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Football / Re: Soca Warriors seize TTFF assets
« on: February 08, 2012, 01:10:22 PM »
 :beermug: First up to all the players who stuck it out  in pursuit  of their rightful claim and due justice  i commend each and everyone  of you , too many names  to mention .  What a relief  to learn today the events  that took place , its redemption time  for the players  , finally something is being done  am speechless , am relieved , words cannot express what i feel now .. its the dawning of a new day .... it simply shows the ttff as much of us knew  had no good intent on resolving any issues whatsoever  regarding any matters outstanding regarding the nationals players grieviances., those  bloodsuckers days are numbered . !!! what is alarming in addition  is if it is reliable that someone in the media  provided advance  warning to the ttff that their offices were to be visited for items seizures  then something
is seriously wrong ..... corruption is more embedded than thought of....lawd  what more can be said....... now  hopefully some facts will or may be known as a results of the seiziures this morning  what a good day god eh sleeping....!! keep striving for justice its rewarding brent sancho and colleagues .... ah going an take a drink now  :beermug:

Football / Re: Wayne Lewis is gone
« on: February 05, 2012, 02:40:22 PM »
What a shocker!!!! being an ex belmont student /youth player i've  learned alot from those guys ,  mr wayne lewis ,/  the la forest,/  stephen jap fredericks/ .  brian rigsby and the lot  for which i am truly grateful.... So to the entire lewis family my sincere condolences ... had the privilege of seeing wayne lewis play up close and i can easily say was one of the most talented brothers i've seen play in colleges  no doubt  about it,,,,  sad sad  , but thanks for the memories  wayne lewis  will always be remembered  and he was a real cool person too  ....  thanks  for the memories   .... for all who ever saw this brother i'm sure will have fond memories of him .... R.I P  waynie

Football / Re: Why FIFA must be enlisted to change T&T football.
« on: January 23, 2012, 11:03:49 AM »
Brilliant, Brilliant ....without doubt a well defined and an inciteful article written by you Mr  Lincoln Phillips ..!! you are to be commended for an objective well written article for whats required to take the beautiful game of football in productive ,  upward direction which has over the past serveral years deteriorated into something not so enterprising throughout all of trinidad and tobago as is clearly apparent for all to see .......... and if i  may add with the exception those responsible for the present  state the game has fallen into..!!! Mr. Lincoln  Phillips  again thanks ....... hopefully by definition  the call made by you , will be heeded by fifa in order to repair the ills , and injurous wounds thats presently hurting our beloved game of football in Trinidad / Tobago .........I join you, Mr. Phillips   in calling upon  fifa in good faith  to come forward in order  to make  the radical changes thats needed with a proper housecleaning @ ttff .....  hopefully soon rather than later..... the time has come for transparency and accountability by all  .....@the ttff the time is now .......Calling on Fifa ....do the right thing..!!

Football / Re: Corneal appointed TTFF Technical Director.
« on: January 16, 2012, 11:58:39 AM »
 :frustrated:  Enough is enough ......unless something radical takes place its  clearly apparent to everyone else, with the exception of those at the ttff  , < > and their  cronies ,!!!!!!! for the forseeable future its the same old dance and song by ttff.... the people  at the >ttff< have no real intent to do any good for football and the game in general  throughout trinidad and tobago., nothing whatsoever...  they could care less what the general public nor fans think _please take note  forumites ... its a bunch of self serving, arrogant, corrupt officials  thats holding football /soccer hostage .in tnt... its so fackin frustrating .  words cannot express the dispair  i feel at the moment with the hasty , no good faith appointment of anton corneal as tech who what?? did i hear it right technical director of football in trinidad and tobago  are we for fckin real ......ah gone  for now yes !!but b4 i forget i compliment you  gally cummings  for speaking out  am with you all way ... more voices like yours  need to be heard ... come on shaka hislop, brent sancho.  and others we wanna hear from you all  have no fear speak out.... ah real p.ss. d  at the moment...

