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Football / Re: Comedy central, TTFA takes center-stage.
« on: June 05, 2020, 07:44:54 AM »
Glad you guys are finally seeing the good Jack Warner did for T&T football.

Many have tried since and all fail big time.

T&T will never see another world cup at any level.

T&T will never host another world cup.

Under Jack Warner T&T accomplished a lot, like him or not.

He did what he had to do but gave back to T&T.

This article says it all, david john williams was a big failure and now he is using Infantino to take down wallace and company.

All these guys want to run football and they do not have the resources. Wallace and company intentions is good but they are to poor to run T&T football.

Jack Warner got you adidas and some of the best sponsorship deals in the history of T&T football.

Under Jack, T&T hosted two world cups.

Jack brought top teams to T&T too play.

Jack hired some of the best coaches to coach T&T.

John Williams is the Donald Trump of T&T football, you think Jack was bad, if Infantino gets his way john williams will be ttfa president by next election.

Football / Re: Lawrence, DJW, Skeene and de crew open up interviews.
« on: March 01, 2017, 03:49:04 AM »
Very amusing stuff, but let me asked you this Mr Sam, why don't you guys give Jack Warner name a break in you all stupidness?

No other has accomplished or done more for T&T and Caribbean football than Jack Warner.

We wouldn't even have a professional league if it was not for him, look what Skeene is doing to the league now, when Jack was there it was well managed and sponsors were there.

David John Williams relationship to Jamaal Shabaaz, Stuart Charles and W Connection will always have priority over T&T football.

Look at John Williams, he is part of the board for the proposed Caribbean Premier League, its been 3 years and he can't get it off the ground because its not benefiting to him. Same can be said about Shaka Hislop.

David John Williams will not hire anyone he cannot control.

Jack Warner was always there taking care of business first hand.

You guys have to give credit where credit is due.

Football / Re: Vote for new coach.
« on: January 20, 2017, 07:11:30 AM »
Dennis Lawrence will get my vote or Terry Fenwick.

I can guarantee you this, Stuart Charles will be T&T coach because John Williams will assure this happens and once that happens, expect to see Stuart Charles there for the rest of your lives, win, lose or draw.

I told you guys that Jack will never be extradited and it came through, now believe me when I tell you that Stuart Charles will be T&T coach because John Williams will knock the TTFA board and the committee is just a bunch of faces just for show.

***Message sent from my BMW  M5 Touring G-Power Hurricane RR ***

Football / Re: 2016 Copa America Centenario Thead
« on: February 23, 2016, 06:25:27 AM »
I saw the draw and it was disappointing not seeing T&T there.

T&T doesn't do well in games they need to win.

Since Hart have been coach he has won one important game and that was the last one against Guatemala.

Since the match against USA you could tell that the team were being held back.

I do not blame him because he doesn't get the warm up required to fix these problems but I do blame him for working under these conditions.

Under Jack Warner T&T was always a better team.

Under Jack, T&T have been to 5 youth world cups and one senior.

T&T hosted 2 (men u17 & women u20) and qualify for 2 under 20 (Portugal & Egypt), one under 17 in S.Korea and a senior in Germany.

Give credit where credit is due.

This is will never happen again.

I have never seen this kid play, but if he is anything close to Leroy, T&T will benefit from it, after the Haiti game, I hope Hart really considers more options because we have to many unfit and careless players on the team and Hart is replying to a certain bunch.

I know for a fact, a lot of players unhappy with the new president, maybe they pulling a Chelsea?

Football / Re: The new TTFA adviser?
« on: February 19, 2016, 06:49:20 PM »
I must applaud David John Williams for using the same strategy Jack used.

Sam Phillips have been very successful with Joe Public.

Jamal will always be Jamal, looking for ah food anyway he can get it.

I remember when he worked for Jack, he was one of the guys who use to bring and carry news a lot, Jack needed him there because he would sell out the back biters.

Expect to see him recruit Maylee soon, they are very close, I wouldn't doubt she has more say that Richard Hood.

I know he had a problem with Mollon and her Guyanese boyfriend once and the TTFF had to get involved, he is definitely a two timer.

Stephen Hart better watch his backside, his days numbered, Jamal will tell him everything is okay and then slice him behind his back.

David John Williams probably wants to breakdown T&T football and build it from scratch. I know for a fact he will push W Connection players. Many times the old TTFF had to fight with him because he wanted more of his players on the team.

