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Football / Columbus Communications Blocking EPL Matches..
« on: October 22, 2006, 11:37:45 AM »
They're blocking all the live EPL matches !

Rumour is that they are going to sell packages , and live EPL football is one of them..Does anyone know how much you would have to pay .. or when it is available ?

Football / Naparima College vs Presentation College Report
« on: October 16, 2006, 06:07:02 PM »
Sorry , ah thief this report from schoolsoccernet.com , but better ah post it than nothing ..  ;D

Saturday 14th October, 2006

In what can only be described as an absolute classic encounter, Naparima College needed penalty kicks to defeat Presentation College San Fernando and win the 2006 Val Turton/Carl Osborne Memorial Trophy at Mannie Ramjohn Stadium on Saturday.

The atmosphere was electric; both the Naparima and Princes Town rhythm sections played and sang their hearts out in what can safely be described as the best showing of school spirit and support for the entire 2006 football season. The crowd was by far the biggest to attend a schools football match for the year, and the players from both teams gave a display of grit, determination and heart that the respective teams’ coaches and principals should be proud of.

At stake was the coveted Val Turton/Carl Osborne Memorial Trophy and also valuable league points. Leading up to the game, Naparima College was only one of two teams that have been perfect this season, boasting a record of seven wins in as many matches. ‘Pres’ was trying to keep pace with the league leaders, whom they trailed by only two points. A ‘Pres’ win would seem them leapfrog ‘Naps’ into first place, whilst a defeat would all but end their South Zone title aspirations.

The game started off at a frantic pace, with both teams wanting to score that early goal.

‘Naps’ signaled their intentions early, and should have found themselves a goal up when Javed Mohammed broke free on the left and slipped the ball past an advancing Akini Adams in the ‘Pres’ goal, but also wide of the right post.

Whilst ‘Naps’ enjoyed the lion’s share of ball possession in the early going, it was ‘Pres’ who looked the more dangerous in attack.  Prolific ‘Pres’ forward Derwyn Lee was marshaled every step of the way in an obvious tactical adjustment made by wily Shawn Cooper, but it was midfielder Shahdon Winchester that took a shot from an incredible 30 yards out which crashed against the ‘Naps’ upright. Immediately after the scare, ‘Naps’ created their best opportunity of the half when Renato Ramlochan broke free on the right, cut into the ‘Pres’ goal area and fired his right footed attempt just wide of the left post. The action continued on both sides of the pitch, but at the half, neither team could break the deadlock.

The second half continued at the same breath taking pace as the first, and it was ‘Naps’ who eventually took the lead in the 55th minute, when Cion Samuel played a beauty of a pass to split the ‘Pres’ defense and onto the foot of Anthony Parris, who collect well and slipped the ball past the goalkeeper much to the delight of the Naparima fans.

‘Pres’ began to press for the equalizer and Lee began to drop back deeper in an attempt to draw the ‘Naps’ defenders out of position. The ‘Pres’ pressure final bore fruit in the 71st minute,  as a right sided corner Akeem Marshall Corner was flicked onto the far post where an alert an unmarked Lee headed into the net.

Things got worse of ‘Naps’ as in a moment of madness as Nigel Wright, whom was booked seconds earlier, kicked away the ball in disgust and was promptly shown the red card by the referee. Incredibly, Coach Carter did not withdraw one of his strikers, instead he continued to urged his team to attack. ‘Pres’ introduced the skillful Robert Als into the game to try and inject some creativity into the midfield.

At the end of regulation, the scores remained tied. This result meant that both teams split the points for the league, but there was still the matter of the Memorial trophy to be decided.

In the first half of regulation, ‘Pres’ would have scored the game winning goal had it not been for the heroics of Curtis Julien in goal. Julien somehow got his foot onto a blast from Stephen Campbell who was less than 10 yards from the goal.

‘Naps’ did also create some goal scoring opportunities, and never looked as though they were reduced to 10 men.

At the end of extra time, the scores remained tied and the dreaded penalty kicks loomed.

The drama reached fever pitch, and it looked as though the combination of pressure and fatigue took its toll on the players, as both teams missed their first two penalties. In the end though, it was the penalties from Dinakar Jimdar, Javed Mohammed and the winner by Renato Ramlochan that overcame the kick scored by Arvid Applewhite to give ‘Naps’ the victory in a game that has to go down in history as one of the most epic battles in South Zone football.

Good game..

Football / Naps vs Pres .. Saturday 14th
« on: October 11, 2006, 11:13:34 AM »
Sorry for not posting in a while , been really busy..

The Naparima vs Presentation clash is on Saturday the 14th at 4 PM in Manny Ramjohn Stadium.

