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Football / Re: Kelvin Jack and Sancho's AIDS mission
« on: May 07, 2009, 04:40:39 AM »
Sorry, I know this is not exactly football related!

The guys have created a "cause" on Facebook in order to prove that people do believe that attitudes towards sexual health awareness can change. Please join the cause "Promoting sexual health awareness" Just go to causes tab, and enter  Promoting sexual health awareness into search causes.


Football / Re: Warriors in fight to change attitudes.
« on: May 01, 2009, 07:31:58 AM »
I'm surprised that nobody has actually praised or criticised the players for this initiative. I genuinely thought that people here would be interested in what these guys were trying to do. I know its not a football subject exactly, but using the status of players as role models to appeal to young people about major health issues is a good idea. And as they hope to work in T&T and Jamaica first, I thought the forum may be interested! 

Football / Warriors in fight to change attitudes.
« on: April 30, 2009, 02:22:54 AM »
Kelvin Jack and Brent Sancho together with Jamaican world cup player Paul Hall have launched a new company to assist governments in raising awareness and tackling attitudes towards contraception. Their website is www.flaghealthcare.com  Many UK based players, including Kenwyne Jones, have signed up to pledge support for the projects, which will take place in countries across the world.

Football / Open letter to Mr Warner
« on: July 02, 2008, 04:38:48 AM »
I have noted for some time that various posters have wanted to make a formal media statement concerning the plight of football in T&T. Therefore, I have taken the liberty of draughting an open letter to Mr Warner. Maybe this could be sent to the papers or, as previously suggested, take out an ad in the paper? I have not specifically mentioned SW.net or warrior nation, but, of course, the letter may be edited if you wish.

Dear Mr Warner

We are writing to you to offer you the views of the true SocaWarrior supporters.
As you do not offer us the opportunity of speaking to you directly we have decided to use your favoured method of communication, the media.
Our members have watched with interest your recent statements and interviews, and we now offer you our views and opinions for you to consider.

Mr Warner, no one can have any doubt that you have achieved many beneficial advantages for T&T football over the years. However, critics may also point their fingers at a similar level of embarrasing episodes that you have been involved in.

It is difficult for us to believe that many of your actions are designed for the benefit of T&T football rather than to achieve the personal and political aims of Jack Warner.

You behave like a spoilt child in the playground, and if you can't be in charge, you take your football home so no one else can play. And like a spoilt child much of what you say makes no sense to anyone other than yourself.

FPATT was officially launched in May 2007 to represent professional footballers in Trinidad & Tobago and those representing Trinidad & Tobago in international competitions. They have developed a good relationship with the ProLeague, the government, FIFPro and supporters, yet you and TTFF have still not recognised their organisation.
You talk often about not receiving a penny from Minister Hunt, yet you fail to mention how you have spent the money given to you by Mr Boynes or the income from the 2006 world cup campaign.
You have the power to bring England to play in Trinidad, yet you are unable to order your accountants to prepare your books from 2006 so that you can present them to Mr Hunt and achieve the funding you complain so loudly about him witholding.
Mr Warner, you are an MP. You are sworn to defend the rights of your constituents and protect taxpayers funds, yet you attack Mr Hunt for doing exactly that.

The stadium fees have remained the same for 20 years. Why have you and your friends in parliament not asked questions about this? I imagine that prices in your travel agents have not remained the same for 20 years. But when Mr Hunt corrects this travesty you criticise him.

Mr Warner, your decision to play the Bermuda game on an artificial surface cannot have been made to benefit the people of these islands, but to attempt to score political points and discredit Mr Hunt. Your announcement to play home fixtures overseas cannot possibly benefit supporters or the players. Again, it would appear that this is designed for political purposes.
Everybody knows that you run football in T&T. You decide which players to blacklist, you decide which of your friends will be coaches, you decide where money is spent and which promises you keep and which you will ignore.
Mr Camps and Mr Roden are, as usual, conspicuous by their silence. This may suit you, Mr Warner. However, you will have to produce your accounts one day. And if, for any reason, there are discrepencies, it will be you that is responsible.
Instead of wasting time breaking FIFAs primary rule of mixing football with politics, why are you not developing grass roots projects to develop the next generation of footballers? Why are you not using the high profile of football to help tackle the governments objectives?

