look like Rikers Island, ah starting to believe that company cah afford 25 million to pay allyuh, 6.5 million a year and you working on a 200 thousand a month deficit?

Wallace: I got to go, Tallman calling me, he find ah rasta playing in Germany, he say he really good, de only problem is, he does smoke weed or else he cah play but once he smoke, de man does look like Brian Williams, dribble like Dwarika and smoke like Latas, but he bad, ah hear even he private part hair is dreads to, so he does run like he have a hernia and it does throw off players, them eh know what side he go run next step, so we go talk, before ah o, ah hear DJW calling Jack Warner to come sue us, but ah waiting, de man approach us to sell nuts by de hotel when it open.

Sam: Serious, let me axe him, later Wallace.

Sam: DJW, tha true boy, yuh want to some sell nuts by de hotel when it open?

DJW: All I have to say is, that is not true, I got money from the NIS loan, enough I could live on, that loan was sweet now de TTFA employers go pay while I live large, I don't lose, I always have a plan B, me and David Camara, he suck enough seed he now in CONCACAF big wok and he promise he not giving de TTFA no money, he go make it hard for them, but I cah say much because Stuart Charles calling me to go eat black puddin, he, Mike money hungry Berry and Dennis Lawrence, them is meh boys now, ah make sure and hook up Dennis by signing him for long term even though de only team he beat was Angullia in de past 15 games, just so I could set him up financially for de future, even though Berry go get more that half.

Sam: Well good bye, Villa Capri close dong, maybe yuh could bye de home of football hotel and open a hoe house, at least yuh go get money back to invest in St Lucian Connection.

DJW: Caricom rules, they are part of the Caribbean and should not be counted as foreigners, them does export nuff fig to T&T in exchange for pitch every year, so they play a big part of T&T economy because T&T don't plant no more, they cutting dong fruit trees to plant lawn in T&T now because they want to be Americanized, yuh eh see man drinking starbuck coffee in 99 degrees weather, I gone and they importing ground provision from Ghana, be time that get here to T&T all go be rotten.

General Discussion / Imagine T&T have to import Ground Provision
« on: March 10, 2020, 04:35:07 PM »
Imagine T&T have to import Ground Provision and we could grow it in T&T, we have a f00cking waste for a government.

TT to get ground provision from Ghana

TT will be receiving ground provision from Ghana, acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert has reported.

He was responding to a prime minister's question in the House on Friday from Couva South MP Rudranath Indarsingh, who asked the purpose of the Prime Minister's current trip to Ghana, as well as people comprising the delegation.

Imbert said Dr Rowley was invited to be the special guest of honour at Ghana's 63rd independence celebrations.

"This is a very high and esteemed honour, and it was accepted by the honourable Prime Minister."

He reported Rowley was also using this opportunity to pursue a number of collaborative arrangements with Ghana, namely an air services agreement and potential expansion for opportunities for partnership in the energy sector, agriculture sector, financial services sector and trade.

He said the delegation included: the Prime Minister's wife; Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte and his wife; Dr John Alleyne, adviser to the Prime Minister on agriculture matters; security officers; press secretary; and a videographer.

Charles asked why there was no technical expert in energy, since energy matters were a significant component of the discussion, and asked what an agriculture expert had to do with energy.

Imbert replied that he never said energy was a major component of the visit nor a major thrust.

"What I want to repeat is that the Prime Minister has specifically taken Dr John Alleyne, adviser on agriculture, and if the honourable member was reading the newspapers he would see that there's already been a news report that TT is to benefit from a new stock of ground provision from Ghana, which is clearly as a result of the technical assistance provided by Dr John Alleyne."

Football / T&T's best combination.
« on: February 17, 2020, 04:33:43 PM »
Who allyuh feel made some of de best combos when they play together.