Like I have been preaching, T&T will finally see what Jack did for T&T football and not focus one the one or two mistakes he did.

What is quit amazing is David John Williams doesn't seem to care about working with the supporters of T&T football or the T&T public. He basically do what he likes, this will break down a lot of support.

Football / Re: 2016 CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Championship
« on: February 19, 2016, 06:35:19 PM »
Not my wish, but T&T getting 4 minimum.

They didn't prepare for this tournament.

They don't have a strong intelligent coach.

They will play to scared.

Football / Re: My Interview with TTFA head clown DJW.
« on: January 23, 2016, 06:22:32 AM »
Jack made his mistakes but I am so glad you guys are seeing that since he left how terrible the new presidents are doing.

I know David very well, I can tell you he is a businessman and will do anything for a buck or to save a penny, he will not take his money and invest it for nothing.

It's always something for something with him.

His priority will always be his closes asset and that's W Connection first.

Stephen Hart will see trouble and may not get a lot of freedom as David will be breeding down his neck.

Tough times again.

Jack made sure T&T was always prepared, never sent them into an important game unprepared.

Football / Re: The first thing T&T players ask for is money.
« on: January 10, 2016, 03:32:20 PM »
Breds, You and I are as disappointed in the players performance. They just were not good enough the other night. But if your namesake had paid them the money, all this crap would not be happening. He had the money to pay them. Had he given these guys 100 thousand to 150 thousand each, they may have grumbled, but at least he would have fulfilled his promise to them. Remember they were the ones on the field, not him. He allowed this thing to fester and then walk away leaving the TTFA in a hole.

Are you in dreamland?

None of these players that played against Haiti were part of the 2006 Warriors.

Find someone else to blame.

The players have no heart, they are only concerned about money, a problem we always suffer from.

You have to give your all 100% of the times.

Football / The first thing T&T players ask for is money.
« on: January 10, 2016, 03:11:50 PM »
This is the problem Jack had with them.

The first thing T&T players ask for is money, without even kicking a ball, they want they money.

Okay, fine, give them they money, but bring the results or the desire to play for your country. This is not a welfare case and you guys are not Messi.

Jack Warner lost millions on these ungrateful players with nothing coming back for years.

Now they can't beat teams like Jamaica and Haiti and they played with no heart and desire but they want their money. Just like the 2006 Warriors, who can't score a goal in the world cup, but what they money.

Do you feel they should get paid for that game against Haiti?

I am sure the federation spent hundred of thousands of dollars to send these players to Panama including all cost and lost that entire investment without not even a fight.

They have no money coming in and they lost everything while these players pay still coming as they go back to their clubs. These players calling the public to support them, why?

You see the sad face Hyland and company put on in the video and they were the biggest let down.

Jan Michael Williams is the first man who lead the team to strike and did you see the mess he made? He should not take pay.

These guys drink they belly full of run for the holidays, you think they were studying the Copa America? They thought they would beat Haiti and go with they eyes close.

From the first 20 minutes, T&T looked flat, like they were about to fall down tired.

And Hart should have seen this in practice. But I realise he like a certain few.

Then you go out there to defend against Haiti, the approach was insure in the first place, maybe Hart knew his players was not fit?

John Williams should have sent W Connection to play this game.

This is a player responsibility, not the coach or the TTFF, they have to keep themselves ready and fit.

Look at the players Hart picked. He start 6 unfit players to start.

Players like George, Peltier and Cyrus don't even play for their clubs, that's the reason they all got let go.

Glenn has not played a game in over a month.

Abu Bakr, Bateau and Mitchell on christmas vacation. I can tell you because I saw them.

Jones and Cato MLS season over a long time now.

Nothing wrong with picking players who not regular providing you can offer them a few games to get them fit before you go out there to play important games.

Jack would have made sure this team play a friendly or two even it it was against a pro league 11. David John Williams prefer squeeze and save the extra buck.

Guys, this is what I have been saying about T&T football, the first thing they asked is how much they getting paid or they going on strike, in Brazil, the players would pay the federation to pick them, even if it was their last dollar, because they know they will benefit greatly for playing for their country even if it was for free.

T&T did so well in the Gold Cup and players benefited, imagine a good performance in the Copa America what it could have bring.

You cannot beat Haiti, how you expect the team to compete against the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, etc?

They did themselves and the coach and the country a big favour, trust me when I tell you.

If I was the coach, I would look outside to recruit a few players and the TTFF should make sure.

