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Football / Collin Samuel to Luton Town
« on: August 31, 2011, 04:48:55 PM »
Source: BBC
Luton have signed Trinidad & Tobago international forward Collin Samuel subject to international clearance. The 30-year-old was released by St Johnstone in May.

Football / Who is this Antigua Barracudas team in the USL?
« on: July 01, 2011, 06:51:49 PM »
They looking half decent.  Have some good pace as well.

Is this the Antigua national team?

Great idea if it is to have them playing together week in week out like that.

Football / Latapy hitting his stride
« on: November 07, 2010, 05:24:50 AM »
First he was focusing on team defense... what does Latapy know about that?  The team was losing consistently.

Now, he is saying, we winning or losing with offense, which is the best defense.

I don't paticularly agree, but he is doing what he knows best.

It's almost as if Latapy is saying, "I going with what I know, and giving it MY style and my best shot.  After that, let the chips fall where they may."

Let's see how this goes...  Good luck Latapy.

Football / Tour of the Emirates Stadium!!!!!
« on: May 30, 2010, 12:39:04 AM »
Gentlemen, I went to London last week and took the Emirates Stadium tour.

I almost cried.

I went into the Directors lounge where the big boys have a drink and lounge before and after the game;

Went to the basement level where the players park and enter the stadium;  They walk into a room with a  huge white wall with the Arsenal crest before proceeding down a long hallway with pictures of past and present Arsenal greats.

Went into the dressing room!  Amazing!  It is a semi-circle (Wenger says it is better Chi) with benches with red leather cushions with "Arsenal" embroidered on them.  The captain sits in the middle of the semi-circle.  Goalies sit nearest the showers, then defenders, midfielders, and forwards (so as to avoid cliques).  On Wenger's orders, only English is allowed to be spoken in the dressing room.  There is a massive whirlpool which can hold six or seven players.  A small area to kick the ball around and stretch.  And a training room with three tables.  The floor is a special soft non-slip material for safety.  There is a large table in the middle of the room which has a built-in stereo system for music.  It is short enough to allow players on opposite sides of the semi-circle to see each other and talk.  Wenger ensured that there were no poles in the middle of the dressing room for players to hide behind, or to hamper the flow of energy.

Went into the Away dressing room.  What a difference! lol  It is a square!  No cushions on the benches either.  There is a table in the middle, but it doesn't play music, and is tall enough to prohibit cross room talk as players on opposite sides of the room cannot see each other.  The floor is rubber.  No non-slip material on the floor in there!  No whirlpool.  Very tiny stretching area.  A massive pole in the middle of the dressing room!  The coach has to break his neck to talk to players at halftime if he is using the whiteboard.

Went from the dressing room, through the tunnel... out onto the pitch!!!!!  Did you know that the pitch at Emirates is astroturf?  It actually is.  But there is grass growing on top of the astroturf!  That way it looks and feels real, and there are never any patches.  They were sanding the field while we were there, preparing to put new seed in.  They said that they had scraped up all the grass the week before.  The field looked perfect of course as the astroturf was there.  Once they lay the seed, they cover the pitch for four days, then raise the tarp and Voila!  Grass like peas.

Sat in Wenger's seat on the bench!  Seats are heated, bredrins!  Along with a blower for players' feet.

Then went to the press room.  There are seven small individual press rooms for interviewing single players or coaches.  There is also a large press room for press conferences post game which holds 200 media people.  The tour guide said that when the Champions' League is in progress, the game with Barcelona for example, they get close to 2,000 requests for media passes, and give out about 400.  EPL and other leagues is significantly smaller in media size.

Then went to the media lounge which has laptop spaces for 100 journalists.

Then proceeded out to The Arsenal, which is the store.

What an unbelievable tour.

Taking the Emirates Stadium tour: 15 pounds.
Time Spent: 1 hour
Memories generated: Priceless

Football / Castrol Rankings for all players.
« on: January 08, 2010, 04:06:59 PM »

I've never seen this before.  It is really interesting.

Football / Seven sober points
« on: September 06, 2009, 09:01:33 AM »
A few points to make on this sobering Sunday morning

1) The traffic on this site will reduce CONSIDERABLY now that the team is seemingly out of contention.  Like attendance at the stadium, Trinis are perennial bandwagon jumpers.  See all but the socawarriors.net diehards in around two years. 

2) Why all the anger about not qualifying?  We were clearly substandard and consistently outclassed, and have been for the entire campaign.  Get over it.  Let's regroup and look towards 2014.

3) Will Latapy stay?  Will he be kept on?  Two big questions.  I asked him the first question after the Tobago game, and he stated that he was very committed to the job long term.  Let's see how this unfolds.

4)Here's hoping that the over-35 crew will hang up their national boots now as well.  Let the youths get their turn.  Even if it means a blow out or two (or three) it will be a genuinely good learning experience.

