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Football / Panama Analysis Weakness and Strengths
« on: June 01, 2005, 07:29:51 AM »
Panama is probably the weakest team we will meet in this group. Becaused they are the least experienced and have the least football resources of the other 4 teams.

That said they are probably still a little bit better than us based on previous performances in this rounds as well as the last rounds. (remember they did eliminate Jamaica who is a much better team than we are.

I have seen Panama Play versus the US and Mexico on Tv and this is what I think.


They are very weak Tactically on the defensive side of the ball.
We need to isolate the defense and engage them in one on one by spreading the play from side to side and use the wings aggressively. Their defense is slow especially the right wing back.

Play high pressure (as long as we fit enough) and force them to hit it long. underpressure they tend to give the ball away.

surging runs from the midfield is a must, Their midfielders like to pass but do not track back.

Short passing interconnect play will be more effective than long balls, But their keeper is weak on crosses so our corners and free kicks must be rehersed and ready.


On the Offensive side, We need to man mark the short man, everything going through him. We need a defensive specialist to do this work. Maybe Tiger or Birchald can do it. But who ever need to be commited for the 90 min duration. Medina can poison us if given time and space.
Also their forwards will run hard whole game and put pressure force mistakes and score given opportunites.
It will be difficult for panama to break down a good defense but we tend to break we self down with poor marking etc.

In short

If we cannot Beat Panama on Saturday we cannot go to Germany.

They key for us is to stay calm
Play the game and let it come to us.

Fight Hard whole game
Spread the play out
Use Dribbing Ability to create space behind the defenders
and Finish the Chances that come up
Stay safe in the back and do not get caught on the break.

I predict a 2-0 TnT victory with Stern and Andrews scoring goals in the first 30 mins of the game.

My Line up


Atiba-------------Lawrence---------Andrews-----------A John

Edwards--------Birchald ---------- Tiger --------------Rojas

----------------Stern -----------------Yorke--------------

I moved Tiger to the middle to man Marke Medina from Panama who usually play either middle or left for panama.

Rojas can play a decent left wing as he can cross the ball and his defensive abilities will help us out.

Avery John to provide some speed in the back as Lawrence is slow and Andrews knee is not 100% so he will need coverage
I guess the White boy will start as reports have him playing well I never seen him play however.

Hopefully Yorke and stern can do the business.

This is it TnT, This is it

Football / Re: Hislop insists he is not retiring
« on: May 31, 2005, 01:50:56 PM »
Hislop should have went home to train with the side. He does not need to be in England to talk to teams. That is what the agent does he just need to talk to the man on the cell phone evryday for updates and then fly back to sign.

I think he take a cop out to not be on the TnT side.

Saying you need to be there to work out your new contract is no a good attitude to have.

If it was June 2006 and we had world cup games to play I am sure he would not give that excuse.

He need to be present if he wants to be part of the team.

Football / I like We Squad
« on: May 31, 2005, 07:54:26 AM »
Clayton Ince (Crewe Alexandra), Kelvin Jack (Dundee).

Dennis Lawrence (Wrexham), Marvin Andrews (Glasgow Rangers), Anton Pierre (Defence Force), Brent Sancho (Dundee), Marlon Rojas (Real Salt Lake), Avery John (New England Revolution), Atiba Charles (W Connection), Glenton Wolfe (National Quarries NE Stars).

Carlos Edwards (Luton Town), Christopher Birchall (Port Vale), Leslie Fitzpatrick (Real Salt Lake), Aurtis Whitley (San Juan Jabloteh), Brent Rahim (Unattached), Densill Theobald (Caledonia AIA Fire).

Gary Glasgow (Unattached), Kenwyne Jones (Southampton), Stern John (Coventry City), Hector Sam (Wrexham), Dwight Yorke (Sydney FC).

But the only thing I could say is that we have few midfielders listed and most of them have little experience. Especially if they using yorke up front.

I like the fact that we bring in a few new faces hopefully we can get the chemistry right.

