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What about Track & Field / Re: 2017 Outdoor Results for T&T Athletes
« on: August 13, 2017, 06:20:58 PM »
Question for management.  Why did Solomon run the first leg.  Is Quow injured or something.  Cause that decision could of cost Gold.  A similar instance happened in World relays when we replaced Lendore for Solomon and went downhill.

no one was injured ;) just a temper tantrum by someone who placed 4th at trials who thought they deserved to run the finals over Quow and he showed how much he DID NOT deserve it with a 46.1 split !

Deon Lendore was 4th in Guadeloupe in 45.31 seconds. Lalonde Gordon was 7th in 46.65 seconds.

Richard Thompson was 7th in the men's 100m in Guadeloupe in 10.37 seconds.

Bledman makes his season debut this Saturday in Germany at the Adidas HQ. Will be up again Blake, Weir and clubmate Ashmeade. Pretty stern test for an opener.

Keston Bledman opened his season 2 weeks ago in Clermont where he ran 10.28 seconds (1.7) in the heats at the Pure Athletics Meet.  He didn't run the finals.

Golden Grand Prix 2016 Kawasaki IWC Results
Kawasaki (Todoroki Stadium), 08/05/2016
Men's results                 
400 Metres - Men                                             
    1 Walsh , Julian Jrummi            JPN      45.68                   
    2 Solomon , Jarrin                 TTO      45.77                   
    3 Wariner , Jeremy                 USA      46.04                   
    4 Quow , Renny                     TTO      46.73                   
    5 Sato , Kentaro                   JPN      46.75                   
    6 Williams , Conrad                GBR      46.78                   
    7 Kitagawa , Takamasa              JPN      46.82                   
    8 Kimura , Kazushi                 JPN      47.39

Solomon beating Quow now? That time indicates some physical set back.

Not really.. if u followed Quow's openers for the past 3 years he never opens fast he peaks near trials.. Last year he opened with 46.8 in shanghai where he finished 7th...     a week b4 trials at adidas grand prix he ran 45.6. Then at trials he ran 44.9 then a week after ran 44.7 in Hungary. Quow peaks at the right time.

Richard Thompson at the Longhorn Invitational in Texas

2nd in the 100m - 10.21 (3.2)

4th in the 200m - 20.98 (3.9)

where was i saying Gordon was not in the top 3 ? all i said was why not factor in his age as well.. based on performances from 2015...

The Top 3 in my opinion last year were cedenio gordon and quow in that order.

Also automatically placing Gordon in the top 3 if u want to judge based on consistency.. why not talk about consistency at National Championships... which in 2016 unlike 2015 might be the deciding factor in who gets the spots for Olympics. Gordon has had average performances in the 2013 and 2015 National Champs.. and 2014 he was the favorite to win and got pipped by Quow..  Let's not mention consistency and only mention the things we want to mention...

Gordon training is perfect because he tends to not peak at Nationals and peaks at the Worlds/Olympics but u need to sometimes peak twicee because if u dont perform well at Nationals and finish in the top 3 if it was like the U.S.A u wouldnt be selected.. but TTO rules are completely different.

Also how was Gordon usurped by Lendore, Lendore has yet to proven himself individually at any world games.

A couple of holes in your analysis.. you can't base the top 3 on what you think their potential is.... but based them on the performance they displayed this year....  Quow won the national title for the 2nd year in a row... and is 3rd among TTO Quarter Milers on the IAAF list for 2015 only behind cedenio and lendore.  How are you factoring in only solomon and quow's age ? but not gordon's ? you do know they are all jut a year apart from each other right ? lol
Confused as to how You say solomon and Quow are in the same boat when Quow just came off his best individual year since 2009..  I would say Quow looks quite promising.

Gordon - 27
Quow - 28
Solomon - 29 (30 in Jan)

Thompson is 30 and still competing and will be 31 for rio.. so should we consider him unstable as well ? Age can be a factor in some.. but once you keep your body well.. you can survive well into your late 30's ( Chris Brown, Collins,)

who said anything about BBC maam ? lol he said it on twitter... CASE CLOSED...  You're right.. I am bored lol.

Michael JohnsonVerified account

Michael Johnson retweeted IAAF

Keep your eye on Trinidad. That's a good lineup! And thats the right way to line them up too. US should take Gold. 

If logic was used all the time to decide how someone would perform in the finals.... then betting on races/sports would be so much easier. lol

Michael Johnson said the order the TTO men in was the correct order ... while u have a different order you think would have been better... Hmm wonder who we should listen to...... Tough decisions... you guys accolades are so evenly matched... lol.

I am not watching video footage sir lol....  im using the official splits.. It seems u only wanna use the official splits when it benefits u .. hilarious...