5) Let's focus on the positive.  We have a U-20 squad which have qualified for a World Cup and play in less than two weeks.  We have a Pro League which is making strides every year in the CONCACAF Champions League.  We have a hearty dose of humble pie to eat over the next two years as a result of being beaten into last place in the group, and will live to fight another day (hopefully with some anger and pride) when the Quals resume on Wed and beyond towards 2014.

6) Will the great Bobby Zamora still show up?   ::)

7) My bet is that there will be less than 10,000 in the National Stadium on Wednesday.  Any takers?

Football / Mexican media demand Eriksson's resignation
« on: November 22, 2008, 08:14:15 AM »
Mexican media demand Eriksson's resignation


November 20, 2008


Mexican media called on Sven Goran-Eriksson to quit as national coach on Thursday, a day after his side lost to Honduras and avoided an early World Cup exit by the skin of their teeth.

Eriksson's team sneaked into the final stage of the CONCACAF zone qualifiers on goal difference ahead of Jamaica after Wednesday's embarrassing 1-0 defeat in San Pedro Sula.

Mexico, who had two players sent off, took only one point from three away games in semi-final Group Two, where they also suffered a humiliating defeat in Jamaica and were held 2-2 by Canada.

''Kick him out. It only costs $4 million,'' said the sports daily Record, referring to a penalty clause in Eriksson's contract if he is sacked.

''If they want, Record will pay the first dollar.We've qualified for the final stage but that's where the dreams of a country could go down the drain along with millions of dollars and a golden generation,'' added the newspaper.

The daily newspaper Reforma said Mexico had crawled through ''despite their limited technique and the poor level of discipline.''

Former England coach Eriksson replaced Hugo Sanchez who was fired after the under-23 team, which he also coached, failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics.

Eriksson's appointment was controversial from the outset as critics questioned whether he was prepared for the idiosyncracies of Mexican football and the difficult conditions in Central America and the Caribbean.

Mexico goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez asked for more time for the Swedish coach.

''I give Eriksson my vote of confidence,'' he said. ''The group is behind the coach. The defeat is sad but we progressed to the next stage.''

The hiring and firing of the Mexico coach is decided by the presidents of the 18 first division clubs who are due to hold their next meeting in December.

Football / Time for Wenger to go
« on: November 16, 2008, 05:28:00 AM »
His ego (also known as Arsenal's firm "youth" policy) is what is keeping us down.

He has to prove to the world that he can win with these handpicked youngsters when a more balanced team would do wonders. 

Even Fabregas said that recently.  At 24 he is a veteran on the team.  Steups

A young team will always be inconsistent.  Lose to Stoke the week before. Beat Man Utd last week. Lose to Aston Villa this week.

Time for Wenger to go.

Football / Ramón Maradiaga fired! (Guatemala coach)
« on: October 18, 2008, 01:15:47 AM »
Happened yesterday.  Bye bye Maradiaga.  He must have nightmares whenever he hears the name Trinidad and Tobago!

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — Ramon Maradiaga was fired as coach of Guatemala's national soccer team, two days after a 2-1 loss to Cuba damaged the team's chances of advancing in World Cup qualifying.
Guatemala's only chance to advance to next year's finals in North and Central America and the Caribbean is to beat the United States on Nov. 19 at Commerce City, Colo., and have Trinidad and Tobago lose at home to Cuba.

The United States (4-1) has clinched a berth from Group One of the semifinals, and Trinidad and Tobago (2-1-2) is second with eight points, three ahead of Guatemala (1-2-2), which has a better goal difference.

The 53-year-old Maradiaga, who was fired Friday, captained Honduras at the 1982 World Cup.

Football / The Blame Game
« on: June 23, 2008, 09:14:18 AM »
So we blaming the coach now...  I thought we was blaming Jack?  Wait... no... we blaming Alvin Corneal... or is Anton?

When the blame game go stop boy?

3-5-2, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 5-3-2

Let the players play.  With all the experience and so-called "talent" that we are forever claiming to have we let Bermuda give us heart pains. 

Fellas need to step up... now.

How quickly we forget the last qualifying campaign.  Can anyone remember the group that we were in?  St. Kitts Nevis, St. Vincent, Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago. 

It took last minute miracles AT HOME to save the Warriors from embarassment against St. Kitts Nevis.  And we also scraped by St. Vincent.

My point?  We always seem to start slow.  As time progresses, hopefully the more seasoned pros will return to the fold (i.e. Jack seeing his money jumping up now if we get eliminated too early) and the team will improve. 

At the same time, all these "big players" that people are always hyping on this board showed that without the foreign-based crew they are little better than a man named Ming who plays for Bermuda.  He could be a plumber for all we know.

But wait... we shoulda hit them 6!  Ent? 

Who we could blame again?