Everald Cummings & Warren Archibald

Marvin Andrews & Dennis Lawrence

Russell Latapy & David Nakhid

Reynold Carrington and Anthony Rougier

Kenwyne Jones & Keron Cummings

Russell Latapy & Arnold Dwarika

Dwight Yorke & Russell Latapy

Stern John & Arnold Dwarika

Leonson Lewis & Russell Latapy

Carlos Edwards & Christopher Birchall

Aurtis Whitley & Stern John

Carlos Edwards & Cyd Gray

Kevan George & Khaleem Hyland

Brian Williams & Marvin Faustin

Cyd Gray & Avery John

Leroy Spann & Alvin Corneal

Andre Boucaud & Khaleem Hyland

Clint Marcelle & Jeron Nixon

Carlos Edwards & Stern John

Angus Eve & Stern John

Clayton Morris v Dexter Francis

Silvio Spann & Carlos Edwards

Football / Who more famous from T&T
« on: February 09, 2020, 03:15:59 PM »
Who is de most famous well known athlete from T&T that is known worldwide.

2 Votes.

Football / Time to naturalize some Venezuelans
« on: February 03, 2020, 06:06:17 PM »
Time to naturalize some Venezuelans so they could play for we.

Ent !!

T&T nationals must take de game serious, cause they could get bowl out easy easy.

Miss World and Universe next. Venezuela known for that.

Football / Where de NIKE deal Wallace promise?
« on: January 24, 2020, 09:05:13 AM »
Where de NIKE deal Wallace promise?

However, ah like what Wallace doing since he took ova.

But he shouldn't lie about de NIKE deal to win election.

The TTFA must be more transparent.

Stop have illegal meetings with TTSL, Pro League and TTFA, everybody should be involved and treated fairly.

Wallace must change de TTFA culture and de TTFA must get some sponsorships.

Carnival is here, de Hotel, bar and hosting area should be open now, nuff money to make this month and next month for the TTFA, even if de Hotel can't open, they could hold nuff fetes in de Hall area.

Fenwick should have a team in training too, what is de keep back?

Football / U.S. National Soccer Team News Thread.
« on: October 08, 2019, 06:55:43 AM »
Ah really like this player, he leading Chelsea with de most assist, Lampard need to play him more to build his confidence. Chelsea have some good young players coming up though.

Football / Longest ever stretch without a win
« on: September 11, 2019, 01:56:05 AM »
Longest ever stretch without a win and Dennis Lawrence still here.

Ryan Tefler is we only striker to score for we ever since Lawrence took over.

We defence unorganise and Lawrence was a defender.

We best 3 players was on de bench vs Martinique.

This man experimenting with important games.

We have so many good playing who is active and not being call up.

Marvin Phillip and  Adrian Foncette is ole now and Glenroy Samuel just not good.

Ross Russell Jr because he father is we goalkeeper coach he get call. what about Noah Powder is who plays in a better league and is young, good for the future.

So much shit and DL say when he now got the job he only picking active players.

Dennis breaking records.

Football / I want T&T to lose Thread
« on: June 23, 2019, 07:41:21 PM »
As usual, any updates/scores, shout-outs, reports, predictions, views, etc, on the T&T vs Guyana Gold Cup game at the Children’s Mercy Park in Kansas City on the 26th of June 2019 will be posted here, this way, we can maintain the message board and not make it look too scrappy with un-necessary or related headlines and postings on game day.

I hope Guyana rest it on we !!!

Dennis Lawrence, retire boy, yuh tick skull will cost you your job but then again yuh woking for free something David John Williams like.

Football / I shame Thread.
« on: June 23, 2019, 07:40:10 PM »
Me eh care we lost but I shame, 6-0 to a bullshit USA side and a player (Pulisic) the media trying to make out like de next Maradona.

Dennis Lawrence, retire boy, yuh tick skull will cost you your job but then again yuh woking for free something David John Williams like.

Football / Favorite T&T players Thread
« on: March 01, 2019, 06:19:06 AM »
Pick 3 in order and from any generation

1. Arnold Dwarika

2. Russell Latapy

3. Carlos Edwards

Football / De SSFL and other Leagues in T&T must work together.
« on: December 29, 2017, 07:43:11 AM »
I feel de SSFL needs to affiliate themselves with either a Super League or Pro League club in order to protect and develop players.

For example,

Central FC and W Connection is based in central, close to Chaguanas Secondary, Carapichima, Pres Chagaunas, etc etc,,,

North East Stars, FC Rosa close to Arima Secondary.

Point Fortin close Point schools, etc.

1976 Phoenix, Bethel United and Stoikely Vale close to Speyside Secondary, Scarabough, Bishop's High School and Signall Hill.

Jabloteh, QRC, St Anthonys, etc.

