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Football / Small Mag observations T&T vs Barbados
« on: October 11, 2011, 06:50:12 PM »
I am no Touches with all the dixee giveaways and bmobile models etc but here is my opinion of the game:

We started with a 4-4-2 .. Phillips, Telesford, James, Power, Adams, Peltier, Hyland, Molino. Daniel, Stern, Jorsling

1st Half started well enough with us keeping the ball well but I noticed Stern and Jorsling both similar in their playing style were too close to each other but that allowed Peltier to use the right channel both in and wide a little more than he would have had Kenwyne been the strike partner using the space better than Jorsling and Stern who are more play to their feet strikers because their ability to hold up play and bounce it off or find a pass is better than Roberts and Jones who are more run behind the defence type of strikers.

Anyway it was obvious the pairing was too similar and was not going to work. Peltier scored a good goal in the 7th when he fought off 1 defender and the keeper and hit a low drive with good composure to make it 1-0 .. After that it was very poor stuff .. giveaways, little movement on and off the ball, bad control, bad decision making.. Only Hyland looked good in the 1st half..plenty aggression and using the ball best of everyone but also winning it back. We looked flat and a change was needed.

Now, I am a massive Hector fan.. This kid is Special, ever since he made his way into the team around the Latapy era I knew he was going to be an important player in this campaign. First off and I am not afraid to put my neck on the chopping block but he is the closest thing technically we have since Latapy, his touch is majestic and the tempo he brings to a game causes our play to transform into another dimension. The game was crying for a live wire to bring it to life. If the team was a patient , at half time he would be pronounced dead but luckily we had that little extra shock to bring him back and that was the introduction of Hector.

Hector and Tinto came on for Jorsling and Daniel.. both exiting players were poor, Jorsling was non existent and Daniel, though one of our better technical players lacks the drive and energy to really impact the team.

The oncoming pair brought great energy and we switched to a 4-3-3 with Hyland as a holding mid and Molino and Hector on top of him with Tinto left Peltier right and Stern through the center which is his best as he can bring the CAM's into play .

Immediately it worked with seemingly all the play going through hector, bouncing it sweetly with Hylanf who was fantastic in possession in the 2nd half too, One touch, two touch , pass, move, pass move, boom bang boom bang.. zipping fast paced smart football .. Crowd start to freak.

Peltier's second was a well worked goal after a nice sequence of passing and his third was a brilliant finish .. A very hard worked hat trick with his 1st 2 goals down to his determination. Dont let the hattrick make him a saviour though, he was still guilty of some poor decisions and a bit greedy with the ball when he had a couple opportunities to square Stern for what I think would have been goals.

Hector was on another level, just oozing with quality and letting the ball do the work and Hyland and Molino and Stern were reaping the benefits of his pulsing play by allowing their technical ability to come together and bring Tinto and Peltier into the game with devastating effect

Stern should have scored when he was played in by Tinto but the keeper made a fantastic foot save but Stern would put that down as a bad miss given his quality. I love Stern John, the underdog, but at his age still tryign his best despite being visibly unfit (I'm thinking after his Mother's death he may have halted his training with personal duties ) not to mention playing the lone striker at his age isnt easy. There is a role for him yet and we should never discard a striker who will find the net, who has technical ability in abundance when it comes to holding up a ball with a man on his back and releasing other players to do damage... Stern John despite missing a goal or running or gunning was a huge reason we won this game by 4 goals due to his quick 1 touch football during Peltier's 2nd and 3rd

Hector rounded off the win with a well deserved brilliant solo effort when he was played through and 1 on 1 a messi esque chip which capped the performance of the 2nd half in the perfect way, Elegance.

