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What about Track & Field / Re: Top global athletes for TT Grand Games
« on: March 17, 2016, 10:43:55 AM »
RT have me very skeptical, judging from where Kellyann is and that Ato allowed her to run at World indoors , which mean that she is on or infront of schedule, while the lack of not hearing anything on richard have me wondering if he is behind in the targets Ato has set for him. Ato is he injured or are you just still working out some kinks.

What about Track & Field / Re: Top global athletes for TT Grand Games
« on: March 17, 2016, 10:21:59 AM »
Very Disappointed that the Men 100m is the blue ribbon event , for trinidadians fan that is disappointing as of the moment we do not have any athlete who may be capable of winning that event . The women 100m or men 400m would be more entertaining for avid trinidad track fans as the chances of seeing a trinidadian winning the event is a more realistic reality

Meet to watch is tommorow Glasgow indoors
The women’s competition offers a Dafne Schippers and Dina Asher-Smith head-to-head but the field does not stop there as American Jeneba Tarmoh also competes, plus world junior record-holder Ewa Swoboda of Poland, Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson (making her indoor debut), Michelle-Lee Ahye of Trinidad and Britons Desiree Henry and Daryll Neita.
Read more at http://www.athleticsweekly.com/featured/ones-to-watch-at-the-glasgow-indoor-grand-prix-39244/#E4I6DWk0XPDObuyA.99

1   Jeneba TARMOH   USA USA   23.38      
2   Michelle-Lee AHYE   TTO TTO   23.39      
3   Iréne EKELUND   SWE SWE   24.05      
4   Matilda HELLQVIST   SWE SWE   24.87

Michelle second in Stolkhom. Love that she is running a lot of 200 also. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Trinidad and Tobago’s thrower Portious Warren was in record-breaking mood on the weekend.

In the women’s shot put open event at the NAU Invitational, held at Northern Arizona University, Warren threw 16.16m to beat her teammate Jess St. John 14.94m.

Warren’s mark erased the NJCAA indoor record of 16.09m and is also a school record.

Meanwhile, BVI’s twin and Warren’s teammates at Central Arizona, Tynelle Gumbs 19.70m and Trevia Gumbs 18.01m were 1st and 2nd respectively in the weight throw.

Warren was 4th in this event in 17.24m

BATON ROUGE, USA - The High Performance Meet here on the weekend (13 Feb) has some world class sprinters.

In men 60m, Zimbabwe´s Gabriel Mvumvure clocked 6.69 to beat Olympic medalist Richard Thompson from Trinidad and Tobago 6.74.

In women's 60m, Jamaican Samantha Henry-Robinson ran 7.27secs to beat Kelly-Ann Baptiste from Trinidad and Tobago 7.35.

Another Jamaican, long jumper Damar Forbes achieved 7.81m for the top spot.

Meanwhile, in Albuquerque, long jumper Jeff Henderson won the 60m during second day of Don Kirby Elite in 6.63 ahead of Emmanuel Matadi also 6.63 and Josh DeLoach 6.67.

In the 400m, Marcus Chambers clocked the fastest time of 46.53. Sasha Wallace for first time in her career broke the 8 seconds in women hurdles with 7.96 win over LaTisha Holden-Palmer 8.14 (but 8.12 in semis).

 Hannah Cunliffe won the women 60m in 7.20 PB, Daye Shon Roberson in 53.08 beat world class 400h Georganne Moline 53.12. Jill Camarena-Williams won shot 18.03 (her first indoor meet since 2012) and Oregon clocked 3:31.96 in women relay.

Iaaf had it recorded at 45.43 and he was second on the list. I guess they made an error. The time really had me second guessing

He did run the 45.43 aviator on an oversized track. You can verify the time on the top list on iaaf.org

Football / Re: Oliver Camps Thread
« on: January 20, 2016, 12:54:53 PM »
All this petition for help for oliver camps,
is it actually warranted . How much money from the TTFA has he benefitted from. If you enjoyed the spoils when everything was blooming , why should you not face the downfall. The idea that oliver camps was hoodwinked suggest to me that we had a fool at the helm of TTFA and he is no fool. I understand public sympathy but it should go to those who deserve it . Cause basically we are saying he should not pay for the decisions he made if that is used for Oliver Camps it should apply to everyone else.

Cricket Anyone / Re: Narine, Rampaul return for the WI
« on: September 28, 2015, 01:04:04 PM »
Now they have suspended Phil Simmons for talking the truth, I think hat has been the last straw and it is time for a pull out of Trinidadians from the West Indies Team it is time we go on our own and build from a associate team and get international status as we can compete better as a Trinidadian team than west indies , less fight down and a common goal , too much jealousy in west indies cricket