You claim to be the champion of the poor black people from beyond the bridge, yet you do not use your influence to coordinate football based projects with the government to tackle gang and drug culture, education, and family planning issues. 
It is time that TTFF changes is electoral procedure to allow those that care about football onto the board. Mr Camps and Mr Groden have consistently failed in their roles. They may be nice people, but football is in turmoil and they are responsible for the administration of the game. Of course, this may be because of your interference. The same could be said of Mr Maturana. Have you ever allowed him to select the team that he wants?
Mr Warner, you frequently inform us of your respected position within Concacaf and FIFA. Why don't you concentrate on those areas and leave T&T football alone?
 Lets us invite a new administration that is transparent and accountable. Let our coach select the team he wants. Let all of the stakeholders of T&T football - the administration, the players, the ProLeague, the supporters and the government- work together for the benefit of the islands.

The funny thing is that this would increase your popularity. At the moment you only bring negativity to the discussions. Your abilities on the world stage are second to none, yet at home you are becoming a pariah. Do what you do best, Mr Warner, stop being a spoilt child and give the people of Trinidad & Tobago their football back.

Football / Re: Lessons for Minister of Sport
« on: June 29, 2008, 06:29:35 PM »
Guys, sorry to press work onto you all, but you really need to write a s*it load of letters to this paper and correct this bulls*it.

A lot of this is believable, and may even be accurate. This then lends credibility to the rubbish about the court case.

This guy should be embarrassed into behaving like a journalist and ask questions of the right people.

I don't know him, but he just sound like Jacks bitch to me.

Football / Re: Does FPATT and The Blacklisted Players
« on: June 27, 2008, 02:25:52 AM »
FPATT needs to get on the ball and get their website up and running.  A nice professional web presence isn't that difficult to achieve...and can be had for well under $300 TT a year.
:applause: :applause: :applause:

Football / Re: Havelange say WC 1966 & 70 was fixed
« on: June 27, 2008, 02:19:07 AM »
I can't deal with this conspiracy theory at the moment.

I'm still working on the 1969 FIFA moonlanding theory and the involvement of Sepp Blatter in the John Lennon shooting.

Once I've figured those out I have to consider the CIA plot to destroy Cubas 1962 World Cup bid (which saw Cuba as favourites in parts of Miami) and culminated in the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

Surely, the biggest football related conspiracy theory of modern times surrounds a Caribbean team who saw 5 legitimate goal disallowed and their federation didn't even raise a complaint, despite the referee being banned from ever officiating an international match again?

Football / Re: Govt offers to assist Warriors.
« on: June 26, 2008, 01:34:24 AM »
First, Warner is the one asking for political interference. He wants govt funding for TTFF.
Warner is the one using politics as a weapon against Hunt.
Warner runs football in T&T, Caribbean, concacaf and, allegedly is the power behind FIFA. Warner then became an MP.

But FIFA is so corrupt that Jack can do anything he wants.

Secondly, offering financial support is not political interference. Demanding TTFF adhere to laws surrounding company financial reporting, corruption, tax evasion, misuse of government funds is not political interference. This is called governing.

Football / Re: Govt offers to assist Warriors.
« on: June 25, 2008, 06:43:37 PM »
My bad, Fishs.

I obviously picked up some incorrect info.

So, the stadium fees haven't been the same for 20 years?
TTFF didn't just host the biggest grossing game in T&T history?
Hunt has made PERSONAL attacks on Warner?
Govt should just give more money to TTFF without any accountability?

My apologies for not having a clue. Please enlighten me!

Football / Re: Govt offers to assist Warriors.
« on: June 25, 2008, 03:09:56 PM »
Maybe it reads different from over here, but I'm still having trouble understanding why you guys have a problem with Hunt.

Hunt is behaving exactly how a politician should.

1, Stadium fees have remained the same for 20 years. This is ridiculous and means taxpayers are footing the bill while Jack keeps the change.

