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Up till this day- even though we have a coach in place some people still talking about the merits of how that coach was selected?

does anyone know if there was a selection committee and what the criteria was/ is for that said position?

What was the criteria for deciding on a base salary?
Was the awarded salary based on - experience?  Previous coaching success? 

What is the comparative salary among coaches in the region?
How much is the Jamaican national coach paid?

Could we have some sense and  sensibility when it comes to decision making from the TTFA?

General Discussion / Re: The David Nakhid General Discussion Thread
« on: June 15, 2020, 11:32:37 PM »
Ah want to see KPB and UNC control he

No control dey nah
" birds of a feather keep flocking the place forever"

 Waits nah did this same DN not turn he back on the national team at one time?  Quit or left?
 Well in TnT we suffer from  memory lapses - this was the same country that allowed a certain man to coach national teams despite his involvement in traitors acts against a government back in the  days.     
Oh yes we tend to like commess and  anyone who lives on the fringes

General Discussion / Re: Life Sport programme Thread.
« on: June 15, 2020, 11:27:09 PM »
AG: LifeSport still alive

THE multi-million dollar LifeSport programme is still being investigated.

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi disclosed yesterday in reaction to a ruling on Monday by a High Court judge which quashed an audit report of the programme, which was taken to Parliament by the People’s Partnership government under then Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar. Al-Rawi blamed Persad-Bissessar for Monday’s court outcome, citing her premature laying of the audit report in Parliament in July 2014.

Al Rawi said that a Senior Counsel ought to know that natural justice says an acccused person has the right to be heard.

Al-Rawi said the ruling upheld only five out of 14 grounds argued by the claimants. These were: that a breach of natural justice had occurred, that legitimate expectations had been breached, that the claimants had not been informed nor given the right to be heard, a grant of the order of certiorari (quashing the report), and the award of legal costs. Otherwise, he said, other investigations into Life Sport are still alive - including a probe by the police, even as he suggested reporters could ask the Integrity Commission about the probe it is conducting. Al-Rawi neither confirmed nor denied if Government will appeal Justice Mira Dean-Armorer’s ruling, a written version of which he is awaiting.

Al-Rawi recapped that under Life Sport, half-billion dollars was dubiously spent, amid allegations of murder, corruption, bid-rigging and fraud, some issues including several public officials. The Ministry of Finance’s Central Audit Committee (CAC) had probed all aspects of Life Sport, after which Persad-Bissessar, laid it in the Lower House in July 2014. Al-Rawi said that former Finance Minister, Larry Howai had been specifically told that the allegations must be presented to the alleged wrongdoers. Al-Rawi said Persad- Bissessar should have known that premature publication - without a chance of reply - would result in breaches of the law.

“She went on to give the claimants the very card that found itself face up,” the AG said. The AG said the rules of an internal audit mandate that parties must be told of the possibility of adverse findings and that an exit interview be done, the latter which had been promised to all witnesses for the suspects. The AG alleged that even when former Ministry of Sport Permanent Secretary (PS) Ashwin Creed, later sat as Head of the Public Service as PS in the Office of the Prime Minister under Persad-Bissessar, no action was taken to send the LifeSport report to the Public Service Commission (PSC), until the PNM took office.

Al-Rawi said that just because the High Court had quashed the official audit report into LifeSport, that does not stop other investigations from proceeding, as the subject matter that gave rise to the report still exists. He spoke later of over-billing and a doubling up of invoices. “There are other matter around Life Sport that are getting attention,” the Attorney General said. Al -Rawi warned that certain person(s) should not be so quick to think they can walk away from the LifeSport allegations. “I’d not be as comfortable as these with their newfound bravery,” he said.

(See Page 5) Attempts yesterday by Newsday to contact Persad-Bissessar, Howai and several Opposition-linked attorneys for comment on the AG’s claims, were unsuccessful.