Football / Re: The players are hurting, but we are defiant - Jack.
« on: December 12, 2011, 01:40:54 PM »
lawdddddddd.!!!!!!!  this is incredible,  i don;t think any words can be used to discribe  those responsible  , for the manner in which these players have been and are being treated, lawd put ah hand , its absolutely shameful and outright disgusting ......mr warner , ollie camps , and all associated  ..... with this present stalemate ...... justice will be served god don;t like ugly !!!!!!! .....N.B. kelvin jack  and all the players you have my full support don;t quit,,keep the fight going  eventually all players will triumph.....in my opinion am especially proud  of each one of you players for standing up in the face of adversity to fight injustice.  keep ur heads up kelvin jack  along with ur team mates .....ur ultimate victory is near...stay strong........

shameful/disturbing/ the issue of nonpayment ...>..arise once more .<.. the question is why are these assigned local coaches for  e,g .and its personnel  not being paid is beyond  me  .  this is a serious issue , this is not volunteerism,football is their job,, these guys have a family or families to take care of ,.. what de  :cursing: is wrong with the administrators are they really serious. ?????  in addition i will really like to know how many of those @the ttff willing to forego their salaries ,?? in order that  angus eve and  his staff assigned are paid  for their services......am almost certain the obvious answer to that is an emphatic nooooo!!! imagine  in a country that resourcefully blessed ...god  forbid i get political here !!. it cannot  afford  to pay its local coaching staff ..what frustration .. i can only shake my head at the moment.... angus eve  i surely hope all these issues will be resolved soon real soon ...best wishes  coach angus once again........!!! a side note (mr sports minister Anil Roberts ) hopefully u come here on this site  in order to see the views expressed ......do the right thing  and put to rest the issues of non payment to the coaching staff s.......... damn  do the right thing....i guess its called the unequal distribution of wealth ....  : this is embarassing no doubt it is!!!!

Football / Re: T&T U-23s Final Round Olympic Qualifiers Thread
« on: November 28, 2011, 07:23:15 PM »
Just got home , anxiously logged on  to some great news , thankgod ....... i want to take the opportunity to congratulate the entire junior soca warriors team, for a job well done, ......... today........keep this as a motto .......team=>>>>>> together everyone achieve more<<<<<<<<..... again well done ...  :applause: congrats  also angus ,,along with his staff......and the entire team once again ..... stay motivated... focus  and determined.... the real test is yet to come , hopefully now some much needed ,friendlies will be afforded you and the team ....best wishes again....

Football / Re: T&T U-23s Final Round Olympic Qualifiers Thread
« on: November 26, 2011, 08:40:33 PM »
Well  !! well !! well,   here we go again , i will truly like  hear what coach angus eve to explain his game tactics , as well as why so many changes to his original starting  line up  for this game , which was crucial , to securing a favorable result in tonights game,,,!! i will truly like to hear his explaination....!  barring some injury to goalkeeper  marchan  hwo has been doing a great job , why break the rythm of a team thats performing well , mr eve  plz say something we want to know .........why so many changes coach angus , to the original line up , ??... 5 goals ??  5 goals ??. i will refrain  any critisisms for now ......  listening to the game good enough that the warriors were creating chances  however when its not put away  it comes back to haunt you ........ i have no idea why we make it so hard  for ourselves ..... ???  young warriors am behind you still ..... but oh lawd  show some resolve fight a good fight go out and win !!! the next game  best wishes warriors.......coach angus  what the status with ur starting keeper, ???? ah really want to know, is marchan injured?????

Football / Re: Chris Birchall Reply to some comments
« on: November 24, 2011, 07:47:54 PM »
chris birchall listen up bro hear this loud and clear do not be discouraged  or disheartened by any negative comments or critisism , you;ve got lots of support here including me 100s%so bro worry not , and continue representing tnt as long as you're healthy and  when called upon to . you are a true warrior , all the vest breds, and congrats on your recent success at the @ L.A galaxy..  keep ur head !!!!!!and. fack  de few who choose to doubt ur warriors commitment ....all de best bro . 

Football / Re: Petition for the resignation of the TTFF Executive Committee
« on: November 22, 2011, 01:08:45 PM »
its long overdue  , so without any hesitation nor reservation i hereby agree with this petition for the resignation of ttff executive  committee, no word of a doubt, 100% i agree,. they are enept , corrupt , and a complete failure administatively , . yes i do agree ,  let them get out and will be first to thank them on their way out, shameless officials they are, won't miss them ,!!!