Bravo what an excellent moderator we have for this forum who has moved to calling me a clown because I disagree with his faulty reasoning or logic. I said Solomon 44.5 in context with others who ran the same leg as him in the same heat in the same condition his 44.5 does not cut it . Your argument is if you take 1 sec from quow time in the semis it equates to 44.9 so because of that Solomon should of run the final. But what is weird is that you are saying the team would of run faster in the line up you put up . Using your same peculiar sense of logic if I take renny 44.9 in the final and minus the one second that gives me 43.9 . I keep wondering where are we as a society or what kind of individual we are if people resort to calling names because of the fact others don't agree with your logic. Bravo Bravo what a moderator. I must ask who moderates the moderator or is it that when you reach that status you are free to say whatever you like without censorship

Why everyone against Jarrin Solomon, Even the IAAF doctored times to make him look bad :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :banginghead: :banginghead: :banginghead: :banginghead:

 :bs: :bs: :bs: Socapro you are true to form , I know you would of said ignore the stats from iaaf.  :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I am not bringing in other people but for the sake of proper analysis jarrin Solomon leg must be compared with the other athletes who ran the same leg and face the same conditions. If we judge his split according to what others ran on the same leg we can now truly see if he in fact ran a good leg as you so rightly claimed. As proven above he ran the sixth fastest time in the second leg of the heat but you consider it superior over quow who ran the fifth fastest first leg of the heat. Now at looking at leg splits in context of others in the same leg you can get a fair picture. What if the first leg had to battle headwinds while the second leg got a nice tailwind to follow all of these factors affect times, so it is best to compare legs against other competitors did in that same leg to determine if the leg was actually a good leg

Lets give you stats courtesy iaaf second leg splits Tony Mc Quay 44.0 Jarrin Solomon 44.5 Ricardo Chambers 44.1 Raidel Acea 44.4 Nijel Amos 44.1 Yon Soriano 43.8 Wagner Cardoso 44.9 Brian murphy 45.2. Plus according to the stats in iaaf Quow actually handed off the baton joint 5th so Solomon did not battle upward from last to bring us 6th he actually dropped us from 5th to 6th. Don't attack me attack iaaf these stats are courtesy them. http://www.iaaf.org/competitions/iaaf-world-championships/15th-iaaf-world-championships-4875/results/men/4x400-metres-relay/heats/result#resultheader
Check the race analysis as to support my argument.

Socapro you know what is real funny you posting the 44.5 split of Jarrin Solomon to justify your point so I decided to take a look at it and compare it to the rest of teams in the same heat 2nd leg runners. To my utter surprise only brazil and Ireland ran slower splits. Do you want me to post the link or did you ignored that fact for the sake of argument. So a man who ran the sixth fastest in his leg in the semis in virtue of that performance and seeing that he was fresh deserves a place in the finals.

Talk sense from nonsense how can we time splits when each leg is different and based on the competition, plus a second leg split that is from a standing position indicates that you can run a 44.5 from start to finish in a flat 400m then RT should run 9.3s in the 100 cause he clocked those splits many times anchoring the Trinidad 4x100m team. Why stop their Allyson Felix should be clocking 47 in 400 cause she run it in 4x400 splits. Quow and Solomon run on the same team different legs comparing leg splits disregarding the legs that they had to run is utter madness. The only way you can see who is better is to put them in a flat 400m race where quow has proven to be better. You can only compare legs based on the relay splits of everyone on the same leg in the same race. Stop the idiotic logic and stop playing smart with foolishness.

Andre Samuel it makes no sense arguing with socapro. As much as everyone else can see the fact. Getting him to see things logically is a waste of time. I asked for him to show back to back 44.5 splits and he post up videos yet he left out the splits as it will not support his claim. Does it make sense arguing when it is clear that he is alone on this jarrin Solomon should of been in the final BS. It comes just like politics in Trinidad don't matter the facts we are prone to blindly support even though facts dictate we should not. So take win socapro stay in your ignorance. Who would thought winning a silver at world's would turn into a debate about jarrin Solomon being as he put it politically abused. So instead of being about winning silver it has turned into the abuse of jarrin Solomon. I guess one man is truly bigger than the team as we are having this debate for a 44 second challenge sprinter. What is his rank in the 400 this year.Socapro sorry for doubting your world class sprinter jarrin Solomon is the damn clock and competitors that have him running 45. Damn this system. Fight the power Jarrin Solomon you are our number one 400 runner. Don't study time is just a number what you think you can do is all that matter

Socapro. I know you are a moderator but your judgement seems to be clouded when it comes to Jarrin Solomon. Plus your logic seem to waver with time. As I can recall you calling for the replacement of lalonde on first leg duties due to his poor showing running first leg in relays. You suggested moving quow to first and putting lalonde second. Now for the sake of argument you are saying lalonde would of run a faster first leg. Tell me in all the relays we have seen lalonde run that him running first leg was impressive. Be consistent with your analogies. I have to agree with carterz file. The basis of your argument lack credibility. For instance in World relays Jarrin ran a superb semifinal but come the finals he did not produce. Yet you basically guaranteeing he would of run  fast leg. How can that be logical. Just for the record can you point me to the stats in a meet where Solomon clock both 44.5 seconds on a relay leg in semis and final. I am in no way trying to show you up.I am just trying to get a fair assessment. If Bledman or Darrel Brown had set they had plan to run 9.6 s at worlds would you believe them or would you state based on what you have seen from them that it is not possible. Solomon is fifth best 400m runner and is nearly a whole half second away from the quartet. This whole argument makes no sense as Solomon is in a lower class.

