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Football / Re: Clayton Ince
« on: May 10, 2006, 08:38:54 AM »
Ince is still T&T number one in my opinion. That is the man who should be between the sticks.

i totally agree only shaka in his prime is a better keeper in our camp. he kept in one game in our qualfiers and kept a clean sheet against costa rica.

Football / Re: All those against argentina !
« on: May 03, 2006, 07:04:13 AM »

the only team that until recently (confed cup) had a better win to losses record against Brazil!!!
has won the Copa america more than Brazil!!!
the only team that has a squad that can truly match up with brazi man for man
my favourite team since 1994 world cup when i first saw dem play!!!
2002 was hard lucck... i figga dat coupled with that confed cup loss gonna make this side extra hungry!!! i hadda admit if brazil play like they did in dat confed cup final NOBODY COUD BEAT THEM buh if not...


look at big players
Kily Gonzales
Heinze (he coming back doh worry)

den it have fringe men like...
Milito (zaragoza)
Rosales (ajax)

and it have men like Ortega who say he still wah sweat
this is my side, alongside t&t - this is my side

Football / Re: Bayern Munich striker in Peru squad to face T&T.
« on: April 11, 2006, 11:33:32 AM »
i thought solano had say he was willing to come out of retirement d other day.. anyway farafn shud tach our boys some valuable lessons b4 the world cup, bring 10... i kinda interested who's d local players who go play for da grenada game

Football / Re: The MLS is no good for T&T players
« on: April 11, 2006, 11:29:26 AM »
The MLS is no good for T&T players will say this until the MLS prove me wrong lets start with Cornell Glen this guy is fast skillful and with enough time he could be one of the best strikers in that league but because of how this league do business its hard to keep players and build a good team its seem like they only focus on local talent prime example Carlos Ruiz was one of the league most lethal strikers when the pick and All STAR team to play Real Madrid he was left out they treat him like crap. Because they want there American players to shine and not foreigners they did the same thing with Mamado Deahlo ist seems like they have an unwritten policy for foreigners (non US players shall not be stars in our league)

      That’s just a couple of examples Andy Williams from Jamaica has play for every team in the league I think the most he ever play for team was two years the reason for this is the teams have a salary cap and they rather play a rookie who make 20 thousand a year than an international who ask for more money so all they do is trade him every year and that’s what go to happen to Glenn if he care about his career he would live the MLS.



Bally, this is a topic I will continue to get myself involved in. You made some relevant points. This is my 2 cent on the situation.

I do not think it have much to do with fighting down a player. There are many international players in the league that are very successful. How come to don't hear of these players being traded or kicked out as much as our players? The MLS and more so the A-League loves to go after Jamaican players. I wonder why?

Trinidadians are naturally talented. I would always share that view. We love skill and are very skillful. However, most of us are very lazy and not that technical. The lazy aspect of our game may stem from all sorts of reasons but the lack of technical ability, can be due to our poor youth programs.

The Jamaicans continue to be a favorite of caribbean players for MLS teams and A-League teams because they work very hard and are naturally very aggressive. Trinidadians on the other hand like skills (which is nothing wrong with that) but we seem to ignore or don't possess the other aspects of their game.

Glenn's failure (constant trading) comes from him not producing the goods. That is, goals!!! Scott Seally is not a fancy player but he scores and works very hard on and off the field. Once he continues to do this he would remain with Kansas and develop his game.

For the most part, coaches do not like to have to deal with foriegn players and the immigration problems. Therefore, that's why they try to find as much local talent as possible. As for the salary cap issue, if a player is worthy of getting 20,000 or 250,000 then they would get it.

I would like for you to recommend a league that our players should go too or be successful in? I think  Palos round it up very nicely for me as well.

that man make rel sense... i remember a article had say once... an american coach watch the trinidadians  nd said the trinis have it in the feet but not they brain...

Football / Re: The MLS is no good for T&T players
« on: April 11, 2006, 11:27:16 AM »
i agree 100%, i never feel anything good will come out of a mls contract for any of our players.. i find in some cases it does stun dey growth... i doh even like d fact that our players does sign for lower leagues in england... the truth is they generally don't respect our players, if we were brazilians or sumtin we'd a get more sweat and more lucrative deals, imagine a flicking shitsnake like rockemback actually get to play for barca!!! why because he's a damn brazilian who look like he could kick ball (doh mind he playing some good ball for boro rite now)

Football / Re: Watch this argument on Yorke
« on: April 07, 2006, 10:49:03 AM »
^^^^ technically dey right he did score d goal that won dem the treble but the english never really gave yorke the props he truly deserved... he should have won player of the year instead of ginola, what did tottemham do that season???
the becks/yorke combination was a devious one-two punch i agree, but the yorke/cole understanding was amazing...yorke probably set up more goals for man u in dat season dat most ppl realise...
i actually think beckham has become a better playe rthis season in real in that he has become a more well rounded player, but he has never has been as effective as he was inthat yorke era...

