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Football / Stephen Hart - HFX Wanderers
« on: October 09, 2019, 12:22:48 PM »
I am not a fan of Denis Lawrence as Head coach.  I think he should have stepped down by now.

I was not in support of the firing of Stephen Hart from his role at the helm of our mens national team

I believe that we have gone backwards in leaps and bounds as a footballing entity during the DJW regime.

Now that i have made those statements clear, I want to ask if anyone has been paying attention to Hart's record as coach of HFX.  Some of us are clamoring for his return, but on the basis of results, his team in the CPL is on a run of 1 win in 17 games and is currently at the bottom of the league. 

Football / Nation League Question
« on: October 09, 2019, 12:15:59 PM »
Hi everyone,

Just a quick question regarding the Nations League qualification process. 

Since we drew both games and are on 2pts with Martinique, what will be the deciding factor for 2nd place (and Gold Cup qualification) if Honduras beats both Trinidad and Martinique in both games.  Will it be goal difference or head to head?

If it is head to head, then i would assume that Martinique is ahead of us by virtue of the away goals.

Mods: Feel free to merge after the question is answered

Football / Nicklas Frenderup Thread
« on: October 18, 2018, 03:07:34 PM »
Just saw a Facebook post of a guy named Nicklas Frenderup stating the following.  "Very proud to announce that I am going to represent Trinidad and Tobago national team"

He's a 25 year old goalkeeper coming out of Denmark.  He plays professionally in the second division in Norway and his mother is  a Trinidadian.

He seems pretty confident that he is going to play for TnT. He just got his passport sorted. 

Meanwhile, Greg Ramjitsingh still waiting to be called up.

Football / T&T football fans bacchanal Thread.
« on: December 19, 2016, 04:59:28 PM »
Controversial (Gino)........PLEASE STOP!!

What begun as a thought provoking different perspective has mutated itself into the most ridiculous sequence of posts from an individual poster in the history of this site.

Everyone here loved Hart and most of us are not fans of DJW, but geez and ages, YOU ARE OVERDOING THE NONSENSE.

You are heaping so much heaviness and negativity on this team right now that you should be ashamed to call yourself a fan of TT football.

I have never seen so much base-less accusations and blatant lies before.  I sat back and listened to you a while now, but the shit is annoying now.  Imagine you accused DJW for being responsible for what happened with Kerron Cummings.  How low is that??

You have NO facts and you have NO are just playing the fool.

I spoke to four players in the current training squad and are all in tune with the current coach. 

You said the following:

"Getting rid of Hart
Getting rid of kerron cummings
Getting rid of john bostock and Greg the keeper
Causing rift in team with coach and players - Molino and company
Getting rid of jones, Boucard and eventually Jan
Getting rid of guerra and others, who will not be called to play"

Let me correct you wit some FACTS

1.  Greg was contacted and his team refused to release him. 

2. Molino was given a 2 game ban and was promised a clean slate afterward.  He is simply getting that

3. Boucaud was contacted and not released by his club. 

4. Hyland was also not released by his club

Hart is gone, and as much as I didnt like how it happened, the writing was on the wall after that game vs Honduras.  LET'S MOVE ON AND SUPPORT OUR SQUAD.

You come screaming for financials as if someone has that information in their back pocket.  Asking a supporter of the current government for those figures is the most ridiculous thing i ever heard, lol.  Its the same internet that everyone has to use to find that type of info.  If its not there, then how the hell will anyone know that???

The players have moved on and they are currently in training.  Meanwhile, you on this website everyday making a fool of yourself with your nonsensical and baseless accusations.

I am no fan of DJW, he is an arrogant dictator, but the majority voted for him to chart the course of our local football and we have to abide by his tenure. 

It hurts my heart when i see men like Shabaaz in a senior position in our national football set up, but coming here and calling him names isnt helping the situation.

Give Saintfiet a chance...........dont bad talk the team hoping that he fails so you can say "I TOLD YOU SO"

Finally, i have no intention of being involved in any juvenile cyber war, so any attack on me will be ignored.

ah love it!!

Fantasy League / 2015-16 Andre Samuel League is here, sign up now!!
« on: August 17, 2015, 12:56:29 PM »
Sorry for the late start, but better late than never!! Moderators, feel free to move where necessary.

Blessings and Salutations to all,

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ah love it!!

Fantasy League / 2013-14 Andre Samuel League is here, sign up now!!
« on: August 16, 2013, 10:39:33 AM »
Sorry for the late start.....however, we on like corn!! Moderators, feel free to move when necessary

Hi to all,

Andre Samuel, has invited you to play in their Fantasy Premier League called Andre Samuel League.

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Lets get the show on the road!!

nb: All players who were in the league last year will be automatically re-entered once they log in!

ah love it!!