Football / Re: Best locally based coach to lead T&T ?
« on: November 20, 2011, 08:35:54 PM »
well said maxg . long time breds .. am with yuh on that ,  doh mind some ah de  the critics , who only see the man name on paper alone ... i know him the man  himself as well ..he;s serious . ,intelligent &. a bright yet  humble man  .., without doubt someone who care;s about trini football , ...... i emphasize genuinely cares .. so am with u on that maxg... ah think yuh know who  this ...  just think antilles <<< and >>>>salt nah<<  lol yuh belmont breds here lol how yuh doing?????? i endorse yuh saying  max!!!!

Football / Re: No flowers by request
« on: November 20, 2011, 01:32:15 PM »
Tallman..... you could not have said any better . ... its either lennox watson , and the whole gang @ttff believe  we the people out here and at home really dumb., its difficult at this time to imagine, .......its just outrageous so soon after the world cup  campaign is over for  brazil 2014 ,  these ridiculous officials  come  forward at a press  conference outlining the many friendlies , where did that come from all so suddenly didn;t they  have an inkling of its importance b4 in order to get the team ready , am not buying  it sorry folks . !!!! but some folks like it so .......the time is now for action to be taken .. ah tired ah b/s.. , .... am saying again the recipe for a disastrous  and failed  was set in place  soon after the   2006  world cup appearance , from the  blacklisting of players thanks jack 'the ripper'.warner didn't  you draw enough  blood  ,  ?????? then come trinidad failings  to qualify for the goldcups.. lawd  well ah tell yuh ,and no one saw this coming all the roadblocks for failure were clearly set in place ,, there by we getting we arse  cut  ,, !!! i have bros from gt /.guyana   out here .....all ah  dem claim trini more than guyana but ah too sure bout that now .. is a good thing i never brag  nor show myself otherwise i will have to  keep meh mouth shut !!, but then again am a real trini so am gonna express it live no matter what!!!!!...am just  piss.ed  .at the attitude  and the glaring failures of the ttff and ..its administrators....lennox watson and the cannot fool me  one fakking bit with all the public relations b.s. .....ah aint buying it .only  when they are all  voted out or force to leave without  then and only then i'll believe that true  change is in cards , as of now its the same old thing ... same personnel ... @ttff  .. ah done for now until later... steupssssssssss >:(

Football / Re: T&T to face Finland in opening match of 2012 calendar
« on: November 19, 2011, 05:31:33 PM »
WtF, for crying out loud , check this people i wonder who  really buying the  :cursing: garbage ttff trying to sell football fans and supporters .. those  slackers @ttff really think they are fooling .???????  here is why all each and everyone at ttff  should be given no other ultimtum but to resign... for 2 consecative goldcups , the warriors could not qualify... that's glaring enough for even a drunk to see and take notice, the signs were imminent , no  regular active  football for the senior team.  none of them cared a damn thing those buggers at the ttff , now the campaign for world cup qualifying hit the skids ,. its over now!!! remember  prior to the said world cup qualifying . funds were not available according to them staggering fools ,   .... now at the recent press conference by  mr lennoa watson and company.....all man looking to save the backsides now  .... here comes the friendlies  beginnng with finland ,,,,,,,are we serious ????? suddenly here comes the friendlies !!  and  supposedly 6 to 7 friendlies schedhule for next year  yuh see themm people at the ttff they must all go!!!! who de a..ss they believe buying that. but then again  some people  like is so .. ah know i for one want all of then to go  , ..  ah vex oui....no fakking alternative should be given them but resign all man jack ..    go go go let new heads  with progressive  ideas come forth..

Football / Re: Pfister to know fate today
« on: November 18, 2011, 02:03:03 PM »
aye pro ah not at home hence why am asking if we can be part and parcel of the voting process ......providing out here cannot its time for all de old talk back home and actions to count, ah feddup with the b.s  yuh think i doh know dem officials  doh want to give up de niceness and the champagne , wine and whiskey , not to mention all the perks that come with being ah offical with the ttff...... ah hope  brent sancho along with all potential candidates albeit such  listening..... hope they doh think for a minute if anyone of dem come to be an appointee at some point in time its gonna be the same old same old  they better think again. its gonna be real noise no holding back for them either .. so mister  sancho and others all due respect to you but make sure u guys listening , we watching with hawks eyes.... we tired of the  :bs:

Football / Re: Pfister to know fate today
« on: November 18, 2011, 12:59:38 PM »
ttff and its failings...How much more !! am so flicking annoyed , frustrated , and down right disgusted by the officials at ttff and their lack of wisdom and foresight , ...its shameful at most.........imagine now u have lennox watson and the lot coming forward at a press conference expressing his and ttff's disappintment at the soca warriors not qualifying for the next phase  of world cup qualifying ....imagine that<<<!!! Really  lennox watson and your gang??? really?? lacking funds so u say .. . and other intangibles.... !!!! Here's the question!! where all the money went and who pocket all the funds given to the ttff .. i suppose u  mister lennox watson and all the others have no response to the obvious don;t you???? do the right thing  step away as a man and let the right people who truly love and care  about football and its ungoings to lift the sport in the right direction ... then and only then u will be believable... you and the present staff @ ttff lacks imagination and the foresight . and  i hold no apologies... its sickening to say the least  ... am so fakking upset right now .!!!...imagine a team preparing for the world stage >>>> world cup qualifying and nothing set in place for them to move ahead .  .. e.g no friendlies  , there are  bunch and a litany of things i can say right now but i'll limit   it for now . so please  mr watson and others don;t come talking crap we  are not fooled.. no more b.s the people tired of the nonsense.. i mean the  b.s ..!!!!..as mr pfister well pointed out there are alot things needs fixing take heed  you ttff officials...... i hope you all leave soon and let those potentially   caring individuals ...  those to come... be set in place to the get the programme  up and running , time is of the essence... no more wasting the youths time and and the turing off  trini  football fans  .... the sad fact is its the football palyers who are getting the brunt  of it . its a whiplash effect  they are also feeling frustrated by the fact that no one feels interested to come see them play which is not fair to them so please . mr watson and others no b.s no more  we tired of the gamesmanship ,.... hope elections  for new officials could have been  today ,latest tomorrow , thats how upset i am , ... i wonder plz someone inform whats the format for elections where the appointment of ttff staffing is concern can  anyone not at home have a voting say ???? ah so damn upset ... ah better cool it now b4 ah cuss..

Football / Re: Pfister to know fate today
« on: November 17, 2011, 12:06:57 PM »
How about this!!!! there appears to be alot of talk  of coach pfister age , and all other things associated , as some are  calling for his dismissal as coach, did anyone take  a moment to think , leo beenhakker was no more younger than coach pfister in addition to that beenhakker , brought along with him his assistants  to work in tandem with him , but i don;t wanna  get off the subject point am attempting to make, i do believe  it will be wise to keep pfister in some capacity . maybe  not necessarily as coach but someone in as a technical director , to assist with some of the issues that so urgently needs addressing with the local programme moving it forward , as he so carefully pointed in his briefing after the game, his points are spot on , that will be a common sense thing to do.... he has already now become a bit more familiar, he also pointed our some clear shortcomings with the pro leagues failings , also the lack of regular football being played, the need for more international friendlies. ... others shortcomings were also pointed out .  it will be unwise to get rid of pfister in haste simply because the warriors did not quaslify through to the next phase of concacaf qualifying ,  jeez it still hurts talking about it, but now is the time for all involved  locally to cool heads and do the responsible thing , whether or a decision is made to keep pfister on coach its not me to decide, thats a decision that will be made  by those decision makers , hopefully someone  in the mix will thereby make good use the mans  experience  ... he;s been there before he knows, . ...!!! the local footballing body will do well to keep  him in order to work in some capacity , along with a collection  of the most capable locally based coaches,  the very best at their disposal ,   should pfister be kept on  , when he leaves , there will be a unified, collective philosyphy on  how the national teams are to be playing . all in tandem  ..... as of now thats not there.. it just my suggestion... the infighting has to stop ... there in lies one of the problems with our football . too many egos at play... neglecting all the objective things that needs addressing  .... keep pfister
to assist with the developement of the programme at home , but as i said not necessarily as coach . its just my take ... jump in anyone ...what u guys think???? another hasty  firing won;t solve all the ills thats affecting  our football ..get the best personnel in place to work along with pfister there are many am sure that are capable . so pfister leaves  at least there will have set in place hopefully a certain style of play ..  yes we can...