And just imagine this program initiative unde a certain government  benefitted more non sports individuals than players - the sports minister had to flee the country but all the rakes cool down - all allegations  forgotten nothing resolved and now yuh ent see how. People want to bring this leadership back?
Joking  - dis place real " jokey   
" like we use to say

General Discussion / Re: The David Nakhid General Discussion Thread
« on: June 14, 2020, 09:46:55 PM »
Puke :banginghead:

General Discussion / Re: Dr Keith Rowley Thread.
« on: June 14, 2020, 09:44:00 PM »
What yuh plant so shall ye reap

Football / Re: The David Nakhid Thread
« on: June 14, 2020, 09:42:04 PM »
Well we are a free democratic country- People do have the right to choose whomever they wish to align with.

I just  think that based on the principles of a party and the ethics of leadership it seems like an u fathomable choice to chose a party whose leadership in divisive dysfunctional and  destabilizing.

I would like to know how Candidates who are looking for an opportunity into the political foray decide on who they will align with:

- do you jump at where there is a vacancy ?
Or do you consider a party
S ethics morals and leaderspih within?

Football / Re: The David Nakhid Thread
« on: June 14, 2020, 02:31:37 PM »
Why thes former athletes does turn yellow?!

General Discussion / Re: Dr Keith Rowley Thread.
« on: June 13, 2020, 10:13:47 PM »
Well I sure hope he could uproot all the " weeds " which were planted in ministerial posts prior to assuming office - yuh ent see how the "" moon" does shine and always claim to have inside information on everything  growing?
The " Moon"  have  a real way of producing government information - it does glow in the dark - brightest light to overthrow the sun.

" Arise fair sun and  doh let the envious Moon  knee you "

We already saw how it went with DL and the fifa subvention, now Fenwick?

Well, all I will say is, you cannot trust Fenwick if he is indeed paid by fifa. I expect the same selling out like with DL.

If it hasn’t occurred to the people on the board, outside of Hart and a few other coaches, the TT senior men’s coaching job is a gold mine for corruption, bribery and a stepping stone.

It’s a coaches ticket to bribes, high level corruption, high salaries from a fifa subvention and zero accountability and results. It also serves as a stepping stone to get in fifas good books. Selling out to ensure TT is kept midway or below, never in the top four.

Subservient and posing no threat like the rest of the Cfu.

I warned everyone before, if Fenwick is paid by fifa through the subvention, it’s game over again...

Provide concrete and ocular proof of such Wild  assertions that such possibilities could be so of senior men's coaches? That they could be ticketed for such possibilities.

Football / Re: The David Nakhid Thread
« on: June 13, 2020, 09:59:37 PM »
Hearing talk that  Nakhid will be UNC candidate for Tunapuna

I am  hoping that better judgement  will prevail-

For once  would betrayal  to ones principles  be noe repeated..... then again the yelllow tends to attract  those desperately seeking powers by any means necessary.
You ent see the quality of those who then to afflliate with those desperately seeking attention?

Football / Re: Terry Fenwick Thread.
« on: June 10, 2020, 07:53:14 PM »
Nah- dis eh normal- how d fac  yuh hire a head coach without any national head coaching experience dat kinda money?
 I would like to see what the average head coaching salary looks like? 17 k US $$$$
That is fracking bankruptcy- what  were the other coaches making?

What incentive is there for a head coach when the salary is already laden and on par with some CEOs?

What does a coach have to prove when he is already making top change? How is this salRy compared to DL?

How much was Beenieman's initial contract?  TF wanted this job so bad that surely the TTFA had nuff leverage to negotiate a more incremental laden contract based on incremental improvements by the team?

If they indeed  sanctioned this contract, then some heads need normalization.


Let's not reassure t any football executives with the letters JW in it land  we talking the  rise of  local magnate  of  building an empire  through the profits of football
We talking any executive past or present who owns a football team cannot  runTTFA  for the general good without some self seeking get rich  erection of what amounts to bea Taj Mahal - from the centre of excellence to the Home of football  - these monuments have co e with a price

Football / Re: United TTFA vs FIFA, who is really de winners here?
« on: June 02, 2020, 09:16:26 AM »
" The fault dearBrutus lies  not in the stars but in ourselves"  does fault comes with trying to do what is a perceived right?
Doesf fault come with  taking a  stance at the expense of  football in TnT?
Does fault comes with trying to restructure and implement football development inTnT?
Does fault comes with trying to I still so e hope of a brighter future  after inheriting years of mediocracy?