Player Ratings:

Phillips- 8/10- Solid, didnt drop a ball, covered angles, number 1 by a long way

Telesford- 7/10- Did the right things, didnt force the ball, defended well, very good option to have
James- 8/10- Leader of the back and did his job, kept them at bay while keeping his line of defenders in check, good effort
Power- 7/10- Always hungry but sometimes a little too eager to jump into situations leaving himself exposed, a few bad passes but all in all a good job done
Adams- 6/10- dont let the radio fool you, 1st half he was terrible, miscontrolling often, forcing the ball, getting caught out of position,  much better 2nd half when he enjoyed the room to go forward due to us switch to a 4-3-3 , something to work with but we need Samuel back immediately or Joevin Jones to come back into the LB until Samuel is here

Peltier- 8/10- well taken goals all at very important times, good pace and tracking back very well, some bad decisions when on the ball though that he needs to work on and I want to see more delivery from him especially in a 4-4-2... enjoy the moment corn curls, but push on
Hyland- 9/10- Possibly the best I've seen from him since the England friendly in 08.. Since he's been away I get the starboy vybe when he is on the field with lack of effort or care but he rolled up his socks and got stuck in and really made me proud tonight, the boy is now a man.. he kept the ball well, won it back well and showed great desire in transition . Quality player on his day
Molino- 7/10- Didnt like him in a CM in a 4-4-2.. he looked a bit lost playing so deep and was careless when on the ball in the 1st half.. 2nd half playing almost behind Stern he enjoyed the creative room and his link up play with Hector Hyland Stern had his swag turned on and he was pulsing the play well and had a fine assist for the 3rd goal with a perfect through ball for Peltier
Daniel- 5/10- Out of it, lack of desire, poor service and a small injury.. not your night Skilla but we know what you have when you decide to use it.. Get Hungry

Stern- 7/10- Form is Temporary but Class is permanent and I'll use that motto for his 90 minute assessment : Wasn't his best game and should have scored a goal but really assisted the team play in the 2nd half with quick passing and his hold up ability allowed the midfielders to use the ball quicker and wide when he pulled defenders with him. Never turning his back on us he gave what he could for 90 minutes at his age up front while recovering from his mothers death and lack of game time and training I salute his efforts tonight.

Jorsling- 5/10 - Non existent but I really like this player so I hope he isnt discarded as he is very similar to Stern and he is a goalscorer.. as I mentioned I dont think the Formation and strike partner helped his game today.. he is better as a lone striker or with a running strike partner as we saw with him and Baptiste linking with lethal effect.

Tinto- 8/10- One of the best games from him in a very long time, used the ball well, full of running and desire and brought great Energy to the game, he looked good on the left of the 4-3-3 and I think the 35th minute sub in Bermuda made him go on with a point to prove today.. keep it up Tinto this is what we want

Jaggy- 6/10.. not that much done when on.. a nice solo run but then a bad pass at the end of it which sums him up to me, full of industry but no product

and last but not least , my man of the match
Hector 9.5/10-
Completely changed the game, the intensity in play on and off the ball of the team increased with his arrival on the scene, his quick tempo style allowed the team to express themselves with the ball and let it do the work. He was involved in all 3 second half goals scoring 1 himself.
This kid is the truth

My assessment:
I think we have found our formation but it is finding the right personnel for it will be tricky, Personally I would go with:




Jones may ironically be the weak link in the formation as it probably requires a striker with top technical ability but I am hoping he can mix his game with the game needed and cause a deadly combination

At the end of the day yes its only Barbados la la la but after seeing the 2nd half performance and knowing the players coming back to the team I feel very confident going into the next 2 games

Cheers for the 3 points and good play lads

Football / Youtube Football Compilation Thread
« on: May 12, 2011, 09:40:59 AM »
I go start it up

Take in this one..possibly the best I've ever seen:

<a href=";" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">;</a>

Football / Who de hell we playing on Wednesday??
« on: October 04, 2010, 01:55:36 PM »
TTFF strikes again... Less than 48 hours to go and we dont have the fixture yet... only here yes

I hearing Bermuda, etc etc...