Siparia Spurs, Shiva Boys, Fyzo, etc.

Club Sando Moruga, Guaya United, Presentation, Naps, etc...

Allyuh catch meh drift....

These clubs need to work with the schools in de area, play double header games with them, use the same fields and have full access to players in that school where they responsible for developing the players and school football system and coaches, in return they players must sign for that club, it will become their parent club and if they refuse and want to go to another club out of the area, then that other club need to pay a transfer fee to that player affiliated team and the fee must be split with the parent club and his school.

Look Shiva Boys could play in de Pro League and even beat Latapy Under 20 team, but de SSFL so short, players will get rusty, this way, when players connected to a club, in off season they can still train with their parent pro league or super league club.

Half of these SSFL players will leave T&T on a free transfer and we need to stop that and local club can benefit from this, this way, clubs can stay afloat, schools will get a kick back and players can properly develop.

Clubs in the area will have priority over players in the area and this will encourage fan support and sponsers to.

For example,

Stokely Vale FC merge with Signal Hill Secondary.

Signal Hill players becomes the club academy players where they will play on the same field, use the club facilities, train with the club senior players, allow the school coaches to work with the club staff, etc, etc...

Players sign a pre contract with their parent club and once they turn 18, they either sign officially or be sold, but cannot walk away on a free because this club help in his development.

Seeing that schools are involved, now self de government can step in and help, because schools belongs to the government and club could work something out with de government to get some kind of kick back ir tax break,,,, what ever de case....

How allyuh feel bout this?

by de way, this was Flex idea, we was talking about this and he told me this would be a good idea, I just decided to write about it here to get some feedback..

Football / Pro League vs Super League.
« on: December 29, 2017, 07:04:41 AM »
How every year it always have problems with de Pro League and you never hear Super League teams crying?

The Super League currently comprises of 12 teams in League One which was previously the Premier Division, and seven teams in League Two, called the Championship Division, that's 19 teams all together and never once I hear a complain from them.

De Pro League have 10 teams, plus each teams have to pay a $400,000 ??) entry fee.

The Pro League needs to take a page out of the SL books, because I am sure Super League players not playing for free and they have to rent field, referees, security, etc, etc,,, plus they have teams from Tobago, so flights as well.

Maybe Look Loy need to replace Dexter Skeene.

Anyone connected to the TTFA president is being controlled and it seems nothing cannot be run properly.

Look Central FC is another case, they eh get they prize money 3 years now, they lost most of their good players, they let them go on free transfers and paying de price, they came 3rd of last in de 2017 league, they had to take a boat to play in de de last CFU cup but yet next year they competing in de 2018 CFU cup again, they go embarrass T&T, how they qualify for that anyway? I could understand W Connection because they came 2nd.

I feel de SL Champions should be able to qualify for de CFU Cup and de CONCACAF Cup.

De SL running football how it suppose to run, they even have promotion and relegation, that's what de Pro League need to do, but John Williams and Skeene dont want to work hand in hand with de SL.

Is bullshit that Defence Force and Police could have 2 teams each, one in de Pro League and one in de Super League on tax payers money and all other teams scrambling.

David John Williams finally break his silence and open up to T&T football fans.
By Sam Edwards, editor at large.

Sam - Yea boy Kenwyne, how yuh feel about T&T failure so far.
Kenwyne - T&T need to score goals and them eh calling any strikers only Willis Plaza and he have broko foot. So wha yuh expect. Carlyle Mitchell is we top scorer, he even scoring for other teams. Dennis eh call me because he say I not playing regular football, but yet Jamille Boatswain dont play for he team either and Plaza playing in a blind league. They relying on Molino to score goals and he is a club footballer, he cah play international football, he does get confuse and might score a lucky goal now and then.

Sam - Yea boy Nathan Lewis, ah like how yuh playing, how de experience so far playing for T&T.
Nathan - Even though we eh get paid since de Mexico game in March, I still playing hard because ah looking for outside contract. Ah know it go be hard because I is not a W Connection player, but ah trying to go England still. DJW tell me that will never happen because he will keep T&T very low on de FIFA ranking until more Connection players make de national team so they could qualify for UK work permits, so he tell me look for contract in El Salvador.