This match is the Turton Osbourne Classic and the SSFL group game , i guess they did this because they were pressed for time..

By the way..

Anybody want to comment on Naps 5 - Benedicts 0 ?

Football / Intercol Scores and Reports
« on: September 08, 2006, 08:02:32 PM »
All Intercol scores and reports here :

Naps 2
Vessigny 1

St.Benedicts 1
Pres 4

General Discussion / Alyuh know where ah could get this ?
« on: August 18, 2006, 06:57:52 PM »
Ah looking for the temporary dies that you can spray on yuh head ... or anything like it...blue is the only colour in want ..
If anyone know about a place in Trinidad where i could get , please tell..

Intercol coming up nah , and ah need meh supplies..

General Discussion / How i did in my exams .. lol
« on: July 07, 2006, 10:06:45 PM »
Well.. im kind of bored right now , and it just hit me how i have been neglecting here , so i might as well post my results , cause thats the reason i was neglective anyway..

Subjects that i intend to do in form 4 :

Compulsory :

Choices :
Ad Maths
IT (General)

Marks :
Language : 77
Literature : 68
Mathematics : 81
Biology : 71
Chemistry : 74
Physics : 84
IT : 85
Spanish : 45 (i nearly pass !)
Art : 77
Drama : 70
Geography : 68
PoA : 57 (oh well , i know i was gettin this long time)

Subjects I got through to do :

Compulsories :

Choices :
IT (General)
Ad Maths

Average : 71.6 %

Place : 9th

so , ah could start pack posting like a maniac now..

Football / Lack of TT Shirts In UK
« on: May 31, 2006, 03:11:15 PM »
LONDON - When one of our readers Chris Balodis complained he was finding it impossible to find a Trinidad and Tobago replica shirt, we decided to find out why.

Chris wrote:

    After months of hard searching, I cannot (I repeat CANNOT) purchase a Trinidad & Tobago world cup top online or in the stores! If it weren't for our Carnival style, we would officially be the most anonymous group of supporters in any World Cup. I'm actually amazed noone is complaining.

We can reveal that there is indeed a severe shortage of T&T shirts in the UK - and it's mainly down to the Scots.

Stacy-Marie Ishmael, spokeswoman for the Soca Warriors Supporters' Club says it's because no fewer than six of the Trinidad and Tobago squad are playing their club football in Scotland.

The fact that St Johnstone striker Jason Scotland (no surprises that official replicas of his jersey have been selling like hot cakes) is one of them, and the fortuitous acronym of T&T, means they have a wide following among Scottish fans.
Nothing of course to do with the fact the Soca Warriors have been drawn against England in Group B...

Stacy-Marie told me: "To a certain extent we have the old rivalry between England and Scotland - but I don't think they would support us so ardently if so many of our players weren't playing in Scotland.

"There are also lots of fans in the UK trying to get shirts and lots of people who have adopted Trinidad and Tobago as the underdog in the World Cup."

Exceptionally high demand has been compounded by problems with supply, she says, with deliveries from Adidas to their Oxford Circus store pushed back until early June and major website suppliers currently sold out.

Many dedicated Warriors fans have called on friends or family in the Caribbean to raid their wardrobes for any old T&T shirts or supporters' T-shirts they can find and send them over to Europe in time for the tournament.

As Stacy-Marie puts it in her blog: "A Trini named Scotland playing for the Scots against the English. Now that's globalisation."

Incidentally, you can play with our T&T squad selector here (there's one for each of the 32 World Cup teams in fact).

Who is Stacie-Marie ?

General Discussion / Work !
« on: May 24, 2006, 05:23:48 PM »
I look all around and i still cant find it..so i here it is , if yuh know , post..

What are the ill effects of channeling waterways ? Particular focus on channeling waterways for irrigation..

General Discussion / I wont be posting as much
« on: May 23, 2006, 07:34:56 PM »
I wont be posting as much anymore , since my computer has been moved out of my room  :'( :'(

Actually..dont expect to see me online as much lol

Anyhow , dont expect me to answer too quickly to your replies (if any) lol

Doh say ah run away and all kinda thing , i know trini's like commess already (yes , ah talking to you joel) ..

Nigel Dookie

General Discussion / Chatroom !
« on: May 17, 2006, 06:53:15 PM »
Get in

Football / Offside Question
« on: May 14, 2006, 11:19:58 AM »
After i watched the highlights from the FA Cup final , i wondered..

If a man crosses a ball , and the man who inside the box offside and the linesman raises his flag for offside , but a defender scores an own goal..what will it be ? You know how refs like to call offsides before the man get the ball an thing..