We seem to have a lot of defenders listed so I am not sure if we going to try to play with a 5-3-2 formation but time will tell.

some key men get leave out but you never know how they was looking in practice men might be out of form.

Football / 4-0 is a good result any way you slice it
« on: May 26, 2005, 08:23:36 AM »
In todays game there are no easy international games so for the team to come out and score 4 goals is a good result.

So congrats to the Staff and players on a first victory in a long while.

We get to fine tune the offense again on Friday with hopefully a more competitive internal game next week to fine tune the defense and then on to panama

If we could get an early goal against Panama that would be great as I know they are coming to play defensive and stay safe and play on the break.

With regard to stern the key for me is that he score.

Which is what we need him to do. He can play all the shit he wants as long as he score goals

Either Stern, Yorke or Jones one of we Top forwards have to ketch form because is goals we need in a bad way.

If either of them can drop 5 in the next 7 games we have a chance to go germany.

Football / Re: If We lose to Bermuda or Panama, Lose Beenhaker
« on: May 24, 2005, 02:47:18 PM »
You guys on this site are a bunch of Idiots.

Fact is if we loose to Panama, Germany 2006 is over.

It makes no sense to keep Beenhakker if we lost that game since we only hire him on a contract till the end of the hex.

So why keep him if the Hex is over for all intents and purposes.

Mexico and The USA are not going to drop many points looking forward.

Guatemal we already lost to we even with CR and Panama is the onlly side we still in we a shot at beating.

It is all about head to head match up.

3 pts against panama or Beenhakker is a waste.

If we was keeping him for 4 years, sure! but is 7 months the man get hired for

Football / Jones is a Midfielder
« on: May 24, 2005, 12:29:55 PM »
Anybody besides me belive that Jones best use for TnT is in Central Midfield.

The position he used to play for St Anthonys.

Jones skills is good Speed Good fight and Youth Drive.

This is what will help us in the middle of the park

His weakness is Ball touch, composure and keeping possesion with no support.

If you look at the games he plays forward for TnT, He is not performing up to par and is never likely to score goals.

Not because a man went on a goal scoring tear means he is a good forward.

But his performance hustling the defenders and Tackling defenders for TnT is what he does best.

Look at his performance last time in Mexico.

Just last year Rangers was signing him as a Sweeper and he was playing defense for TnT and W connection.

We need to Unlease Jones in the middle of the park he will bring the Davids/ Viera Midfielder that we need to put pressure in the middle.

Playing Jones as a forward is a waste of time.

Let me see how long it takes Beenhakker to realise that jones best position is midfield,

Cornell Glen, Scotland and Samuel can all give something more up front to go with Stern or even push Yorke back up and Put Jones in the middle.

Football / If We lose to Bermuda or Panama, Lose Beenhaker
« on: May 23, 2005, 12:27:59 PM »
no way no how that squad supposed to beat we.

It is a U23 team from a not so good football country.

If we lose that game lose the coach becuase what ever it is he doing not working.

We lost to NE Stars & Lima

if we cannot beat these teams how can we expect to beat Panama and Mexico in a weeks time and get off the Last place spot.

Men talking bout the side looking good and all the Jazz
But that is real Nonsense

Because we Losing.

10 Years ago we used to look real good and lose then we improved to a level where we used to play shit but win.
Under Porterfield, Fervier and St Clair
At least the points and tournament advancement was there.

now lets see when Beenhaker will take us

Men talking about the team passing the ball and possessing the ball and thing

But you know what, This is nothing new because in the past we use to possess real good.

At this level it is all about results
At this time we need 3 points or buss versus panama and Ability wise we are certainly capable of beating them.

So if Beenhakker cant get us 3 pts in the Panama game then he not worth the million dollars

Loss against mexico and USA would be bad but not grounds for dismissal.

3 pts or bust for the Beenhakker

Football / Re: Is Angus Eve and Theobald still involved
« on: May 23, 2005, 11:46:08 AM »
ANgus EVe is a good player, Like him or Lot.

