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« on: December 03, 2005, 07:01:23 AM »
F .A. G. I. M. A. go FAGIMA go!

Sorry for all you fa(g)ima old boys who are disgruntled bout any of yuh playas not making  an all star team!

I am royalian, through and true.... jus ask spideybuff and gtokyo.

We all know that allyuh win intercol by a fluke. Allyuh shoulda never beat mucurapo...
But dat is small thing. Next year is another year....and de year after....and de year after...about 20+ years of more licks.

But I digress.... we all know that there are three top colleges in the north...qrc, cic, fatima.
These represent the influx of offspring, constituting de bourgeois of society. But although there is this commonality between us, there is one thing that separates us...

ie...yuh would never here a fella tellin a royalian he is a 'buller'. 

So cheers to Fatima and their victory in the intercol...


Football / In response to SpideyBuff
« on: September 03, 2005, 06:26:50 AM »
SpideyBuff, Pottong1 here....
I hope you know that in a democratic society such as Trinidad- I am entitled to a minimum amount of freedom. This manifests itself in several ways. First and foremost, I have the liberty of accessing the internet. In many oppressed countries, with tendencies of perpetuating propaganda, citizens like me and you can't even read or access a foreign newspaper....far less the internet.  Is man like spidey buff who trying to spread propaganda in the same way.  He trying to make we feel like everything honky-dory, and that TnT WILL qualify. Boy, spidey, stop living in a dream world and wake up. This is international football. Sure , I'm seeming pessimistic....perhaps if you were to open up your mind you would see it as being REALISTIC. Last two games against Guatemala the aggregate wa 9-2. In what frame of mind do you think the soca warriors are going into this game with? Of course they aren't confident.  It's not a set of seasoned professionals in their PRIME (the word 'prime' was used to exclude LATAS and YORKE....Stern John is NOT in my book a 'seasoned professional-not by any stetch of my imagination[yes I did go to the Bahamian games spidey buff, and I did see John pull off a couple 'Alibeys' from inside the six yard box, in case you think I don't know my football!]).

Well either way, if these warriors walk on the field with their shoulders slumped (analagous to the present West Indies team), exhuding a sense of defeat, as they usually DO look, then why should I not 'bad talk' them . Boy, spidey, let me talk my talk....if you doh like what I writing then anytime yuh see "POTTONG1", scroll down to a new thread....I really wouldn't like to waste YOUR precious time.

« on: August 31, 2005, 11:28:37 PM »
I would have to agree with gtokyo, to an extent....
I think that dem warriors playing so mush taa taa these days dat a barrel of potion ent enough... dey need a whole rotoplastics 1000 gallon tank to bathe in....then we might get some results

Football / Re: Thread for the TRI vs GUA game.
« on: August 31, 2005, 11:13:54 PM »
I find dat all allyuh so called 'patriots' should stop wastin allyuh precious internet time, allyuh energy and all dat goes with supporting de soca warriors in their so called 'road to germany'. I remember that fateful day (November 19th) 1989 when Michael Maurice had de 'sun in meh eye'. After that was '94 for sure'....and so on....and so on. A set of dire, heartwrenching disappointments. Now, doh get meh wrong. Ah love Trinidad, ah did love de strike squad. But yuh dee all dem waste of spem like Stern John (he really need some stern disciplne), Yorke (boy Dwight yuh should go back to Aussie, and stop wasting Jack Warner money on round de world flights), etc, etc.....
All of we should do like Shaka and turn we back on a losing 'effort'....cause ah does never see one ounce of spiret in any of dem fellas. Let dem go back to dey second and third division clubs, and stop wasting all of we time. None of dem deserve MY support.

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