Hi to all,

Andre Samuel, has invited you to play in their Fantasy Premier League called Andre Samuel League.

If you aren't already playing the game then you can register at

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Lets get the show on the road!!

nb: All players who were in the league last year will be automatically re-entered once they log in!

ah love it!!

What about Track & Field / Sorillo's Dad: My son doesnt get funding
« on: June 02, 2012, 02:01:54 PM »
I was watching sportsmax yesterday and i saw them doing an interview with Rondell Sorillo's dad.  He said that his son has not received any financial assistance to aid in his preparation for this year's Olympics.  He said his son made the finals last year (while other athletes who didnt got funding) and finished the year ranked 7th. 

Sportsmax contacted the NAAA and they said that they are not in a financial position to assist and that it is in the hands of Anil Roberts.

All attempts to contact Anil proved futile.

nb: Please merge if this was posted already

Football / Shahdon signs with Vietnam club
« on: December 28, 2011, 12:46:30 PM »
Details are a bit sketchy and im not quite sure which club it is but apparently he is leaving midnight.

When i speak to him/his cousin, i will find out more.

Football / Skipper Stern backs Warriors to rebound
« on: October 10, 2011, 12:32:12 AM »
Skipper Stern backs team to rebound.
T&T Express Reports.

Trinidad and Tobago stand-in captain Stern John has spoken out in the wake of the national team's latest defeat to Bermuda, saying it was one of the better performances he has witnessed by T&T in recent time.

John, now a veteran of 113 international matches with 70 goals, had two opportunities in Friday's match in Bermuda, which the home team won 2-1, while Julius James, Hughtun Hector and Lester Peltier also went close. Kevin Molino was T&T's scorer.

"It"s a real pity the fans in Trinidad could not see the match, because I can tell you, after the game I was saying to a few people and to myself that I couldn't believe we lost the game after the kind of football we played," John told Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) media officer Shaun Fuentes.

"I'm not trying to defend the players or even the coach but I think we were just unfortunate on the day. Bermuda had three chances and they took two. We really kept the ball and played it around the park well for almost all of the match.

We played like a team in that our possession and the way we went forward and defended also was the best I've seen from a national team in a while.

And I think credit must go out to the boys when you consider the age of some of them. Of course goals win matches and we didn't convert," John added. "We'll have to work at a few things and come back better."

The former Sunderland player has been through it all with the national team, loved one day and heavily criticised the other.

"I've been through it and worse before. I know the fans and the critics as well as the many people who call themselves football experts will be having a go at us because it's hard to accept a loss to Bermuda when we are looking to be able to compete with the likes of Mexico and Costa Rica next year.

"But this is football and we have to come back better and it begins with a win over Barbados on Tuesday," John said, referring to T&T's next qualifier.

Trinidad and Tobago coach Otto Pfister conducted a 70-minute session at the Hasely Crawford Stadium yesterday morning and will do so again today.

Barbados were scheduled to arrive in Trinidad yesterday evening. Tuesday's match kicks off at 5 p.m. at Hasely Crawford Stadium.

Football / Fergie - Crouch always fouls
« on: September 25, 2011, 05:51:53 AM »
The whole of Trinidad and Tobago agrees with you Fergie!!

nb: Go Chelsea!!

Sir Alex Ferguson suggested that Peter Crouch was getting away with committing infringements following Manchester United's 1-1 draw with Stoke.

The giant striker rescued a point for the Potters at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday as he headed in a Matthew Etherington corner to bring an end to United's 100 per cent record in the Premier League this season.

Ferguson admitted after the game that Crouch had caused problems for his side but was far from happy with the way the striker went about his business.

"He fouls all the time. He gets off with it because of his height but he jumps on top of defenders all the time," said Ferguson.

"He has been doing that for a long time. Referees know that. Even with the goal he has maybe caught Phil Jones, but he is right above him.

"He is a handful in the air, there is no doubt about that."

Ferguson was keen to praise goalkeeper David de Gea, who pulled off a couple of important stops after United had taken the lead through Nani in the first half.

"He made a great save in the first half, knocked it round the post," said the United manager.

"He was very confident. He sailed through and showed terrific composure. Nothing disturbs him."
Fair result

The result meant United leapfrogged Manchester City to return to the top of the table, but they are only ahead of their derby rivals - who earlier beat Everton 2-0 - on goal difference.

It was also just deserts for Stoke after the performance they put in, and overall Ferguson felt a draw was fair outcome.

"There are two parts to it," Ferguson said. "One, they keep you under pressure. In the main, we have dealt with that quite well.

"As expected, if they were going to score, it was going to be from a set-piece. They have so many big lads in their team and they do keep you under pressure that way.