The senior players on the T&T side is spoilt and will only make the new ones get the same attitude.

I don't know Hart personally, but after this, if it doesn't wake him up, St Vincent might.

So call Jack bad, but now you guys are seeing for yourself.

Football / Re: Captains dominate SWO awards.
« on: December 23, 2015, 08:34:42 PM »
Lovely article flex

Enjoy you guys, happy holidays

I know you guys like Stehpen Hart, so let me outline some thing here for you, a possible.

If John Williams win, Hart days will be numbered, he will have no room for mistakes and will be pushed out quick.

If Ramesh Ramdhan win, Hart days is also numbered, guarantee you he will hire Terry Fenwick to be coach. Fenwick is a money hungry person and have been eying the T&T job a long time now, his and Ramesh Ramdhan are personal friends.

So be careful who you guys backing.

Ramesh Ramdhan has worked with Joe Public before, very good guy. Sam Phillips is good to and Dale Saunders.

David John-Williams is only interested in W Connection and St Lucia.

Selby Browne is ok, but has to many old friends that does not know much about mordern day admin operations. They could hardly use the internet or a blackberry, ow will they run a office?

Football / Re: Sheldon Phillips fired!
« on: October 27, 2015, 09:55:16 AM »
In my opinion, this action by Tim Kee seemed to be something he wanted to do a while back and used the Guardian article as an excuse to fire Sheldon?

I also believe that Sheldon did nothing wrong to warrant being fired and if he was given more freedom he might have done exceptionally well.

I am not here to endorse anyone but of all the current TTFA staff (admin) Sheldon should be the last man Tim Kee should fire, in-fact, David Muhammad leads the list who should have been booted out a long time ago.

Sheldon was very instrumental in these few things I remembered.

1. Soca Warrior settlement
Definitely an accomplishment despite the irrational action of a few Warriors when the second half of payments sputtered. Tim Kee gave ALL the funds he received from CONCACAF to the players when he could have filed bankruptcy and used the $1.5 million as seed money for a new FA.

2. New Constitution
Led the effort for a new constitution which people had been clamoring for decades. New constitution will enable clubs to have a say in governance and include a place for a players association.

3. Debt Reduction
In just over two years, he took $6 million USD in debt and reduced it to $2 million.

Increased development programs to serve the football family and qualified the FA for major projects and funding for merchandising and training centre, however, I am not sure what has become of the training centre.

5. Government Support
Cast aside political affiliation and he reached out to Anil Roberts to establish funding for senior team and worked with Gary Griffith to create the Cabinet note. Former sports minister has since tried to undo the effort. He also negotiated the deal with then minister Gary Griffith to get $10 million dollars to the senior team players and staff to bring their arrears up to date and get funding for the gold cup.

6. Coaching Changes
Introduced the country to Stephen Hart and Randy Waldrum two coaches who led the national teams to there best run in years.

7. Increased Sponsorships- biggest surprise to many
Ten sponsors have been added to the TTFA since RTK became president.

Flex, let me guess, Sheldon sent you this list?

Asked yourself if someone was so good why they got fired?

Lincoln Phillips tried the same too, but Jack had to put a stop to him. He was more concern about promoting his book than his job.

The pay outweights the job father and son did for T&T.

Maybe Sheldon could follow Gorden and join Guyana FA.

Imagine he takes credit for an introduction of coaches and if my memory serves me correct, it was this site that was leving for Hart to get the T&T job.

Half of their ideas they got right here but they will never give you guys credit.

His father was the same, wanted credit for Beenhakker to.

By recomending someone, anyone can recomned someone, you dont need 45,000 a month for recomendations, you need people who want to get their hands wet not their cell phones alone.

Sheldon is a politician and never did anything for Women football and a youth pogramme.

Football / Re: Sheldon Phillips fired!
« on: October 20, 2015, 04:39:13 PM »
Fuentes goes with the tide.

Watch him.

Football / Re: Sheldon Phillips fired!
« on: October 20, 2015, 04:24:54 PM »
Everything i say has come to pass.

Like his dad, he worked hard for 6 month and then disappeared, this is one of the reason why US soccer got rid of him, he feels an email to John can cut the grass in the stadium instead of going there and making sure its done.

I guess the brick doesn't fall far from the mason.

These guys are out to build names and look for credit, they do not get involved with daily stuff and that was a big issue with Lincoln as well, who came to T&T thinking everyone should kiss his foot because he is a Howard graduate.

Finally, the world is seeing it for themselves.

