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Football / ESPN Profiles : Shaka Hislop
« on: November 26, 2011, 07:30:17 PM »
Going on now on ESPN international....not sure about repeats. please film if possible, merge if necessary

Cricket Anyone / Missionary Man Video
« on: September 18, 2011, 07:28:58 PM »
Don't usually post on this board cause i fell off the cricket wagon a long time ago, but I remember in the mid 90's during a tour - I think it was Australia against the Windies, whoever was covering the sport at the time played a great hype video with a song that i now know to be "Missionary Man" by Eurythmics.

anyone else remember that, and more importantly, have any cllue where i could find it? no luck on youtube...

Football / Best Team on Paper?
« on: September 02, 2011, 11:07:35 AM »
I hearing a lot about this team being our best on paper since 2000 etc

I decided to try and compare World Cup qualifying squads. Some players easy because they just replacing themselves, but it not all that simple. For instance Dwight in 02 not competing with Dwight of 06, but with Stern.

Please note that this is just me trying to remember. I could be wrong about player positions, player strengths etc. Anybody who know better feel to correct thanks

First the coaches
Beenie 05-06 > Pfister 11-12 > Porters 00-01 >  BSC 00 >Simoes 01 > Pacho 08-09 > Latas 09/BSC 04-05
(I given Beenie the benefit of the doubt, but if you want to argue for Otto be my guest)

Ince 00-01 > Ince 04-06 = Ince 08-09
Shaka 00-01 > Shaka 04-06 > Phillips 08-09
Russell 00-01 < Jack 04-06 > Williams 08-09
Talles 00-01 > Talles 04-06 < Talles 08-09
Dog 00-01 > Dog 04-06 < Dog 09
 Cyd 01 > Cyd 05-06 < Cyd 08
Cox 00-01 > Cox 04-06 = Hislop 08-09
Blade 00-01 > Blade 04-06 > Blade 08-09

Latas 00-01 > Latas 05-06 > Latas 08-09
Dwarika 00-01 < Whitley 05-06
Nakhid 00 > Yorke 05-06 > Yorke 08-09
Rougier 00-01 < Rougier 05 = Leon 08-09  
Eve 00-01 < Theobald 04-06 = Theobald 08-09
Wise 00-01 > Carlos 05-06 > Daniel 08-09
Nixon 00-01 < Glen 04-06 < Glen 08-09
N. Pierre 00-01  = Scotland 04-06 =  Scotland 08-09
Yorke 00-01 > Jones 04-06 < Jones 09
Stern 01 < Stern 04-06 > Stern 08-09

Couldn't figure out who the following compare with in all years
Mason 00-01
Saunders 00-01
Trotman 00-01
Sh David 00
Carrington 00-01
Elcock 00-01

Rahim 00-01
Mauge 00-01

Samuel 05-06
Wise 06
Aklie 08-09  
Hyland 08-09
Wolfe 08-09,

Birchall 05-06 = Birchall 08-09
Spann 04-06 > Spann 08-09
Sancho 04-06  < Abu Bakr 09
Charles 05-06 = Thomas 08-09
Wolfe 06 < Baptiste 08-09

BSC (GC 2000)
XI: Ince - Elcock - Andrews - Shurland David - Rougier - Mason - Latapy - Nakhid - Eve - Dwarika - Yorke
Sub: Russell? Wise - Trotman - Rahim - Nixon - King

Porters (WCQ 2000)
XI:  Ince - Elcock - Andrews - Shurland David - Lawrence - Carrington - Latapy - Mason - Eve - Dwarika - Yorke
Sub: Hislop - Saunders - Rougier - Demmin - L. Andrews - Wise - Carlos - Nixon - N. Pierre - Glasgow - Sam

Porters (WCQ 2001)
XI:  Ince - Elcock- Andrews - Rougier - Lawrence - Carrington - Latapy - Rahim - Eve - Stern - Yorke
Sub: Hislop - Saunders - Mauge - Cox - Gray - - L. Andrews - Wise - Carlos - Trotman  - Dwarika - N. Pierre

BSC (WCQ 2004)
XI:  Keeper - KJ - Andrews - Sancho - Lawrence - Rojas - Dwarika - Rahim - Eve - McFarlane- Stern
Sub: Keeper - Cox - Spann - A.John - Boucaud - Theobald - Nixon - Glen - Sealy  - Sam - Scotland
BSC (WCQ 2005)
XI:  Keeper - KJ - A.Pierre - Sancho - Lawrence - Rojas - Fitzpatrick - Carlos - Eve - Yorke- Stern
Sub: Keeper - Charles - Spann - Henry - Andrews  - Rougier - Theobald - Glen -King - Sam - N. Pierre
Beenie (WCQ 2005)
XI: Jack - Spann - Andrews - Lawrence - A. John - Birchall - Whitley - Latapy - Carlos -Yorke - Stern
Sub: Hislop - Gray - Charles - Sancho - Cox - Samuel - Latapy - Theobald - Scotland - Glen - Jones
Beenie (WC 2006
XI: Jack - Gray - Sancho - Lawrence - A. John - Birchall - Whitley - Theobald - Carlos -Yorke - Stern
Sub: Hislop - Andrews - Charles - Wise - Cox -  Samuel- Latapy - Wolfe - Scotland - Glen - Jones
Pacho (WCQ 2008)
XI: Ince - Gray - K. Thomas - Lawrence - John/Aklie - Birchall - Yorke - Daniel - Carlos - Theobald/Latapy - Glen
Sub: Phillips - S. Spann - Hislop - Hyland - Leon - Telesford - Leon - Baptiste - Toussaint - Wolfe - Scotland
Pacho (WCQ 2009)
XI: Ince - Wolfe - K. Thomas - Lawrence - Aklie - Birchall - Leon - Daniel - Carlos - Stern - Jones
Sub: Williams - S. Spann - Hislop - Hyland - Leon - Yorke - Glen - Latas - Scotland
Latas (WCQ 2009)
XI: Ince - Carlos - Lawrence - Andrews - Abu Bakr - Spann - Leon - Tinto - Yorke- Daniel - Trent - Jones
Sub: Phillip - Hislop - Cupid - Thompson - Theobald, Birchall, Glen, Baptiste, Hector,  Scotland, Jorsling

Football / Concacaf 2011 Friendlies.
« on: June 05, 2011, 01:07:08 PM »
Since our last game...