I taking bets... Pro League XI due to no teams available

Muhammed and he stupid self say "plenty teams book up"....  you would swear they only announced the international calender a month ago  ::)

Anil if you reading...Jack if you reading... when you rid the team of Latapy..please rid it of the cancer that is Muhammed... the biggest waste of break ever hired by the TTFF... bring someone with actual management skills please.. not a waste of time shithong... thanks

Football / Champion's League Draw- QF and SF
« on: March 19, 2010, 05:23:15 AM »
1) Lyon vs Bordeaux
2) Bayern Munich vs Manchester United
3) Arsenal vs Barcelona
4) Inter Milan vs CSKA Moscow

Semi Final:

A: 2 vs 1

B: 4 vs 3

A vs B

 ;D I like our draw...If we can get past Bayern we play either Bordeaux or Lyon

Football / Champion's League RO16 Draw
« on: December 18, 2009, 07:21:50 AM »
Stuttgart v Barcelona
Olympiakos v Bordeaux
Inter Milan v Chelsea
Bayern Munich v Fiorentina
CSKA Moscow v Seville
Lyon v Real Madrid
FC Porto v Arsenal
AC Milan v Man United

Manchester United will face former midfielder David Beckham in the last 16 of the Champions League after they were paired with AC Milan in the draw.

It will be the first time since his 2003 departure that Beckham has faced the club where he made his name, with his return set for 9/10 or 16/17 March.

Chelsea, meanwhile, were drawn against ex-manager Jose Mourinho's Inter Milan.

Arsenal enjoyed arguably the easiest of the draws, against Porto, with the first leg on 16/17 or 23/24 February.

Holders Barcelona will face German side Stuttgart, while their La Liga rivals Real Madrid face a tricky tie against French side Lyon.

But the two draws of the round undoubtedly involve English clubs, with Manchester United and Chelsea both reunited with former heroes.

Beckham, who will rejoin AC Milan on loan from LA Galaxy in January, will be eligible to face United as long as he is registered by the Italian club before 1 February and is one of the three additions made to their Champions League squad.

The 34-year-old will surely relish his return to the club with whom he won six Premier League titles, the Champions League and two FA Cups.

"Beckham will get a fantastic reception, as players coming back usually do at Manchester United," said Manchester United director of communications Phil Townsend. "He was a terrific servant for the club and we all hope he will be playing.

"Manchester United against AC Milan is what this stage of the Champions League is all about.

"We've played them four times in 52 years, I think, and not knocked them out yet, so hopefully our time will come this year."

United have beaten five of their last seven Italian opponents in the Champions League knockout stages but, significantly, the two occasions they lost were both to AC Milan: 2-0 on aggregate in the round of 16 in 2005 and 5-3 on aggregate in the semi-finals in 2007.

Mourinho's return to Stamford Bridge will be no less intriguing, reuniting the Blues with the man who led them to two league titles, an FA Cup and two League Cups before unexpectedly leaving in 2007.

"It's going to be difficult for both teams because they're both very strong and they're dominating their leagues," said Inter director Luis Figo.
All the clubs who come to Chelsea now have a point to prove

"Mourinho has nothing to prove. He arrived at Chelsea and brought titles to a club who had won nothing for a long time. The people love him so I think it's going to be a fantastic and emotional return."

That sentiment was echoed by Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay, who said: "I'm sure Jose will get a fantastic reaction from our fans and it will be quite a spectacle.

"All the clubs who come to Chelsea now have a point to prove. Jose had a fantastic impact on the club and we had some fantastic players then.

"(But) we have a fantastic coach who is unbelievably experienced at this level having won the competition twice as a player and twice as a coach. At this level, Carlo can take us to the next step."

Inter Milan currently lead rivals AC by five points at the top of Serie A and are sure to provide stiff opposition to the Premier League leaders.

Football / MLS Western Conference Final: Houston Dynamo vs LA Galaxy
« on: November 13, 2009, 08:54:56 PM »
Live at 11pm EST, 12pm tt time

I think on ESPN....

Anyone know If Birchy fit?

Football / Trotters Match Day
« on: November 12, 2009, 08:31:07 PM »
Trotters Match Day is the new way to view Football in Trinidad and Tobago. Every Saturday,Sunday and Champion's League Match-days come enjoy Football like you have never done before. With our many flat screens and our large projection screen, Trotters offers the very best for viewing your favourite team and with our satisfying Menu your day will truly be perfect.