Football / Cornell Glen moves to Swansea (Football Manager 2008 game)!
« on: November 16, 2007, 03:07:34 PM »
... in my Football Manager 2008 game!  lol

I bought Cornell Glen from the MLS for US$475,000 and he is starting with Jason Scotland up front.  In the back I have Dennis Lawrence, Marvin Andrews (bought him from Raith for $US50,000 and a young striker) and Cyd Grey (bought him from Jabloteh?  or was it Joe Public? for US$350,000). 

With that bombsquad Swansea won League 1 with the second place team 25 points behind.  Scotland finished with 30 goals in all competitions, Glen with 28.

As I moved up to the Championship I just bought Sealey from the MLS for US$1,000,000.  Tried to buy Carlos Edwards but Keane not selling.  Bought Collin Samuel as well from the MLS for US$550,000.

So on the team I have Dog, Cyd Grey, Collin Samuel, Sealey, Cornell Glen and Jason Scotland.  I just released Tallest as he wasn't getting much playing time and he asked to be put on the transfer list.  (I doh take no dissent.  He get ship out one time.) 

Also tried to buy Baptiste but the work permit get turned down.  As he get some more caps I will try to buy him again.

I will let allyuh know how we doing as the season progresses!    ;D

Football / Are Chelsea the new Chicago Bulls?
« on: September 24, 2007, 09:15:58 AM »
Allyuh remember long time in the Jordan era when the whole of Trinidad was Bulls fans?  Showtime Lakers fans turn and went to support the Bulls and all.

Where all the Bulls fans gone boy?  Yuh cyah even see a Bulls cap to buy in town now.

Same thing with Chelsea now.  Watch and see how quick man start to jump off the Chelsea bandwagon.  Mind allyuh break allyuh ankle eh.

Football / Wenger agrees three-year Arsenal deal
« on: September 06, 2007, 07:44:27 AM »
Well allyuh dead now!   ;D

Wenger agrees three-year Arsenal deal

Source: www.soccernet.com

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has agreed a three-year contract extension worth about £4million a year to remain at the Premier League club, according to reports.

The deal, which will keep Wenger at the Emirates Stadium until the summer of 2011, is set to be formally announced on Friday.

Wenger, 57, was out of contract at the end of the season, and there had been added uncertainty over his commitment to Arsenal following the controversial departure of former vice-chairman David Dein in April and the summer sale of Thierry Henry to Barcelona.

However, the French coach - who brought an unprecedented spell of success to the Gunners since his arrival a decade ago - is understood to have reached an agreement with the board to remain in charge.

Wenger had been keen to stress the continued speculation around what may happen in terms of a boardroom takeover would not distract him from the job of returning Arsenal to challenge for the top honours again.

It remains to be seen just what will develop with regards to the supposed interest of American billionaire Stan Kroenke and whether Dein, a close personal friend of Wenger, returns to the club down the line having recently linked up with Alisher Usmanov at the head of 'Red and White Holdings'.

Wenger said last month: 'It is true that is a gamble I take - but when I take a gamble at some stage, it is with people who are in charge.

'They tell me certain things, and I believe or believe not, then I say 'listen, I want to sign only one year'.

'It is down to me if I want a longer contract or not and there is a takeover, because I know from the moment I sign that it can happen.'

Despite all of the uncertainty and predictions of another unimpressive campaign, Arsenal have opened the new season in some style - qualifying for the group stages of the Champions League and are currently second in the Barclays Premier League table, unbeaten in four matches.

Wenger believes the recent comings and goings at the Emirates Stadium have actually helped the current squad grow stronger.

He said: 'Since the beginning of the season something has been happening in this team.

'They fight for each other, they have a great togetherness and love for the game.'


What do you think W Connection should do?  If the sell-on clause was 10% that would be 600,000 pounds or at today's rate upwards of 7.8 million TT dollars.

A 20% sell-on clause would be 15.6 million TT dollars.

And so on....

How should this money be used?

Football / 'Sell Berbatov? I'd rather die' - Insists Jol
« on: August 26, 2007, 09:14:54 PM »
Berbatov is pure class.  Watch allyuh mouth!  Read what Jol say.

'Sell Berbatov? I'd rather die' - Insists Jol

Source: www.soccernet.com

Tottenham boss Martin Jol has revealed he turned down an approach for striker Dimitar Berbatov.

The 26-year-old Bulgaria international has attracted interest following his impressive rookie season in the Premier League, but Jol insists he does not want to sell.

'I had one approach and I said 'I'd rather die than sell him',' said the Dutchman.

Jol insists there has been no falling out between the pair following a poor start to his second campaign at White Hart Lane.

'Berbatov loves me,' Jol said.

'If he is playing well, he gets all the praise and if he is not doing well I have to tell him.'