"In terms of the attacking part, we showed some good play and maybe should have scored more than the goal we did.

"A draw is probably a fair result. It is a difficult place to come to.

"We have always done well here, but maybe making the changes we had to unshipped us for parts of the game.

"I was pleased with the performance. They battled really hard and played like real champions in every sense of the world."

Football / First round Benefits
« on: September 13, 2011, 05:14:53 AM »
Much is being said of us playing in this initial group stage against Bermuda, Barbados and Guyana, but i think we stand to only reap in benefits.

We have a new coach so it will be good that we have some competitive fixtures to build chemistry and get a feel for the style that the coach wants us to play.

Secondly, if everything goes according to plan and we play and win these six games, then there is sure to be a rise in our world rankings which can only serve to help us get better friendly matches as we prepare for the tougher 2nd group stage.

Wha allyuh tink?

ah love it!!

Football / Missed chance
« on: September 08, 2011, 04:17:51 AM »
Missed chance
By Ian Prescott (T&T Express)

It was an opportunity lost by Trinidad and Tobago to put a handful of goals on both Bermuda and Barbados, and so give themselves breathing room in their Group B CONCACAF Zone second round World Cup qualifying series.

Just one of the four competing teams will advance to the third round. With a 1-0 home win over Bermuda and a 2-0 victory on the road over Barbados, the Soca Warriors lead the group with a maximum six points. Guyana, who edged Bermuda 2-1 on Tuesday night also have a maximum six points.

There is the feeling that T&T failed to distance themselves further by squandering many scoring chances against Barbados. According to the results in their two tricky matches against Guyana, those misses might hurt the Soca Warriors later in the series.

"We should have scored at least five goals," T&T assistant- coach Anton Corneal said after the Barbados match on Tuesday night. "We now have to go to Bermuda for what could be a tough return game, and they still have it in their heads that they beat us once during the last campaign."

T&T's German head-coach Otto Pfister  was pleased to have picked up full points irregardless.

"It's not easy playing away but today I thought we played again a little bit better. Today I changed the organisation and we started with a 4-3-3 formation with Phillip, Clyde (Leon) and (Keon) Daniel coming into the first team. We dominated the game.

"Last Sunday Kenwyne Jones scored and today he gave the last two passes for the goals. I am satisfied with the performance. Now we have six points but we have to work very seriously for the next set of matches because we have to top this group and we need to stay unbeaten."

Coach Pfister added: "We had a good mix of local and overseas players. Today (Seon) Power was the best player on the field and he is a local player. And I was also very happy with (Julius) James. Today he played a perfect game. All these boys were okay and Daniel was also very good. At the end of the game when we were leading 2-0, I give a chance to Hyland also."

Likewise captain and Stoke City striker Kenwyne Jones felt it was a win obtained under difficult conditions, referring mainly to the poor state of the pitch at the very bumpy Barbados National Stadium.

"The surface that we played on was not the best. But, again, there were two teams playing on it and we had to make it work," Jones said. "A few things were off. The first goal was a good goal. The other one was a bit scrappy, but at the end of the day it was two goals and I am quite happy with that."

Jones said further that, "based on the group we are in, everyone would expect us to come out on top. Football is no easy game, there are no easy opponents. We have four more games to capitalise on being on top of the group to progress, " Jones said.

Pfister has installed Jones as captain, presumably to capitalise on his experience as an English Premiership player. But Jones was the chief culprit in missing chances against Barbados.

Two of his misses on Tuesday were glaring, as he failed to convert what lesser players most likely would.

Daniel scored from almost the same position Jones was in when he tried to dribble the keeper and took the ball out of play.

"It is the life of a footballer and a striker," Jones said. "Sometimes you get five chances and score one and other times you score all which you get. I am not dwelling on that. I have more games to go and I think there will be more chances to score."

As Soca Warriors captain, Jones is expected to do more than just dish off the ball, and then stand in the same spot admiring the work of his teammates. He would be expected to give teammate Hayden Tinto and others the option of taking a return pass, if he moved into a space. Against Bermuda, Jones scored, but that was it.

To his credit, the Stoke City man tried to do some work there. Against Barbados he was largely a stationary target who fell down easily, and constantly looked for the referee's help.

Generally though, the Soca Warriors are not aggressive and are so slow, that they allow defences to easily filter back.

They also never pressure the opposition when they do not have the ball.

The defence has held well, and Marvin Phillip seems to be the number one keeper at the moment. Seon Power has had two solid games, but will do well not to lunge against better teams.

Chris Birchall and Clyde Leon both worked hard against Barbados and Daniel was comfortable at central midfield where he unusually put in a few tackles. Carlos Edwards and Anthony Wolfe have managed as wing backs, though both are natural wide midfielders.