Come on down to Trotters for Trotters Match Day in your team colours and enjoy the 90 minutes with other fans as Trotters Match Day is the only place to feel the atmosphere of the game. Trotters Match Day is a great day out for the family, and the kids will love the mix of food and sport.Remember the three things a fan loves most, their Family,Sport and Food & Drink, and at Trotters Match Day all three blend perfectly.

For more info and upcoming schedules please join our:

Trotters Match Day Fan Page
Trotters Match Day Facebook Group
Trotters Match Day Twitter Page

Football / Your 2014 Squad
« on: September 10, 2009, 04:53:29 PM »
Yea..just to forget this mess of a campaign.. Qualifying starts 2012

my 2014 Side so far lol

---------------------------------K.Jack(35 in 2012)

--Carlos(32 in 2012)---------J.James-------Abu----------JL'Samuel(30 in 2012)

--Tinto-------------------Hyland--------Birchall-----------C.Samuel(30 in 2012)

-------------------------Roberts--------Glenn(30 in 2012)

Rest of Squad-
 Jan M. Williams
Phillips or G.Samuel

Elton John
Carlon Murray
Curtis Gonsalves
Akiel Edwards
Glenton Wolfe
Akeem Adams

Jake Thompson?
Josh Johnson
Anthony Wolfe
Attulah Guerra
Clyde Leon
Densil Theobald
Leston Paul
Sean De Silva
Keon Daniel
Kendal Jagdeosingh

Scotland will be 32 in 2012(I think he will retire)
Peltier(wing option as well)

that squad have alot of young players... they will need a big coach to have any chance

Players that will not be there-(2012 ages)

Ince(39), Dog(35), Avery(36), Cyd(37), Lawrence(37), K.Thomas,(??) Noel(35)

Stern will be 34 next campaign(2012)... Doubt he will return but he could
Sancho will be 34...experienced CB.. we could use him next campaign for sure
K.Jack will be 35... If he can get at least a full season in before 2012 he will be in my plans.. hopefully he is still the same keeper we know him to be.. Legend

not a bad squad... Get a top class coach in(from at least Jan 2012) and we could have a chance

Football / Legend Dwight Yorke retires from football.
« on: September 04, 2009, 11:42:07 AM »
Yorke retires from football.
By: James Riach (skysports).

Veteran striker hangs up his boots

Former Manchester United forward Dwight Yorke has announced his retirement from football. The 37-year-old played a total of 480 club games, scoring 147 goals, and won the UEFA Champions League with United as well as three successive Premier League titles.

During his time at Old Trafford, Yorke formed a formidable partnership with fellow striker Andy Cole and he found the back of the net 64 times in 151 appearances.

The former Trinidad and Tobago captain was released by Sunderland at the end of last season and has decided to call it a day.

"It's time to hang up my boots," he said. "While I'm still in great shape, I'm not getting any younger.

"I've had the time of my life. I hope people will say that I played the game in the right way with a smile on my face.


"I've been blessed really. I've played alongside some of the greatest players the Premier League has ever seen in Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Peter Schmeichel, and played for the greatest manager in Sir Alex Ferguson."

Yorke has accepted a position as assistant manager of the Trinidad and Tobago national team for the remaining World Cup qualifiers, and says he wants to stay in football.

"I always planned to stay in football," he added. "My aim is to build up some experience and then use what I've learnt from my playing days to coach and one day manage a team in England.

"I'll always count myself lucky. I was a boy on a beach from a little Caribbean island that got the chance to fulfil his dream of winning trophies at the highest level and captaining his country in their first ever World Cup finals."
Yorke hangs up his playing boots.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Trinidad and Tobago’s Dwight Yorke today announced his retirement from football. Yorke, currently here in San Pedro Sula with the National Team, was released by Sunderland at the end of last season, won the UEFA Champions League with United in 1999 as well as three successive Premiership titles.

Yorke, who captained Trinidad and Tobago at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™, said: "It's time to hang up my boots. While I'm still in great shape, I'm not getting any younger. I've had the time of my life. I hope people will say that I played the game in the right way with a smile on my face.