He socre some key goals for TnT and had been playing well in the USA game. He made a difference.

The only issue is age and fitness which could be worked around with smart subing.

I feel Eve could help we out

Football / Is Angus Eve and Theobald still involved
« on: May 23, 2005, 08:16:41 AM »
or did they get drop, I have not seen their names in a while.
They are 2 of our better ball possession break down defense men, we need these kind of men versus panama.

I expect Panama to play safe and play on the break.

We need men to break down the defense

Football / Beenhakker Make some good Changes
« on: May 18, 2005, 08:48:48 AM »
Dwarika, Glasglow, Aurtis Whittney

are all great additions. Bertile seem to leave out these men.

Also the fact that the MLS men game back for the game is good, because is mid season for them and they gone all the way back to train.

This means the message is clear and simple, if the coaching staff does not see you in training and games you will not play in the world cup games. In the past these men would not be home training right now.

I even see nakhid doing High Knee Lift instead of sitting on the bench with he arms folded.

Looking for a real hard showing tonight.

With the right attitude and men playing up to potential Panama is the right them to face next, becuase we just might be able to biss they ass and get a good 3 points and some much need confidence.

THIS PERU TEAM will not fight hard they on vacation. No way no how they should be able to match we intensity!!!!!!1

Football / El Salvador is Quite Beatable
« on: May 16, 2005, 12:53:51 PM »
I saw them play against the US in Foxboro and they do not have many weapons up front besides for Ceritos.

In the back they are tall but slow

The Keeper is decent.

I expect that we should match them quite well and the fact that they are out of World cup and rebuilding for 2010 means they may come with a yound squad.

if we loss 2-3 nill something real wrong and BeenHakker is doing shit.

If we tie but dominate I go take that

If we Win that is excellent.

Most of all we need to see the Passion of a new squad under a new coach.

The Atitude of a team that is last but Desperate in World Cup Qualification.

Everyman Jack need to be fighting for their Spot

We are supposed to be Warriors no Panty Men

I expect full UK foreign based contingent to be present.

Anybody know the whereabouts of Yorke and John they are our 2 key men any reports on if they are available for this game.

Football / Re: check out de football wizard by knd
« on: May 16, 2005, 12:46:13 PM »
Flex I think you break my wizzard either that or somebody put a virus to change the code I will send you a next copy because the results on the website is not matching the results of the wizard I have on my computer so somewhere along the code changed.

I will send you another copy with the latest scores for the first 3 games

Football / Re: The luxury items that lure Yorke
« on: May 16, 2005, 08:54:24 AM »
I hope yorke take this thing serious Go there and try to get back to number 1 goal scoring form. I am sure the league is no scrap league because Australia have some good players.

He also need to save money because once revenue stop coming in money does start to disapear.

Is a long life he still have to live and he have a child and a child mother which means money till you die.

Party boy lifestyle might end him up as a vagrant in Scarabough if he just blow it all away.

Take your time Yorke and be smart.

You had your fun when times was good it is time to go back to the simple life now.

Get yourself in form to get to Top notch TnT Goal scoring form for the last 7 matches of the campaing.

10 Goals from Stern and 5 from yorke in the next 7 games and we in the World Cup.

Football / Re: check out de football wizard by knd
« on: May 16, 2005, 06:58:43 AM »

Please advise which scores are not adding up it is possible that it still has bugs as I made this one fromn the Wizard we had for 2002 the code got quite convoluted and complicated. So let me know what is wrong and i will fix it


Football / ST Kitts get new Technical Director
« on: May 12, 2005, 02:19:36 PM »

I belive he is a Black American who took up the post. Seems to have a good amount of experience coaching in the caribbean.