Does fault comes from making changes while BS executives trying to stab you in the back?

I didn't come to praise any side but to clearly showing my humble opinion that the self seeking stances from both FIFA and the TTFA at this time  does not seem to be with the best interest of our players or  national football future.

The evil that men do lvexafter them the good often interred with their bones

Football / Re: United TTFA vs FIFA, who is really de winners here?
« on: June 02, 2020, 08:23:54 AM »
Not about winners here but clearly the football programs development and players of TnT are paying the price for this political power play between these two fractions.

From the heights of WC 2006 to the depths of 2020 we are the " sucker whips" of the Caribbean- Shameful
Too many people want an easy passage to richness at the expense of the love of the game too many BS type of men posing as executives - shame shame shame  on all the wanna bes

What part of all this farce is " Normal"? What corrective measures have taken place since the inception of the FIFA  normalization committee?

All we have seen are divisive elements and increased fractions among the local and regional football bodies in terms of their allergiencies to the " football gods"

How could the resulting actions thus far be better for TnT football or aspiring players? We have become the laughing stock of the Caribbean and  it's time the public demand  for the betterment of football in TnT  proactive measures  that would stabilize the situation rather than having stooges and clowns parading about and braying for some iota of an international e t from the almighty omnipotent football  dogs of FIFA.

General Discussion / Re: Biden's Dilemma
« on: June 01, 2020, 09:02:43 PM »
. ...... no Republicans !!! 
Reminds me of something we had here in TnT before

Biden should consider Michelle Obama as a vice Candidate

Samoura said based on its own assessment and in collaboration with Concacaf, FIFA considered the situation as exceptional enough to justify an application of the provisions of article. 8.2 of the FIFA statutes.

“FIFA will therefore not enter into any kind of unofficial correspondence of negotiation with you on the specific reasons for its decisions and reserves its arguments and evidences for any possible official legal action related to this matter,” Samoura said.

This sounds like  grasping for straws- If you have a strong case, why pursue  any type of agreement?  What puzzles me is " FIFA 's  assessment and  collaboration with CONCACAF" !!  What assessment?  When was the assessment done? What was the assessment based on?  Who in Concacsf was consulted and collaborated with  for this decision?

This proves raises some doubts for me on both sides- and it also shows the heavy handed governance of FIFA governing with " just cause"

Could countries break away form another global body and play football - and say fck FIFA

Football / Re: Greg Ranjitsingh Thread
« on: May 28, 2020, 08:11:37 PM »
Hey look
It's not like this one p,Ayer is a game changer but I do wish he would have been given more opportunities and groomed as a future key component in our rebuild-

This position has been underscored since our post WC appearance- going with  local GKs who were pretty   underexposed to a different level of football seemed to simply show the lack of  thoughtfulness and oversight as to the key to having a  bonafide GK.

These are very Abnormal times in our football governance-

Why is it so challenging to find competent leaderspih  for the TTFA?  Is there a job description and criteria for this?
 Or does everyone who aspire for this position have visions of getting rich quickly by mismanaging funds and building  vacuoles legacies ?

Land yuh would think that they all so duncee  like they graduate from the school of you ent see yet.

Where else could a bold face man rip off FIFA and a country by setting up a Centre of Excellence with alleged FIFA  funds and  have an  empire with football profits  - became a prophet in his own land 
Get the island to aWC  and today everybody quiet and sweep that u dear the mat.
Now we want to make issues over the HoF?
another monument to the leadership and legacy of TTFA?   the man an I Ted oust from power now  creating havoc behind the scenes  and we  watching the chess game  being played out?

I all for the governeming intervening  and setting up a committeee to. Take charge of this football governeming body - after alll is taxpayers money subsidizing professional teams,  who are supposedly being operated for profit and as a business ,subsidizing facilities and these sports monuments-  the government ought to  intervene and protect  national assets - least we have  another king pin inheriting a HoF as a private venture.