"I've been blessed really. I've played alongside some of the greatest players the Premier League has ever seen in Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Peter Schmeichel, and played for the greatest manager in Sir Alex Ferguson.

"I'll always count myself lucky. I was a boy on a beach from a little Caribbean island that got the chance to fulfil his dream of winning trophies at the highest level and captaining his country in their first ever World Cup finals."

Yorke played 480 club games and scored 147 goals, scoring 64 in 151 appearances for United having teamed up with Andy Cole spectacularly. Yorke added that he was now committed to the role of Assistant coach of the National Team.

“Basically I’ve agreed to take up the role as assistant coach for the remainder of the campaign and then we’ll take it from there. I’m still very much involved in completing my coaching badges but I would like to stay involved in the game in some capacity,” Yorke told TTFF Media on Friday at the Hilton Princess Hotel.

“My aim is to build on all the experience and hopefully manage a team one day in England. At the moment I’m here to help Russell and Trinidad and Tobago football as best as I can and that’s where the situation is at the moment,” Yorke said.

Football / Aston Villa vs Juventus- Peace Cup Final
« on: August 02, 2009, 04:45:46 PM »
Villa win 4-3 on penalties after a scoreless match

I started watching from the 90th so I dont know who started... but during extra time Villa used their reserves and some squad players like Guzan,Reo Coker and 2 1st teamers in Cuellar and Young

and Juventus used at least 8 1st teamers and Villa battled them and should have put the game away

great effort by Villa... juve lol

If anybody wants to laugh...go check Del Piero "penalty" in the shootout

Football / Audi Cup 2009
« on: July 29, 2009, 11:32:37 AM »
Today :
Manchester United vs Boca Juniors at 12 30et
Bayern Munich vs AC Milan 2 30et

Utd 2 boca 0- HT... Anderson free kick and Valencia

live on ESPN on flow

Football / TTFF North Zone MVP is a Forum Member
« on: July 23, 2009, 03:43:03 PM »
Sorry  Big Mag Here ( SM go buff meh again)

yes forumites...

join me to congratulate one of our very own forum members on Winning the MVP for the North Zone in the recent awards ceremony...

I wont be the one to say who it is...maybe they dont want people to know...but from me to you...congrats... you deserve it...

also won the best goalkeeper....

Football / June 11th- Oct/Nov
« on: June 10, 2009, 09:51:44 PM »

Decent effort by the lads today but we have to give the rest of the campaign a real go...

Thanks to Mr Maturana we dont have a Gold Cup to call up players and have a good 2 weeks of training and playing competitive football... Hopefully Jack can organise 2 friendlies or a 3 way tourni in June/July as it is vital...  also a friendly before the El Salvador is key

GK: Ince.. his spot is safe...  then you have Marvin Phillips and Jan as the cover

Defenders: Major area to be solved... Makan Hislop out...

These Defenders in my opinion must be in the same training squad together:
Cyd Gray, Brent Sancho, Julias James, Marvin Andrews, Dennis Lawrence, Keyno Thomas,Abu-Bakr, Avery John, Nigel Daniel

Carlos Edwards will be my RB for the remainder of the campaign... but if Cyd is n form then Carlos RW

We cannot afford to tinker in defence with pro league youths unless they are massive standouts..which only N.Daniel is in my opinion

Sancho and James offer difference to Dog and Lawrence ... Abu Bakr has promise but not enough to be starting a WCQ this time.

Not much to be changed in this mix

Tinto, Carlos, Spann, Birchall, Yorke, Hyland, Noel, Theobald, Daniel, Samuel

Birchall is a f**king legend by the way... that is a true Warrior... has to start

4 words
Stern Legend 14 John... we missed him so badly this month.. must play

KJ, Scotty , Glenn and I'm bringing back Roberts as well as 1 or 2 local strikers in the training squad

Sort it out Russell....


Football / Falkirk Manager Hughes gone to Hibs
« on: June 08, 2009, 10:37:38 AM »
BM Here

a friend in Falkirk just sent me this message... of course they want the wee man...

so ...whats the view ??