Not counting Gold Cup qualifiers there have been 38 friendlies involving at least one Concacaf nation since we last played a match:

USA   1:1 (0:0)   Chile    Head-to-HeadĽ22/01/2011   Carson/Los Angeles    Friendly 

Peru   1:0 (1:0)   Panama    Head-to-HeadĽ08/02/2011   Moquegua    Friendly

Greece   1:0 (0:0)   Canada    Head-to-HeadĽ09/02/2011   Larissa    Friendly

Mexico   2:0 (0:0)   Bosnia-Herzegovina    Head-to-HeadĽ09/02/2011   Atlanta    Friendly

Honduras   1:1 (1:1) 4:5 PSO   Ecuador    Head-to-HeadĽ09/02/2011   La Ceiba    Friendly

Venezuela   2:2 (1:1)   Costa Rica    Head-to-HeadĽ09/02/2011   Puerto La Cruz    Friendly

El Salvador   1:0 (1:0)   Haiti    Head-to-HeadĽ09/02/2011   San Salvador    Friendly

Cuba   0:1 (0:0)   El Salvador    Head-to-HeadĽ24/03/2011   Havana    Friendly

Panama   2:0 (1:0)   Bolivia    Head-to-HeadĽ25/03/2011   Panama City    Friendly

Korea Republic   4:0 (2:0)   Honduras    Head-to-HeadĽ25/03/2011   Seoul    Friendly

Jamaica   0:2 (0:0)   Venezuela    Head-to-HeadĽ25/03/2011   Montego Bay    Friendly

USA   1:1 (0:1)   Argentina    Head-to-HeadĽ26/03/2011   New York/New Jersey    Friendly

Mexico   3:1 (3:0)   Paraguay    Head-to-HeadĽ26/03/2011   Oakland    Friendly

Costa Rica   2:2 (2:0)   China PR    Head-to-HeadĽ26/03/2011   San Jose    Friendly

St. Kitts and Nevis   0:0   Grenada    Head-to-HeadĽ27/03/2011   Basseterre    Friendly

Guatemala   1:1 (1:0)   Bolivia    Head-to-HeadĽ28/03/2011   Mazatenango    Friendly

Costa Rica   0:0   Argentina    Head-to-HeadĽ29/03/2011   San Jose    Friendly

USA   0:1 (0:1)   Paraguay    Head-to-HeadĽ29/03/2011   Nashville    Friendly

Mexico   1:1 (0:0)   Venezuela    Head-to-HeadĽ29/03/2011   San Diego    Friendly

Belarus   0:1 (0:0)   Canada    Head-to-HeadĽ29/03/2011   Antalya    Friendly

Cuba   0:2 (0:1)   Panama    Head-to-HeadĽ29/03/2011   Havana    Friendly

China PR   3:0 (2:0)   Honduras    Head-to-HeadĽ29/03/2011   Wuhan    Friendly

El Salvador   2:3 (1:2)   Jamaica    Head-to-HeadĽ29/03/2011   San Salvador    Friendly

Grenada   0:1 (0:0)   St. Kitts and Nevis    Head-to-HeadĽ02/04/2011   St. George's    Friendly

Guyana   1:0 (0:0)   Barbados    Head-to-HeadĽ20/05/2011   Linden    Friendly

Guyana   3:2 (1:2)   Barbados    Head-to-HeadĽ22/05/2011   Providence    Friendly

Cuba   1:1 (0:1)   Nicaragua    Head-to-HeadĽ26/05/2011   Havana    Friendly

Grenada   2:2 (1:0)   Antigua and Barbuda    Head-to-HeadĽ27/05/2011   St. George's    Friendly

Barbados   0:0   St. Vincent / Grenadines    Head-to-HeadĽ27/05/2011   Bridgetown    Friendly

Mexico   1:1 (1:1)   Ecuador    Head-to-HeadĽ28/05/2011   Seattle    Friendly

Cuba   2:1 (2:0)   Nicaragua    Head-to-HeadĽ28/05/2011   Havana    Friendly

El Salvador   2:2 (0:1)   Honduras    Head-to-HeadĽ29/05/2011   Houston    Friendly

Barbados   1:1 (1:0)   Guyana    Head-to-HeadĽ29/05/2011   Bridgetown    Friendly

Panama   2:0 (1:0)   Grenada    Head-to-HeadĽ29/05/2011   Panama City    Friendly

Canada   2:2 (1:0)   Ecuador    Head-to-HeadĽ01/06/2011   Toronto    Friendly

Mexico   3:0 (3:0)   New Zealand    Head-to-HeadĽ01/06/2011   Denver    Friendly

Guatemala   0:2 (0:1)   Venezuela    Head-to-HeadĽ01/06/2011   Guatemala City    Friendly

USA   0:4 (0:3)   Spain    Head-to-HeadĽ

Trinidad and Tobago...too big for the small fry, too fried for the big fish...

Football / 2006 vs 2011
« on: April 03, 2011, 02:21:13 AM »
Seriously, who would you tell Pfister to replace these guys if we had to pick a World Cup team tomorrow?
How do you rate them in relation to the player they're "replacing" and the level of their career that player was at just before they were picked for the World Cup? Please note that (Trini) player capacity progresses as follows: budding, prime, peak, last legs. Obviously some players peak is better than other's prime and so on.

Jack - Scottish 2nd Dundee FC (prime)           >           Williams JM PFL (prime)
Hislop - EPL West Ham (last legs)                   >           Warner English 1st Division Tranmere (last legs)
Ince - English Ch. Coventry (prime)                =

Lawrence - Wrexham(peak)
Andrews - SPL Rangers (last legs)                  >              James MLS Colombus   (prime)
A. John - MLS NE Revolution (peak)                =             J. Samuel English Ch Cardiff (peak)
Gray - PFL (last legs)
Cox - English L1 Gillingham (last legs)
Sancho - English L1 Gillingham (peak)
Charles - PFL (prime)

Whitley - PFL (peak)
Birchall - English L1 (budding)                         <   Birchall   MLS LA Galaxy        (prime) 
Edwards - English Ch Luton (prime)                 =    Edwards English Ch Ipswich (peak or last legs?)
Yorke - Australian Premier Sydney FC (last legs)>   Hyland   Belgian 1st Division Zulte Waregem (prime)
Latapy - SPL Falkirk (last legs)                         >    Keon Daniel MLS Philadelphia Union (prime)
Theobald - PFL Caledonia (prime)
Spann - PFL (budding)

Stern - English Ch Coventry (prime)                 >   Roberts Turkey 2nd Division (prime)
Jones - English Ch Southampton (budding)      <   Jones EPL Stoke City (prime or peak?)
Glen - MLS LA Galaxy (prime)                          >   Glen MLS SJ Earthquakes (last legs)
Scotland - Scottish 2nd St. Johnstone (prime)  =   Scotland English Ch Ipswich (last legs?)
Samuel - SPL Dundee Utd (prime)                   >   Samuel SPL St. Johnstone (peak)
                                                                           Sealy Honourable Mention

Apologies to the USL men and some of the players in the more obscure European clubs. Let me know if I left out any more definite "keepers." or got someone's level wrong ???

Football / How long has it been?
« on: March 26, 2011, 11:17:19 AM »
Since you've beeng genuinely excited by Trinidad and Tobago football?

Since Kenwyne Jones scored a goal against top class opposition?

Since Stern John played for a team?

Since the Soca Warriors legacy get mash up?

Since the TTFFing up?

Since Jack running things with no questions asked, no accountability?