Football / Re: Ten reasons Brazil won't win the World Cup
« on: April 04, 2006, 09:14:38 AM »
I was never a Brazil fan, am not one now, and will NOT to be one in the future.

Argentina is my team Loooong time.  Since 1984.

With that in mind, I cyah lie, Brazil has a nice team this World Cup.  The choices that Pareirra has at his disposal can make you dizzy.  But that is precisely why they are NOT winning the World Cup this rounds.  Too many stars, too many big names, too many egos. 
Dida is a mess right now, and the left and right back sketchy at best in their old age.  The ball winner in Emerson eh looking that good either, so who tackling in the midfield?  Pretty boy Ronaldinho?  no way.  Nice man Kaka?  atall.  Robinho like he need some porrige, fus he maga.

Sorry fellas, this is not Brazil year.
especially after that 4-1 they get in conederations cup, they have an extra special reason to turn dinho smile into a frown....
now as far as i recall EMERSON DID NOT PLAY IN THE LAST WORLD CUP... he was supposed to be skipper or sumtin and got injured right before the tournament and was replaced by Gilberto Silva who impressed thus gaining his contract with Arsenal.. i could be wrong tho...

Football / Re: world cup performance doesnt really mean much??
« on: March 31, 2006, 02:00:32 PM »
to a point, it had many players who shone brightly at d world cup and thereafter barely do anything like a el hadji diouf, truth be told i didn't find he was all dat for senegal but he get rate for his performance and to date has done nothing significant in epl, however, to shine at world cup, the biggest stage should say alot about your mettle so i not completely in agreement

Football / Re: Portsmouth sign D'Alessandro
« on: January 31, 2006, 01:52:05 PM »
buh on a real why whitley eh get a bligh yet, buh d'alessandro is a big one, he had outshine saviola for me in that 2001 under 20 cup a couple years backs, he's a rel boss, every time i get a new fifa i does sign him...

Football / Re: Angus Eve Calls It A Day
« on: January 31, 2006, 01:42:50 PM »
this rel hurting me, angus is one my favourite players period. it was jus last week i was telling this man in outta d blue dat he in d squad, i really think dat he could still make beenhakker side. he is the best right side crosser we have and is very good in dead ball situations. steups at least he making the selection process little easier..

Football / Re: Left footed players
« on: December 29, 2005, 06:15:41 PM »
my choices for the left are Colin Samuel and Nigel daniel of jabloteh

Colin Samuel at his best is phenomenal, i i think he is somewhat adaptable buh i rel just want on the left midfield

as for Nigel daniel, he had a rel quite year this year, buh i rel liek him, ever since he WCQ 2002 when he play against d US, i say he's one for d future, he could play defense and midfield and he is a dead ball specialist. Something d team need.

the rest - Rojas/Fitzpatrick bought are incomplete, tho i more likely to give Rojas a second chance than tiger tho..

Wise - he's Trinidad version of denilson, he does nothing buh entertain

Jloyd, i actually want to give him a chance, his experience in the EPL would be an asset and i doubt he was on the cusp of england team by flux

the up and coming

Julius James, i saw him play in a couple college games and for those games he look easilly the best player on the fields and i remeber him being the prequel to Kevon Neeves back in Anthony's. Definitely a national player to come and team 2001 player.

Hayden Tinto? after finally retiring from ssfl after 22 years in the league at Malick, he may be a overlooked option, tho he's not known for his defensive capabilties

buh i rel feel Avery John rel safe at that left back position

Football / Re: Chelsea Dominance
« on: December 29, 2005, 01:31:07 PM »
It's easy to say that chelsea's dominance is very similar to man u's, but it's not at least in man u's time some teams used to actually seem to be able to beat man u. but i actually think the premiership is full of better teams than during man u's era, is just that mourinho is exposing the EPL for the weak league it is by outhinking everyone and possessing a well assembled squad. Now as for Chelsea being unattractive, i do not agree, when they want to they grind it out, when they want too they can blow out teams, i fondly remeber when they dumped Bolton 4-1 or sumtin, Bolton was rel fighting down a 1-o half time lead and Chelsea basically tell dem "DOH REV" and score like 3 goals in 8 minutes and completely dominate the second half, how could a side dat destroy the European Champions Liverpool 4-0 be boring? the money issue is another part of it, this gives chelsea a definite advantage buh on the same coin chelsea never sought out the very best players in every position but bought solid players who work well and it's paying off. Lampard, terry and gallas are very important to the Chelsea team and they were there b4 Moruinho and abramhovic. They're a class team and the only team i really believe is better than them will be playing them in champion's league in february...

