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Football / Re: 2022 FIFA World Cup Thread
« on: May 12, 2020, 08:06:22 AM »
At this current time, they could change all the playoff format. We just don't have the calibre of players to get to that WC level. The former coach DL, had set a goal of TnT regaining its position as Caribbean champions and dominating in the region- we struggled against Guyana, Grenada - could not match Haiti  - At this time St Kitts may even  prove to be a challenge.

 No players in the English top league - we relying on ZuSFL players and those in the Indian league - forget about the shambles of the local pro league.

To qualify, Fenwick go have to come out of retirement and anchor the defence and that looks like a better option than what we have - so to qualify we will need a real turn around in terms of players

Football / Re: The David Nakhid Thread
« on: May 11, 2020, 09:58:07 PM »
As someone who grew up at prior to the nation's independence and saw the inception of the first political parties  battle for the void left by the colonists, the presence of an ethnic divide has been part of our history. The DLP led by Capeldeo sought to create a platform for the I Dian vote ; The right honourable Dr. Eric Williams created a multi ethnic party - PNM that included  any diverse ethnic and religiously members.
The principles he advocated for was one of a national identity not one of divisiveness , not one bent on destabilizing nor one  that seemed to create havoc among the electorate.

Now Mr Nakhichevan. Choose wisely if that be a pathway  youent see how doltish some leaders could be during a national crisis? Your works and insights  visionand passionshould be at the forefront t of a relaunch- Stayclear of opportunist like BS- who jumped at yellow to get ag food and imagine he is on acommittee with another wanderer - a man that has a legacy as part of a mutinous past  who so.dhi self to any country seeking a football name now wanting to carve out a pathway for Caribbean football- these two could not even be successful cari g out that pathway for TnT and they are called upon to do so for the Caribbean!!! What a joke
MrN stay away from the circus and anyone wearing smelling or looking li,e they from hello - you ent see how they does carry on


Football / Re: Griffith: No billion-dollar sports complex
« on: May 09, 2020, 10:22:48 AM »
Funny you ent see if opposition calling for grounds like that in Chaganus Siparia Debe and Caroni?

General Discussion / Re: Coronavirus Thread.
« on: May 09, 2020, 10:19:55 AM »
Throughout this global pandemic, it has been  like watching a surreal movie enacted out in real time as governaments and countries battle to deploy resources to protect citizens and safeguard their  nation's. Living abroad I have been following first hand what is transiting on the daily scen in Canada and specifically Alberta. I have been recently beeninvo.ved with the health sectors in putting measures in place during a recent outbreak.

I have also been following all the daily updates from the onset and observing the measures deployed by the at& T government . Let me say in watching the updates from home . It is like watching  a remake of the movie here . As a matter of fact there were measures taken in T&T that is not evident here -
 For a country of T& T size I applause the efforts made to maintain personal safety, flattened the curve and support citizens with the resources available.

No country has the perfect anawer no one has the perfect solution  but at time like this we are all writing the manual. National bank reserves are being emptied in Canada as in Trinidad to support citizens and safeguard against a national disaster.

It appals me that during this time of uncertainty that there are elements in T& T  who continue to be divisive disruptive and self seeking in working to distract the efforts that are being made -" You Ent  see" how these jackasses braying up and down about issues that at this time could only seek to distract from the efforts which are being made to safeguard our citizens. There was a British study which identified T&T as the second in the world for its measures taken to combat this pandemic.   Yet    You ent see these donkeys braying to support.
This Corvid pandemic has reeked havoc in our lives but you ent see how the pandemic of stupidity divisiveness disruption  continue to rage, I eh sure we have enough vaccination to ever get rid of the " yellow plague" which continues to cast a dark shadow over this land.

We need a reassure tionof the right honourable Dr Eric Williams the pinnacle and father of nationhood whose inception of a multi ethnic party pa ed the way for what ought to have been our template for national unity moving forward. I am not here to advocate for o e political ideology at this time but to applaud the efforts made by the current government in the continuing battles of all pandemics and adversaries in this beloved land.

Saw the movie with Montano- comic and  had a plot that was engaging.  Trying to find a link for Green Days by the River.

I am finding that the majority of T&T produced films  reflects a proliferation of " gang warfare' poorly acted and presents a violent callous depiction for human life.

It makes you wonder if some of these same gangs are not using this medium to showcase or send messages to rivals. The majority of these movies are appalling and I am wondering if there are other genres of  movies produced in T&T that reflects a more beautiful depiction of life.

Football / Re: Terry Fenwick Thread.
« on: May 09, 2020, 09:37:38 AM »
Coach- look stay out of the politics- focus on motivating and coaching players.  Players will follow the directives and mandate of the coach not the politics of TTFA and FIFA

As a player you striving and training with a mental mindset to be the best - you can't focus on crap that is out of your control.

Coach doh star making e causes for failure when yuh eh coach one game yet,
You should be scouting communicating and advising potential talent on honing their skills and training for when the time comes to play

Yuh fak with all the bs and it's time  ah coach just focus on the beautiful game we could have here in T&T

They choose the wrong candidates from Trinidad to be part of  this planning group-

Where is Shaka?

 You ent see- FIFA must have purchased  data about everyone from  previous government. :rotfl: :rotfl: to just call up a man just so??? Like they think we chuppid to fall for dat?

On the other hand what kinda desperate move is dat to create a fund to support the fight against FIFA during this time when people losing jobs amidst this Corvid 19?

If FIFA want to pay debt - probably due to  in part from their lack of fiscal intervention when money running wild and people profiting and funds being diverted into pockets and deals being brokered- now when a local management putting some football infrastructure in place now they intervening with wanting to remove the governance?