Jol's sentiments were in stark contrast to those of Berbatov's agent, Emil Dantchev, who yesterday claimed Manchester United had made a firm offer for the striker and said he will meet Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy at some stage next week to discuss the interest.

United last night rejected Dantchev's claims, even though it is believed at one stage this summer manager Sir Alex Ferguson made a tentative inquiry for the 26-year-old Bulgaria international.

'The club has categorically not made a bid for Dimitar Berbatov,' said chief executive David Gill.

The future of Jermain Defoe appears less certain after Jol urged the England striker to prove his commitment to Spurs by signing a new deal.

Chairman Daniel Levy is wary of Defoe seeing out his contract and departing for free as Sol Campbell did in 2001.

Jol said: 'He tells everyone he loves the club but he hasn't signed a contract. I don't know what can happen if there are other clubs because the chairman said to me that he doesn't want another Campbell on his hands.'

Defoe is in the squad for tomorrow's clash at Manchester United, with the fixture coming at the end of a chaotic week at Tottenham.

Jol yesterday appeared relaxed at Spurs Lodge despite the infamous meeting between club officials and Sevilla boss Juande Ramos, with the Dutchman making light of the events that sparked a turbulent seven days.

Levy held a meeting with Jol on Tuesday and issued a statement giving him his '100%' backing, although confidence in his own ability is not something the Spurs boss is lacking after consecutive fifth-placed finishes in the Premier League.

It may be the most difficult week of his managerial career but Jol claimed that the consequences of finishing outside the Champions League places are hypothetical.

'The only thing that is not hypothetical is the two fifth-placed finishes we had,' he said. 'That is what they wanted.

'If I said to the chairman `I'll give you two top-fives in two years' he would have laughed at me. We did that.

'Five quarter-finals in the cups is a great achievement but now I realise - that is why this is a very good club, the ambition is higher.

'I get told I have to win a cup (by the media). Tell other managers they have to win a cup!'

Jol, however, is determined to finish the job he started nearly three years ago.

'If we do well, everything will be forgotten,' he said.

'I could walk out and go to a Champions League club but I want to stay here because I believe in those boys and as long as they believe in me there is no issue.

'I can work anywhere in the world but this is my mission. This is what I love.' 

Entertainment & Culture Discussion / Sizzla's crew 'beats' Norris Man
« on: August 23, 2007, 11:26:38 AM »
Sizzla's crew 'beats' Norris Man
Source: The Jamaica Star

Mel Cooke, Freelance Writer

Several persons on the stage at 'St. Mary Wi Come From' during the confrontation. - Roger chuck

On the day that Jamaica celebrated 45 years of Independence, Norris Man received a number of slaps at the Gray's Inn Sports Complex after a verbal confrontation on stage with Sizzla at the 2007 'A St. Mary Me Come From' concert, staged by Capleton.

Sizzla was not personally involved in delivering the blows to the fellow Rastafarian deejay, which were sharp, heavy and sudden, much like the rain which sent many persons in the huge crowd running for

Cover not long after.

After hours of brief performances and the audience being hungry for 'big name' action, minutes after 4 a.m. the pace stepped up with Chuck Fendah and Richie Spice in combination before there were screams for Lady Saw. There was a flurry of red, green and gold flags at the sight of Sizzla, who rasped "no no no no way". But then it was Lady Saw's turn again, but as she settled in to deejay, there was an interruption and she demanded, "a who a get inna me ting?"

Come off a de b.......... stage

After Saw, Sizzla did Give it to dem, the K Queens had a go and up came Norris Man, who said "Jah Cure lef fi come pon stage" "Me rehearse wid de ban'," Norris Man said, before deejaying "don't try to be no hero".

"Mek sure a no me yu a talk," Sizzla said, ...come off a de b.......... stage".

In response, a defiant Norris Man said, "...k yu mumma,"and Sizzla replied "wha, a dat yu sey?"

There were no more words as there was a physical confrontation on the stage, the hands doing the talking. Capleton stormed up on the crowded stage, as MC Nuffy called for peace to reign.

"Wha oonu a try do? Mash up man ting?" Capleton demanded. "A Rasta ting. Me know de whole a oonu...," he said, looking and pointing towards the direction of the fight. "Norris Man, a waapen to yu?" he demanded. "A Independence. A St. Mary me come from," Capleton said, the band coming in as he deejayed Bun out de Chi Chi.

"Clear me stage," he demanded.

Norris Man came back to tell the crowd, "Capleton invite me a de show, a St. Mary me come from. Sizzla mek him fren dem tump me inna me face."

Bad from town

Sizzla replied; "Norris Man, me a badman, a Kingston me come from," and the crowd roared, the frenzy of flags, screams and shouts getting even louder as he deejayed "a big long gun, I run out pon dem," Munga Honourable following with "dem bway deh no bad like I".