Just doh do like  you ent see what happened in the past with SPOTT and AR giving away government money to cronies - doh do  dat - Leah we have proper intervention measures

General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus Thread.
« on: May 23, 2020, 09:40:45 AM »
Simplistic mind yields simplistic  thoughts
You ent see  if it have two shots ah rumchase with Vodka and take two puffs from the plat under the window
Ride out in a yellow submarine and  eat ah doubles -  all  natural healing 😊😊😊😊
That is the level of intelligence- you ent see that is how  dey does play
 -  you ent see how dey char give an ounce of iota credit for anything good?
See when you invoke the devil you reek of  fire and brimstone - take yuh yellow flames and ignite the bamboo poles and celebrate the sunshine

Football / Re: If allyuh had one wish
« on: May 22, 2020, 07:08:18 AM »
Bring back the North South games
Leah we buss North arse up inSkinner Park
More regional rivalries

Let all the profiteers from FIFA and TTFA from the past ride out into the sunset and stop braying

General Discussion / Re: Dr Keith Rowley Thread.
« on: May 20, 2020, 06:36:21 PM »
Look I'm not here to heaps praises nor to cast aspirations - I just want to look at a government that inherited a lot of ' fixes' this is not an excuse for mediocricity nor for  the continuance incompetence or ineptitude .

However despite the efforts to move forward it  is disheartening how an opposition can be in working to
Destabilize and to be accusatory to  thwart all the progressive efforts this government has made over the years .

This sameopposition who fak upthe whole sports scene- that AR scandal with the sports company is nothing compared to DS the PNM former sports minister.

Do t talk about the AG the Ram - what's the latest in that court case - well doh talk about the Moon - he is ah walking talking ANT - always negative talk

You ent see the atrotricities of the former government? Too frigging divisive and bent on dividing this country
TnT doh ever make the same mistake and buy into yellow paint.

Let's reframe and examine the real issues here - you see thecrap the country facing during COVIDand you going to cause dissection by trying to prevent all the work withGhanz- yuh gone sucking arse with uncle samtotalk about breaking ah treaty!!!! Yet yuh complaining when jobs are been lost in the energy sector ?,

Look TNT has all the right to look after its citizens and trying to procure deals to sa Ethel sector.

Why you ent see how hypocritical dat is  that you critize instead of applauding a government who was ranked second in the world  during COVID

Look nah this government handle their business during this deadly threat and all you ent see studying is ah meeting with officials fromVe ezuela!!!! Look get your prioritize right and focus on working with government and it's leaders in protecting and safeguarding the lives of TnT

Is the imminent " ban"  talked about by FIFA the only legitimate " hammer" they have ? Is this the only alternative they would seek to  put public pressure  on any opposition to their dictatorial measures?

In my humble opinion, after so many years of corruption and mishandling of FIFA's funds is it now that  they would think of dropping the hammer? What is the reason?  So that their stooges continue to run the TTFA unopposed? So that the puppets like BS  continue to seek some noteriety as a football executive?

Initially I was ready for this Normalization  committeee to come in , clean up the debts put the house in order and them let's move back to business.  However, I have not seen nor heard of one single solitary plan of action to rectify alleged  misgivings of the WW led executive by this so called normalization action?

I BS co tiniest to spew the threats of FIFA - if FIFA is  allowed to be the watchdog of  all football governances who is the watchdog of FIFA?
In the middle of this power play why should our footballers be subjected to punishment and suffer being barred from representing their country if their is a ban?

Has anyone ever heard of another organization that is willing to operate football among nations outside of FIFA?

The more this goes on the more I pledge my fight to WW and the TTFA

Football / Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Thread
« on: May 12, 2020, 08:06:22 AM »
At this current time, they could change all the playoff format. We just don't have the calibre of players to get to that WC level. The former coach DL, had set a goal of TnT regaining its position as Caribbean champions and dominating in the region- we struggled against Guyana, Grenada - could not match Haiti  - At this time St Kitts may even  prove to be a challenge.

 No players in the English top league - we relying on ZuSFL players and those in the Indian league - forget about the shambles of the local pro league.

