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Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Mexico Game (15-Jul-2015)
« on: July 15, 2015, 09:17:47 PM »
I haven't been here in a while...but that was ONE OF THE BEST INTERNATIONAL GAMES I have ever seen far less one we were in involved in...

If someone have a link for that game to download..I want it

here's another view on why they pulled out:

Bunji/Fay Ann's Pullout: Good Business?
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" class="bbc_link bbc_flash_disabled new_win"></a>

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs Antigua Game (9-Dec-2012)
« on: December 09, 2012, 07:30:13 PM »
our only player is/was molino and they take him off a pack of chupidness out here

I think Molino had a bad game actually, he had numerous chances and wasted them all, including two one v ones with the keeper. Guerra's decision making/execution (even with the long range side footer) was far superior to Molino's.

Shame too, I expected a lot more from him.

Our finishing was poor in general. We controlled the first half but in the final third we didn't execute properly at all.

After Antigua's goal, the lack of experience/know how in this team showed. They panicked and never really got a hold of the game. It also didn't help that Antigua's players seemed to be miles faster than us.

We're not out though. A convincing win v Dom Republic will likely see us through on GD, no matter what happens in the Antigua Haiti game.

lol @ this thread.

Firstly, Chelsea's win will be remembered because of their luck and sheer amount of obstacles they had to overcome.

From the group stages this team was written off, they found a way to scrape through  their group versus Valencia.

Then after being soundly beaten in Italy by Napoli, they had their coached fired and a stop gap interim coach was hired and their turned out the performance of the season to turn back that 3-1 deficit. 4-1 win is in CL history. Who forgetting that for one?

Benfica was probably the only leg that may be a forgotten footnote.

But Barcelona? Who gonna forget that tie? That second leg?

2-0 down. Captain sent off for being a c**t. And you only other fit centre back already came off injured facing the best team in world at their back yard and Chelsea had the audacity to score the goal of the match.

You gonna forget Ramires chipping Valdes? Really?

You gonna forget Gary Neville breaking on himself when Fernando Torres round Valdes and score?

You gonna forget Drogba pulling a goal out his ass in 88th minute of the Champion's League final to send it to extra time?

If you gonna forget that, you don't like football.

Football / Re: El Clasico 2011 Real Madrid - Barcelona
« on: December 10, 2011, 09:02:17 PM »
Yet another Classico has come and gone . The much anticipated match up has gone the way of the world champions . What is notable is the fact that the Barca's victory came after the fastest goal ever scored in the classico was registered against them courtesy " el loco " Valdez. What is even more compelling is the fact that the victory was achieved in the house of Real Madrid !

I really prefer to  avoid Messi vs Ronaldo's discussions ...that goes along with Palos saying Messi " eh go win nothing ! " sometime ago. I am sure some epsom salts would have purged that thought from him long ago as I see he is a bit mote balanced now. Good job Palos ...keep taking those salts  ;D.

The discussion I would love to contribute to is the MOM ... ..Xavi stole the show for me today. When the team was down Xavi kept the supply up and the fluidity of the team eventually returned. While Iniesta then came into his own in the second half, Xavi was the team motivator today. anbody who has used a four wheel suitcase will understand if i describe his movement as such.

Messi gots lots of attention today but Xavi could not be contained..he was here there and everywhere . I would love to read what the experts have to say about his performance today.
As usual Morinho has got it wrong again vs Barca ..I notice he gets praise when he gets it right but some feel afraid ti comment when he gets it wrong. I guess we are from different schools of football. I much prefer the strengthen the middle when you need goals with your best poacher expected to do the trick. Morinho. like Maradona for Argentina is of the view that more attackers will do the job. It has not worked and will not work against Barca... a team which depends on a functioning midfield to keep their front players supplied and to cut off the opposing forwards from their suppliers.