2, Hunts accused of not supporting football or the "poo black people beyond the bridge". Hunt says, fine, if you're worried about the poor people, the govt will give up the stadium fees and if you care about the poor people, you can give them free admission. After all, TTFF have just hosted the biggest grossing match in T&T history.

3, Hunt gives players a homecoming to show he takes an interest. Rather than try to score media points over Jack, which he has never done, he rightly proves he is a big man by congratulating Jack and TTFF.

4, Hunt pledges support to players and TTFF. And you know what, just as soon as the accounts are produced, Hunt will give them some money. He will also look to bring in projects that exclude TTFF yet benefit football.

I'm looking at Hunt, who I know nothing about apart from what I seeon this site, and I'm seeing him as an uncorruptable master politician....something, it appears, that Warner has never faced before.

Football / Re: Making mas with mediocrity.
« on: June 25, 2008, 08:17:18 AM »
The old excuse used to be "There are no easy games anymore in International football". It always sounded like a lame excuse for mediocrity.

But now, I'm not so sure.

Look at the Euros. Greece won it in 2004. GREECE! WTF?

Now see Turkey and Russia are in the semis. Wheres Italy, Holland, Portugal, France?

People in England were devestated that we didn't qualify for the finals, but in hindsight, England were in the group of death! Croatia were incredibly unlucky not to reach the semis, in fact I tipped them to win the tournament. Russia still might. Arshavin is phenominal. Never heard of him before!

It seems that if your team are well organised, motivated and have bonded together, it is very har to break them down.

Look at T&T in Germany. Sweden were truthfully on paper a better team. So were England. The only reason England scored two is because the warriors had to case the game. In my opinion, if T&T had played Paraguay in the first game, they would have drawn. They may have finished with 2 points.

Any team, including Bermuda,can close down a game and stop the other side from scoring. To qualify, T&T must play spoiling games against USA and try to score as many as possible in the other matches. The problem is that the other teams will consider a draw against T&T as a victory and will be playing their own spoiling game.

FIFA rankings count for nothing when the ref blows his whistle.

There are no easy games anymore in International football.

Football / Re: T&T v Republic of Ireland
« on: June 25, 2008, 03:16:15 AM »
Yes Sam,

those scores are the other way around.

I clearly remember the Swed and Mex. games.

TT was playing with a basci second Eleven as certain players were persona non grata with Jack.

marcelle made his debut in the Sweden game.

A Mucurapo Jr. Sec. Keeper (Ali??) made his debut vs. Mex.

Was you joking vb? Or was Jack playing his games 26 years ago?

Football / Re: Are we really better off with or without Jack Warner??
« on: June 24, 2008, 04:58:24 PM »
There used to be twins in the East End of London in the 60's called Ronnie & Reggie Kray. They ran the whole of East London and the West End.
Street crime fell to record lows. The Krays did not tolerate innocent people being mugged or robbed, either by criminals or businessmen.

The poor people of East London respected them more than the police or the government.

They were the most vicious and violent British criminals of the 20th century.

I'm not saying Jack Warner is a criminal. But my point is, is doesn't matter how much good you do, it does not outweigh any damage he may have caused.

Without Jack, there may well have not been any Beenhakker, no Maturana and no England match.

However, if any business was run like TTFF, the Chairman,(who appoints the special adviser, and takes ultimate responsibility for the running of the company), Financial Director  (who is responsible for budgeting and accounting for funds) and any consultant or adviser (who's advice included blacklisting footballers, the offering of and non adherence to contracts, open disputes with the government, alleged ticketing scandals and the possibility of your core product being marketed in a foreign country hundreds of miles away from your main client bank) would have been sacked and, possibly, investigated years ago.

This is not a witch hunt against Jack Warner and TTFF. It is outrage at continuous substandard business practices, lack of transparency and accountability and alleged misappropriation of taxpayers money.

If your ship is heading for the rocks, eventually someone else needs to take the helm and try to steer it to safety. The good ship TTFF has been heading for disaster for 20 years and the officers have done nothing. Now its time for mutiny. At least your fate will be in your own hands. :flamethrower:

Football / Re: Warrior franchise needs urgent repair.
« on: June 19, 2008, 05:46:37 PM »
 :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

As usual, informed, accurate reporting with no punches pulled.