To qualify, Fenwick go have to come out of retirement and anchor the defence and that looks like a better option than what we have - so to qualify we will need a real turn around in terms of players

Football / Re: The David Nakhid Thread
« on: May 11, 2020, 09:58:07 PM »
As someone who grew up at prior to the nation's independence and saw the inception of the first political parties  battle for the void left by the colonists, the presence of an ethnic divide has been part of our history. The DLP led by Capeldeo sought to create a platform for the I Dian vote ; The right honourable Dr. Eric Williams created a multi ethnic party - PNM that included  any diverse ethnic and religiously members.
The principles he advocated for was one of a national identity not one of divisiveness , not one bent on destabilizing nor one  that seemed to create havoc among the electorate.

Now Mr Nakhichevan. Choose wisely if that be a pathway  youent see how doltish some leaders could be during a national crisis? Your works and insights  visionand passionshould be at the forefront t of a relaunch- Stayclear of opportunist like BS- who jumped at yellow to get ag food and imagine he is on acommittee with another wanderer - a man that has a legacy as part of a mutinous past  who so.dhi self to any country seeking a football name now wanting to carve out a pathway for Caribbean football- these two could not even be successful cari g out that pathway for TnT and they are called upon to do so for the Caribbean!!! What a joke
MrN stay away from the circus and anyone wearing smelling or looking li,e they from hello - you ent see how they does carry on


Football / Re: Griffith: No billion-dollar sports complex
« on: May 09, 2020, 10:22:48 AM »
Funny you ent see if opposition calling for grounds like that in Chaganus Siparia Debe and Caroni?

General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus Thread.
« on: May 09, 2020, 10:19:55 AM »
Throughout this global pandemic, it has been  like watching a surreal movie enacted out in real time as governaments and countries battle to deploy resources to protect citizens and safeguard their  nation's. Living abroad I have been following first hand what is transiting on the daily scen in Canada and specifically Alberta. I have been recently beeninvo.ved with the health sectors in putting measures in place during a recent outbreak.

I have also been following all the daily updates from the onset and observing the measures deployed by the at& T government . Let me say in watching the updates from home . It is like watching  a remake of the movie here . As a matter of fact there were measures taken in T&T that is not evident here -
 For a country of T& T size I applause the efforts made to maintain personal safety, flattened the curve and support citizens with the resources available.

No country has the perfect anawer no one has the perfect solution  but at time like this we are all writing the manual. National bank reserves are being emptied in Canada as in Trinidad to support citizens and safeguard against a national disaster.

It appals me that during this time of uncertainty that there are elements in T& T  who continue to be divisive disruptive and self seeking in working to distract the efforts that are being made -" You Ent  see" how these jackasses braying up and down about issues that at this time could only seek to distract from the efforts which are being made to safeguard our citizens. There was a British study which identified T&T as the second in the world for its measures taken to combat this pandemic.   Yet    You ent see these donkeys braying to support.
This Corvid pandemic has reeked havoc in our lives but you ent see how the pandemic of stupidity divisiveness disruption  continue to rage, I eh sure we have enough vaccination to ever get rid of the " yellow plague" which continues to cast a dark shadow over this land.

We need a reassure tionof the right honourable Dr Eric Williams the pinnacle and father of nationhood whose inception of a multi ethnic party pa ed the way for what ought to have been our template for national unity moving forward. I am not here to advocate for o e political ideology at this time but to applaud the efforts made by the current government in the continuing battles of all pandemics and adversaries in this beloved land.

Saw the movie with Montano- comic and  had a plot that was engaging.  Trying to find a link for Green Days by the River.

I am finding that the majority of T&T produced films  reflects a proliferation of " gang warfare' poorly acted and presents a violent callous depiction for human life.

It makes you wonder if some of these same gangs are not using this medium to showcase or send messages to rivals. The majority of these movies are appalling and I am wondering if there are other genres of  movies produced in T&T that reflects a more beautiful depiction of life.

Football / Re: Terry Fenwick Thread.
« on: May 09, 2020, 09:37:38 AM »
Coach- look stay out of the politics- focus on motivating and coaching players.  Players will follow the directives and mandate of the coach not the politics of TTFA and FIFA

As a player you striving and training with a mental mindset to be the best - you can't focus on crap that is out of your control.

Coach doh star making e causes for failure when yuh eh coach one game yet,
You should be scouting communicating and advising potential talent on honing their skills and training for when the time comes to play

Yuh fak with all the bs and it's time  ah coach just focus on the beautiful game we could have here in T&T

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