Another nail at keeping the regions football at a level below others?  During this time all kinda bs moves happening . To WW team,  save yuh cash work at grassroots levels in communities throughout the country create a passion for football by and for the people let the donkeys bray- Leyden FIFA pay off the debt - while business slow now then when they pay dat off - then mount a case challenge for governance

Eh make sense fthrowing money yuh prove what is obvious to the public- mobilize the football organizations to follow the framework for development- build internal support - right now by going after FIFA the optics iappeats to be focusing on loss of leadership divert that energy and demonstrate that you are about the betterment of TnT football.

Bring back regional rivalries  drum up communities to follow and support teams - let some of them power hungry pro league e ecutives who want political office haul arse you ent see how they braying on the outside

In my opinion at this time the game the players have the biggest stake in the future of our game not TTFA not anyone of the detractors- If money in a fu d could be generated to foster the development and support player development that will speak volumes - this TTFA versus FIFA  ought not to be the main focus

From an objective stand point , it would appear that WW was putting infrastructures in place to create a framework for a more cohesive national football program - even to having one of our  moderators as a " scout for talent,

These initiatives should not go  unnotice - The challenge with this framework was to how to effectively  implement, when a huge  dark cloud and burden of financial hardships continue to plague the operations of TTFA.

so as was mentioned by others-

A why could not FIFA work with the elected team to rectify the financial hardships
B- assist with the implementation of the infrastructure for a national overhaul to football programs?

This has to be an enigma of this whole process as it unfolded? The current Corvus situation is an opportune time to move with rectifying the financial side of things without being burden with mounting  operational cost

However what happens after the financial part is completed? What will the footballl infrastructure look like and is there a mechanism to transition the  former executive back in or does it require another sanctioned FIFA election?

I hope there is no former sports minister/ club owner hovering like a dog waiting for a bone.  We ought to have intellegient competent passionate football minded individuals who could lead us to a promise land and glory days of TnT football

To those former elected who have our football at heart- 5  ways to stay the course

Focus on Positive and on Purpose
Focus on the controllables
O pen up to the opportunity
Commit to purpose
Understand and practice Self Leadership
Saver the good

Doh waste good money on FIFA- ensure that there is a process to implementing a  sustainable framework for the development growth and succces on football in TnT and to all other blood suckers let dem haul  donkeys

Not withstanding speculation, politics, conspiracy theories, hypothesis, or any other private or hidden agenda,  what is are the implications of this action by FIFA ? Did we lose our focus on the game in all this?
  Is this move one to ensure:
A.  Financial and administrative competencies are in place to conduct the " business" of football in Tn T?
B What is the pass success of committees like this in resolving the situation in other countries?
C. Will FIFA assist the appointed committee in rectifying the debt and management of TTFA?

It never cease to amaze me that certain elected chair persons of TTFA were  struggling by the challenges of running profitable footballl clubs yet felt that the skills or competencies they possess could be  efficient to manage the nation's football.

This move by FIFA does tug at the ego and the optics of our abilities to take charge of our affairs. What has resulted here, is one compiled of years of ineptitude and mismanagement.
If in two years local appointed directors could rectify this situation then is this not an outcome that would benefit TnT?

I am astonished that for the sake of comparison within the region that a country like Haiti with an economy less flattering than ours is able to achieve success on the field in their National teams?
 How are they managing this ?

What is the role of our pro league executives in this? Pro league owners ar the end of the day is about making money and attempting to make a profit from the sport- is the love and deep desire for the game and the success of our national teams a priority? 

I grew up in an era prior to the pro league and suffice to say the national passion, regional rivarilies were unsurpassed to  community and national support for football.
The very structure that was suppose to support the growth and support the player may also be adding to the demise of our focus on the game in and of itself and the focus of those elected to safeguard it.

Today we are politicking the outcome and decision of FIFA - and yes  I too am shamed that it had to get to this stage but could we be objective and montitor the impact this may have on bringing back a focus on the game for TnT .

We need to wash our hands clean of this insidious virus which has been plaguing our football for decades- need  to isolate from corruption and kickbacks self politizing and grandstanding and distance ourselves from the detractors  . Focus on the game and revive a national passion for our country as a footballl nation. You can't just talk this it has to be instilled and be embedded in how we run our business  throughout each individual player to each club right up to the pro leagues and our TTFA.  We have to have a new normal not a constant rehashing of what was -  eradicate the virus from our football once and for all.
My two cents.

Football / Re: Jamaal Shabazz is new T&T football joint head coach
« on: December 20, 2019, 02:14:08 AM »
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

allyuh bawling, yuh ent see nothing yet...


Football / Re: Cultivating a professional football ethos in TNT
« on: December 20, 2019, 02:10:41 AM »
very good post alberta, real good players yuh call out dey, yuh 4gettin hardest ;D, jagdeosingh and tinto, but otherwsie very good list  :beermug: :applause:

Now the cultivation has to begin- like now
 We only have to climb up
We at the lowest now

Football / Re: restructuring of national football programs
« on: December 20, 2019, 02:00:04 AM »
If you are putting the focus only on U-17 and U-23  and above, is that going to really help us?

Is about time they listen-  6 years we talking about brings ng in this man

Football / Re: Jamaal Shabazz is new T&T football joint head coach
« on: December 20, 2019, 01:56:28 AM »
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

allyuh bawling, yuh ent see nothing yet...

Long time mansuggesting this man to be involved with the national team

Football / Re: Sourcing out Talented TnT expertise.....
« on: December 20, 2019, 01:52:03 AM »
Ent - six years later

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