Since we were waiting on Hardest to show that he is the next best thing?

Since we trying to find out what Keon Daniel real potential is?

Since we looking for a good coach?

Since Darryl Roberts play a match for T&T

Since we beat Jamaica?


Football / SWO T&T Team of the Month (Dec-2010).
« on: December 06, 2010, 12:33:20 AM »
SWO T&T team of the month
By: Inshan Mohammed.

The Soca Warriors Online (SWO) is proud to announce the T&T players of the month. Here are eleven Trinidad & Tobago players who are currently having a good run for their country, clubs and schools.

Cleon John - For the entire month of November, John has managed to keep clean-sheets for his team San Juan Jabloteh in their FA-Cup and Pro League matches. Kept out Valtrin FC and W Connection in a 3-0 win and a 0-0 draw respectively. His latest clean sheet was a 2-0 shutout of Joe Public in Saturday's FA Cup round of 16 and as a result the defending FA-Cup champs were knocked out of the proceedings.

Daneil Cyrus - Had an impressive Digicel Caribbean Cup (DCC) tournament. Came into the T&T team and cemented his place well. Is a very composed center-back and linked up well with his partner Julius James. His only deficiency is his eagerness to get the ball off his feet and in the process he sometimes makes bad judgments with his passing, something which I'm sure is linked to his inexperience.

Julius James - Was clearly T&T's best defender in the past two months. James also got better in every game and covered his area well. His never-say-die attitude, even when T&T were down and out, earned him a goal against Grenada that was disallowed because of a foul in the box.

Joevin Jones - Finders, keepers. Surely a bright future for the young defender. Although, still green in some areas, he definitely has the right ingredients to be a solid left-back and a future Soca Warrior.

Anthony Wolfe - Despite some wild tackles that could have led to disciplinary action. Anthony Wolfe displayed energy and purpose at the right-back for T&T. The utility player went from being a forward, to a left-wing and now he seems destined for a place at right-back. Omitted against Cuba when T&T were beaten 2-0 in their first DCC game, Wolfe was called into the team for a suspected injury to first choice right-back Kern Cupid ? Wolfe made no mistake and grabbed the chance with both hands; he gave an impressive display against Grenada and cemented his place on the team for the final match against host Martinique, which T&T won 1-0.

Hughtun Hector - Clearly, T&T's best player of the DCC tournament. Coach Russell Latapy seemed to have found a place for the dimunitive midfielder as he looked effective under the T&T strikers and cause all sorts of havoc for opposing defenders. His club Manager David John Williams told the SWO that Hector can be a monster of a player if used in the attacking midfield position and was very happy to see Latapy using him there.

Densill Theobald - I have to say, Densill showed maturity, composure and leadership qualities on the field. If he can be consistent he will surely be a contender for team captain and a starting role. No offence to Clyde Leon who by the way is a very solid performer and always give his 100%. Stay in there buddy...

Trent Noel - Had an excellent DCC tournament, Noel showed what he can do when up to the task,
especially against Grenada, despite poorly taken free-kicks well beneath his capabilities,

Kevon Neaves - Rips up the Super League week in, week out, scored 14-goals from midfield for his team T&TEC who seemingly have a wealth of talent in their team's arsenal. Neaves combines well and is surrounded by great talent such as Anthony Noreiga, Dwight Crichlow, Keeron Benito, Bevon Bass, Bevon Lewis and Sylvester Teesdale. This is surely a good recipe for success, hence the reason they are currently league leaders. Now if the powers that be would initiate a promotion/relegation system for the Super League/Pro League respectively- the former KŲping FF and 2005 SSFL 'player of the year' Kevon Neaves would have gotten a chance to showcase his talent at a higher level and probably break into the T&T senior team. Neaves has one solitary cap for his country, when he made his debut under former T&T hero coach Leo Beenhakker, in a 2-0 victory over Iceland in 2006.

Jerrel Britto - It's been all positive news for young Britto over the past months, from a deal with Concave Footwear Company to leading the under 20 team with 3-goals against St Vincent and the Grenadines (both-legs), and 3 assists and a man-of-the-match display in the return leg game in Port of Spain. T&T won the home-and-away series 12-1 to advance to the Group D decider against Suriname on December 10 (away) and nine days later at home. Britto also helped his club team San Juan Jabloteh boot defending FA-Cup champs Joe Public out of the running. He came on as substitute in the 67th minute and scored a 91st minute item before teammate Jason Marcano's 93rd minute goal sealed the deal 2-0 for the Terry Fenwick coached Jabloteh side.

Darryl Trim - Naparima College head coach and former Strike Squad member Leonson Lewis describe Darryl Trim as T&T's SSFL Usain Bolt. He is fast, he is strong and he could score goals. Our plan will be to try and some how contain him, since he is Signal Hill's main offensive weapon, added Lewis on the eve of the InterCol final. I guess he was right, however, he was unable to contain him and paid the price. Trim scored one and assisted the other to lead his team to a 2-1 victory over Naparima and claim the 2010 National InterCol title and Signal Hill's tenth. Trim also led his team to the Tobago Secondary Schools Football League Zone and Tobago InterCol Zone titles respectively. He capped of the season as top goal-scorer for his team and one of the league's 2010 top marksmen.

Players on the SWO Rader

Kevin Molion (T&T Senior Team) - Definitely one for the future. Has good markings of a top winger, but still needs to learn a few lessons in the game in an overall aspects. In other words, a little more composure and decision making is needed in his play, but surely I'd keep him close.

Keane McIvor (St Anthony's College) - Impressive to watch. A nonstop worker and shows great technical ability. Was one of the main threats for his school this season.

Theon James (St. Augustine Secondary) - One of the top SSFL performers of the 2009 and 2010 SSFL. Showed leadership qualities, worked hard and helped his team to the 2010 SSFL Big Five title and the East SSFL Zone titles.

Garvin Samaroo (T&T Under 17 Team) - Currently leads the T&T Under 17 team with three goals in the Tournament of the Americas currently underway in Colombia. Scored game winners over Athletico Nacional (2-1) and Topping Bucaramanga 2-0 and also had one in a 3-2 win over FC Barca de Cali.


______________________Cleon John_____________________
Anthony Wolfe______Julius James______Daneil Cyrus_____Joevin Jones
Hughtun Hector__Trent Noel_______Densill Theobald______Kevon Neaves
______________Jerrel Britto_______Darryl Trim________

Lincoln Phillips: Every Trinbagonian should want to see Latapy succeed.
By: Inshan "Flex" Mohammed.

Soca Warriors Online (SWO) caught up with Trinidad and Tobago football federation's technical director Mr. Lincoln Phillips and did an exclusive interview with the former T&T goalkeeper.

Though I've never seen him play, Mr. Phillips, who is locally known as the "Tiger", is regarded as one of T&T's top goalkeepers of all time.

The St. James-born former Howard University graduate was very enthusiastic about the interview and dedicated his time to gives us an in-depth release:

Over to you Lincoln.