Football / Tobago Roll Call for T&T vs CR
« on: May 07, 2009, 05:21:37 PM »
I know for a fact some people have their game tickets organised... bigshots

But for the rest of us who will wait to find out on Monday .. who going Bago?

Small Mag and Big Mag present

Going across Saturday till Monday evening

Football / Ryan Giggs wins the PFA Player of the Year Award at 35
« on: April 26, 2009, 04:09:33 PM »
Ryan Giggs, in his 18th season as a professional, was finally awarded the highest honour possible by his peers, as he was tonight voted the Professional Footballers' Association's player of the year. The Manchester United midfielder described it as the "best" possible accolade, having beaten off competition from his club-mates Nemanja Vidic, Rio Ferdinand, Edwin van der Sar and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Liverpool's Steven Gerrard.

"It's right up there, with personal accolades it's the best to have as it's voted by your fellow players," Giggs said. "I've been fortunate to win a lot of trophies, I won the young player award twice but this is the big one."

Giggs paid tribute to his manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who signed him on schoolboy terms when the teenage winger was training with the Manchester City Academy. "The manager has been massive in my career from when I first met him when I was 13," Giggs said. "That's over 20 years and he knows me better than anyone and our relationship has been brilliant and just gets better. I've been so fortunate to have such a great career in so many great teams, it's not even worth thinking about what it would have been like without the manager."

Some questioned his nomination, dismissing it as a nostalgic exercise, given that he has made only 12 starts in the Premier League this season, supplemented by the same number again of substitute appearances, and scoring a single goal – the winner against West Ham United at Upton Park in February, shortly before members of the PFA would have submitted their ballots.

Advocates would point to the influence Giggs maintains in the United midfield – developing a more creative game from a central role to compensate for the loss of his once blistering pace. It was from this central berth that he influenced the vital home victories over Chelsea in the league and Internazionale in the Champions League. His manager, when facing top-class opposition in crucial matches, still puts great faith in the 35-year-old.

The midfielder did not feature in Ferguson's squad for Saturday's 5-2 victory over Tottenham, so it is likely his 800th appearance will come in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Arsenal. Giggs has played more times for the United first team than anyone in history, having surpassed Bobby Charlton's previous record in Moscow on his way to his second European Cup last May.

Giggs is the first Welshman to win the accolade since his former Manchester United team-mate Mark Hughes claimed his second PFA award, in 1990-91, the season a 17-year-old Giggs made his debut in a 2-0 home defeat by Everton, replacing Denis Irwin. The next season Giggs was a regular on the left wing, the first of Fergie's Fledglings to break into the United first-team. He collected the PFA young player of the year award in both 1992 and 1993.

An 11th Premier League medal is likely to join the PFA award in Giggs' trophy cabinet next month, to go alongside winner's medals from four FA Cups, two Champions Leagues, three League Cups, a Uefa Super Cup, an Intercontinental Cup and one Fifa Club World Cup.

United have six players in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year but there is no place for the England striker Wayne Rooney. Aston Villa's winger Ashley Young picked up the Young Player of the Year award, saying it is a sign of the progress his club have made under Martin O'Neill. "It's a massive achievement for the club and my team-mates around me," Young said. "It's a great honour and I'm delighted."

Premier League Team of the Year

Edwin Van Der Sar

Glen Johnson
Rio Ferdinand
Nemanja Vidic
Patrice Evra

Ashley Young
Steven Gerrard
Ryan Giggs
Cristiano Ronaldo

Nicolas Anelka
Fernando Torres

Congrats Giggsy...True Legend and Role Model

Decided to post this on the forum as he deserves this honour to be seen not lost amongst the Stretford End thread

on a side note it is a shame Wazza was not nominated... He has been excellent this season

and that c**t Anelka in the team of the year...give me a break

and Ireland should have won the young player of the year...he's been awesome but he is city scum

Football / Fire Maturana Petition
« on: April 02, 2009, 08:10:49 AM »
I found this online


Let the TTFF see this

Cricket Anyone / 20/20 W.I vs England Thread
« on: March 15, 2009, 08:43:27 AM »
Starts at 2pm tt time... Anyone know if it showing on any of the local channels since its sold out?

