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Football / Re: Tim Kee: Soca Warriors getting a raw deal.
« on: June 11, 2015, 01:09:30 PM »
There's no raw deal. TTFA clearly have mis managed the funds that they requested. Every item on the cabinet note has been met. The money they requested for Gold Cup preparation is currently being used and the only other outstanding items are Mr Harts salary Nov - June which is due now and other Technical staff salaries which will be paid once requested.

Tim-Kee knows this nonsense about WPL "and other stuff" is pure  :bs:

They know how much was promised, they know how much has been spent, so guess what? The remainder is what you have left.

What the ttfa  spent it on ?? we only played two international matches for the year that used up the budget ?

That is what I'm confused about. I thought the 9m was for the MEN'S SENIOR TEAM.

Now it seems the 9m was for the TTFA and it's entire national program (senior men's women's and youth)

They are cash strapped, no sponsors and need better funding for all programs especially in a Gold Cup and WCQ year.

Football / Re: Tim Kee: Soca Warriors getting a raw deal.
« on: June 11, 2015, 11:15:00 AM »

Mr Tim Kee honestly has to go. What a total joker. Has done nothing positive in his time, has aligned himself with the opposition party and has cost the TTFA alot of sponsorship opportunities and M.O.S relations. Is he really that thick?

Football Supporter and Brent, If you do read this forum I honestly hope you guys will give full cooperation, which I think you guys will having looking at the way Central has been run under your command, and really do what is best for the National Programs , especially the flagship Men's senior team and really put some financial backing behind Coach Hart and his troops.

We have a Gold Cup to really prepare for the big test in November when World Cup qualifiers begin. We have friendlies in September and October that the TTFA must and I repeat MUST book the 4 friendlies on offer.

Please I am begging as a supporter of T&T football for over 40 years of my life , PLEASE put your heads together and plan out a proper budget for each National Program for the remainder of the year.

The senior team and especially Hart deserve the backing after the Hell, Tim Kee has put them through over the last 3 years.

A very very concerned and saddened fan.

Agreed with E-Man, should have been in writing since pre season.
15% of Pro League earnings to players
5% of Pro League earnings to Staff

50% of cup is a huge amount as well but If that's the route then 40% to players, 10% to staff.

Not rocket science.

Good Luck Sheldon !

I did not ask a question but I was interested to see If you would bring up the lack of communication from the F.A to the public.
Not sure who handles your media/communication areas but that definitely needs addressing.

Also I hope you make a statement by sacking the leaks within your organization. Be strong !

I do hope we have a successful 2015 and everyone can collectively come together for the betterment of T&T football.

Well wishes from England mate.

Football / Re: Who should take over for the TTFA
« on: November 18, 2014, 01:43:31 PM »
I agree with most that Tim Kee is:
1) Not fit for the role as he has announced political preference
2) His political preference is not in power therefore resulting in delays in payments, non support from Government until they absolutely must release funds or threatened, ie Women's senior team fiasco and today's drama in Jamaica.
3) A businessman not a Football man, clueless on the demands necessary to successfully run a F.A
4) Maybe placed there by Warner to protect and avoid legal issues over the 2006 missing money for all involved. Tim Kee was a part of that regime.

I think he is out of his depth and he is dragging the General Sec down with him as Mr Phillips from what I've read about him here on this forum seems to have good intentions but he has no financial support and a weak support system.

This is the first administration to not rely on Jack Warner's money.

I would like to see Tim Kee out of the picture and a good football person with business sense relative to creating a successful F.A come in.

My nominee would be Shaka Hislop. He is very charming and can be impartial to any political party in T&T for the betterment of Trinidad and Tobago Football. He can land sponsors and bring fresh innovative ideas into T&T Football.

He can set up a support system with the likes of Brent Sancho, Kelvin Jack etc. Young fresh football minds with experience on and off the field who can really take us forward and be loved by the entire nation as they are already heroes.

Football / Re: Makeshift T&T football team for CAC Games
« on: November 17, 2014, 04:56:45 PM »
Safe 1-1 FT.