"Thanks Flex. It's always a pleasure to share with you and the members of some insight to what I am doing and the activities of our national team programs."

"Before I go any further, I would like to give my heartfelt condolences to the family of Earl John (EJ) who passed away Friday and was laid to rest yesterday."

"All too often, the federation is critically painted with a broad brush. However, there are a large number of wonderful, dedicated men and women who toil anonymously for the TTFF."

"EJ' was one of those individuals. He was a wonderful soul who was generous with his wisdom. He helped me through some challenging times. I will miss his grace and friendship."

We have not heard from you in a while Mr. Phillips. What have you been up to as far as T&T football goes ?

"I certainly haven't disappeared from the scene as some of you would suggest."

"Until fairly recently, most of my time had been focused on continuing the ďDĒ Licence Coaching Courses. Over 800 coaches have been certified through this program."

"While some may dispute the significance of the "D" Licence program, I believe in its value because its curriculum entails the basic components necessary in developing the modern footballer and prepares a large base of trained coaches to meet the demands of more advanced coaching courses that will be offered in the near future."

"In addition, a number of our top-level footballers have been positively impacted by this program. Both Derek King and Ross Russell are past students. It's also worthy to mention that most of the Defence Force players participated in the course in the off-season before their winning campaign."

"This is a trend that we would like to continue with the all of the PFL and Super League players because they are the main source of future coaches in this country."

"I would also like to make the point that football has the power to make a positive impact in some of our most marginalized communities and I am proud to have been given the opportunity to bring courses to community organizations, government ministries, and prison and police services in addition to the usual members of the football fraternity."

"Coaches are uniquely positioned to become mentors in the lives of young people and I want to do everything I can to see coaches recognize and utilize the influential position they can play within our society."

"Another endeavor I am leading is the launch of the Association of Football Coaches of Trinidad and Tobago (AFCATT). It is my hope that this entity will serve the varying needs of football coaches in Trinidad and Tobago."

"AFCATT is in its earliest stages but we have formed a Steering Committee that is tasked with, among other items, creating the logistics of the nomination process for our officers and directors. Articles of Incorporation have also been filed and approved by the Ministry of Legal Affairs and a draft of our constitution is being reviewed."

"We hope to have the first annual general meeting in December 2010 and create a slate of committees. I am excited to see how everything will unfold. There are a number of people who have taken on this project with a great deal of zest and I think people will be impressed with the final product."

"I have also recently begun to work with Russell Latapy and it looks like I will be playing a bigger role on the national team level similar in some ways to what I was doing in the lead up to the '2006 World Cup."

Are you officially an assistant coach ?

I am still the Technical Director but also became an official member of the technical staff in order to help develop our national goalkeeping pool."

"However, since Russell does not have a full-time assistant, I have also recently stepped in to provide whatever technical support he needs. While he was away in July, I conducted two practice sessions and I am certainly willing to provide whatever support he needs."

"In the meantime, I will continue to work with the goalkeepers and have begun a program with the PFL teams to organize supplemental training for their goalkeepers. This training focuses on technical and tactical skills as well as goalkeeper-specific strength and conditioning."

"The strength training sessions are to be led by our national team physios, Orlando Griffith and Gregory Seale. Ideally we would like to build a reliable pool of 6 goalkeepers for each age group."

"I have also encouraged PFL coaches to send their forwards to the technical training sessions so the goalkeepers will receive shot stopping and cross ball training."

"This will also, hopefully, benefit the outfield players as well and reverse the erosion of ball striking skills that plague many of our footballers."

Is Marvin Faustin the assistant coach ?

"No. Russell needed some assistance with his practice sessions early in his appointment and Marvin was a colleague who graciously offered to help."

What were your thoughts on our last game vs. Jamaica ?

"Any time we play Jamaica, it is a big match; friendly or not. The game highlighted several trends that continue to adversely affect many of our local players. What concerned me the most about the performance was the overall lack of intensity."

"We tend to play at one pace and are still not able to quickly change the point of attack. Our off the ball movement and ability to transition and make penetrative runs were non-existent and our defensive effort as a team was not up to the standard we must reach if we are to qualify for any major tournament. It was not a good performance and no one should be happy with the display."

"However, I cannot look at these matches from the perspective of a fan where the result is the only item that matters. I am looking at the entire process and take into account all the games we have played from Chile to this most recent match."

"As a technical staff we must keep an even keel in the aftermath of these games because each game serves a narrow and particular purpose. And though we always want to win, sometimes, the most disappointing loss can provide the breakthrough needed for substantive change and positive development."

How many caps does a player needs for the T&T coach to recognised they are capable or not when it comes to international football, ie. Aklie Edwards, Keston Williams and Makan Hislop. Are these the best locally defenders we can find. ?

"That is certainly a question for the head coach to ultimately determine but I think we should be careful not to discard players too early."

"Keep in mind, there have been players in the past that fans wrote off but the coach saw certain qualities that eventually served the team well in important matches."

"At the same time, players must recognize when they are on the bubble and play with the type of urgency that is required to make a positive contribution and impression. In short, they must play like they give a damn."

What kind of scouting does the coaching staff do ?

"Not enough. The PFL and CONCACAF tournament matches are covered and we are keeping tabs on MLS, NASL and European based players. That being said, nothing beats travelling to the locations of the games to watch the players in club training sessions and having that face to face dialogue with players and their respective coaches."

"Ideally, I would like to see our scouting develop towards such a model but it takes significant financial resources to make such a plan come to pass. Hopefully, the resources will be made available for Russell to do this."

"However Flex, your player identification efforts and suggestions are always welcome. I pass them through to the head coaches and administrators after checking them out. I will never forget the role yourself and Tallman played in making the U-20 player combine we had in December of 2005 such a success."

What do you think of the job Russell is doing ?

"Russell is a young coach who will make mistakes just like any other coach. But he is progressing well and has the respect of the players. I am eager to see him in action with the full compliment of the overseas players."

"People may have legitimate concerns about his experience and whether he can guide the senior team but based on what I have seen and heard from him, he has the makings to be a good coach."

"I want to see Russell succeed and every Trinbagonian should also want to see Russell succeed because he represents future coaching opportunities for T&T players and coaches. At the same time, we donít want to have a local coach simply for the sake of having a local coach."

"The national team is not an entitlement program. Any local coach who serves as national coach must maximize and take full advantage of the opportunity provided. In the end, the local coach must be given the same resources and be held to the same standards of review that are applied to a foreign-based coach."

"Imagine in the first ever world cup held in Africa, you have six African countries and only one of the teams had a local coach. There is a narrative that has gone on for far too long and it is time we understand that must change."

What do you think of the recent events surrounding the player's lawsuit ?

"Flex, I've really tried to stay away from commenting on that case while it was being played out in the courts. The whole matter has been such a stain on our football for the past four years."