Now my theory may not have worked against Barca gut it is yet to be tried so I would wait and see. I predict that unless a team swamps its middle it will perish against Barca's possession football...cut off the blood supply and the body dies is my philosophy and Real has the players to do just that. They have players with lungs but refuse to give them a go you had  Benzema , Higuain and Ronaldo  waiting up front for sporadic supply as the coach had taken off their suppliers .... the team was virtually asking the other 7 outfield players to play against the 10 of Barca all of whom were involved in the second half . eg. Marcelo was under so much pressure he could not play his usual attacking game ... while alves could !
So for me Morinho got his pieces in the wrong place on this puzzle ...while Pep, as usual, with so many options and great players, got his right.   

I don't think Mourinho got things so wrong tho..the fact is they had the chances to hang Barca today and they didn't take them. People are getting carried away at how easy Barca made it seem towards the end of the game, but Mou was right..the luck went with Barca at they took the opportunities when it mattered..tha's all.

Football / Re: Champions League Thread, 2011/2012
« on: December 07, 2011, 03:41:15 PM »
Walk in the park

HAHAHA @ City...  I still think they will win that group though but its good for United because it can affect their league performances... Chelsea and Arsenal have tricky groups too

f**k off haha

I hope your team really consider Benfica and Basle walks in the park, that way I''l enjoy it when alyuh get poison...

Remember where you heard it first ladies and gentlemen

Football / Re: Most muscular legs in football.
« on: October 05, 2011, 07:34:47 PM »
Lol.. thread title and wording of the original post is so completely wrong, but i get where he wanted to come from.. Maybe he shoulda put ah (no homo) to start with lol.

I saw Zanetti playing in a charity tournament in Chinatown a couple years back and trust me the first thing that will catch yuh attention is the size of his legs. It amazing just because yuh don't pick up on that from watching on TV, saddest built like ah truck!

Same thing with Roberto Carlos, most people who follow football would comment on the abnormal size of his legs, ain't nothing wrong with that.

If however, yuh watching game specifically to observe man legs, then yeah, check yuhself.

Actually Zanetti was one of the first people I thought over when i caught the gist of this thread..don't think I caught it watching a match live tho, but there was a picture in the newspaper of him about to tackle a man and I noticed how big his legs were.. no homo and pauses acknowledged..

Football / Re: Scotland announces international retirement
« on: September 29, 2011, 06:51:00 AM »
All the best to him...I really hope his decision wasn't inspired by some of our less informed fans yes...

Football / Re: EA Sports - FIFA 12
« on: September 29, 2011, 06:30:13 AM »
well I have ah attack3 joystick ah does have to do without some commands within meh reach to use dat but I dont mind, I will get killed if I try an use ps3 or 360 controller, I does play straight direct slice an' short pass, an' depend on speed of play to get by, no tricks except what it default wit d 360 degree movement  all I really close is short/long/through pass sprint an' shoot but fellas how d fuuck to saves penalty in dat never get d keeper to dive once yet

on ps3 to get the keeper to dive you have to use the right stick (the one you's use to beats)

Football / Re: The Tevez Affair
« on: September 28, 2011, 09:50:52 AM »
Is it possible that Tevez wanted out of City from since before the season start and perhaps is a case of Man City refusing to sell him, so he force dey hand yesterday?
i think it's that exactly, couple things to consider here. If Tevez played yday, he'd also be cup tied to Man City which would reduce his chances  of moving to another least in Europe...

Football / Re: Champions League Thread, 2011/2012
« on: September 27, 2011, 07:41:50 PM »
Walk in the park

HAHAHA @ City...  I still think they will win that group though but its good for United because it can affect their league performances... Chelsea and Arsenal have tricky groups too

f**k off haha

I hope your team really consider Benfica and Basle walks in the park, that way I''l enjoy it when alyuh get poison...