Thank you Presspass.
I was on all TTFA social media accounts and nothing. No updates whatsoever.
Does anyone know who runs the Media department in the TTFA and can anyone offer me an email address so I can send a complaint?

I recently sat in front of my laptop for the Trinidad and Tobago game vs Curacao last Tuesday at 10:30pm UK time expecting to be updated minute by minute like almost every single club's twitter account would do over here to be updated via the TTFA twitter account every 20 minutes or so.

Absolutely painful to sit for 20 minutes wondering. Maybe whoever runs the account thinks it will build up the nerves  ;D 

Another Week, Another Leak.
It seems to be the repetitive story for the TTFA.

I'm very interested to see if the general sec. and the President get rid of and expose the leaks. It is a fireable offense in any line of work to leak internal information to the public, especially a mediahouse or member of media.

Reading this article and recent Lasana Liburd pieces it reeks of leaked Info from staff members. In England, anytime there is a leak it generally comes within the Communication/Media Department.

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Jamaica Game (18-Nov-2014)
« on: November 17, 2014, 04:45:21 PM »
Looking ahead to the Trinidad and Tobago vs Jamaica Caribbean Cup Final

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/v/DEq9ZdEKifc&amp;list=UUYjTv-40_nhaU5HVy5er3Ug" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win">https://www.youtube.com/v/DEq9ZdEKifc&amp;list=UUYjTv-40_nhaU5HVy5er3Ug</a>

BTW this video was poorly edited. The sound is drowning out Molino voice. I can barely hear what he is saying..

Still give thanks for the video but I had to mention this  :beermug:

Oh man I thought it was just me !
Who does the media work for the TTFA ? In my opinion he/she is quite poor with the content(or lack thereof) I have seen.
I'm trying to hear the young man speak and it's drowned out by over-dramatic music !!

Football / Re: Hart selects 23-man squad for Caribbean Cup finals.
« on: November 07, 2014, 01:33:48 PM »
Why yes they do  ;D

Football / Re: T&T football boss avoids another embarrassment.
« on: November 07, 2014, 01:32:37 PM »
Mr Sam, I meant from the TTFA's perspective that it's shocking (maybe only to me) that a paid staff member possibly has been leaking information to the national press and other related media.

I read this forum often and follow all the pages on facebook/twitter to keep up to date with Trini Football while I am abroad and I have been baffled that the current TTFA hierarchy have allowed a staff member to continuously embarrass them. I would think the boss there, be it the president or newly installed General Sec. must be fuming. I would like to see them be brave and send a statement. Small it may be in the public perspective but internally it must be rather embarrassing to have a member of staff slip negative info out and really heap embarrassment on his other employees who I am certain must have to deal with their friends and family asking them about another slip up they must endure.

I'm just thinking about the other staff with good intentions in the TTFA. I am sure it's not all doom and gloom in there and some people are really trying in tough circumstances.

And Mr Football Supporter I am sure you are right. Politics in sweet Trini is rampant in every industry. Shame.

Football / Re: T&T football boss avoids another embarrassment.
« on: November 07, 2014, 08:47:35 AM »
Detailed information from the TTFA leak. I've been reading alot of Mr Liburd's stories on his website, wired868.com about the staff not being paid etc and surely there is an internal leak there.

Quite sad really. I did some work with a club in England and we have had financial problems but surely not one of us would leak negative information to the press. We would have got the sack and embarrass our peers.

The President and The General Sec. should quiz the TTFA employees with media ties. Whenever their is a media leak in England it generally comes within the communication department but I don't know If that's how it works in T&T.

Reading this story it is clear to see someone with an agenda, closely attached to it all.

Football / Re: Hart selects 23-man squad for Caribbean Cup finals.
« on: November 07, 2014, 08:41:34 AM »
Cheers Dinner Mints

Football / Re: Hart selects 23-man squad for Caribbean Cup finals.
« on: November 06, 2014, 09:52:13 PM »
Good luck to team T&T ! I have got to come back home and catch a glimpse of this team , hopefully next year god willing.

Any online streams for foreign based Trini's like myself to support the lads? Wishing them the very best from England.

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