Hopefully they will go from strength to strength they performed well for first time advancing in the world cup qualifying

Football / Re: interesting trini perspective
« on: May 12, 2005, 09:35:53 AM »
No source I get it from a chain email

Football / interesting trini perspective
« on: May 11, 2005, 01:03:12 PM »
This might be of some interest:
> >
> >The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his
> >and laying up supplies for the winter.
> >The grasshopper thinks he's a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the
> >summer away.
> >Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.
> >The shivering grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the
> >cold.
> >
> >
> >The ant works hard in the withering heat all day long, building his house
> >and laying up supplies for the rainy season.
> >The grasshopper thinks he's a fool, dances at fetes and plays Carnival.
> >Eventually, the ant is warm and well fed.
> >The now homeless grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know
> >why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others less
> >fortunate like him are homeless and starving.
> >CCN (Caribbean Communications Network) shows up to provide live coverage of
> >the homeless grasshopper, with cuts to a video of the ant in his
> >warm home with a table filled with food.
> >Trinidadians are stunned that in a country of such oil wealth, this poor
> >grasshopper is allowed to suffer so, while others have plenty.
> >
> >The NATUC, the CWU and the Coalition against Poverty demonstrate in front
> >the ant's house.
> >CCN, interrupts the Point Fortin cultural festival special with breaking
> >news, broadcasts them singing "We Shall Overcome."
> >Cro Cro rants in an interview with Elizabeth Solomon that the ant has
> >rich off the backs of grasshoppers, and calls for an immediate tax hike on
> >the ant to make him pay his "fair share."
> >In response to polls, the Government drafts the Economic Equity and
> >Grasshopper Anti-Discrimination Act, retroactive to the beginning of
> >The ant's taxes are reassessed and he is also fined for failing to hire
> >grasshoppers as helpers.
> >Without enough money to pay both the fine and his newly imposed retroactive
> >taxes, his home is confiscated by the government.
> >The ant moves to the United States and starts a successful agribiz company.
> >CCN later shows the now fat grasshopper finishing up the last of the ant's
> >food, while the government house he is in, which just  happens to be the
> >ant's old house, crumbles around him hadn't  maintained it.
> >Inadequate government funding is blamed, Hudson-Phillips is appointed to
> >head a commission of enquiry that will cost $10,000,000.
> >The grasshopper is soon dead of a drug overdose.
> >The TnT Mirror blames it on obvious failure of government to address the
> >root causes of despair arising from social inequity.
> >The abandoned house is taken over by a gang of small island spiders,
> >by the government for enriching Trinidad's multi cultural diversity, who
> >promptly terrorize the community.
> >LET THEM GET THE MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> >When you change the way you look at things ... the things you look at
> >change.

Football / Re: Alleged details of Latapy contract offer
« on: May 11, 2005, 07:48:45 AM »
Felas alyuh looking at this the wrong way.

What is the similar breakdown for Bennhakker and his assistants.

The is a big difference between Market Price and Trinidad Price

Look at it this way

Dwight Yorke was making 25000 Pounds a week at Man u that is 250000 a week TT
 A player for Tobago united dwight yorke cousin will make 2000 TT a month

If yorke go back to Tobago to play for Tobago united he entlightle to ask for 250000 TT a week, because that is his salary.

All Russel is doing is asking for a salary he line with what he is used you and what coaches throughout the world work for.

As Scrunter Say

"Madamme this is my Profession"
"When is Charity I give a donation"


Football / IF You Cannot Beat North East Stars we in real trouble
« on: May 11, 2005, 07:33:00 AM »
Men talking bout the side play good and the tactics good and all kind of thing. But fact is how the ass we could loss so bad to a club side.

This is a National Team for heavans sake.

All I can say is thank good we did not play W Connection (best team in the league this year) Because we might have get about 6.

For the next game organize it against Tobago United or Fatima B Squad, we need to chose the next game carefully because we need a win Bad Bad.

I hope alyuh notice the double standard,

Beenhakker is the coach
Men saying the team looking good.

If ST Clair was still coach men would be calling for his head after a result such as this.

Check yourself and your attitude.