Up front, Jones doesn't do enough; Darryl Roberts is always on the move, but does not yet have match sharpness and Stern John, 34 next month, is still capable of scoring goals regardless of criticism about his age.

So far coach Pfister has a 100 per cent record and has worked under difficult conditions with just one warm-up match, and local players who have not played for seven months.

But unless he gets the Soca Warriors playing better soon, they will be no match for Mexico and Costa Rica.

Football / My two cents (with player ratings)
« on: September 03, 2011, 10:52:10 AM »
It has been a while since i last did a report, but i have a couple of comments on player performances that i would like to make on the game

Anthony Warner - As soon as i found out that this keeper was going to be recalled into our lineup, i got an instant headache.  He is a very good shot stopper, but he lacks composure.  He was very gittery for someone so experienced and doesnt not inspire confidence - 3/10

Anthony Wolfe - What a wonderfull servant to Trinidad and Tobago football.  We need him in our squad since he is the only utility player that we have.  He was put into this "right back" role and he performed well even though he was up against substandard opposition - 7/10

Seon Power - Seon put in a much improved performance, he tackled well enough for this level, but one can clearly see that he will be caught out very easily against a faster passing unit.  He impressed in the way in which he joined the attack and showed alot of stamina towards the end of the game - 6/10

Julius James - Very solid performance.  Hardly any mistakes and showed alot of confidence in the air.  His passing and his tackling was good while he also won everything in the air.  He will be our key defender in this final stage - 7.5/10

Carlos Edwards - He suffered as a result of this "reshuffling".  In my opinion, Carlos is our biggest attacking threat, and he was forced to play in a subdued role at left back.  Jlloyd needs to come quickly because carlos didnt look good defensively.  He looked good going forward, but he cannot be our best option at left back otherwise we in trouble - 5/10

Darryl Roberts - Another player who was played out of position, and he suffered the most for it.  He has no confidence going left and kept on cutting back on his right foot even though he was given alot of space on the left.  He didnt link well with carlos at all and most of the people in the stands thought that Keon Daniel was coming on for him.  Ironically, his only cross with his left foot resulted in the only goal of the game - 5/10

Khaleem Hyland - The new Racing Genk signing never really came to grips with the game.  He was playing rather timidly, as if he wasnt sure of his role.  His greatest asset is his composure on the ball and he didnt show that at all.  He was easily hustled off the ball and his passing was off.  He was coming into the game a bit just before he got subbed - 4/10

Chris Birchall - He looked a very improved player from since he last played for us, same hustle, but his passing was better.  He did his best under the circumstances and he needs to play with a creative midfielder that will use the ball when he wins it in the middle - 7.5/10

Hayden Tinto - A constant thorn in the Bermudan side, Tinto will trouble almost any defence!! He has alot of pace and is very skillfull with the ball at his feet.  He looked good on both the left and right wings.  He will be a very key player for us in our qualifying campaign. He just needs to work on his crossing, and his defensive duties when the right back makes an attacking run - 8/10

Kenwyne Jones - Giving him the armband was the perfect tonic.  Kenwyne led by example and played the kind of game that we were waiting for from him for quite some time.  He hustled, look the ball the line, he won everyting in the air and played with a kind of passing that could only inspire his teammates - 8.5/10

Stern John - Started off pretty ok but eventually petered into a pretty ordinary performance.  It was worrying to see that he was not up to pace in a very slow paced match - 5/10


Keon Daniel - Provided a creative spark in the middle of the pitch with Birchall.  He worked hard and showed more desire than i have ever seen from him before. He will also be a key player for us in this qualifying campaign - 7/10

Lester Peltier
- He came on and tried played a natural wingers role.  He didnt try anything spectacular and Pfister would have been satisfied his workman like performance - 6.5/10

Overall a C+ performance by the team, but as i said before, with the slightest bit of luck, this game would have ended up 4-0.  We were never in any danger (outside of Warner and his nonsense) and i look forward to the 2nd game against Barbados so see what changes Pfister will make to this team

ah love it!!

What about Track & Field / NAAA mess up Jehue Gordon Worlds registration
« on: August 22, 2011, 05:04:31 PM »
Just saw the headline on tv6 news

Apparently he is out of the Championships due to a mix up by the NAAA

Football / Trini's in action??
« on: August 06, 2011, 01:23:36 PM »
The English Championship Division started today.

Carlos played the full 90mins in Ipswich's 3-0 victory over Bristol City.  Scotland wasnt selected

Hi to all,

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nb: All players who were in the league last year will be automatically re-entered once they log in!

ah love it!!

Football / About Andre Villas Boas
« on: June 23, 2011, 03:04:32 PM »
Date of article: July 2004

This is an excellent read.