Good going Tim Kee, and the use of the guardian article as a scapegoat was a good excuse to fire him.

Now the TTFA can use the $45,000 a month to pay their players.

I hope Fuentes is next.

I heard that Harrison has left T&T.

I am so happy.

Jack wins again.

F.S. and Sancho, allyuh trying to bamboozle people? Nice one, Lasana.


This is the typical foreingers mentality.

Coming to our small island and robbing the people.

Would love to hear from the players involved, selling them like slaves.

Football / Re: TTFA spent $632k
« on: September 02, 2015, 06:19:00 AM »
This is good stuff. Now people can recognise how much it costs to run teams. I think this will assist TTFA to get sponsors as they will see where their money is going.  :thumbsup:

This would be a good motto for Harrison and Sancho to follow, being more transparent.

I think the TTFA should advise Prince Harry that he has a citizen of his country secretly selling players with the ministry of sport. Harrison should be kicked out from T&T, he is a disgrace and contributes nothing, if this was the other way around, a T&T national would have gotten kicked out of the UK a long time ago.

I could imagine, FIFA getting involved, Central FC will be banned.

Sancho is a snake.

When I said it here that they were double agents, Mr Harrison brush me aside, I hope you guys now realise how these crooks operate.

Look, I have posted it here.


From what I heard Fenwick wanted a piece of the pie as well. This is why thry fell out with the local agent Narada Wilson guy.

And I knew Sancho never founded Central. SIS is the one but because of their corrupted involvement with the T&T government they wanted to use Sancho and Harrison names.

I hope you guys see for yourself now.

This English thief coming to our shores and trying to steal money.

And Sancho, I fake rasta making all of this possible,

Lets here the excuse now.

I also hope the 13 Warrior who stood up with them take note.

Kamla Persad is more corrupted than Clico and Ish Galabaransingh combined.

A none graduate is now a minister.

2 more weeks of this.

And his sidekick Harrison, who couldn't hold down a job in England will have to look for work soon.

Wonder if he can spell the word transparency.

Surprise to see Stern John got bought. That academy sancho helping you with won your vote.

I can spell transparency. Sadly you can't even spell "non" as in non-graduate!

Actually old son, Sancho has an Associate degree in English and a B.Sc in Psychology .

Thankfully, I already have work so win or lose I'll survive.

But here's the thing, while Jack has his millions, guess what I can do? I can travel anywhere in the world that I like. Jack is even frightened to fly to Tobago. So who's the real joker?

I realised that, all them Englishmen he keeps hiring.

And Psychology.  :rotfl:

But yet, he is a minister of sports.

Kamla hired a Psychologist to be the minister of sports.

I dont her, she and her cabinet need all the mental help they can get.

But to be honest, a Associate degree in English.. What kind of job can you get with that?

 :rotfl: :rotfl:

A none graduate is now a minister.

2 more weeks of this.

And his sidekick Harrison, who couldn't hold down a job in England will have to look for work soon.

Wonder if he can spell the word transparency.

Surprise to see Stern John got bought. That academy sancho helping you with won your vote.

Now let me use my eyes here and not me common sense...because it is not common;

I want to also clear the air, Tim Kee cannot produce accounts for 2008 to 2010 because he was the TTFF accoutant and if he reveals to much his ass will get arrested also.

We’ve submitted the 2008-2011 reports. When we came in (to office), no audited reports were done by the then TTFF since 2008. It took us a great deal of time to actually reassemble the records and we got enough of the records together early this year to begin the process.

asked yourself why FIFA dropped KPMG

“the headquarters of KPMG has told its office here to cease work until the investigations have completed

as I said I am just reading what is put infront of me.....

They submitted an incomplete one, thats the reason why things are taking so long.

They made up some scrap paper and submitted it, trying to fool others.

I am up early heading out to the office but before I go I couldn't resist dropping a line to this amazing news.

When Sheldon Phillips first got hired, I knew he will be another dead beat like his dad.

I worked with Lincoln for a while and the guy is week and only search for ways to get big up, he did nothing for 6 and a half years for his 7 years time in T&T until Jack got fed up and decided not to pay him anymore, this is why he was getting paid by the T&T government.

And now you can see the same pathern followed by his son Sheldon.

Think about it guys, I spoke to the managers a while back, Wallace and Muhammad and they are both not happy with Phillips. Muhammad told me he will quite soon.

Ask yourself, how can this guy get paid every month while others scrunt to get a penny.

