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Football / Re: 2013 CONCACAF U-17 Women's Championship Thread.
« on: November 07, 2013, 06:14:01 PM »
The Yankees is knocked out. I can rest peacefully now.
Not yet... I think there are 3 team qualifying, so they still can be the 3rd place winner

General Discussion / Re: Obamacare is it good |bad | somewhere in between
« on: November 01, 2013, 10:06:06 AM »
The Washington Post reporting today that in the first 24 hours of going live the website had 4.7M visitors and only 6 people get through to enroll.
What does that mean?

Football / Re: 2013 Secondary Schools Football League Thread.
« on: October 31, 2013, 07:24:32 AM »
7th heaven for St Augustine girls
By Ian Prescott (Express).

North champs Bishop’s Anstey High School Port of Spain were no match for St Augustine Secondary, who got a first half hat-trick from Laurelle Theodore to win their one-sided BGT&T/First Citizens Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Girls’ “Big-Four” semi-final 7-0 yesterday at Larry Gomes Stadium, Arima.

On Monday, St Augustine will meet newly-crowned South league champions Fyzabad Secondary, who advanced to the final with a 3-1 penalty shootout victory over Tobago winners Bishop’s High School, following a 0-0 draw in the opening semi-final on Monday.

Striker Theodore was a terror and netted a total four goals yesterday, before she was substitute in the 69th with the match already well wrapped up. The contest was essentially over by the end of the first half with the “Green Machine” leading by four unanswered goals.

Theodore completed the hat-trick by end of the first half, the best of her three goals saw her race past her marker in the box, before putting the ball low past Bishop’s ‘keeper Whitney Griffith for St Augustine’s fourth goal in the 37th minute. Theodore opened the scoring in the 17th, and also put in a free-kick with her knee for her second in the 30th. Ana Williams also netted for Gustine in the 22nd to make the score 2-0 at that stage.

St Augustine kept up the pressure in the second half, but Bishop’s put up a better fight. Theodore eventually broke them again with her fourth goal in the 61st, when beating the Griffith to the ball.

With Theodore off, St Augustine did not have quite the same bite up front, but still got two more goals, as Bishop’s also gave their second goalie a run. Ke’die Johnson headed in a corner-kick in the 73rd to make it 6-0 and Niaomee Guerra beat the substitute Bishop’s keeper Rowaldo James from long range for a seventh in the 80th minute.

Again, the Express is saying that Fyzabad Secondary progress and it was instead Bishop's Tobago.
Laughable!  :rotfl:

« on: October 29, 2013, 06:20:18 PM »
Not even November and Arsenal season over...better luck next year :beermug:
Yuh lookin for company? Keep looking! ;D

Football / Re: 2013 Secondary Schools Football League Thread.
« on: October 29, 2013, 06:18:47 AM »
Spoke to Bishop's Manager after the match. Bishop's won on penalties.
0-0 regulation... 3-1 on penalties

Football / Re: 2013 U-20 Women Thread.
« on: October 27, 2013, 06:57:21 PM »
Jamaica 1 vs T&T 0

General Discussion / Re: Internet Service Providers in T&T
« on: October 27, 2013, 07:14:16 AM »
Ok fellas, I eh techie like all yuh so ah cyar post up de pic like that.....but I have 5 MBps and my test came back at 10......whoo hoo!!   :wavetowel: :party: :cheers: :cheers:

Anybody still using fall asleep Blink??   ::)  ::)
Yeah we have to over here :cursing:

Football / Re: 2013 U-20 Women Thread.
« on: October 25, 2013, 07:46:14 PM »
Princesses!!!! Super !!!!
So far, so pleased!

Football / Re: CHELSEA FOREVER! - Home of the Champions!
« on: October 19, 2013, 01:52:19 PM »
The referee and his assistant blew the call on Chelsea's first goal... It was a foul by Eto'o

Football / Re: 2013 U-20 Women Thread.
« on: October 18, 2013, 02:25:36 AM »
U-20 women kick off CFU round vs Anguilla.
By Shaun Fuentes (TTFA).