Any Premier League club spotting a young man with auburn hair and a blue tracksuit loitering with intent in the bushes around their training ground this coming season should be extremely worried. Chances are it will be Andre Villas Boas. Earlier this week, he was casually introduced as Chelsea's new assistant scout. In reality, Villas is the man who Jose Mourinho himself refers to as "my eyes and ears".

Mourinho may have brought with him from Porto an assistant manager, a goalkeeping coach and a fitness guru, while promoting Steve Clarke from the Chelsea youth ranks to the first team. But it is Villas who has been put in charge of Mourinho's most cherished department: strategy.

"Some managers prefer to concentrate more on fitness or mental," Villas says, "but Jose likes to marry all aspects of coaching. He does a lot of physical and tactical work on the field, but believes that you can also benefit greatly from careful analysis and planning.

"My work enables Jose to know exactly when a player from the opposition team is likely to be at his best or his weakest. I will travel to training grounds, often incognito, and then look at our opponents' mental and physical state before drawing my conclusions and presenting a full dossier to Jose."

To many managers, such meticulous organisation may seem a little over the top, especially in a league where tactics and subtlety are often lacking. But this is how Mourinho guided his unfancied Porto troops to back-to-back Portuguese titles and victory in last year's Uefa Cup competition, before signing off in majestic style by winning the Champions' League in May.

"Jose is obsessed with detail," says Villas in the flawless English that he was taught by his grandmother, Margaret Kendall, who moved from her native North-east to Guimaraes in the early part of the last century. "He will leave nothing to chance, even if his team are playing against the worst side in the League."

It is easy to see why Villas is held in such high esteem by arguably Europe's premier manager. Calm and precise, he exudes the confidence of a veteran. "I guess it is because I started coaching when I was very young," explains the 26-year-old going on 50. "Despite my age, I have a lot of experience."

Villas's meteoric rise through the ranks owes much to his hard work and enthusiasm, but the Portuguese coach is the first to admit that the roots to his success are English. "When Mr Bobby Robson came to Porto to be a coach in 1994," Villas recalls, "he moved into my building. I was a small boy, but because I was so interested in football I went to his flat to try to meet him.

"He liked my passion so helped me to enrol at Lilleshall to take my FA coaching qualifications. He also arranged for me to do my Scottish qualifications in Largs and spend some time at Ipswich with George Burley to see the team train." Villas was just 17. "I started very young in Lilleshall," he says. "In fact, I shouldn't really have been there, because the law doesn't allow a minor to take qualifications. But Bobby [Robson] smoothed the way with Mr Charles Hughes [the former head of coaching at the Centre of Excellence] and I was allowed in to take my Uefa C badges.

"I was the youngest coach there by a mile, but I was so determined to make it that it didn't bother me. I spent three weeks at each venue in the UK and then came back to Porto to do one year's coaching with the youth teams. The following season I went on to do my Uefa B course and then, last year, I got my A licence."

Coaching was not Villas's first love. "I would have loved to have played at the highest level," he says, "but I wasn't a good enough midfielder to make it so I turned to coaching. It did not take long, though, before I was hooked by all the aspects of management. It's such a varied and demanding job. I love it and now I couldn't imagine doing anything else. My ultimate dream is to be totally in charge of my own club soon."

In between his various exams, Villas found the time to become the British Virgin Islands' technical director of football in 2000. "I was basically the country's coach," says Villas, who was the youngest international manager at the time. "I was a kid, but they didn't know that. I only told them my age the day I left the post. It was such a grand job for a 21-year-old. I was in charge for the 2002 World Cup qualifiers, and I remember Bermuda beating us very heavily, with Shaun Goater [the Reading striker] scoring five goals. It was a bad defeat, but still an unbelievable experience for a guy so young."

Following 18 months in the sun, he returned to Porto to coach the Under-19s. A year later, Mourinho was appointed as manager, and Villas was given his big break. "Because Jose knew me well from his time as Bobby Robson's assistant, he asked me to create the Opponent Observation Department." In simple terms, the role of the OOD is to compile secret service-style dossiers on Chelsea's rivals. "It takes me four days to put an entire file together," Villas says, "so it is very comprehensive. The reports are given to all the players as well as the manager. The idea is that when the players go out on the pitch, they are totally prepared, so there can be very few surprises during the game."

Will Villas be ready for the new season? "I will watch Birmingham City in a friendly on 17 July," he says, "and then go on the tour of the US to follow Manchester United [Chelsea's first opponents of the campaign]. When I come back, I will be watching Crystal Palace and I am already gathering a bit of information regarding Southampton. My eyes are open and my work has already begun in earnest." Chelsea's rivals had better start checking their training-ground bushes.