By running in the heats didn't Solomon receive a silver medal as well (though not on the podium)?

The NAAA could have prevented all of this by simply and clearly communicating their selection policy, if not to the public, at least to the athletes invited to run in the National Championships. Once that is done athletes will know their rights, options and adjust their expectations.

I prefer some flexibility given the size of our world class talent pool and the likelihood of non-severe injuries near selection time (e.g. Lendore). There should however (like the UK) be some assurance of selection (top 1 or 2 inside the standard); but added to that, policy that addresses the eventuality of automatic selections getting injured after the championships, or suffering a marked drop in form leading up to the global games (before the submitting of the final participation roster).

The same should be documented and communicated for the 4x100m relay, as it is possible that the optimal team may come from a mixture of 100m and 200m athletes if both championship finals produced high caliber performances.

If Solomon was told that the top 3 would compete in the individual 400m and the relay final, then by right he should complain about his non-selection. But if the NAAA made it clear that it would be the coach's responsibility/call then as seemingly unfair as it played out, he should abide, show that they were wrong by his performances on the circuit after the WCs, or suck salt, buckle down and avoid the same in 2016.

The remaining caveat of course is that a relay coach is selected who exhibits NON-BIAS, as in the past some teams were comprised of athletes from THEIR OWN club over others, that ended in performances detrimental to the country's medal chances.
The man receive a silver and vex because he was not in the final, How the rest of the team should feel because it seems his personal ambition goes before team ambition, I can recall his words on the national finals as he said this is about business. So I guess him participating will help him get more meets cause on his times alone it will not have many organisers calling him , but if he was in the finals that would help him better financially. My problem is it is about what is best for him and not for Trinidad and Tobago, How patriotic is that. Why he don't use this to motivate him to run faster , Socapro do you really think he can run 44.5. He has peaked at 44.98 and he just does not have the goods , I think maybe he can think in changing to the 800m and see if he can be world class in that area. He reiminds me of Nicklas Bendtner believes he is the best in the world but in reality he is not at that level. He needs to stop being dillusional.

Plus I honestly don't see Solomon making the team I expect Jereem at south plains to surpass himI expect him to finish sixth or seventh

Secondly we would of run faster if we left Deon on the last leg and Cedenio on third. I have yet to see Deon give up a lead in a 4x400 . Cedenio is good at running people down but Deon is good at staying in front

Socapro your theory is lacking and is unfair cause you are comparing quow first leg with jarrin second leg. The first leg is always the slowest leg. Your argument lacks cause you state replace quow. If that is the case your logic of not putting jarrin on first indicates to me that he cant run the first leg. So why not  put  quow on second and jarrin first and then compare Times. If you bringing stats in an argument at least be fair and match like with like. Relay beast lets examine his split at world relays final and pan am games what were those split. As to referring to him as a relay beast and yet quow who for years have been Mr dependable you ignore his contribution. Are we sometimes so blinded that we look at things from a skewed point of view.

Ready to go and able to go is a big difference. The man could not even win a medal at pan am but was ready to run 44's.Actions speak louder than words. Find a meet and let actions talk cause I am having a hard time believing your word

1st of all I'm not Jarrin and you need to stop acting so emotional because I made a comment all I am saying is 44.50 would not get you a medal anymore Santos ran 44.11 and could not get a medal you had to run 44.50 just to get to the final, even if J Solomon got knocked out in the 1st rounds he could not say anything because he got a shot at it now the national championship look like a joke it just was not handled in a professional manner and with the young guns coming up he might not get a chance to run a individual race on that level again.

I disagree as to your points because your focus is on jarrin solomon and not on T&T . The country comes first and if he cant see that then I beg to ask how patriotic he is. Secondly as I told socapro before the way jarrin behaved in the nationals , It is hard to see the rest fighting for him to be included. His behaviour at nationals would of affected how the others view him.Thirdly being able to run a 44.5 leg does not justify selection. Carlyle Roudette ran how many 44 legs for Texas A&M so he should be included also. The team ran a National record and got silver and men crying that jarrin got left out. He get a silver in world. Something he could never do by himself. If you so vex then turn that into motivation and be the best. But in my honest opinion I feel he knows he cant compete at that level so this was his swansong

We won silver but yet we have one very unhappy member of the relay squad . Seems jarrin Solomon is blaming politics in the NAAA for his omission in the 4x400m final. I like Jarrin Solomon but he has to be realisitic . Once everyone is fit he is just an alternate. if he does not like that position the power is in his feet. Start running some 44.5 or lower and give yourself an automatic pick. 45's can no longer cut it in the 400m. I applaud NAAA in their selection and the guys showed they made the right decision, It is not about an individual feeling but a country feeling

Bonevacia from Netherlands went from a 45.4 PR to 44.7 something wrong  with the second heat timing

No way mc Donald is and under 44 sec sprinter

If any of our 400 athlete run full out in the heat . National record gone

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