"Look how de ting a run good," Capleton complained, repeating the demand to "clear de stage". There were more lyrics from Sizzla, Capleton and Munga, who said "a our show dis an no man cyaan disrespec' dis. Any bway dis de pattern a gunshot defen' it."

After input from Macka Diamond and Ninja Man, Capleton said "is time fe me call on my special guest," again asking that the stage be cleared. "How some man a gwaan like dem so greedy? Oonu deh ya so long," he said. That special guest was Jah Cure. Tarrus Riley was also called up, She's Royal hitting hard.

When Ninja Man came back with Josey Wales after 5:30 a.m., the 'Deejay Colonel' had something to say about matters, after tearing down the house repeatedly with Love Triangle. "Norris Man, yu cyaan see so much Rasta an waan fight," he said to laughter. "Me no go inna losing war." To Sizzla, Josey said "neva go off on stage in front of the public."

"All my Rasta fren who sey dem a bad man, oonu nah kill nobody. Oonu no bad like me likkle finger. De whol' a oonu, Sizzla, everybody, oonu a go get man mad roun' here," Josey said, his voice rising.

One don lef' an' is Clarendon

And Ninja Man cautioned the two that if something serious happened "memba Norris Man an Sizzla, a oonu one a go a jail. Mark Shields sey when him lef' here, is one don lef' an' is Clarendon."

"Look how much time me go jail," Ninja Man said, deejaying "dem neva bruck a war, neva do a ting" as the rain came down. And after Beenie Man kept most of the huge audience in the rain cheering to his lyrics, Capleton was back. "No badda watch dah ting deh. Everyting good. Rasta deal wid dem ting different," he said, before going on Top a Tings.

Football / Wenger's View
« on: August 12, 2007, 07:32:49 PM »
Wenger's View

Arsene WengerWenger: 'This kind of result can change a team's season'
Arsenal 2-1 Fulham
Premier League
Emirates Stadium
Sun, Aug 12, 2007, 12pm

On a late fightback...
"Well, we had a terrible start and we played against a good Fulham side, against a good goalkeeper. Apart from that I thought we were resilient, we didn't give up for ninety minutes. We were physically strong, mentally strong, and that's the kind of result that changes the team, you know? We had our backs to the wall, we didn't give in and in the end we won the game. Maybe you could say it's lucky, but I don't believe too much in luck."

On Fulham...
"Fulham finished very, very tired because they run a lot, after the ball. They did fight a lot and I must say Fulham had qualities. They could have scored the second goal and that would have ended our hopes tonight. "

On starting with three points...
"This is the kind of the result that can change the season for a team, because we know we were one-nil down and came back and won the game, and that's at least a positive start. To lose that game today would certainly have been a big blow to the team because everybody says, it's after Thierry Henry has left, to start with a a loss would have been really, really difficult."

On Jen's early mistake...
"What went through my mind... first of all I was surprised he made a mistake. Because you know he is an experienced keeper, you want to deal well with your first ball. I think he changed his mind and then he was not quick enough to respond to his brain, because then he lost his co-ordination and made a mistake. Maybe he was guilty of changing his mind, I have not spoken to him. He's certainly the happiest boy in the dressing room tonight."

On accusations of diving...
"No. Hleb is adamant there was a hundred per-cent penalty on him. I'm ready to look at that on the video because on the bench it's impossible to say or not, but it didn't look to me like he dived."

On the pressure...
"I was not stressed today because I felt that the players would give everything to win. And as long as you that in the team, and you have quality on the pitch, you always have hope. I saw that some of their defenders started to have cramps. I felt, if you continue to the last second, it's just sometimes a yard that makes a little bit more fatigue, and you know some of them will not respond any more if you continue to give them a problem."

On Eduardo appearing on Wednesday...
"There's a small chance - there's a 50-50 chance. Adebayor is out for Wednesday. "

On Hleb playing behind the striker...
"Hleb is doing very well in there, I felt that sometimes Van Persie was a bit isolated, when Bendtner came on and was supporting him it was a bit easier. But sometimes it depends on the games."


[ Sunday, August 12, 2007]

Football / Inter buy Honduran striker Suazo from Cagliari
« on: June 13, 2007, 02:30:16 PM »
Inter buy striker Suazo from Cagliari

ROME, June 13 (Reuters) - Italian champions Inter Milan have signed Honduran striker David Suazo from Serie A rivals Cagliari, the president of Cagliari said on Wednesday.


'Inter have made a great buy. At Inter, Suazo will be their first choice. The rest will come after. He's a great player and a great professional,' Massimo Cellino told Italian radio station Radio Radio.

Suazo joined Cagliari from Olimpia of Honduras in 1999. The Sardinian club were relegated to the second division Serie B at the end of his first season, but Suazo scored 19 goals to help them win promotion back to the top flight during the 2003-04 campaign.