Football / Re: Jack Warner and KPMG
« on: June 19, 2008, 03:39:50 AM »
Accountants will always offer you ways to reduce your tax liability and use Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAPs) to create a different view on the stability of a company.

I always recall that in the 1950s McDonalds were trying to create their hamburger chain, but their turnover was too small to borrow against. One of their directors (Sonneheim, I think his name was) used GAAPS to develop the franchise model they now use. McD's bottom line increased by something amazing like 1000% literally overnight!

However, it is completely different about creating legal accounts. They have to see bank accounts. They have to see the sourc of any funds. They have to see proof of how the money was spent.

Didn't Hunt say TTFF received $80 million since 2006 from govt? I presume that was included in the $173 million that the govt declared, but I'm sure some came after the $173 million. We know TTFF didn't get charged a stadium fee for the WC matches. They also received money from FIFA and CONCACAF.

So KPMG have proof of all of this income, but may not have proof of how it was received by TTFF. Remember, Jack has been accused of having match fees paid directly to him. How would that be accounted for. Jack has also said he has spent personal money on coaches fees etc and remortgaged a property? How would that be accounted?

Finally, Jack is not part of TTFF, so technically, anything he has done has nothing to do with KPMG. This could be the problem KPMG have got. If they have proof of money being spent in excess of money received, where did it come from?

It must be a complete mess. But they cannot submit accounts until their client has signed them off!

Football / Re: Are Warners days numbered ? (de sequel)
« on: June 19, 2008, 03:23:55 AM »
Is it possible to put pressure for the Govt to call for a comission of inquiry into TTFF?
Isnt there some action the Govt can take since the audits wasnt submitted? They should try to get them for tax evasion or not paying NIS or something.
If they theifing money in a big way, you could be sure that they theifing in a lil way also.

I feel if the Govt really have the will, they could straighten out the TTFF and only then JW days would be numbered.

Government Interference = Ban from FIFA and football. And Jack go jus blame Hunt again. And people go take dat.

But this wouldn't be involvement in football. TTFF are an incorporated business and as such must follow tax rules, the same as FIFA. If they commit an illegal offense, the justice system has the right to prosecute. The legal system over rides Governments and FIFA. In fact, one of FIFAs first regulations is that the associations are legally run.

Remember, Al Capone was only ever found guilty of tax evasion! But that was enough to send him to prison for years.

Football / Re: Are Warners days numbered ?
« on: June 19, 2008, 03:17:16 AM »
My apologies to all on the site for any offence I may have caused. I was just frustrated that the thread degenerated into a name throwing dispute.

I'm not from T&T and I shouldn't assume or generalise and my small amount of knowledge of T&T football doesn't allow me to offer up a new soloution for all of the problems you're all facing.

I guess I was saddened, because, it appears, mistakenly, I had championed T&T as a country without need of campaigns such as "Lets Kick Racism Out of Football" and "Show Racism the Red Card". Now I'm not so sure.

Football / Re: Are Warners days numbered ?
« on: June 18, 2008, 05:42:46 PM »

I was looking forward to logging onto the site tonite to get some informative posts.

When I saw the number of views and replies, I really thought I'd hit a nerve and would find a constructive debate on the pros and cons of Jack Warner.

But instead I see that, as usual (it appears to me) the Warner distraction trick has been implemented.

I can't profess to understand how a truly multi racial nation can carry forward such disgusting racial prejudice as I have seen on this post.

You all should be ashamed of yourselves, both the posters and those who haven't shut them up.

And yes, I now expect you now to tell this white Englishman to fack off.

I always thought that we were bad enough. I lived through the National Front marches and the skinhead fights at Specials gigs and saw bananas thrown at John Barnes. But you know what? That was mainly caused by politicians using race as a reason to recruit ignorant unemployed thugs.

But, pretty much, we're done with those days. And please, lets not go back to the white slavemaster jibes. Yes it was unforgivable, yes, we should not forget, but you know what? I wasn't there 200 years ago, so I'm not taking the blame.