"Even though I haven't commented on the issue, I have kept abreast of its developments because it does affect the performance of our players and team. All too often, the impact of off the field matters such as this is taken very lightly."

"Flex, I am not an in your face person and certain questions I really don't like getting involved with. I try to let my work to the talking and even though you may feel I am not there, I am always on top of situations."

"However, I would like to add that the impasse may have had more of a negative impact on the South Africa World Cup campaign than many people realize. The goodwill created by the teamís performances in the qualification rounds and in Germany has all but evaporated."

"Considering that the case has been settled on its merits on the arbitration level and now at the local high court, I personally feel this matter has the potential to go beyond the football arena and become a measure on how we regard the decisions of judicial institutions that are important and vital to a functioning society."

"I would love to experience the joy and great vibes we felt between November 2005 and June 2006. But as we begin our efforts to qualify for Brazil, weíve got to make this situation right and take whatever steps we can to make sure it does not happen again."

"Hopefully both sides will unclench their fists and come to a fair and just resolution. We must all hope and pray for a win-win outcome."

What really happened between you and Wim Rijsbergen ?

"I should start out with what did not happen. I certainly was never cuffed or punched. Wim marched into my office cursing and screaming about an article that contained comments I made about the team."

"He said in so many words that only he alone should talk about the national teams. Now, mind you, I am the Technical Director within my own country yet in this manís view I cannot answer any questions asked of me about the national team" ?

"To tell you the truth I was not pleased at the arrogance he displayed in making such a statement and the manner he acted in this instance as well as previous instances towards other coaches and staff members. After a very heated exchange, I escorted him out of my office and filed a complaint with the TTFF Executive Committee."

"Though I did not seek his removal, I supported the Executive Committee's decision because it sent a message that the TTFF will not tolerate such behavior."

"Coaches who come from abroad must understand they are accountable to a local administrative structure, warts and all, and they are expected to treat local coaches and administrators with dignity and respect."

"Most importantly, our local fraternity must expect to act in a similar manner toward each other because when we air out our dirty laundry, snipe at, and undermine our fellow local coaches we send a message to others that it is ok to do the same."

"The manner in which Leo Beenhakker and Even Pellerud have conducted themselves and shared their knowledge is the model we should expect of coaches from abroad, ended Phillips."

Football / Kelvin Jack: The blacklist still exists.
« on: August 24, 2010, 11:22:31 AM »
Kelvin Jack: The blacklist still exists.
By: Inshan "Flex" Mohammed.

Former Trinidad and Tobago shot-stopper Kelvin Jack still wants to play for Trinidad and Tobago but admits it would be impossible once the current administration remains in power.

He mentioned that the blacklist still exists and the courts battle won against the TTFF is far from over. Kelvin had the following to say:

"Well Flex you tell me. I think one will have to presume the blacklist still exists."

"Lets be honest Mr. Jack Warner and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) have been found to be completely guilty by arbitration in London, and the courts in Trinidad and Tobago as well.Ē

"We do not think this court battle is over. We know that Jack Warner and the TTFF will do everything in their power to not honour their contract with us".

"Our legal team are working very hard to cover every possible base. We are wary, prepared and confident.Ē

ďConcerning my international career, I have not retired. The TTFF will not select me."

"Will they really select a player who is part of the bonus dispute? I doubt it. All the boys have been asking for is respect and honesty."

I am sure of that. The only man who is or was brave enough to select certain players was Mr. Leo Beenhakker. I am still only 34 and can still add a lot to T&T football."

"Injuries have destroyed my club career but I am injury free at the moment and I still work very hard everyday in training."

"When I eventually retire at some point, I intend to coach Trinidad and Tobago to a World Cup. By that time, hopefully we will have good people running the federation."

"I am fully aware that all the fans will like to know the truth behind everything but I have to be careful with the things I say."

"We live in a world where somebody could be an idiot and everyone could know he/she is an idiot but if you call he/she an idiot in the press they may cry slander. Patience, all will come out."

When asked about what was his thoughts were on T&T football and coach Russell Latapy at the moment, especially coming off such a terrible display to Jamaica in Trinidad, Kelvin said: "Our football needs a total overhaul.Ē

"It is too amateur and disorganized. For example, Costa Rica, Canada and Jamaica played proper friendly games before the World Cup. Who did we play?"

"I think we played Antigua or some other Caribbean side. We are miles behind and we all know where the blame lies."

ďAs for Latapy, I do not know Russell's coaching or playing philosophy. I have not seen the team play. But it is a sin for us to lose against Jamaica. It is our derby and you must win the derby."

And finally to cap things off on a softer note, one could not forget the brilliances of Kelvin's last minute save in Bahrain and the ball that went into the net illegally.

Bahrainís Hussain Ali literally took the ball off Kelvinís hands as the keeper released it to punt it up field, and flicked the ball over the head of Jack to score into an empty net .

With order restored and the home side reduced to ten men following Hussain Babaís red card for dissent, Bahrain had one final push and Hussain Ali came agonisingly close to the goal that would send the match into extra-time.

But Aliís sharp turn and blistering snap shot brought out a world class, one-handed save from Jack, who for the best part of 90 minutes had provided the home fans with one or two moments of comic relief with some bizarre goalkeeping.

But as the much-travelled 29-year old, who had been keeping former Newcastle and West Ham United keeper Shaka Hislop on the bench, displayed some phenomenal reflexes when it mattered most, no Bahraini was laughing...

Kelvin reacted; "It was not a goal. I was unconcerned because many players have tried it. Thiery Henry and the late George Best tried it as well. The goal was disallowed."

"And about the save. That save was the most important I have made but its not my best. I guess thatís why one must work hard on agility and flexibility. Thank God I made the save, ended the Darlington keeper."

2010 World Cup - South Africa / Quick question (what wrong with TV6?)
« on: June 26, 2010, 11:12:23 PM »
Mods bear with me, I will delete this soon enough.

I check TV6 schedule on their website and see they was showing their MOTD replay at 11:15 after "Thunderball". I turn on the TV hot and sweaty to see the USA Ghana game only to see Keith Look Loy giving his player of the match opinion on Mensah and then hear the football was going on since 9 something.

I get so vex i steups and turn of the TV.

Did they decide to show over both matches (and that mean i miss the uruguay south korea consolation I could have get?), was the schedule just wrong or Tv6 mad?

Football / Digicel Caribbean Cup Schedule
« on: June 05, 2010, 09:27:08 AM »
Apologies if this was posted in another thread, but I couldn't find it:


T&T 's group matches will be played in Grenada

 26.10.2010 5.00 p.m. TRINIDAD & TOBAGO vs WINNER C (Most likely Barbados)
 28.10.2010 5.00 p.m. SECOND PLACE 1 vs TRINIDAD & TOBAGO (Most likely one of Netherland Antilles or SVG)
 30.10.2010 7.00 p.m. GRENADA vs TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
if we win this group as we should, we will be playing in MArtinique's final group from the 18th-22th November, most likely against Guadeloupe/Haiti and Guyana.
Mess it up and we can end up in a brutal group with Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti/Guadeloupe

Football / Suggestion for Mods/Board Members
« on: May 29, 2010, 11:54:36 PM »
I'm sure this has come up in some form or another indirectly, but what do you guys think about having a separate child board for the Proleague and/or local football

General Discussion / Elections Results thread
« on: May 24, 2010, 06:52:26 PM »
Maybe this should have its own thread?