Woman's murderous fire kills innocent man and stepson
Darryl Heeralal

Sunday, May 7th 2006

Marvin Taitt breaks down at the scene of the fire that killed his three-year-old son, Jossiah Taitt, at Nelson Street, Port of Spain, yesterday morning.

The actions of a woman who tried to kill her husband has ended in the death of an unrelated toddler and the child's stepfather.

The woman said to be a Guyanese national doused her common-law husband with either gasolene or kerosene, set him alight but the fire razed through the apartment building killing three-year-old Jossiah Paitt and his step-father, Junior Fortune, 30.

Their burnt bodies were found in the bathroom of the apartment and police believe they went there to hide from the inferno.

The woman's common-law husband was reported as critical last night in the intensive care unit of the Port of Spain General Hospital while she was in police custody.

"I just want to see my son. Oh God, why them people do that! Oh God!" Jamila Toby cried yesterday as firemen were putting out the blaze.
Jamila Toby holds her stomach in despair after her son, Jossiah, was burnt to death in yesterday's fire which was meant to kill somebody else.

The fatal fire took place around 7 a.m. in the upstairs apartment of a two-storey building opposite Don Carlos Club, corner of Nelson and Duke Streets, Port of Spain.

Four families were left homeless and four business places damaged, two completely.

Toby who could hardly hold up herself cried that she left her son and husband asleep to go to work about an hour before, at Arlene's Best Price shop, which was also damaged in the fire.

Police say the woman and her common-law husband lived in a back apartment and during a heated quarrel she doused the man, lit him afire and ran out of the apartment. While running away, burning pieces of skin and flesh dropped off lighting other areas of the apartment.

Police later arrested the woman at the scene and had her detained while an ambulance took the man to hospital. After investigations are complete the woman is expected to be charged with attempting to murder her common-law husband and with the death of Jossiah and Fortune.

"Oh God, meh chile! Ah want to go with meh chile! Oh God, meh chile, meh chile gone! I don't want nothing more than my child!" Toby wailed as undertakers took up her dead relatives from the burnt ruins. An injection given to Toby earlier at the hospital to sedate her did not help with her hysterics.

The other three families affected by the fire were also dazed by what took place and how it started.

Most of the affected families were more concerned with Toby's tragic loss than their own material possessions. While they had to find a place to sleep last night, Toby was left grappling with the fact that she lost not only her home but her family.


Football / Chatroom !
« on: May 04, 2006, 05:55:31 PM »
Every body get in the chatroom , women and children first ..

but seriously , chatroom

edit :

Lemme help alyuh  ;D


General Discussion / Randolph Burroughs ?
« on: May 01, 2006, 05:24:28 PM »
Wha he do , how he do it , tell me about him..

I need $25 US for my paypal account , does anyone have a small programming job , web designing , a big one not that bad either , or enough to get me my $25 , or if your really feeling generous , you can just donate it , but help would be appreciated greatly..

P.S. - This is for my Warrior Nation registration..

Football / Soca Warriors Commemorative Coins
« on: April 24, 2006, 07:48:21 PM »
Commemorative Soca Warriors coins , on sale at CBTT (Central Bank) , i getting one soon , alyuh could organise and shit away .. and i not taking orders eh  ;D

$10 Coin - $220
$100 Coin - $550

Football / SSFL All Star Team
« on: November 25, 2005, 05:14:13 PM »
Alyuh post what alyuh think it is , here is who i think from naps getin into it

Goalkeeper - Leston Shade

Defender - Dazel Lara

Midfielder - Javed Mohammed

Striker - Adisa Connell

alyuh from different schools could put who alyuh think gettin in it

Football / Who is the youngest and oldest members of the forum ?
« on: November 25, 2005, 03:00:53 PM »
topic .. lol

where this thing does come from .. hole on , lemme get alyuh a room.

Football / Best Chants ..
« on: November 25, 2005, 02:29:54 PM »
Was the best chants you here anywhere , intercol , national , anything

General Discussion / Would you wear this ?
« on: November 21, 2005, 07:45:19 PM »

Football / Naps playing Fatima on wednesday
« on: November 19, 2005, 05:53:47 PM »
yes man , i know this go rile up some fellahs on the board , but
NAPS SHARING OUT CUTAS* to fatima , alyuh know where it playing ?

Jokes / Wiped out
« on: November 17, 2005, 04:02:38 PM »

Football / How should they distribute tickets ?
« on: November 17, 2005, 03:35:33 PM »
How you think they should be handling the tickets sales this time ?

I like the old way with kfc an thing

Football / Videos of the School Football ?
« on: October 31, 2005, 10:04:22 PM »
Anyone know any good sources where a person can obtain goals from the secondary school football games ? To be more particular , games from the South games... (formal eh)

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