Man U fans..don't say i didn't warn y'all

Football / Re: Scotland is worth his weight
« on: September 26, 2011, 01:58:26 PM »
men like just cool don't often like to admit they wrong bout ppl elan, doh study it

Football / Re: Scotland is worth his weight
« on: September 23, 2011, 07:19:25 AM »
Since when Jason Scotland is not quality?  Only 3 or 4 men in the history of trinidad and tobago football can claim to score more goals on the same or higher level than him on a regular basis!!

Why allyuh like to hate on allyuh own so?
No body eh hatin dre, the fact is, the man doesn't show up for international duty. i rarely see scotty get into scorin position or even remotely attempt to break an offside trapp playing for T&T, the most i see from him is him takin shots from outside the box bc he's too slow too penetrate a defense.

Ah feel yuh shoulda ended yuh sentence right there.

Yeh tha's the thing, all the men who fighting down Scotland international performance  doh relally study that he's hardly ever get minutes for the national team. Since forever he's been down the pecking order in terms of other strikers. I never understood why people waste him down.

Football / Re: Most hated T&T player & Coach.
« on: September 14, 2011, 11:17:55 AM »
Tiger Fitz ...he throw away a one on one against d US



So who are your favourite T&T coaches? And which one(s) of them guided us to the hexagonal?

I real need to understand why people hate Porterfield in particular. Maturana i kinda get, never understood the hate for Porters.

Football / Re: Best Team on Paper?
« on: September 05, 2011, 01:45:05 PM »
The best team on paper is de team that qualified for the WC. So out of all we teams that went WC, the one that was most successful is the best team. Not just paper, but best team period. This game is about success, not nearly and coulda, daiz curling, use to be horse shoes.

Each team in their era had to deal with whoever they were given to play. If 1973 team get Brazil, Spain and Holland, then daiz what they had to deal with. If 1989 team get Crab Connection, Docs Khewalass, and Fatima, then daiz what they had to deal with.

The team that win the WC is the best team in the world, simple.

I concurrrrr...plain and what clda shld wlda....class of '06 did.

Question...if they didnt make it...wouldnt they ahve been contenders for the wlda shld  clda debate tooo!? :beermug:

Class of 06 did something else that no other sporting team from T&T ever did as far as I can remember.

The amount of adversity they overcame to qualify is a testament to their mental strength.

The campaign was practically over 3 games into qualifying.  Losing at home to USA, tekkin wood in Guatemala, and drawing 0-0 at home with Costa Rica.  Then Beenie came on, we beat Panama at home and ended up catching the 4th qualifying spot which earned us a home and away against Bahrain.  Went down a goal to Bahrain, only to score a late equaliser.  Going to Bahrain we were still underdogs but ended up beating them 1-0 in their backyard to qualify.

T&T sports teams always had some measure of ability, but the mental strength to fight through adversity and emerge victorious was something that consistently eluded us until the class of 06.  It was manifested to all and sundry against Guatemala at home when we were down 2-1 and came back to win dramatically 3-2.  A must win game that we won.  And to get that 4th spot, we had to win our remaining games against Panama away and Mexico at home, and we did just that.

06 all the way.

Yeh they did the exact opposite of the 01/02 team. The Hex picture was exactly the same, 1 point from 3 games. In fact in 06, it was worse bcuz we lost our first home game to the US then get rout in Guatemala! As oopsed to two tough away matches then a very commendable draw with 10 men against Mexico.

But the 02 side capitulated, whereas the 06 side rallied.
That 06 team struggle thru semis, struggle to the hex. it was really the mental toughness that set them apart. Even in Germany that toughness showed.

Football / Re: Best Team on Paper?
« on: September 02, 2011, 01:51:35 PM »
Who made up that 2001 team?

Stern, Yorke, Nixon, Dwarika, Pierre, Latas, Eve, Rahim, Carrington, Mason, Rougier, Lyndon Andrews, Marvin Andrews, Elcock, Avery John, Lawrence, Cox, Hislop and Ince.