He keeps talking about teams doing well despite the fact they have no money, but he fail to reslise that they do good because of the coaches, they want to play for them and go the extra mile, if Hart leaves tomorrow, T&T football team will fall apart.

This guy is getting $45,000 a month to do what?? plus free transportation.

I heard a few guys are planning to throw him out soon.

I want to also clear the air, Tim Kee cannot produce accounts for 2008 to 2010 because he was the TTFF accoutant and if he reveals to much his ass will get arrested also.

Now guys, asked yourself who was the real crooks here, they say that the old TTFF were bad, but tell me that this new TTFA isn't worst.

They have all of the same guys working for them, they even hired the same auditing company, asked yourself why FIFA dropped KPMG, and asked youself what is Tim Kee hiding.

FIFA is investagiting the TTFA, I am sure you guys didn't know that.

I am always right my friends, I work with these guys for a long time and I know Sheldon is only here for a pay check.

He is waiting for a big payout so he can sit in his office and play on his computer.

Tim Kee hired this man because of his dad and because he can use big words, but he has no common sense and does not know the meaning of actually getting dirty, he is like the boss with his clean suit just collecting and expecting everyone else to work for free because they should support T&T football and must show it by working as volenteers.

Asked Sheldon to volenteer and see if he will.

When Jack saw the real Lincoln, he dropped him and diidn't even take him to the world cup, he did nothing for T&T football, Lincoln only was interested in building his name so people could big him up, he is a local Bill Cosby.

Now Sheldon is following in his footsteps.

This has gotten worst since Sheldon came here, what does he do all day?

Can he justify $44,000 dollars from tax payers every month?

His rental home cost so much?

Who is this guys, the president?

An American riding us for fools.

This fool Sancho can't even run his own club.

I heard they own money to the contractor and the lighting is poor.

What a fool, they can;t even use their own home field.

They fixed the stadiums so Kamla could host UNC campaigns.

Harrison is a vulture sucking the people of T&T and fooling them with his bush accent.

Football / Re: Wallace: Football needs $75m yearly
« on: August 17, 2015, 10:09:49 AM »
This goes to show you the money Jack spent on T&T over the years from his own wallet.

Its not cheap.

Talk is, asked Sancho.

Football / Re: TT Women’s Premier League (WPL) Thread.
« on: August 10, 2015, 11:28:17 AM »
Notice they only carrying the foreigners to Tobago, the locals don't need a vacation as well.
A dunce and his pet running a league.

Sancho need to disclose the prize money and other cost this league cost, the real truth.

And Wilson need to do more for locals like he do for Brazilians.

Did he ever got his agent license?

I dont like Tim Kee and Sancho for ONE REASON, they are politicians.

Flex, you ever thought why Tim Kee refused to do an interview with you in 3 years and now election is around the corner he decided to do the interview for you.

Sheldon is using SWO. I dont see what benefit SWO gets from all this. Watch them.

Sancho on the other hand is a wissel.

RTK refused to admit that he is a politician on i95.5 on Thursday. Andre Baptiste wasn't taking him on and said how can he be the PNM Mayor and PNM Treasurer but not be a politician? Out of frustration, Andre asked Sheldon if HE thought RTK was a politician. I can't remember exactly what Sheldon's reply was, but it didn't support RTK's view!

And your point?

Are you a politician?

Good back to your country and stop holding our football at ransom.

You should be working for Chuck E Chesses as the rat.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Panama Game (8-Oct-2015)
« on: August 10, 2015, 11:18:13 AM »
Jmo but doesn't it serve the board better if the friendlies and wcq games are stickies .... So we don't have to search for them...

Pal, are you ever happy?

I notice nothing pleases you.

One minute you doubting and now you whining.

Are you a woman?

Football / Re: 2015/16 Concacaf Champions League Thread.
« on: August 10, 2015, 11:16:16 AM »
TD has no power especially for a piss poor team like Central. Ross Russell is a good guy, not a coach, but he can be if he is giving better training at a professional environment, unlike Central, they will bring him down.

SIS used Central to squander money and Sancho was a big part of that.

Central is an embarrassment to T&T league.

And a clown works there who now thinks he is a politician assistant and killing the sports in Trinidad.

The football players cannot bring medals like our special Olympians and Olympians, but they brought glory at the gold cup and if they makes it to the next world cup Sancho would be first in line to give because he is all glamor, what a fool.

Take note of Joe Public success at Concacaf level my friend.

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