I have had several black girlfriends (some of them redskins) and proudly walked down my predominantly white streets with them. Yet I am racist. I know I am. If you met me, you would say I look like a Frenchman, or a Dutchman or a German. Lets face it, most Englishmen have French, Dutch or German blood. But I would be insulted. Much like a Jamaican wouldn't like being called a Trini. I don't particularly dislike Europeans but I don't want to be confused with them. I want my own currency and my own laws.

But you guys, of African and Asian descent have built your country together. Side by side. How the hell can you lot be racist towards each other. Isn't Warner in the Asian party? Isn't Hunt in the PNM?

I'm disapointed in this post, but I can see why Warner gets away with so much. You guys are too busy with your grudges and the chips on your shoulders and your petty hatreds.

I look at you all and I see that, to quote a famous author, "There is more that unites you, than divides you".

So stop fighting each other and unite for the love of your national team.

Football / Re: Are Warners days numbered ?
« on: June 18, 2008, 05:03:28 PM »
Sam doh study study she jed ,everytime she open she mouth Indian have to come out of it ,take care one day ah indian doh come in it .

you RIGHT. a while back she come here with some chupid talk bout Indian and how she mother say some fackery bout Indian and culture etc. I eh have time to dig it up.. but we done see she for who she is long time now. Juss look at the name she does post with "red" who the f**k care if she blue or green.

ah bet in england, you're a black person in everyone's eye and not no f**king red woman!

buh den, your mammy told you different, right!

Down my way, RTG would be described as a redskin by my black caribbean friends, but it wouldn't be an insult.

Football / Are Warners days numbered ?
« on: June 18, 2008, 03:26:29 AM »
Theres so much information and conjecture on these pages sometimes, it can be difficult to see a clear picture of whats happening. Part of the reason for this is Warners superb handling of the media.

Everytime over the last month that Jack has taken a serious hit, he has distracted everyone with strategies, fantasies, lies and sheer childishness.

I just wanted to clarify the situation in a seperate thread so I can see if I'm seeing this all correctly.


1) TTFF chose arbitration in London rather than court in T&T. (They didn't suggest CAS because they knew the players wouldn't go there, so to achieve their aim of keeping it out of T&T court they went for London)
2) TTFF sent no witnesses to defend their case.
3) The players lawyer had to pay £6,000 of TTFFs fees.
4) TTFF have yet to provide the arbitrator with acceptable accounts.
5) The arbitrators decision is binding and enforceable in te T&T court.
6) The players were (apparently) awarded 50% of gross income.
7) As TTFF have admitted certain incomes, the players should be able to claim 50% as an interim payment.
8] This means that ay any time, TTFF could be ordered to pay at least US$1million within 14 days by T&T court, or face bankruptcy.

Gary Hunt[/u]

1) Like him or loathe him, Hunt is standing up to Warner.
2) Hunt will support football, but he won't be Jacks bitch. Show your accounts to receie more funding. A perfectly correct way for government to do business.
3) Stadium hiring fees have remained the same for 20 years. Tell me what you can buy today that is less than double the price of 20 years ago. Previous ministers should be critisised for this, not Hunt.
4) Everybody says the stadiums need upgrading. It makes sense to take proceeds from matches to do this, rather than T&T supporters paying twice - once through taxes, then again through ticket prices.
5) If TTFF make so much from ticket sales, where did the money go? And why did they still need handouts?
6) There is no financial reason to play home matches abroad. It is purely POLITICAL pointmaking by Warner. This has nothing to do with football. Warner is waging a war or his party.
7) Warners constituents should write to complain about Warner and make it clear they will not vote for him next time.
8] Supporters of Warners party should speak out in the press because Warner could lose them the next election with his games.
9) Unfortunately FIFA are too wimpish to critisise Warner. But he's clearly mixing politics with football.

National Squad[/u]

1) We will never know if Maturana is any good. There is too much interference from Warner.
2) The reason T&T lost on sunday was due to morale and self belief. They have the talent, but that final edge is missing.
3) TTFF are totally incapable of putting on a national team match. I have never seen such a poor build up. Waving a Trinidad handkerchief? No music for the anthem? No fireworks or stage show? Wrong kit? Very amateur, and a sign of the contempt for T&T supporters.

