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Football / The first thing T&T players ask for is money.
« on: January 10, 2016, 03:11:50 PM »
This is the problem Jack had with them.

The first thing T&T players ask for is money, without even kicking a ball, they want they money.

Okay, fine, give them they money, but bring the results or the desire to play for your country. This is not a welfare case and you guys are not Messi.

Jack Warner lost millions on these ungrateful players with nothing coming back for years.

Now they can't beat teams like Jamaica and Haiti and they played with no heart and desire but they want their money. Just like the 2006 Warriors, who can't score a goal in the world cup, but what they money.

Do you feel they should get paid for that game against Haiti?

I am sure the federation spent hundred of thousands of dollars to send these players to Panama including all cost and lost that entire investment without not even a fight.

They have no money coming in and they lost everything while these players pay still coming as they go back to their clubs. These players calling the public to support them, why?

You see the sad face Hyland and company put on in the video and they were the biggest let down.

Jan Michael Williams is the first man who lead the team to strike and did you see the mess he made? He should not take pay.

These guys drink they belly full of run for the holidays, you think they were studying the Copa America? They thought they would beat Haiti and go with they eyes close.

From the first 20 minutes, T&T looked flat, like they were about to fall down tired.

And Hart should have seen this in practice. But I realise he like a certain few.

Then you go out there to defend against Haiti, the approach was insure in the first place, maybe Hart knew his players was not fit?

John Williams should have sent W Connection to play this game.

This is a player responsibility, not the coach or the TTFF, they have to keep themselves ready and fit.

Look at the players Hart picked. He start 6 unfit players to start.

Players like George, Peltier and Cyrus don't even play for their clubs, that's the reason they all got let go.

Glenn has not played a game in over a month.

Abu Bakr, Bateau and Mitchell on christmas vacation. I can tell you because I saw them.

Jones and Cato MLS season over a long time now.

Nothing wrong with picking players who not regular providing you can offer them a few games to get them fit before you go out there to play important games.

Jack would have made sure this team play a friendly or two even it it was against a pro league 11. David John Williams prefer squeeze and save the extra buck.

Guys, this is what I have been saying about T&T football, the first thing they asked is how much they getting paid or they going on strike, in Brazil, the players would pay the federation to pick them, even if it was their last dollar, because they know they will benefit greatly for playing for their country even if it was for free.

T&T did so well in the Gold Cup and players benefited, imagine a good performance in the Copa America what it could have bring.

You cannot beat Haiti, how you expect the team to compete against the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, etc?

They did themselves and the coach and the country a big favour, trust me when I tell you.

If I was the coach, I would look outside to recruit a few players and the TTFF should make sure.

The senior players on the T&T side is spoilt and will only make the new ones get the same attitude.

I don't know Hart personally, but after this, if it doesn't wake him up, St Vincent might.

So call Jack bad, but now you guys are seeing for yourself.

Football / This is what happens when you have greedy players.
« on: June 26, 2014, 03:58:50 PM »
Ghana's John Boye pictured kissing his share of $3 million cash bonus
By Ryan Bailey
Dirty Tackle

Normally it's France's responsibility to go into crisis mode at a World Cup tournament, but in 2014, the baton appears to have been handed over to Ghana.

On Wednesday — a day before Kevin Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari were sent home in disgrace — Ghana's president John Dramani Mahama had $3 million in cash flown by chartered jet to the Black Stars in Brazil to settle a dispute over appearance fees and bonuses.

This money would normally be paid to players by FIFA at the conclusion of the tournament, but according to the AP, the players simply demanded it earlier.

Incredibly, the chartered jet full of cash was not hijacked by Bane while in transit to Brazil, and it survived a convoy through the roads of Brasilia that looked like something from a Michael Mann movie:

The money reached Ghana's players at their hotel on Wednesday evening, where up to $100,000 was distributed to each player. According to Globo, some players shoved wads the cash in their pockets, while others "wrapped it up in clothing."

When John Boye received his $100,000 stack, the Rennes midfielder was pictured kissing it. Which tells you absolutely everything you need to know about modern football.

Western readers may wonder why the players were not paid by bank transfer, but Globo note that cash payment is very common in Ghana. In fact, some of the players do not even have bank accounts in the country.

When The Guardian asked the players where they would keep their cash windfall in the short term, Christian Atsu responded:

"That’s a difficult question for me. Of course we will keep it in our bags. We just lock them."

Apparently, telling the world that there is thousands of dollars in a bag in your hotel room while you are out playing a game against Portugal is a solid idea. Getting that bag through customs will also be a lot of fun...

Now Ghana is eliminated, what now?

Football / This is what the clubs in T&T need to do.
« on: September 04, 2013, 03:12:57 PM »
But when I say it, Central FC guys here gets angry with me and mock me. Stokely Vale and Phoneix must take note when the bigger boys come in for their star players.