Kamla win her seat
JAck by a landslide (sigh)
Gypsy in control
Plus Oropuche west?

Football / Things I would like to see in T&T football for 2014
« on: September 19, 2009, 07:14:04 AM »

1. A testimonial game for the 2006 Soca Warriors.
This can be arranged against the Strike Squad members or the U20 team as necessary.
All proceeds to be given to FPATT to start their relaunching.

2. The following players thanked for their service to the T&T shirt after this match, a token of appreciation and given a letter explaining that they will not be recalled to the National Team, for purposes of development of the next generation, but inviting them to join the 2014 effort in any advisory capacity, as needed.

Dennis Lawrence, Clayton Ince, Marvin Andrews, Avery John, Brent Sancho, Cyd Gray, Aurthis Whitley, Stern John, Atiba Charles, Kelvin Jack, Keyeno Thomas

3. The money dispute resolved, and an apology by the TTFF to the players for the blacklist.

4. 10 players, including the following 7 selected as a defensive unit for a considerable number of friendlies leading up to our next carribean cup games.

R. Abu Bakr, Makan Hislop, Akeem Adams, Sean Power, Akile Edwards, Julias James, Kern Cupid, Silvio Spann

All possible combinations should be tried, and a definitive decision must be taken on our starting backline, possibly with the addition of Jlloyd at left back to three others if none of the available options step up. By the time qualifiers come around, we should know who our preferred back 4 is.

5. Vranes hired as INTERIM  senior coach to help blood the Under 20s into the senior team after the WC. Latas will be rehired to take us into qualifiers from 2012 assuming by then he has gained the necessary coaching qualifications, or shown competency coaching an average Proleague side for example.
If this is not the case, we should hire a big name disciplinarian coacn, Stephen Hart if he wants the job, or as a last resort, let Vranes keep it if he shows good progress.

6. Jack Warner far away from the national teams, Camps far away from the TTFF.

7.A series of national tryouts for all local and us based players who haven't really been given their chance before, plus any promising youths in North America who eligible and committed to playing for us (we don't need another Maund)

8 A series of national tryouts in the UK for the T&T players in the bottom feeder clubs, plus any promising eligible youths who committed


9. Keon Daniel with a psychologist or under the wing of an appropriate national team player as mentor.

10. Darryl Roberts selected and groomed to be the point man on the team (primary attackingmidfielder).

11. Carlos as captain, assuming he is still playing at a decent level, and fit. (I also hope to see him back in the Prem). Ideally I would like this to be Birchall, but I don't see him playing at a high enough level and gaining the respect of the younger fellas on the teams.

12. Hadyn Tinto gaining experience abroad (preferably Europe)

Football / Some sobering statistics
« on: September 18, 2009, 11:48:59 AM »
Since 1990, it have three big team in Concacaf.
Check we record against them in competitive fixtures

World Cup
       P  W  D  L  GF  GA  Pts
USA 11  1  2  9   4   18    5
MEX 8   2  1  5   6    19   7
CRC  9   0 2  7   4    15   2
WC  28  3 5  21 14   52   11
       P  W  D  L  GF  GA  Pts
USA  3  0   0  3  3     7    0
MEX  2  0   0  2  2     8    0
CRC  3  2   1  0  5     3    7
GC   8   2   1  5 10    18  7

ALL  36 5   6  26 24   70  18

We could count de men who score against these teams who still playing on 1 hand

We could count the clean sheets we keep against these teams on one ha,d.

We fighting for fourth place before a ball even kick.

Football / Where the Premier League's players come from
« on: August 14, 2009, 09:41:03 AM »

check out this cool interactive tool and the accompanying article if you like analysing things too much lol

Football / Signs the off season need to done...
« on: August 01, 2009, 05:51:46 AM »
1. Men discussing players grooming habits and fashion sense
2. Men talking more about players salary than they scoring record
3. Manchester Utd playing clubs like Hangzhou Greentown and scratch up sides from Malaysia
4. Fergie won't shut up
5. Die hard EPL, Seria A and LA Liga fanboys actually paying attention to the Proleague
6. Gunnerstunner seriously believe Arsenal in contention for the title

Feel free to add...

Football / Blade at it again
« on: July 30, 2009, 05:09:25 AM »
United draw in Champions League opener
Clubs will play second leg in El Salvador on Aug. 4
Charles Boehm /

WASHINGTON -- D.C. United were stymied on home soil in the opening match of their CONCACAF Champions League campaign on Tuesday night, as El Salvador's CD L.A. Firpo dug out a 1-1 draw at RFK Stadium in the first match of their two-leg qualifier.
Avery John was cautioned -- and might have been lucky not to be ejected -- as he broke up another Firpo counterattack at the top of the D.C. box in added time, and Alas slammed another stinging blast into the United wall on the ensuing free kick.

Football / Midknight Season Review - 2008 Soca Warriors
« on: July 14, 2009, 05:41:15 AM »
Soca Warriors Club Performances 2008-2009 (Europe)

Bartholomew,MMH2Ferencvaros2/18941021100 0100
Samuel,CMS2St.Johnstone30/321737199291111 760910

NB: Stats for Jan Michael Williams currently unavailable


I've been doing this three years now, apologies for the lateness of this years roundup, but life sometimes gets in the way of these things.
As usual any comments are appreciated.

Football / What we really expecting?
« on: June 10, 2009, 10:15:19 AM »
I was kinda under the radar these last few months for a lot of different reasons. I couldn't even follow the games the way I liked, I had to catch most of the games after the fact, with the exception of the Costa Rica one - and due to some "technical difficulties" I miss the first 25 minutes of that and all.

I liked what I saw (not the same defensive frailities) against the Ticos, but deep down inside, I was always a man say it would be hard for us to make the playoff this rounds, let alone qualify. Then again I did say the same thing before they bring in Beenie, and then I became one of the converted. However, I had a dream last night, and I is not a man does dream about football. We beat Mexico 2-1 in the Azteca. I can't tell you who score, what minute, but I know we come from behind to do it.

So do I believe it? Dreams are free I guess, but I ent getting tie up in this thing again... Let's say for argument sake, that I dream right and we beat Mexico. Hell. Lets say I dream wrong and we beat Mexico 10-0, what does that really change fellas?

I happy we went Germany. It mean men like Stern, Yorke, Latas, Avery and Shaka get they day in the sun after long and faithful service. Hard luck for the Big Dog, but he make he 100 caps now. It meant this nation had something to smile about for a long time in the midst of the darkness that surrounds us on a daily basis. It mean I get to wear a T&T shirt in another country and people could hail me out from halfway down the road without me having to explain what shirt it was.