Sam - Joevin, you had to very poor games in we last two games, wha happen.
Joevin - DJW want we to play for free and he vex because W Connection didn't get a percentage of my transfer fee from Seattle Sounders to Darmstadt. So I say, f00ck it, me eh pushing hard for T&T, I can't afford to get injured and play for a team with 3 coaches and a Englishman who dont look interested in the job at all and they all dont know how to coach. Dennis Lawrence giving hand signal from de sidelines like he parking aeroplane in Piarco. Nobody eh know what he trying to say and it have we confuse. De man gold teeth does blind me in training to and he does studder, so when he giving instructions by de time de players hear it,  play done ova. Every 5 mins he calling Mike Berry to ask for tips and he using whatsapp with no internet service, so he have to call  him collect. Whats-app planing to make a special app for T&T football where they could call collect for free and in return they put the app logo on T&T shirts.

Sam - Carlos Edwards, how yuh get drop from T&T boy and yuh was playing good.
Edwards - Latapy f000ck me good, he and Shabaaz pulling DJW stones and f00cking up T&T football. They blacklist me because I went and help Latapy coach de Under 15 team and when I ask for some money they get vex, me and Jason Scotland. Imagine, they use me in most of the friendlies and when de important games come, they drop me for W Connection Alvin Jones and yuh see de shit he did against Honduras. Dennis Lawrence have to many people interfering with he team and it will only affect his rep, how can you experiment with important games, he using so many different players when he should have had a settle team working hard with them. Look at Hyland and see de shit that he does play but yet Boucaud we best midfielder wasn't called, Dennis finally realise how shittie he is and bench him vs Panama when we was already out. To many crooks cook in de pot Sam.

Leh we look at T&T under DJW.

Russell Latapy - failed with the under 15 and under 17 teams.

Leonson Lewis - fail with St Benedict's but he incharge out de youth elite program.

Dennis Lawrence, Sol Campbell, Stern John, Stuart Charles - failed with T&T senior team but still here.

Brian Williams - failed with de under 20.

Ross Russell - fail in he last wok with North East Stars and got fired and now with T&T senior team, yuh eh see how bad we keepers doing, Marvin Phillip who not be on T&T team, them eh want to call Greg Ramjitsingh because they racist.

Jamaal Shabazz - failing with Morvant Caledonia Untied, they almost last in de Pro League and this man have so many positions with the TTFA.

David John Williams - Every single team since he too over failing and falling yet he talking about how good T&T doing with some dumb ass training center, wait, so as soon as ah next minister of sports comes alonmg, they go take back de Ato Boldon Stadium and they training center go be a big watermelon field like de Manny Ramjohn one.

The Hasley Crawford Stadium is we national stadium and now we playing in W Connection home field.

Look at Angus Eve (Club Sando and Naps), Derek King (North East Stars #1) and Jabloteh youth coach how they progressing and ask why they not involved with T&T, yuh know why, because DJW cannot control them.

Look at good Keith Look Loy doing with de TTSL compare to de Pro League, DJW trying he best to destroy that league but eh know how because Look Loy know all de rules and know how to handle him.

Sam - Jamaal boy, yuh have DJW by he nuts, how yuh pull that off bro.
Jamaal Shabaaz - Sam boy, and de man balls big like Donkey Kong one, so is ah big job, DJW is a construction company businessman (who using he company to build de home of football) and he eh know one ass about how to run football even though W Connection did ok in de league other people was really running it for him, he is all about making money and big name, so I basically benefiting because I figure if I massage he balls in de right places he go give Morvant players a chance to play on de T&T team and I could make some money selling players outside and at de same time give back by being incharge of T&T football, this way, I go be he fall guy and still have a job. Everybody wins, and by de way Sam, Guyana players easy to sell that's why we have so many here.

Sam - Flex, long time me eh hear from you, I hear you ask DJW about team selection and he say he doh get involved, you believe that.
Flex - David feel I does swallow everything he tell me like I went to school on Sunday. It cant be a coincident we are seeing so many W Connection players making de national team now. I can guarantee you by 2022 there will be no foreign born players on T&T mens team. They have no scouting system and we have so many players eligible for T&T playing outside, so you do that math. Look at the John Bostock situation, they took so long to get Bostock's paperwork to FIFA he got turned off and drop T&T, same situation with Look Loy and his football Gala, they drag their feet when someone else have a chance to make a name for them self. Why you think Keron Cummings gone to the TTSL, so they can't touch him.