LAST NAME  FIRST NAME Shirt #  Date of Birth  Position Played  Club Height

HRISTIAN SHANTELLE 1 29.11.95 GK Real Dimension 5'5"
PALMER TENESHA 21 16.09.94 GK St. Anns Rangers 5'5"
FINDLEY DANIELLA 8 14.08.94 DF Civic Centre Pioneers 5'7"
WARRICK JONELLE 17 14.03.95 DF Trincity Nationals 5'4"
GIBBS CHELSEA 14 03.02.94 FW St. Augustine S.C. 5'1"
CAMPBELL PATRICE 9 02.07.94 MF St. Augustine S.C. 5'4"
DAVID OTISHA 5 13.12.95 DF St. Augustine S.C. 5'
LEANDER TSAIANNE 10 29.12.96 FW Tobago All Stars 5'4"
HENRY SUBRINA 3 20.01.96 DF Tobago All Stars 5'3"
HENRY SHENELLE 13 13.03.94 MF Real Dimension 5'
WALKER ANIQUE 19 04.02.95 FW Central F.C. 5'
DEBESETTE KHADISHA 6 06.01.95 DF La Brea All Stars 5'4"
DEBESETTE KHADIDRA 11 06.01.95 FW La Brea All Stars 5'4"
PHILLIP TKEYAH 2 17.07.95 DF La Brea All Stars 5'2
WILSON JENNETTE 15 10.06.94 FW Central F.C. 5'2"
POPE LEAH 4 21.01.96 MF St. Anns Rangers 5'8"
GUERRA NAOMIE 18 01.06.96 MF St. Augustine S.C. 5'2"
JONES ASHA 16 24.04.94 FW St. Anns Rangers 5'
CAMEJO SHANISA 12 15.01.95 MF Central F.C. 5'
SPARKS AKILAH 7 01.07.94 MF Central F.C. 5'2
Hoyte Sanchez Lyndell Manager     
Browne Izler Head Coach     
Sarjeant Desiree Ann Assistant Coach     
Johnson Terry Equipment Manager     
Ince Clayton GK Coach     
Taylor Michael Physiotherapist     
Theophilus Stefan Trainer     
O'Brien Sharon

Football / 2013 U-20 Women Thread.
« on: October 17, 2013, 07:41:32 PM »
Any update on this team please?

U-20 Soca Princesses squad

Goalkeepers: Shanteelle Christian (Real Dimension), Tenesha Palmer (St Ann’s Rangers).

Defenders: Daniella Findley (Civic Centre Pioneers), Jonelle Warrick (Trincity Nationals), Otisha David (St Augustine), Subrina Henry (Real Dimension), Khadisha Debesette (La Brea All Stars), Tkeyah Phillip (La Brea All Stars).

Midfielders: Akilah Sparks (Central FC), Shanisa Camejo (Central FC), Naomie Guerra (St Augustine), Leah Pope (St Ann’s Rangers), Shenelle Henry (Real Dimension), Patrice Campbell (St Augustine).

Forwards: Chelsea Gibbs (St Augustine), Tsaianne Leander (Tobago All Stars), Anique Walker (Central FC), Khadiddra Debesette (La Brea All Stars), Jennette Wilson (Central FC), Asha Jones (St Ann’s Rangers).

Technical staff: Izler Browne (coach), Desiree Ann Sarjeant (assistant coach), Clayton Ince (goalkeeper coach), Lyndelle Hoyte Sanchez (manager), Terry Johnson (equipment manager), Michael Taylor (physiotherapist), Stefan Theophilus (trainer).

Football / Re: Thread for the T&T vs New Zealand Game (15-Oct-2013).
« on: October 15, 2013, 08:12:53 PM »
We play good?  Sounded like we had a few chances

Click on the stream link about. 40 min left delayed

Thank for the stream boss
:beermug:  :beermug:

Football / Re: 2013 Secondary Schools Football League Thread.
« on: October 15, 2013, 06:42:28 AM »
Speyside stay out front in Tobago.
T&T Express Reports.

Life overcame Signal Hill 3-1.

Tobago Zone

Team   GP   W   D   L   GD   Pts
Speyside   11   8   2   1   25   26
Mason Hall   11   7   1   3   15   22
Scarborough   10   5   4   1   10   19
Roxborough   10   5   3   2   9   18
Pentecostal L&T   11   3   3   5   -10   12
Signal Hill    11   2   3   6   -3   9
Bishop’s High   11   2   3   6   -10   9
Goodwood   11   1   1   9   -36   4

 ??? ???  What going on wid mih alma mater??   :'( :'(
It is the fissure between Bertille and Coaching School

Football / Re: Fenwick hits out at flood of foreign imports
« on: October 07, 2013, 05:58:31 PM »
Sam, I think Chinnas was originally a Jabloteh player in PYM before going to Malvern.
    Don't worry with Sam nah,Dwarika,Chinanas,Oliver,Hector Sam,Roderick Gibbs etc etc are all Jabloteh born and bred,i talking with diapers on.

I am from San Juan they are all from my neighborhood,i used to have Summer Camps with all of them,i started Jabloteh.