Thanks Arazi,

Dais the bomb squad man raving about?  Ok

that squad was ranked 25th in the World at a point. ON MERIT. So i'll rave about them.

Football / Re: Best Team on Paper?
« on: September 02, 2011, 01:46:15 PM »
I agree I even made a thread about it back in the day... Pound for Pound that 2001 Squad was perhaps the strongest unit we had. We were so spoilt for choice Dwarika regularly came OFF the BENCH!

Just goes to show...there's no measure for desire, heart, and luck.

Yuh could have all de pound fuh pound yuh want....without dem 3 tings....yuh eh able.  As de 2001 team proved in spades.  Dem eh even get out of de qualifyin rounds.  And lorse AT HOME to a team dey had to hang.

Palos we was in de Hex...

what going on with you dese days... yuh mix up korea japan with france de other day too...

doh forget to take yuh seven seas cod liver oil on a morning

Is 92 ah mean.  Not 2001

Michael Maurice
Marvin Faustin
Dexter Francis
Kelvin Jones
Dexter Lee
Clayton Morris
Kerry Jamerson
Russell Latapy
Dwight Yorke
Leonson Lewis
Clint Marcelle

And dat jamaican team only had 2 players of note.....Paul "Teegat" Davis and a left footer whose name escapes me

tha's a solid squad too.. Marcelle was one of my favourite players.

Football / Re: Best Team on Paper?
« on: September 02, 2011, 01:44:39 PM »
I agree I even made a thread about it back in the day... Pound for Pound that 2001 Squad was perhaps the strongest unit we had. We were so spoilt for choice Dwarika regularly came OFF the BENCH!

Just goes to show...there's no measure for desire, heart, and luck.

Yuh could have all de pound fuh pound yuh want....without dem 3 tings....yuh eh able.  As de 1992 team proved in spades.  Dem eh even get out of de qualifyin rounds.  And lorse AT HOME to a team dey had to hang.

what you talking both? the 2001 team topped the semi-final group with Mexico and Canada. We qualified so easily we sent a makeshift semi-jokey side that Mexico properly ress 7 on.

We went in the Hex and from my estimation it was a tough opening sequence of matches (JA and Costa Rica away then Mexico at home) that was followed by indiscipline by our 'stars' Yorke and Latas before the Honduras game that derailed that campaign. And everybody blamed Porterfield.

back then I thought he was a bad coach but in retrospect, he was unfortunate.

Football / Re: Best Team on Paper?
« on: September 02, 2011, 01:39:21 PM »
Who made up that 2001 team?

Stern, Yorke, Nixon, Dwarika, Pierre, Latas, Eve, Rahim, Carrington, Mason, Rougier, Lyndon Andrews, Marvin Andrews, Elcock, Avery John, Lawrence, Cox, Hislop and Ince.

Football / Re: Best Team on Paper?
« on: September 02, 2011, 12:47:04 PM »
The best team on paper IMHO we ever had was that 2001 WC team that went to Kingston and lost 0-1...
We shlda never lose that game. We had 2 glaring misses in the first 15mins, then Marshall string up Shaka good and proper and we chase after that against a 10 man defense. Had we won that game, we would have built momentum and qualified for sure for the 2002 WC. This was the same core team that won the semi-final group of death destroying Panama and Canada and Mexico at home.....the same core team that went on that long unbeaten run in 99-00 and the same core team that beat Colombia and run Mexico to the ground in the Gold Cup that is still the most surreal game of football I have ever seen (we lost 0-4 but outplayed Mexico all game). This was the game that coach JW used to fire BSC and brought in Porterfield I think.

WRT our biggest threat to Brazil 2014, Honduras aint prove themselves as the next Costa Rica in the region yet. Aint too worried about them.

If we get past the semi final round, we will have eliminated Mexico or Costa Rica, thats the key.

Football aint played on paper, we matchup better vs mexico than Costa Rica or the US or even jamaica, as we always good for at least a point if not a win vs Mexico in POS.