Everything you are saying are based on hopes... and fantasties.. and dreams... no one knows what would have happened or predict who would have ran what in the finals... which is why ppl are telling u its pointless to compare or sugggest if someone ran it would have been better.  Based upon the 45.9 Quow ran in the heats.. did anyone expect him to run 44.9 in the finals an entire second faster ? NO ... so u can't predict what will happen or would have happened its pointless.... As for u saying we could have won Gold.. Lashawn's style and Cedenio's style of running is completely different.. Lashawn is 43.6 at his best... Cedenio is 44.3... Even if we gave Cedenio a 40m lead opposed to the 5-10m lead he got... there is no telling that Cedenio would have beaten Lashawn... how many athletes have beaten lashawn on an achor ? even the ones who had a big lead on anchor ? I'll wait for that response ...

Had we gone with your team in the finals ? ahhahah hilarious... ok COACH !!! LOL

You lack a lot knowledge.. actually GO CHECK THE OFFICIAL SPLITS socapro.. quow handed off the baton in 6th place in the heats... not last..... so im confused how u said solomon moved up to 6th.. so how much ground did he actually make up ...

At the end of the day....

Cedenio - 44.3
Lendore - 44.4
Quow - 44.5
Gordon - 44.6

Those are their SB... ....

Solomon 45.1

NAAA clearly doesn't believe in Solomon's talent as much as they do in Quow's... He ran a horrible leg in the heats and was still gifted with a leg in the finals... shows their faith in him and he rewarded them with the fastest first leg split in the finals... so i don't get the point in comparing if someone else was in which leg etc.. is pointless...   

If i remember correctly Quow put us in a good position after first leg in Pan Ams also ...so he has proven himself on the first leg and individually.... He literally ran 44.54.. .01 short of his fastest time in his career..and ppl moaning cause he ran a poor heat based on possibly fatigue ? he hasn't ran this fast in 6 years.. Lendore,Gordon,Cedenio has ......  Quow has shown he has the strength and will power to challenge and keep up with these guys after 10 years competing.. that should be applauded....

Let's no forget for the past 2 National Champs... NAAA adds and fans didn't pick him as a favorite to win the 400m titles and he is 2 times reigning champ..... let the sink in your thoughts... he is EVERGREEN.

HA ppl knowledge so LITTLE (SOCAPRO) that u comparing a first leg split of 44.9 to a 44.5 leg split of another leg ? it's completely off... first leg has to go in the blocks.. while the other legs have a running start which can give u a .50 to 1 second advantage on the other 3 legs compared to the 1st leg..

 44.9 on a first leg basically means u ran that in an open 400... other legs split cant be compared to it... EDUCATED YOURSELF SOCAPRO...

44.8 by deon in the finals and 44.5 by jarrin in the heats, if that was  on a first let would have probably been 45.0/2

Well according to Solomon, if he ran in the open 400... he was ready to go mid 44..................................... :rotfl:

I agree with the last point though about National Championships being a joke...  Ive said this for quite some time.. why have rules if you aren't going to follow it.. For years the top 3 at nationals have always represented at majors ... but I think the NAAA issue this time around with selection was they never had an event b4 with so many depth and qualifiers and machel's DQ at nationals messed up their grand ''plan'' even more... so they had to change their own rules..

They said they selected based on current performances... .

Based on the rules of the NAAA nowhere in it says the top 3 gets the spots... The rules says if more than 3 have attained the standard ,.... places at nationals MAY be used to decide selection... I think for Olympic Trials though NAAA needs to properly lay out their standards.  Because will top 3 at Nationals even matter or will they just pick the top 3 based on their performance/times ?

The situation with J Solomon was handled in a unprofessional manner with the times these guys were running the 400s this year there was no way any of our guys were going to get a medal they should have let him run the 400 and in the relays the man run a 44.50 leg and still did not get a chance to run in the finals so he got screwed over twice.

Jarrin why u make a profile and coming here talking utter garbage lol. .. no way any of our guys were going to medal ???  cedenio was 7th overall.. gordon 9th ..quow 16th... they all performed pretty well and ran mid 44... in any other year that could have medaled.. the level of competition this year was extremely tough.  solomon's sb 45.15 wouldn't have even made it past round 1 boo ....

Ok I just saw the official splits maybe because lane 4 is just not a good lane on this track.

Quow and Gordon have both said that about this track ... after their individual 400m. they said they wanted better lanes ..  the inside lanes on this track are rubbish.. hence why quow did so poorly in lane 2 on this track in the heats... . Cedenio ran 45.06 in lane 2 of his 400m finals... and Borlee had a 45.9 split just like Quow in the heats of heat 1 in lane 2..   Most ppl have preferred to get lane 6-9 on this track.

The 1st leg was not good enough

You know were handed off in first right. There were some class guys on that 1st leg that Quow was not going to blow out of the water.
[/he looks more like about 4th to me no way  that's 1stquote]

Based on the official splits... Quow was first on his leg by a full .20 seconds... !!!!!!!!!!

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