Ozil windfall for lowly former club
By Stephan Uersfeld, Germany Correspondent

Fourth-tier Rot-Weiss Essen is one of three German clubs in line to benefit from Mesut Ozil's record-breaking €50 million move to Arsenal.

Ozil started his career at the former Bundesliga club before making the switch to Schalke -- based in his hometown of Gelsenkirchen -- in 2005 at the age of 16. A year later, on August 12, 2006, he made his Bundesliga debut for the Royal Blues in a 1-1 draw against Eintracht Frankfurt.

After making a total of 30 appearances for Schalke, Ozil moved on to Werder Bremen in 2008, before making the €18 million move to Real Madrid following his eye-catching performances at that summer's World Cup finals.

All three German clubs are now due a portion of the Ozil transfer windfall. According to FIFA regulations, all clubs Ozil played for from the ages of 12 to 23 are entitled to training compensation, with a total of 5% will be divided between those clubs.

The allocation formula means both Schalke and Rot-Weiss Essen will each get a 30% share of the compensation, with the rest split between Werder Bremen and Real Madrid.

The three top-flight clubs may scarcely notice the small boost to their balance sheet, but the speculated €750.000 due to Essen -- around 50% of their annual €1.5 million first-team budget -- will represent a major payday for a club which went into administration in 2010.

“We will investigate the exact transfer fee and invoice Arsenal,” Rot-Weiss Essen executive Michael Welling told Die Welt.

Ozil's move to Arsenal makes him the most expensive German player of all time, overtaking Mario Gotze's fee of €37 million paid when he moved from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern Munich earlier this summer.

This is how fake our people are.

If they had gotten the money that they were promised by Sir Austin Jack Warner would they have cared what he did with the other half.

They are trying to make the people believe that they are good guys and do not want to close down the current TTFF and hold them at ransom. Please stop with the crocodile tears.

Why can't you guys understand that the 06 Warriors are crooks in their own way and only care about themselves.

All of the time Hislop, Sancho, Kelvin and company didn't care what Jack Warner was doing once they get their money all of them were happy and was loving sir Jack.

All of them was in bed at one time with Sir Jack Warner and now they are looking for a retirement.

Ask anyone of them if they really care about T&T football.

Tim Kee have to be a mad man to pay these fools

As for what happened today I can assure you that this will make big news for the next 2 days and after that it will get blown away.

FIFA are crooks themselves and they know how far to take this.

Nothing will come out of this latest Concacaf forensic report and tomorrow Sir Jack will still be in Parliament.

They can have the Centre of Excellence and that is the worst case scenario.

No one will come to my country particularly a white foreigner and disrespect me - Jack Warner.

How you like them apples.

Football / There is money in T&T Pro League.
« on: April 17, 2013, 10:09:47 AM »
If there wasn't teams would have pulled out a long time ago. Teams like Rangers and Caledonia for example.

So when you hear Kevin Harrison complaining here about the government only giving certain teams money you have to asked then if Central FC is operating on a buss then why are they still here?

And do not tell me its for the love of the game.

No one is willing to take millions of their own money and invest it in a dead buniness.

This is why Jack Warner will be missed, because he did that to T&T football and when he rewarded himself for all the loss he took over the years everyone vex.

Football is the only broke sport in the Caribbean, no one wants to invest in it and its a sport where they always want.

Football / T&T's 2006 World Cup qualification.
« on: April 17, 2013, 07:41:09 AM »
Do you guys really believe that T&T's 2006 World Cup qualification was 100% earned by the players.

It was not genuine !!!! If it wasn't for Jack Warner T&T was not going anywhere.

Jack pulled strings and made all of this possible.

T&T will never see another World Cup. Mark my words.

We have to many treacherous players in T&T and their heads are bigger than their game.

When you look at this list and see that T&T is the only country to not score a single goal at a World Cup and they want millions in return makes you wonder.


All the politicians in T&T want  Jack out of Parliament because he outshines them and they can't handle the embarrassment.

One day the world will see what Jack has done.

Football / Dennis Lawrence should be T&T coach instead of Jamaal Shabazz.
« on: January 01, 2013, 11:09:47 AM »
I say so.

Football / Central FC trying to sign some big name players this week.
« on: September 25, 2012, 06:04:27 PM »
Just came back from Couva and heard that they are trying to sign Arnold Dwarika, Ansil Elcock, Derek King and Stokley Mason ?

Can anyone confirm this ?

Football / I will guarantee you a few things about T&T football.
« on: September 21, 2012, 04:23:58 AM »
I will guarantee you a few things about T&T football.

And this is not personal but reality so before you guys attack me, please think before you talk.

It will take more than 10 years+ to rebuild football in T&T under the current administration at both club and country level.

Secondly, Jack Warner will not enter court nor will the 2006 Soca Warriors receive any money. Trust me, they are done, no money for them and the TTFF is broke, I do not care what propaganda Kevin Harrison and Brent Sancho spreads about finding new evidence..... PLEASE, spear me the crap,,,, but Jack Warner is to smart to let anyone get his hard own money he invested in T&T football for 30 years.