I am not saying Fenwick eh help nobody but don't take away credit from the local Coaches who helped these guys from day one,before Fenwick came here where our players was coming from?
I don't know where all this coming from. I thought it was just TT style mindgame before the derby.  :frustrated:

Football / Re: 2013 Secondary Schools Football League Thread.
« on: October 03, 2013, 05:02:56 AM »

Tobago Zone
Speyside 6 (Brandon Benjamin 3, Weah Adams 2, Marcus Caesar), Signal Hill 2
Mason Hall 2, Scarborough 3
Roxborough 3 (Kasheem Webb, Mihirie Malchan, Kyle George), Bishop’s High 0
Goodwood 1, Pentecostal L&L 0

Football / Re: Who know all de community fields in T&T?
« on: September 26, 2013, 10:11:23 AM »
This is by no means a comprehensive list, and there may be some duplicates or incorrect names, but it's a start.

A. P. T. James Park Recreation Ground, (Scarborough)???
Bon Accord Recreation Ground, (Bon Accord)
Belle Garden Recreation Ground
Bloody Bay Recreation Ground
Calder Hall Recreation Ground

Carnbee-Mt. Pleasant Recreation Ground, (Mt. Pleasant)
Castara Recreation Ground
Charlotteville Recreation Ground, (Charlotteville)
Dusty Park (Hope)
Goodwood Recreation Ground
Louis d’Or Recreation Ground, (Louis d’Or, Parish of St. Paul)
Lucy Vale Recreation Ground, (Lucy Vale near Speyside)
Mason Hall Recreation Ground, (Mason Hall)
Montgomery Recreation Ground
Moriah Recreation Ground
Mt. Grace Recreation Ground
Mt. Pleasant Recreation Ground
Mt. St. George Recreation Ground, (Mt. St. George)
Plymouth Recreation Ground, (Plymouth)
Richmond Recreation Ground
Roxborough Recreation Ground
Scenic Park Recreation Ground, (Scarborough)???
Shaw Park Recreation Ground, (Government Farm)
Speyside Recreation Ground
Table Piece Recreation Ground (Les Coteaux)


Football / Re: 2013 Secondary Schools Football League Thread.
« on: September 26, 2013, 04:27:48 AM »
Doc, the Bishop High v Goodwood fixtrures, was it played ?
I'll try to find out , but we had reps from BHS here, so they may provide an update as well :)

Football / Re: 2013 Secondary Schools Football League Thread.
« on: September 26, 2013, 03:46:50 AM »
‘Gustine’ drop points
By Kern De Freitas (Express).

Tobago Zone

Scarborough 2(Shaquille Vincent 21st, LaShawn Roberts 83rd) Pentecostal Light &Life 0

Speyside 4 (Brandon Benjamin 2, Weah Adams, Malique Lewis) Roxborough 1 (Kasheem Webb)

Mason Hall 4 Signal Hill 1
Scorers added above.

Football / Re: Caps pummel Couva West...Goals fly in Central
« on: September 22, 2013, 08:40:20 AM »
Caps pummel Couva West...Goals fly in Central
T&T Express

Tobago Zone
Mason Hall 5 vs Goodwood 0
Pentecostal Light and Life 0 vs Speyside 5 (Brandon Benjamin, Weah Adams, Malique Lewis, Simeon Skeete, Marcus Caesar)
Bishop’s High 0 vs Scarborough 3 (Delland Harris 28th; Caleb Douglas 60th, 84th)
Roxborough 3 (Mihirie Malchan, Khalil Thomas pen, Jahmali Gordon) vs Signal Hill 2

Football / Re: 2013 Secondary Schools Football League Thread.
« on: September 19, 2013, 05:54:10 PM »
Naparima edge St Benedict’s in South.
By —Kern De Freitas (Express).

Goodwood 1(Antonio Lewis) vs Roxborough 3 (Mihirie Malchan, Kasheem Webb, Kyle George)

Football / Re: Much ado about rankings.
« on: September 16, 2013, 11:46:57 AM »
But even if the manner in which the locally-based coaches were swept aside to accommodate the Trini-born Canadian is typical of a colonial mentality that values foreign over indigenous as a matter of course, we should be mature enough to acknowledge the obvious, as former national players Clayton Morris and Brian Williams did in these pages when their opinions were sought in the immediate aftermath of the campaign in the Saudi capital.

What shit Fazeer talking... he's ah kinda ass or what? 

(1) How could Steve Hart be considered "foreign"?
(2) Could it be that his resume was the reason why he was appointed and not his supposed "foreign" status?

The results speak for themselves.  Whatever the criteria employed in appointing him as national coach it clearly has been validated and vindicated.  We should be "mature enough to acknowledge the obvious," but we need to be intelligent enough to do the same, especially when it's sitting right before our very noses.  Inferiority complexes notwithstanding.
OK moderator, just take a step back and reread without emotion....