I am shocked and amazed that ANYBODY on this site can still defend Warner. It is true he has done much, but he could have done so much more. He acts like he's the country's top statesman, but he's behaving like a little boy.
The days those accounts come out, he will be finished. He has no TTFF money to play with now and the repercussions are showing. He won't give the blacklisted players a chance. He won't make sensible financial decisions, but would rather make political points.

He's being attacked from all sides. The players and the courts. The supporters. The government.

Its all about those accounts. And do we really believe that a top multinational company like KPMG take 2 years to add up a few million dollars? They handle companies with turnover in the billions. The only reason there is a delay is that TTFF haven't supplied all of the information. Because if they do, the arbitrator will see those figures. And Gary Hunt will have a solid reason not to give out any more money.

Perhaps the T&T Tax people should be putting pressure on TTFF?

Interesting days ahead, people.

Football / Re: Euro 2008 Italy vs Holland
« on: June 11, 2008, 03:38:24 AM »
I think they slipped up here and do not want to admit it as there is no way Panucci should be considered an active player ....they probably did not envisage this situation happening !

The rule was put in to discourage defenders from deliberately stepping off the field and thus artificially making the offensive player offside.  The rule applies (apparently) if the defensive player goes out of bounds on his own and has an opportunity to get back on the field.  Obviously this wasn't the case here Panucci was legitimately hurt, but an assessment must be made as to whether he was truly hurt or whether he had an opportunity to get up and get back in play.  If you look at the replay the ref was following the ball, and the call (correctly) was left to the linesman on the far side of the field, with the goal between him and Panucci.  In the time it would have taken to make an assessment of Panucci's status (is he hurt or is he just loafing on the ground?) the goal scored.  Between the time of Buffon knocking Panucci down, and Ruud scoring, there was only about 3 seconds that passed. 

Unless they stopped play to take a look at Panucci, the only other thing the linesman could have done was give Panucci the benefit of the doubt (that he was legitimately hurt) and disallow the goal.  I think the proper call was to give the benefit of the doubt to the offensive team here.  The rule may or may not get looked at later on, but I think the proper call was made.

Bakes, I agree the lino missed some calls, but Van Nistelrooy was clearly in an offside position if the lino hadn't seen Panucci. Even he would have flagged for that. I think if Panucci had been clobbered by a Dutch player, the ref would have given offside, as Holland would have benefitted from the use of that law.

I think this is justice for all of the times these big men lie down and feign injury. You saw Van Nistelrooy  could have gained a penalty by hitting the turf, but tried to play on (I don't think contact was made, but I think he would have got the call) Only Panucci will know if he was winded or feigning injury. It matters not, if he had been on the goal line there would have been no offside.

I saw football managers commenting that this decision went against the spirit of the game. These are the same managers who tell their players to hit the turf in an around the penalty box and to stay on the floor to slow down the game and break the oppositions rhythm.

Jennings again, he have nothing else to do but live inside warner ass.....i went to the ski shop and bought an uncovered ticket for the TT$300. face value so what shit them english talking, i think jennings mix up his facts and looking to bad mouth again

If you are a true Villa fan, you should be applauding investigations into football corruption. Villa have been held back for years by your own Jack Warner - Doug Ellis.

Same situation. Doug had many supporters and was a very vocal political animal in football, but he still oversaw some dodgy deals which threatened the clubs future.

You should be offering support to the guys on this forum, because you have battled for years without any power to protect the future of your club. We have the same problem at Gillingham.

Andrew Jennings is on a crusade. Most British journalists are frightened to speak out because they may lose their cozy jobs.

Selling tickets from a jet ski shop is illegal. Simple as that. And it was your fellow countrymen getting ripped off. And FIFA will do nothing as usual.

You may think this is a Trini issue, but its not. Football supporters need to stand together. Its us that end up paying ridiculous sums of money so these guys can live multi millionaire lifestyles.

Sorry you never got to see Agbonlahor play for England, I'd really love to see him play off Rooney.