Remember, I said so, they do not have to money or man to back them up.

Central F.C. is a perfect example how Sancho and company runs a business, they publicly beg for help instead of trying to do it the right way, everything is a hand down for them and as poor as Rangers and other teams are you do not hear them begging for help. To much high paid staff at Central FC to and they want people to volunteer free for them and they have the nerve to call Jack a crook. Think about it, they want to benefit on people's back.

Sponsor and helped wired868 but choose to ignore this site that has been here for them over the years, lets me guess, there is nothing here for them, and then Kevin Harrison will come here with no answer and choose the easy way out with some stupid response.

Lets see the youth teams they will take advantage of now that they will field a team in the youth leagues and they picked central Trinidad, a place on the rise, money to be maid. Did Kevin Jeffrey even went to school ?

They may pick Presentation College and use them as they youth team without taking care of them.

They even have under age girls modeling for them, taking advantage of kids, they have to feed Rix and Harrison pounds.

Jack Warner can do anything he wants in Trinidad and Tobago right now and no one in this world can stop them, like it or not, Rowley take that to your grave and the loger you stay there the better it is for us to win again.

Jack will rise again and the world will beg for him to come back and I hope he says NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Football / Everyone have their favorites.
« on: April 05, 2012, 08:03:08 AM »
Everyone have their favorites.

Jack Warner left his rules and his people incharge and it will be followed.

Can anyone here stand up and say if they was in the same position like Watson, Corneal and Camps etc, that they would not have persons who they favored and hired them even though they may not be liked or they are not worth it.

The federation has to look for people who will work with them and not against them. They must unify something players do not do, don't hate the federation because they have a brotherhood and the players don't.

Every week you hear Shaka Hislop on the news and its all hot air, his father has a personal problem and will feel the hurt soon. Same for Brent Sancho, all hot air, huff and puff and do nothing for the game after they benefited so much from T&T and still they want millions.

Kelvin Jack is broke like a joke, they are not getting a red cent and the TTFF can prove they are broke. He have to get a job now, this is why he just signed for a conference team.

Anton Corneal has his favorites, Clint Marcelle, Tony Rougier, Mike McComie, Angus Eve, Derek King and Bertille St Clair. Expect to see these men hired soon. That's part of the game.

For example, if you guys boy (Flex) was in power at the TTFF, dont you think he wouldn't have had his favorites too ?

Anton Corneal was favored this is why he is still here and he will do a good job too, there is a reason why he got the job.

Football / The TTFF must be run like a business to survive.
« on: September 24, 2011, 03:20:09 PM »
The TTFF must be run like a business to survive.

They have been here for over 20 years and if they have to pay out everything they make on players and then take the remainder of the profit and put it towards the others teams (men, women and staff) then how will they survive ?

The 06 Warriors wants half the profit, even if it was promised to them, and the other half of the profit must go towards the other teams for the future of T&T football.

Jack has spent millions before the 2006 World Cup, don't you guys think its only fair he gets back some of the money he lost.

These guys wants half, then the other half must be split with the TTFF who have to take from their profit and invest it back into T&T football while most of these retired 06 Warriors are like vultures, first come, first eat, forget the rest.

The NFL did the same last year and lost the court battle, the new NBA season seems like they are heading for a disaster because they want the same, so no NBA this season.

Can't you guys see how these greedy players are affecting the game.

How can the TTFF pay the 06 Warriors millions and then pay the other national teams quarter of that, is that fair.

No one came out and invested their money in the first place and when you make a profit they all want.

Do you feel companies operate like this, give out all their profits and then close up shop, come on guys, be reasonable.

Look at today, Jack is gone, Camps is on his way out and yet no one is even showing an interest.

To run a business to need money, to start a business you need money, Jack used his for over 20 years.

Do you see any clubs in the EPL or the lower leagues giving out all their profits to players.

If the TTFF closed down tomorrow, I can assure no one will come in because they do not want to take money out of their pockets to help any team.

I love my people, but they have no back bone and all they do his hide behind success because they are afraid to come up for the challenge.

I see everyone on here supports Lincoln, Look Loy and David John Williams, asked yourself where are they.

Keith is running up his mouth about EFA.

Lincoln is now retired after his last paycheck he so called earned.

David John Williams is a business man who just looking to capitalise, kiss the TTFF backsides so his players could play on the national team and get caps so they can be sold.

But no one stepping forward for the betterment of the game or to move forward, the Pro League is about to fall down and no one is making a peep, they are all scared.

Not even the fans are coming out, they to not giving the league and players their money. But I am sure of Ronaldo come to play for W Connection tomorrow, you will get a full stadium, so the fans to have to take blame, all they do his complain. Trinis love to jump on band waggons.

Let me remind you guys, Jack Warner is acting Prime Mininter, he is also the best minister in T&T who does his job with pride and hard work, while all the other ministers are partying, drinking and having a good time, Jack is preparing for work the next day.

Jack will raise again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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