But is early days still lets see what happens against Lima

Football / Re: match report TT 0 v NORTH EAST STARS 2
« on: May 11, 2005, 07:16:10 AM »
Poor Result

basically this is an all local affair these men play against each other 8 times a year so no suprises on ability tactics etc.

As a group of Local Based playing for a world renowned coach trying to make a NATIONAL LEVEL IMPRESSIONS


IF you trying to make a national team you need to go out there and fight tooth and nail for you new coach.


IF THESE MEN WILL NOT PLAY FOR BEENHAKKER then either coach or players have to go.


Football / Re: Shaka Hislop delays national return.
« on: May 10, 2005, 01:03:30 PM »
This is not a big deal Shaka would have know he was on the Chopping block. If clubs want to keep you they do not let the contact run out.

The issue is that Rednapp Quit partly because The owner did not want to do want Rednap wanted in terms who and how much to give contracts to.

But shaka have nothing to worry about If southhampton are going to sell Niemi for big bucks and Shaka may get to be the replacement.

Many other teams in Premiership and first division would be interested in his services as well.

That said he is coming to the end of his career so World Cup should be his main focus, 

Football / Re: 70 K media rights, and playin USA..WHAT??WHAT??
« on: May 10, 2005, 08:08:21 AM »
I dont understand how local players costing more than foreign based especially since most of the squad was foreign based.

Travel cost is the migh killer it aint easy to be flying men back from England and scotland

Thatdoes cost real money.

Football / I think Cornell Glen is a good Player
« on: May 09, 2005, 12:44:21 PM »
Remember he is still settling into his new team so it will take time to get involved and learn to integrate.

To say he is dunce is not a fair statement, he might be over trying and hence not making smart technical decisions.

I have seen him play several times for Metros and TnT and he always made a positive impact.

He gives us something none of our other forwards give.

Speed on the ball with th ability to unbalance defenders on his own which is something Stern and Jones not providing.

Only scotland and samuel have similar games but they off the bubble right now.

I think we need to start Glen Up front with Stern and drop Jones into midfield.

Cornel can provide goals more so that Jones at this moment.

Hopefully stern can come good in the next 3 games.

in 2-3 years Cornel have the potential to be a 20 goal a year man in Europe.

He have all the tools just need a little time to get refined.

Football / We need Good Warm Ups
« on: May 09, 2005, 07:43:00 AM »
Not Jack ass free games that Jack could scrape up.

Just because Jack in Peru for Fifa business means we can get a free game against a club team.

Different Coach Same shit

Watch and see this game get cancelled as all the others.

Beenhakker has been in charge for a month now.

We have had about 4 training sessions and he has spent the first 3 weeks look at foreign players and moving in.

Time ticking and serious plans are not in place.

We need to get at least 2 good games before the panama game

Not agianst club teams but against COUNTRY TEAMS.

We need to fine tune our offense because is goals we need against Panama.

I expect us to have good possession and chances against panama but we need to be sharp and put chances away.

It takes games to get sharp.

A Big Coach Like Beenhakker should have good warm up games in place.

Right now we spinning top in mud because Football is played on the field.

Unless Beenhakker put his team put against quality opposition we will not know what he brings to the table.

If we walk out against panama and only play club teams we asking for trouble in a life and death match

Football / Tiger and Rojas will be Keys for the Mexico Game
« on: May 06, 2005, 06:55:46 AM »
The fact that they living at high altitude would mean that they are the only men on our squad who will not be adversely affected when we go Mexico.

If we use them wisely and they advise the other players along with the experience Beenhakker have from Mexico we may be able to get a bonus point out of that game.

We have to try to get points on the road and win all home games at this point to get back on track.

Anything less than 3 points against panama and it is all over especially with Mexico and USA away as the next 2 games.

Football / Re: Venues for our WCQs
« on: May 05, 2005, 12:12:44 PM »
I think at least 1 of the games should be in Tobago, I have been calling for this for some time now.