Sam - Shaunie, how yuh like yuh new boss.
Shaun Fuentes - Sam boy, only because I have a family to feed I still here and even though pay always late, I does get it. The man make Tim Kee look like a king and Jack Warner look like a princess. DJW does do what ever he feel like and feel he dont have to take advice or answer to anyone, he have a bullish mentality. I feel Stuart Charles burning a candle ova that man head to, he cah do no wrong, expect to see Earl Jean on T&T coaching staff soon. Sam, this interview is between us right? [Sam - no], I gone, please don't post this on de forum, I go get burn (((ring))) (((ring))) [Shaun - hols on Sam, let me answer this, [[[hello]]], [Yes, this is DJW] how can I help you sir, [ah hope yuh eh doing any interview with them fellas on de SWO website yuh know, because Jamaal ready to take yuh job, he use to write and coach from he computer for Guyana Football federation and he could use a laptop very effective, so watch yuh ass] No, no sir, I will never do anything for them fellas on that site, dont worry sir, I go bring some polorie by you later and we go discuss plans for a new camera. [Boy, yuh eh find that myself, Stuartie and Jamaal belly big enough, doh bring polories, bring doubles instead or KFC], de official food for T&T football team since Jack Warner]. Ok, sir, I will be there around 5 ish.

Sam - Isa, how you still involved in T&T football sah and you is ova a 100 year ole.
Muhammad Isa - Hey Sam, before we do this interview, yuh have an Viagra, ah spend out meh whole pension money on a electric wheelchair last week, because ah end up breaking de manual one while training some 8 year ole kids, boy, ah could keep up with them, they fast boy, believe me, we have some fast players coming up for de future, by 2057 you will see a new T&T team, we will make it to every world cup, Jamaal teaching them how to shoot, Latapy teaching them how to smoke 3 cigarettes at once, Leonson Lewis teaching them, well, I eh sure what yet, but now that he get fired from St Benedicts, he go have more time to figure what he want to teach them and Stuart teaching them how to diet, so de elite program running smooth.

Sam - Mac Fingal, even though you from Barbados, yuh does follow T&T football, how you feel about de TTFA.
Mac Fingal - This is all I have to say

Sam - Admiral Bailey, even though you from Jamaica, yuh does follow T&T football, how you feel about de TTFA.
Admiral Bailey - This is all I have to say

Sam - Finally David, yuh decide to give me a interview, ah know yuh like to be silent, but ah glad yuh decided.
David John Williams - I don't have to explain myself to no one. Allyuh on that site comparing me to Jack Warner, eh, allyuh go see. I dont answer to anyone except my wife, Jamaal Shabaaz and Stuart Charles, but I will talk this time. Look at how well we planning football and saving to.

Latapy working for cigarettes, money save they and he saving we even more, yuh eh see when de under 15 player we had on de team from Colombia (Cephas St Rose) ask for a extra water in training Latapy assistant coach Duane Richardson choke him slap him on he behind he head and drop him from de team in Cayman Island, money save they to.

Lawrence working to build he reputation because he want to go back to Everton and coach. So he woking for free, money save they.

Stern John wants to give back to T&T football and de only thing he wants in return is for his son Tyrik John from Central FC to one day get pick on T&T side, money save they.

Ross Russell is a national guard and is doing work for free for his country because he getting he money from de T&T government, money save they.

We decided to spend de players salary to send them for a month in Colorado because we thought we coulda beat USA at high altitude and when people see that, sponsors woulda come. De players eh tell allyuh how much steak and bacon they eat in Colorado, but they talking bout money, money save they.

Me, Stuartie and Jamaal decided to stop eating steaks and expensive food just to save money, we on a doubles diet since January, money save they.

Ruby Tuesday offer us some office space for free incase we need to fire anyone, we feed them and then fire team so it eh go look bad nah. Cah send of ah man hungry belly.

Stuart Charles getting money from selling W Connection players, so he want to coach T&T to make sure his players get pick, so he woking for free.

And if Allan Warner, Ewing Davis and Joanne Salazar want to keep they W Connection wok, they have to woirk for de TTFA for free, killing two bird with one stones, money save they.