Football / Roy Keane: Keep your mouth shut Scotland
« on: September 20, 2010, 10:41:21 AM »
Apparently Jason Scotland rated up his 17 year old strike partner, saying that he might play for England one day while he (Scotland) was being interviewed after the 2-0 win over Cardiff.

When the same question was asked of Roy Keane by Skysports news reporters, he said "I think Jason should keep his mouth shut and focus on his own game"

He did this with ah real serious

ah love it!!

Football / The Stoke City Forever Thread
« on: August 12, 2010, 07:05:07 AM »
The Kenwyne Jones profile on

BORN in Point Fortin, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenwyne began life as a footballer in his homeland with Joe Public for whom he scored nine goals in just eleven games. His form there attracted the attention of West Connection, and he joined them as an 18 year-old in 2002.

His stock continued to grow there as he scored an incredible 30 goals in 31 games, leading to many national journalists labelling him as the next big thing in Caribbean football, with some even describing his talents as larger than fellow Trinidadian Dwight Yorke.

It wasn't long before Clubs around Europe began to take notice, and he was soon invited for trials with a host of Premier League sides including Manchester United and Chelsea, however it was Southampton who stole a march on their rivals and agreed a deal to take the powerful striker to St. Mary's in 2004.

Kenwyne originally struggled to make an immediate impact on the South Coast and was farmed out on loan to Sheffield Wednesday in a bid to acclimatise him to English football. It was during his two month spell at Hillsborough where he began to recapture the form that attracted the attention of the top flight's leading Clubs.

A goal on his Owls debut against Doncaster Rovers in December 2004 re-energised the towering forward and he didn't look back as he went on to score in each of Wednesday's next six games, earning himself a recall back to the Saints.

He featured in three of their top flight games, partnering Peter Crouch up front, but he failed to recapture his form and was again allowed to leave the Club temporarily, with Tony Pulis swooping to bring him to the Britannia Stadium.

In similar fashion to his spell in Yorkshire, Kenwyne hit the winning goal on his debut for the Club as the Potters beat Millwall 1-0, before impressing further during the rest of his two-month spell in the Potteries.

Talk of a permanent deal for the youngster failed to materialise and upon his return to Southampton, he impressed Gordan Strachan, prompting the Scotsman to start the striker on a more regular basis. However, he failed to help the Saints retain their top flight status as they were relegated down to the Championship.

Lining up alongside current City midfielder Rory Delap, Kenwyne featured prominently throughout the 2005/06 season as they bid to win promotion back into the top flight, but ultimately they failed, having finished level on points with Stoke.

His year was to end on a high note though as he was named in the Trinidad and Tobago World Cup squad, for whom he started in two of their three group games, against Sven Goran Ericsson's England and Paraguay.

The following season would prove to be the 25-year-olds most fruitful to date as he scored 16 goals in 38 games, helping Southampton reach the Championship Play-Offs. They were ultimately beaten in the Semi-Finals though by eventual winners Derby County.

Having scored 22 goals in 80 games for Southampton, Kenwyne had one eye on making a return to the top flight and it came as no surprise when Roy Keane forked out £6m to take him to the Stadium of Light three years ago.

His debut for the Club came against Manchester United in September 2007 and ended his first season on Wearside with a very satisfactory seven goals from 19 starts.

A serious knee injury while on international duty against England in the summer of 2008 hampered his progress, but he marked his return by helping the Black Cats beat rivals Newcastle United in October, and ended the campaign by topping the goalscoring charts having scored 12 goals.

His form alerted the likes of Liverpool, who had an £18m bid turned down in January 2009, whilst Chelsea were also being mooted as potential suitors for the sought after striker. However, speculation regarding his future was brought to an end when he penned a new 4-year deal with the Club.

He continued his fine form last season as he hit the back of the net on nine occasions, including memorable strikes against Manchester United and Manchester City, whilst he marked what would be his final appearance for the Club with a goal in their 2-1 defeat against Wolves on the final day of the season.

ah love it!!

GO STOKE CITY!!,,10310~2118688,00.html

Current squad

1  GK Asmir Begović
3  DF Danny Higginbotham
4  DF Robert Huth
5  DF Danny Collins
6  MF Glenn Whelan
7  FW Eiður Guðjohnsen
8  MF Tom Soares
9  FW Kenwyne Jones
10  FW Ricardo Fuller
11  FW Mamady Sidibe
12  MF Marc Wilson
14  MF Danny Pugh
15  MF Salif Diao
16  MF Jermaine Pennant (on loan from Real Zaragoza)
17  DF Ryan Shawcross (captain)
18  MF Dean Whitehead
19  FW Jon Walters
20  FW Tuncay Şanlı
21  DF Andrew Davies
23  MF Michael Tonge
24  MF Rory Delap
25  DF Abdoulaye Faye
26  MF Matthew Etherington
27  GK Carlo Nash
28  DF Andy Wilkinson
29  GK Thomas Sørensen
30  DF Ryan Shotton
36  MF Matthew Lund
38  GK Danzelle St Louis-Hamilton

Football / Tottenham get Young boys test
« on: August 06, 2010, 05:00:11 AM »
Tottenham's Champions League journey begins against Swiss side Young Boys, who beat Turkish giants Fenerbahce in the previous round to book their place in the play-off.