Football / Re: Warrior Nation Flag
« on: June 11, 2008, 02:29:15 AM »
i noticed even at the tnt vs england it had banners with apparently diffrent support groups from england

if i wasnt on this site i would never have know that a group called warrior nation exisits

When you go to watch England and take a flag, it is traditional to print your teams name onto the flag. That way, you can use your flag for club football and internationls. You usually travel to away games by bus and on saturdays you will see dozens of coaches travelling up and down the motorways with flags in the back window.

Often at service stations you will see several groups of fans, sometimes over 150 from each club. In the bad old days of the 80's they would be accompanied by police because they would fight and cause havoc. That no longer happens. Now fans will talk to one another, particularly if they support league one or two clubs.

Travelling north from Kent, you may meet Doncaster fans travelling to Orient, Southampton fans travelling to Ipswich, MK Dons fans travelling to Chester etc.

Many of the hardcore England fans (equivelent to Warrior Nation) are from smaller clubs. Thats why you see England flags with Rotherham Utd, Barnet, Grimsby Town etc.

I think you guys should get SocaWarriors stitched onto your flag to confirm your identity. Supporters of ProLeague clubs should get their team names put onto Trini flags. You'd be amazed how many times they get shown on TV.

Football / Re: Euro 2008 Italy vs Holland
« on: June 10, 2008, 06:46:14 AM »
I am absoloutely amazed by the "expert panel" on ITVs coverage of this match. I understand most of you guys wouldn't have seen the ITV coverage, but their comments about the first goal amazed me.

Obviously, like everyone else who watched, my initial reaction was that is was offside. However, on seeing the reply it was immediately clear that Panucci was behind the touchline. I'm not an offside expert, but I assumed he was playing Van Nistelrooy onside. I did'nt know there was a speciic rule, but these "experts" should have been aware, or at least commented on Panucci's involvement.

They described it as a "horrible, horrible decision" whereas, it must be the best refereeing decision ever made in a major tournament.

The referree and his assistant should be publicly applauded and the decision explained clearly.

Its not often I feel a referee was the star man in a match, but in this occasion I think that was the case.

Mind you, the second goal was outstanding!!

Football / Re: Euro 2008 Italy vs Holland
« on: June 10, 2008, 04:29:34 AM »
This is an incredibly important decision.....it could lose me the fantasy league title  :rotfl:

Euro 2008 - Controversy over "legal" Ruud goal
Eurosport - Tue, 10 Jun 09:49:00 2008

Controversy continues to rage over Ruud van Nistelrooy's first goal for Netherlands against Italy, with referees and players arguing over their interpretation of the offside law.

 Van Nistelrooy scored in the 26th minute of his team's 3-0 Group C win in Berne, turning a fierce drive from Wesley Sneijder past keeper Gianluigi Buffon from close range.

The Italians protested he was offside and video replays showed him in what looked a blatant offside position. Van Nistelrooy and his team mates looked nervously around expecting the linesman's flag as they celebrated the goal.

But later there was confusion about whether Italy defender Christian Panucci had played the Dutch striker onside.

Panucci fell and went off the field of play behind the byline after clashing with other players in the preceding goalmouth scramble and was lying injured on his back when the ball went into the net.

Austrian referees' commission chairman Gerhard Kapl said the goal was correctly awarded.

"The injured player behind the goal counts as a player on the field and therefore it was not offside," said Kapl.

Predictably, Dutch players said the goal was good and Italian players said it was not.

UEFA were unable to clear up the matter immediately and none of the experts quoted on various TV networks seemed able to point to a rule in FIFA's laws of the game which could clarify the position.

UEFA media official Richard Hurni told Reuters at the stadium: "There won't be anything official tonight. It will probably be at the briefing tomorrow."

Tournament organisers hold a daily media briefing at 0900 GMT. UEFA general secretary David Taylor was due to be at Tuesday's briefing.

Football / Re: Jack Warner - Pro's and Con's
« on: June 10, 2008, 04:18:08 AM »
I'm trying to put this whole thing in perspective.

If you took 2 policemen in the USA.

The local traders depend on these cops to protect their businesses.

Both are great cops and make loads of arrests, and everyone feels safe.