Since then, the 27-year-old Honduran international has developed into one of the most dangerous strikers in Italy.

In the 2005-06 season he scored 22 Serie A goals for Cagliari, breaking the club record of 21 league goals in a season that former Italy international Gigi Riva set in 1970.

At the Italian Football Oscars in January this year, he shared the award for best foreign player in Serie A with AC Milan's Brazilian playmaker Kaka.

Football / Will Carlos stay?
« on: April 09, 2007, 12:50:12 PM »
What allyuh think?

Blatter: 2018 may head to Americas
Source: soccernet.com

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has warned there is no guarantee that the 2018 World Cup will be held in Europe - putting a question mark against hopes England would host that tournament.

Blatter was meeting Chancellor Gordon Brown and sports minister Richard Caborn with a possible World Cup bid at the top of the agenda.

But the FIFA president has raised the prospect of the 2018 tournament either being held in North America or Asia - and the USA, China and Australia have also indicated their intention to bid.

FIFA's executive committee will decide in December on whether the World Cup should continue to rotate to different continents or if it should be open to all bidders.

Blatter told a media briefing in London: 'The executive committee must take a decision whether the rotation should include all the confederations in which case the 2018 World Cup should be in CONCACAF (north and central America).

'They could also decide that the Americas should be considered as one and then rotation would go to Asia.

'It may also be that the majority of the FIFA executive committee where you have eight European representatives (out of 24) can find the 13 votes needed (for the World Cup to return to Europe).'

Blatter said his personal inclination was for rotation to continue to North America, with the USA, Mexico and Canada all capable of hosting the tournament. 

Jahyouth: My question to everyone is: Can the Caribbean ask to host a group if it is held in the U.S.A?  Do we have the facilities to host a group?  If so, would it be a good idea to pursue that?

Mexico was up 1-0 late in the second half. 

If this is the St. Kitts Nevis team that beat our U-20s then I cyah say nuttin.  Talk about a solid team?

The future looks bright for St. Kitts Nevis if these youths stay together.

Football / Jack Warner strikes again
« on: January 30, 2007, 12:04:35 PM »
FIFA vice-president aims to end Britain's privileges

Source: www.soccernet.com

Britain's privileged position with FIFA is under threat after a new challenge to the four home associations' special rights.

For the last 60 years, the home nations have enjoyed the right to nominate their own FIFA vice-president, and they also have voting rights on the International FA Board, the game's rule-making body.

Now, alerted by the impending retirement of Scottish lawyer David Will after 17 years in the post, another FIFA vice-president Jack Warner has announced his intention to seek an end to the privileges.

Warner said: 'It does not make any sense, it should be abolished because it is a football anachronism.

'If I can get support I will bring it up at the FIFA Congress and I will fight to have it abolished.

'This position should be elected by the UEFA countries. You should not be able to play in the UEFA competitions and then have your own elections outside UEFA.

'You cannot be half-pregnant. Either you are pregnant or not pregnant.'

Will's successor as FIFA vice-president is to be elected on Monday and each home association has put forward their candidate, although it looks certain to come down to a straight contest between FA chairman Geoff Thompson and Irish FA president Jim Boyce.

Warner said whoever wins, he would aim for this to be the last four-year FIFA vice-presidency awarded automatically to Britain.

He added: 'Whoever gets elected now can of course stay in the post and serve for four years but after that the situation must change because it is not right.

'It has nothing to do with any individual personalities. It's the reality of the situation.'

Warner is from Trinidad and Tobago and is the president of the CONCACAF federation - countries from north and central America and the Caribbean.

He is an ally of FIFA president Sepp Blatter's but his last attempt to change the FIFA statutes three years ago failed. His campaign never reached Congress because Will asked the FIFA executive committee to vote on the issue.

Warner's proposal was defeated by 20 to votes to four - only the three CONCACAF representatives plus Ahongalu Fusimalohi from the Oceania confederation were in favour.

Now Will is going however, Warner believes his successor will not have the same relationships with other FIFA top brass as the Scotsman enjoys.

Monday's election also involves Scottish FA president John McBeth and his Welsh counterpart Peter Rees, but neither have the amount of experience within UEFA and FIFA as Thompson and Boyce.

There could be a stalemate however, as each country is allowed to vote for their own candidate and a decisive voting system, such as ordering candidates in order of preference, has yet to be agreed.

Football / Feyenoord thrown out of UEFA Cup
« on: January 19, 2007, 01:29:06 PM »
Feyenoord thrown out of UEFA Cup
 NYON, Switzerland (AP) - Feyenoord was expelled from the UEFA Cup on Friday over crowd disturbances.