However, Harry Redknapp and company will be buoyed by the fact that, after leading the Swiss League by 13 points in September, Young Boys lost the title as Basel overcame them 2-0 on the final day of the season. They have also failed to win any of their opening three games this year.

Elsewhere, there are some intriguing ties as Zenit St Petersburg meet Auxerre, Ajax take on Dynamo Kiev and Partizan Belgrade face Anderlecht.

The two sides of the draw are split into Champions - which is self-explanatory - and League, which means the teams qualified through their league position.

Ties to be played August 17, 18 and 24, 25.

Young Boys    v    Tottenham Hotspur
Braga    v    Sevilla
Werder Bremen    v    Sampdoria
Zenit St. Petersburg    v    Auxerre
Dynamo Kiev    v    Ajax

Salzburg    v    Hapoel Tel-Aviv
Rosenborg    v    FC Copenhagen
Basel    v    FC Sheriff
Sparta Prague    v    MSK Zilina
Partizan Belgrade    v    Anderlecht

Tottenham got the easiest draw possible

Hey folks.......the time has come again!!

Andre Samuel has invited you to play in the Fantasy Premier League called The Andre Samuel League (ASL).

If you aren't already playing the game then you can register at

Once you have logged in and entered your team, click on the 'Leagues'
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Enjoy the game.

ps: All previous players of the league will be automatically re-entered once they log in or enter in their team!!


Congrats to the winner of the Andre Samuel League, 2010......TRINI ONE.

Congrats to the ever consistent 2 cents.

Congrats to TOP 20 regulars like Touches, Firebrand, Berris, Ricky and Omar.

Congrats to Renee (u have the bragging rights over Damian for the next year, lol)

My showing was poor this year, this 61st place is my first outside the top 50 since the inception of the league, but i have excuses galore for all those interested.

nb. hard luck dey JDB

ASL 2009-2010 Recap

1 Jack in de box FC Trini One
2 Manuvelona Darryl Celestine (2 cents)
3 Stark Enterprises Tony Stark
4 Tygah Kyat FC Renee Milford
5 fc ricky tony s
6 The Bombers** Brent Ghouralal
7 Touches United Damian Joseph
8 Midknights of Terror Fédon Honoré
9 FC Palance Night Mare
10 Real Poison Mr Berris
11 Red Fire FC FireBrand (09 WNCup/ Picong Champ)
12 BESBRAHN FC Rene Ribeiro
13 Glencoenians Ryan Toby
14 Sporting Pelau FC Omar "Special One" Romero
15 The Rossoneri Kevin Gouveia
16 Plana licks fuh so
17 Blackcity United Ryan Simon
18 Revenge-of-d-Gunnerz alkanah tuitt
19 Real Madness V M
20 Luger Masters Riyadh Ali

ah love it!!

Football / 2010/11 Official Soca Warriors Transfer/Rumour Thread
« on: May 26, 2010, 02:45:19 PM »
So far i aint hearing any news about any players going anywhere.......

Tony Warner, released from Charlton

Football / Baptiste on trial?
« on: December 14, 2009, 06:16:44 PM »
Not sure if anyone posted anyting as yet, but i heard on the radio today that kerry baptiste has left the country to go on trial at two unamed Championship division clubs in England.......any details?

ah love it!!

Football / Fans face beach fall
« on: October 20, 2009, 04:27:11 AM »
This is what i call proactive

Manchester United fans are to be searched for beach balls before their clash with Liverpool on Sunday in a bid to stop a Darren Bent goal "tribute" at Anfield.

Liverpool beach balls have sold out on the club's official website with United fans thought to be snapping up copies of the now infamous red ball.

And although Liverpool are not planning any specific measures ahead of kick-off, fans will be searched before the game and any offending items - including beach balls - will be confiscated. "It will be the normal search policy," said a Liverpool spokesperson.

Reds supporters watched in disbelief as they lost 1-0 to Sunderland on Saturday when a shot by Bent hit a beach ball and swerved past goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

The toy had been thrown on to the pitch by a young Liverpool fan - who now has a number of Facebook appreciation sites dedicated to him by rival fans.

