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Football / Why stars are stars....ah Algerian parder send meh dis
« on: May 04, 2005, 08:15:44 AM »
the Star is in algeria

he's there to open 5 big centers of soccer.his native country
i hope you guys read in french.
here is the link


Headline  Translated: I say it Loud and Strong. I am proud to be algerian.

Doh he lives somewhere else, doh he plays for some-else, he still finds time to do the do. So how many stars we have again?

What about Track & Field / Clement & Brown I think running Penns
« on: April 30, 2005, 03:14:20 PM »
A jamaican HS just win the 4x400 boys. for the 14 time in 21 yrs. If yuh see flag in the crowd. Ah swear is d wole ah Yard dey

Football / Shaka
« on: April 16, 2005, 12:03:21 PM »
Even th commentators saying it is a great mystery Shaka not getting the Portsmouth start. The way the other 2 goalies playing. Like he cuss the coach or what?

Football / On the Jason Nelson issue...Palos
« on: March 24, 2005, 09:38:04 AM »
I partly agree, but hold up with the lash    ;)
I didn't read all the Post, so I am not sure if this was covered.

Scenario: SH is coach of Canada U17. He have a partner in BC who he respect and well know football. So Canada U17 prepping for WC. and the team go be in BC. SH tell he pardner, he go be in town with the Team from Monday. He Pardner Palos say, "Boy, it have a youth here yuh must see, he reaaalll good. " No SH have plenty respect for Palos football observation eh, and besides SH know to compete on the World scene he really have to get the best he could get. He (sh) cannot afford to take the chance and let a possible contributor to the long haul fall thru the cracks. Plus breakfoot could happen anytime...
So SH tell Palos, get a contact for the boy, and we go have him come out and practice while we there, "buh note, ah dun have meh Team ahready, enh".
So the boy come out to drills and SH evaluate him for heself...and the boy looking good for truth....good attitude, good skill, good passing, good everything...buh SH dun have he team, and he know how dem go handle theyself under pressure, he see dem nuff times, and he know, judging from the results, is like he own nah ready, buh is the best he have...'How will this new youth handle heself under pressure boy?'...Go have to throw him in a game and see...Buh Sh cyar jus mash up he regular fellas/team to check this youth...

Well yuh see whey ah goin...
SH hasn't disrespected Palos, Palos hasn't disrespected SH, the Youth din get mamaguay (in case he blossom into a Ronaldo, ok...ok..ah long time Yorke), non of the players get diss, if we throw him in with ah Corbeau sweat...everybody Happy...

now the kicksin part

except maxg, Sam, vb, Triniman, Jumbie, an ah Canadian fan...
"How come SH only listening to Palos so boy" ..."Like is Palos coaching dah team"...."Canada U17, have 2 Trini coach now or wha"..."Dem men coulda be coachin Trini instead"..."Traitors" ..."True Canadians"...."Does guys  from Trinidad are sure accomadatin...eh?"

bottom line...
Cyar please everybody, so best yuh 'P---- Y-- S---'

General Discussion / Brain drain, Talent drain ???
« on: March 20, 2005, 09:48:52 PM »
One of flex pages..
Check the # of Foreign players


in addition


Now in the ole days , the community and developing youths as well as students of the game had the oppourtunity to assist each other and exchange and cross-develop their skills through, play and competition..
Every big player may have had a direct contact with aproxx. 40 to 100's of players from around his community, and assist in the overall development of T&T youth.

With so many of our present stronger players away and unable to interact as in the past, who will our youths watch, and get a lil lesson, and tip from...the ones who didn't make it, so won't development and improvement nauturally diminish or detrioate..

Same can be said of migration of many of the brighter stars...or many of our good people...or many of our academic stars etc..etc..

Not all leave, but it reduces our development pool, that T&T in no way can be as strong as we were...especially given our relatively small population on the world scale...

ps: SH, Boca Chica was borse..The fam. is totally rejuv. We on for Victoria weekend, O-35, O45..

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