Cop no 1 stops for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts every day. When he goes to pay, the owner says "this is on me, because you're doing a great job"

Cop no 2 gets a drive thru McDs and stops outside the BMW dealership. He tells the owner that he can take special care of him. He can patrol more regularly. The problem is, that the Ford dealer has just offered him a 50% discount on a new car. So, Mr BMW offers the cop the same deal.

Cop No 1 has lunch at the diner. They always give him a free dessert and coffee.

Cop No 2 doesn't eat lunch. He has a cold beer at the 5* restaurant up the road. Their exclusive clientel get trouble from the local gang hanging around in the evening. Cop No 2 says he knows these kids. He'll put a lot of pressure on them and move them down the road where the other posh restaurant is. But he'll need to give them a financial persuader. So the restaurant owner agrees to give the cop $500 per month "to buy off the gang" Cop2 says, "I'll be passing by with my wife for a meal once a month on the house. I'll collect the money then"

You can continue with this scenario into infinity. The point is this:

Everybody gets a little sweetner now and again. Whether  its in gratitude for a job well done (like a tip) or its an incentive to get good service. Technically its corruption, but in reality people don't mind as long as its deserved and reasonable.

Obviously, Jack has gone the route of the 2nd cop. People get greedy.

Jack has done great things for T&T, the Caribbean and CONCACAF. But he now thinks he can take whatever he wants and he doesn't even need to hide it!

If the whole administration was removed, it would be hard for a while. But I bet that the govt would throw themselves behind the new administration. Sponsors would come on board. There would be more money, because its not being syphoned off.

And, you never know, when world football sees the sacrifices T&T have made to rid the world of Mr Warner, you may even see a few major countries offer a B international as a reward.     

You think Jack suckered the FA? He told them 7 subs was ok, but told Maturana to only use 6. Now the FA gonna need more help from Warner!

Football / Re: Warner: Let's work together for the youth.
« on: June 09, 2008, 05:20:21 AM »
"My political opponents must understand that to help solve the problem with the youth in the country, they don't need to live with me, they don't need to sleep with me, they don't need to sit down and eat with me, but, God knows, we must work together."

So I guess FPATT will be getting a call real soon.......... Around the same time that St Kitts make it to the World Cup Finals.

Football / English goalkeeper charged with death of two kids
« on: June 08, 2008, 06:10:35 PM »
Championship - McCormick charged over crash
Eurosport - Sun, 08 Jun 22:37:00 2008

Plymouth Argyle goalkeeper Luke McCormick has been charged with causing the death of two children by dangerous driving after a fatal car crash on the M6 in Staffordshire.

 The 24-year-old Championship player, who was unhurt in the collision, will appear before magistrates in Stoke-on-Trent on Monday.

He was also charged with driving with excess alcohol and driving without insurance, police said.

McCormick is a former England youth international and has twice been named Plymouth's young player of the season.

Police appealed for witnesses to the collision between McCormick's black Range Rover and a Toyota Previa just before 0600 BST on Saturday near Junction 16 on the southbound carriageway of the M6 motorway close to Stoke.

Arron Peak, 10, and his brother Ben, 8, died after the Toyota left the road and went down an embankment hitting several trees on the way.

Their 37-year-old father Philip Peak was seriously injured and remains in hospital.

The boys' mother, Amanda Peak, was too overcome to speak at a televised police briefing on Sunday. In a statement read out on her behalf she said: "Nothing will ever compensate us for the loss we are feeling".

Three other passengers in the Toyota -- a man and two boys aged eight and 15 -- were slightly injured.

How can a player who must earn at least £2000 per week, not have insurance? The drink driving charge may not be as damning as it appears. He may have only had 2 beers. I know its no excuse, but he may not have been drunk. But at 6am, it certainly wouldn't have helped him stay alert.

Without insurance, McCormick could be personally sued for every thing hes got. Also, if foun guilty, I think his contract is automatically null and void.

Football / Re: Sunderland chairman Quinn backs Nosworthy for England
« on: June 08, 2008, 05:49:42 PM »
Whatever the situation, Nosebag will be the first ever Gillingham produced player to play for England!

I can't remember if Steve Bruce ever got capped, but I seem to recall him being described as the best centre back never to get capped. He was always kept out by Adams, Pallister and, I think, Terry Fenwick.

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