When visited the Anfield website, a message appeared saying "product not available". It is thought the beach sets have sold out rather than been withdrawn. A spokesman for Liverpool FC was not available for comment.

Meanwhile, messages have appeared from Liverpool fans on internet forums venting hatred at the boy.

Merseyside Police said they had not yet identified the youngster, and that the matter is being dealt with by Northumbria Police.

A spokeswoman for Northumbria Police said the boy did not have to be escorted out of the stadium for his own protection. She said investigations into the ball-throwing incident were continuing.

Dave Usher, editor of the Liverpool Way fanzine, said the boy should not be blamed for Liverpool's defeat and slammed the witch-hunt against him.

"I think there's been a hysterical over-reaction to be honest," he told Sky News.

"I mean obviously he shouldn't have thrown it on the pitch ... but it seems it was thrown on and Pepe's put it in the back of the goal.

"And it's been there for a few minutes and the wind's caught it and blown it out so I think the witch-hunt against the boy is just stupid."

Mike Jones, the referee at the centre of the controversy, has been removed from the Premier League match list for this weekend having allowed Bent's effort to stand when the game should have been stopped due to "outside interference".

Jones will take charge of Peterborough versus Sc**thorpe in the Championship.

Football / Zamora and Jlloyd update
« on: September 01, 2009, 08:41:26 AM »
Just got word that Zamora never showed up at the airport in miami to meet the team in Honduras....not sure if that was an agreed decision.  Whether he is going to meet them today, I have no idea.

Jlloyd is in Honduras....

ah love it!!

TnT - 1 (Jones)

Honduras - 0

ah love it bad!!

Football / Stern John suffers suspected broken arm.
« on: August 08, 2009, 08:54:23 AM »
Stern John suffers suspected broken arm.
By: Nigel Simon (T&T Guardian).

Soca Warriors striker, Stern John looks certain to miss this country’s crucial 2010 Concacaf World Cup qualifier versus El Salvador at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo from 7pm on Wednesday after suffering a suspected broken arm yesterday.

Making his debut for Coca-Cola Championship Division club, Crystal Palace whom he joined on a free transfer last month, John,  T&T’s leading scorer of all-time lasted only 35 minutes after sustaining the injury following an aerial challenge with Plymouth goalkeeper Romain Larrieu.

While it may be a blow to  Soca Warriors coach Russell Latapy as he gets ready to welcome home his overseas-based players today it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Palace as subsitute Alan Lee, who replaced John, scored a second-half header to cancel out Krizztian Timar’s strike for Plymouth to earn Palace a 1-1 draw.

Following the match Crystal Palace boss Neil Warnock said of the injury to the T&T striker, “Stern’s having an x-ray now but it looks like the elbow has dislocated, which is obviously unfortunate. “But that’s the way football is, you have to get on with it. Considering what went on, I thought the players were terrific. “We created 20 chances and we had to work very hard not to win the game.” 

In other matches, T&T goalkeeper, Clayton Ince held a clean sheet as Walsall won 1-0 at Brighton in the Coca-Cola Division One courtesy an own-goal by Andrew Whing in the 30th minute while Silvio Spann played the full 90 minutes for Wrexham in a 3-0 triumph over Eastbourn Borough in the Blue Square Premier League. Over in the Belgium Jupiler League, national midfielder Khaleem Hyland’s Zulte Waregem battled to a 2-2 draw with Racing Genk at the Regenboog Stadium to improve to two points from as many matches after a 1-1 draw with Lokeren to kick off the season.

Hi to all,

Andre Samuel, has invited you to play in their Fantasy Premier League called Andre Samuel League.

If you aren't already playing the game then you can register at

Once you have logged in and entered your team, click on the 'Leagues' link you can find on the the right of the page.

Now enter the code 217186-56038 to join the private league. Enjoy the game.

Lets get the show on the road!!

ah love it!!

Football / Scotland, Lawerance and John?
« on: June 10, 2009, 05:02:30 AM »
What is the real scoop behind these players absence in Mexico?

Scotland - Injury

Lawrence - Personal problems

John - Injury

i know that Scotland and Lawrence were two people that were criticized heavily for the defeat against Costa Rica, while John always has had his disagreements with our footballing hi eracry

Football / Latas = Whitmore effect?
« on: April 10, 2009, 07:53:50 AM »
I remember when Jamaica fired Simoes after they lost to Honduras in Honduras and placed Whitmore as Head coach in an interim basis. 

That move seemed to lift the Jamaican side.  Although Whitmore's CV was also thin, he still managed to lead Jamaica to three striaght wins over Mexico, Honduras and Canada.

I am hoping that Latas' appointment, with his limited coaching experience, can do the same.

ah love it!!

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