Costa Rica is our big threat to qualifying, in this case, the semi final round....

I agree I even made a thread about it back in the day... Pound for Pound that 2001 Squad was perhaps the strongest unit we had. We were so spoilt for choice Dwarika regularly came OFF the BENCH!

Football / Re: Best Team on Paper?
« on: September 02, 2011, 12:43:32 PM »
The 05/06 version of Cyd Gray was de best. De 00/01 was de worst.

Coaching wise, ah would put 00 BSC before Porters.

I agree Cyd peaked in 05-06.

Why is Porterfield widely seen as a lesser coach than BSC is beyond me tho. His team did quite well even if you want to argue that he built on BSC's momentum, his teams were far more defensively sound than BSC's ever was!

Tell me why BSC is a better coach than Porterfield or are y'all going strictly by results? And even that is debatable.
I hearing a lot about this team being our best on paper since 2000 etc

I decided to try and compare World Cup qualifying squads. Some players easy because they just replacing themselves, but it not all that simple. For instance Dwight in 02 not competing with Dwight of 06, but with Stern.

Please note that this is just me trying to remember. I could be wrong about player positions, player strengths etc. Anybody who know better feel to correct thanks

First the coaches
Beenie 05-06 > Pfister 11-12 > Porters 00-01 >  BSC 00 >Simoes 01 > Pacho 08-09 > Latas 09/BSC 04-05
(I given Beenie the benefit of the doubt, but if you want to argue for Otto be my guest)

Ince 00-01 > Ince 04-06 = Ince 08-09
Shaka 00-01 > Shaka 04-06 > Phillips 08-09
Russell 00-01 < Jack 04-06 > Williams 08-09
Talles 00-01 > Talles 04-06 < Talles 08-09
Dog 00-01 > Dog 04-06 < Dog 09
 Cyd 01 > Cyd 05-06 < Cyd 08
Cox 00-01 > Cox 04-06 = Hislop 08-09
Blade 00-01 > Blade 04-06 > Blade 08-09

Latas 00-01 > Latas 05-06 > Latas 08-09
Dwarika 00-01 < Whitley 05-06
Nakhid 00 > Yorke 05-06 > Yorke 08-09 - this is debatable. Nahkid as much class as he was, didn't feature enough.
Rougier 00-01 < Rougier 05 = Leon 08-09 Rougier hardly figured in WCQ in 2005   
Eve 00-01 < Theobald 04-06 = Theobald 08-09 - The guy who should be here is Reynold Carrington
Wise 00-01 > Carlos 05-06 > Daniel 08-09 Eve should be the comparison here..he was the wide man out right.
Nixon 00-01 < Glen 04-06 < Glen 08-09
N. Pierre 00-01  = Scotland 04-06 =  Scotland 08-09 - Nigel Pierre is better than Scotland at international level
Yorke 00-01 > Jones 04-06 < Jones 09
Stern 01 < Stern 04-06 > Stern 08-09 - Stern in 2001 was LIGHTYEARS ahead of Stern in 05.

BSC (GC 2000)
XI: Ince - Elcock - Andrews - Shurland David - Rougier - Mason - Latapy - Nakhid - Eve - Dwarika - Yorke
Sub: Russell? Wise - Trotman - Rahim - Nixon - King

Porters (WCQ 2000)
XI:  Ince - Elcock - Andrews - Shurland David - Lawrence - Carrington - Latapy - Mason - Eve - Dwarika - Yorke
Sub: Hislop - Saunders - Rougier - Demmin - L. Andrews - Wise - Carlos - Nixon - N. Pierre - Glasgow - Sam

Porters (WCQ 2001)
XI:  Ince - Elcock- Andrews - Rougier - Lawrence - Carrington - Latapy - Rahim - Eve - Stern - Yorke
Sub: Hislop - Saunders - Mauge - Cox - Gray - - L. Andrews - Wise - Carlos - Trotman  - Dwarika - N. Pierre