No more live games is de only way we will full de stadium, so after our next two world cup games, we done with Telemundo, we fulfill we contract, money save they.

No more nuts man at games, nuts to expensive, is channa and chennet now, for ah lil extra, money save they.

Players have to pay they own way to come to training, money save they.

We eliminated de woman senior team programme and we will have them keeping fit in de WoLF league, money save they.

USA federation already contacted us and say they need to win that last game vs us BIG and at any cost because they have to qualify for de world up in order to host de 2026 one. In return, we made some dollars on  de side plus a free ticket to de 2026 WC.

Sharon Obrien is ah ole fling I had long ago, so ah give she wok so she eh go talk, money save they.

FIFA paying for de training centre, money save they. Ah hope Gianni Infantino win de next election, because I surely will be here, for de next 30 years.

De government paying for de Ato Boldon Stadium even though de other leagues, SSFL, TTSL and Pro League paying we a lil rent, we still woking, yuh eh see we building a big time hotel to, W Connection will have full access to it and they will improve as a team and do better in de Champions league and put T&T on de map, even though we dont have any swimming pools and gym, we plan to go green. Wait, allyuh go see, going green does save money, when teams visit T&T, they will stay in we hotel and bath by de standpipe, we just link up with KFC and they said they will provide all means for T&T teams when de training center done, all we have to do is buy napkins and plates, money save they. [Sam - so what about de poor attendance],,,, Sam, for 20 years de pro league getting 20 fans for games and we still here.

We use Shaun Fuentes to pick up de players from de airport with he maxi taxi, money save they.

You know how much we save when we pick a W Connection, player, is de same with W Connection staff, pay one, play twice, they getting W Connection pay so when they play for T&T we dont have to pay them or buy plane ticket for them to come down for games that is why Boucaud and Ramjitsingh not getting call, is not because we racist. Get allyuh story right, even though we eh have one Indian or white or Chinese on we staff, we love everybody money. W Connection players are very economical to maintain, imagine, Alvin Jones sit in the toilet from a flight from T&T to Denver just to save us money on a extra plane ticket.

We not paying Stephen Hart and Carolina Morace because Morace walkout and I tell she to wait, money coming and Hart didn't follow orders when I ask him to pick Winchester, so they breech they contract, money save they.

Anton Corneal say he will drop de court case he had because de TTFA own him money if we give him wok as TD and he will wok for lettuce and he wanted we to throw in kale and carrots because he market business pick up, money save they.

Jamaal Shabaaz is a terrorist, so we saving money not hiring so much Police for the games. No bandit eh go come test de fans once he in de stadium.

So you answer me here now Sam, you answer me, look at money we saving, in 30 years we will have a unbeatable team. We planning to win de Caribbean cup and qualify for de gold cup every single year.

Take that news back to yuh pardna and them on de site especially de Canadian crew, Contro and Palas.

Football / Best team going forward.
« on: September 20, 2017, 08:52:58 AM »
Ross Russell
Stuart Charles
Dennis Lawrence
Sol Campbell
Muhammad Isa
Leonson Lewis
Russell Latapy
David John Williams
Justin Latapy
Stern John
Jamaal Shabazz

Football / Fire Dennis Lawrence Thread.
« on: September 03, 2017, 06:45:29 AM »
Can a giraffe coach pothounds to play football?

Too much cooks in de pot.

DJW picking de players.

We goalkeeprs playing like Ross Russell.

De team playing like Defence Force defence because Sol Campbell ride out and Lawrence they.

De midfield playing like W Connection one because Stuart Charles they,

We forward playing like Stern John when he use to play for North East Stars

David John Williams tell Flex he dont get involved with team selection when Flex ask him about Greg Ramjitsingh.

After de shit Jan Michael put down last night, if Greg wasn't born in a foreign country and didn't have indian in him, he was scure getting call.

Allyuh see de crowd attendance since DJW took over T&T football.

Just now T&T football will be running like de Pro League.

They could build all de training center they want to impress FIFA is de same ole.

Look how jokie Lawrence is, Trevin Caesar never get call up by Lawrence, now he call him.

All de frienldy they play, he never call de man.

9 games now, he never call de man, he call everybody else.

Football / 4% chance team does beat teams in the own country.
« on: September 03, 2017, 06:29:45 AM »
How much percent allyuh feel we have?

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