Round of 32, Leg 1 
Wed., Feb. 14
Leverkusen vs. Blackburn   
Hap. Tel Aviv vs. Rangers   
Livorno vs. Espanyol   
Fenerbahce vs. Alkmaar   
Werder Bremen vs. Ajax   
CSKA vs. Maccabi Haifa   
AEK Athens vs. PSG   
Benfica vs. Dinamo Buch.   
Shakhtar vs. Nancy   
Bordeaux vs. Osasuna   
Thu., Feb. 15
Zulte W. vs. Newcastle   
Braga vs. Parma   
Lens vs. Panathinaikos   
Steaua vs. Sevilla   
TBA vs. Tottenham *   
Spartak vs. Celta Vigo   
*Feyenoord booted by UEFA 1/19/07 for crowd trouble.
The Dutch side was set to meet Tottenham Hotspur in the round of 32 of Europe's second-tier club competition.

UEFA will meet Monday to decide whether the English club will have to play another opponent instead.

Feyenoord fans fought and smashed windows at Nancy before ripping out and throwing seats during a 3-0 loss on Nov. 30.

Police lobbed tear gas in Marcel-Picot Stadium, forcing the referee to stop the match in the 80th minute because it was affecting the players. The players returned to the field about 20 minutes later and completed the match.

"In every respect, this is a serious blow for our club and for everybody who has a soft spot for Feyenoord," director Onno Jacobs said. "In this situation there are only losers.

"This punishment has enormous implications for our club. Financially as well as on the sporting front, Feyenoord suffers a lot of damage. Our real supporters are the victims of the behavior of a few people that Feyenoord wants nothing to do with."

The UEFA appeals body said it "has considerably toughened the sanction" against Feyenoord after its meeting Friday. However, it halved a fine UEFA had previously imposed on the Dutch side to 100,000 Swiss francs (US$80,000; €62,000).

"The supporters will miss what was promising to be two superb matches against Spurs. Perhaps more," Feyenoord director Chris Woerts told The AP. "Just like we noted in our New year speech, we hope our supporters will do everything possible to correct their behavior."

Feyenoord, fourth in the Dutch standings and 14 points behind leader PSV Eindhoven, plays eighth-place NAC Breda on Sunday.

The club said it would consider appealing the ban to world sport's highest tribunal, the Swiss-based Court of Arbitration for Sport.

"This punishment has enormous implications for our club. Financially as well as on the sporting front, Feyenoord suffers a lot of damage," Jacobs said. "Our real supporters are the victims of the behavior of a few people that Feyenoord wants nothing to do with."


Football / Any stream for the Liverpool vs Arsenal today?
« on: January 09, 2007, 01:56:51 PM »
it just started at 2.45 EST

Abramovich to invest $40m in Russian team

MOSCOW, Dec 13 (Reuters) - Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich will invest at least another $40 million in the Russian national team in the hope of reviving it as he has done with London club Chelsea.
Abramovich's National Soccer Academy foundation has earmarked $30-40 million for the construction of a new training base for the Russia team by 2008 and will also put money into building a new stadium, his spokesman told Reuters on Wednesday.

The money is the latest part of an ambitious plan by the country's richest man to lift Russian soccer up from the doldrums it has been in since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

He already partly finances national coach Guus Hiddink's salary package and has put millions of dollars into Moscow club CSKA, who last year became the first Russian club to lift a European trophy when they won the UEFA Cup.

Abramovich's foundation, which sponsors sports projects across Russia, will pour cash into the building of a new national stadium in Moscow, a project worth around $300 million, his spokesman said.

'The Academy is ready to go forward to make sure it is built ... The foundation is the main driver behind the stadium project,' he added, declining to give the exact sum allocated.

Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003 for 60 million pounds ($118 million). Helped by his seemingly limitless funds, Chelsea have won two Premier League titles since his arrival.

It is a different story for the Russian national team, who failed to qualify for this year's World Cup under former coach Yuri Syomin.

Abramovich's plans of further investment into Russian sport will likely boost his good reputation at home.

In the years of Vladimir Putin's presidency, marked with a campaign against 'oligarchs' -- Russia's super-rich accused by the Kremlin of neglecting national interests -- Abramovich has become a widely cited positive example of a different approach.

During his governorship of the Chukotka region, Abramovich has invested hundreds of millions of dollars and made use of his close Kremlin ties to fight poverty in the bitterly cold and largely deserted region in Russia's far east.

The Russian edition of Forbes magazine this year estimated Abramovich's wealth, mostly from oil and aluminium assets, at $18.3 billion. 

Football / Brazil and dey overage players again!
« on: December 07, 2006, 11:07:23 AM »
Age-cheating controversy in Brazil

Associated Pres
 SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - A former Brazil youth player has recently confessed to falsifying his age to advance his career, a growing problem that started in Africa and has now shifted to South America.