BSC (WCQ 2004)
XI:  Keeper - KJ - Andrews - Sancho - Lawrence - Rojas - Dwarika - Rahim - Eve - McFarlane- Stern
Sub: Keeper - Cox - Spann - A.John - Boucaud - Theobald - Nixon - Glen - Sealy  - Sam - Scotland
BSC (WCQ 2005)
XI:  Keeper - KJ - A.Pierre - Sancho - Lawrence - Rojas - Fitzpatrick - Carlos - Eve - Yorke- Stern
Sub: Keeper - Charles - Spann - Henry - Andrews  - Rougier - Theobald - Glen -King - Sam - N. Pierre
Beenie (WCQ 2005)
XI: Jack - Spann - Andrews - Lawrence - A. John - Birchall - Whitley - Latapy - Carlos -Yorke - Stern
Sub: Hislop - Gray - Charles - Sancho - Cox - Samuel - Latapy - Theobald - Scotland - Glen - Jones
Beenie (WC 2006
XI: Jack - Gray - Sancho - Lawrence - A. John - Birchall - Whitley - Theobald - Carlos -Yorke - Stern
Sub: Hislop - Andrews - Charles - Wise - Cox -  Samuel- Latapy - Wolfe - Scotland - Glen - Jones
Pacho (WCQ 2008)
XI: Ince - Gray - K. Thomas - Lawrence - John/Aklie - Birchall - Yorke - Daniel - Carlos - Theobald/Latapy - Glen
Sub: Phillips - S. Spann - Hislop - Hyland - Leon - Telesford - Leon - Baptiste - Toussaint - Wolfe - Scotland
Pacho (WCQ 2009)
XI: Ince - Wolfe - K. Thomas - Lawrence - Aklie - Birchall - Leon - Daniel - Carlos - Stern - Jones
Sub: Williams - S. Spann - Hislop - Hyland - Leon - Yorke - Glen - Latas - Scotland
Latas (WCQ 2009)
XI: Ince - Carlos - Lawrence - Andrews - Abu Bakr - Spann - Leon - Tinto - Yorke- Daniel - Trent - Jones
Sub: Phillip - Hislop - Cupid - Thompson - Theobald, Birchall, Glen, Baptiste, Hector,  Scotland, Jorsling

Maturana is also a better coach than me

Cricket Anyone / Re: Navin Stewart
« on: September 02, 2011, 12:11:13 PM »
TT selectors may live to regret not picking Navin Stewart for the Airtel Championships in India starting in September,he is a proven 20/20 player and should be in before Emrit or Gabriel.Ramdin has not stepped up since his recent demise and is a wasted selection when Perkins,Bravo and Simmons can keep,surely another allrounder like Kanhai,another bowler or batsman would be a better option than Ramdin.

I  fine that Stewart is always over looked.  ???

i'd have a look at him as a lower order hitter but his bowling imo does not warrant him a place ahead of Emrit of Gabriel. I'd wager that Emrit is perhaps more reliable with bat than him as well albeit not as explosive. But seeing as there's no Pollard or Dwayne Bravo, i'm a bit concerned about our lack of lower hitters with his exclusion.

Usain bolt looked awesome in his heat............sorry Ato, he aint coming 3rd, he winning on ah canter!

people said the same thing about Darrel Brown in the nationals a few weeks the final that counts dan..

Football / Re: Khaleem Hyland to face Chelsea.
« on: August 26, 2011, 06:58:14 AM »
hope yuh get ah sweat...but seriously why iz tis news...i understand if he playing again ah big team like Liverpool...but Chelsea...steups please

Iz like QRC again St.Augustine/Eldo/Arima

Steups. QRC>>>>Liverpool

Football / Re: Champions League Draw 2011/2012
« on: August 25, 2011, 12:05:29 PM »
Walk in the park

HAHAHA @ City...  I still think they will win that group though but its good for United because it can affect their league performances... Chelsea and Arsenal have tricky groups too

f**k off haha

I hope your team really consider Benfica and Basle walks in the park, that way I''l enjoy it when alyuh get poison...