It mean we all get we 15 seconds...

I will stand up right now and say, as a sincere Trinidad and Tobago football supporter, and as Trinidad and Tobago football fans we don't deserve to go another World Cup anytime soon. Not with the absolute madness that been going on in the last 3 years, the last 20 years and even the last 30 and likely to continue until AT LEAST 2014. I don't need to repeat the list. Everybody here who not playing blind deaf and dumb know what they are. They also know who responsible for it, and they know deep down inside of them who the biggest accomplices to the crimes are - We ourselves.

All man who was hapy when blacklist come through because they pardner and clients could get a bligh, all who just resign themselves to treating this as just entertainment, all who content themselves to not getting involved, those who spend their time dividing us all into die hards versus waggonist and those who sell out for free tickets, all who busy grinding their axes, all who happy like pappy because they Hero now supposedly calling the shots...
We are all guilty of the same damn shit on 365 different days.

Regardless of the reult of this match it won't change a thing in the big scheme of things. We may salvage our campaign unexpectedly. Or we might not. Hell, I for one doh believe a loss would necessarily make us that less of a probability for the fourth spot - we wasn't expecting anything from this match anyway. But at the end of the day it won't change a damn thing.

Good luck Soca Warriors. You will need it for what you're up against - and I'm not talking about Mexico.

ps: I sorry for the bitter vibes on the eve of a moment where we need to be positive. I might go back and delete this post sometime when I in a better frame of mind, but for the time being this is the only thing I could find to say. Just take this post for what it is - a rant. Thanks

Football / What Happen? The Winning Record Sticking ?
« on: December 09, 2008, 05:00:22 AM »
You can't give cobo (brand) sponge cake to eat...


Put here for posterity.

I may make another for the hex if time and work permit.

ps Might be nice if the mods make a 'compilation' child board one of these days.

Football / Josh Johnson is Welsh Premier League Player of the Month
« on: October 08, 2008, 04:47:59 AM »

Principality Welsh Premier League Player of the Month

Rhyl winger Josh Johnson has capped a tremendous first six weeks in the League by gaining the first Principality Welsh Premier League Player of the Month Award of the Season.

The ex-Wrexham flyer, who joined the club on the 11th of August, began the campaign on the Lilywhites' bench, but was named in the starting eleven for the crucial match against Champions Llanelli, which was screened live on S4/C. This match proved to be the most important for JJ at his new club, and as well as scoring his maiden goal for the club, Peter Nicholas gave him the Man of the Match award, which was one of four in the August/September period.

Airbus UK Broughton boss Craig Harrison has also been very impressed with the ex-Wrexham flyer as he named the Trinidadian as the Star Man in both of the Loosemores Cup games between the two sides. In the match at the Airfield, the winger scored a tremendous solo effort in the 4-0 win, having beaten two players before striking the ball home beautifully. Porthmadog Manager Paul Whelan has also been suitably impressed by the 27 year-old, as he also named Johnson as the Man of the Match in the Lilywhites 3-0 triumph at Y Traeth.

Football / Kazakhstan blinded by World Cup fantasy
« on: October 08, 2008, 04:24:49 AM »
Food for thought:

Kazakhstan blinded by World Cup fantasy
By Jonathan Stevenson

"They want to qualify for the World Cup. I told them it cannot happen but things are moving at such a pace in their country they believe everything is possible."

It is almost beyond belief to reveal which of England's World Cup qualifying opponents this statement refers to.

No, not Croatia. Not even Ukraine but Kazakhstan. The team ranked 120th in the world, that is a place above Namibia but below Kuwait.

This is a national side that has been in existence for 16 years, who won a paltry single point in the last round of World Cup qualifying.

Undeterred, Kazakhstan have set their sights on the ultimate prize of reaching South Africa in 2010 and that is what 49-year-old Dutchman Arno Pijpers believes was the principal reason behind his sacking as coach in September.

"I think that is what the leadership of the football federation is thinking at the moment, I really do," Pijpers told BBC Sport.

"It is not going to happen, absolutely no way. I told them this, that in a group with Croatia, England, Ukraine and Belarus, it is impossible but they will not listen."

After leading Kazakhstan's rapidly improving football team for two-and-a-half years, Pijpers became the scapegoat for the grandiose football ambitions of the world's ninth biggest country.

Partly because of the vast oil and gas fields, Kazakhstan has been growing at a quicker rate than Russia since 2000 and countries like China and the United States are falling over themselves to buy a share of its natural resources.

Despite having a population of just over 15m, Kazakhstan covers an area of land greater than the size of western Europe and aspires to become one of the world's top oil exporters in the next 10 to 15 years.

In tandem with economic development, the Kazakh football chiefs want to see a similarly rapid improvement in their team's fortunes.

Ten points in Euro 2008 qualifying, including a fine 2-1 home victory against Serbia and draws at home and away with Belgium, were quickly undone by World Cup qualifying defeats against Croatia and Ukraine in September.

That left Kazakh Football Federation secretary general Sayan Khamitzhanov fuming: "How long must we endure it? We are ashamed of the results." And as a result, one-time national hero Pijpers was unceremoniously fired.

They were strong words but Pijpers was neither surprised nor disappointed to find himself out of favour with the Kazakhstan federation and out of work.

"In Kazakhstan, the whole society is moving very, very fast," said Pijpers.

"They have oil and gas and there is a very big income at the moment. The problem is that they expect the country to be like England in 10 years or so and they expect the football to be the same as England as well.

"I made some big steps forward with Kazakhstan after taking over, we were going along great with some encouraging displays in the last qualifying tournament.

"If you make steps forward with the team, you need also to make steps forward with the things that surround the team but it was too difficult for them.

"In the end, I think I paid for how successful I was for two years."


Whatever their expectations, Pijpers' employers can have few complaints about how the former Estonia coach moulded and developed a team during his time in the former Soviet Republic.

But he says the men running Kazakh football are too blinkered to think about planning for the future.

They look at their neighbours Russia and how Pijpers' fellow Dutch coach Guus Hiddink led them to the semi-finals of Euro 2008 and they want success now.

"I am a very realistic coach and I told them it would take time, much more time, but they did not listen," claimed Pijpers.

"In Holland, it took 20 or 30 years to build up their football before they were at that level. In Kazakhstan they want to do it in a couple of years and it's impossible.

"They look at Russia and see their success and want it, they even say as much.

"But I told them that in Russia they have established clubs like Spartak Moscow and Zenit St Petersburg and one player from Zenit has the same salary as all the Kazakhstan players, so it's absolutely not realistic."

In the Netherlands, success on the football pitch has been based on the foundation of developing young players and their coaching techniques have been imitated all around the globe.

Pijpers urged the Kazakh footballing hierarchy to install a similar system but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

"They are not putting money into the next generation of footballers. I tried to do things with development but they wouldn't have anything to do with it, they weren't interested," he added.