Carlos Alberto, who helped Brazil win the under-20 World Championship in 2003, said he was 25 at the time. He received a one-year suspension by Brazil's top sports tribunal. On Thursday, he was interrogated by Brazilian federal police and could be charged with fraud.
Commonplace in Africa, age-fraud is widely believed to be rife in Brazil, but very few athletes have been caught or suspended.

A Sao Paulo player said he lied about his age earlier in his career, and this week a youth player with two-time national champion Santos was found to be four years older than his birth certificate showed.

Carlos Alberto, who played for first-division Figueirense, was about to be transferred to Sao Paulo when the fraud was discovered.

The Folha de S. Paulo newspaper reported two weeks ago that the player was using a fake birth certificate that cut five years off his real age.

"I am 28 years old, not 23," he said.

The midfielder said he altered his age in 2000 after a friend said it could boost his career.

"I did it out of necessity, I needed to help my family, they were very poor," Carlos Alberto said.

Carlos Alberto's lawyers said he wanted to "help his family" in their defense, and the player was only suspended for 360 days instead of the maximum 720 days.

He could still receive a prison sentence of up to five years if he is convicted of fraud.

Figueirense was said to not know that Carlos Alberto's birth certificate was fake.

The Brazilian Soccer Confederation also wasn't punished, and FIFA said Brazil's under-20 title in 2003 was not in jeopardy.

The case prompted other players to come out with age-cheating stories, including one by Souza, a midfielder who helped Sao Paulo win this year's Brazilian championship.

The 27-year-old midfielder said he'd altered his age 10 years ago so he could play in an amateur tournament.

"They discovered the fraud within a couple of months and it almost ended my career," Souza said.

Souza wasn't punished because he was not yet playing professionally at the time.

Brazil player Dudu Cearense, currently with CSKA Moscow, is another who has admitted he lied about his age. But in his case, it was to portray he was older than his actual age.

"To play for Ceara, I had to say I was five years older than I was," Cearense told the Lance sports daily. "In a tryout, they asked for players 20 or older, but I volunteered even though I was only 15."

Cearense, who played alongside Carlos Alberto in the 2003 under-20 championship, said that throughout his career he has heard of several other players who altered their age.

"This is common in soccer," he said.

Two-time Brazilian champion Santos discovered this week that one of its young promising players was four years older than his birth certificate showed.

Known as Karioca, he played for Santos in under-15 tournaments despite being 18. Santos notified authorities after confirming the player had altered his age with the help of his agent.

"Only God knows what I'm going through," Karioca, who reportedly used to be a homeless kid in Rio de Janeiro, told Folha de S. Paulo.

The story broke Wednesday after a report published by Lance.

One of the first cases of overage players being suspended in Brazil happened in 1999, when Sao Paulo striker Sandro Hiroshi was found to have used fake documents about his age in a transfer.

Only a handful of other cases had surfaced before Carlos Alberto's confession.


Football / Wenger has lost some credibility with me after today's match
« on: December 06, 2006, 04:33:25 PM »
With all the talk that Wenger gives about teams that play "negative and defensive" football by putting 11 men behind the ball and defending for 90 minutes, he had Arsenal do the very same thing at Porto.

I am a big Arsenal fan, but still find it crazy that Wenger could chide teams for playing Arsenal like that, then go and do the very same thing against Porto.

I know that a draw was all we needed, but how can you fight down teams that play that way when your team would do the same thing on another day?

Football / Sheva linked with San Siro loan
« on: November 29, 2006, 01:33:45 PM »
Sheva linked with San Siro loan

  Chelsea's £30million striker Andriy Shevchenko could be sent out on loan to former club AC Milan in the January transfer window.
The Ukranian striker signed from the Rossoneri in the summer, but has thus far failed to make a significant impact at Stamford Bridge.

And according to reports on Wednesday, Blues boss Jose Mourinho has lost patience with the forward after scoring just three goals so far this season.

However they claim he would only be allowed to return to Italy on a six-month loan deal for 'personal problems', as Shevchenko's wife is struggling to settle.

Mourinho would only sanction a move when a replacement is signed, and reports on Tuesday claimed the Premiership champions were lining up a bid for Valencia's David Villa.

Valencia president Juan Soler claimed that no approach had been made by Chelsea, but any buyer would have to pay Villa's buy-out clause, which currently stands at £100million.


Football / WHITLEY TO COVENTRY!!!!!!!
« on: November 09, 2006, 08:54:44 AM »
In my Football Manager 2007 game! 


I also bought Latapy, and am in negotiations to buy Jemmott.

Aurtis cost $50,000, Jemmott cost $91,000 (counting incentives).  Latas cost $25,000 and would only accept the transfer if he was given a Player/Coach role.

And with all that, Stern just requested a transfer.  I in a mind to let him rot in the reserves for acting so stupid caus he not starting yet.

Football / Come on Arsenal!
« on: November 01, 2006, 03:07:19 PM »

finish this side off man

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