Football / R.I.P Mrs Joseph
« on: March 13, 2009, 10:12:12 PM »
U20 Midfielder Marcus Joseph(#16) mother died an hour before kick off today

Condolences to the Joseph Family

Egypt for you Mrs Joseph...Egypt for you

General Discussion / Has time switched back?
« on: March 09, 2009, 11:49:15 AM »
I noticed Sky Sports started at 12pm today instead of 1pm....

anyone locally knows is CL Games on Tuesday ad Wednesday will start at 2 45 tt time instead of 3 45tt time?

Football / FA Cup Semi Final Draw
« on: March 08, 2009, 12:54:29 PM »
Arsenal or Hull vs Chelsea

Man Utd vs Everton

ties to be played at Wembley on the 18th and 19th of April

I'm pleased...any game is a hard game but Everton are the easiest of the lot unless Hull win at the Emirates again

Football / Our home form is key to our chances of making the cup
« on: February 11, 2009, 10:21:20 PM »
Sold out stadium every home game and the best available squad .... we have to try and win every home game..we are allowed 1 draw  ....

TnT 2-1 Honduras
TnT 1-0 Costa Rica
TnT 5-0 El Salvador
TnT 3-2 USA
TnT 2-0 Mexico

Football / Man Utd vs Derby:CC Semi Final
« on: January 20, 2009, 02:52:50 PM »
3-0 HT

Nani rocket..O'Shea and Tevez

we should be 5-0 up

Rafael was having a boss game but had to be replaced with a precautionary problem

New boy Tosic is on the bench so he will get a debut in the second half  Wink

Setanta Sports carrying the game

Que Serra Serra
We're going to Wem Ber Ly

Football / Bolton vs Man Utd
« on: January 17, 2009, 11:26:10 AM »
1-0 Berba 91'

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Football / Latapy on the CNMG Morning Show 5/1/09
« on: January 04, 2009, 09:24:30 PM »
Tomorrow morning on Channel 6 CNMG...Shaun Fuentes and guest star Latapy

6 30 am tt time

Football / CL RO16 Draw
« on: December 19, 2008, 05:20:43 AM »
Some massive games ahead

Chelsea - Juventus

Villareal - Panathinaikos
Sporting - Bayern
Atletico Madrid - FC Porto
Olympique Lyonnais - FC Barcelona
Real Madrid - Liverpool
Arsenal - AS Roma
Inter - Man United

Football / FIFA Club World Cup SF: Man Utd vs Gamba Osaka
« on: December 18, 2008, 06:30:42 AM »
FT United 5-3

6 goals in the last 15 mins lol... we dominated till the 85th then got sloppy and conceded 2...we were 5-1 up at the time

onto the final

glory glory

Football / Man Utd vs Blackburn CCQF
« on: December 03, 2008, 03:57:43 PM »
5-3 ...FT
Carlos f**king Tevez! ..4 goalaso's...and Nani

a mad game... we were 4-1 up and blackburn pull back 2 and Tevez scored his fourth soon after

onto the Semis

Football / Maturana names 20-man squad for Digicel Championships.
« on: November 29, 2008, 05:34:35 PM »
Maturana names 20-man squad for Digicel Championships.
… McFarlane gets a recall.
By: Shaun Fuentes (TTFF).

Trinidad and Tobago head coach Francisco Maturana has made one new call up to the National Senior Team to contest the upcoming Digicel Caribbean Championships in Jamaica.

St Ann’s Rangers strike Errol McFarlane, who has been on loan to Lebanese club Al Mabarrah, has been included in the 20-man squad which leaves for Kingston on Monday morning ahead of its opening Group A fixture against Grenada on Wednesday at the National Stadium.

McFarlane, formerly of Defence Force and Iceland club Breidablik FC is one of three strikers in the squad with the others being W Connection’s Andre Toussaint and Clico San Juan Jabloteh’s Cornell Glen.