Football / Re: Who boasts the strongest team in the Caribbean?
« on: August 23, 2011, 01:15:07 PM »
Hmm... I think is Dominica.

Football / Re: Genk vs Haifa (Hyland Starting)
« on: August 18, 2011, 12:21:46 PM »

What! Defensively or offensively he still had very little impact on the game. I didn't stutter. Defensively, he almost cost his team what would have been a third goal(would have been 2 in the whole).

By the way, I've been a big fan of Khaleem since his days at Jabloteh. I thought he, Atullah, and Peltier would have been like the 3 amigos on some big team somewhere in Europe but it didn't work out for some reason or the other.
I know he prides himself on playing from box to box, but his offensive game was lacking and slightly on the woeful side in yesterday's game. I expected a lot more from him in terms of a better offensive performance because I know he is capable of it.

Defensive mids are not just defenders of the ball. They play offense as well. Players like Xabi Alonso of RM, Michael Essien of Chelsea, and YaYa Toure of Man City are some of your more modern day defensive mids, just to name a few, with vision and an offensive game. They will score on you if you fall asleep on them and Khaleem is no different in the sense that he has a wicked shot and he will score on you if you fall asleep on him.

Deese honestly I can't comment cuz I didn't see the game.

but I reading other reports and I reading your comment and drawing the conclusion from your comments that Hyland didn't have a good game because he was not a spark offensively. Making out the bad tackle he made doesn't change the tone of your post, which seems to suggest because he didn't go forward enough or he didn't take on he had a bad game.

It doesn't help that most outlets I've read state he had a tidy game where he spread the ball and covered good ground in the middle third (mostly defensively). Now interpreting this, I'm guessing Hyland played a deeper defensive role and his role was to link the play, not be a catalyst for offense.

Mind you while doing this, he had two shot attempts, one good enough to be mentioned in the UEFA match report.

So which one is it? He played badly as a midfielder in general or he played his role but you didn't like his impact on the game?

Football / Re: Theobald to carry captain's armband versus India.
« on: August 18, 2011, 08:22:44 AM »
Obviously ah big coach must recognize big talent! When I talk people does ball I is ah fanatic...but ah want somebody to interview Otto and hear what he have to say bout bleeder! He is ah very good fitballer!

I was planning to write this from the time I see he make the side but now that he is captain, it make even more sense.

I will never criticise Bleeder for anything that not related to his play in a specific match ever again.

The man now is set to have his 78th cap for the National Team. He has been selected by 6 coaches, (Morris, BSC, Beenie, Wim, Anton and Latas) over 9 years, He has played 16 world cup qualifiers, 6 Gold Cup Games, and 3 World Cup Games. He is best poised barring injury to be the next player to join T&T's century club where only three other players have reached. And this is not the first time a coach has entrusted  him with the armband..

The man either has something everybody but kiffysmooth ent seeing, or we truly and really haven't had much better than him for the better part of 10 years. Either way I can't hate on him for that. Go brave (b)leeder...

I was thinking this since yesterday.

Dem Coaches must really be seeing something.


he will do fine if dey partner him wit somebody dynamic and a bit brave,  if dey pair 'im wit somebody like hughton hector or other attack minded mid, it could work, if dey use somebody like Clyde leon not so sure......................and I not just ragging in Clyde for no good reason....he and Densil should not be on d field at d same time unless we close up shop and defending or something

and I stand by dat who vex loss

I agree with you, I personally think if you playing Leon you need a mobile CM partner. I personally think a Birchall-Leon combo or even a Hector is a better fit.

As for Bleeder, he has a great eye for the pass, just sometimes when you really need him to pull it off he freezes.

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