"They want success and if you tell them that to have success you need to develop for 10, 15 years, then they are not interested anymore.

"They want success after one-and-a-half days, that's what they want.

"It seems to me that maybe I was just asking too much of them."
There is no doubt that in Kazakhstan, one of the most rapidly developing countries on earth, the funds exist to build an infrastructure that will help them to produce some top-class footballers of the future.

The question is, do the country's federation chiefs have the inclination and patience to make it happen?

Football / Motivational Video for the Warriors for the October Qualifiers
« on: October 07, 2008, 06:57:27 PM »
Like all of us here, I have sat and seen the crap this team has has to undergo in the last 2 years.

This is just a little something  I did to provide a little bit of pride, hope and motivation for the boys, and for us, the supporters.


Football / Little parts company with Wrexham
« on: September 27, 2008, 01:43:46 PM »
Little parts company with Wrexham

Manager Brian Little has left Wrexham by mutual consent, the club has announced in a statement.

The Dragons have had an indifferent start to life in the Blue Square Premier following their relegation from the Football League last season.

Little, 54, took over the reins from Brian Carey last November.

Not sure if this changes anything for Spann.

Football / Puerto Rico Islanders v Santos de Laguna (23-Sept-08).
« on: September 23, 2008, 06:26:01 PM »
Telesford just score 1 jokey goal lol

De field waterlogged like hell and a PR man overhit a cross. D opposing defender run back get to the ball with acres of time swing and hit de puddle of water. Another PR man shoot, ball bounce off the keeper, PR number 10 blast it and it deflect of telesford and go in

1-0 Islanders

nice feed but you will need anton to translate for you...

Football / USL Playoff Thread
« on: September 18, 2008, 03:58:44 PM »
I'm not sure how many people follow this league closely or what its real value is but the playoffs might interest a few people just for the strong Trini flavour.

USL-1 Playoff Berth Scenarios

Kendall Jagdeosingh, Osei Telesford, Nigel Henry, Edson Elcock
Puerto Rico: (15-6-7, 52 pts.) Qualified and need one point in final two matches (vs. Atlanta, at Montreal) to clinch Commissionerís Cup as top seed*. They can finish no lower than second.
* the top seed, as regular season champions, get a bye to the play off semifinals. The six other qualifying teams are paired off in home and away ties to determine the three other semifinalists

Leslie Fitzpatrick
Rochester: (11-9-9, 41 pts.) Currently in fourth place and will secure at least the fourth place finish with a win in Miami tonight. Can finish third with a win tonight* and if Montreal fails to win at least one of its final two matches. They can finish no lower than sixth.
* lost 0-1 to Miami

Randi Patterson
Charleston:  (11-11-7, 40 pts.)  Has clinched a berth in the playoffs and trails Rochester by just one point.  A win over Carolina in the season finale will guarantee them at least a fifth place finish.  Charleston can finish as high as third with a win and if Rochester loses at Miami combined with Montreal gaining no more than two points in their final two games. The Battery hold the head-to-head tiebreaker with Montreal (2-1-0) and the three-way tiebreaker, including Seattle. A head-to-head tiebreaker with Seattle would be determined in Charleston's favor on league wins (11 to 10).  They can finish no lower than sixth.

Brent Sancho
Atlanta: (8-11-9, 33 pts.) Eighth place. Can clinch a playoff spot with wins over both Puerto Rico and Miami, or with one win over either Puerto Rico or Miami FC combined with a Minnesota loss to Montreal, and a Carolina loss or draw in one of its final two games. Atlanta would need at least four points to clinch a berth should Carolina win both of its final two games. Atlanta holds the head-to-head tiebreaker with both Minnesota (2-0-1) and Carolina (1-0-2) should they finish in a tie with either club. They can finish no lower than ninth.

Avery John 
Miami FC Blues: (6-12-10, 28 pts) Miami has been eliminated from playoff contention :'(. Miami can finish as high as eighth if Atlanta loses its final two games, and Carolina loses at Charleston and ties at home versus Portland in their final two games. Miami would hold the head-to-head tiebreaker with Atlanta (2-0-1) should they finish tied, but Carolina holds the head-to-head tiebreaker versus Miami (2-1-0). Portland and Miami are equal in their first two tiebreakers with goal differential as the next determinant if they finish tied (current GD: Portland -6, Miami -8).

Football / Comparison Soca Warriors 00-01, 04-05, 05-06, 08
« on: September 17, 2008, 02:59:04 PM »
Check it out.
This was our main team

Under Porters in the Semis in 00
XI:  Ince - Elcock - Andrews - Lawrence - Shurland David - Carrington - Latapy - Mason - Eve - Dwarika - Yorke
Sub: Hislop - Saunders - Rougier - Demmin - L. Andrews - Wise - Carlos - Nixon - N. Pierre - Glasgow - Sam
By the time Porters get sack in 01
XI:  Ince - Elcock- Andrews - Lawrence - Rougier - Carrington - Latapy - Rahim - Eve - Stern - Yorke
Sub: Hislop - Mauge - Cox - Gray - Saunders - L. Andrews - Wise - Carlos - Trotman  - Dwarika - N. Pierre

(It was already over when Simoes reach, but all he contrive to do was get Latapy and Yorke out and bring in Avery and Anton Pierre for Tallest and Rougier. Dwarika and Saunders get promote)
Under BSC in 04
XI:  Keeper - KJ - Andrews - Sancho - Lawrence - Rojas - Dwarika - Rahim - Eve - McFarlane- Stern
Sub: Keeper - Cox - Spann - A.John - Boucaud - Theobald - Nixon - Glen - Sealy  - Sam - Scotland
By the time BSC get sack in 05
XI:  Keeper - KJ -Sancho - A.Pierre - Lawrence - Rojas - Fitzpatrick - Carlos - Eve - Yorke- Stern
Sub: Keeper - Charles - Henry - Andrews - Spann - Rougier - Theobald - Glen -King - Sam - N. Pierre
Beenie in 05
XI: Jack - Spann - Andrews - Lawrence - A. John - Birchall - Whitley - Latapy - Carlos -Yorke - Stern
Sub: Hislop - Gray - Charles - Sancho - Cox - Samuel - Latapy - Theobald - Scotland - Glen - Jones
Beenie in 06
XI: Jack - Gray - Sancho - Lawrence - A. John - Birchall - Whitley - Theobald - Carlos -Yorke - Stern
Sub: Hislop - Charles - Andrews - Cox - Wise - Samuel- Latapy - Jones - Scotland - Glen - Wolfe
Pacho in 08
XI: Phillip - Gray - M.Hislop - Lawrence - John - Whitley - Hyland - Daniel - Carlos - Theobald - Glen
Sub: Williams - K. Smith - Thomas - A. Edwards - Leon - Telesford - Birchall - Baptiste - Toussaint - Wolfe - Roberts

Player by player on their form at the time - how would you  rank these squads?

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