All the Trinidad games should be in the stadium for capacity reason all the other stadiums holds less than 10000 the stadium holds about 25000 which is what we should be striving for in terms of support.

if it looks like no body is coming to the games then we could hold it in other locations cause at least it will look full as the capacity is smaller.

Ironman I agree Right now Lampard is the best Box to Box midfielder in the world in terms of his form this year.

The man does run whole day
have right and left bullet
Scoring real goals
Assist on real goals.

In terms of all out offense and dribbling Ronaldhino is better but Lampard is the complete package for offense and defense.

Men in TnT only like the pretty ball and that is killing we because there are many simple players who get overlooked at youth level just because they play more like lampard that Ronaldhino.

When in fact if you closely analyse even the great brazil they always put the Gilbertos and Klebersons on the field

Because you need the balance


Keep your freaky shit to yourself please I not in that

Football / Re: Loaning of Players
« on: May 05, 2005, 07:09:09 AM »
I think the TTFF need to organize things better to begin with. Maybe scrap the zones and have a bonifide second division. even if there is no relegation promotion. Because right about now I cannot tell you what the structure of the leagues are.

I assume PFL is the Best and Super league is second but some men saying the men in super league is better that the PFL players.

SO right now just like everything else we in a mess.

10 PFL teams
10 Super League teams
Regional Zonal Minor leagues

This is how things should be set up.

only PFL will be professional for now.

The best players in the super league could get contracts in the PFL, Players who cannot make the grade in the PFL could be groomed in the Super league.

As super league teams get stronger financially add them to the PFL and replace the super league team with a good Zonal Team.

Until we have about 18 teams in the PFL and 18 Teams in the super league this may take a 10 year period so I am talking long term here.

Select locations for the teams that are geographically sensible to ensure good fan base.

And have affiliations between minor Zonal Clubs and the PFL clubs so that the best talent at the Zonal level could be looked at and given a chance to make the big leagues.

In the End the Professional League in TnT should have 2 Goals

1) To provide a Financially sound business model to facilitate decent salaries to all involved in the league

2) To provide a competetive environment to as many players as possible there by improving the standard of play for local football and improved success at a national level.

The Super League and Minor Leagues Should have the following Goals

1) To allow for Club Advancement to facilitate growth and further professionalization of the Club where desired.

2) To facilitate development of players who may want to move on and play at the professional level

3) To provide football at smaller community level as a social community improvement programfor youths and interested persons in the community.

Right now TTFF is not provide a clear and attainable goal and everything is just havoc with no real organization.

To sum it up bluntly Big Dog is a Big Shit Hound

He cannot Trap
He cannot Pass close or far
Not comfortable with the ball at his feet.

In Short he is not a "Player"

But what he is, is a Athlete He can run for days has good top speed and has the heart of a Lion.
He can jump over big buildings with a single bound and Butt balls into outter space

I remember watching Dog play Intercol league for San Juan as a right back and is pure side tackle whole day all day.

There is an important lesson here for Trinidad and Tobago Football.

Too ofter as coaches and fans we only want to see the Latapy Type players. Guys who can play the beautify game.
Real "Players"

But what we really need is more "Shit Hounds" Like Big Dog on the team Men who can match intensity and bring superior physical awareness to the games.

Men might think I am crazy but I fully expect Dog to get buy from a big english club soon either New Castle, Liverpool, maybe Man U or something.

Which would be truly amazing because nobody would think he would reach that far.

And on top of all that the man maintain his cool and never gives any kind of trouble.

Big Dog is a real Top Dog!!!

I hope more youth and coaches in TnT try to emulate his approach to the game and not only focus on the glamour ball.

Our Fasination with Brazilian style Ball is one of our biggest down falls because it is much more efficient and easy to play german style ball.

That said culture is culture and we like what we like so I dont see things changing anytime soon.

But at least Big Dog can provide proof that you dont need to be the best dribblier to the field to be the best player on the field.

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