Maturana is said to have presented McFarlane the opportunity in the upcoming tournament as he is impressed with the player’s physical presence and goalscoring ability. McFarlane netted T&T’s goal in his last appearance in national colours in a 1-1 draw with Guatemala at the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup, which was part of the coach’s review of the player.

The 31-year old has four goals in eleven appearances for T&T with three of those goals coming in the semi-final round of the 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign.

Maturana, who will have his first session with the T&T team on Tuesday in Kingston since the 3-0 win over Cuba due to the T&T Pro League schedule of matches, is optimistic and sees the importance of copping the regional title.

“The Digicel Caribbean Championships is the most important football tournament in the region and as a regional powerhouse our goal is to reach the final and win it,” Maturana told TTFF Media on Saturday. The Colombian relayed his words via newly appointed National Senior Team translator for the head coach Filippo Alario.

“We know it’s going to be difficult  because the big teams like Cuba and Jamaica which are not going to the World Cup will put together all their efforts and resources to try and win it. They will have a point to prove and we expect them to make it very difficult for the other teams including Trinidad and Tobago. And as hosts Jamaica will want to take the prize,” Maturana said.

Regarding the T&T team travelling to Kingston, he added “This is the best team that we have available with the majority being home-based players. This is also a good experience and an opportunity for these players to prove that they are an alternative for the final round of the World Cup qualification next year.”

The only other overseas-based players in the team include Toronto FC defender Julius James and Miami FC’s Avery John who are both in off season and Hungary-based goalkeeper Jan Michael Williams who returned home last week as his club Ferencvárosi TC is on a winter break. Puerto Rico Islanders defender Osei Telesford is also in off season while Khaleem Hyland is the other player attached to Belgium club SV Zulte Waregem.

Maturana has kept faith in others who were part of the team in the Digicel Preliminary phase a few weeks ago including Joe Public’s Arnold Dwarika, Karlon Murray, Marvin Phillip, Clyde Leon, Seon Power, Makan Hislop, Cyd Gray, Keon Daniel and Aklie Edwards.

Following it’s opening match against Grenada, T&T then travels to Montego Bay to face Barbados on December 5 and Jamaica on December 7. The semi finals and final action switches back to Kingston on December 11 and 14. The teams in the other Group B are defending champions Haiti, Cuba, Antigua and Barbuda and Guadeloupe.

The Digicel Caribbean Championships’ prize pool is a whopping total of US$270,000.00 with eight regional teams now competing for the grand prize of US$120,000.00 and the coveted Digicel Caribbean Championships’ trophy.  The runner-up regional team will receive US$70,000 and third and fourth places will receive US$50,000 and US$30,000 respectively. The top four finishers will advance to the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

T&T 20-man squad


Marvin Phillip (W Connection), Jan Michael Williams (Ferencvárosi TC).


Sean Power (Joe Public), Cyd Gray (San Juan Jabloteh), Makan Hislop, Karlon Murray (San Juan Jabloteh), Julius James (Toronto FC), Keyeno Thomas (Joe Public), Avery John (Miami FC), Aklie Edwards (Defence Force), Osei Telesford (Puerto Rico Islanders).


Aurtis Whitley (W Connection), Clyde Leon, Khaleem Hyland (SV Zulte Waregem), Arnold Dwarika (Joe Public), Keon Daniel (Unattached), Anthony Wolfe (North East Stars).


Andre Toussaint (W Connection), Cornell Glen (San Juan Jabloteh), Errol McFarlane (Al Mabarrah).


Francisco Maturana (Head coach), Cesar Maturana (Assistant coach), Anton Corneal (Assistant coach), Jorge Ruiz (Trainer), Michael Maurice (Goalkeeper coach), Esmond O’Brien (Equipment manager), Dave Isaac (Physiotherapist), Terrance Babwah (Doctor) Shaun Fuentes (Media Officer), Filippo Alario (Translator), Peter Rampersad (Assistant manager) and David Muhammad (Manager).

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Pompey 2 Milan 0  75'

 ;D ;D 

and City won 2-0 away to Schalke and Spurs won away to NEC

And Villa beat Ajax last matchday...   Looks like the EPL is truly the place to be

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