Jeezanages   this is  no joking matter  this is  the right  opportunity ...the moment is now  for all who's been expressing their frustrations for  the longest while come on meh fellow trinis at home ....its at >>>>>the jaffa's restaurant queen park oval<<<<< full up the place if u have  to... take yuh gyal along with u..  to let  your views  be heard ah aint joking bout that. this is in response  to the advisory put out by the ttff  for all to attend at the oval turn up in numbers ..... have your points of concerns  articulated and ready  let these corrupt boldface people know ..... no more  drinks in hand  nor fete match lime for them  and dipping money in dey pockets  jack ah hope you listening ./ oliver  scamps you too ...  leave the de feteing for paranging and carnival!!!!!!!  football is serious business we cyar continue to fail dem talented and aspiring youths ah tired ah dat  who doh want to attend is dey business  .. although ah know some people  can't be or may not be able to attend  due to circumstance but others who have the time to go and do not....... don;t complain when you doh take part in something  meaningful  this is the moment   to  positively voice ur opinions  its at the oval people nuff room to speak up.....  one thing of  concern tho..... they might want to put out people when things heat up... its at the jaffa's restaurant queen park  oval  for all to attend<<<<< walk with a lil change  to buy ah drink so they can;t say u not allowed in  this is moment ppl....

Football / Re: T&T ends W/Cup campaign with 2-0 win over Guyana.
« on: November 16, 2011, 02:11:11 PM »
yuh right pardner , i hear you loud and clear boss...its just amazing  hearing the complaints flying left right and centre , !!!! right now i don;t know if i could really say i'm happy we loss or  not but being honest with you am not at all surprised by it that was coming a long time now who want to bury dey head in the  sand well dey better wake up and dust demselves  off ...clear their eyes and do somethin by actions at home.... all the talk ting done.  action is what should be . taken.... what happened to bellying  up and protesting  let anil  robert the sports minister and all  who is appointed and  given the due responsibilty to carry out the duties entrusted  them  to carry out... they forget i seems they are there by the people wishes and ought to listen i mean listen  , instead  of being arrogant .....  its a noble duty given them ...  its time to end all the b.s talk  as you say bro i hear yuh . boss ah was reading what phister was saying i really cannot espouse to saying whether or not he is the best for local football  but am pretty sure he can be of usefulness to assist  he's experienced....... the cards he was dealt was a recipe for failure  e.g short noticed appointment  to bandaid  our failing programme thats been going on for years   who we fooling the man just blunt and saying what he sees going on with local football who do like well boy ah doh know....something seriously wrong....... this is the perfect time to get all talented personnel the from government , football coaches, corporate trinidad , the public is not excluded bring back trini pride  ,,, phister saying what many fail to say  if he didn;t give a shit he coulda simply take he money and buss it . the man was expressing his frustration  with what he see as  a joke locally the man passionate about he football what de fack...  some  ppl  don;t like straight talk ....ah done oui .... imagine  yesterday's game a mere 600 if so much to watch a national team play thats facking madness and then we complaining about passion who we fooling dem players seeing all dat.... ah lie ?? tell me...we can't complain if we not willing to participate  somalians getting killed just to play football  or to go see ah game of football.. we have too nice . so its time we make the adjustments or is another 20 yrs down the road  for the big dance  hopefully not !!!!! bro i feel ur frustration ....... respect pardner

Football / Re: T&T ends W/Cup campaign with 2-0 win over Guyana.
« on: November 16, 2011, 01:05:30 PM »
yuh joking right @controversial i do care bout the win ah supportin me national team all de way but not dem who running ttff , but i care about the win ... i go take the win..... ask dem latinos  dem go tell what support is all about dem spanish boys and gyal. even when things going bad  they doh make joke with dey support think about for a minute..... till ah dead ah supporting  the team fakk dat!!!

Football / Re: T&T ends W/Cup campaign with 2-0 win over Guyana.
« on: November 16, 2011, 12:13:36 PM »
 just cool i endorse that !!!! i feel the same pain and had to agonise last friday it still facking hurts meh bro is the same i have  endure going among them spanish and latinos here in montreal  to watch football especially when they bring all dem nice spanish women  ting , to watch de games is real pressure , don;t talk when their   team win and they  get a lil  tipsy :beermug:....... is somethin else altogether..... talk about pressure .... boss  what i keep asking myself  constantly  for all the years gone by. why we trinis at home  do not apply real pressure on the federation let them see they will not stand for incompetance at any level of administrating   that could be done by clearly  showing their open disapproval it can be done....let anil and all  others associated know they were  put there to listen not to dictate  !!! there will be a panel  discussion coming up soon thats the a perfect time to get in the discussion then let all voices be heard plz ,... wish i was at home to help in that regard hopefully not long from now..  again bro ah feel the same frustration ,.pain and agony ... is all kinds ah emotion ah feel now .  :frustrated:

Football / Re: Sancho urges focus on 2018 campaign.
« on: November 14, 2011, 02:28:49 PM »
re _ introduce the classics ! oh what memories.. thats when the best trini talent were on display , for all who may or may not remember am talking about the north /south classics / east/ and tobago/  all of trinbago best players on show to display their godgiven skills , . there are those  forumites who maybe too young  to remember or recall that period .. so i'll just throw out a few names  i had the privilege of seeing then  at the famous queens park oval.. here goes some of trini premier players at the time.e,g...the archibald brothers, warren archibald. /.milton archibald/steve david/everard cummings/nobbie phillips./ulric 'buggy haynes. /leo (twinkletoes) brewster/the douglas brothers (keith & tony) leroy de leon,/ henry quanzie/ah hate to call he name but i'll give him kudos alvin corneal / >>>ellis sadaphal/the indian<<< was  skillful for days/ the la forests ron& len/ gerald figeroux oh gosh ah better stop there why the ttff stop the classic i do not know to this day,,, but oh chit i never use to miss dems games oh let me squeeze another name can't leave him out at all noel sammy llewelyn!!!! those games were  huge features towards the end of the regular season if i may recall but lawd i cannot forget dem days bring back the classics  ... sancho . gally and others re introduce bring it back the competition was fierce then ...  give the fans something good to remember for years to come   there many other players i left out  but boy dem days were special just recalling it ah was a lil youth then but can;t forget !!!!!!!!, the classics bring it back  who recall those times can add their bit and the crowds were in large numbers ... am out for now. ah tempted to add a few more names but nah i will leave it for someone else,,,

Football / Re: Starting XI for meaningless game against Guyana on Tuesday
« on: November 13, 2011, 01:27:00 PM »
if only i could have been at the stadium on tuesday i will surely be there, every game our national team is of importance whether or  they were still in the race for qualifying , who are we fooling , support  the guys i mean the players let them know they are not thrown under the bus , we were  well beaten its a hard spill for even me to swallow but its reality... go show support  for warriors  its when u down u lend a hand to pick them up ........  brazilians and all others do not stay away from supporting their national teams  even when the chips are down its call a love for country   .....and the game come tuesday is not meaningless its about redemption and pride! i'll support the warriors unwavering..... but i cannot bear to tolerate the ineptitude of the  ttff  its time for all in the present administration to go they have failed the country and the players  miserably... a completely  new regime is needed  ......a national effort  is needed go lets support our players it does not mean they are free any critisms when  its needed but lets support our national team  come tuesday they need it now more than ever  !!!! peace y'all

Football / Re: Where does Otto Pfister go from here?
« on: November 12, 2011, 02:23:30 PM »
 This is in response to some  of what is being belted out at the moment with regards to the coach ......... but .here is  what i personally think is for cool heads to prevail no one here sees or knows what work is put in by the coach and what his objective plans are we can continue the  same reactive responses by getting rid of the present coach , but i do not believe thats what needs to be done , ...) what i do believe is first of all is there are many ills  that needs addressing,::::::: beginning with administrators and an  administration that lacks imaginative foresight , jack and camps u know who am talking about please catch a ride out and thanks ,  but leave the football business to  those  competent . with the collective unifying abilites to oversee the future of the game locally . there many bright  prospects that come to mind a few i will name .. e.g shaka hislop . he being a pro players rep in the  uk pevious so he knows abit about what it takes,  another being brent sancho who appears to be doing a good job in that capacity already.. also there other knowledgeable veterans ex players we can;t ignore that fact people the likes of >>>>leroy de leon<< >>jan steadman<< david williams<<<>>  just to name a few ......notice i did not mention any corneal  its a because they are part an parcel of the same old same old ...  a progressive long term plan is needed  let all voices be  heard we can surely affect the necessary changes needed please please fellow forumites ah begging lets do something with clear heads   ttff house needs to be cleaned out  a lil dettol for disinfecting  might help.. will add more later  am out  forgive me ppl i was on the  for sometime now so i have waiting my time to comment, but ah real serious ... about what i am saying oh gosh boy ah still upset  this ting hurt as if  someone dead oui   ,,, ah just getting started i'll save the rest for later respect  y'all

Football / Re: Everybody please pitch een here
« on: November 12, 2011, 12:38:10 PM »


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