Football / Re: Is Birchall really our "player to watch"?
« on: December 29, 2005, 01:04:48 PM »
Birchall, is FAR from our player to watch, he may evolve into a great but right now he rel incomplete, other than his outside shooting, this dude is kinda overrated. I'm not his biggest fan, but i'm not a hater as well, when he plays he gives his all, that's something that's missing from some of our players. But he is very incomplete, his passing especially in the final third leaves a lot to be desired. He himself admitted that even though he scored against Bahrain, he didn't have a good game.
As for the Stern John haters,  >:( i rel eh know, all u fools act like Stern John career start last year or sumthing or he magically end up wid 64 goals in 91 games. And for  all those that say he must be score half of dem agianst shit side in Caribbean Cup and ting, wrong! Chew on this - the side Stern John has actually scored the most against is Honduras ( not exactly a shit side right?). heres the stats on the man: http://www.rsssf.com/miscellaneous/john-intlg.html

As for our player to watch: it rel between Aurtis or Carlos
i done say Getafe going and sign carlos after World Cup...

Football / Re: Foreign born players.
« on: December 27, 2005, 10:58:44 AM »

10. Name atleast 10 current T&T players.

Not much trinis outside this site can name 10 players

sad and very very true....

Football / Re: Denzil Theobald signs for Falkirk
« on: December 22, 2005, 01:33:09 PM »
He looks up the Latapy, so this must be like a dream come true for him. I like this dude, he was one the few local midfielders who seems to observe what's happening in the game and tries to adjust accordingly, i could see him evolving into a big one.
Rahim was released last year, but i think he's with a club in sweden or somehwere round there...

Football / Re: T&T vs England
« on: December 22, 2005, 01:28:23 PM »
Trinidad & Tobago upsets the English 3-2
Nuremburg, Gemany.

In what could be the upset of tournament, The tiny Caribbean nation pipped the world cup second favourites in a highly spirited game yesterday. The english started strongly, and it was no suprise that they took the lead in 25th minute via a trademark Frank Lampard strike from just outside the penalty which left West Ham custodian Shaka Hislop with no chance. The English continued to pile the pressure on the Trinidadians with both Rooney and Gerrard being denied by inspired saves by Hislop. Just as it seemed that the English would take their one goal advantage to the half, the Trinidadians struck somewhat against the run of play in the 43rd. After some good work from the outstanding Aurtis Whitley, Stern John took down his lob pass at the edge of the area and lay it off for Chris Birchall who, not too dissimilar from Lampard's earlier strike, buried it into the top left corner. Taking momentum from this into the second half the Trinidadian's started brightly with ex-Manchester United star Dwight Yorke coming close, with John Terry scrambling away his effort off the line after keeper Paul Robinson managed to get a touch to slow its' path to goal. The Trini exuberance seemed to be quelled after Joe Cole outfoxed T&T defender Cyd Gray, then squaring to Rooney for a well taken goal. The second English goal seemed to spur the islanders as veteran midfielder Russell Latapy caused no end of torment to the English defence creating chnaces for Yorke, John and second half sub Collin Samuel. But it was a clever piece of work by Trinidadian winger Carlos Edwards, who enjoyed the better of his numerous duels with Ashley Cole, that allowed Dwight Yorke to score a trademark diving header. Both teams went after a potetially game winning goal thereafter, with Gerrard striking the upright and Stern John managing to steer his shot over from close range. John would get redemption in the 78th though, in what will considered one of the most bizarre if not spectacular goals of the tournament. After some more good work from the wily Latapy, Whitley had a shot on goal, it was deflected by Terry amazingly onto the back of a bewildered Rio Ferdinand apparently up and over T&T striker Stern John, who had the presence of mind to attempt a lunging left foot volley on the turn which looped into the back of the net at the far post. Stunned by this, the English went all out for an equalizer with Lampard, Cole and Owen all coming close. Wayne Rooney ended all English hopes of a comeback in the 87th when he vented his frustation on Trinidadiian substitute Brent Sancho, earning a second yellow card for a late tackle on the defender who was instumental in protecting Trinidad's slender lead. At the full time whistle, the T&T celebrated as if they had won the World Cup. WIth a second round place looking more probable, they may have a better chance of doing it than the English who face the tricky Swedes next.

This would be a dream if it happened I don't know what would happen...

Football / Re: Aurtis Whitley gets New Year trial in England.
« on: December 22, 2005, 10:23:28 AM »
i really hope he makes it, currently my favourite national player... hbope portsmouth use him as an attacking midfielder, they do need goals to stay up in the prem...

Football / Re: Stern John reportedly a target for Paris St. Germain
« on: December 22, 2005, 10:07:40 AM »
i'm not sure about this... PSG is a famed club... I don't really see him breaking into the first team ther buh i would love to see him go there, i belive the french 1st divison>>> Leagu championship in england and the playing style in france is better for playeres from the western hemisphere, players then get accustomed to European play there... I think Dinho used to play for them too... If it's true, i hope it works for him and more importantly he gets more playing time/ goals..

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