Football / Re: 2013 Secondary Schools Football League Thread.
« on: September 15, 2013, 07:34:48 PM »
‘Machine’ stop Trinity.
By Roger Seepersad (Express).

Tobago Zone

Pentecostal Light and Life 1 (Jokiah Laecock) vs Bishop’s High 0

Scarborough Sec 1 (Kellon James 17th) vs Signal Hill Sec 1 (Shaquille Smith 26th)

Goodwood Sec 2 (Javon Williams, Antonio Lewis) vs Speyside Sec 7 (Weah Adams 3, Malique Lewis 2, Jayvon Warrick, Marcus Caesar)

Roxborough Sec 2 (Mikhail Robley, Kasheem Webb) vs Mason Hall Sec 1 (L'Che Edwards)

Scorers in the above games have been added

« on: September 14, 2013, 10:31:57 AM »
Walcott should check Ramsay for a refresher course in finishing.
The ref save Arsenal here. Altidore get tief a goal.
Exactly, the goal line technology doesnt work cuz that was clearly over the line. If the watch is supposed to vibrate am sure the ref must have felt it. Clear goal
How is that tief? In the referee's judgement a foul had occurred and he blew the whistle. Play was dead at that point. You can say he was too quick with the whistle, but he let the tussle go on for quite a bit, and he had to render a decision.One that I am happy with.  ;D

Football / Re: 2013 Secondary Schools Football League Thread.
« on: September 12, 2013, 05:21:01 AM »

Mason Hall 5 (Michael John 2, L'Che Edwards, Brandon Joseph, Akini James) v Pentecostal Light and Life 0

Signal Hill 6 v Goodwood High 0

Speyside High 5 v Bishops 0

Roxborough 2 v Scarborough 2

Incorrect info. Speyside High 4 v Bishop's 0. Still a cut-tail. Ah well.....

CURRENT STANDING U-19 Through 2 matches:
Speyside (6 points),
Scar. Sec (4),
Signal Hill (3, ahead on goal difference),
Mason Hall (3),
BHS (3),
Roxborough (1, by goal difference),
Light and Life (1),
Goodwood (1)
Speyside High 4 (Weah Adams, Terquiel Mahabal, Jayvon Warrick, Brandon Benjamin) v Bishops 0
Roxborough 2 (Kasheem Webb, Mihirie Malchan) v Scarborough 2 (Caleb Douglas, Antonio Nelson)

There is footage somewhere of two incidents I recall. One is where a ball was heading for the empty net and it burst and didn't cross the line, the second was where a ball was goal bound and hit a bird or dog or cat? Point is, unless the ball crosses the line a goal cannot be awarded.
The options are few: replay or replay.
You can't reverse a result of a game, it would not be defensible in court and would lead to countless similar suits, not least the 1966 World Cup Final (however, cancelling Hursts goal would still leave the result 3-2, so that would be a hard case to win)
All that can be done is dish out punitive action against the Physio, against the club for failing to control it's staff and possibly the referee because he could have awarded a drop ball on the goal line.

I would also question the fair play of the club who benefited. It may have been an important game, but the coach should have ordered his players to concede a goal. We have seen many magnanimous sporting gestures, not least Paulo Di Cannio.

This was an entertaining episode that will become a collectors item, but if the offending team had manned up and conceded, punishment would have been light. Now the wrath of world football will fall on the physio.
But it proves the old saying: The game ain't over until the fat physio is controlled!

Impossible... it would be on the 6 yard line closest to the infraction
No drop balls take place inside the goal area

Football / Greg Dyke on his soapbox
« on: September 04, 2013, 08:40:08 PM »
Any thoughts on his address today?

Football / Re: This is what the clubs in T&T need to do.
« on: September 04, 2013, 05:36:46 PM »
So are you saying if they did you would have sent us a little sumpn?  :rotfl:

Football / Re: This is what the clubs in T&T need to do.
« on: September 04, 2013, 05:10:38 PM »
Mr. Horner, Remember where Joe Public got Cyd Gray and David George from? and what was offered to their club? Tell the forum for me please!

Football / Re: 2013/14 CONCACAF Champions League Thread
« on: August 08, 2013, 10:06:09 AM »
Quote from: Deeks link=topic=59785.msg866394
#msg866394 date=1375912539
When Connection playing?
Thursday vs Arabe Unido

what time?
I think 10PM EST

Football / Re: 2013/14 CONCACAF Champions League Thread
« on: August 07, 2013, 05:14:22 PM »
When Connection playing?
Thursday vs Arabe Unido

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